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Lee Jia is married to (and divorcing)… Seo Taiji
by | April 20, 2011 | 525 Comments

What in the WHAT?

This is the big story breaking right now, with all the headlines blaring the words “SHOCKER!” Because, well, it is: Actress Lee Jia, who just a month ago confirmed a romance with A-list movie star and Athena co-star Jung Woo-sung, is married. To groundbreaking rocker Seo Taiji, who practically reinvented the landscape of K-pop back in the ’90s. And now they’re divorcing.

Currently both stars are unreachable by their agencies, who have been trying to contact their cell phones without success; no doubt they’re lying low till this media maelstrom quiets. Given the nature (and secrecy!) of the news, and the star statuses of the two, it’s unlikely to calm down for a while. Even Yang Hyun-seok, head of YG Entertainment and Seo Taiji’s former bandmate (when they were Seo Taiji & the Boys) said upon hearing the news, “It can’t be true. It’s really a shock.”

The news has just leaked that the two were married, legally and in secret, and are currently in the process of suing for divorce. A second hearing was held on April 18 at the Seoul Family Court (a previous hearing took place in March), wherein Lee made various requests for alimony and separation of assets. Very few other details have come out yet.

Well, I can say that this finally clears up a few questions — like how in the world an unknown shot to stardom so instantly, landing a huge leading role in a high-budget blockbuster for her acting debut (2007’s Legend, with Bae Yong-joon), seemingly without connections. I’d always wondered who she knew; I suppose when you’re married to one of the most famous rock stars around, it gives you a leg up.

Lee was seen just this week, on April 21, in a noodle restaurant in Kangnam on a date with new boyfriend Jung Woo-sung.

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