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Han Ji-hye announces her engagement
by | August 4, 2010 | 42 Comments

Whoa, congrats to Han Ji-hye! The actress (Like the Moon Escaping From Clouds, My Boyfriend Is Type B) has revealed that she will marry next month in Hawaii with her boyfriend, identified only as Mr. A.

The relationship was made public in 2009, but Han has done a pretty good job of keeping her private life quiet. Her fiancรฉ is six years older than her and works as a public prosecutor in a district office. The two met at a church gathering in January of 2009 (Han is reportedly a devout Christian).

Han said, “After living only for myself, living together and for another person is what marriage is about. I’ve met a partner that I can share my life with. As we live, we’ll encounter days that are rainy and windy. We’ll need umbrellas and coats — that’s what we will be to each other. No matter what unpaved roads we encounter in life, I will not let go of this hand, I vow to you all. I ask for lots of encouragement that I may live a happy life.”

The wedding will take place on September 21 at a hotel in Hawaii.



42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bluemoon

    I’m happy for her but at the same time, it’s such a pity that Lee Dong Gun and her are broken up. They were a very sweet couple. Can’t help but wonder what lead to the break-up!

    Anyway, I wish her all the happiness in life.

    • 1.1 sogi

      Well…her soon engagement and wedding sounds strange…does she really loved him ( LDG ) ? And rhetorical question does she love that new man ?….

  2. jm126

    I agree! I loved them together

  3. chajjye


    Man, too many ppl are either engaged or getting married. 2010 must be romantic. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. chajjye

    and i like the way she phrase her sentence. it’s cheesy but nice. XD

  5. Dele

    I love how she put what marriage would be like. We all need someone to keep the rain at bay, and keep us from getting soaked. Good luck to her:)

  6. anna

    Kind of suck to be the ex-bf in this situation. Why him and not me kind of thing. Anyway, LDG already moved on, congrats to her.

  7. Brittany

    Ahh, I love Han Ji Hye. I hope her marriage is successful and full of bliss.

  8. maria

    i don’t know if it’s because of the language difference, but when korean celebs release things like this, their words often strike me as poignant and reflective and poetic, almost— things that other celebs from other hollywood etc are not really wont to do. well, some do, i guess. but they’re few and far between. i like it. go, korea ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

  9. xiaoSxin

    o wow.. bless her and her future husband!

    is Hawaii very popular wedding location for Koreans?

  10. 10 so random

    sorry to say this here but i badly miss jiwon and insung and jisub…WHIB is freakin back to business. And Im guessing im the only one. weird. why.

  11. 11 JiHwan

    @10, totally random, but I would love a WHIB cast reunion too!

    Congrats to Han Ji Hye. I never knew she was dating someone.

  12. 12 so random

    reunion. omg thats a good idea. seeing them sit together on an interview ,maybe, will make me really happy. seeing them in another drama, thats a bonus!

  13. 13 so random

    for JiHwan…

  14. 14 yoyo

    lucky guy she is a pretty girl. and congrats

  15. 15 theedie

    I’m going to be so broken hearted when I re-watch Sweet18 now. Congrats to her though.

  16. 16 Yvonne

    I am happy for her! (But I do miss the days when she was still w/LDG…) *sigh*

  17. 17 rway

    i just love han ji hye so much.. she’s such a lovable person. and what she said about marriage is just so touching.. i wish her happiness with her marriage.

  18. 18 camelotprincess

    Congratulations HJH!! Always like her personality, she always comes across as a very likeable celebrity. I do hope that you will have a happy marriage!! Best wishes to you both!!

  19. 19 corey

    i am a big fan and i am glad she found some one who makes her say such cheesy lines i wish her all the best she is very sweet

  20. 20 kaedejun


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (yes i am a selfish fan)

    when i first saw the headline i couldn’t believe it. congrats to her for finding happiness but OH i feel for lee dong gun (i think a part of me STILL wished that they could get back together sigh*)

    anyways – lol, she finally learned her lesson about having a public relationship and managed to keep this one under wraps.

  21. 21 allmessedup

    mixed feelings – sad, because this will finally put paid to my dreams of her and LDG getting back together again. but happy too, because she sounds happy. only someone who is so happy and so in love can say something as cheesy as what she said but still sound so sincere and content.

    wish her a successful married life…………

  22. 22 Tha

    DITTO!!!! WITH #20. I always thought in some way shape or form that HJH and LDG would be back together and forever too!!!! Is it bad if I still wished that?!?!?!

  23. 23 annie

    I am happy for her <3

  24. 24 Dara

    Love her since ‘Sweet 18’, congratulations! for the bride-to-be.

  25. 25 corndodger

    Talk about hitting the “jackpot!” Best wishes to the beautiful Han Ji-hye and the lucky guy who will who will be sharing his life with her…

  26. 26 asianromance

    wow i never knew she was dating! Anyways, congratulations to Han Ji Hye!

  27. 27 snow

    congrats, han ji hye! wishing you a blissful marriage!

  28. 28 JJ

    congrats & am happy for you! she’s one of my fave K actresses….too bad it didn’t work with LDG but they say in K dramas that’s destiny! :)))
    what nice words from her…wish her the best of everything in her future married life!

  29. 29 jing

    Wasn’t this an excerpt from her book (or is it photobook) released months back? Wow…. I had a feeling this sort of announcement is going to happen.

    Congrats to Jihye!!!! Hope she and Mr. A will live in marital bliss forever and ever.

  30. 30 dannaluk

    that really ws surprising….i’ve liked her since watching My Boyfriend is tye B and she ws the only ony charactre i ws fond of in the few episodes of summer scen tive seen…she seems to have a very nice bubbly personality… im glad she’s found her happiness…congrats to her!!

  31. 31 rafaelle

    Congatulations Jihye……..you will be a Prosecutor’s WIfe just like in Sweet18

    I’m happy for you. I’m a bit sad for DG, well I’ll just wish he will also find his match

  32. 32 chajjye

    @rafaelle: OMG. that is so true! LOL. Unfortunately it’s not LDG. Man, I feel for that guy right now. O__O

  33. 33 rafaelle

    @chajjye……….I’m such a big fan of Jihye-LDG but .reality bites. The real name of Jihye’s fiance is even same as name of LDG in Sweet 18..”Hyuk Joon”

  34. 34 Fafa

    happy to hear that!

  35. 35 shiedo

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ms. Han Ji Hye and her prosecutor husband to be. ๐Ÿ™‚ :Have a blessed and joyful marriage life.

  36. 36 FAN

    HAN JI HYE Congratsss.
    Oh my gosh, I was not expecting this but I love it. Lucky lady, and lucky guy to find each other. Poor Lee Dun Gun–I was still rooting for you. But sorry. I hope they love each other continuously and with a passion so wild and free between only them for always. Yay you. T.T I wanna get married too–not yet tho

    P.S I thought it was going to say something about her being preggers too…but im happy thats not the case. Woot!!!

  37. 37 starletbang

    oh i love her
    ive always had a fantasy of her dreaming lee dong gun
    but congrats!

  38. 38 Shinta

    Ji Hye Onnie,,I’m your fans from Indonesia. When I saw your planning to married, I’m very sad.
    Why do u leave Lee Dong Gun Oppa???
    I always hope you came back together.

  39. 39 Master in Disguise

    ahhhhhhh!! I just finally recently heard abbout this. Damn sucks that someone so beautiful will be tied down to someone else. ah man but what ever. if the two of them meet in 2009 and marrying in 2010 isnt that a bit fast?!?! a year to know one another to spend a life time?? daaamn. 2010 3, or was it 4, people i know got married within a month and now she gettin married too? damn people are rushin to marry this year.

    • 39.1 sogi

      Yes, you right

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