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Kim Hyun-joong and Yoon Eun-hye for Basic House
by | October 27, 2010 | 167 Comments

“Hmm, what do I love more? My girlfriend? Or GUMBALLS! But that’s an easy question. I only have one girlfriend, but a meeellion gumballs. Clearly gumballs win. Let me count the ways…”


“Oh no, I’m running late for my date! OH LOOK, CAMERA!”


“Which one of us is the cardboard cutout?”


Her: “Uh, I’m not stealing anything. Certainly not candy from a baby.”

Him: “Shh! Jsst smile and keep walking.”


Him: “Woohoo! I bet I can fit all these gumballs into my mouth!”

Her: “I wish you loved me half as much as you love your gumballs.”

Him: “You’re just jealous because you don’t have any.”

Her: “I don’t have a fanny pack either. I THINK I WIN.”

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167 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kit

    heh, these are cute

    i was ridiculously surprised because KHJ looked relaxed, happy and gorgeous for the first one. and then in the rest, well, he looked like the cardboard cutout again. but he’s defs improving gaiz, don’t stone me!

    • 1.1 Liz

      Sorry to say this, but exist photoshop to do it. Haahahaha or make up, his dark eyes wouldn`t disappear like magic… lol Plus seeing this photos I have to say Jung So Min is more prettier IMO and just her lips seems like YEH, Nothing more… YEH has a lot of cheeks JSM doesn`t…

      • 1.1.1 m a r a

        They’re equally pretty.
        I guess the comparisons can’t be help, but really, they’re different. Insulting one won’t elevate the looks of another.

        • patricedee

          Ditto mara!!! They have different personality and have their own beauty so why compare? Gosh.

          • rienz

            AGREE, nothing wrong with they resemblance. They both are beautiful, talented and adorable. Now Kim Hyun Joong ssi, whom will you choose? LOL

          • Liz

            No Riez, it wasn`t for you. LOL It was for Mara. Sorry if I replied wrong lol your comment is right. You was fair. But I just got angry with these people saying this acting all right. Like they never did something like this, plus twisting my words… it is upsetting, where did they take that? I never intended that. Just expressed my opinion lol.

            So one question for Mara andPatricedee, so if you like a group guy, or group girl, you don`t have someone in the group that you think is more pretty or talented, right? because like you said, why compare? 😀

        • Liz

          Excuse me, but did I say YEH was ugly? I don`t think so. I like YEH, I was just saying I think she (JSM) is more prettier, why? I can`t think someone is more prettier than other person? I can`t have my own taste? Really. And what i said wasn`t a lie YEH has a lot of cheeks, But did I say it was ugly? did I talked bad about her? Each one has their beauty and charm, is just that for me JSM is prettier, I don`t see nothing wrong with this or insulting. Everyone has their own taste please. You put words in my mouth. Don`t twist it like you want, please.

          And praticedee everyone in their life compare. Don`t act like a saint, please. T.T When you like one thing over other`because of something, you are comparing it, so did you never did it? Really never?

          • rienz

            @Liz: i think you’ve wrong reply, or it’s right that you wanna reply me? from the beginning i just wanna be fair of JSM and YEH. My opinion is not to judge who decided to like one of them. It’s up to you and another commentator to choose their point of view. Coz i see many negatif comment at JSM pics by comparing her with YEH. And also in this pics. I dont even thought you said that. You deserve to upset and angry if they both compare with me. LIMAO 😀

          • m a r a

            Liz, you’re right. You deserve to have your opinion, as I do. And it is my opinion that you are being insulting (by saying that Eun Hye has chubbier cheeks), whether you intended to or not. See, when you give an opinion, others will also give theirs.

            The way I see it, people don’t like it when Jung So Min is compared to Eun Hye, especially in a negative way, i.e. when she is called a poor man’s Eun Hye. And it goes without saying when Eun Hye is negatively compared to Jung So Min, Eun Hye’s fans won’t take kindly to insults.

            It’s also my opinion that it’s unavoidable to have these comparisons, but both actresses deserve to have their own identities. I don’t see much of a point of pitting them against each other, be it in looks or their abilities.

          • m a r a

            Liz, honestly, I don’t see the point of comparing one group from another or one actor’s beauty to another. I don’t think it advances my argument or point of view, when it would be sufficient enough to say that a person/group is pretty or talented. There would be enough words to describe and support that view without having to pit them against another person/group.

          • Liz

            Then I can`t do nothing, if you take my words and twist the way you want it, I can`t change your mind. And lol you can give your opinion, be free to do it. I just was complaining you twisted my words just that. You can give yours, I was just replying too. And Honestly I do like the both, YEH and JSM. So if it was insulting for you, all I can say that was not the case, but you already said I was even if I didn`t want to,so, what to do? Think like that…

          • m a r a

            Liz, I’m sorry if you took it that I twisted your words, but I did initially interpret your statement as an insult against Eun Hye. Last night, I defended So Min because of the unfair comparison to Eun Hye, who’s already far in her career, whereas So Min is a neophyte. And now, I just felt Eun Hye was being negatively compared to So Min.

            Looks are subjective, and people will always have an opinion of who’s prettier, but like I said, it’s just my thinking that comparisons do little to advance a viewpoint.

            I appreciate your clarification, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. If I became upset at your statement, then, I am only responsible for how I feel, just as you’ll only be responsible for your own reactions, be they negative or positive.

          • lola

            yeah, ur right…u have the right to say what u think of…however, when u compared those two together, it also mean u bash the other…

            anyway, when can this kind of comparison be ended? there is only 1 YEH and 1 JSM..there is nothing related to these two girls…like whoever u like…

          • Laeah

            Oh MAH Gawsh.

            Does this really deserve an argument?

      • 1.1.2 Niva

        Who is Jung so min anyway? I know only Eun hye cause she is quite popular and well known in many countries around Asia. Am I not up-to-date? Maybe I am not. I always interested only in talented and charming people. Eun hye has a lot of charisma as an actress. That’s why I have the eye only for her and have no idea who is Jung so min. Sorry!

        • bla

          coz you’re a noob :)
          Jung so min is also a talented and a charming person.
          don’t get so butthurt about what the other persons said and try to bring down Jung so min.
          if you’re really interested, google is your best friend buddy.

          • Anonymous

            like this!

    • 1.2 aceyyy

      haha i think it’s got to do with how much eye contact he’s making with the camera =p

    • 1.3 blue horizon

      thanks jb for this post! ^^
      i wanted to share a few more pics from this shoot that i think are really adorbz,
      where KHJ looks really fun-loving and wicked
      (and not too overly photoshopped, basic house tends to over-photoshop the pics even in the previous collections)~

      he’s a good-looking boy (AND a nice boy as well), the pics can afford a much lighter hand!





      (credit to liezle.blogspot.com)

      btw, i admit i totally didn’t see the fanny pack until you mentioned it, i was completed distracted by his cute expressions haha ^_~

  2. yen_nguyen

    Both are famous being models but I think above pictures are not beautiful.

    • 2.1 Nanci

      Yeah, they seem so fake and the chemistry doesn’t seem to be there.

      In the last one, KHJ is looking super cute but YEH doesn’t have the right energy. Actually I think for most of these they are not on the same page, so it doesn’t work.

  3. dulcedeleche

    hahahahhahaa. I totally did not expect the commentary from you. I had to scroll back up to make sure it was you who wrote it and not girlfriday.

    I think you guys are starting to channel one another….:)

    • 3.1 Elaine

      Lol, ditto this. I thought girlfriday wrote the commentary XD

    • 3.2 chajjye

      ditto. 😀

  4. baNen

    Hahaha! I like the way how you interpret the photos JB. Awesome ♥

  5. ninji

    KHJ looks better with a serious face. The smile just.. no.

    • 5.1 girlatsea

      Wahh? I always thought that his smile was the best thing about him.. Haha

      • 5.1.1 Anonymous

        me too!! his smile is so contagious and just wow for me… i love it ><

      • 5.1.2 ninji

        I just think it looks so completely pose-ish. It’s something with the stiff upper lip I think, it’s too thin. Haha, okay, now I’m just nitpicking. Still the serious look is way hotter.

    • 5.2 Laica

      Omo! Agree. I’ve always found his smile slightly creepy (I thought I was the only one).

      Don’t kill me, fangirls.

  6. Marti

    I enjoyed your commentary way too much. “Gumballs!”

  7. haprils

    so cute! the comments had me cracking up . . . . and wanting some gumballs now!! where’s a quarter when i need it?!

  8. juhwanie

    Well that was a hilarious way to start the day.
    Love YEH’s white boots! want!
    also why why why are KHJ’s pants tucked horribly into his brown socks in the first one?

  9. Casie J.

    Such a happy couple. But the commentary were just too funny. <3

  10. 10 MSA

    Am I the only one weirded out by YEH unnatural poses? I mean, okay, almost every female model has to put their bodies in these odd angles, but look at that third picture – look at her legs.


    • 10.1 kev

      YEH was ranked number 1 by fashion High Cut magazine for the model who has the best pose in Korean…then no doubt about her pose…
      by the way, she is modeling clothe, not her body or she is taking photo for magazine…if u still have problem with her pose, then im sorry…too bad then

      • 10.1.1 Gloy

        Can you do better? Show us!!

  11. 11 patricedee

    YEH’s so gorgeous!

    • 11.1 patricedee

      YEH is*

  12. 12 Won Bin

    YEH is so gorgeous and cute! that’s all I can say. Nothing more nothing less

  13. 13 maureen

    funny, well said!

  14. 14 Jenju

    Awww come on guys I think he’s improving with his gaze…

    The quotes were hilarious! Such a good thing to wake up in the morning to hehe

  15. 15 chichaloca

    i’m hopes one day khj and yeh will pair in one drama.plz2 mr producer fulfill my request :)

  16. 16 annieee

    LMAO! this made my day! by far the most creative blog post i’ve seen for photoshoots!
    joking aside, both do look very adorbs.

  17. 17 miss_procrastination

    Haha. Seriously, they look like cardboard cut outs. It’s just wrong for two people to be that good looking in a single photo. It’s too much pretty all at once.

  18. 18 Jane

    I’m still stuck on the fanny pack, I don’t know how you guys can focus on anything else… Why God… why?

    • 18.1 m a r a

      Don’t hate on the fannypack. It comes in handy to geriatrics! :)

    • 18.2 rayray

      hehehe my thoughts exactly! not even he can make fanny packs cool..utter fail!

    • 18.3 staples

      I actually didn’t notice it until javabeans commented on it. So I guess he doesn’t make fanny packs _cool_, but he can wear them…but only in photoshoots. If he wants a bag, he should go for a murse, lol.

  19. 19 Rina

    Thanks, JB! I really enjoyed the commentary :)
    KHJ looks too happy about those gumballs.
    I really need a laugh this morning – it’s gearing up to be a long day!

  20. 20 Net-chan

    HAHAHAHAAA I LOVE the comments of each picture!!! Thanks jababeans for making me laugh ^^!!! The clothes are pretty ugly, but if beautiful people wear them, it’s kind of OK :P…

  21. 21 lb_tmi

    i LOVE the boots YEH wears in every shot.. i want all of them. sigh. alas, i have fat calfs and short legs, so i would not look 1/8 as good as YEH in those boots.

    KHJ is adorable in the first pic.. and i think the fanny pack gives him a sense of adorkableness.. i like!

  22. 22 rainerust

    HAHA I seriously had to do a double take so that I could be sure it was you JB, and not GF who wrote that. Snarky FTW! I love how y’all channel each other at times.

    Anyways, as much as I love YEH…meh. The gumball adverts do nothing for me.

  23. 23 TKadia

    The PINK BOOTS! I want them.

  24. 24 asianromance

    are they advertising gumballs or jackets??? hahaha

    it’s sort of weird to see KHJ to pose with YEH, who looks like JSM, who is his character’s wife. Makes me want to go “errr.. Seung-jo, that’s not your wife…”

    • 24.1 dannaluk

      lol…yeah like maybe he got confused between the two

    • 24.2 rienz

      LOL. Like ur comment!

  25. 25 Fasiris Fay

    hahahahaha, love the commentary! and the pics are cute…love YEH 😀

  26. 26 libra 80

    hhmm…love it!!!!i was kind of surprised ‘coz the comment of yours on each picures,,,so adorable & funny,,,,kekeke….i miss YEH…..hehehe…thanks for this blog!!!!

  27. 27 anbal11

    loved the comments JB 😉

  28. 28 D

    that’s just hilarious.. i tot it was GF’s doing..

  29. 29 Marie

    these are cute pictures!!!^^

  30. 30 Amg1

    All I can say to all the “Haters”
    Yoon Eun-hye is the best thing to ever come out of Korea besides kimchi!!!!!!!!

    Go and spread your vile comments some other place!!!!!

    • 30.1 patricedee

      Ditto!! 😀

    • 30.2 Liz

      Haters? where, you mean here? I didn`t see any hater until now….

      What I really dislike is this. You can`t express your own opinion, because if you do then you will be a hater. interesting! I got it, I must be fake like everyone and agree with everyone, never, people, never say a thing you dislike or never say a personal opinion, or else these crazy fans attack you and call you hater, you have to say `pretty or awesome all the time, ever, here in K-drama land is like this… you don`t have own opinion, you MUST all think alike and AGREE with what the fans say. That is.

      Btw I really like YEH, but well I do not venerate her like you do.
      See what I like about her is that She is one of the actress that could do a boy role (just her and MGY could do it, pretend to be a boy). She was amazing in CP. In goong also, loved her, plus loove her personality, she is so fun and cheerful, I laughed so bad in X-man or is love letter? Don`t remember, but she was so cool didn`t acted like the others girls.. her couple in the game is the one I more like! xDD and she can change from silly to fatale girl, she is a good actress. So just because I think JSM more prettier than her I`m a hater? lol

      • 30.2.1 rienz

        Agree! i think that word (hater) can be misleading here. Too much if you say that. As the opinions above, they just wanna compare with their own EYES.

    • 30.3 kev

      love ur comment…and agree with that…:)
      hater is not here but somewhere else…she is just saying, doesnt mean who is in here…dont take it serious, guys

    • 30.4 CG

      JSM fans..please go somewhere else if you can’t say nice things. This is after all Basic House ads which involve HJ and YEH and not HJ & JSM. Why can’t you see HJ with someone else beside JSM. Geezzz! Get over PK.

  31. 31 p3rk3le

    In that “Shh! Jsst smile and keep walking.” his face is SO PHOTOSHOPED I hardly recognize him..

  32. 32 Aidan

    I’ve always thought that Yoon Eun Hye and Jung So-min had an uncanny resemblance to each other. Ever since I saw Jung in Bad Boy, I thought it was Yoon or her little sister or something. It’s funny Yoon and Kim ended up doing a shoot together.

  33. 33 jeankaycee

    they are too cute to be true!
    love both of them!!!

  34. 34 estelle

    LOL! Love the captions! 😀

  35. 35 doozy

    girlfriend < gumballs < JB's CAPTIONS


  36. 36 lovenyc52

    haha JB your captions are too funny :)

    cute pics. i love when KHJ smiles 😀

    and i covet YEH’s boots….and her mile-long legs as well. sighs

  37. 37 jubilantia

    *can’t… stop… laughing….*

    Oh God I looooove your captions. These should totally be the ones in the magazine.

    The problem is, I don’t know the magazine titles, so for a second I was like “NEW DRAMA YES?”

  38. 38 dit

    LOL, fanny pack!!

  39. 39 Kender

    LOL. A++++ commentary. XD

    I love you so much right now, JB. XDDD

  40. 40 yohkoyamamoto

    I really wish they have a drama together. 😀

  41. 41 dannaluk

    lol…cute commentary….i think i have never seen Kim Hyun Joong this expressive before..lol….maybe he could get better with each project

  42. 42 misa

    haha! i LOLed at your captions JB..i thought it was girlfriday writing the article so i need scroll up again to see if it was really you.. :)

  43. 43 müge

    maybe I can’t say the exact reason but I love YEH so much. I like so much whatever she does…
    so, I’m looking forward to see her new projects

  44. 44 neliq

    JB – I also had to go back and check the name of the commentator. I could have swear it was Girlfriday! LOL

    Me and a million more… I see I am not alone on that impression.

    • 44.1 v

      lol… me too… i went back and check who the writer was… i totally thought it was GF…

  45. 45 kay

    Seriously, I had to scroll up to double check it wasn’t girlfriday as well! Lol. Nice morning treat, thanks jb!!! Must find those pink rainboots now!

  46. 46 Amber

    U crack me up with the commentary.
    The pictures are adorable.
    I’m totally in-love with YEH!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 soiia

    Funny comics javabeans XD !!

  48. 48 Han Mania

    After watching We Got Married and Playful Kiss, I have learned to appreciate KHJ.

    What a pretty, pretty boy!

  49. 49 Birdie

    The solo ones are a lot better. When they are together,somehow the chemistry seem fake and not natural.

    • 49.1 Sherry

      I agree. The chemistry seems gone with them together.

  50. 50 v

    lol… i love YEH, and I love KHJ but i can’t help but wish JSM was the girl instead of YEH.. oh well.. kk

  51. 51 okie dokie

    JB – you’re captions were hilarious! I think I agree with some of the comments, their chemistry isn’t really there int he pictures. I saw an interview with them and it seemed like they were so awkward. I don’t know what it is. But I love them both and seeing them together makes me smile. I really miss YEH, I wish she would come back already.

  52. 52 SongMiRi

    Oh man, your captions have me laughing out loud 😀

  53. 53 Cassandra

    LOL at fanny pack comment. Soooo true

  54. 54 Ladymoonstone143

    Looking at KHY pics reminded me that today is Wednesday and no more PK..but it is nice to see this one…:)

    Nice boots though…but I can never wear those for real…so hard to run after my baby or walk with them on…:)

  55. 55 Annie B

    I’m so LOL at the comments here . Isn’t that interesting that KHJ gets to be paired with lookalikes . He looks good with both though. And he carries his modelling job very well -photoshopped or not . That is the whole point .

    • 55.1 PlanB

      How does he carry his modelling job well?
      Please explain as i really do want to know.
      The guy has one expression and that one expression looks so manufactured it grosses me out. eugh!
      I hope Basic House gets a new male model for the next year like they’ve always been doing.

  56. 56 pumpkinattack

    I’ve gotta have those gumballs!
    Wait… they aren’t selling gumballs?

  57. 57 sunni

    aw, this photo shoot is so adorable! favorites: first and last photo! i wish i had yoon eun hye’s body…she’s SO pretty ^-^

  58. 58 moana

    meh. i wish the photo-shop guy hadn’t gotten nutty with YEH’s legs in the 3rd pic. i just think they generally edited her body and stretched her out (plus the heel boots). is she really that tall and leggy in her dramas?

    while i’m on a rampage, am i the only one who noticed that KHJ is slightly bowlegged? they only showed his legs a few times in the drama but i was surprised.

    hey, i’m not hatin’. just noticing stuff. wah, they’re human!

    • 58.1 okie dokie

      I’m sure the industry standard photo-shopping was done, but YEH is also known for her legginess and she is on the taller scale of female entertainers.

      • 58.1.1 moana

        thanks for the info! now i want to go back and watch one of her dramas to check for legginess. uh, that sounds strange . . .

        • May

          You can try Vineyard Man – she wore shorts alot. Her legs are to die for in there – they are truly gorgeous…

    • 58.2 kev

      haha i dont think so…YEH is one of korean actress who has a long and best legs…she was also ranked in that top…if ur still not sure, check some magazin pic of her, then u will see that is true or nottttttt :)

  59. 59 Anonymous

    The clothing looks really bad itself… Basic House stuff is frustrating as usual.
    But these two cuties are beautiful!

    • 59.1 Caro

      BH clothe was ranked number 1 in top of casual clothing… Then I don’t think those clothes r ugly,,, just ur point of view, I guess

  60. 60 syrena

    Nothing against YEH but this would have had a bigger impact if KHJ was paired with our dear OH HANI for this advert.

    • 60.1 PlanB

      lols given the 5.something rating, i doubt it would have made an impact at all.

      • 60.1.1 CG

        LOL no..worse than 5% in many episodes..more like 3% he..he.. Basic House will go bankrupt if OHN is his partner

  61. 61 hula87

    So cute. Like taking-photos-with-my-sister-in-law cute.

    Kidding aside, I miss my dearest Oh Hani:)

  62. 62 Carinne

    I like her white boots.

  63. 63 bd

    YEH is cute as always.

    Still don’t get the appeal of KHJ.

  64. 64 Alison

    lol at the fanny pack line. nobody ever wins with a fanny pack.

  65. 65 Purpleclouds

    It’s just an ad, a fun ad. She looks great (her figure is perfect), he looks great, and not just that, but he’s just so intriguing, especially in real life.

  66. 66 J

    Cute photoshoot! Yoon Eun Hye <3

  67. 67 kev

    they look good together, dont they???? too cute…
    love eun hyeeeeeeeeeee

  68. 68 jeanie65jh

    Why can’t we have commentary on every photo spread you post?! That was totally hilarious!

  69. 69 Anonymous

    i hope one day YEH fans will realize that kdrama fans don’t really hate YEH. People come to dislike YEH because of her fans’ arrogance – always shoving YEH down people’s throat.

    I used to like YEH, but her fans really turned me off with their snooty arrogance, always quarelling with people for the slightest criticism.

    • 69.1 michel

      dont really hate YEH but still say mean thing about her…duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • 69.2 bla

      “I used to like YEH, but her fans really turned me off with their snooty arrogance, always quarelling with people for the slightest criticism.”

      i honestly dislike when ppl say that.
      “i’m not interested in a group/singer/actor anymore coz of their fans”
      yeah, it’s just an excuse to not like the person/group anymore. coz if you really like them, no one can stop you. so be honest.

  70. 70 muzik130

    Your commentary made me laugh! Kim Hyun-Joong is so cute! This made my day! =]

  71. 71 Thin Cut

    I think YEH’s eyes are more expressive…but both are pretty in their own way. KHJ- he is really cute but he has to get out of his stereotype blank, quiet face and express more emotions, just like the first pic.. a bit more carefree perhaps..just my ten cents..

  72. 72 citrone

    LOLL… That captions were hilarious ^^
    You totally read the moment…

  73. 73 Misa

    such cute pics!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74 Katie

    This totally made my day, I swear. I wouldn’t really pay attention to this without the incredible comments, but I’m still laughing. This, this page right here, is why I love you two girls, and this website. Thanks so much!

  75. 75 Lizzybaby

    I need a drama with the two of them as leads!

  76. 76 shana

    so cute

  77. 77 michel

    love them both

  78. 78 nycgrl

    I don’t know which of the following is funnier: The laughably stupid poses, JB’s wry captions or the rabid fan comments.

    (caption to pict 4)
    Her: “Is that a gumball machine or are you just happy to see me?”

    Him: “I’m smiling aren’t I”

  79. 79 aly

    Lmfao. What is with that fanny pack anyway. Hahaha. Cute but I so wish it was Kim Hyun-Joong with Jung So-min instead. 😉

  80. 80 passingThru

    HJ has the best natural smile but when he forces smile due to CF shoot or drama…nothing special!

  81. 81 tlbpc

    There’s great chemistry when KHJ and JSM are together, they seem so natural and comfortable. KHJ especially is very happy and smiling alot these days.

  82. 82 natasha

    I starting to hate JSM because of her fans attitute
    PK is just a drama okay? don’t go overboard
    insulting every girls who work with HJ doesn’t make JSM look any better

    KHJ & YEH look very cute together
    I love them both

    • 82.1 Anonymous

      see…you’re the one of YEH fans bad attitude, so don’t judge everyone here too. I’m not JSM fans nor YEH. If you were fair, you shouldn’t give your last statement. At the beginning i was agree with your first statement, but when i went to the next statement, i know that you’re not different…

      • 82.1.1 natasha

        yeahhh I just try to blended in with people here,I guess

  83. 83 tlbpc

    I never say anything bad about YEH, I like her actings too. Why hate JSM ? We don’t hate any female celebrity shooting commercials together.

    • 83.1 natasha

      then why I see JSM name all over this topic?
      it nothing about her
      but her fans just spread her name all over the place
      it good huh? to look similar with YEH….you can use it to gain recognition

      • 83.1.1 michie

        your arrogance attitude leave a very bad taste in my mouth. If there’re any YEH haters it’s all because of snooty fans like you.

        Have you ever not comparing any actors or actresses before?

        • javabeans

          Let’s cut the fan-wars out now, yeah? I don’t even know how wholly unrelated names got dragged into this.

    • 83.2 michel

      hello, no one hate JSM dude…just because some one brought her name up somewhere and ppl started comparing…

  84. 84 kimhyunjoongoppa

    hellooo…i’m kim hyun joong, what’s going on here? lol

  85. 85 Eun Jo

    The fans are fighting over which gal look cuter with hyung! Hope they don’t start pulling hair or spew vulgarities…tsk..tsk..

    • 85.1 kimhyunjoongoppa

      really? you mean JSM and YEH? ok..listen to me now. I dont have any interest of that cute girls, i only wanna be with Lee Mijn Ho…haighaighaig *mr.crabs modeOn*

  86. 86 Anonymous

    i don’t know what the fuss is all about…. KHJ can be with both girls, ya know

    JSM – can be KHJ’s love
    YEH – can be KHJ’s older sister or auntie (now YEH fans don’t throw stones at me. once you remove your blinders you will realize that YEH looks a lot older than KHJ)

    • 86.1 brigitte

      LOL! Your comment made me really ROFL! I love both YEH & JSM – one is more experience & the other one is a rookie, but I love both of them. Maybe, YEH is little older for KHJ (like a noona) but JSM is perfect match for him!

    • 86.2 Liz

      lol you get it all wrong. I do not care about KHJ is boring even to talk about him -_- I was just saying that they didn`t looked alike at all, just the lips, and because I said YEH has more cheeks I almost got stones throw at me LOL. The main fuss is because some can`t get over ok and the OH Ha Ni and seung-jo couple. Or because YEH and JSM are alike to some, what i don`t really see. So everyone begin to compare, and the fuss starts! LOL

    • 86.3 michel

      i love ur comment though…
      i agree with u that…YEH and KHJ just work together and even JSM was his drama partner…thats it.

      what r u guys expecting them? u guys want them to date….hello, respect their private even if they r dating each other..

  87. 87 Rizzy

    I am so loving these two! It sure is great that they have a photo shoot together. :)

  88. 88 Anonymous

    love the commentary…..for me KHJ doesnt look very natural….

  89. 89 giddygirl108

    Hilarious captions ^_^

  90. 90 meteorflower

    YEH and KHJ look good together period

  91. 91 ross

    funny JV LOL

    love kim hyun joong
    i wish its JSM with him

  92. 92 m

    its just an ad. period
    you can either like it or hate it. or ignore it.
    the captions were made for a good laugh
    no need to start sharpening pitchforks and stab them against the other party with the whole who looks better with who ordeal

  93. 93 Liz

    OK people the fuss isn`t about Khj. I mean sorry for his fans but both JSM and YEH deserve more or someone else. I say this because I don`t like him, I confess. Looooool yeah I said it, kill me if you want. I will just be scared if you are friends with Jihyun -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiwhAVS6FiI&feature=player_embedded
    (watch the video and laugh, don`t fight people!!! )

    Btw I shall say this again, YEH AND JSM, both are cute, charming, both have talent. Of course JSM is still new so she needs to improve but love her acting so far and can`t wait to see how big she will be.

    YEH I hope she do a awesome role in Love song, hope the drama go well… wish her luck, seems like My far Lady didn`t get good ratings.

    So that is it, peace and love everyone. =D

    • 93.1 brigitte

      Nice one LIz! I’m ROFL! hahahahahahaha. I couldn’t be that fangirl in the video, didn’t her throat hurt???

    • 93.2 natasha

      ohhh at first you insulting YEH and try to make JSM look better
      and now you saying good thing about YEH?
      I know your intention
      don’t want YEH fans to upset with your JSM?


      • 93.2.1 javabeans

        Annnnd we’re done. Cut out the fighting, y’all.

        Warnings over, deletions to follow!

  94. 94 Annie B

    Somebody commented here that KHJ has the same expression all throughout and would like to know how he is supposed to be doing his modelling well . Very interesting question and observation .

    My suggestion is to watch the BTS of the modelling sessions which can be found in many blogs . KHJ has many expressions -but the photographers/fashion shoot director /designer hired by Basic House prefer the expression you now see in the fashion spread .

    KHJ carries the clothes well and very flexible in the body contortions required by the photographers and designers of the fashion catalogue. A fashion model do not just stand there .They are suppose to carry out certain themes/ambiance/attitude of the fashion season.

    So to the keen observer here in this blog the best answer to your question lies in Basic House who chooses their models who can best carry out their company business philosophy/fashion trends.

    But if you are not happy with KHJ being the house model for the company , nobody is forcing you to agree with the statement that KHJ is doing a good modelling job .It is Basic House who made the decision of hiring him in the first place .BS seemed very happy with that decision. And I agree with them .

    l will not question any body here if they differ with my opinion nor of Basic House . This is a free world .

  95. 95 missy

    woah cute cute photos….yoon eun’s legs are so skinny? has she lost weight or what?

  96. 96 Laeah

    LMAO at the Fanny pack.

    I’m sorry, but those should never come back into style.

    • 96.1 Laeah

      And srzly, am I the only person here who likes both YEH and JSM and think they are totally incomparable? I didn’t know this was such serious business. Geez.

  97. 97 SadieStarr

    xD..luv the captions JB..i also went bck up to chk who rote it! :p
    &oooh the boots..the pink ones <3

  98. 98 eneria143

    so love yoon eun hye and kjh..hope to see them on romantic drama since they always worked together…

  99. 99 Jimboy Tupaz


  100. 100 jjae

    Not to be mean but its totally funny how JSM fans thinnk YEH is not as attractive just because they prefer JSM.
    1. they DONOT look alike
    2. JSM is nearly attractive
    3. YEH is nearly attractive as well
    5. YEH is actually more attractive….face it

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