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Behind the scenes with City Hunter
by | June 6, 2011 | 87 Comments

Now that City Hunter has sunk its claws into me (in the best way, I mean), it’s time to take a look at all its news-related tidbits till the next episode comes out. (I need my Lee Min-ho fix! Seriously, how can a person be that beautifully charismatic? It’s mesmerizing.)

First off, we have new stills teasing the romantic developments to unfold in the upcoming episode, wherein Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho) applies a Band-Aid to Nana’s (Park Min-young) face. You’ll know why if you’ve seen Episode 4, when a shadowy figure (presumably Yoon-sung) saves Nana from being picked off sniper-style by his own Daddy Dearest.

I just love this brewing conflict, and particularly since Nana doesn’t look terribly pleased to receive his care, which suggests that he’s gotta keep his heroics under cover. So here she is, thinking he’s some inconsiderate, careless playboy who calls her at his every whim to drive him around, completely unaware that he’s totally smitten with her, and just saved her life. Ahhh, this stuff KILLS ME. I love it.

This scene was filmed on May 23 and will broadcast in June 8’s Episode 5, which is a bit of a relief since that means they’re not yet in a live-shoot scenario, filming more than two weeks ahead of airdate. That’s not a whole LOT of room, but it’s better than being so tight that you’re filming the day you air, with mere hours for editing and post-production. (Or filming after your star has been drafted into the army, using body doubles, as in the case of one time-strapped drama.)

I’ve been impressed with the quality of City Hunter so far — the assured pacing, the strong ambiance, the music — and no doubt that that kind of work takes time. Hopefully the production manages to keep itself ahead of the game for most of its run.

City Hunter was also featured on today’s (June 6) broadcast of SBS’s Good Morning program, which took a trip to the drama’s set. In the segment, Lee Min-ho shared a behind-the-scenes story of his “spoon fight” in Episode 3, wherein he takes down his burly enemy with naught but a tiny spoon, wielded like a deadly weapon.

Lee said, “Originally, the fight was written in the script without the spoon, but it got added in. The martial arts that I’ve been learning teaches that anything can be used as a weapon, so I used what was around me.”

Unfortunately, Lee has reportedly been dealing with injuries to his shoulder and wrist after being hit with some shrapnel. This is his first time in the action genre and he admitted, “It looks very cool, but actually it’s really difficult. I injured my wrist while training for the drama, which I started three months before filming began, and it’s gotten worse the more I’ve used it. But it’s at a level that I can manage.”

Let’s hope that’s true, because I’m enjoying the heck out of the drama and am desperately hoping it doesn’t nosedive later on, as so many series are wont to do. *crosses fingers and wishes*

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87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    Time to watch CH then!!!

  2. Maria Green

    oh poor lee min ho, great post

  3. Programmer Ahjumma

    ohhhh poor Lee Min Hot… you made us addicted to you once again
    GOSH I love the writing … but not the cliffhangers

    • 3.1 Steph

      Lol, Lee Min Hot! I like that. H eis so darn charismatic. I can’t with his charisma, sigh.

  4. sushi

    the shadowy figure might not be lee min ho…

    • 4.1 FlexibleSamurai

      Exactly, it can be the lawyer… but on second thoughts, Drama doesn’t know how to make cliffhangers so it’s probably Min hot.

      • 4.1.1 mars

        I don’t know how that would make sense? Aside from the fact that Young-ju ain’t an action hero, it looked like the restaurant had been emptied out save for Seo Yong-hak and his family. It’d be super random if Young-ju showed up to save the day, especially when YS was shown rushing to the location.

      • 4.1.2 Phem

        LMAO. I totally burst into laughter with that “Min Hot” HAHA

    • 4.2 Cynthia

      Unless there was someone else running around in PINK pants, that was definitely LMH saving his girl – his knee is clearly seen behind her in the final shot – the color is unmistakable.

      One thing that has raised my caution flag is that I just watched the OST “Love” w/Eng subs and the lyrics are really specific. I hope to TPTB the lyrics DON’T foretell the ending of this drama – otherwise, we’re all gonna be jumping off a cliff…..
      (And after being traumatized by the 49 Days ending, I trust no drama. At all.)

      • 4.2.1 Yasmin

        I know right, i was just thinking that. Also, the PAR track so goodbye OS one that I am slightly worried about! I don’t a farewell between our two leads!! This drama needs a couple of happy songs for the balance and to reassure us worried fans!! Min hot and Kim na na stay alive pleeeaase!!!

        • Yasmin

          Ugh that didn’t make sense!! * OST track So Goodbye is the one that* sorry!

      • 4.2.2 Jen

        LOL OMG SAME HERE. I was totally taken by surprise with 49 Days’ ending that I’m weary of all the other kdramas I’m currently watching. If it’s another relatively sad one, I think I might consider skipping it D:

  5. far away

    wow!! 2nd!!!
    I’m falling for this drama but won’t watch it now.
    I’m enjoying the recap,though.

    Thanks JB & DB ^_^

    • 5.1 far away

      Oops! I meant GF πŸ™‚

      it doesn’t feel good when you think you are second when you are not πŸ™

  6. aiqcn

    I love lee min ho. But, I think he looks older than his age. Does he smoke or drink? Whatever he is doing, he needs to stop cause he is such a good actor. I want to see him more in more movies and dramas. So far, City Hunter Rocks!

    I like the actor that plays Jin Pyo. He is such a bad ass. Park Min Young seems okay so far. She still doesn’t Wow me yet. I’m not digging the actress that plays President’s daughter though.

    • 6.1 nana

      yes he does smoke and he surely drinks too

    • 6.2 Moonlightmadness

      buyaah….ajummahs can love the heck out of him without feeling like pedophiles

    • 6.3 tiaradiamond

      he doesn’t like drink, because he get drunk easily.

    • 6.4 tiaradiamond

      Of couse he drinks, many korean loves to drink.
      But he doesn’t like drink, because he get drunk easily.

    • 6.5 Jomo

      I like to think of him as looking manly as opposed to old for his age. He doesn’t have the boyish look that some of his contemporaries have, like JIW.

  7. Mac B.

    can’t wait for Wednesday πŸ™‚

  8. Daniela

    Javabeans shares my feeling for this drama and she already expressed it in English so…AMO ESTE DRAMA. Es muy bueno y emocionante!
    Aww, Lee Min Ho. I’ll repeat a comment that I saw on Viki: When you smile, I smile more.
    Also, I love his trench coats. I dont love his skinny pants, but meh, he looks good anyway.
    I am impatiently waiting for episode 5. He looks so cute when he is applying the Band-Aid.

    • 8.1 Mac B.

      aww…”when you smile, I smile more”…so true πŸ™‚

  9. YBisTOP

    LOVE it!

  10. 10 ...

    lee min ho get better soon! don’t want him to get more hurt!

  11. 11 ohemgee

    awww my poor minho!! take care of him SHOW!!

    i am so excited to marathon CH this weekend!

  12. 12 alan

    someone know if the plot of the drama is similar to the manga?or the only thing in common is the name?

    alguien sabe si la historia del drama es la misma que la del manga o lo unico en comun es el nombre?

  13. 13 crazedlu

    this show is average as an action-like drama. i guess it’s passable as korean television. haha. but i do i like it. yes, it’s a lot because of lee minho’s face and wardrobe. heh.

  14. 14 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    I think that we are all pretty amazed at how crisp
    and bold this series is turning out. I almost wish
    that I could watch some of these action scenes in
    “slo-mo” because they whiz by on screen so fast.
    (The chase through the Thailand market in
    Episode #1 for example.)

    And I’m not too happy about the time between
    filming and an air-date of only two weeks, even
    though it’s better than nothing. With so many
    (I’m sure) dangerous stunts still ahead. Two weeks
    “grace” πŸ™‚ might not be enough time.

    I hope everyone connected with CH stays safe.
    In other news:
    C’mon #5 and #6………Hurry up! πŸ™‚



  15. 15 Marj

    Totally mesmerizing – agreed.
    He’s one of the few young actors that can truly battle out some of the more seasoned actors when it comes to charisma. I keep thinking that my screen ought to be melting or something every time I watch City Hunter πŸ™‚

    • 15.1 grace, the one from Jersey, USA


      Your computer screen melted and it’s all
      Lee Min-ho’s fault? I think that he should show
      up at your door and replace your computer.
      The nerve of some people; making somebody’s
      computer screen melt!!!!


      • 15.1.1 Deeliteful

        LMAO….ermm can he show up at mine too…my screen is melting too πŸ™‚

      • 15.1.2 Linda

        he should come fix my melted screen.. topless

  16. 16 Birdie

    2 weeks lag is not much,if you allow for incidents and sickness.Doing action scenes must be physically exhausting . With a tight schedule, and lack of sleep,hopefully LMH and the cast will not get injured during this drama.

    • 16.1 Ju Ina-sshi

      Yes, that’s worrisome. It also bugs me that they might not have the time to do so well with the filming and editing and those staff as they did in recent episodes. As JB said, hopefully they manage to keep themselves ahead of the game, because it looks like A LOT of work to do.

      Though I’m not very familiar with this genre, those action scenes seem awesome for a TV production. In my opinion action looks better in movies, because they just have more time to redo and edit and even then it sucks sometimes (especially in TV productions). The scenery in Episode 1 and 2 was mind-blowing. It seems like improving that is impossible..so the only way to go is now is down…. *sob*

  17. 17 Carinne

    Sleep deprived LMH… sad… looks like he aged +10 yrs. older. PMY looks like she aged too.

    CH cast Fighting!

  18. 18 Min jae

    Aww πŸ™ poor Lee Min Ho. Love the drama though. Anyone know where i can find teasers/spoilers/trailers?

  19. 19 bananabee

    I’m REALLY keeping my hopes up for this drama… It definitely has a lot of potential

  20. 20 Fasiris Fay

    hubba hubba! -drool-

    gaaah, how can someone be so hot?!

    I haven’t yet started this drama, but I will be definitely watching my LMH <3

  21. 21 Nhu

    He’s not just beautiful (although he totally is), he also radiates charisma. God, whenever he smiles I wanna die. And he doesn’t JUST have a pretty smile, his eyes light up. You and that best friend of yours (Jung il Woo) KILL me with your talent.

    I really want it to get even darker, so that he can stretch his dramatic acting chops. This is someone I can envision becoming a serious actor in the future.

  22. 22 kayeren

    minho oppa

  23. 23 Kay

    “Seriously, how can a person be that beautifully charismatic? It’s mesmerizing” —> My thoughts exactly! I have to say; this drama is addictive… I’m totally a big fan of LMH~ And to have this drama show his fighting skills= AWESOME!!! In this he’s totally dreamy guy with looks, money, the hidden hero~ wow~ can’t wait for next episode~ Too bad he’s injured from what I have read and I hope that will not be serious (for now and also in the future)…A great action kdrama~

  24. 24 Linh

    True true that…how can a person be so young and yet beautifully charismatic? And yes, mesmerizing too. I feel like I am robbing the cradle. Have been a big fan of LMH since Boys Before Flowers and he sure grows with each project. I like the direction of this drama, I can see why they keep the title City Hunter, even though it is really different from the manga, but his character is somewhat similar, the playboy underground… Can’t wait…

  25. 25 Lahlita

    Wow, JB. I knew you liked Lee Min-ho, but you’re a straight-up fangirl (fan-noona?)! It’s hilarious!

    I haven’t yet started watching this because of busyness, but I read the recaps religiously. The boy is aces. While watching BOF I was certainly that I’d never watched a more hilarious crock of stupid shit in my life. But I enjoyed it nonetheless and I LOVED Lee Min-ho so hard. I might have to forgo sleep and get my Min-ho on. Speaking of sleep, when do you sleep? Recapping four/five dramas, a variety show, and still translating interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff? Are you … God?

    • 25.1 Ju Ina-sshi

      Are you?

      • 25.1.1 Lahlita

        LOL. No, I’m not God, although I see how one can make that mistake when faced with my awesomeness. πŸ˜€

  26. 26 kuckoo

    Seriously, can this guy be any hotter?? Lee Min Hoo is the guy I would name “perfectly hot”

  27. 27 Choonie

    Can’t LMH do something with his hair?

    Again, too much emphasis on beauty.

  28. 28 Ojou_Belle

    I’m all in with this action drama. He’s soooo hot he gives me goosebumps! Oh, and the drama and everything else is cool, too.Did I mention that Lee Min Ho is soooo hot!

  29. 29 otchosais

    I haven’t started watching CH since I wanted many episodes uploaded first… considering I am so ADDICTED to Lee Min HOOOT!!! I might drive myself SO CRAZY once I started CH and run out of episodes…

    so I prefer to watch them when all is out..
    But I can’t help myself to read recaps here.. πŸ™‚

    I am glad that MANY are LOVING CH…
    not just because Lee Min is HOT but he definitely can ACT… πŸ™‚

    thanks JB and GF! <3

  30. 30 scarlet

    omo JB you really had it bad this time!
    As much as a diehard LMH fan I am, I have to admit to some criticism that he’s a little inadequate at some scenes (although I felt he really shines in many others) . But then again, boy is still young, and I really hope he can improve with every passing week. Boy’s been quite lucky, he gets to work with some of the best actors out there. So please don’t let these great learning opportunities waste away!

  31. 31 sheils

    anyone else notice that nana got injured on the wrong side of her face?…haha…if the mysterious shadow pushed her down to the left, then the bullet should have grazed the right side of her cheek….unless she got it from a random flying piece of glass=P Anyways, I have to agree that minho is HOT!…I liked him ever since BOF and now without his curly hair, he’s even MORE drool worthy=P***

  32. 32 wanne

    LOL Javabeans, you’re totally hooked now, aren’t you?

    Yay for more City Hunter fix for me!! πŸ˜›

    reading about this drama having only about 2 weeks gap before the broadcast kinda scares me..

    the pace has been so awesomely tight, i’m afraid the live-shoot can affect it. and i wish a great health for all our casts!

    Lee Min Ho fighting! Your Lee Young Soong is sooo cool, soo heart-touching i’m rooting for our City Hunter to have his happy ending~ be careful and take care!

    City Hunter fighting! you’ve been all kinds of awesome, this has high potential to be the best drama of this year for me

    soo good and soo addictive!

    • 32.1 wanne

      btw, looking at Nana’s expression, i think she doesnt know who saves her, if that person is YS, because it looks like she’s still mad at him.

      Wednesday , please come fasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

  33. 33 Cynthia

    My hubby (Hyun-joong) now thinks I’m a “cheater, a liar & a killa…” –
    All because I happened to yell out “Min Ho!!…” during a really inappropriate moment.
    Things in my household are now rather tense……
    (and Hyun-joong really didn’t like the pink pants I bought him as an apology present. No winning with husbands, sometimes.)

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Venus

    LEEE MIN HOOOOOTTTT sorry I need it that..omg why why are you so Damn HOT and just awesome…ok ok the Fangirl in me needs to chill.. :p

    Thanks!! for this post I need it my LMHot and CH fixed…I truly hope the drama turns out to be one of the best this year, the production got the right material and i’m sure that as the drama progress we are going to see each character maturing….can’t wait for ep 5!!!….BL and CH are my crack of the week….

  35. 35 ilwoo_aein

    Another Time Between Dog & Wolf..This drama will be in my ‘all time favorites’ list following Time Between Dog & Wolf in 1st place. I’ve been waiting for K-drama with this kind of genre and City Hunter granted my wish. City Hunter fighting! Lee Minho fighting!

  36. 36 Dara

    Kyaaaahhh~ LMHOOOOOO
    Thanks JB, I’m now seriously hooked with this drama (i.e constantly thinking of the preview, reminding myself it soon will be Wed) after jumped off in ep1, I need my CH/Nana dose asap. Oooh, it will be fun when she starts to admire CH and brags it to SY.

    • 36.1 Divyrus

      And LMH is gonna give his adorable secret smile then! AND AM GONNNA DIE!
      THE END!

  37. 37 bobbie

    Two words…SO HOT!!!

  38. 38 rose

    this a drama that hook u even if its a action and i dont watch action movies hehehe but been a lmh fans all the way …. it really help that he is gu jun pyo cause i love that syndicated manga

  39. 39 koreandramalover/kdl

    “how can a person be that beautifully charismatic? It’s mesmerizing.”

    Javabeans, i can’t agree with you more! πŸ˜‰

    And although I have ALWAYS found LMH’s acting to be good to awesome at times, I have a small grouse…

    So many times, his expressions in CH remind me so much of his expressions as Gu Jun Pyo in BOF, that I had to literally shake my head to rid myself of the image of him as GJP in BOF to remember that I am watching him now in CH as Lee Yoon-Sung….arrrgggghhh….

  40. 40 ironethel

    It’s been 2 years since BOF. I think LMH has just gotten more toned. He’s in his “adult” body now. Plus, he’s sooo tan, way darker than he was before. Tanning ages you, a lot.

  41. 41 goofy16

    i’m really crazy about this drama! ^^,

    the drama were aired on wed & thurs right?
    on friday i’ve already download it.hahaha!!!

    μ‹œν‹°ν•œν„° λ§ˆμ‚¬ν„΄!!!!

  42. 42 Steph

    Aww, He’s hurt. Me sad. Fighting!

  43. 43 starbyeol

    Just finished all 4 episodes at one go and am craving for more! I am so excited over the plot! πŸ˜€
    Awesome screenplay~ I hope the writing holds up and delivers well in all episodes! πŸ˜€
    Lee Min Ho-ssi, fighting!

  44. 44 Divyrus







  45. 45 @.@

    no way can i concentrate on studying now…

  46. 46 Celexa

    This is me:

    *salivating at my computer screen anxiously waiting for Wed & Thur raw episodes*

    PS: my Korean is limited to “anyeong” and “saranheo”

    • 46.1 angeline ong

      yes, today is wednesday. i’ve checking non stop.

  47. 47 appie

    Aside from the few issues I have with the show, I’m definitely sold on the Batman-y vibes<3

  48. 48 miniejungle

    i want to check out his wounds (or rather to check HIM out) by stripping of his clothes… πŸ˜› poor my baby boy! but you have done incredibly well, and I’m so proud of you, Minho-ssi!!!! :*

  49. 49 angeline ong

    i love this drama and the main characters. somehow, i WOULD love to watch LEE MIN HO working with KOO HYE SUN again in the near future. i must be crazy… too crazy over LMH

  50. 50 butterfly

    So handsome, I wish he will visit the Philippines someday.

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