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Official trailer video out for SBS’s Gumiho Girlfriend
by | July 29, 2010 | 59 Comments

The official trailer is out for My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, which premieres in two weeks on SBS. The Wednesday-Thursday show replaces Bad Guy and seems to have the comic flair we can expect of a Hong sisters drama. In contrast to their previous series, though, this one looks to have a much stronger fantasy bent, given the subject. (The Hong sisters have dabbled in this kind of stuff in some of their trademark parody sequences, and you may recall several scenes similar to this in Hong Gil Dong in particular.)

Since the video is pretty dialogue-heavy, I’ve translated the contents below.


Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung-gi): “According to the Hwandan-gogi [historical texts], originally the gumiho is said to be a mystical creature that brought books to the king in a golden age. But at some point, people mistook the gumiho as a monster that eats men’s livers. That’s really not true.”

Mi-ho (Shin Mina): “Dae-woong-ah!”

Cha Dae-woong: “You ask how I know this? My girlfriend is a gumiho. Though she’s not nice.”

Mi-ho: “Today I want to eat a freshly killed cow!”

Cha Dae-woong: “A cow?”

Mi-ho: “I hope today won’t be the day I catch you.”

Cha Dae-woong: “Save me! Please!”

Mi-ho: “There’s something you have to do for me.”

Cha Dae-woong: “There are nine tails.”

Im Hyuk-shik: “The fox disappeared.”


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. T

    I am so excited about this new drama! I want to see how much LSG has grown since his last drama. Are you ladies planning to do a recap for this one?

  2. purty.sunshine

    OMG! SO EXCITED! I love Lee Seung-gi and Shin Mina! CAN’T WAIT!

  3. sleepy

    Lol. Why does the preview remind me of “My Sassy Girl” except with a Gumiho?

  4. le meera

    When I saw the fox I thought, “POKEMOOOON!”

  5. ripgal

    Seung Gi ==> ADORABLE!!!

    I think he’ll do comedy good!

  6. grasya

    so excited to see seung-ki again! : )

  7. xiaoSxin

    FANTASTIC!!!! I can feel the Hong Sisters flair in the trailer!! Lee Seung Gi looks like a very endearing Beta male there..

  8. jackie

    “right round”? REALLY?

  9. kara elayne

    This sounds really exciting! I hope the subs for this will be out soon too, as I don’t understand Korean. I sooo can’t wait!

  10. 10 fromdblock

    hong sisters! i love you sooo much! thank you for writing wonderful dramas! πŸ™‚

  11. 11 Lala

    @le meera i know right i as like ah memories ninetales was…is my fav pokemon πŸ˜€

  12. 12 lettuce

    β€œToday I want to eat a freshly killed cow!”

    lol!! that line is enough to make me wanna watch this.

  13. 13 loveydovey

    HAHA did they really use that song?

  14. 14 phannpack

    i’m totally excited for this drama!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 bluebunny

    I think the trailer could have been better but lsg is such a cutie so I’m sure it’ll do well!

  16. 16 Sam

    So much more anticipation for this wonderful sounding drama!
    Lovely trailer.

  17. 17 yummy

    can’t wait~~ can’t wait~~
    SMA is really beautiful and sooo gumiho!
    and LSG’s expression is priceless!!!
    love it!!!
    it lools like movie trailer than drama trailer!

  18. 18 k

    Haha, this looks absolutely cheese-tastic and I’m not really a LSG fan, but I’ll give it a shot since it’s the Hong sisters and they have yet to fail me.

  19. 19 therainhouse

    Save Lee Seung Gi and eat me, please!

    Oh, I love that part about the gumiho bringing books to the king.

    The artwork is great.

  20. 20 jt


  21. 21 b020

    Finally! A drama I can be excited about!!!!

  22. 22 shirubang

    lol, wow~ i really can’t wait to watch this! πŸ˜€ the trailer is hilarious! shin mina is so pretty <3

  23. 23 rapport2010

    javabeans, is it Ok with you if I use your translation to sub this clip?

  24. 24 Cam

    OOOH! O__O

    Deeeefffffiiiinnniiittteeellllyy so! I am very curious that what’s going on about this incoming drama sooo excitedly, heh!

  25. 25 missy

    the background music lols

    so her name is mi-ho? is her surname gu? just joking

    bad guy so great. i will miss it. but i guess i this new series is not bad at all

  26. 26 javabeans


    Shin Mina plays Mi-ho. 9미호. Gu Mi Ho.

    @rapport2010, go ahead!

  27. 27 thay

    OH MY GOD!!August 11 please come soon,..hehe,..really really really can’t wait to see this,..Seung Gi yaaaaaa,..you make me wait too long…

  28. 28 gia

    lovely…. love the trailer

  29. 29 rapport2010

    Thank you “javabeans”

    Here the link:

    Enjoy πŸ™‚

  30. 30 strawberryfieldsforever

    oooh! i am so excited just like a kid on christmas eve! πŸ™‚

  31. 31 jandoe

    i know i’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again:


    totally lookin’ forward to this now!

  32. 32 yoyo

    gosh le seung gi is so ugly especially his mouth and nose. i cant stand it.

  33. 33 Lemon

    oh man i’m anticipating this drama so much! much more than the sunkyunan (whatever) scandal show that everyone seems to be waiting for. πŸ˜€
    love the hong sisters! and lee seunggi and shin mina (:

  34. 34 AB

    LOL @ who said that LSG was so ugly. What’s wrong with his mouth and nose? You can’t stand to see him, how do you manage to see Kang Ho Dong then? LOL

    anyway, can’t wait to see this drama soonish

  35. 35 something that can't be named

    haha I loved when LSG said “help me please”!

  36. 36 Rovi

    Haha, I love how the human form-gumiho was gearing in for the scary (with “jeonseol-ui goeul” at the right) when a red X pops in and even she falters…bwahahaha…XD

    YAY! Im Hyeon-sik here!!! I so miss him from his Kang Dok-goo days in DJG…

    AND THE LAST PART!!!! Where else can you see a human form-gumiho having all 9 tails being cared for a hairblower!!! XD…

  37. 37 Dara

    Darn it! I am thinking of taking a break after CH(emotionally and physically exhausted). This one looks temping. Gahhhhhhh!

  38. 38 sweet

    the trailer is great!!
    I can’t stand anymore to watch this drama…!!^^

    LOL @ yoyo.. you are so funny..
    well…at least his face is original, not the victim of plastic surgery…kekkkk

    eniwei, you must be so jealous to him right? you can’t be a succesfull actor/actress, though you have an extraordinarily handsome/ beautiful face huh? kkkk

  39. 39 Andannia

    I want really watch this drama

  40. 40 Miky

    I’m really ancious about this drama,i love the comic dramas and Lee Seungi is so funny

  41. 41 ross

    hmmm, with all the raving about the drama i can’t see anything exciting from the trailer especially on the chemistry of the two lead casts, let see …

  42. 42 supah

    Bad Guy has really turned up the heat in its final episodes, and suddenly I’m too sad, heavy-hearted to let it (and Kim Nam-gil) go, sob.
    BUT but but, this looks hilarious and the trailer has whet my appetite for some Hong Sister comedy. Hurrah!

  43. 43 Atsirk

    I’m super duper excited!!!

  44. 44 Orion

    I was interested for a while, but now that I see the Hong Gil Dong references, I won’t be seeing this, probably. I hated Hong Gil Dong. I’m not into fusion if it’s not done properly. That series didn’t know if it was drama, historical, fantasy or comedy. It had very serious and dramatic (and good) moments (and ending) and then suddenly went into cheap and really not funny slapstick stuff which it also began with. Just not my thing. Comedy and drama, realism and fiction should be mixed carefully. That series, for me, was all over the place. If this one will be pure comedy, then maybe the humor will work better here. I will check it out, but I’m just being a bit prepared for what I might see.

  45. 45 jam

    Can’t wait to see this!

  46. 46 fiey

    Thanks for the translations JB!

    Cant wait!!

  47. 47 nomoyepo

    so excited now!

  48. 48 serendipity

    Heehee, the opening music is from Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle; Gumiho is such a sweet Sophie NOT! The Hong Sisters plunder and pillage again! Nothing is sacred! Run for your lives!

    Heh. I have high hopes for this being fun, if nothing else.

  49. 49 Gen

    @yoyo do you know what you’re talking about?

    Just two weeks more…Seunggi-ya, fighting!

  50. 50 arivle

    I”M SOOOOOOOO WATCHING THIS…..it looks hilarious and LSG looks cute playing the beta male……:D and besides I love the Hong Sister…..Aug 11 almost here…..

    Javabeans are u planning on recaping or Girlfriday?……thax for trailer and translation……

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