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Yoon Jin-seo teams with Kim Jung-hoon in Punchline
by | June 2, 2011 | 13 Comments

A year after starring in the I-fell-in-love-with-twins, melo-mystery movie Secret Love, Yoon Jin-seo is taking a lighter approach with her next film project: She’s starring in Punchline, a human comedy that sounds like it straddles the line between thoughtful and light-hearted.

Yoon Jin-seo plays the aide to an upright, moral politician (I know! That mythical unicorn) who is elected as a new minister, who sets out to wipe out all corruption. Yoon’s character is an energetic and devoted aide, but still on the lookout for the meaning of happiness in her personal life. She’s described as cute and lively, which brings to mind her adorably feisty cop character in last year’s Runaway Plan B.

Played by Athena and East of Eden’s Yoo Dong-geun, the minister juggles his official duty with his other role as father; he and son Kim Jung-hoon (Witch Amusement, Goong) have a contentious relationship. I’m going to speculate that the aide has a hand in their eventual reconciliation…and provides a potential love interest?

This will be Kim’s first movie following his army release, although not his official comeback — that’ll be the upcoming tvN series I Need Romance, the Sex and the City-esque cable drama starring Jo Yeo-jung as a single careerwoman in the city. I’m less excited about him than Yoon, since I don’t think he’s really shown much yet in his acting choices (to be fair, Witch Amusement did nobody any favors), but if the stars have good chemistry together, I could see this being cute.

Punchline is set to begin filming shortly, and plans for a release later this year.



13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mimi

    Ooh… this is interesting!

  2. Cam

    YEA YEA, it’s moooore interesting, ofc! ^_^

    I am glad that Kim Jung Hoon is finally back after releasing his military service, yups!

  3. asianromance

    I have a soft spot for Kim Jung-hoon, but I hope his new roles are more active. His characters always seem so passive.

  4. danna

    (I know! That mythical unicorn)
    hahahaha!….can alwys count on you guys to put a smile on my face
    Kim Jung Hoon is making some comeback…he’s been out like what 3 months?? and he’s already done an album, will be starring in a drama and been confirmed in a movie…you’d think he was the hottest property of kent

  5. yakno

    tvN is starting to pick some good stuff

  6. poyi

    thats a REALLY great picture of her

  7. poyi

    i’m just floored by how cute YJS is
    i might have to check out Plan B after all

  8. sb

    I’ve been interested in Kim Jeong Hoon ever since Goong. So much so that I wanted to see what else I could see him in, found out he actually started out as a singer, and promptly dl-ed all his music, both in UN and as a solo artist. I like his soothing voice heh. Watching him in variety shows, apparently he’s not only a cutie, but a smartie-pants, too!

    I stayed away from Witch Amusement though, because of all the horrible reviews. Didn’t want to taint my adoration of Prince Yul. =P

  9. Shin mi rAe

    So thats where kim jeong hoon was??? I liked him in goong and i wonder where he went… Im looking forward to the series.

  10. 10 bluelime

    yoon jin-seo looks so pretty in that photo above! =)

  11. 11 im_eve

    haha UNICORN!

  12. 12 ...

    upright, moral politician (I know! That mythical unicorn)


  13. 13 gelina

    Oh! I’m very excited!!! I love Yoon Jin Seo… hmmm.. I think this is an interesting movie… Kim Jeong Hoon is really handsome!! 😀

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