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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 10
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Dear Korean viewers,

As people who directly influence the ratings every day, I’d like to grab you by the shoulders and give you a little shake. There’s a great gem of a drama here that so many of you are overlooking. I know that ratings aren’t everything and that there have been plenty of other series that were more severely overlooked despite their high level of quality (*cough* Tamra), but goddammit I love this series and would do near anything to see it get the ratings it deserves.

Love, red pill

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With the guards getting closer, an already panicky Sun-joon stands stunned as the beautiful gisaeng(?) holds him close. It’s only when she tells him who she is that it really hits him, and he drops the account book in shock.

Outside, a nervous Yong-ha asks In-soo if the thief has been caught, to which In-soo smugly replies, “No worries. He’s a rat swimming in poison.”


Said rat is being pushed down to the ground by Yoon-hee as she pretends they’re engaged in some inappropriate activities in order to throw off the guards. It succeeds and they’re left alone. Yoon-hee awkwardly explains that dressing up as a gisaeng was the only way she could get into the house.

He blames her for making him drop the account book and turns around to try and calm his pounding heart. It doesn’t work because his hand shakes when he takes the book from her, immediately making her concerned. He snatches his hand away and bumps open the door to a secret room that houses a lot of secret ledgers with the illegal transactions between the merchants and the Noron officials.

Yoon-hee wants to take one but Sun-joon talks her out of it. It’s far too dangerous, so dangerous that even the king wouldn’t be able to save them.

The guards tell In-soo that they found no one except a guy and a gisaeng fooling around, so Cho-sun is questioned. But all her girls are with her. Suspicious, In-soo orders the guards to find the mysterious gisaeng and her lover. On the way he runs into his father, who is also desperate to confirm that the secret ledgers are untouched.

The doors to the secret room are found wide open and Merchant Song is sent into a frenzied panic. The ledgers will be the ruin of both the merchants and the Noron officials. In fact, if the thief isn’t found, there will be no tomorrow for the Noron faction.


Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are hiding behind some stacked items when In-soo catches sight of the edge of Yoon-hee’s skirt and walks over. In a moment of impeccable timing, a gaggle of gisaengs turn the corner and interfere. Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are gone, and In-soo only finds Yong-ha, who asks cheekily, “Why are you so angry this time? Did the rat escape?”


The usually brave Yoon-hee finds herself unable to jump down from the wall she’s perched on. Sun-joon finds this amusing and holds out his hand, but retracts it almost immediately when he sees her smile. He stutters for her to get down. The sound of guards approaching does the trick, and he reaches up for her as she jumps down.

They’re chased down the streets but manage to elude the guards by ducking behind a cart. Their relief of getting away is cut short when they realize they’re holding hands.



Did we ever hear see Sun-joon pour out his true feelings? No? Well, here we go:

“Did you pity me? To come for me at this hour, moreover in that dress… Did you think me weak and helpless and unable to succeed? You came to help because you pitied me?” (Didn’t we hear this somewhere before? Touché. Our Ga-rang must’ve taken lessons from Baek Seung-jo.) “You assumed I’d accept any help that was offered to me? I don’t pity you just like you don’t pity me. At first, I didn’t want to waste your talent. Then I needed you. If I were to ever have a friend, I wanted it to be you. I just didn’t know how to go about it since I’ve never done this before. I’m sorry, Kim Yoon-shik.”

And just like that, all the defenses and walls she built up, all the attempts to resolve her feelings towards him, come crashing down. And she did try so very hard to stifle her emotions.

Taken aback by the tears, Sun-joon does the typical guy thing and apologizes, though he has no idea what he’s done wrong. He just doesn’t want her to cry anymore.


Meanwhile, poor Jae-shin is worried to death about Yoon-hee. And it definitely doesn’t help that Yong-ha comes back alone. One look at Jae-shin’s bust lip, and Yong-ha figures out that Jae-shin helped delay the guards. He’s quick to reassure his friend that Yoon-hee is safe. “Friend, I’m Gu Yongha. Think I’d leave such a pretty boy alone in that den of lions?”

And we find out that Yong-ha was behind the gaggle of gisaengs. Having overheard the girls mention seeing Yoon-hee, he set it up so that they’d shield the two while they ran.

“Dae-mool exceeded my expectations. I knew he was pretty, but dressed up like that, I felt my heart a-pitter-patter.” Even the great Gu Yong-ha felt something for our pretty heroine.

Jae-shin is raving mad that Yoon-hee would do something so dangerous. But then Yong-ha reminds him that Jae-shin is the one who sent Yoon-hee to the merchant house. And Yoon-hee did the safest thing she could do to save Sun-joon.

In-soo stops Cho-sun and her girls on their way out and asks her who this extra gisaeng is. Cho-sun denies any knowledge, and In-soo replies that he knows she’s cohorts with Yeo-rim.

That’s when she puts him in his place. “Since when did you nobles ever lower yourselves to work with us lowly gisaengs? If you have anything else to say, come to Moran-gak. As a customer.”

Merchant Song is relieved that the ledgers are all in place, but he shouldn’t be because he just lost what leverage he had against the Noron nobles. Minister Ha is furious that the merchant thought to control the nobles with such evidence and he orders the ledgers to be burned.

Yoon-hee is back in her menswear as she and Sun-joon walk back to SKK. She’s worried that they won’t be able to find the thief since he’s recorded simply as a ban-in (someone from banchon) and they only have one day left.

Sun-joon has other things on his mind, like the smudge of lipstick left on her lips. She wipes it away, but now it’s like he can’t see anything else other than her lips. Gulping loudly, he turns and walks away briskly.

“Fool. Why did you dress up like that if you can’t even handle it well?” Sure, pretend to be meanie to hide the fact that your heart’s beating like a hummingbird’s.

An oblivious Yoon-hee keeps prancing around him, making cute faces.


Jae-shin the worrywart is driving Yong-ha nuts with all his pacing, but fortunately Yoon-hee and Sun-joon walk in (looking mighty cute together). Now that he’s confirmed that Yoon-hee is alright, Jae-shin plays it cool again. Nice try, buddy. You’re as transparent as Sun-joon is.

Once again, In-soo is plotting away since Sun-joon slipped through his fingers. He orders his posse to find the real thief first and make it so that Yoon-hee and her friends can’t find him.


Yong-ha concludes that the thief must be someone who can come in and out of SKK without being suspected; in other words, someone who works at SKK. He proves his point when he flings the door open and sends into flight a little eavesdropper. Clearly, the little boy is worried about his family member (the thief) getting caught.

The same little boy has the bad luck to run smack into In-soo while he’s running away, and In-soo notes that he came from Yoon-hee’s room.


Apparently Jae-shin has changed the sleeping positions for good, settling down in the middle. When Yoon-hee turns towards him, he inches toward Sun-joon, eventually snuggling up against the oblivious boy. Sun-joon tries to point out that he’s sleeping in the wrong place, but Jae-shin tells him to shut it.

Of course then Yoon-hee rolls towards him, making him panic and wrap his arm around Sun-joon. Tee hee.


The following morning, Yoon-hee is too nervous to eat. She wants to go to banchon now. But Jae-shin and Sun-joon both say, “Sit,” and Jae-shin adds, “Eat. If you complain about being hungry later, I’ll knock you to the ground.”

But the person who successfully gets her to eat is Professor Jung. He comments that she’ll be a real thief if she doesn’t eat. After all, the cost of her one meal can provide enough gruel for two to last two days. So if she lets that go to waste, she’s pretty much stealing from the people.

Yoon-hee determinedly sits down and stuffs herself.

Byung-choon has overheard Yoon-hee mention banchon, and In-soo’s group comes to the same conclusion: that the thief has someone on the inside.


Our beloved Jal-geum Quartet starts scouring banchon with a drawing of the thief boy, but to no avail. It’s not that no one recognizes him; it’s more a matter of loyalty. The banchon people will protect their own no matter what.

The trip to banchon has opened up Yoon-hee’s eyes; she had no idea the people were so poor. Half of these people do work fit for dogs and the other half are slaves to SKK. Is that why the thief stole from SKK?

But our upstanding citizen Sun-joon cannot excuse thievery, no matter what the circumstances. He’s more worried that they’re out of time and won’t be able to clear Yoon-hee’s name. He suggests that they take a different approach.

Well, they need to hurry because In-soo is hot on the trail and already found out who that little helper boy from the previous night is.


Sun-joon’s different approach is to do a little research (see, only he would suggest that), and it pays off. The Jal-geum Quartet finds out that this theft was the only ban-in related record in the account book and there were no other thefts in SKK in recent years, meaning the thief is not a repeat offender. He must’ve suddenly needed money, possibly for a wedding, moving costs, funeral costs or to pay for ancestral rites.

They find out that prices for salt and the cloth used to dress the deceased have skyrocketed recently, meaning the thief might have used the stolen items to barter for either. And there’s only one helper boy whose family member (mother) passed away recently. It’s Bok-dong, the eavesdropper.

Our fearless foursome split up to search for Bok-dong’s brother Bok-soo, but unfortunately In-soo finds him first. Bok-soo drops the salt he is carrying and tries to run, only to be blocked by Kang-moo. In-soo warns him against running away – it’s an acknowledgement of guilt. He then offers Bok-soo a bribe in exchange for his silence. Just until the exam that’ll be in two days.


The Jal-geum Quartet stumbles upon Bok-soo by accident. Bok-soo demands to see their proof that he stole from SKK, and Yoon-hee holds out the account book and mentions the fact that Bok-dong is a helper boy. That’s more than enough proof.

But Bok-soo scoffs at their proof. What can they possibly do? Turn him over to the police? (Yong-ha stands up indignantly but immediately steps back when Bok-soo glares at him. “Good eyes you’ve got there.” Yeah, Yeo-rim, leave the tough guy act to Guh-ro. By the way, how adorable is it that he’s holding Bok-dong in his lap?)

Bok-soo has the advantage. He lives in banchon, where even the police can’t walk in and arrest him. Yoon-hee doesn’t understand how Bok-soo can be so confident. Bok-soo counters that he did nothing wrong. The SKK scholars eat and study thanks to the blood and sweat of the people. So why can’t he get a cut of the pie?

Sun-joon points out that that doesn’t justify the theft.

Bok-soo: Then what should I do? I have to hold a funeral for my mother. Until the day she died, she never had any decent medicine and never got checked by a physician. If that isn’t bad enough, she always suffered without ever getting to wear nice clothes. Shouldn’t I be allowed to dress her up as she leaves? But I don’t even have money to buy her clothes. Try as hard as I can, I can’t pay for it. So that’s it? The poor and the helpless can’t even have basic human rights? What kind of world is that? And you want me to help you? Get out. You guys were born into rich families, you deserve to suffer a little.”

Yoon-hee’s had enough and walks away, and she’s followed by Sun-joon. He tries to stop her, but she has nothing more to say when everything Bok-soo said is right. In fact, he reminds Yoon-hee of herself, before she was lucky enough to meet Sun-joon and get this special chance to be at SKK. If not for that, she might be in the same position Bok-soo’s in.

Byung-choon and Go-bong watch as Yong-ha and Jae-shin also leave Bok-soo’s house. They happily report back to In-soo that Bok-soo will keep his end up the deal. In-soo is immensely pleased by the idea that the king will kick Yoon-hee out of SKK.


Hyo-eun accompanies her father to visit Minister Lee for a formal introduction. She’s acting like the proper lady she’s actually not, and a couple of times her father signals to her like a catcher in a baseball game, keeping her in check. Minister Lee is firm and a bit curt, but in the end he accepts her.

On her way home, Hyo-eun rages about being terrified of Sun-joon’s father. She’s determined to learn Chinese since she plans to convince Sun-joon to study abroad in China once they’re married. Then in the next moment, she’s squealing about how cute Minister Lee’s eyelashes are; they remind her of Sun-joon’s. Just plain nutty is what I say.

Minister Ha reports to Minister Lee that Merchant Song has been removed from power thanks to his foolishness. He should’ve known that if he plays with fire, it’ll be his own hand that gets burned. Those silly merchants don’t know any better.

Minister Ha mentions in feigned nonchalance that someone saw Sun-joon at Merchant Song’s house that night. He’s a young man who already knows the way of the world. It’s a poorly camouflaged poke, and Minister Lee knows it. He acquiesces that he must be a foolish father since he hears his son’s news through others.

But there’s no need to worry. All the secret ledgers were burned.


Or so Minister Ha thinks. Actually, Yoon-hee swiped one without Sun-joon knowing it. And this ledger is the real reason Yoon-hee couldn’t ask Bok-soo to testify on her behalf. Because Bok-soo isn’t the real culprit here.

Jae-shin is furious and asks if she’s okay with getting kicked out. I mean, why’d she come to SKK at all when she’s gonna give up so easily?

Yoon-hee: I’m not sure. The only thing I’m sure of is that as long as ledgers like these are made, there will always be boys like Bok-soo. But I can’t see the point of turning Bok-soo in to prove my innocence. I don’t know if I have the right to do that.


Sun-joon is left flipping through the ledger and he recognizes all the Noron names. It’s an indirect implication of his father, and everyone knows it. He tries to play it cool, pretending that he’s okay (but everyone knows that he’s not). In fact, his head’s full of a mishmash of images, and in the end, Bok-soo becomes tangled up with the angry Yoon-hee pre-SKK. The Yoon-hee who couldn’t see what was so great about their nation.

Yong-ha is particularly worried, telling Jae-shin that Sun-joon’s going through a lot of heartache. The ledger doesn’t directly mention Minister Lee, but in the end, everything points to him. He wonders what Sun-joon will do with the ledger.

Jae-shin’s guess is that Sun-joon won’t do a thing. After all, no matter what terrible thing his father did, they’re still father and son. That’s what sucks about that relationship, and we know he’s speaking from experience.

Yoon-hee is just as confused as Sun-joon, and she wallows in the library. Professor Jung comes upon her and asks if she’s accepted her guilt.

Yoon-hee claims that she’s innocent, and that fact won’t change even if the real thief isn’t found.

No, Professor Jung sets her straight, she will still be guilty. She can feel bad for the suffering people all she wants, but if she can’t help solve their problems, she’s also guilty. And if she can’t even prove herself innocent, she’s no better than being guilty and deserves to be kicked out.

Yoon-hee’s not gonna take that sitting down. She gets in the final word when she asks: “You said women have no right to exert authority. But sir, isn’t it strange? Why is Joseon the way it is when it’s men with that right who have always ruled?”

You go girl.

Yoon-hee goes looking for Sun-joon and finds him dealing with his complicated thoughts by practicing his archery. She tells him frankly that she plans to bring forward the true thief – the men in the secret ledger. But she decided that if anyone should start something with this ledger, it should be Sun-joon.

Sun-joon: Is it because of my father? That means I might make the other choice. I… might let you down.
Yoon-hee: Then that’ll be that. I trust you, more than I trust myself. You’re always pushing yourself. Putting up a prickly front and constantly talking about principles. That’s your way of doing your best to become a good person. This time will be no different. Whatever choice you make will probably be the right one. Even if it’s different from what I’m thinking.

(Swoon. Yoon-hee rocks.)


Jae-shin is back at Bok-soo’s house, washing Bok-dong’s feet. He’s talking to what seems to be air, but Bok-soo’s actually standing to the side, listening. He tells Bok-soo that Yoon-hee is under suspicion for something she didn’t do; he should understand how it feels to be unjustly treated.

Then he tells Bok-soo that eavesdropping can become a habit, as can running away. So far in the series, the “it’ll become a habit” saying has been Jae-shin’s catchphrase, and we finally find out why. Turns out his brother used to say that to him. “Don’t cry all the time, it’ll become a habit. Don’t lie, it’ll become a habit. Don’t run away, it’ll become a habit.” And sure enough, Jae-shin had picked up the saying like a habit.

See, little brothers watch their older brothers from behind and follow in their ways. Does Bok-soo want his little bro to become a petty thief or a scaredy cat? The thing is, Bok-soo still has the chance to live as a decent human being.

In a moment that contrasts with In-soo’s bribery earlier, Jae-shin lends Bok-soo money to pay back the items he stole. And he has faith that Bok-soo will do the right thing since his little bro Bok-dong is watching his every move.

The stickler for rules Sun-joon breaks curfew to go talk to his father.

Sun-joon: I have something to ask, Father. You always taught me that the most important thing to a scholar who wants to better the world is his beliefs. You said a true scholar will leave even his family if they stand in the way of those beliefs. Do you still believe that? You know that though I’m lacking, I’ve always worked hard to follow your footsteps.
Minister Lee: For which I’m glad.
Sun-joon: Father, should I continue to follow your words?
Minister Lee: You’ve wasted your time coming here. You are my son. Until now you’ve never once gone against my word. And I’ve never once doubted that you will.

That night, the three roommates spend the night apart, each caught up in their own thoughts. Sun-joon reads a book and struggles with the decision he must make. Yoon-hee sits alone in the dorm room, and outside the room Jae-shin stands watch.


Finally, it’s the following morning. Yoon-hee is looking for Sun-joon, but he’s nowhere to be found. And despite Jae-shin’s hopes, Bok-soo hasn’t come either.

In front of the students and the professors, King Jeong-jo asks Yoon-hee if she found the real thief. She starts to answer no, but Jae-shin cuts her off, saying that given a little more time, the thief will turn himself in for sure.

In-soo won’t stand for that. He points out that the deadline was the day prior, and therefore Yoon-hee and her friends have failed the exam. The king acknowledges that Yoon-hee has failed to find the thief in the time allotted.

“The thief is right here.”

In walks Sun-joon, ledger in hand. (I knew he wouldn’t let us down.)

“The true thief of the theft in question is in this ledger here, Your Majesty.”

You go boy.


Sun-joon the character has been slowly evolving since we first met him, and mostly they’ve been in smaller ways: learning to deal with other people, learning to bend his principles just a little, sacrificing himself for others, etc. But this time, it’s huge. He’s going up against Daddy Lee, and this is no small deal. The man he’s looked up to his entire life might be involved in this huge scandal that’s hurting the people – and he’s turning in the evidence to the king directly. It’s a make or break situation, and I’m glad to see that he’s looking strong at the end of the episode. Strong, confident and determined.

Oh, and FABULOUS cameo by LEE MIN-HO (of Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child) in the role of Bok-soo. What a great child actor. If only my mother hadn’t mentioned that he looked like Tablo in certain angles, I would’ve enjoyed his appearance without the giggles.

As a final note, I noticed that the replies in the recap of episode 8 got pretty messy. Please, let’s keep this clean and nice. It’s okay to disagree, but it’s not cool to fight like cats and ruin everyone’s fun. As Jae-shin would say, that could become a habit.


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      Throughout the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), various regional and ideological factions struggled for dominance of the political system. The factions evolved and shifted with the generations. In the earliest years of Joseon, tension between the capital faction and the Yeongnam-based Sarim faction predominated. In the 16th century, a nationwide split occurred between the Eastern faction (Dong-in) and Western factions (Seo-in). The Eastern faction in turn split under the reign of Seonjo between the hard-line Northern faction (Buk-in) and the moderate Southern faction (Nam-in).[2] The Western faction later split in its turn, between the Old Learning (NORON) and the Young Learning (Soron).

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      doesn’t matter he didnt get to her in the gisaeng outift. he’s the only who’s seen her without any outfits….lol
      so i think he still has the upper hand.

    • 19.3 anon

      Since JS didn’t get to see her in the gisaeng outfit, I demand an awesome scene where he first sees her in women clothes.

  20. 20 Ani

    I freaked when I saw Lee Min Ho. I was like: “AH! Gumiho boy!” The difference in his character here from his other character is pretty noticable to me. I don’t know if that’s considered good acting, but I thought the fact that he convinced me (which is not saying much) is good enough. And then I remembered the disappointment from Gumiho: ToTFC, and tried to rebury the sad memory of Yeon-yi’s sad story. Yes, I am that bitter about it.

    Anyways, I want the reveal soon. I want Lee Sun-joon to know soon, but I hope he won’t get as mad as Choi Han-kyul. And if Yoon-hee doesn’t want Guh-ro, than by all means pass him over.

    • 20.1 Ani


      Hey, I never got to reply to your comment from the previous recap. Sorry. Just wanted to let you know that I had no idea there was a debate going on about the In-soo miss “on purpose or loss of focus” situation. I know, bad of me, but sometimes I only have time to read the recap and then write a comment before I have to run. But yeah, I only wrote that because I just wanted to state where I stand. But after going back to the episode 8 recap and reading the comments, I actually don’t mind seeing it either way. The argument from both sides make sense, and like I said in my comment, I could just as easily believe he missed it on purpose if he had an ulterior moment, the same way I believe his emotions could have easily gotten the better of him.

      • 20.1.1 kimkim

        Woah, I was skimming through the comments and was surprised to see my name here. For a second, I was puzzled by what you were talking about… Hehe.

        No, I think it’s natural that everyone can come to different opinions, and it makes the discussions that much more fun. In the In Soo’s archery miss debate, I can see how different people can come to different conclusions, but I just meant to point out the reasons why the group who believes it was an intentional miss believes it to be so. You probably commented on the topic, so you were just the lucky(?) winner to whom I responded to. No need to apologize, from either one of us!

        • Ani

          HAHAHA! No worries, I’m glad you pointed it out because it was reason for me to go back and read everyone’s comments and figure out what red_pill meant about things getting ugly (considering I did not know what was going on). And boy it sure did. I love it when people debate, and I’m one of those people who like to sit on the fence and listen to what each side has to say about something (when I actually know that there’s a debate going on… otherwise I’m just blissfully oblivious). Because I’m a fence straddler, I never choose sides. Ok, I never choose sides when both make sense in their reasoning (and each side is not causing harm…. this gets complicated fast). Sadly, straddling the fence means I get hit with mud (or manure) when both sides start slinging. It’s sortof like standing in the middle of the road, you’re bound to get hit sooner or later. But I like both beliefs on the In-soo issue, so I’ll just leave it at that.

          Also, because I haven’t been reading some of the comments (I do try to skim some, but will attempt to read more), I need to ask, has anyone addressed the fact that In-soo’s character not only acts but also looks eerily like Byuk Kye Soo (acted by Yoo Tae Joon) in Hwang Jin Yi (the drama)? Granted I’ve only skimmed through most of the last couple of episodes of Hwang Jin Yi (and LOVED it), but all I could think is that In-soo’s older brother was living in the wrong kdramaland. XD

          • FullMOON

            Sure! your comment would cool that tension down; very funny 😀 😀 😀 .Maybe In-soo can reveal the true….Yes, you made the point In-Soo and Baek Kye-Soo (Hwang Jin Yi) both shared the same character rich snobbish creepy and loved beauty gisaeng ,they could be brothers so sooooooooo funny!!!!
            BUT In-Soo real life is baby brother of Hwang Jin Yi .(Ha Ji-Won)

      • 20.1.2 Blusamurai

        As a person who has played sports and i still am a avid watcher of sports too. I can say i truly believe that Insoo emotions got the better of him during the archery tournament therefore he didn’t shoot to miss on purpose. I’ve seen too many multi-millionaire ballplayers in all sports allowing their emotions to take over and costing their team a game so it can happen. Red Pill i’m glad you spoke up about the bickering that is going on because it does spoil and take away from the discussion of this show. Let me chime in that i hope more viewers will start to watch this drama they are missing out big time. This isn’t just a one dimensional show i love how they are telling the story. I love all of the actors and their performance in this, let’s keep in mind that the actors are going by what the director wants to them to act in certain scenes and how each individual character is written. This shows just keeps getting better.

  21. 21 katz

    Thank you for the wonderful recap, red_pill! I’m trying to calm my beating heart as well everytime I see LSJ, MJS or GYH on screen!

  22. 22 Autumn

    Hahaha, i loved SJ’s face when JS was latching onto him. the poor boy must be thinking his sa hyung was coming on to him or something. hm…maybe ’tis time to access your sexual orientation, lad.

    I am happy to see some character development in SJ’s character, though it’s going very slooowly. I still think Micky is a lil flat in his delivery, but i can definitely connect with him more.

    omo, is he name Lee Min Ho? gah, i thought he was wonderful too. can’t wait to see more of him in the future.

    thanks so much for the recaps.

    • 22.1 swui

      yes…I love that part too…I love all the “bed scenes”. I like how it used to be that Yoon-Hee was so afraid of bed time but now it’s Guh-ro who is super tensed up everytime he goes to bed with Yoon Hee (and Sun Joon) hahaha….And Sunjoon getting the my-senior-may-be-a-gay vibe from Guh-ro must be pretty unsettling for him too. Not to mention he will be getting the I-may-be a-gay feelings soon too…muahahaha.

      Love how the bed scenes sum up what the three are feeling at the moment. Make me kinda wish that YONGHA can join them for bedtime too…muahahaha…won’t that be like awesome!!!?

      • 22.1.1 indigowine

        like this comment!!! hahahahaha…

        every lil scene with the “gay-scandal” in it is the most entertaining scene *no hard feeling to all the gay out there, tho*

        Anyw, cracked up upon your Tablo reference, red_pill.. I KNEW that boy looked like someone I know =D

  23. 23 Kat

    Ahahaha. I knew it! While watching SKKS with my sister, I kept on saying that the thief boy looked like Tablo. XD I couldn’t watch the show without pointing it out every so often. XD

  24. 24 misa

    i so love that part where SJ confessed his true feelings to YH..i love the reaction of YH, her tears were overflowing and you would really felt how she tried so hard to hold back all the feelings that she had for him..

    although im sufferring from a second male lead syndrome, the chemistry between SJ and YH is becoming stronger so im giving them a chance..im just hoping that they wouldn’t let me down til the end..

  25. 25 allernon

    Thanks for the recap!! I’m totally enjoying this show!!

    Oh, thanks for giving us the name of the actor playing Bok-soo. I was really curious~~~ I agree with your mother. He does look like Tablo (my bias cuz I loooove him). I had to blink a couple of times cuz they look so alike lol.

    Will be patiently waiting for the next recap!! Hwaiting!!

  26. 26 Yuki

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    Thanks for the recap! <3

  27. 27 Jasmine

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    Thanks for the recap! 😀

  28. 28 Sly

    If only they hadn’t put it in a slot with two big contenders. Arg. Hopefully it’ll continue to pick up buzz.

  29. 29 :D

    where did yooh hee get the gisaeng clothes and makeup? did she steel them?…and how’d she dress that fast…. lol it’s never explained

  30. 30 lain

    Thank you for the recap, red_pill. Though I already watched, I really enjoy reading the recaps.

    I share the same feeling with you. SKKS deserves higher rating 🙁

    I particularly love the scene between Sun-joon and his father. I felt like they truly are father and son. You can clearly saw SJ’s complex feeling through his eyes. Yoochun did a very great job.

    I also love the scene in the room, where Jae-shin purposely took the middle spot. So hilarious lol

  31. 31 budsdiana

    “Oh, and FABULOUS cameo by LEE MIN-HO (of Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child) in the role of Bok-soo. What a great child actor. If only my mother hadn’t mentioned that he looked like Tablo in certain angles, I would’ve enjoyed his appearance without the giggles.”

    LOL, this is MTE!!. I don’t know who LEE MIN-HO is, (sorry) but i know who Tablo is and I thought he is a more handsome, albeit younger, version of Tablo, too.


    I am a Yong Ha and Jae Shin shipper, is their a faction for them? count me in!!

    • 31.1 jubilantia

      Heheeee join the club, honey. At this point I’m kind of in the “Jalgeum 4 everyone with everyone” faction. They’re so great.

  32. 32 Annie

    nvm This is my fav eps. The beginning was so exciting and the later parts are so cute, especially the bed scene part, haha, I love them all

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Very fun episode!

    Sun Joon’s come a long way, hadn’t he? Then again, they all have, given the things they have gone through.

    One of the things I love about this show is that we can have a scene like Jae Shin hugging a *VERY* uncomfortable Sun Joon, thus sending me into fits of giggles, and then we can have a scene with starving children who just want to bury their mother, and nothing seems out of place. Its a sign of good writing.

    Oh, and Yoon Hee needs to wear more dresses, because all three guys have hilarious reactions to her when she actually looks like a girl.

    • 33.1 Ashley

      Oh shoot! I forgot to put my name in 🙁 That was me!

  34. 34 whatis

    wow.. you’re right! He does look like Tablo at certain angles!!! AHHAHAHAHA that’s hilarious!

  35. 35 asianromance

    thank you for the recap! people are shipping either JS or SJ to get with YH…but i sort of want YH to stay a boy forever so that she can become an official and do great things. Her bravery is amazing! YH is just too cool! Look at how she stole that ledger when SJ wasn’t brave enough to (though he was pretty awesome himself to turn the ledger in to the king). Anyways, I think it would be sort of disappointing to have her become a housewife forever after. Even if she does have the opportunity to study, she won’t be able to do anything with it. In kdramas, i think historical dramas tend to try to stay close to the times. If this was a hk drama, then the drama would rewrite history to let YH be an official even if she’s a girl.

    Favorite scene of the episode: JS snuggling up to SJ. How is it that it doesn’t cross SJ’s mind that JS may be in love with him? I wonder if they will include something like that in a future episode?

    • 35.1 asianromance

      and that kid actor was amazing! he will have a bright future ahead of him!

    • 35.2 jubilantia

      Yeah, but Sun-joon is really dense. Does he even know homosexuality exists? He just seems really sheltered. Poor kid- although he is getting exponentially more amazing each episode.

  36. 36 lala

    thanks for the recap..1st time posting btw..im hook up to this series like crazy.thanks for the wonderful recap that i can understand the story..watching without subs is ahh..u know what i mean..but this ep is great. i love the way yoon hee and soon joon interact..the true emotion is somehow open slowly..n the sleeping position,tee hee..its cute)
    J4 FTW!!


  37. 37 Q

    Thank you *_* I’ve been craving SKK recaps. Rawr -_- I wanted Jae-shin to see the gisaeng get-up … he probably would have started choking lol.

    • 37.1 budsdiana

      Probably you meant, started hiccupping (spasm) to high heavens, LOL!!!!!

  38. 38 sshahi

    can anyone plz tell me where i can watch episode 10? i am dying here as viikii is not working.. i love this drama 🙁

    • 38.1 churruu

      read alot of comments above somewhere there is a link =)

      • 38.1.1 sshahi

        thank you

    • 38.2 Hunny Chun

      this website darling http://mehanata.net/?p=2658&cpage=3#comments

    • 38.3 MissChiVyus

      You can also watch it at dramacrazy.net Just search under the “S” section.

  39. 39 Nory Ellis

    Thanks for the recap red_pill.

    The screencap of Jae Shin holding tight his blanket makes me LOL. Then he inches towards Sun Joon. And when Yoon Hee rolls over nearer, Jae Shin actually puts his arm on Sun Joon…that was hilarious! I wonder if both of them can get any sleep that night. Both so tense. Yoon Hee is of course oblivious to what happened on the other end of the mattress.

    I don’t know which epi I like best. Seems to like them all

  40. 40 Grecia

    I love it!!
    thanks so much … i´m so addicted to this drama ><

  41. 41 diadda

    For me this was the most entertaining episode of the series until episode 12 which i think is perfection on wheels. Yes this show is underrated, but I am sure many don’t know how to categorize it. Comedy, historic, romantic, drama, action series doesn’t translate easily. Usually it is one or at most three of these things represented in a k-drama. This ultra-combo is rare. Closest things I can think of is Iljamae and Hong Gil Dong and even they don’t have all factors represented in every episode like this one does.

    I am in love with all of them. We need a spin off show about Yummy and his exploits to govern in style throughout the country. A sort of travel log with him fixing things and writing wrongs as he goes. I saw the shipping for moony and yummy on the previous recap too. So I say Moony can go with him on this adventure. I would watch it repeatedly!

    For those that haven’t seen the 10 vid.

    • 41.1 jubilantia

      omg yes this please. KOREA MAKE IT HAPPEN! doooooo iiiiiiit

      And I’m reduced to babbling.

    • 41.2 FullMOON

      Have a look at this …..it’ll make your day …….;D ;D ;D……..


      • 41.2.1 FullMOON

        RORRY!!!!! ” BLOCKED ” :((

        Sungkyunkwan MV3-Yong-ha’s “If You Were Guy”

        by tinysunblMVs (YouTube)

        • FullMOON

          sorry again its ‘”Gay” not “Guy”

          you will love it.

  42. 42 jubilantia

    Yay thanks for the recap!

    Loved this episode. I love all the episodes, but seeing Sun-joon put on his big boy panties and deal with his dad’s jerkiness was pretty freakin’ awesome.

    Also, there is something intensely satisfying in seeing a girl knock a couple of hot guys off-kilter- not by being flirtatious or loose, just strongly and surely awesome and badass. I think that is part of the appeal of these cross-dressing dramas, and they’ve done a great job with Yoon-hee’s character.

    Think about it. They could have copied from any of the other flimsy cliches out there where the cross-dressing character is most of the time cutesy and sort of annoying or just really 2-dimensional (with Coffee Prince being the notable exception), but they’ve got their own vision and they’re telling an excellent story. I like it when the good guys are dynamic characters as well, rather than “she cured him of his angst with her sunny optimism!” Here we have it going both ways, which is pretty damn cool.

    • 42.1 Getoba

      You forgot the wonderful character of Moon geun yoong in painter of the wind. Nobody in this forum have seen this masterpiece? perharps because in this drama there are no hotties like in sungkyunkwan scandal.

      • 42.1.1 Indiannomad

        Oh I watched Painter of the Wind, and actually enjoyed it.. Yes, Moon Geun Yoong played the role very well. I enjoyed the village sketches she made and hunted around the web to find pics of Korean paintings….Yeah, thats a kind of obsession for History that these drama’s create. On my own, I would not have gone hunting for snippets from Korean History.

      • 42.1.2 jubilantia

        I haven’t watched Painter of the Wind yet. I just recently heard about it, since I’m kind of just getting into k-dramas. Also, it sounds like it is also a tearjerker. I guess I’ll have to get over that and give it a shot.

    • 42.2 MissChiVyus

      I totally agree with you. I love it when each of the characters has his/her weaknesses and strengths and then interact with one another to make an improvement. Thumbs up!

  43. 43 ttalgi

    Yong Ha holding little Bokdong on his lap: MY LIFE IS FREAKING COMPLETE. ♥

  44. 44 kimkim

    Yay, another recap by red_pill, and naturally, your number one fan here reporting to duty!

    Hmm, I’m actually starting to wish that you’d write something totally radical to which I can disagree to. Haha, it makes commenting so much more fun that way. But instead, I was reading through your recap, nodding and laughing in agreement as I scrolled down, but with nothing to say or add to. Sigh.

    “Taken aback by the tears, Sun-joon does the typical guy thing and apologizes, though he has no idea what he’s done wrong.” (LOVE this comment… So TRUE!)

    And how cute is Bok-dong!

    Sorry, I’m an awful fan. Aigo, I’ll just fangirl and say, “Red_pill rocks!”

  45. 45 lizzz

    I love your recaps 😉

    this episode was epic!
    and SJ omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ><

  46. 46 Crazymoonyfan

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  47. 47 Katie

    Ok, Ok. I’m convinced. I didn’t start this show, because I normally dislike historic dramas, but you’ve got me hooked. 🙂 It looks funny, fresh, and cute. I just accidentally clicked on this review, and I’m glad I did. Hopefully next week, I’ll be all ready to hop on your sungkyunkwan scandal bandwagon. Great reccap!!!

  48. 48 anais

    Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve this show. In total agreement that this is a gem and that it’s a travesty that it isn’t getting more love. Just convinced one of my students to watch this show. As much as I’ve loved various k-dramas, this one is the only one that has made me rewatch episodes over and over and over again. I’m just soooo amazed by the quality of this show. Truly a gem. It makes me want to meet the production team and personally thank them for their amazing work. So well executed!!!

  49. 49 Phoebe

    The bed scene is <3<3<3
    poor YongHa though, he's kinda left alone isn't he? :p

    I really love the dynamics between YoonHee and Prof Jung. I always end up replaying their conversations in every episode. They're like Plato and Socrates. Lol.
    I think Prof Jung is my fave of the fave character in this drama. He's so funny with his colleague, yet he is so wise to his students. Hehee..

    I also love how this show emphasizes the different means of investigation conducted by In Soo and J4. In Soo's means are pure luck and bribery, while J4 did thorough research and analysis. True that InSoo can find the culprit faster, but J4 in their progress can find way beyond the who-done-it. And I think that makes J4 the real winner <3

    • 49.1 Crazymoonyfan

      OMG…thank you. I thought something’s wrong with me…I enjoyed Prof Jung’s presence as much as the J4’s…. Actually, not just Prof Jung….all the veteran casts…they’re so wonderful…..Minister Lee, the King, HS’s mom…..how did they find all these wonderful casts in one drama….amazing…..When I watch kdrama, i usually skip the boring parts (yeah, make time for..criminal mind, csi, big bang theory…)…..but for this drama, i enjoy every single minute of each episodes…..

      • 49.1.1 Phoebe

        Yup I agree, this drama really has great wholesome supporting casts. From the butt-kissing (or butt-patting? lol) professor to the palace’s officers/ministers to even the fortuneteller, they all give exceptional performances. And that’s what makes this drama even more wonderful.
        I usually don’t really care for side stories in kdrama too because they are usually boring or rather insignificant, but I think this drama is the first where I feel interested in watching all the scenes. =D

    • 49.2 momosa

      I agree. Prof Jung is the only teacher who can inspire Jae Shin, that’s why he’s starting to attend class.

      Everyone mentioned Jae Shin is hot and forgot he is brainy too just like Sun Joon and he has more actions that words. Yay! MJS! MJS! He is complete!

    • 49.3 budsdiana

      “The bed scene is <3<3<3
      poor YongHa though, he's kinda left alone isn't he? :p"

      I have thought about that, too. Actually I was daydreaming one time and was creating my own plot for succeeding episodes.

      In episode 7 and 8 SJ was going crazy looking for YH when he/she was still not inside their room. In this episode JS was going crazy when YH and SJ have not arrive yet (when YH disguised herself as a gaisang).

      In my imagination there will be another scene that both SJ and JS are urgently/worriedly looking for YH….after all the angst, drama and suspense… they found YH sleeping peacefully beside Yong Ha in his dorm, as a boy of course. Then SJ and JS both was about to explode with anger…..suddenly Yong Ha woke up and asked. What are you both doing here, why are you even both very angry?…. is it wrong for YH to sleep in my dorm…… he can't have a good night sleep in your room because of you two always bickering……….Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Love Love Love Yong Ha

      Cue – Yong Ha's smug and adorable facial expression.

      • 49.3.1 pohonphee

        LOL at your imagination. I think Yongha can’t just sleep & do nothing when there’re just him & Yoonhe, alone in one room. For that reason, Jaeshin & Sunjoo should worried ha,ha,ha if they really know Yongha. Yongha is really fun to watch…

    • 49.4 D-DDouWZ

      I love prof.JUNG ……too !!! He was my favorite character in YISAN as well and I’d like to watch JUNG YAK YONG (a life of gifted scholar) …. about Korean Historical Mystery Detective. where can I watch with eng.subs??????

    • 49.5 MissChiVyus

      In-Soo found the culprit through having one of his lackeys eavesdrop. He totally cheated!!!!

  50. 50 sheilapiglet

    I love this show except for the various unbelievable parts that are put into play occassionally…..like how in the world does SJ not realize that YH is a girl AFTER seeing her in that gisaeng outfit?…like hello?…how dense can you be?…haha…..other than that, I’m loving the quartet’s comradery….once DongYi ends next week (I guess they didn’t re-extend the show afterall?), I have a feeling that SKKS will go up in ratings even more..*crosses fingers*=)

    • 50.1 diadda

      How do they not know she is a girl? Have you seen Kim Heechul, Lee Jun Ki, No Min Woo, Taemin, the list goes on and on of boys who look way too much like girls when they are young especially.

      Others asked me the same question and I can always pull up two photos and resolve the problem.



      And these photos aren’t even when they are in full drag. This is how much they look like females.

      And this is how sad that I shall never be that pretty 🙁

      • 50.1.1 Phoebe

        Holy! That picture of No Min woo is really like a girl! @_@

        and don’t forget Jang Geun Sook and Joong Ki too in that list. When I saw Joong Ki for the first time in this drama I said ~dang! Are you sure he’s not the cross-dressing one? :p

        I’ve also read in the original novel translated by Yugurutu that the main reason no one suspects YHee being a girl is because her literary skill is too great for a girl’s standard during that time. I think that kinda makes sense.

      • 50.1.2 sheilapiglet

        sorry, but no…..I’m not talking only about looks here…the fact that she sounds like a girl, acts like a girl, and looks like a girl, then she should be a girl!…lol…it’s too obvious even not coming from a viewer’s point of view….but oh well, whatever makes the story work=P

    • 50.2 @..@

      YES …………. DongYi’s been extended from 50 to 60 .
      Hope SKKS ‘ rating will get better……SKKS FIGHTING @_@

      • 50.2.1 sheilapiglet

        it was extended only once instead of twice like rumoured…so it will end next week=)

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