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Dr. Champ: Episode 4
by | October 10, 2010 | 78 Comments

I want that cow robe!

The fourth episode could easily be named “Truths unleashed”: all the secrets we’ve concealed and that have been concealed from us, will slap our faces. Jealousy, longing, regret; this drama captured my heart by portraying so naturally such painfully human feelings. And it has cute comic moments to boot!


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Episode 4 recap

Okay, I have to say this: I don’t wanna sound like a teenage fangirl, but Do Wook’s expression while almost commanding Dr. Seo to be fired was EPIC. Everyone’s shocked – why would he ask for this? Do Wook explains that Dr. Seo caused a big accident that was settled with money. Unexpected thing is, he claims to have talked with the father of the patient, convincing him that if he sued the hospital, he would receive a bigger sum. Furthermore, as a civil suit would take too long, they’re thinking of taking it to the police showing an envelope (presumably with all the documents that prove his malpractice) to make them sure that he’s being serious about this.

Take that, Doctor Terror.

The Director wants to postpone the matter – why can’t they talk about this later? That won’t do, Do Wook notices that there are a lot of reporters there, he can give them the front-page news right away. Finding herself between the Devil and the deep blue sea, the Hospital Director complies – Dr. Seo must leave them. NOW. Everyone’s happily in the same boat, minus Doctor Terror who warns them: “Just wait and see”.

After the reunion, a surprised Yeon Woo wonders why he changed his mind, wasn’t he supposed to fire her? Well, not exactly, that was something she said, not him. HA! Do Wook’s awesomeness goes beyond my belief as he gives Yeon Woo that mysterious envelope and commands her to memorize the information inside it. But wait! Wasn’t it supposed to contain nothing more than proof and legal details? Why should she memorize that? She opens it only to find the athletes’ profiles. Aw, Do Wook, you’re fantastic!

As they’re going out the complex, Do Wook sees both Hee Young’s hubby wooing some woman and Hee Young herself walking towards that spot. Conflicted, he tells her that he has something urgent to say, in order to prevent her from seeing the scene. The problem is that he has nothing really important to say, so he makes up an excuse – he’ll get the coaches together for dinner, when she’ll have time? She is a bit puzzled, that was all? Do Wook goes a step further and, since he’s unable to understand what’s happening between her and that loser, he can’t refrain himself from asking the latter’s whereabouts. She gets nervous and invites him to have dinner with them, if he’s so curious, and goes away.

That night, Ji Heon is talking with his nephew when Yoo Ri sits by his side, expressing all her jealousy. Is the nephew number 1 in speed dial? She should be there! Ji Heon has more delicate problems to handle; the director isn’t even greeting him, still angry about his irresponsible behavior that night.

Yeon Woo, unconsciously, is starting to develop a huge crush on Do Wook (one that I attribute more to thankfulness than love-love), while remembering his words when he acted as her referee. You know? Like a teenager, playing with the bedspreads, smiling foolishly… Aw.

The next morning, at Taereung, the judokas are informed that SBC will film Sang Bong, so they have to train regularly. Ji Heon, still grounded, has to take care of minimal tasks like the cones or refreshments. Somewhat ashamed, he wants to avoid the cameras, he can’t allow to be taken (and recorded!) as a lowly assistant. Suddenly, Yeon Woo shows up to tell him that she has the clothes he lent her and would like to give them back. He senses that she’s particularly happy this morning, something she attributes to her referee.

Yeon Woo goes to work, where Do Wook invites her to have some coffee while he tests her to see if she has memorized the profiles he gave her as homework, but she barely knows the boxing team. As they’re talking, blood results from athlete Gun Young come in – he has liver failure, he’ll have to leave Taereung immediately or he could die otherwise.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo is checking athlete Min Ki, who desperately wants a note to rest for two weeks. She says it’s unnecessary and it’s also illegal to write a fake doctor’s note, so there’s no way she’ll do it.


Now it’s judo’s coach turn, who isn’t exactly there because he’s hurt. What could it be? Apparently, he told Yeon Woo not to call Ji Heon out at night, no matter how much she likes him. Totally pissed, she storms out and goes to Ji Heon to demand an explanation; she’s now suspected of having an intimate relationship with him! He doesn’t understand, he didn’t say those things to the coach. Anyway, she wants him to take full responsibility and clear her from those rumors. She can’t believe what happened; she should’ve known he wasn’t trustworthy when she saw that condom.

While discussing about that, the coaching team appears giving her the chance to tell them it was all a misunderstanding. Jung Dae agrees and apologizes for the mess his guys created (Sang Bong, Taek Woo, the coach). But the question remains unanswered, why did they meet that night? At first, Ji Heon doesn’t want to tell the true story behind his family matters, but the confuse situation forces him to do it: he was late because he received a phone call telling him about his sister-in-law’s job. Jung Dae understands and leaves, while Taek Woo tells him that he should’ve told him and all this mess would’ve been prevented. So… it was him, huh? The one that spread the rumors?

Yeon Woo is deeply touched by Ji Heon’s honest gesture, he had no need to tell them the backstage of his private life.

After clearing her name, Yeon Woo is taken by Do Wook to the coaches’ reunion. He informs them that all he wants to do are complete medical check-ups to every single one of the athletes. Jung Dae refuses, it’s competition season and everyone’s busy. Do Wook knows best – there won’t be a competition over the next two weeks. Information is power, right? Archery and swimming agree right away.

We get another awkward elevator scene, and this time it includes our two doctors plus Hee Young. Yeah, a pair of scissors wouldn’t be useful to cut the atmosphere, something more in the line of a chainsaw would do. Do Wook is surprised, he never thought Hee Young would agree so easily to the check up. She just did it for ol’ times’ sake. Given that they had a good past relationship, and that he’s also doing it for the athletes health, why would she refuse?

At the National Village, Ji Heon goes for medical advice. Yeon Woo, under her breath, asks when they’ll go out for dinner. Ji Heon suggests last time’s restaurant, but she’s not so keen on the idea for obvious reasons.

Do Wook wants to confirm Gun Young’s departure from the boxing team, only to be informed by the coach that he hasn’t even told him that he had liver failure. What’s more, since this morning he’s been missing, which means that he could be in problems, maybe in real danger of death.

Knowing that the person behind the rumors was Taek Woo, Ji Heon bumps into Sang Bong to apologize for thinking bad of him. Sang Bong smiles bitterly, he didn’t believe his excuse, and tells him that those words he spoke to slide away from his punishment will make his bro and sister-in-law ashamed – he knows his brother, he wouldn’t let her do that. Ji Heon fills in the blanks: his brother is dead.

Gun Young can’t be found anywhere, and everyone’s worried. They keep on looking for him, until Do Wook finally finds him in the old boxing room, apparently fainted. Fact is, he wasn’t unconscious, just lying there, hiding and wishing he was dead: his career is over, and his future looks dim and pointless. Not only he’ll have to leave his dreams of a bright life at Taereung, where he had a job he loved and a place to sleep and eat; now he’ll even need a liver transplant. Being an orphan, the chances of getting a donor are scarce. The coach feels his words as if they were daggers directed to his heart – they had a father-son relationship, why is he saying those harsh things? In tears, they give each other the most meaningful hug.

As he sees Gun Young leaving, Do Wook feels remorseful for having ruined an athlete’s career. What he did was the right thing, but he can’t help seeing this kid leaving as a heartbreaking solution.

With all the turmoil, Yeon Woo forgot that she had an appointment with Ji Heon, who’s waiting for her in a pub drinking just water. She’s driving Dr. Lee home, while talking about what she felt that night at the medical center, completely unaware of the hour or her pre-scheduled dinner plans. She admits not understanding the athlete’s position, if he was in such a desperate life-or-death situation, he should’ve left without engaging all of them in that melodrama. Their chat is interrupted by Ji Heon’s call, who is pretty upset with her for not showing up. He urges her to go; he’ll wait no matter how late it is.

Hm, it is indeed late, and Yeon Woo goes directly home where she finds… Ji Heon! The pub closed and he’s feeling a little bit flustered because she stood him up. After all, the one who suggested going out was her. Whatever, she doesn’t care, she’s sorry and all, but they can go out for dinner another time. Noticing that she’s being serious about cancelling, he puts his characteristic puppy face and says he’s hungry (so cute).

And that’s how we get a ramen scene! So, she’s inviting him for dinner, but the twist is… he’s cooking! What follows is too hilarious for words, and I know I won’t do justice to this totally winning turn of events. They clumsily try to handle the hot pot, which ends up strewing its content on Ji Heon’s *ehem* sensitive zone. He goes to the bathroom to cool down the affected area while she insists on entering and taking a look to see if he’s burnt or something – she’s a doctor, he shouldn’t be embarrassed. He forbids her to enter, and after somehow easing his pain, he goes out bare-chested. Now, it’s her turn not to be embarrassed, wasn’t she a doctor? They agree to wait for his clothes to be dry, and in the meantime, they can have that elusive dinner.

As they talk about the incident at Taereung, Ji Heon quickly catches her soft tone every time she mentions Do Wook. She admits thinking that her career was over, until Dr. Lee helped her, giving her a job. That must mean that he was her referee, right? Our boy isn’t so slow, after all. Jealous much? He corrects her, she isn’t working there thanks to Dr. Lee, she’s there thanks to him.

Yeon Woo: Okay, it’s all because of you. Satisfied?

Ji Heon: Receiving all these compliments… I like it.


They make a ramen toast, for the national athlete and the national athlete’s doctor.

It’s clear that Do Wook hasn’t forgotten the loser hubby of his past love, so he goes to confront him. He’s seen him with that ordinary girl, isn’t he concerned? If his wife happens to find about his affair, things could get nasty. Hubby sees that Do Wook hasn’t received the memo that informed that Hee Young was divorced, so he tells him – they could even re-start where they left many years ago.

Do Wook now is nostalgic and his heart must be racing at 300 m/h, as he remembers when he was at the hospital (seemingly after whatever caused his leg to be like that): while he desperately begged her to get lost, she told him that she was sorry and that she wouldn’t come back, he would’ve done the same for her. Whoa, don’t wanna be prejudiced (maybe she had a reason for this?), but this chick really turned her back on him.

On the bright side, Ji Heon got back to training and wants to thank Yeon Woo for her outstanding medical job. He’s prepared a national team coat with her name printed on the back as a gift. They retake their habit of discussing awkward moments they spent together (before it was the condom, now it’s his ramen-ized zone), until Do Wook passes by. Yeon Woo leaves Ji Heon, showing where her priorities are.

The day was too good to be true… Sigh. Problems are about to arise, a fencer was caught for doping because of Yeon Woo’s prescription (the one in episode 3). The nurses don’t know the precise details on this, but the situation is indeed grave; he had to forfeit a gold medal and is super Hulk levels angry.

Yeon Woo is so shocked that she can’t gather the strength to enter the room where she’ll have to face the consequencies for her acts. Do Wook is by her side, and opens the door for her.

The committee is waiting for ya, darling.

Please, my dear kaedejun, tell me that our Dr. Kim will find a way to explain what has happened!

Personal Comments

Hm. First, a nitpicky comment about something that’s been bugging me. I’ll admit knowing absolutely nothing about medical teams or even medicine, but shouldn’t Yeon Woo know at least what can or can’t she prescribe for an athlete? I mean, there must be lists of non approved stuff that can give problems to athletes who take them. I really hope we get some explanation once she discusses this with the committee and/or Do Wook. I’m not asking for super serious realism, just some logic…?

If we forget the diehard medical details, how delightful is this drama? It’s so simple, right? The same things that caught my eyes when I started watching, are still there. These people are so real, with a past that haunts them in this present (which isn’t that bright either). The part that I feared would drag it down, everything related with sports and the athletes’ lifes, is actually a medium to portray the human side and ways of seeing life of the main characters.

We got to see much more of Dr. Lee, and now I’m pleasantly confirming that his character isn’t entirely a House – this version has the heart the other lacks. He’s not sad and bitter, riding a high horse of “I know best”; he’s super talented but empathetic too, while still being humorous. He worries about his environment; look how he reacted after he had to dismiss the boxer or after seeing Hee Young’s ex with another woman. He tried to give them a chance to solve their problems by themselves, not butting into their lives but giving his honest advice. Granted, with the ex he was a little more violent, but they clearly have a past, so I was surprised of how coolly he managed the situation.

Talking about her, I wish that Hee Young stopped being a staring angst device and gave us a little more sparkling chemistry with, actually, life itself. She’s always wandering around with her emo attitude and no clear goal.

I want to see more of Sang Bong and Ji Heon’s past too. The former seems to have known Ji Heon’s brother, but not so much, since he wasn’t aware of his death. Then, what happened? Why did Ji Heon leave the team years ago? I also want to see them growing as (albeit bickering) friends. Is it too much to ask? A girl can dream, right?

Lastly, the question that inevitably will pop up is, who’s the lead? Can I say that I don’t care? I just love the pre love-angst too much to let the drama reduce itself to a “romantic triangle”. Yeon Woo is developing some kind of attraction towards Do Wook, but it’s the typical “I respect you so much that you’re the current sun in my solar system” work related crush, so anything could come up from that side. In the meantime, the stronger private life bond is growing alongside Ji Heon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one for her. I can’t say for sure, and I don’t wanna spend too much time analyzing this – I want to see how their relationship flows without being on board anyone’s “ship”.

Could this drama’s inherent simplicity become a liability in the future, one that crosses the thin line between delightfully quiet and boring? I just hope that they can keep up the overall positive atmosphere without falling into unnecessary angst or similar tropes.

You’re such a tender-hearted cutie-pie, too!


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  1. cullenhale

    Uhm Tae Woong, you have my heart.

  2. endodo4ever

    I still can’t figure out why I like Dr. Champ but perhaps it’s because of what you said above. This drama is very simple but I think it’s got heart. I’m also very curious to see who will actually end up with Yeon Woo. Both male leads are potentially compatible for her at this point in the game. I guess we’ll have to continue watching for more! Thanks for this lovely recap! I enjoyed reading it! <3

  3. theasianstalker

    YESH! Uhm Tae Woong is awesome 😀

  4. zaha

    I’m really glad that I went into this drama without any expectations (because it’s my first “sports-medical drama”). This may end up being one of my favorites as well.

    And I want that cow robe too!

  5. belltinct

    i felt flatter see episode 3 and 4…fufufufufu

  6. kaedejun

    Oh my god – aberdeen – i agreed with EVERYTHING you wrote in your comments section!

    I don’t think this drama will ever be like Coffee House – but what I am afraid of (now) is that it will become something like Triple – quiet and simple, but bordering on boring.

    i SOOOOO hope it’s not Triple 2.0

    On another note – i’m proud to say i ate ramen as I watched this episode 😉

  7. sshahi

    Ji Heon is soooo adorkably cute…

  8. min

    Thanks so much, aberdeen_angus. :]

    I’ve been looking forward to your recaps. Ahh, I’m so excited for tomorrow! More Dr. CHAMP. 😀

  9. belltinct

    still kim yeon woo cant cook ramen as ma hye ri too…

    • 9.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I’m finding the similarities quite funny, too. And MHR’s mannerisms are evident in KYW’s, too. Perhaps those are Kim YSo Yeon’s own personal mannerisms which show in her portrayals of different roles. I’ve noticed that acotrs do not act 100% as in, they show their own mannerisms as they portray different roles. I guess it’s difficult to adopt a different set of mannerisms for each role.

      I think there are a few secrets that will be uncovered as the drama progresses, maybe not as big as the PP’s one but material enough to bring some twists and turns.

      I am also curious who’s the OTP in this drama. I have my favourite but won’t get into that this early. Let’s just let it flow.

      Thanks for your recaps.

      • 9.1.1 dannaluk

        i agree with you…some actors tend to totally become their characters as they protray them…others just sort of adapt to fit without completely getting rid of their mannerisms…I think Lee Seon Kyun is also like that…i dont think this is a bad thing as both actors have natural charisma and act their socks

        • dannaluk


  10. 10 Amg1

    Thanks for your hard work!!! I think the “simplicity” of this show is what got me sold! I am really enjoying all the characters so far thank you again!!!!!!!

  11. 11 sunshine

    The scene between Ji Heon and his rival added so much depth to their not-so-good relationship. Not only have the two known each other for a long time, the rival also knows Ji Heon’s brother well enough to know that he is too virtuous to let his wife work as a bargirl, so he’s in with the fam. And when Ji Heon tells him that his brother’s dead…ugh, heart break on both sides.

    But seriously, Yeon Woo’s a DOCTOR and she gives an athlete medicine that can disqualify him before a match?! What kind of a doctor is she?! I know it’s a drama, but I can only suspend my disbelief to a certain extent. Isn’t she supposed to be some orthopedic genius? I have a hard time feeling bad for characters who are rightfully punished for their incompetence, so I’m kind of dreading the next episode.

    • 11.1 mellowyel

      well, Yeon Woo’s an orthopedic doctor, not a sports doctor, so she might just not have known. my older brother’s an orthopedic doctor (a resident, like Yeon Woo) and they’re very much still in the learning process. If you go to a new hospital where you’re dealing with a particular set of patients with specific needs (in this case, athletes), you’re supposed to learn the ropes when you get there – what’s okay for that group and what’s not. Yeon Woo probably just didn’t do her homework.

      I think it shows that while she’s good at her job, she’s not some genius doctor with incredible skills. I wasn’t even aware that we were supposed to think of her that way – it feels a lot more like Do Wook gave her a chance because he realized she had been fired unfairly, not necessarily because she was an amazing doctor and he had to have her on the team. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how Yeon Woo handles this, and whether her outlook on her job will change at all because of it.

    • 11.2 Amg1

      I just re-watched episode 3 and the athlete is the one who asked for the IV, now I am not a Doctor but a little research (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3689/is_199810/ai_n8826281/) and also

      As far as this articles show the main ingredient in an regular IV is a “Saline solution” made moistly of water and salt, so we know that water and salt will not trigger a “Doping” test, I do not think is her fault, and as a doctor she knows better, I think the guy is really using a banned substance that’s why he got in trouble and has nothing to do with the IV that she prescribe!!

      • 11.2.1 aberdeen_angus

        Hi, Amg1!!! 😀

        Hmmm, that’s a good point… But then, I found somewhere this:

        “Intravenous infusions are prohibited except for those legitimately received in the course of hospital admissions or clinical investigations.”

        I can’t believe I actually downloaded the WADA prohibited substances list.

        I’ve read somewhere that saline solutions are used to hide other illegal substances, but the fact that IV’s are banned remains.

        Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s episode to see what the frak happened ^^


  12. 12 badtanline

    Yah, when did Uhm Tae Woong become so gorgeous?!

  13. 13 Ani

    I say Ji-heon is the male lead. Or at least it seems obvious from the recaps that Ji-heon has more screen time than Dr. Lee (haven’t decided on watching the drama yet since there’s so little time). I would say it’s Ji-heon too since this is a Judo (Sport) related drama, who else could be the lead (unless people are pushing that its more a medical drama, which is possible that it’s both)? Unlike Coffee House in which for the longest time we were unsure which dudette might end up with the dude, here I’d have to say Ji-heon will be the winner (in love) whether he gets that gold medal or not….. But than again, I can recall that for the longest time I hated how in Hot Shot, Show Luo didn’t get the girl. I wasn’t a fan of Jerry at the time, but even after liking the guy after watching Down With Love, I would still have to say Show Luo should have gotten the girl. So my argument just might have to be: The lead doesn’t always get the girl, so knowing doesn’t make a difference.

    • 13.1 Ani

      But yes, I have to admit, both male actors are looking fine. Dr Lee, you can be my doctor anyday. Ji-heon, you can toss me around, as long as you do it gently and as long as you grow your hair out again. X)

    • 13.2 Jane

      Oddly enough, I thought it was quite obvious from like episode 5 in CH who would end up with Jin Soo. Likewise in Hot Shot, I thought it was clear that Jerry Yan’s character would end up with his friend. As for this drama, I think it’s exactly as presented with Ji Heon ending up with Yeon Woo but then again, who knows what turn this drama will take?

      • 13.2.1 Ani

        I don’t know. Hot Shot was one of my firsts when it came to dramas, so maybe I was wrong. But I knew the girl liked Jerry’s character, but I thought Show Luo’s character’s “innocence” (or gagtastic ways) would win her over. That, or because I was over the moon for Show Luo (and I didn’t even know anything about him prior to that drama!) so I wanted him to win since Jerry’s character was too “perfect” for my tastes. So maybe it was because I was a drama novice at the time and had wishful thinking. I really hope Ji-heon gets the girl. But you’re right. Who knows where we’ll end up with this one.

      • 13.2.2 aberdeen_angus

        LOL, in CH I was really amazed by how hot was the “who’s the lead” question. I found it pretty obvious who she was, too!

        (I hoped for the writer to end up alone because I didn’t like him, but I never thought that it was a factible ending 😛 )

        • Ani

          In CH I was rooting for the Secretary, even though I figured it wasn’t really possible since the the Writer and Publisher/Manager had a history (and the writer was a couple years too much her senior… even though I don’t think age matters). So when Dong-wook entered the picture, I was all for the Dae-wook and Secretary pairing. The main pairing I paid no mind to after that. XD

          • Ani

            Um, yeah. Spelling fail of the character’s name on my part. X/

  14. 14 mskololia

    Thanks for the recap!

    I cannot imagine what is about to happen to her, but I hope she gets her act together fairly quickly; and I think she should not necessarily know what meds are inappropriate for her setting as she is looking like a fish without water at the moment…..She did not prepare herself for this particular job description—working with Olympic athletes so I can see how she is creating these problems for herself…poor girl.

    Overall, I find that the drama is fresh….

  15. 15 HappyEndings

    I can’t point my finger on why exactly I love this drama….I just do. When I first found out what it was about, I was going to skip it. But then I read the recap for episode 1……WOW.

    Episode 4 was awesome. I personally like Yeon Woo better with Ji Heon, they are so funny together and Yeon Woo actually looks happy around him.
    If Yeon Woo continues to follow behind Do Wook like a puppy, there is no way Do Wook would start to like her….that would only work on Oh Ha Ni. 😀

  16. 16 marbleloaf

    granted this is a drama and has “fabricated angst” but for some reason, i feel as if i can relate to each of these characters. i feel this strange connection and get a sense of real emotion. i watched gumiho and even though it was fun, it was too fantastical for me. i’m already rooting for jeon woo and ji heon. sorry, so typical! thanks for the caps!

  17. 17 Flygirl

    Maybe I’m the minority here but I like Yeon Woo with Do Wook more than with Jiheon. I feel that Do Wook treats and her the way she should be an adult. While Jiheon is very sweet and all but he’s childish.

    • 17.1 Flygirl

      I meant treats and views her as an adult.

  18. 18 AnneShirley

    Hi. In response to Aberdeen_angus’s concerns that this drama is being unrealistic towards yeonwoo’s ignorance about sports medicine, I just wanted to clarify a little bit about what’s going on. Sports Medicine is a subspeciality of Emergency Medicine in a lot of cases. usually one would finish a residency in internal medicine and then specialize in Sports Medicine. But the reason why I say that Sports medicine is a subspeciality is because if a doctor goes into sports medicine alone, it is harder to obtain funding, which is why they often do ER with sports medicine. Now, like with any other speciality, (i.e. immunology, cardiology) most doctors like yeonwoo, who have only finished their residency, wouldn’t know much about these fields. not to mention yeonwoo is a woman, and it is even more uncommon for female doctors to go into sports medicine and she has zero interest in sports. So I think her mishaps in the sports medicine world are realistic even if they are not forgivable. sorry for long response. i hope this helps.

    • 18.1 aberdeen_angus

      Don’t worry about the lenght, thank you for giving this answer, I was truly curious about this point.


    • 18.2 marbleloaf

      sports medicine is actually a sub-specialty of orthopedics. there are some internal medicine doctors who do sports medicine, but this is rarely the case. in addition, there are doctors who also practice in a field called PM & R which is physical med and rehab. in this case, ksy is an orthopedic surgeon who is practicing in sports/joint surgery. there is actually an increasing trend in women going into orthopedics.

      this is true at least in U.S. medicine. in addition, whether you do surgery or not every physician knows that there are certain drugs that will come up positive in drug tests (doping test-for example anabolic steroids).

      okay, hope this adds to clarification as well.

  19. 19 l1lskyl1l

    love love love the drama already and can’ wait to watch the next episode.

    i totally agree about not caring who is the lead in this drama because so far the drama is making the audience or just me curious about each one of them

  20. 20 rhea

    I love the scene between Jiheon and Sangbong, I dunno why but I cried a bit. I think they may have been friends before, with Jiheon’s brother, too. It would be good to know how they became antagonistic with each other.

    So far, I am loving this drama. It’s not overly exciting but it tugs at your heart.

    Thanks for the recap!

  21. 21 red

    awesome recap thanku

  22. 22 aX

    Since the lead is still undisclosed at this point, I’m going to try to avoid this Kdrama at all cost. The reason is that I still find myself cringing at the sight of Jung Gyu Woon (Ji Heon).

    As of now (and hoping so), I’m team Do Wook & Yeon Woo. Until I find for sure he’s the lead, I’ll probably skip this Kdrama.

    • 22.1 Getoba

      the reason to watch or no watch a drama is very great in this forum. Everobody say this drama is great, kim so yeon is great, the two guys play well, the cinematography is great, the music is great but you you want quit this wonderful drama if Judo boy is the lead. It’s a pity.

    • 22.2 Joanne

      Actually, the curiosity about who she ends up with, making the drama itself more interesting to be followed. In my opinion, You should have reconsider to skip, pal. I myself hoping Do Wook with Yeon Woo too.

      • 22.2.1 aX

        I’m excited that Kim So Yeon is finally playing the lead and that she may be paired up with Uhm Tae-Woong but if their characters storyline evolves more romantically, then I may reconsider. Until then, I will give this a miss.

        • lambayyx

          ?? Kim Soyeon’s played lead before. She was lead in Prosecutor Princess (in which she had the cutest pairing w/ Park Shihoo <3)

    • 22.3 sarah

      Wow, You’re so pathetic.
      Jung Gyu Woon is very charming in this drama.
      I don’t understand why you are cringing at him.
      I think he is way more good looking than Uhm Tawoong

      • 22.3.1 aX

        @ sarah 22.3

        Someone can’t take opinions very well. Have yours, I don’t care, but just because you disagree with mine, you call me pathetic?! Wow, speak for yourself.

        I’m not cringing because of how he looks… I’m not shallow! I cringe at just the thought of his acting (especially reminiscing in previous roles I’ve seen him in…)

        • Carina

          His acting is MUCH improved in this drama, for what it’s worth. Never found him very watchable either but he’s doing a great job as Ji Heon.

  23. 23 Haj

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    i have a question, though– why did she ask ji heon out to dinner in the fist place? ..to thank him for the relatives in jail snafu?

    • 24.1 aberdeen_angus

      I think she did it because he helped her to clear the mess about the night when they went to look for their relatives. She was touched when he confessed that his sis in law was working as a karaoke girl (it must’ve been hard for him, it’s something really personal and he seemed ashamed of it). She told him that he had no reason to disclose so many details, but he did it anyway (presumably for her sake).

      So, since their last dinner appointment had failed horribly (jerk ex, etc), she did it to make him feel better.

      • 24.1.1 maria

        oooh,makes sense! thank yooouuuu!! 😀

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    Thanks for the recap!!!

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    i love this drama! and also, i don’t care who is the lead… i have a preference for the athlete-doctor couple rather than doctorx2 couple because i think they remind me so much of MGIAG couple, except that the gender is reversed but i’m fine with either…
    and i’m having a major something for young suk… he looked totally shocked when he heard that the brother died… i can’t wait to learn more about all characters!!

    and as always, thank you for this awesome recap!

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    can’t wait for next episode to come!

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    he’s got way much more seniority compared to Jung KyeoWoon….I mean JKW is considered a new actor compared to UTW…..and ttz how things kinda work in Korea….I think even if unexpected things develop, UTW is still going to be the lead, if not co-lead…..like I don’t think there’s any way they’re going to write back his character in favor of JKW’s…..
    even in SeonDeok…..UTW remained the lead till the end and he got the higher level year-end award compared to Kim NamGil…..despite everyone getting crazy over BiDam…..
    but yeah doesn’t mean he’ll get to be with YeonWoo……but for me….right from the start…..I always thought the main stars of the drama is Kim SoYeon and Uhm TaeWoong….since they’re like the more veteran actors….hahaha….but yeah…..maybe that’s just me……

    • 32.1 Jane

      He’s a lead and I think his character will be involved in a love triangle with Yeon Woo but I don’t think they’ll end up together. I guess we just have to wait and see.

      • 32.1.1 andreapirlo

        yesss i agree with u, It’s obvious Uhm Tae woong is the lead, but it doesn’t mean UTW will end up with Kim Seo Yeon…

        Love this series…… the directing is so pretty…

  33. 33 josephine

    I am not very concerned who is the lead although I have a soft spot for JGW. Most probably this will depend on the story just like JGW’s previous drama LYATT. Ryu Jin is very much senior than JGW, same position as UTW but as it turns out JGW became the lead in LYATT. So I would advise 22aX to stay off this drama since he has such a phobia on JGW.

  34. 34 AnneShirley

    @marbleloaf. You’re right. there is an increasing trend of women going into orthopedics, but there isn’t an increasing trend of those women also going into sports medicine, which is what is important for this discussion, since yeonwoo is now practicing sports medicine.

    And you’re right in that Sports Medicine is a subspeciality of Orthopedics, but it is also a subspeciality of Emergency Medicine and the route from Emergency Medicine to Sports Medicine isn’t as rare as you’re making it out to be. In short, I think it would be more accurate to say Sports Medicine is a subspecialty of both.

    • 34.1 marbleloaf

      point well taken…

  35. 35 arhe


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    I like it that it is about normal people (not a chaebol in sight)/grown up people with a profession/job. And it has rather funny bits. And like that quirky Doc, played by UTW.

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    For the love of “Pete” please be kind to one another, I feel another “PP and CH” ship storm in the air well good luck to all the shippers out there!!!!!!!!!! “OO”

    • 38.1 andreapirlo

      LOL… I’m waiting! *hides*

    • 38.2 Amg1

      I just finish watching episode 5 and all I can say is that I am not happy at all!!!!! I just don’t want her to end up with the Korean House!!!!! please said that it isn’t soooo!!!! Pleaseeeeeee!!!

      • 38.2.1 mskololia

        Ohhhh, how the lofty have fallen…I thought you would abstain from shipping @38.2….lol.

        Could not resist, huh? 🙂

        • aberdeen_angus

          I guess resistance is futile 😀

          I’ve also said I wouldn’t ship but I think it’s kinda unavoidable lol. I have a soft spot for one of the male characters already ^^

          • mskololia

            Yeah, so do I but I still want to see the other one working his mojo on our girl…..lol

          • v

            lol… so do i… honestly, unlike PP, i wouldnt mind if she ends up with the other though…
            however, if someone (haha… Amg1, remember?) mentions something about psychology and sociopath disorder, we might have another shipping war on our hand… although they were enjoyable, hopefully not. XD what if we end up on the same side though.. XD

  39. 39 Alvina

    Ugh! No! I hate when dramas take the Love Triangle storyline. Just gets me so frustrated with all of the characters in the end lol

    But, I’m totally rooting for Ji-Heon right now haha. The adorable, honorable nice guy role really gets to me.

  40. 40 Laeah

    Sorry, but I really think Uhm Tae Woong’s character despite being interesting.. doesn’t really have any chemistry with Yeon Woo at all.. 🙁 🙁

    Ji Heon on the other hand is totally awesome with her.

    I really hope Uhm Tae Woong’s character stays with Park Shi Yeon’s. Or not at all.

    I hope this goes like PP and she ends up with Ji Heon

    • 40.1 CrazyUnnie

      I am in major agreement with you here! 🙂

  41. 41 fmv

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  42. 42 Anonymous

    so far, I’ve watched all 4 eps because of Ji Heon-Yeon Woo and I’m dying to see he’s the lead. but I’ve a bad feeling about he’s not.
    he’s so handsome, hot, cute, warm and enjoyable character and the chemistry seems wonderful in my eyes.
    please god! only once, my feelings get me wrong and Uhm Tae Woong will not be the lead.
    btw, as a pervert girl I must say that I’ve watched many many times Ji heon’s naked scene. can you imagine how wonderful they may seem with YW? ahhhh! at least, let me be happy in the dramas =(

  43. 43 everlastingsong

    Sang Bong is SOOOOO attractive.

    In some parts of this drama I feel like I’m having a flashback to Prosecutor Princess:

    Kim Yeon Woo = Ma Hye Ri
    Park Ji Heon = Seo In Woo
    Lee Do Wook = Prosecutor Yoon

  44. 44 fraulein

    Wonderfully done recaps !

    The hug scene between the coach and the athlete with the liver condition made me tear, the writing is so good!

    I haven’t seen that many korean dramas with an unclear distinction of who is the male lead. Usually it is quite clear, but as Do Wook and Ji Heon both have almost equal air time, it is hard to tell. But using my little inference skills, if Do Wook is romantically linked to Hee Young who is obviously the second female lead, then it must be Do Wook who is the second (male) lead

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