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2010 MBC Drama Awards
by | December 30, 2010 | 231 Comments

It’s time for each broadcast station to put on their end-of-year awards. The MBC Drama Awards are first of the bunch, and man, Kim Nam-joo must be peeved. She finally gets her Daesang — and it goes shared, with Han Hyo-joo. Yeesh. This is almost as bad as when MBC split the Daesang between Kim Myung-min and Mr. Hand Towel.

First off, let me say that I did watch several episodes of Dong Yi and found Han Hyo-joo better than expected — not bad at all. Thing is, she wasn’t what I’d call great, either. Powerful enough to win the Grand Prize of the year? Not so much — certainly not over Shin Eun-kyung, who had to settle for a Top Excellence award.

Plus, MBC split all its main awards, which just drives home the message that these things are just given out by the truckload to appease their actors. I mean, we already know that, but didja have to make it so blatant? Also, they created a goofball series of “Character Daesangs” this year, which I suppose is meant to be funny. I suppose given their gloomy year in dramas, they wanted to award their shows for something, even if that something is how much of a loser the main character is. (Seriously, there’s a Loser Award.)


Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Reversals), Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi)
Top Excellence, Actor: Jung Jun-ho (Queen of Reversals), Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi)
Top Excellence, Actress: Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta), Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire)
Excellence Award, Actor: Park Shi-hoo (Queen of Reversals),
      Lee Min-ho (Personal Taste)
Excellence Award, Actress: Park Eun-hye (Pink Lipstick), Lee So-yeon (Dong Yi)
New Actor: Lee Sang-yoon (Home Sweet Home), Lee Tae-sung (Playful Kiss, Enjoy Life)
New Actress: Park Ha-sun (Dong Yi), Jo Yoon-hee (Goldfish)

Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Kim Bo-yeon (Goldfish), Park Sang-won (Goldfish)
Golden Acting Award, Supporting Role: Kim Yoo-seok (Dong Yi),
      Ha Yu-mi (Queen of Reversals)
Golden Acting Award, Veteran Actor: Park Jung-soo (Enjoy Life, Queen of Reversals),
      Im Chae-moo (Enjoy Life)
Popularity Award: Kim Hyun-joong (Playful Kiss), Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi)
Best Couple Award (Viewers’ Pick): Lee Seon-kyun & Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta)
Drama of the Year (Viewers’ Pick): Dong Yi
Child Actor Award: Kim Yoo-jung (Dong Yi, Flames of Desire), Lee Hyung-seok (Dong Yi)
Family Award: Gloria

Character Daesangs (WTF, MBC?)
Hot Temper Award: Lee Seon-kyun (Pasta)
Loser Award: Jung Jun-ho (Queen of Reversals)
Multiple Personality Award: Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire)
Crude Language Award: Im Chae-moo (Enjoy Life)
Inappropriately Silly Award: Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi)

Special Awards
PDs’ Award, Drama: Oh Kyung-hoon (Home Sweet Home)
PDs’ Award, Acting: Lee Tae-gon (Goldfish, Chae Jung-ahn (Queen of Reversals)

TV Category
Writer of the Year: Go Hye-rim (Tears of the Amazon, Park Hyun-joo (Enjoy Life),
      Jo Eun-jung (Goldfish)
Lifetime Achievement: Na Mun-hee, Jung Hye-sun
Special Award, Voice Dubbing: Song Joon-seok (CSI)
Special Award, Announcer: Moo Ji-ae (Zero)
Special Award, Reporter: Park Jin-woo (Live Morning)

Radio Category
Top Excellence Award: Jo Young-nam (Radio Age)
Excellence Award: Hyun Young (Jung-oh’s Request Line),
      Bae Chil (Bae Han-sung, Bae Chil-soo’s Fight)
Newcomer: Noh Hong-chul (Noh Hong-chul’s Friends)
Lifetime Achievement: Sung Kyung-seob (News Touch)
Writer of the Year: Park Chang-seob (Sohn Seok-hee’s Focus)
Announcer: Lee Joo-yeon (Lee Joo-yeon’s Movie Music)
Reporter: Kim Yu-ri (2pm Date)


On the red carpet front, things were rather lackluster, both in terms of fashions (kinda frumpy) and the lack of attendees. Perhaps we can attribute the latter to MBC’s serious dearth of good dramas lately — hence the need to dole out awards to the few shows they had that did bring in the ratings. You know it’s a thin year when Alex and Im Seul-ong get acting nominations for new actor — hey, I enjoyed both guys in their respective dramas (Pasta, Personal Taste), but let’s be honest, neither of them were doing much acting.

I notice a few absences, like Sohn Ye-jin (Personal Taste), Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home), and Seo Woo (Flames of Desire), none of whom were nominated for acting awards. (Really, MBC?) Bae Doo-na (Gloria) was nominated, but also didn’t show.


Daesang ladies Kim Nam-joo and Han Hyo-joo. Did they coordinate their outfits? Yeah, there was no way they weren’t gonna give Kim Nam-joo the Daesang this year after she lost to Go Hyun-jung last year — it was positively preordained. I even read a report that quoted a rep from MBC saying they’d purposely scheduled Queen of Reversals later in the year to give her a better shot, since Queen of Housewives was so early in the year and had faded in collective memories by the time awards came around.

Han Hyo-joo’s beautiful, but that dress…! It’s like she was afraid you’d overlook that hideous bow at her waist — as if! — and made sure to bedazzle the one at her neck to within an inch of its life, just in case. She arrived at the event with her Dong Yi co-star Ji Jin-hee.

Ooh, I love the fiery color on Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire). At first I thought it was red, in a nod to her drama, but I do love the fierce hot pink. Congrats, although I think it’s a shame she didn’t win Daesang, even a split one.

On paper, it sounds like Park Shi-hoo‘s (Queen of Reversals) curiously mixed ensemble would be bizarre — Harry Potter glasses, shaggy fur coat worn as cape, Victorian cut jacket — but he’s just so cute.

Chae Jung-ahn (Queen of Reversals) also frumps it up. I sorta like the casual elegance of her look… worn to a charity bazaar for ladies who lunch, maybe. But a blousy top and wrinkly, pleated long skirt to an awards show? Meh.

I LOVE THIS. And do mine eyes deceive me, or does Gong Hyo-jin‘s (Pasta) quirky white number have pockets? Want want want. Even if it’s one step away from being cute Army nurse on her way to the ball. Key word being: cute.

But as for her Pasta partner Lee Seon-kyun… I dunno, I love you Mr. Ajusshi, but I think your dishevelment has to be a very particular kind for me to swoon. Please shave that non-stache.

Lee Min-ho wasn’t as dynamic in Personal Taste as he was in Boys Before Flowers, but he was very solid, and it netted him an acting prize here. Mmm, Lee Min-ho. (IS PERFECTLY LEGAL.) Even if velvet lapels always make me think bartender/waitstaff, not hottie on his way to the party.

I should clarify: My attraction to a permed Kim Hyun-joong (Playful Kiss) does not extend to ALL perms ever. Especially this one. I can’t put my finger on why he looks so awkward here. Is it because the Bae-Yong-joon-ification is not yet complete and we caught him at an in-between moment?

Love this girl. Jung So-min (Playful Kiss) didn’t win an award for her role, but she was nominated in the new actress category. I don’t doubt that her day is coming, though — she positively carried the show on her shoulders. Which now seem to be burdened with a weighty plate of glittery stones.

Lee Tae-sung‘s New Actor win can be credited to two performances (Playful Kiss, Enjoy Life), the latter of which I didn’t see but the former of which I thought he put a lot of heart into. His suit seems to be trying to pull off too many gimmicks at once, though, with the shiny, textured lapel trim, that lapel pin, the checkered square in his pocket, and the mandarin collar with a black border. Tim Gunn woulda told that designer to edit, edit, edit that hot mess down. Which is why we all need a Tim Gunn in our lives.

Lee So-yeon (Dong Yi) and Kim Yong-man acted as hosts for the event. I dig that the swoopy back hides a bit of flash in the back, like a surprise. I always fear picking up an unexpected something in my hoodies, though, like I’ll come home and find a little family of birds has nested in the back while I was out grabbing coffee. Or in Lee So-yeon’s case, an Excellence Award for playing a scheming, villainous concubine.

Yoo Seung-ho (Flames of Desire), you are budding hot stuff and I love you for your presence and acting talents… but are you growing a mullet?

Jo Yoon-hee (Goldfish) always reminds me of a young Hyori. She’s bright, fresh, and pretty…which is why I wish her dress didn’t look so plain. She’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but it must be the color that washes her out.

Which also goes for radio host and MC Hyun Young, who also looks fantastic and yet washed out by the beige.

Park Ha-sun played a young queen in Dong Yi, though she looks more princessy here in the light pink gown. She seems to favor pink, but it suits her.

Lee Sang-yoon wears his tux nicely as he picks up a win for Home Sweet Home. Well, the tux looks nice as long as you don’t zoom in close and recognize your gramma’s old couch material — the nice one, for when the gentleman callers come by — repurposed into his jacket.

New groom- and father-to-be Lee Chun-hee (Gloria) arrives with Chun Bo-geun, who will forever in my mind be curious little Pa-rang (Wish Upon a Star). I do love that the boys are sporting similar expressions in that last photo. A cute big thing + a cute littler version of that thing = always cute. What? It’s practically a law.

All in all, a ho-hum end to a ho-hum year. Let’s hope the other station awards are more entertaining.

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231 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UJ

    ah i was waiting for these award articles….waiting for SBS’s now…

    • 1.1 UJ

      Lee Min Ho looks the best,for me atleast, and the fact that i am completely obsessed with him doesn’t in any way influence my opinion 😉 THE FACE, ITS JUST PERFECT <3
      ummm i really hope KHJ doesnt turn into Bae yong joon….lets just say i dont admire this certain ahjusshi (haraboji)
      Yoo Seung-ho looks so young and fresh, feels like he just came out of his egg…
      Lee tae sung's outfit made me totally go eeeeekkkk!!!

      • 1.1.1 Anonymous

        same here, lee minho was the most handsome man in that awards night

      • 1.1.2 kate09

        don’t worry HE WON’T!! no one will be like and look the same way as BYJ! ha! (oh, he’s an ajussi?!..really)

      • 1.1.3 Kelly Lee

        I don’t understand why all Lee Min Ho fans are SOOOOOOOOOOOO obssessed with KHJ.

        It seems like KHJ’s killer looks and popularity throughout asia are such a BIG THREAT to their star!!!

        Leave KHJ alone and focus on you star, Lee Min Ho.

        Okay girls???

        No matter how much you try! It DOES NOT change the fat that Kim Hyun Joong is handsome and undeniably gorgeous!

        Plz, stay out of HJK’s way!!!!

        • Kelly Lee

          oops typo!! fat-> fact..

          I wonder how to edit or revise comments here..

        • bd


          KHJ has a “mush-face”; LMH does have the better facial features (don’t particularly care for LMH either, so no bias here).

  2. Mushi

    Anyone yell out in joy when they found out Chunderella was getting married to Jun Hye Jin?

    • 2.1 rainbowstarrs


    • 2.2 hapacalgirl

      YES. But I was saddened by the fact that it is a shotgun wedding . They probably would of gotten married in the long run but with her being only 22, there is no doubt that the baby sped things along.

      • 2.2.1 myweithisway


    • 2.3 kiotzo

      i did! 🙂

    • 2.4 SteamyBun

      OMG Whaaaat?! That. Is. So. CUTE! Now I feel inspired to finish Smile, You.

    • 2.5 kay

      yes! super happy. his love for her is adorable beyond words

    • 2.6 j

      YES. So happy for them :X . As long as they are in love , age doesnt really matter .

      But I am also yell out in sadness when I found out he didnt win Excellent Actor award for his role in Gloria. He is doing really great job there sighs

      • 2.6.1 Dory

        Congrats Chunderella! And I am watching smile you right now. Cute!!

  3. rainbowstarrs

    PA RANG love him! haha
    omg the mbc awards for character?
    is that a joke?
    crude language award?

  4. Alex

    I wouldn’t compare this with the 2008 Daesang, I think Han Hyo-joo should have been the sole Daesang winner or at least Shin Eun-kyung should have been the other winner over Kim Nam-joo.

    • 4.1 Maho

      I don’t see what’s so special about Kim Nam Joo in QoR and it seems she’s just getting it for having lost last year to Go Hyun Jung. It seems they wanted to reward ratings so Han Hyo Joo makes sense but if they wanted to reward the best performance it should have gone to Shin Eun Kyung instead of Kim Nam Joo.

  5. aPam

    LOL character awards??!!

  6. anotheraddict

    Hot Temper Award, Loser Award– seriously? “WTF, MBC?” is right!

  7. asianromance

    my gosh…just looking at the split award and the character awards is embarrassing. i thought they decided last year that split awards are tacky after the debacle that was Song Seung hun and Kim Myung-min sharing the Daesang in 2008. i guess the people working there have short term memories. And poor Jung Jun-ho with the loser award.

    how is lee taesung a new actor, when he’s been in several dramas already and some of them aired on MBC? Is it because he wasn’t one of the main leads in them? And you only get the new actor award if you got to be one out of the 4 leads in a drama? how can kim hyun-joong win the popularity award when the ratings for Playful Kiss were so low?

    • 7.1 Pkfanatic

      It’s because ratings are not soo reliable nowadays. Most of PK fans are teens which prefers Internet than television. This is proven by the You Tube version of PK which reached more than 1 million views in just 2-3 days. Internet episodes you can download anytime u want after you’re done doing your homework or something.

    • 7.2 bottled water

      Kim Hyun-joong has a looot of fans, so I’m not surprised. A couple of years ago, Yoona won the popularity award for Cinderella Man, and I don’t think that got high ratings either.

    • 7.3 KHJ Fan

      Yeah the YT webisodes were so popular he amassed fans all over the world including me. I’m not a teen but I love him! And I think he did great in PK, much much better than BOF. Jung So Min was great too. PK forever!

      • 7.3.1 Jung In

        I think KHJ not so cool. He not wearer short long pants. He no speaker gooder Engrish.

        • KHJ Fan

          Shut up, whiner

          • Jung In

            Is SHUTTER. Your Engrish quiter bader. Excuser, what is means WHINER? Is drinker wine guy? I no drinker wine. I gooder guy. I drinker milker.

          • KHJ Fan

            You’re seriously getting on my nerves creep

        • Sruthi

          Kim Hyun Joong is the handomest guy out there u loafer.Watch ur mouth…….

      • 7.3.2 jnjh

        Err…I think you are in the wrong blog..it’s about MBC awards and not PK promotions.

      • 7.3.3 PK is shame

        I like Kim Hyun Joong also, but I do not like PK. You said you’re not a teen. I think you need to grow up then to be an adult as mentally because smart adults do not like the erotic stuffs on the national TV. Only teens who do not know how to distinguish from the real world to the drama world are like it. Moreover, because of Jung So Min, PK got the lower rating in Korea. She doesn’t know how to act. Also, PK was an already diminshed drama from MBC. The drama did not even nominate neither from MBC. They had to short-cut due to low viewer rating. Only Internet viwers who were mostly teenagers and want to see just the eortic scenes were watching via the Internet. In addition, PK lost more than 10K voters to JGK & MGY’s drama. PK is a bad drama to teens because of only showing bad stuffs.

        • opie

          your comment has wtffff??? all over it. seriously stop commenting in english! your bad grammar kills my brain so much!

          • lia

            so true…
            what a joke…

    • 7.4 ...

      Newcomer awards always seem ridiculous. I think they define new as “suddenly coming into the spotlight after a few years of being unknown” instead of being actually new actors. 😐

      Popularity award on the other hand is based mostly on net popularity, I assume.

    • 7.5 Anonymous

      LOL!!! this is too funny! my advice for KJH fans is that read the good comments and ignore the bad ones :-)) or just get out of this page. That’s what i did when my idol got stoned :-))

  8. grasya

    i don’t understand how a Daesang differs from the Excellence Award? and so on and so forth? character award, pfft. : ) it’s like they want to accommodate as many to win an award…

  9. bee

    Those character awards… what the actual fuck.

  10. 10 poohbear

    Han Hyo Joo isn’t strong enough to win the Daesang yet. Kim Nam Joo/Shin Eun-kyung should have won the award, split or not.

    But WHAT THE HELL? Character Award?

    Shame on you MBC, for splitting and taking us as fools.

    • 10.1 danna

      yeah….i totally agree…..Han Hyo Joo is one of my favorite up and comers but her performance in Dong Yi was by far one of her worst, she has a long way to go before she can take on a proper sageuk..i think the reason why she was favored here was because Dong Yi was like MBC’s only real hit this year….That award should definitely have gone to Shin Eun Kyung plit or otherwise

      • 10.1.1 bd

        HHJ should not have won the Daesang for Dong Yi.

        Her performance was, shall we say, repetitive, but a lot of that has to do w/ the PD and the writing.

        She does look cute/pretty at the awards tho (looks much better w/ bangs than she did w/ that harsh old-style hairstyle for Dong Yi).

        The actress in DY who really impressed me was Park Ha-sun.

        Even tho PHS had a role (Queen) where she got to show little emotion and had to remain reserved/proper, she was able to emote beautifully/convincely w/ her eyes and w/ slight facial expressions.

        Plus, she is absolutely gorgeous.

        She has all the tools to be a huge star.

    • 10.2 Birdie

      I watched all the episodes of Dongyi and QoR so far, Han Hyo Joo acting is not even close to Kim Nam Joo. HHJ was lacking in acting in DY. She has a long way to go,so to win the Daesang award for that kind of acting does not bore well for their standards.

    • 10.3 asta17

      I’m not hugely opposed to the character awards, although I do feel they’re better suited to my Xbox achievements and yearbook funny pages.

      Reading this jb’s post just made me realise that of all the dramas I watched this year, I think personal taste was the only mbc one I even started, and I didn’t have the heart to finish it. Poor mbc…

  11. 11 oh! tht! chick!

    im wondering what kinda of arm twisting hhj ( going by this article these awards are given it would seem more to appease the actor’s egos than as a reward for their good work!) put in to get the grand prize? she seriously does not seem like the type…maybe thats jus mbc’s way of acknowledge the only show tht did bring in the ratings and the appeasing last year’s runner up all in one go…..but really if knj shared the award with mishil last year she would have to watch her back like all the time 😛 and hello they did not even nominate sohn hye jin (even though she was quite forgettable in pt) even in those ridc character categories? bad mbc bad!

    on to shallower notes now yaaay gong hyo jin so very very pretty and shi woo ssshi is HAWT! lmh is just blah but ill take him anyway i get ‘im!

    • 11.1 hapacalgirl

      I am not surprised by HHJ winning the Daesung, it is most likely because Dong Yi was their biggest hit this year. Its not unusual for the broadcasting companies to award the actors of their biggest hits regardless if there were more deserving actors.

      • 11.1.1 Mj

        I agree!..HHJ was deserving to get that award!..Dong Yi was a great story ..she acts very well in there!>..<

    • 11.2 ...

      LOL, arm twisting? Seriously? Awards don’t mean shit nowadays, it was just MBC’s way of rewarding the high ratings DY brought to the network when it was airing.

  12. 12 Rika

    I think Kim Hyun-Joong’s perm looks fine. His awkardness is probably due to his smile – kinda pained, like he has some constipation problem.

    • 12.1 x0mi07

      doesn’t he always looks constipated?=P

      *prepares to get flamed by delusional teen fan girls*

      • 12.1.1 don't kill me, but....

        LOL! Now that you mention it, I totally see that! (Sorry, HYJ-lovers.)

        • TgM4

          well from what i read (on various sites) KHJ is not well lately…he has been doing too much traveling and he does look tired…he should take some rest.

  13. 13 glacierkn

    Does anyone know where I can watch or download this?

  14. 14 YOO

    lol hot temper award . what is that ? i know it explains itself but still what ?

    hopefully Kim Hyun Joong has been taking acting classes because i haven’t seen him spotting that look before . lol

  15. 15 oh! tht! chick!

    also did i read this right: “Inappropriately Silly Award: Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi)”

    if he was so Inappropriately Silly what was he doing in a so called serious sageuk may I ask? MBC jus when i think u cant hit new lows u come up with gems like this sigh

  16. 16 shelly

    I think I lost all respect for MBC Drama Awards when they split the Daesang between Kim Myung-min and ‘Mr. Hand Towel.’ So the fact that they snubbed Shin Eun Kyung for it and gave it to Han Hyo Joo is not that surprising. Good lord MBC. Good lord.

  17. 17 Ace

    Aaw! I was waiting for Jung So Min to be given a new actress award too..

    • 17.1 125%

      Sorry, she was a terrible actress to begin with. Her acting skill was so awful that Kim Hyun Joong had to lead how to act. How can she do with that kind of lower acting skill? She just tried to free road by Hyun Joong’s popularity. She is a just call girl. I’m glad she did not win. ha ha ha. She deserved not to win because of her poor acting skill. Lee Si Young is much better match than the dummy Jung So Min.

      • 17.1.1 Ace

        Wow! Bitter much? Troll, troll, troll…you’re giving KHJ a really bad name since you’re pissing off potential fans. My advise: grow up please!

        • HP

          I think you need to grow up “ACE.”

        • Disagree with ACE

          Hey! She looks like a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I think you need to be a more mature to be his fan.

  18. 18 lovepark

    I already knew that these awards really weren’t very prestigious, but I feel like they wanted to hit a new low. They split all the “important” awards and then even added a new category of silliness (Loser award? Really?!). Well MBC had the worse year out of the three stations, so SBS and KBS will be more interesting either in a good or very bad way. I’m sure KBS will give Baker a lot of awards but it also has Chuno, and SBS has Giant and Daemul… Let the nonsense begin!

  19. 19 beggar1015

    I totally agree with you on these “Character” awards. Crude language? Inappropriately silly? WTF indeed!

  20. 20 Lily

    YAY, Duckie won an award!!!

    but seriously, I really hope kbs and sbs’ year end awards won’t be as ridiculous as this one

    first of all, HHJ ‘s performance in Dong Yi was good but not good enough to be Daesang worthy (imo, her costar lee so-yeon fared MUCH better, especially when they had scenes together)

    poor Shin Eun-Kyung (yes, I worship this woman)…. the most awesome performance of the year and all she gets is a top excelence award….not to mention that stupid character award (WTF???). She’ll be all like “Hey, I didn’t get the Daesang but on the bright side I now have a multiple personality award!”

  21. 21 Ashii

    Jung So Min’s dress is absolutely gorgeous. No other words for it. So beautiful.

  22. 22 whatwhatwhat?

    i wanted KHJ and JSM to win best couple…they had such chemistry!

    or at least lee min ho and son ye jin and not the ppl from Pasta…

    • 22.1 hapacalgirl

      To be honest regardless of each of the dramas’ quality I think out of these three couples, the pasta couple had the most natural chemistry and they are great actors to boot even though the drama was a bit boring. I am glad they won.

      • 22.1.1 Sussy

        I agree..for me it was between Pasta couple and Personal Taste couple. For PK couple…bleh..nothing special. their kisses were so awkward and the storyline..the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

      • 22.1.2 Agree

        I agree with you.

    • 22.2 ohh

      I think you are the only 1 that disagree.
      I bet you only become a kdrama fan after bof.

      • 22.2.1 whatwhatwhat?

        NO, i became a kdrama fan wayyyyy before you did.

    • 22.3 don't kill me, but....

      I mean no disrespect to all of the PK fans out there, but if KHJ and JSM had won for best couple, I would have been majorly upset. Seung Jo was mean to (or dismissive of) Ha Ni for like, 98% of the time. Talk about taking a highly problematic dynamic between the sexes and packaging it as romance– don’t get me started! Plus, she had the emotional maturity of a 14 yr old, and he had the emotional availability of a lizard, so neither one of them were anywhere near ready for marriage. Plus plus, they were a terrible match for each other, despite the Show trying to convince me otherwise. PK did have some great elements but best OTP? No way!

      • 22.3.1 azir

        agreed 100%

      • 22.3.2 CG

        Agree too! I would have been more upset if HJ and JSM win because acting wise, they don’t deserve an award. Other actors such as Lee Min Ho, Sohn Ye Jin, KMJ, the Pasta couple, etc deserve more. Congrats to everyone who won.

      • 22.3.3 PK is shame

        I totally agree with you. Playful Kiss brought the dirtiest dramas in the Korean drama history.

        • lia

          another joke from u…

    • 22.4 Sorry PKers

      KHJ and JSM were not popular couple at all. They are not matched 100 % at all to begin with. She is a brand new commer and doesn’t know where she stand at. However, she tries to hook up with our leader who is an international star. People do not buy the people who try to take advantage for someone who succeed already. She was not really tried to improve her acting skill, but she tries to seduce Kim Hyun Joong. That is a really lower standard actress who is not professional one at all. Grow up Jung So Min by yourself instead of trying to take granted for Hyun Joong’s fame. Pity on Jung So Min. Also, do not touch our leader unnessary. You are not belong to him at all. BEHAVE YOURSELF Jung So Min.

      • 22.4.1 Sai

        And you, little bitter fangirl, are the reason fans of idols are given a bad name. Educate yourself before coming to such erroneous conclusions.
        Also, no need to pity Jung So Min. The girl’s on her way to stardom, and she has made loyal friends along the way.

  23. 23 Venus

    OMGGGGGGG really is this a AWARD SHOW???? cause it looks more like a funeral with all this people wearing white and black…this is a Snoozerrrrrrrrrr for real…..

    The only person who I have eyes is my adorable/hot as hell Lee Min Ho…other ppl can hang for all I care…..

    btw KHJ gets a AWARD!!!! and Jung So- Min who was the heart/ soul and carry the travesty of PK in her shoulder DID NOT GET AN AWARD!!!!!! that my WTF MBC!!!!!!

    • 23.1 CHEERY CHERRY

      I agree totally with you. The deserving ones like Jung So Min and Sohn Yi Jin did not get awards. Sad and disappointed.

      • 23.1.1 Dumy

        Jung So Min’s acting was so boring and immature. She is a terrible actress who does not know how to act.

    • 23.2 joycie

      you got it all right!!!

    • 23.3 Ladymoonstone143

      Totally agree with you. Jung So Min should won that award. PK would have been boring without her. She is the reason why her character is lovable. So Unfair…

      • 23.3.1 fair

        It is 200% fair. Jung So Min act was the worst acting. There is a no question about it. Period.

        • Ace

          So many trolls…hey just because JSM got to kiss KHJ in PK, every KHJ die-hard wannabe gfs became JSM anti-fans. Reality check: it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. He’ll get to kiss a lot more gorgeous, talented actresses out there and I’m pretty sure it won’t be any of you…

          • garnet

            lol-lol… these jealous trolls are unbelievable! what unknown planet are they emerging from? their possessiveness is extremely unreasonable… are they for real? love your “not sure it won’t be any of you…” comment. good one!

          • garnet

            opps… should have said – love your “I’m pretty sure it won’t be any of you…” comment, instead.

        • opie

          guys, im telling you..this is just ONE TROLL in the guise of multiple posters…very obvious from the AWFUL GRAMMAR and the persistent usage of PERCENTAGES.. and second…this is not a true hyun joong fan, but another fan of a fandom that I prefer not to speak about.

  24. 24 x0mi07

    jung so-min looks amazing… love the dress!^^ sad she didn’t win an award and my hyun joong did…>,<

    lee tae-sung's foundation is absolutely dreadful! makes park shi hoo's make up look a tad more tolerable. congratz to both of them for their awards though.

    yoo seung-ho's a VERY impressionable young man.=P

    thanks jb for the awesome rundown.=D can't wait for the sbs and kbs one. okay… am really really looking forward to the kbs one to see if the skk cast win stuff. *prays fervently for a georoh-yongha win for the couple award*=P

  25. 25 Sara

    I like Lee Min Ho’s outfit of the top half but wish he didn’t wear those skinny pants with it….it would have been so much better

  26. 26 Moony

    “Inappropriately Silly Award”


  27. 27 Moony

    It’s got BORING written all over it by the way.

  28. 28 Nana

    I think javabeans once said if Han Hyo Joo won a Daesang, you will your shoes and your computer. LOL. I’m kidding, don’t actually do it.

    But yeah, I don’t even bother reading the list b/c those awards is like a big cake, everyone should have a piece at the party.

    • 28.1 Alex

      Yes she did and she’d also eat her hat…

  29. 29 gingganggolli

    The “Character Daesang” award was so “mean” really? You gave that to your actors who work their asses for your drama and so on…I don’t get it. Anyway if I were that actor I won’t accept that award! It is not enough that the fruit of your labor didn’t work its worth but at the end of the day telling your parents you won the what? “Loser Award” gee that’s insane.

  30. 30 pretreb

    i can’t wait for KBS’s and SBS’s drama awards, considering they’re the statiosn with all of my (and most of everyone else’s) favorite dramas and whatnot xD

  31. 31 LMF

    Lee Minho was definitely the best looker there, even with his skinny pants!

    • 31.1 CHEERY CHERRY

      I agree with you. Lee Min Ho looks good (all the time), acts excellently, has a friendly and pleasant disposition and keeps in constant contact with his fans world wide. He deserves an award.

  32. 32 reglest

    My first tough in see the Daesang Winner, is this dresscode or what?
    It’s worse than my nightmare! HHJ still beautiful, but the outfit…err..better not talk about this

    At least, the latter actress don’t disappointed me

  33. 33 cos

    a loser award.
    a hot temper award.
    a inappropriately silly award?
    going too far.
    too, too far.


  34. 34 Autumn

    hahahah the character awards cracked me up so bad. loser award lol, i wonder what the Jung Jun-ho said in his acceptance speech (poor guy).

    Jung So-min looks gorgeous!! probably the best dressed lady of the night. can’t wait to see more of her in the near future.

  35. 35 xylophonic

    WHAT a gong show. Though MBC did have the suckiest year ever, excluding Dong Yi. I suppose they did have to think of something to make it less lame. And they succeeded, cuz it wasn’t lame, it was ridiculous. And not in a good way. (Inappropriately Silly Award? Are you shitting me? What does that even MEAN??)

    I feel almost mad, because the actors must have felt ridiculous accepting those personality awards, (poor Jung Jun-ho) and even having to share awards!! It just makes it that less special.

    Meh. I am definitely looking forward to the SBS awards.

  36. 36 miss

    oh my shi hoo, you look younger … Wowww…
    But his outfit crack me up… Lmaooooo

  37. 37 amhrancas

    Oh, lord, the Character Daesangs are cracking me up. It’s like the Emmys merged with the MTv Movie awards, or something. XD;

  38. 38 cinderella

    I am very disappointed that Jung So-min did not win an award … and am FURTHER disappointed that Shin Eun-kyung didn’t get the Daesang Award…

    • 38.1 Satisfied

      Jung So Min is a bad actress, so she did not get picked. Sorry guys!! Face with it.

  39. 39 javabeans

    Uhh, just to clarify, the Character Daesangs are based on the characters these actors played. As in, Ji Jin-hee’s character was inappropriately silly, Jung Jun-ho played a loser, Lee Seon-kyun’s character had a bad temper, etc…

    • 39.1 holey moley

      javabeans, i remember you saying that you will eat your hat or computer if han hyo joo wins daesang? hmmm…just curious…haha…wonder what a hat taste like? but not the computer please…we need your blog running…hahaha…peace! still love you!

    • 39.2 ...

      Oh. But still, I’m almost imagining how Jung Jun-ho accepted his award. “Congratulations for being a loser!”

  40. 40 Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the male actors are starting to sport the hot Gumiho-hunter haircut?

  41. 41 hmi4

    HHJ winning a daesang, for dongyi…?! dongyi was bland, and hhj’s acting was equally bland. proof that strings are pulled afterall.

    • 41.1 bd

      DY was pretty entertaining for a good stretch of its run (had some real good plot lines dealing w/ all the palace politics/intrigue), but then it started to get repetitive.

  42. 42 Winterrose

    KHJ just came from his forced sick leave … though looked fine now though still skinny .

    His popularity came from votes from the netizens and has nothing to do with the low ratings of PK .

    While white becomes So Min her gown is too sophisticated for her age and body proportions . She must learn to enjoy her youthfulness and besides there will be plenty of occasions much later . So what is the rush young lady ?

    • 42.1 CHEERY CHERRY

      Small correction here. It should have been “gullible teen fan girls netizens” who voted for KHJ just because he used to be a band boy and they loved his face. Sorry for my frank comments, teen girls.

  43. 43 doozy

    JB, your commentary on the fashion is always priceless! ahahahhaha

    Love the Lee Min-ho is legal (!) and the bird nest comments!

  44. 44 Jo

    I didnt know he was getting married~!@#$%^&

  45. 45 koalabear

    Okay another tie after the Daesang in 2008. I didn’t expect much from MBC this year as I’ve only seen 2 dramas form the station. I will anticipate more for the KBS and SBS Drama Awards later tonight. Enough Said.

  46. 46 cathy

    honestly none of above drama is good .

  47. 47 d

    ”like Sohn Ye-jin (Personal Taste), Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home), and Seo Woo (Flames of Desire), none of whom were nominated for acting awards. (Really, MBC?) ”

    yes I am so disappointed D:

    • 47.1 sonje

      Sorry mbc drama awards never been based to acting. It based only to rating. Only lucky versatile people who lucky enough to be included in this award.

  48. 48 danna

    yeah….the character awards are lame…but then so are many of the others….i can understand if Jung So Min didnt get a New Comer award cuz her drama wasnt that popualr…but watsup with Lee Tae Sung getting one when he already has a bunch in his repetoire…and some of them popular too….but more importantly that Daesung makes no sense…i do agree with the best couple award though…Gong Hyo Jin’s looks absolutely adorable but i think Park Shi Hoo looks like a vampire here..lol

    • 48.1 Anonymous

      actually, park shi hoo always looks like a vampire to me…

    • 48.2 LTS

      Hey Guys. Lee Tae Sung’s acting was 100 % better than the poor Jung So Min, who doesn’t know how to act. LTS portrated really well his caracter as a Pusan guy with his local language compared to boring Jung So Min’s poor acting skill. That is a reason why he got it but not the acting dummy Jung So Min.

      • 48.2.1 Sandra

        It’s Busan, hun, not Pusan. Get your grammar straight before bashing anyone. You are simply making a fool out of yourself.

  49. 49 zero2303

    It seem that MBC is trying to please tv audiences with duo awards ie one actor/actress from good rating drama and another actor/actress who have real acting talent.

    Yah, kind of make the MBC awards shallow. LOL

  50. 50 jfc

    Splitting the award is so silly and so wrong. And the character awards are tacky tacky tacky. I would be embarrassed to go up there and accept the award.

    Gong Hyo Jin looks adorable! love her sense of style.

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