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Kim Jung-hoon picks his comeback drama
by | April 15, 2011 | 64 Comments

Kim Jung-hoon, the singer-turned-actor still probably best known as Prince Yul in 2006’s Goong, has been out of the public eye for a while now while completing his military service, and has announced his comeback project: He’ll star in the cable romantic comedy I Need Romance, the Sexy and the City-esque tvN offering that’ll follow Manny.

He’s cast as the film-director love interest to the drama’s heroine, played by Jo Yeo-jung (Bang-ja Chronicle). Her two careerwoman sidekicks will be played by Choi Yeo-jin (Dream) and Choi Song-hyun (Prosecutor Princess).

Like Sex and the City, this drama centers around the love lives of single careerwomen in the big city, and if other cable trendies are any indication, it’ll have a little more license to get risquΓ© than a broadcast drama. (Caveat: Other sex-themed cable dramas like Hyena or Romance Hunter aired late at night and were given 19+ rating designations, while tvN’s new timeslot is trying out the family-friendly prime-time hour of 9pm. Still, I’d be happy to take a Soulmate level of sassy talk, over the tamer stuff of most broadcast romances.)

The drama’s chief PD expressed his faith in the project, saying, “The quality of the scripts is very high. It’ll be a romance drama that twenty- and thirtysomething women viewers will be able to laugh, cry, and sympathize with.”

Kim Jung-hoon isn’t the best actor around, but I have a soft spot for him and Prince Yul, who I always think shoulda gotten the girl. Shin always tended to piss me off, which may be why I didn’t love Goong as much as I could have. And the less spoken of his role in Witch Amusement, the better. (Oy, was his character weird and awful in that. But the whole drama was weird and awful.)

I Need Romance (horrible title, by the way) is planned for 16 episodes and begins filming this week. It’s scheduled to premiere in June.

Jo Yeo-jung, Choi Yeo-jin, Choi Song-hyun

Via Seoul.co.kr


64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nadia

    That main picture of him…. he’s changed a lot from his Goong days

    • 1.1 malta

      He looks a little unhappy in the first picture…like he’s just about to make a “I smell something funky” face. πŸ™‚

      scarf blowing in wind = cool
      ripped netting thingy = weird

      • 1.1.1 YY

        He’s unhappy cos they forced him to wear that ripped fishnet skirt.

    • 1.2 spazzy06

      Yeah! I didn’t even recognize him!

      • 1.2.1 Jaye

        :O I know! When I read that he’s Prince Yul, I was like “WHAAAT”. XD

        • Arhazivory

          I was equally surprised. He doesn’t look as babyfaced as he did before.

          • joZD

            I can’t even recognize him? I think he gained weight..btw, welcome back…?

          • jyyjc

            Of course not. No man wants to come back from the army with a baby face.

          • Lea

            Blame the army. πŸ™

        • Cath

          I know! I went,”Huh?! that’s him?”

          Witch Amusement annoyed me to death. Gah!

    • 1.3 helma

      you said it girl!! this what I like to see on this korean actors, their gorgeous faces. I realy hate those sideswept bangs hairstyle especially on matured actors.plus yul change his hair color his goodlooking w/black hair.

    • 1.4 zoe

      Yeah i think he looked different and definitely better in goong…i am not liking this pic. And whats wrong with the shirt?

    • 1.5 Sepideh

      Im 17 and i love him so much because he is very nice and lovely!

  2. kay

    prince yulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

    • 2.1 SteamyBun

      I knooooooow!!! It’s HIM!! When I saw the picture I didn’t even recognize him though. I thought he’d literally fallen off the face of the earth!! Kim Jung-hoon was probably my first official Kdrama megacrush. So of course, I must see this. And yeah, I agree with you jb, about his character in Goong. Much of my problem with that show was the fact that the main girl not feeling anything for perfect Yul just did not make sense in ANY universe.

  3. jandoe

    how could you not like Shin JB? :O (okay you know i’m kidding-overreacting haha) – this sounds potentially interesting. damn too many dramas to tune in now, what’s with cable seemingly offering “better”/ more interesting dramas!

    (but someone reallyyyyy need to pick up What’s Up – PLEASEEEE K-ent scene – and Poseidon πŸ™ )

  4. Aisuo415

    I had to google his name to make sure it was the same person. Man, I found him so… girly in Goong to be honest. How his lips were redder than mine and his shirts that always revealed his collarbones, ha.

  5. danna

    I heard he’s also doing a movie..apparently a sageuk….yeah he is a a very drab actor but there’s something very likeable about him

  6. Okie Dokie

    I alway thought Prince Yul deserved the girl. The way he self sacrificed just broke my heart. Shin wouldn’t have done that. Although I was happy Chae Kyung was happy in the end, Shin totally pissed me off too.

    • 6.1 saraha

      I think this is the only drama EVER that I rooted for the 2nd lead (I have a serious case of first lead-itis).

    • 6.2 mihinikki

      Prince Yul made so many gassy/constipated faces in Goong so I definitely didn’t root for him! I prefer jerks (Shin) to whiners (Yul). Plus, Yul was trying to get with his cousin’s WIFE. Yuck.

  7. Lilian

    Everyone seems to come out of the military looking more manlier. Would I come out looking gorgeous-er?

    • 7.1 jamie

      Sign me up for the next war.

      • 7.1.1 Jaye

        “Would you like to stay for dinner?” “WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER?” XD

        • Laica

          Favourite Disney movie! πŸ˜€

          • nozomi05

            me too! its my fave disney movie. i don’t know why i like it that much…but maybe because it showed me that not everyone needs a prince charming!

        • SteamyBun


      • 7.1.2 Ladymoonstone143

        Lol…never get tired of this line. always a fave movie and am glad my daughters like it too…

        • JeSsBeL

          I LUV that movie!
          I hope the live ver. movie Disney is making will be as good as the cartoon one πŸ˜‰

  8. drama fever

    I did not recognized him at all. He changed so much. I am looking forward to this drama. I hope he ‘ll get the girl this time.

  9. marina

    Sometimes i think military service in korea is too short. I still get the chills when I think of Goong because of their “prince” acting. Prince Shin is now better at acting so I don’t lose faith. People change, right?!

    • 9.1 saraha

      What, 2 years is short??

    • 9.2 joZD

      you must be kidding me….

  10. 10 zakuropanda

    I guess I never thought Yul should end up with Chae Kyung because he pissed me off a lot more in the manhwa – which kind of tainted his drama character for me…

  11. 11 lunargen

    Is it just me or does he look like he’s 13 in that photo?

    • 11.1 hikari

      You’re not the only one. I feel the same way too!! He looks a lot younger than before!! O.O”

  12. 12 Ashlea

    Shin Annoyed me too and I agree Prince Yul shoulda got the girl, I actually stopped watching the show because of these two facts, its a very rare occasion when I didn’t support the main couple, meh. I am looking forwards to him finally getting a leading role, his role in Witch Amusement was awful :(((((

    • 12.1 swui

      OMG so pleased that I was not the only weird person who didn’t like Shin over Yul…I actually stopped watching Goong halfway too because poor Yul was so not getting the girl despite his charming self and I could see that the writers were gonna bring him to the other side and I couldn’t stand that…

      And yeah I agree WA suck…I didn’t bother to watch that too..

      And I agree he wasn’t the best actor around…so hopefully he’s improved big time.

      • 12.1.1 Summer

        Meeeee too !!!! I always thought yul!! Everyone was shin crazzy…yul should have gotten the!!! He was the first ever 2lead I rooted for. And damn did he make me cry like a baby πŸ™ but yes that smile of his πŸ˜€ melts my heart every time πŸ™‚

        Really hope this drama gives him the push he needs πŸ™‚

        • Summer

          LOL …just fixin an error
          * I always thought (still do) that Yul should have gotten the gal πŸ™‚

  13. 13 aiya

    i’m happy he’s back in a drama but i don’t like any of the actresses….ugh…

  14. 14 Imcrazyce

    OMG Goong just drove me INSANE!! I marathoned that thing in two days. I don’t think I’ve said so many explitives in my life in such a short period. “stupid-ballet-bitch”!!
    And Yul, I loved you. Then you got psychotic and I loved you no longer.

  15. 15 hmi4

    hah! i thought i was the only Yul camper left. not that i liked his obsessive behavior later on, but i blame the writer. i also stopped watching because of the direction they were taking Yul in.
    in the start Yul was the guy to care for her while Shin was being an asshat. and like him, i’m also miffed that chae kyung was supposed to be his betrothed but ended up not. plus KJH had like the most radiant smile ever…
    damn, this reminds me, the drama was also why i stopped reading the manhwa. maybe shin will be less of an asshat and yul will be less creepy?

    • 15.1 bz

      Yul Is MORE CREEPY in the manga -__-
      thats why i liked the drama more and also the mangaka is dragging goong out too much it should’ve finished like a year ago.

  16. 16 Jaye

    HALLELUJAH! I thought I was the only one on the planet who didn’t like Shin and thought Yul deserved the girl! Javabeans, you have just made my day. πŸ˜€

  17. 17 Arhazivory

    What’s this bitterness I feel in my heart at the mention of ‘Goong’? I’ve never hated a main character as much as I hated Shin. >.< And like the other commenters, I wanted Yul to get the girl. I think I wasted my time on that frustrating infantile drama and I hear the manwha is 100x more annoying. -_-'

    I'm not sure about I Need Romance, but I'll see how the first few eps are received in general…

  18. 18 kjh_fan

    oh Prince Yul! what can i say. The smile that launched thousands of sleepless nights. Goong is my first kdrama.

  19. 19 λ„ˆκ΅¬λ¦¬

    he s my pretty-man crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m not sure if it s because he can t act and always has that confused-wtfkind-of-emotion-should-i-convey look but i find it appealing.

    Jeon Tae Su gives off a similar vibe.


  20. 20 Tha

    Looks Good. But Im still on the Shin Train!!!!

  21. 21 YY

    He looks….strange.

  22. 22 Amber

    Oh! How I miss goong so much. I think I need to watch it again.

  23. 23 nozomi05

    I think I share the same feelings that most people have that rgey liked Yul better than Shin. Yul should have ended up with Chae Kyung because he was the better man…

  24. 24 jyyjc

    I agree with many of you up there. Prince shin pissed me off, like, I didn’t get why he deserved chaekyung whereas Yul was just so nice, so caring, better looking, so perfect.

  25. 25 Banu

    OMO..YULLLLLL..XD I love him and still after Goong.. he is sooo cute.. he looks a bit shorter here..but younger don’t you think?

    He just need to change his hair color..


  26. 26 lb_tmi

    awww.. Goong.. started my obsession over Kim Jung Hoon, which led me to UN, which led me to follow his Japan singing career, which led me to bawl when he left for his MS—which i had NEVER done before.

    prince yul changed my life… for the better. good stalking skills like prince yul should be rewarded πŸ™‚

  27. 27 asianromance

    is it just me or does Kim Jung Hoon look younger than before he went to the army?

    KJH isn’t really that good of an actor – he always looks so lost – but he’s likable enough that I have hope that he’ll really impress me one day.

  28. 28 suzi q

    Prince Yul….Looking good except the outfit is creepy.Glad he’s back!
    Didn’t recognize him at first.He looks so young and his co-star actresses look too old. Not too excited about them because all three of them look the same. Not very hot so I’m not impressed about them. I hope they act better than they look.

  29. 29 Cam

    Wowowowow!!!! O_________o

    I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen this actor Kim Jung Hoon for a long time since I had watched him in that drama “Goong” and “Witch Amusement”, ofc.

    I am glad to hear about him sooo finally back!!!! =D =D I expect that he will become “speeeeeeeeed up” to popuality as a actor someday! I will be looking forward to him in a new drama!!!

  30. 30 mary

    First project after duty?


  31. 31 ziziebrown

    yay for Kim Jeong Hoon!!!

  32. 32 Rovi

    Wheeeeeeew~!!! been out for a while…

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!!! was all I can say.
    He looks so different!!! I likey this look from now on (well, he did look piteous in “Goong” (no, really), but I tend to stay away from long haired dudes *coughJangGeunseokcough*…

  33. 33 dhiane

    anyonghaseyo!!gudluck to your upcoming drama..

  34. 34 angel

    prince yul.(kim jeong hoon)…i really like you in goong… but don’t like the ending or your character… it’s too sad that really breaks my heart! i’m one of your BIG fan… looking forward to see more projects on tv and movies… i really wish they put justice on prince yul.. character… but still… u capture my heart on the goong drama! prince yul.. forever!!!! GODSPEED

  35. 35 Jparis

    in the past few episodes of GOONG, he looked like this picture. i think it has to do with angles. i just saw he stars in HER LEGEND 2013 so i will most definitely watch that and other movies he played in. Prince Yul was an excellent portrayal I was almost rooting for him to get the girl since he was more outwardly sincere in his love. In spite being misguided by his mother and his own desire and selfishness to get the girl no matter what one cannot help but be sympathetic of his position. That movie was amazing.

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