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Lee Jia is married to (and divorcing)… Seo Taiji
by | April 20, 2011 | 525 Comments

What in the WHAT?

This is the big story breaking right now, with all the headlines blaring the words “SHOCKER!” Because, well, it is: Actress Lee Jia, who just a month ago confirmed a romance with A-list movie star and Athena co-star Jung Woo-sung, is married. To groundbreaking rocker Seo Taiji, who practically reinvented the landscape of K-pop back in the ’90s. And now they’re divorcing.

Currently both stars are unreachable by their agencies, who have been trying to contact their cell phones without success; no doubt they’re lying low till this media maelstrom quiets. Given the nature (and secrecy!) of the news, and the star statuses of the two, it’s unlikely to calm down for a while. Even Yang Hyun-seok, head of YG Entertainment and Seo Taiji’s former bandmate (when they were Seo Taiji & the Boys) said upon hearing the news, “It can’t be true. It’s really a shock.”

The news has just leaked that the two were married, legally and in secret, and are currently in the process of suing for divorce. A second hearing was held on April 18 at the Seoul Family Court (a previous hearing took place in March), wherein Lee made various requests for alimony and separation of assets. Very few other details have come out yet.

Well, I can say that this finally clears up a few questions — like how in the world an unknown shot to stardom so instantly, landing a huge leading role in a high-budget blockbuster for her acting debut (2007’s Legend, with Bae Yong-joon), seemingly without connections. I’d always wondered who she knew; I suppose when you’re married to one of the most famous rock stars around, it gives you a leg up.

Lee was seen just this week, on April 21, in a noodle restaurant in Kangnam on a date with new boyfriend Jung Woo-sung.

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525 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 101 Stylish~

    it sure answers a lot of questions

  2. 102 Steph

    WOW the reporter who landed this story must be raking in loads of cash rn cus this one is BIG.

  3. 103 m a r a

    It’s just sad all around. Indeed it does paint her in a bad light, but it’s also true that not all the blame falls on her. Seo Taiji also kept the marriage and the divorce a secret. The most unfortunate part in this mess is that innocent people are affected—their kids, most importantly, if they do exist, and to a slightly lesser extent, Jung Woo Sung.

  4. 104 Twilight

    Wow! I have been a fan of Korean entertainment and I must say I agree with everyone here.. a big WTF! I don’t really know Lee Ji Ah but I love Jung Woo Sung (a.k.a my ideal man from “A Moment To Remember). I am not here to pass any judgments or anything but this so screwed up and shady… It made me wonder who else from k-pop or k-drama idols were secretly married??? Geez, one thing about keeping skeletons in your closet, sooner or later one of them would popped up and bite you right in the a*s *s. I always wonder why Korean celebrities spend so much time denying their relationships, dating status, and all just for career reasons.. I feel sad for JWS, obviously he didn’t know.. I mean what kind of guy will openly admit his relationship to a girl that is still or was once married w/ kids to a k-pop icon.

    To Lee Ji Ah, shame on you sweetie.. Lies and betrayal?? you probably destroyed a great actor’s career but how can you openly date him when you don’t even have the courage to admit your 2 daughters and your “real age”…

    I hope this scandal should be a lesson to all other korean stars who are in the business of lying and fooling their fans.. such a disappointment

    • 104.1 k.c

      she didn’t lie or betray anyone…they just became couple like a few months ago. a secret that BIG aren’t suppose to be share just like that…anyway, LJA is not the only one in the industry that hide her real age. in some case, sometimes their company that change the age …it’s hard for us to say anything since we didn’t know the whole situation. if you read more bout LJA, her personal life is secret. Bout why korean celebrities did hide anything coz it’s their personal life to begin with.

      • 104.1.1 belleza

        I agree. It looks like The Notorious Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taji were already separated some years ago. That movie star Jung Woo Sung had no frigging clue of her industry associations, that’s just PR damage control for the fanjummas.

        The Notorious Lee Ji Ah may be the officially hated on actress in Chungmuro. But can’t deny — she got game. 😀

        • Alex


        • soulsearcher

          There is an official announcement from her agency Key East. She divorced completely STJ in 2009. More importantly they DO NOT have any children. The media made up the stories. Even if they reported it wrongly they still can get away because they are the media.

  5. 105 Ace

    From the latest news, it seems that they’ve been divorced already and the lawsuit now is for monetary reasons (alimony & assets). See:


    The thing I can’t believe is that Jung Woo Sung says he doesn’t know anything about it and he can’t reach Lee Jia to confirm. If it turns out to be true, he’ll end their relationship. Oh, well…

  6. 106 Mia

    “And ‘Ripley’ changes it’s name to…..”

    I’m totally ready for a drama of all this! This news is mind blowingly huge! I mean, an idol announcing there dating another idol causes a frenzy, and this bit of news…so many individually exciting elements rolled into one mass media frenzy. I feel a bit bad actually….

    I’m sure this is going to spark a wave of other star marriage rumors.

  7. 107 ????????

    My take on this? Paris was a bootie call and nobody would ever have known, other than that photo of Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah being made public. When JWS talked to the press he had to say something, other than, it was a bootie call, or make her look bad. I don’t think it was going anywhere, but he had to address the photos and their relationship to satisfy the fans, and so he said what he said.

    Obviously he didn’t need to worry about her honor, being he probably didn’t know at the time, she was another man’s wife. In all of this I’d hate to see his career suffer. She did her own career in, but why’d she have to drag him along. Too bad.

    • 107.1 Twilight

      I do agree… it was hard for JWS to deny the pics from Paris so even if it was a “booty call” he has to be a gentleman in the public eye and leaves him with no choice but to admit the relationship.

      I think this scandal is an eye-opener for the fans of k-idols and Hallyu stars because it leave a bitter lasting taste in your mouth… I will advise kids not to be crazy idolizing stars because sometimes you don’t know who they really are…

  8. 108 Ora

    Although I hadn’t watched dramas with Jung Woo Sung, I feel sorry for him and hope that it won’t affect him. I

    • 108.1 ????????

      I never took the idea of a romance between those two seriously. I still say booty call. JWS has to get away from her now. He can’t help her. He needs to help himself. Of the two, he’s the one with the talent. Well, he’s the one with everything. She’s really not much of anything.

  9. 109 jastinel

    Do they have kids?

    I like JWS, when I heard his dating LJA, I felt sorry for him,
    I just wish he knows what is best for him, but if he is happy and willing to go through this, well, his really in love with her….lucky LJA!

    • 109.1 Twilight

      I don’t think JWS will sacrifice his career that he worked so hard on for many years just for a divorcee woman w/ possible 2-3 children???… I think that only happens on fairy tales or our fave k- dramas we love. Life is just harsh that way especially to the unforgiving Korean fans and society in general..

      I think the marriage, kids, divorce, and the new bf were not the issue in this scandal.. it’s the LYING and BETRAYAL of the innocent fans that was unforgivable.. Celebrities should really keep a little sense of honesty and integrity even when the entertainment business is known to be shrewd and dirty…

      • 109.1.1 Rossi

        wait…so a woman’s career is probably destroyed (by her own fault or not, the jury is still out for me) and damaging repercussions for at least two other celebs…not to mention the families/friends of these ppl, and you worry about the innocent fans? wth?

        These celebs don’t own their fans anything besides for the works they do. Their private lives are just that, private.

      • 109.1.2 ladida

        …the lying and betrayal of innocent fans? Is this satire? Because I’m laughing.

        These are people who play fake characters as a living. They do not owe us anything, anymore than we owe them anything. There is no actual relationship between us and them, except what we fabricate in our own minds. They do not know we exist, and technically speaking, they do not exist as real people to us either. (Imagine a game show where celebrities burst into their fans houses and scream at them for having a messy kitchen or giving their children money for school lunch instead of meticulously prepared brown bags lunches. It’s kind of the same thing.)

        Let’s wait for the next k-drama with a possibly-cheating-on-her-husband-heroine who is mauled by netizens only to rise above it all in 16 to 20 episodes with the help of the man who loves her despite all notes people leave taped to her door about how “ugly” she is.

        Oh, the hypocrisy…

        • Dayan

          “Is this satire?” HAHAHA. You had me laughing there.

          And I agree with you.

  10. 110 Sere

    WHAT THE????

  11. 111 lili

    is this a DRAMA???? i just can’t find my words

  12. 112 tina

    daaaayuuumn. this just blew me away, especially at how they kept it secret for so long (if that’s true). i never liked lee ji ah to be honest. well her acting, i never liked her acting – personality wise, i don’t know much about her so i can’t judge, but not a fan. i feel bad at how this blew up though because it seems she already divorced seo taiji few years back? and they have 3 kids?! i feel bad for the kids…if there are kids in the picture. concrete facts are needed damnit!

  13. 113 Kay

    Lee Jin Ah look so guilty here… but it exposed that they already married for 14 years… It much before Lee Jin Ah debut… So who got the benefit from this secret married? Clearly not Lee Jin Ah… She have to keep all thing secret from beginning because of Seo TaiJi…

    They maybe file for divorce such a long time… It just such unlucky situation that Lee Jin Ah find another man before the divorce final…

  14. 114 nickynisa

    what a shocking news.. first thing i read when i got online today was this news… wow… who knows this could happen… speechless… he is SEO TAIJI… the living legend of kpop… OMG… and no one knows he’s married and will get divorce (or already divorce??).. and his wife (or former wife??) is LEE JI AH… shocking news… i like her in 4 gods.. yes unknown actress who debuted in 4 gods as the leading actress, with BYJ… now it makes sense why she was casted as leading actress in 4 gods..

  15. 115 Cynthia

    It’s truly fascinating to see how archaic the views on morality in S. Korea are – here in the States this wouldn’t necessarily be more than a day or two of news – the only aspect being the odd “hidden marriage” part of it.

    What I see as really wierd is the fact that she had TWO pregnancies and unless she went to Mars to deliver and raise her two girls, how could she (and he – particularly seeing how high-profile their lives are) – HIDE that fact?! And better yet, not have someone reveal that to the press?

    If this doesn’t result in a future Kdrama – titled “We Lied”, I’m turning in my Kdrama membership card! 🙂

    • 115.1 maldita

      Seo Taiji only appears in Korea every few years or so. He’s pretty much been based overseas for more than a decade. I bet the kids were born before Lee Ji Ah debuted back in 2007. Nobody would really know, especially since nobody can dig up her pre-debut life back then.

      Apparently, the kids are being raised in California, and I don’t doubt that Seo Taiji is with them there.

    • 115.2 k.c

      she delivered them before debut…plus, she’s a CA girl. they even got married in US…no need to go to mars

    • 115.3 Steph

      Lol, awesome title. It needs to happen.

    • 115.4 anais

      I so disagree with you that this would be over in a few days in the US. Brangelina/Jennifer Aniston hello? That went on for over a year. More than a year after Brangelina, I was dismayed to receive an issue of Vogue magazine with Aniston on the cover and with an article with pointed questions about moving past Brangelina.

      • 115.4.1 Rina

        More the whole Brangelina/Jennifer Aniston thing went on for years. Every time Jennifer Aniston makes a movie she keeps getting asked about Brangelina or when the have/adopt a new baby. Let’s not forget the whole Sandra Bullock scandal, that went on for a while.
        I think it depends on your level of “stardom” and the people involved in the scandal.

      • 115.4.2 Cynthia

        Sorry, but I don’t think that this particular “scandal” can be compared to the foibles of A-list Hollywood celebs here in the states.
        I’m sure that this marriage/divorce/affair/kids “shocker”will generate a long-lived TON of press in S.Korea – I’m sure this rocks the socks off in such a morally repressed society – (I mean, this article is running along-side one where an Idol singer is trying to explain why a female acquaintance touched him on the chest in the middle of a large crowd!)
        I guess what I’m trying to say is that this story wouldn’t register as a blip on the American gossip/rag-mags for more than a nanosecond – unless they discover a photo of the lady in question getting out of her car sans panties. Then it might run for a day or two. Scandals here generate more buzz and business for those involved, usually. To think that this could end careers for talented actors is unreal….

        • anais

          You obviously aren’t either paying attention to what I, Rina, or celebrity mags have been saying. I’ll say this only once more: Brangelina. It went on and on and on. It’s a nearly equivalent story, except this one is actually far bigger because of the secrecy involved. Anyhow this is my last time beating a dead horse.

        • tjack

          Cynthia…I think they are trying to say that in KOREA this is a very big deal because it has very big KOREAN star names attached to it.

          This is the Korean equivalent of Brangelina. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world has heard about it or cares about it. What matters is that Korea cares about it a whole lot.

    • 115.5 Twilight

      It’s true the system is very archaic but I guess the S.K society is just very conservative to begin with.. Now, the official statements came out that Lee Ji Ah doesn’t have kids (I don’t understand why Korean newspapers have conflicting report).. my question is why sue for 5 million dollars of the ex-husband’s assets for a divorce that happened some years ago. Just a strange way of ending a divorce… I mean without her husband’s connection (meaning BYJ and Papa YG) I don’t think she would be landing her first big break.

      I know our celebrities should have some sort of private lives etc.. but this is the “price of stardom” and what being a celebrity is all about – your life will be under strict scrutiny in the public eye… do they deserve it??? probably no.. but that’s the way it works… if you don’t want your life to be in public, then don’t be a celebrity…

      • 115.5.1 anais

        From what I’m gathering, Seo Tae Ji reneged on the alimony agreement that they’d arrived at during the divorce itself. Her lawsuit, then, is basically asking the court to make him keep his end of the bargain. All in all, it’s unfortunate timing.

  16. 116 lOveKorea

    Can someone tell me what BBK stands for??

  17. 117 Steph

    What? Hold on, what? Married and kids???

  18. 118 danna

    I think LJI just confirmed that there were no kids….http://news.mk.co.kr/se/view.php?year=2011&no=255907&sID=507

    • 118.1 SpongeBob

      Never believe what key east said. They are now doing damage control!!

      • 118.1.1 Rina

        I’m not sure who to believe, of course the agencies are going to do damage control and will do anything to protect the image of their talent.
        If there are “no children” from her marriage to Seo Taiji and the divorce actually occured some time ago, then why was she suing for alimony now? If the divorce was done some time ago and was still secret, she can only blame since she should’ve considered the Korean netizens would be scrutinizing her closely after her relationship with JSW became public.
        I could understand the separation of assets – joint property, accounts, etc. She seemed to be doing well in her career (I’m not sure about now with all this scandal).

  19. 119 Jules

    You guys are being SO MEAN, WTF, she got the roles cuz she WON them. WHO in their right mind would cast someone in a big film without at least some confidence they could pull it off!!! The separation BTW happened a while back, but some things still need to be cleared up for it to be final, I’m sure they both already feel like it’s over, but legally it’s not. Also there are NO kids, they never had any and that was just a dirty rumor someone made up. This all happened before Ji-ah started her acting career and honestly Javabeans, I’m ashamed of you right now that last comment you made in your post was speculation and you just destroyed all the respect I had in you as a person, why you being a bitch?

    • 119.1 anais

      Woahhh… totally off-base.

    • 119.2 CreamPuffs

      I think you’re being harsh to javabeans. You have to understand that Lee Jia came out of nowhere with ‘Legend’. Using connections to get roles in dramas is perfectly normal in the industry, in all industries really, and if Jia was married to such a big-name like ~Seo Taiji~ it seems perfectly logical to infer that their relationship may have helped her gain a great deal of visibility. Perhaps later, Jia did obtain her roles because of her own ability, but is it that far of a reach to guess that she really did need that first big break?

      • 119.2.1 Rina

        I agree with Creampuffs, some actors start off with minor roles until they finally catch their big break. She was an unknown in the industry and that role in Leyend happened raise a lot of attention since it was a highly publicized drama. That is a big gamble for any drama or movie with a lot of media coverage to cast an unknown into big role. The implications are that she had help to at least get that role due to her connections.

        @Jules, I think your comment was out of line. We’re all entitled to our opinions. That was just JB’s opinions based on the information that was available at the time she wrote them, you don’t have to agree with them but you have to at least respect them.

        • anais

          Not only was Legend highly publicized, Bae Yong Joon is not someone who takes uncalculated risks. Absolute control freak. He would not have chanced it.

      • 119.2.2 umm...

        So….I understand why people are jumping to the conclusion that she used her connection to her ex-husband to land her acting debut role… BUT I don’t know if I really believe this (seems just another way of smearing someone people don’t like, in this case the female). To me this accusation doesn’t hold too much water because, if she is as ‘bad’ as people are making her out to be, why wouldn’t she have ‘cashed’ in this relationship earlier in her life? They didn’t have children, so it’s not like she was busy raising them in the states. If they had been married since 1997, why would she wait until 2007 or so to make her debut out of nowhere? *Especially* after they had already started divorce proceedings in 2006 (really…who asks for a favor from their ex-husband)?…

        Anyway, I understand why this news is scandalous (I myself was surprised to hear that anyone in the public eye could keep a marriage and divorce quiet for so long)… but I think it’s poor reasoning to jump to other conclusions. It seems more logical to me that ST was the one who wanted to keep the marriage/relationship secret (she was an unknown younger female when she married him – he would be the one managing *his* public *image*) – and if she loved him once, she would have gone along with that. People are judging her way too harshly – esp. given that she didn’t start dating until after she was actually divorced (and, as I state below, I find it hard to believe that her boyfriend, another BIG actor, would not know something…).

        Finally, if she did use her connections to start her career… well that is certainly not damning to me as 1) other people network in many careers and 2) no one is judging her ex-husband for helping her land the role. But I stick to my point that her landing the role *because* of him makes no sense based on the timing (at best Seo Taiji’s friend knew her, respected her, and helped her get the role as he knew she was preparing to separate from ST and needed her own career started. Now *that* is far more plausible to me). Anything else just smacks of haters, trying to further tear down a woman they didn’t like (and upholding the men they adore). [And again I highly doubt that her boyfriend didn’t know something about this… or their close friends… people are just interested in covering their own asses.]

        • roselily

          I 100% agree wid u..

        • phileo

          Yes! I stand behind you on your opinion.

    • 119.3 laylaylay

      and the have no children! that’s confirmed

    • 119.4 Alex

      “WTF, she got the roles cuz she WON them” Well theres lots of ways to win roles that don’t necessarily require talent.

      • 119.4.1 Maddy


    • 119.5 Twilight

      Jules, why are you hating on Java??? She was just stating her opinions and at the same time translating what was written on the newspapers ( with very conflicting news at the moment).

    • 119.6 ladida

      Woah, nelly. Let’s calm down, folks.

  20. 120 jem_

    i am not Lee ji Ah fan but i must say that i agree with most of your post let’s say that she is older than what her profile states Seo Taiji still married her when she was pretty young .

  21. 121 soora

    Javabeans, you should update or amend your post to say they are not divorcing but are already divorced. Just to clarify that she wouldn’t be guilty of adultery.

    I think this is all very interesting mostly because it’s such a surprise and proved to be such a well kept secret. But I wouldn’t go so far as to paint anyone as the bad guy (like many commentors are doing), because, who exactly are they hurting? The fans? You feel betrayed? Ok, I just find that weird. You’re a complete stranger to her. Not that she shouldn’t be truthful, but how badly is she hurting you by saying she’s 29 instead of 33, single instead of married, etc.

  22. 122 laylaylay

    you guys are wrong, there was not adyltery at all. Seo taiji and his ex-wife divorce lawsuit started in 2006 and finished in 2009, they divorced before she dated Jung Woo Sung

  23. 123 momiji

    She’s already divorced and has been since 09′ they are going to court for another reason. she wants assets and such.

    • 123.1 k.c

      IF they got divorce and settled in CA, LJA is entitled to half of Seo property….he’s lucky the lawsuit is in korea..lol~

  24. 124 TAG

    I am ashamed at people who just jump on the gossip band wagon, because of what the media says. Its seems so bad for the Actors, Actresses and Performers! The fans over there must think they own them! The already have them hung up to dry before the facts are out. It is coming out now that she is already divorced and has no kids. Yes, it was amazing they were able to hide it for so long, and why they did is anyone’s guess. Yes, maybe she should have told her current bf, but that is a long stretch from adultery!! I love this site when people are commenting about shows or music, but not unfounded gossip!!!!!

  25. 125 yimnara

    JB, perhaps you could provide a brief update, at least to clarify that there are NO children involved.
    At least this simplifies or quiets, if only slightly, the rampart speculations and accusations being carelessly and ignorantly being thrown about here.
    Honestly, people – even this normally awesome bunch of readers/drama fans – end up showing such a mean-spirited, judgmental side of themselves that it sometimes becomes worse than the ‘scandalous’ actions being reported…. Fact is we know little of exactly what happened here, who did what to whom, with whom and why.

    • 125.1 nell123

      Yup, I think an update would be appropriate.

      And yes, if the comments here are so vicious I don’t really wanna read the comments elsewhere. I thought that at least here we’re save from soompi’s puberty rage. I guess I was wrong …

      Against all odds, I hope that this is not the end of LJA’a career. If there was one thing I reeeeally liked about Athena it was her Jae-Hee. Secretly rooted for her+Joon Ho. She just became interesting to me and now this ?!

      And one more thing – if everyone is so pissed about the secret marriage why are people blaming only her? Seo Taiji kept the secret too.

      • 125.1.1 bee

        Since she’s from the US, people don’t know much about her past to begin with, so a secret marriage in combination with a fake name and age, and a current top-star romance (I think a lot of people are upset about this, to be honest)… there’s just a lot for people to say about her, so people respond more harshly towards her. Is it unfair? Yeah. Is it unexpected? No, not really.

        • belleza

          The name/age stuff doesn’t really matter — it’s common practice in Chungmuro. (If anything, I’m frigging impressed she looks THAT young for 33!)

          What matters is people are still adjusting to the idea that Seo Taji was MARRIED AND DIVORCED?!? That would be like learning that Justin Beiber is actually a girl dressed up as a boy, but JUST NOW decided to have a sex change operation in order to date Rebecca Black. The sheer WTFROTFLMAO of this news is worthy of TMZ.

          • Jane

            I’m loving all your analogies. For MJ and now this.

          • ladida

            Who’s Justin Beiber?

          • Dayan

            I’d love to see THAT on TMZ. :))

  26. 126 sheilapiglet

    wait, didn’t the news reports state that LJA and her husband already divorced a couple years back in the US?…so why are people calling her adulterer and having an affair when she’s technically single now?…*confused*

    to me, the only real bad thing was hiding the fact that she was once married and has children from JWS….now that’s a low blow….I’d totally break up with her if I found out my significant other hid all this from me.

  27. 127 madqueen

    Poor LJA… Got herself an ex-husband who refused to pay alimony and a boyfriend who pretends to be ignorant and now wants to dump her.

    Come on, if LJA really loves JWS, would she risk having JWS find out her divorced status from the media especially when she knew that suing for alimony may go public? And suppose JWS really doesn’t know, then I can say he’s not worth keeping either since his love for LJA is obviously not deep enough to prevent himself from publicly dumping her.

    • 127.1 jcl

      ITA: I’m really rooting for Lee Ji ah to have a fantastic acting career and blow all these vicious people out of the water. It would have been even more swoonworthy if JWS had stood by her intead of dumping her publicly. He’s getting a little long in the tooth now for singlehood as well.

  28. 128 Liz

    WOW! Fourteen years of marriage and no one knew? I find that odd. I’m sure others knew but don’t want to be involve in the scandal. I do feel bad for Lee Jia and everyone else involve. I wish them the best of luck.

    • 128.1 jem_

      since they married in 1997 and the lawsuit was filled in 2006 shouldn’t it be 9 years?!

  29. 129 bee

    Oh. My. God. I can’t even believe they were married. That’s… just… WHOA. How could she be dating JWS while still married? I.. I don’t know. I don’t agree with that. I don’t like when separated couples have other relationships, so this, to me, is really messed up. I feel bad for her that her divorce looks like it may be messy/long, because that sucks, but it bothers me that she publicly had a boyfriend at the same time that she privately had a husband. =/

    I don’t know if the kids thing is true or not (it could be, if they were married in 1997 that was 10 years before she was in Legend)… but wasn’t there another actor or former singer or something who, in the last few years, revealed that he was married and had a kid? I don’t remember who it was but in the article I read, he said he was sorry to his family because he lived apart from his wife (his mom lived with her, instead) and his kid was treated badly at school or something because s/he didn’t have a dad… Geeeeze I wish I could remember who it was…

    • 129.1 Programmer Ahjumma

      I want to remember it too coz back then I was new to kpop and laughed 3 days in row and pitied the guy (I don’t remember the divorce only that he finally married her) he was still in a band but a single mom is baaad in Korea

    • 129.2 Goyangi

      I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Park Ji Heon of V.O.S. He wasn’t actually married, though. Well, I think they are married now but they weren’t married when the news came out.

  30. 130 annieee

    WOAH. this is crazy stuff. does this mean lee jia was cheating on seo taiji with her bf jung woo sung? insaneeee

    • 130.1 Banu

      I just read they where married in 1997 when she was before 20 or something and divorced in 2006 or 2009 and have 2 children not sure if that is true..

      so she didn’t cheated on him I thought first too that she did..

  31. 131 cherry18

    woahh this is so intriguing…KDRAMA STATUS O:

  32. 132 dami

    wow thats surprising never would have guesses that.

  33. 133 whutwhut

    It finally answers some questions as to how a complete unknown with no acting experience was picked as Bae Yong Joon’s leading lady for his big budget series ‘Legend’.
    Well duh! Bae Yong Joon and her ex husband Seo Tai Ji are close friends. So Key East (Bae Yong Joon’s company managing Lee Ji Ah’s career) are lying when they said in a previous article that they had no idea. Bae Yong Joon is good at exerting his influence behind the scenes, everyone knows that in Korea…and him getting all chummy with Park Jin Young (JYP) who is one of the shadiest guys in K-Ent made me look at him in a much different light.

    it always made me wonder how Lee Ji Ah who was a complete nobody got to act with bigwigs like Bae Yong Joon and Kim Myung Min, now it’s all clear.

    • 133.1 minjw

      yeah key east lying about her age anything related about her background silly. i am rather like any idol who open and tell their story about their past rather than this woman.

    • 133.2 SpongeBob

      It is very obvious that BYJ is an accomplice to the covering up!! Sell Keyeast shares, have no respect for BYJ’s integrity!!

  34. 134 Awesomeness

    Her acting can be better … but still … there’s something about her that I like and of course … this has to be one of the reason … ‘bad ass chick’.

    When I read the headline, my only thought was ‘awesome’. Can’t wait to see her next drama … movie.

  35. 135 Banu

    Well I was like O__O cause she has new bf (co-star Athena) I thought she cheated but hey they where marries back in 1997 and divorced in 2006 or 2009.. so not such a big deal..
    Well for Korea and there status would be a shock i guess + they have 2 children together I read somewhere but don’t know if that’s true..

    lucky women.. (well was)XD

    • 135.1 Rossy

      Official statement says there are no children.

      Still got to suck that this will follow her for the rest of her life. Koreans are lethal when it comes to a smudge in an artist reputation. Even if the early reports were wrong, they have already judge her.

      Also if JWS, who has a solid career, is so easily swayed to not be in a relationship with her due to her previous marriage. Then imagine how many other male celebrities would be willing to date, let along marry somebody with such a scandal. It is unfortunate, but i think she will end up marrying some common salary man at the end, and MANY years from now.

  36. 136 m a r a

    At least there are no kids involved then. It’s still unfortunate that it had to blow up this way.

  37. 137 Haj

    First: In 49 Days yesterday it was revealed that the waitress is secretly divorced. COINCIDENCE?

    Several details on the story that I have heard:
    They are already legally divorced. The suit right now is about money.

    Lee Jia’s profile says she’s born in 1981; she was married in 1997 so she would have been 16. Thus it was revealed that she was born in 1977.

    Jung Woo Sung did not know about this.

  38. 138 safa

    can i ask y all that hate 4 her?
    Before this ever comn is abad about her?
    did she do some thing bad?
    Shame on you all
    she is human

  39. 139 Goyangi

    Wow! I’ve been devoting way too much brain bandwidth to this “scandal.” The human propensity to gossip is truly appalling. (Guilty as charged.)

    But, gah!, a “secret marriage” is so fascinating to me. Sadly, these sorts of things only come to light after the relationship has dissolved. 🙁

    I guess it’s just me, but I found JWS’s statement to sound sort of douchey. Way to cover your own ass, Big Time Movie Star. Sorry, I just find it difficult to believe that he had no idea at all about her past. And I think it’s pretty gauche to dump someone through the media.

    • 139.1 Nhu


      Okay, so she DIDN’T tell you she had been secretly married and divorced to freaking SEO TAIJI. Maybe it’s because it’s a new relationship and she might’ve been afraid to tell you because, oh, i dunno, you might become judgmental like all the rest of Korea and she wanted to build a solid relationship and learn if she can trust you before she thrusts the secret on you? And I guess you proved her actions right, since you dumped her via the media with loads of swirling rumors… All that of course, if you really didn’t know. If you did, then you’re covering up for yourself in the face of the backlash against Lee Jia.

      JWS is DEFINITELY acting a bit douchey.

    • 139.2 Rossy

      I have to agree. After reading the actual details on the marriage and subsequent divorce, i can understand now why she would have no need to actually tell him. They had already been divorced so this is not a divorce dispute, she was single at the time that she started dating him.

      Under this new circumstances, it says a lot about the kind of person he is, if he breaks up with her just because she was previously married. Although given how many of us jumped to the conclusion that she was still married, due to the earlier reports. I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt because of how things may have been explained to him as well.

  40. 140 Cam

    I……CAN’T……….BELIEVE………THIS!!!! (drops my jaw & staring at this picture)…………….


  41. 141 Rossy

    Well looks like the official statement from her agency is out and many of the reports had been exaggerated. Now we just need an official statement from JWS, as to what he knew.

    I also find it funny that there was no mention on just how old she was exactly, at the time of the marriage. She was in America to further her studies, which sounds to me like college. So she couldn’t have been 16 at the time of the marriage.

  42. 142 L

    Where are the kids?

    • 142.1 SpongeBob

      Hiding in US, I presume and living with LJA’s parents!!

  43. 143 syeon

    This is quite surprising, especially since I’m a fan of both Seo Tai Ji and Lee Ji Ah.

    Its a shame though, that some people run their mouths off before they hear the entire story. By feeding off of loosely factual information and denouncing Lee Ji Ah as an “adulterer, cheater, whore” only fuels viscous rumors, that might not be even true.

    According to KeyEast, Lee Ji Ah’s and Seo Tai Ji’s divorce was finalized in 2009 and she does not have children with him.
    (source:http://www.allkpop.com/2011/04/keyeasts-official-statement-on-lee-ji-ahs-issues)(still waiting on Seo Taiji’s statement)

    She has every right to find her own happiness and not to be held down by her past relationships.

    And to say that she slept her way up to the entertainment business? Really? Is that all you can come up with? What a horrible thing to say.

    As for Jung Woo Sung, he has every right to feel hurt. But it is Lee Ji Ah’s decision whether keep it a secret, especially if they have only been dating for so long.
    It’s not like most people would tell someone they have only been dating less than a few months “BTW…. I’m divorced” especially if it was “BTW… I’m divorced to super rock star Seo Tai Ji.”

    Everyone is entitled to their own privacy, who ever it is. I feel horrible for both parties to have it blown up like this. I wish them all the best, and hopefully everything will be straitened out soon.

    • 143.1 msim

      Your comment is really kind and graceful.

  44. 144 MsRetta

    I like LJA ever since Legend. I don’t care that she got the part because her then (?) husband knew BYJ…ever hear ‘it’s not what you know but who you know? or that her husband at the time was some major kpop player…again everyone uses connections ( if they have any).
    I agree that artists have private lives, they should, who knows the reasons ( sounds like they were all for ST) for the secrecy.
    Was it wrong for her to change her name and follow her dream? to find someone to be in relationship? to have a life? Anyway, I hope this doesn’t end her career, I hope she comes back and rocks her parts.
    Lee Ji Ah:FIGHTING!!!

    @twilight….No, we really don’t know who they are.
    @Belleza….Sista has some serious game.

    • 144.1 Maho


  45. 145 E

    Uh they were divorced in 2009 -__-;; why are people acting like she got divorced because of Jung Woo Sung?

    • 145.1 bee

      Because there are a lot of articles, some which made it seem like they’re not divorced, and some which clarify that they are divorced (at least one I’ve seen mentioned that one party claims they divorced in 09 but the other claims it was 06). But there’s just a lot of information coming out from both sides, so it’s hard to sort out the facts…

      • 145.1.1 Rossy

        Seems the confusion on the date of the divorce, comes from both parties. In their lawsuit, they are both claiming different dates.

  46. 146 jandoe

    people need to chill. i get it this news it total Kdrama status (and more, because okay even I went WTF while at work) but what’s up with the hate and scorns to the girl, complete with nasty, nasty name-callings etc.

    if this were a guy, would we be saying the same thing? my guess, probably not so much.

    i’m totally following this news but DUDES, stop the accusations! they’re real people, secrets or no secrets. we’re acting no better than the media or the crazy Korean netizens or whatever!

  47. 147 Jewel in the Palace

    Poor Lee Ji Ah..I hope she can recover from this scandal. I don’t know the whole story so it’s hard to comment or speculate.

  48. 148 makdoongie

    this is so sad that the only reason we’re finding out about the marriage is because of the lawsuits
    i would have totally shipped this couple if they were still together

  49. 149 jyyjc

    lee ji ah is from the U.S? Like, she’s born and raised in the us? is an american? can speak english?

    • 149.1 belleza

      Lee Ji Ah wasn’t born in the States, but her American vibe shows. How so? Well, she used to do the two finger “U my dawg, dawg!” shoulder tap during award shows. WHO DOES THAT?!? Also, when she was initially promoted, she used to wear a lot of Hot Topic-style emo-goth punk and elegant lolita-ish stuff.

      Here’s her speaking English.

  50. 150 DB5K

    I’m worried about what will happen to Lee Jia’s career after the media maelstrom dies down. She’s always played characters that were feisty and spirited, yet kind and innocent. Now that it’s been revealed that she’s several years older than she previously stated, and now that she’s known to be a divorcee, I don’t think the public will accept her playing those roles in the future. And she’s also suing Seo Taiji for $5 million. Eeek!! Suddenly she doesn’t seem so pure and innocent any more.

    Also, I read on allkpop that Jung Woosung said he was unaware of her past marriage and that he would never have dated her if he knew. He also stated that he would break up with her. Yet the two are still dating…so I guess they kissed and made up?? Any ways, won’t men be wary of dating/marrying her after hearing all this press about her suing for $5 million?? If she and Jung Woosung get married, somehow, I think they’ll have a pre-nup.

    I’m torn about the idea of having rights to your ex-husband’s assets. When you demand money upon your divorce, it makes you seem like a gold digger, no?? But on the other hand, if the divorce was due to the husband’s digressions, then, I’d think, hell yeah!! the wife deserves half of his wealth. Yet this also seems to be a double standard.

    • 150.1 Qwenli

      she spend a good 10 years with him and probably couldnt work because of his status. and those 10 years were a woman’s best life. So whatever amount, she should be entitled to alimony.

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