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Daemul PD quits
by | October 20, 2010 | 60 Comments

Mere days after a new PD was added and its scriptwriter replaced, SBS drama Daemul has lost its original director, PD Oh Jong-rok.

Oh had just days earlier agreed to shift his duties more toward working on the script with the replacement writer, while new director Kim Chul-kyu concentrated on directing the shoots. Oh was to remain as the head PD, while Kim would be in an assisting role. However, now the production company has confirmed that Oh will wash his hands entirely of the drama, making Kim the head PD.

The reason given this time is Oh’s health, combined with growing discord with the production company. (Methinks the latter is a bigger compelling factor than the former.) One source from SBS confirmed that it is true that the PD and the company encountered a big clash of opinions.

On the other hand, Daemul’s chief producer Gu Bon-geun gave a more cautious reply on the 20th, stating that he’d requested that PD Oh continue to remain onboard to supervise the flow and development of the story, and that he hadn’t yet received the final answer on Oh’s departure. Still, it’s pretty clear that Oh is indeed out, and he stated as much in interviews on the 20th with the media: “There are a lot of things being said about me, but I can say this for sure: I’m leaving Daemul completely. The things about me remaining overall director or sticking with the script work are all untrue.”

He continued, “I can tell you three facts: I directed Daemul through the first six episodes, and worked on the script through Episode 8. And I’m removing myself entirely from the production. I haven’t had any external pressure; it’s my own decision.”

He explained the lead-up to making this decision: “After working on directing and script revising for many months, it’s become too much for me and I can’t handle it anymore on my own. That’s why I’ve set additional measures with SBS and left as director last weekend and said I’d stay to work with the script. To be honest, I didn’t think it would come to this end, but I accept it readily. I’m sorry to the staff and cast who trusted and followed me, but I’m relieved that I could leave while the ratings are high.” He stated that because he’s not a writer and the director was already being changed, “It made no sense for me to work on script revisions.”

He added, “It’s true that I had conflicts with the production company, but I won’t talk about what those were. As the one leaving, I don’t want to add trouble to the drama.”

The 26-episode Daemul airs Episodes 5 and 6 this week, and has currently completed scripts for Episode 10 while currently shooting 7 and 8.

I’d wondered what else could go wrong after the PD switch happened, not expecting yet more problems to surface quite so immediately. The drama’s done with internal discord, right? I mean, they’ve maxed out on their in-drama drama, haven’t they? It’s not going to become another Boys Before Flower-esque drama curse… is it?

Via My Daily, Yonhap News


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. srkambbs

    wow, this drama sure is involved in many controversies.

  2. hang

    All the “in-drama drama” could make enough episodes to be a new drama

    • 2.1 lola

      i so agree with you… am thinking about watching this drama but i dont know anymore…

      • 2.1.1 belleza

        Ironically, each episode has improved upon the one before. If not for the news reports, the show in fun and at times even inspired.

        The power of This Seo Hye Rim is undeniable!

    • 2.2 therainhouse

      Production troubles … Internal issues. If you can’t get along, you can’t get along. And then, who’s the diva actually? Oh Jong Rok or the production company? There’s so many internal politics. Ironic. They’re producing a show about politics.

  3. belleza

    Okay then. 50 minutes of Table of Evil!!

    • 3.1 belleza

      But seriously, this could be a serious win-win. You got the director of Hwan Ji-ni and More Beautiful Than a Flower. You got the writer of Age of Heroes. You still got 20 episodes or so to right the ship.

      Supah, in this time of crisis, dare we dance the happy ajumma villager dance?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 3.1.1 supah

        Wheeeeeeeeeeee! POP!
        *ahjumma villager happy dance*

  4. belleza

    “After working on directing and script revising for many months, itโ€™s become too much for me and I canโ€™t handle it anymore on my own.”

    Dear Oh Jong-rok,

    See a therapist and get over your control issues.

    With Edge,
    Kim Hye Soo

    • 4.1 supah

      Now the question is: who takes the credit for it?
      Oh, This Seo Hyeo-rim will be preening herself, but I can bet you anything it was PGH’s stinkeye that sent the guy running.

      No external pressure, my aask.

  5. Nana

    Too much drama !!!

  6. absothe

    This is such a exciting drama, so many things happening al at once. And to think it is real life ๐Ÿ˜€
    But seriously though, will they be able to finish the drama at all?

  7. lenrasoon

    what a mess

    i just can’t imagine the pressure that the actors and the rest of the staff from the drama must be feeling right now. I hope that from now on things would turn more peaceful and they can finish filming without any problems.

  8. tupai

    zomg, this reminds me of the broadcasting behind-the-scene drama in Worlds Within…. but worse. tsktsktsk. poor everyone who’s involved in this hot mess.

  9. zashi

    So WW is not so fictitious after all…this is even better we want to know what happened BTS ! hahahahaa. Maybe the BTS going on is better than the filmed episodes?

    • 9.1 belleza

      It happens quite often.

      East of Eden was epic infamous with Lee Dae Hae Gate, as well as various actors blogging about how unbelievably confused they were with their characters.

      Princess Lulu ended up a near revolt between Kim Jung Eun and Kim Eun Sook.

      Style “accidentally” introduced a homoerotic subtext that disturbed the male lead.

      Daemul has held up well. This year’s Epic Fail perhaps belongs to Tsuki no Koibito, a show where nobody bothered to check whether one of the leads had any actual acting experience whatsoever.

      • 9.1.1 Bee

        Kimura’s actually a very good actor if he puts his mind to it… but Tsuki no Koibito certainly wasn’t a show that attracted his interest, methinks.

        • belleza

          “Kimuraโ€™s actually a very good actor if he puts his mind to itโ€ฆ ”

          Oh no no . . I meant Lin Chi Ling. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • ockoala

          HAHAHAHA, I can’t believe you inferred that to mean KimuTaku!

          Oh belleza, you just threw TnK under a bus. Oh wait, TnK threw itself under a bus.

          • diane

            Yeah, it was pretty bad. I don’t know why I stuck it out.

      • 9.1.2 momosan

        See, and here I was thinking I was the only one who was going to nominate TnK for Epic Fail of the year – if only because it’s a dorama not a k-drama….but yeah, epic fail enough to span several countries. ::goes off to drink more brain bleach::

        Style got my WTH-ery award last year.

        I’m betting the cast is just going bonko at this point. I may even tune this thing in once I stop snickering at the title.

        • dannaluk

          “once I stop snickering at the title”
          lol…me too…i simply cant take that title seriously since SKKS

      • 9.1.3 danni

        Yeah, I’m still recovering from Tsuki no Koibito, I should’ve just stopped after episode 1.

      • 9.1.4 Sere

        Ok, so am I the ONLY one who hated the first 6 eps, but then was okay with the last 4? I mean, I loved the OTP -Maemi/Rensuke (even if Ren was a jerk for most of the time)- and I wanted THAT from the very beginning . I didn’t drop TnK ep after failed ep just because I loved Maemi. If Shinohara Ryoko hadn’t been one of the leads or if her Maemi was boring/annoying or didn’t have a big role, I would have dropped TnK. Not even KT would have made me reconsider. So yeah, fail, but not so epic? I do realize the drama had lots and lots and LOTS of problems (OMG Xiu Mei! I’ve never wanted to kill a fictional character as much as I wanted to kill her. And that actress’ acting? Yikes. And the script? All over the place. And the plotholes? Countless) but still…

        • belleza

          The thing is, when you think of “KimaTaku”, it’s like a brand name for “Quality is Job No. 1” Like Ford before the Pinto. Now, some Kimutaku shows are better than others and certainly a few of them had mediocre stories, but you just don’t expect sheer INEPT-ness. Or Ryoko Shinohara not being the female lead from Episode frigging 1!!

          This show is Epic Fail because it forces you, dear D-orama Watcher, to experience uncomfortable emotions of “OMG, even Kimura is not immune??!!?” Like your hangover, like the first time you started looking at Kim Gab Soo as kinda hot in an advanced sort of way (uhmm . . . ๐Ÿ™ ), this is emotional terrain that should be never explored!!

          • mookie

            TnK still makes me weep. It’s good that I feel a tiny crack of the KT luster since CHANGE and a bit more in MRBRAIN, but still TnK is earth shattering horrid.

            And we’re not even touching the Renai + KT ruling the world prowess.

            TnK fails as a drama in many ways to count, that may not quantify epic.. but we can’t LURVE our KT as Rensuke in a KT renai, THAT is the epicness of fail! Please dont tell me there’s a single KT groupie who falls in madlove with Rensuke, my poor heart can only bleed so much.

            TnK is the worst thing I’ve seen in doramaland, in Kdramaland, in Cdramaland this year.

          • Sere

            If you put it that way, of course it was EPIC FAIL all around!

            Like your hangover, like the first time you started looking at Kim Gab Soo as kinda hot in an advanced sort of way (uhmm . . . ๐Ÿ™ ), this is emotional terrain that should be never explored!!
            LOL Belleza, I love you! Have I told you that lately?

          • Sere


            No, no, no. I didn’t mean I fell head over heels in love with Ren in TnK. Gah, horrible thought, that one. As I said, he was a jerk. I just think the drama managed -just barely, mind you- to sorta redeem itself, if you squint and you’re still hangover. I can’t tell if it’s the worst thing I’ve watched so far this year (you know, attention span of a goldfish + awful memory = almost constant amnesia) but it’s certainly one of the worst.

        • Observer

          FYI, episode will on only tonight, how can you hate the 6 episodes? Hehe….^_________^

          • Sere

            HUh? The drama aired several weeks ago and…ok, fair enough, I said I hated the first 6 eps and didn’t dislike the last 4 and that is, technically, wrong because well, ep 8 was the finale, but it was a long finale and it felt like watching 2-3 eps and that’s how I classified the drama in my head? That finale counts like 2-3 eps IMHO.

          • dubusangtae.

            i think they’re talking about Tsuki no Koibito =/
            that drama was epically fail… i think Lin Chi Ling should just stick with modeling and hosting ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 9.1.5 bishbash

        i gave up after the 1st 30min of episode 1. i felt sorry for KimuTaku, because he did a good job in most of his dramas.

        I’m sorry I can’t support u! Lousy storyline!

        Anyway, I hope Go Hyun-jung unni and all can hold out. Gonna start watching Daemul already. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 9.2 v

      lol.. i’m afraid i’ll have to agree with you all about TnK… epic… fail. I went into it loving all the actors, or being fond of them, well, except for LCL, and went out of it surprised i survived the experience… i was badly scared though… i have already got my fair share of rant about it while it aired so i’ll just leave it at that.
      will wait to see kimutaku’s comeback with his space movie…

  10. 10 Kiara

    My Goodness get it together already Lee Kim Production. What a waste of these good actors.

  11. 11 hmm...

    wow, this reminds me of Cinderella Sister…I hope it will not end up like it, with the first episodes having such a different feel and actually pulling in the viewers and then…switch, and it’s like what happened to what attracted us to the drama in the first place but then by then we are hooked so who cares…
    I wonder why they do that…let a director do his job at the beginning but not let them finish it? As a director then, where is the job stability for the project? Where is the sense of commitment and principle for all parties involved? And yes, poor actors who just have to go with the flow and don’t have much say unless they can like LDH walk away. Well, best of luck to the show and cast.

    • 11.1 belleza

      “I wonder why they do thatโ€ฆlet a director do his job at the beginning but not let them finish it? ”

      Normally yes, but this dude is absolutely loony. Rewriting 80% of your writer’s scripts, confusing the bejeezus out of your leads who are screaming at you for character continuity, and hemorrhaging budget. I’ve seen half of his shows; wacky shifts in tone and content are the NORM with this director.

      Truly, I don’t understand why they didn’t use the new PD and writer all along.

  12. 12 dandy

    I’m curious if this “chaos” can affect to its rating ? If not, it’s must be the power of GHJ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 12.1 belleza

      As long as it doesn’t show up on the final product. Daemul has actually gone better week to week.

      Plus, don’t underestimate the power of Da Cha Syndrome! The piercing intensity of his power suit blazes a lazer through all the holes.

  13. 13 danni

    I’m not watching Daemul at all, but reading about the behind the scenes drama is definitely interesting. I wonder how many more wrenches this drama can get thrown in it before its over? I do feel bad for the actors though, who have stuck to it despite all of the craziness going on. I’m just waiting for one of them to walk out of it and who knows what will happen to Daemul then.

  14. 14 asianromance

    if i had tons of time to spare: all this behind the scenes drama almost makes me want to check the drama out just to see how the backstage drama may have affected the final product.


  15. 15 Sere


    Never say never, JB. Anything can still happen. HAHAHA

  16. 16 hanjiyoon

    Aww, man. I wonder how all the hard-working actors feel about this! D: Hopefully this change in PD doesn’t affect the awesomeness of Daemul. That reminds me, I gotta go watch episode 5.

  17. 17 kit

    … oh, well. x)
    they really do have all the bad luck, huh.
    i hope everybody else on set isn’t suffering so much because of it.
    … at least the lead actress looks better in these new pictures? a bit like an older MGY actually.

  18. 18 Startulle

    This is becoming a real drama about a drama!

  19. 19 worlds within?

    wait, there was behind-the-scenes drama for worlds within? can anyone describe? i like the drama and am really curious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 20 v

    now, i almost want to say what’s next? ok, maybe not. I don’t wish for the poor crew to experience more misfortune than that but I have to admit, the bts stories are quite fascinating…

    i’ve just finished daemul 6 and i found this week better than last week overall… although the cameo by rainbow a bit incongruent… it didn’t hurt but didn’t add much i have to say.
    so yes, i’m watching next week as well. I still haven’t reached the point where I am sure I will finish the drama but so far, it’s holding on to me.

  21. 21 Observer

    Wonder what’s the name of the production company, and who are the strategic investors of the production company? ^^

  22. 22 tupai

    oh, i meant the actual story told in Worlds Within about stuck up PDs (Woot woot Sohn Kyu-ho!!), holier than thou actress, super sensitive writers, etc general ego-clashing and throwing of tantrums.

    i can’t imagine Noh Hee-kyung and PD Pyo having a real bts drama… but nothing’s impossible eh.

  23. 23 LolliDoAlittle

    I am enjoying this drama and it’s disappointing that not only has the original script writer has left, but the PDnim.

    Something fishy is going on.

  24. 24 supah

    Imma reiterate: I am SO happy Oh Jong-rok’s out.
    The political tension is gaining ground and things are getting :anggg: meaty, and knowing we’re in much more capable hands I feel I can actually look forward to it now.
    Hopefully this truly means the ghost of Daemul’s first episode won’t return to bite us once things get going in earnest.

  25. 25 rain

    is it jus me or does tat woman in the above pic look like the future moon guen young?

    • 25.1 supah

      Or the other way round, haha!
      Yeah, Moon Geun-young does resemble Go Hyun-jung quite a bit.

      • 25.1.1 belleza

        And in fact, on Golden Fishery, Go Hyun Jung joked about her being ajumma Moon Geun Young. Have you ever seen them in the same building? Exactly! Of course, Chun Jung Myung has played opposite both. He would know the real story.

        • supah

          Wow, yes! Lucky guy.
          Must say though, as much as I like MGY as an actress and everything but she ain’t nowhere near as phenomenal as GHJ. That has to be a huge compliment to her that she gets likened to her, even if it is for looks only.

  26. 26 Observer

    Episode 5 and 6 started to show the cracks and the storyline got really messy and so much white noise throughout the dramas. Am surprise that it can still maintain the ratings. It looks like, Daemul may take a turn in its rating pretty soon!! ^__________^ Still looking forward towards the cabbage wars!!

    • 26.1 supah

      Oh I don’t know about that, I personally found the flow of the story pretty consistent. The conflicts (although quite City-Hallish) actually made sense, they’re all part of the process, and nothing seemed too patchy. In context I found Rainbow’s cameo quite funny, pow, take that, anti-squad! I liked the developments on the ‘establishment’s’ front, like the adding of layers to Choi Il-hwa’s character, and Cha’s fury was understandable, though maybe not the repeated glass smashing, ouch.
      It wasn’t perfect, there was something quite lacklustre about the directing as a whole I’ll admit, and a little remnant here or there of wack (like Manager Wang’s entrance?) let’s bear in mind PD Oh directed these two episodes (and likely messed with around half the script, too).
      Now with Oh out of the way, I’m hoping the new jakga-nim/PD-nim duo will have the show take a new angle while it’s still early on and become something that can be taken more seriously (I don’t mind interjections of the funny too), some substantial character development for Lee Soo-kyung’s character, and that Cha will step over onto the dark side already, we know he secretly wants to.

      • 26.1.1 Observer

        That cha’s glass smashing is simply too dramatic and it is one of the white noise!! Cha supposes to potray a cool guy who has a vision to become a President. Wonder who would vote for a president who smashes glasses or overturn a burning cars and set fire to building, even with good reasons? This is not Korea in the 80s and 90s where throwing this sort of tricks will win vote, it is Korea in the 21st century.

        May be next in Daemul, the new PD and writer should picture a big fight in the Parliment where it is of course still a common practice in Korea and let’s send the real Cha to the front line during the internal civil wars and cabbage wars!! ^__________^

  27. 27 jetplane

    it’s because the korean govenment is corrupt! omfg there all scared because what the drama shows, is actually how the government runs in our country. so much for freedom of speech and democracy =..= this drama now sucks , but hey at least the govenrment doesn’t have to worry about their little secrets anymore (: =..= even go hyun jung got pissed

  28. 28 yoyoy

    now that writer hwang’s gone… i’m not even going to bother

  29. 29 Alex

    I initially liked Daemul because come on this Mishil finally gets to rule and im only behind by half a dozen episodes but I think im pretty much done. All of this whole scheming and plotting to take down Seo Hyerim is really starting to annoy me, as someone who studies elections, politcs and whatnot its really bugging me. It’s seems like they are exaggerating the election process just a tad too much for dramatic effects(somehow it seems like its getting a little bit makjang-ish) and that’s enough to make me consider dropping it.

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