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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 342
by | July 17, 2011 | 111 Comments

In which case we are shown that the simplest, most childish games can sometimes be the most hilarious. And sadistic.

(Also, this is 1N2D’s 200th episode special, which you may notice doesn’t correspond to our episode titling. That’s ’cause 1N2D is a segment airing as part of KBS’s Happy Sunday, so we’re using the Happy Sunday episode number on the video files.)

EPISODE 342. Broadcast on July 10, 2011.

girlfriday: Happy 200th episode, 1N2D! Ho-dong starts off the show by giving a big bow [a big bow is the ultimate show of respect, when you get down on your knees and bow low to the ground, usually reserved for grandparents, highly respected elders, deceased ancestors]. Ho-dong has a tendency to do this all the time with no warning to the other members, so they always have to scramble to follow him.

javabeans: Ha, it’s great how the members all catch on right quick, except for Tae-woong, who bobs up, notices he’s prematurely risen, then bows back down. Like a boy at church.

girlfriday: Tae-woong’s brought one of his dogs, Baek-tong, as a guest mascot today. He says that if Baek-tongie were a person, he’d be just like him — shy and doesn’t talk much. Aw. Ho-dong gives a shout-out to Sang-geun, their old mascot for most of the show’s run. Oddly enough, I think that dog is a bigger movie star than any of the boys are. There was a bigger uproar when he left the show than when a whole slew of original PDs left. I miss seeing him drag the boys around or tackle them like a bear.

javabeans: Aw, that is a damn cute dog. Looks so jolly.

girlfriday: He was mostly judgmental, based on the captions that they always attributed to him. Like the dog was always silently judging the silly children and their games.

javabeans: Okay, now I like him even more.

girlfriday: They’ve arrived at Go-chang for their 95th trip, and Na PD leads them straight to their basecamp… where they’re met with an anniversary banquet in a giant field. They stare blankly, “Is this… for us?” and then burst into laughter as the string quartet begins to play. HA. Why is that so inherently funny? It just doesn’t suit them at all.

javabeans: It’s definitely the classical music that pushes them over the top. They’re cautious enough as it is, knowing to expect some kind of hardship, but the quartet (and their apprehensive entry) makes it seem like they’ve crashed a wedding.

girlfriday: There’re balloons and even an ice sculpture (the shape of which eludes me) and congratulatory banners posted everywhere, like: “We’ve done well thus far so let’s do well in the future.” Heh. That’s like making a birthday banner that says: You’ve lived thus far, so keep on living.

javabeans: Isn’t that just like Na PD? He’s like the gruff dad who can’t bring himself to flowery praise, so that’s the warmest you’re gonna get out of him.

girlfriday: The boys feel so out of place and awkward that they can’t even approach the banquet, and then of course they immediately feel nervous. “Stop being so good to us!” They know there has to be a catch. There’s always a catch.

javabeans: The funny thing is, though, that even though they know there’s something coming at them in the near future, they’re willing to put that aside to enjoy the banquet: “Well, we’ve gotta eat, right? So let’s eat and then worry about it.”

girlfriday: They cautiously approach the buffet table, and Na PD tells them that their fans sent them a cake. Whoa. That is one impressive cake. It’s got each of the members, and even Sang-geun and Na PD hanging out on top of the bus with bottles of eel sauce. It’s like an Ace of Cakes cake!

javabeans: It’s an awesome cake. The kind that looks like a professional toy model, not an edible product. I love pregnant Su-geun with his bowling-ball belly.

girlfriday: They wonder if maybe they’ll have to work based on how much they eat, but I think the fact that it’s their 200th anniversary makes them put their guard down a little more than they would normally. This kind of treatment out of the blue would be alarming, but it’s a big enough milestone that they think maybe Na PD is being sincere. And here I am, shouting: “Have you learned nothing over the past 199 episodes?!”

javabeans: This is why it totally works! Because they know better…or they should.

girlfriday: Sure enough, as soon as they sit down with their plates of food, the two staff members sitting at their table spring up, shouting, “ONE! TWO!” They stare at each other… are we… playing… a game? After a pause, Seung-gi and Jong-min get up at the same time, “THREE!” making them both out. Everyone stares blankly, not knowing why they’re playing a game all of a sudden. I love that their instinct is still to play though, like a pavlovian response.

javabeans: Oh, totally. They have no freaking clue what the heck is going on…but a game has started! Must play along!

girlfriday: And then… men in black come and kidnap Seung-gi and Jong-min and stick them on a bus… that drives away. HA.

javabeans: Seung-gi looks so sad at the plate he’s barely touched. The other members just sit there unruffled, and eat off his and Jong-min’s abandoned plates, HAHA. Meanwhile, Seung-gi and Jong-min are loaded onto a bus and left literally yelling at the window, “Hyung! Hyung!”

girlfriday: Everyone gets told that their 200th episode is in fact not a banquet, but a farming special, where they’re going to give back and help out local farmers with their harvest. The larger the task, the earlier they have to leave. Seung-gi and Jong-min’s task? To pick 7000 stalks of corn on over 3300 square meters of land. WUT? In a day? Are they taking a detour to the fourth dimension?

javabeans: It is crazy. Shoulda known that the specialer the occasion, the specialer Na PD’s brand of sadistic puppetmastery. Dance, my puppets, dance! He tells the other members that they’ll be given their missions shortly. “But that’s then. Till then, please enjoy yourselves and eat up.” Like they could eat stress-lessly with that hanging over their heads.

girlfriday: Meanwhile, the kidnapped boys come out of the bus dressed in their finest ajumma farmer wear, flower pants and matching flower hats, and Seung-gi hilariously asks for the Boys Before Flowers theme song to play as they exit. “Almost Paaaaaaaaradise~!” Pwahahaha.

javabeans: Because clearly they fit that anthem of luxury, right? I love their expressions when they’re told their mission. “Seven what? Seven thousand? Thousand? Wait, seven thousand?”

girlfriday: The rest of the boys eat nervously, and then a while later, music starts to play. They recognize instantly that they’re playing the pairing game. Na PD calls out “Three!” and then two pairs form: Ho-dong/Su-geun and Tae-woong/Ji-won. Uh-oh. Somebody’s gotta ditch their partner to save himself. Ho-dong tries to convince Tae-woong to join them, but it doesn’t work, so he kicks Su-geun free… and Su-geun beats him to the other guys!

javabeans: I love that Na PD gives them a time limit this time, because this could just go on forever. Hee, immediately the Men In Black come at him like he’s a criminal off to the clink.

girlfriday: Ho-dong’s task: harvesting watermelons… enough to fill a 1-ton truck. Holy. They’re lucky that Ho-dong got stuck with this one. Who else could carry that many watermelons without dying?

javabeans: Are they actually playing the spy theme song from Level 7 Civil Servant for this? That cracks me up. Like it’s a super covert mission, only it’s NOT.

girlfriday: The ajumma greets him, practically yelling at him because he didn’t bring Seung-gi with him (hee) and brings him a pair of flower pants along with this… ass cushion? With straps? OMG. Ow! Ow!

javabeans: Ho-dong totally whines like a baby at the task, not to mention the discomfort of standing/kneeling. But when that cushion/seat is brought out…oh man, it’s hilarious. Especially since it almost doesn’t fit.

girlfriday: Back at basecamp, Na PD tells the remaining three guys to hand him the TV remote and each pick a channel between 1 and 20. He tells them that the channel with the fewest people onscreen loses. Round 1, they each have one person. In Round 2, he decides that the channel with the most people onscreen loses. Ji-won: 0 people. And then they turn to Tae-woong’s channel… and it’s a massive concert hall with like a thousand people. HA!

javabeans: You know, Na PD is really pretty creative with his games. This is a simple selection process, but he didn’t leave it to a simple picking of straws or whatnot. In recent episodes, I’ve had this image of him as a ten-year-old playground general, being the one kid who everyone wanted to play with, not because he was the best at games but because he came up with the most creative ones. I’m picturing him being surrounded by a bunch of eager ten-year-olds, ready to do his bidding.

girlfriday: Oh, totally! Like he was the jjang in grade school, not because he was the biggest, but because he made the rules. Tae-woong gets carted off by the MIB for his mission: picking Korean raspberries, or bokbunja.

javabeans: What is it about these music choices that crack me up so much? Tae-woong’s prison walk is to the tune of (the rather epic) “Last Concert,” like he’s just had his and is off to face the Big Guy in the Sky.

girlfriday: He’s pretty happy about it, despite the fact that he has to pick a thousand of them. But hey, that’s nothing compared to 7000 corn.

javabeans: His easy attitude makes me nervous for him. “That seems pretty easy. I’m glad.” Because those…are the words of someone who will later regret them, no?

girlfriday: Back at basecamp, Ji-won asks suspiciously if the tasks really do get easier the longer you remain “in” the game. Na PD assures them: “I’m still here.” That’s really the most convincing thing to them — Na PD is guaranteed to go with the easiest mission.

javabeans: Heh. Ain’t that the truth. I love that he acknowledges it. The tasks do seem to be getting easier, though. And Tae-woong’s problem won’t necessarily be his physical mission, but his own personality. He figures that all they’ll see of him onscreen is picking raspberries, like he wants to be more entertaining but doesn’t know how. Aw.

girlfriday: For the final game, Na PD sticks his hand out in between Su-geun and Ji-won and waits… Nothing happens, so he says, “I’ve put my hand out,” and both boys race to clasp his hand first. Su-geun wins, and Na PD gathers him in a hug. Caption: “Su-geun ♥ Young-seok couple wins.” Hee.

javabeans: In true Ji-won style, he’s dragged out while complaining that the game was rigged against him. And when I say dragged out…I mean dragged out.

girlfriday: Classic Cho-ding. His mission: to fill 60 boxes of potatoes. I think he got reversed with Tae-woong. Digging potatoes seems way harder than picking berries.

javabeans: Maybe Tae-woong’s task is harder to complete for sheer numbers. Potatoes does seem kind of fun, though, like Ji-won says: “It’s like digging for gold.”

girlfriday: I love that in the long shot, they can’t tell which of them are the ajummas and which one is Ji-won.

javabeans: Su-geun finally gets to his location, and is instructed to pick peaches (and enjoys eating one that’s technically marked unsellable, because of a teeny imperfection).

girlfriday: Wow, those peaches look like they’re CG’ed, they look so perfect. And Su-geun gasps to find out that they’re literally cream-of-the-crop peaches, that sell for like five bucks EACH. Over in the watermelon patch, Ho-dong discovers that his watermelon sell for 20,000 won each, and the ones with tiny imperfections (like a non-T stem) only sell for half as much. Good grief.

javabeans: But you know Korean shoppers with their groceries. We like the ones that look perfect, no matter what they taste like. (Well, they should taste good.) But still. Go to any Korean market and see the pristine fruit there. That’s how I judge the quality of a good Korean market.

girlfriday: Seriously though, and I’m not just saying this — Korean fruit tastes the best. It’s unbelievably good.

javabeans: (My mom says it’s because they use tons of pesticides, to keep the bugs away and maintain the perfect appearances. I just rinse a little harder.)

girlfriday: Ha.

javabeans: Ji-won is really cute in his task. I think it’s because it brings out the cuter half of his cho-ding personality, rather than the immature bratty part. Mind you, I find the brat hilarious, but I think the little boy is adorable. He’s all proud of himself, even though the ajummas are totally unimpressed, saying he’s not going very fast. The women note that he has to work all day for his sixty boxes, and he says as plain as you please, “Yes, that’s what they say. I think they’re not right in the head.”

girlfriday: It reminds me of my favorite Cho-ding moment, when the boys went to visit a group of country homes way up in the mountains, and each stayed with a different family. Ji-won took to his ajumma so naturally that when she had him pluck the stems from some bean sprouts, he did it and asked, “Like this, Mom?” like omma, as in mommy. It just came out of his mouth. So. Cute.

javabeans: Aw, so cute. I can totally see that. It’s his lack of affectation that makes it cuter, like how we described him and Yeom Jung-ah in the actress special just getting along naturally.

girlfriday: It’s sort of nice that each of the tasks seems to suit their personalities pretty well — Jong-min takes to his job really quickly (declaring himself a corn-picking genius, pffft), and Tae-woong’s quiet patient personality really goes well with the berry-picking.

javabeans: Jong-min is zooming right along, and is so pleased at the praise when his ajumma calls him a good worker and pretty. He’s like, “It’s been a long time since anyone called me pretty.” Thing is, he kind of is pretty, by real-world standards, though not celebrity ones. And Tae-woong converses with his ajumma and asks about her son, who’s still unmarried, and reacts like an ajumma would: “How old is he? 32? Oh, he must be a worry.” Meanwhile, he’s like 38 (Korean years) and single, but says this with a straight face.

girlfriday: The funny thing is, even though he’s nearly forty, he’s such a man-child that it’s hard to think of him as marrying age.

javabeans: Ho-dong eats some noodles for a snack, which by the way look delicious. Make me want to root around for ingredients to make my own. Alas, I have neither ingredients nor cooking ability, so…

girlfriday: I know! I’m so jealous right now. I’ve done none of the manual labor, but I want everything that they’re eating!

javabeans: His ajumma is still stuck on the lack of Seung-gi, and it appears the other workers are well aware of her love for him, so they make her give Ho-dong a kiss to make up for her singleminded Seung-gi devotion.

girlfriday: Aw.

javabeans: Ho-dong takes on a wheelbarrow carrying 18 watermelons at once, then starts running, saying that it’s so much easier once you’ve got the momentum going, and I’m sitting here cringing going, “Oh, don’t do that….”

girlfriday: KABOOM.

javabeans: I KNEW IT. There he is, sprawled amidst a pile of fallen watermelons. Thing is, it’s almost not funny because he feels really bad for rendering half of them unsellable, and you know these foods are the product of such labor and time. Eeek. Cringe cringe cringe. Especially since the other farmers tell the head farmer he has to receive compensation, but he clearly doesn’t want to ask that.

girlfriday: Sometimes these market standards seem unreasonable.

javabeans: That said, if I were in the market, I wouldn’t buy the one with the bruise, or the clipped stem, if there were lots of perfect ones around. That said, it’s a LITTLE funny — just a leeeetle — when Ho-dong falls to the ground and cries like he’s in a sageuk drama. “I CAME TO HELP…BUT I JUST HURT YOU…AND ATE TWO BOWLS OF NOODLES…”

javabeans: Snacktime comes ‘round to all the different fields, with each one serving up its own speciality. (Potatoes in the potato field, corn in the corn field.) Ji-won gets along with his ajumma so well, it’s really endearing. And Jong-min’s really impressing with this speedy corn-picking skills. Seung-gi is in raptures over the raspberry juice and has eight cups all to himself. Hee. It’s a good thing it’s not its alcoholic big brother bokbunja-ju, or we’d be watching a different show.

girlfriday: The hilarious thing is, bokbunja (the raspberries that Tae-woong is picking) are known to be very energizing, and is particularly advertised as a natural um… upper? Like it gives you energy to go all night… for dudes… so they get all over-excited, playing up all this manly energy they have all of a sudden. Heh.

javabeans: Then they dispense with the cups altogether and drink out of the punch bowl directly. They definitely look energized, like they just had a dose of Gummi Berry Juice. Oh, please tell me you know what that is.

girlfriday: Gummi berry juice?

javabeans: Seriously? No? “Gummi bears…bouncin’ here and there and everywhere…high adventure that’s beyond compare…They are the Gummi bears!” Did you not watch TV as a child?

girlfriday: I ATE gummi bears…

javabeans: “Dashing and daring, courageous and caring…” Oh, forget it. Watch this.

girlfriday: What era were they? Pre-Care Bears?

javabeans: They were…post-Flintstones, I think post-Smurfs, pre-Darkwing Duck and Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers. Just around the time of Duck Tales. (Woo-HOO-ooh!)

girlfriday: Duck Tales!!! You are clearly more well-versed in the Saturday Morning Cartoon Canon than I am.

javabeans: Totally. Gummi Bears, Fraggle Rock, Snorks, I was all about ‘em. Annnnnyway… The bokbunja ajumma was asking Tae-woong so cutely whether being on 1N2D would be good promo for them, and he was like, “I think so?” And after this segment, DUDE. Bokbunja revival!

girlfriday: Seriously. Guys are gonna be lining up to buy the stuff.

javabeans: Basically you got super-expensive endorsement star Seung-gi to shoot a CF for you, for free. He’s pretty much running around all puffed up with energy, acting like it’s all the juice’s power, except that since this is reality-docu TV, it kind of IS all the juice’s power. Ha, I love that Ji-won is all scoffing at the PD for busting out the helicopter camera (“For picking potatoes? Psh~!”) and yet, he runs around like a little kid waving at it. (Side note: I’ve noticed it before, but I really do love the music selections in this show. Heli-camera is set to the song “Icarus’ Wings.”)

girlfriday: Ho-dong fills his watermelon truck, and his PD tells them that they’re going to buy the bruised ones that Ho-dong dropped earlier, to share with the staff. Aw. That’s nice. They finally open one of the watermelons to show on camera, and they weren’t kidding — that’s some melon perfection there.

javabeans: Dude, Ho-dong looks like he’s going to cry when he tastes his. Thing is, he does that all the time so I don’t necessarily trust that reaction…except I almost think there may be real tears this time.

girlfriday: I think they might be hard-work tears mixed in there too.

javabeans: And guilty I’m-sorry-I-effed-up-your-crop tears.

girlfriday: Su-geun starts the task of boxing the peaches he picked, according to size. (The top-grade are four to a box, then the next step down gets one more, and so on.) But apparently, he doesn’t have to make the decision about which level the peaches are. He picks one up off the table and a machine voice goes: “Level One.” Na PD looks around, “Is there an x-ray?” Ha. Sometimes you are NOT a genius.

javabeans: Haha. Sometimes people forget subtraction is a mathematical function?

girlfriday: But when he finds out it’s by weight, he immediately goes, “I want to put Kang Ho-dong on it.”

javabeans: More bokbunja promo: Tae-woong finishes early and joins Ji-won to help out, and says, “I had so much bokbunja, I’m in trouble.” Because of the magic bokbunja vitality. Like, he is cleared to return to basecamp, but he’s choosing to work because he has so much energy. Seriously, now I want to try some of that stuff. But it seems like it’s SO effective that it would almost be annoying if you didn’t work it off, like coffee jitters x20.

girlfriday: I think I’m good with just coffee. That stuff seems intense. Su-geun almost finishes too, except that some of the boxes of peaches are incomplete, so he has to go back out, just to fill them. “Neverending Story” plays as he goes back on his never-ending peach quest. Heh.

javabeans: There truly is a song for every occasion. Tae-woong helps Ji-won box up potatoes together, and notes, “It’s like we’re married.” Ji-won, with his flower pants, gets the wifey caption. Aw, and then Tae-woong offers to do the harder job (handing up boxes to the truck, where Ji-won receives them), ‘cause he’s stronger. I like how it’s just a given that in this duo, Tae-woong’s just gonna do the harder task, and Ji-won’s gonna do the easy one.

girlfriday: It’s adorable. I love that when they finally load all of the boxes, Ji-won just sprawls out on top of them: “These are my potatoes!” That’s totally what I would do.

javabeans: Ji-won thanks Tae-woong for helping, since he wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. Tae-woong waves it off, saying he needed an outlet because of all that bokbunja he had. Ji-won: “Hyung, don’t eat bokbunja anymore.”

girlfriday: One by one they finish their missions and return to basecamp dead tired.

javabeans: They describe their tasks. Seung-gi: “If there’s someone I hate, I’m going to tell them, ‘You and me. We’re going to the corn field.’”

girlfriday: Then talk turns to the bokbunja again, and Seung-gi is at a loss for how to describe the burst of energy. Ho-dong notes that Seung-gi seems less like a cute kid and more like a man these days, and he uses a particular expression that he loves…

javabeans: Ho-dong: “You give off the scent of an animal.”

girlfriday: A MALE animal. Like the scent of a male. But ew.

javabeans: Seung-gi: “I’ll go wash.”

girlfriday: Hee.

javabeans: Na PD brings out watermelon and bokbunja for them all to have a snack…and then drops the bomb about their sleeping arrangements game. They arrange into two teams, and the first team that leaves the platform loses, and has to spend the night in a deserted house in the village. The winners “get to sleep here, safely.”

girlfriday: Dude, that’s creepy. Like a haunted house?

javabeans: But what makes it even worse — and sadistically genius — is that Na PD basically pumped them full of fluids, knowing that they’ll have to pee sooner or later. Probably sooner. So this becomes a game of HOLDING YOUR PEE.

girlfriday: Hahahaa. Sometimes the simpler the game, the funnier the outcome.

javabeans: Ho-dong: “I totally didn’t have to go — but now that I hear this, I have to go!” Oh man, and then Su-geun makes it extra-interesting by proposing that they play a game amongst themselves, and the losers have to eat the rest of the watermelon.

girlfriday: I love it. They’re like, screw endurance — let’s just call a clear winner now.

javabeans: They’re in the same teams as last time, playing the same game. And it looks like the same trend occurs — you win some, you lose some, but as Seung-gi says, “We lose when it’s important.”

girlfriday: They have to eat the rest of the watermelon, as the other team taunts them: “Shhhhhhhhhhh….”

javabeans: Hee! Like little kids, taunting them with water noises. Do you love how Ho-dong by now is sitting with his legs together, almost in the pee-pee dance?

girlfriday: And then they get all mad at Baek-tongie, because he keeps peeing behind them. HA.

javabeans: Ho-dong almost quits, but resists the urge, and now they settle in for a long evening of sitting there, legs crossed, trying not to pee. Finally Ho-dong gives up with a resigned sigh…only to get the death glare from teammate Seung-gi. HA.

girlfriday: He’s notoriously a big ol’ scaredy cat — one time Ho-dong taunted him with a flashlight in the middle of the night and Seung-gi cried — so sleeping in a haunted house is like death to him. I love that Ho-dong just sits back down silently after one glare from the maknae.

javabeans: In turn, they identify the guy who’s suffering the most at any given moment, and assault him with water noises. Jong-min: “I really feel like I’m going to die.” Ji-won: “You won’t die.” Oh man, I really feel like someone’s going to wet his pants! Finally, Ji-won has mercy on Jong-min (who really looks like he’s going to die) and tells him it’s okay, so Jong-min runs off thanking him. When Ho-dong gets ready to do the victory hand-raise, Su-geun warns him — they’ve won, but they haven’t peed — to go slow. Ha. And then Ho-dong runs for the bathroom.

girlfriday: I’m actually a little disappointed that their team didn’t lose, because Ho-dong scaring Seung-gi all night would’ve been AWESOME.

javabeans: Aw, I’m disappointed too. That scary house looks scary!


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    So thanks to crack dealers girlfriday and javabeans, I've gone back and downloaded at least 30 old eps of 1N2D. If any other addicts are interested, the episodes where Jiwon calls his ajumma "mommy" are 233-234 (5/3/09 and 5/10/09). Another great Jiwon moment was in the 2nd Viewer's Trip where he's in charge of a group of the best ballerinas in Korea. The prima ballerina performs a routine for everyone where she pirouettes 32 times in a row. While everyone is oohing and aahing or rendered speechless with amazement, Jiwon goes (paraphrasing from memory), "Yes! She'll be great in the elephant nose game!" (This one: I nearly died. That was in episode 273 or 274 (2/21/10 or 2/28/10).

    My other episode recommendation is 314 (12/26/10). The boys are told to film themselves and they spend an hour in the car cracking up over Seung Gi's imitation of Na PD. Later, when they see Na PD, they bet him that they'll be able to make him laugh. Na PD nonchalantly accepts the bet and says, "Just to warn you, I don't laugh easily. I'm a variety PD so I'm around comedy all day." He even adds, "Don't say that I'm a cold person because you can't make me laugh." Enter Seung Gi in Na PD's jacket and a backpack with an imitation that's been perfected over years of his blood, sweat, and tears at Na PD's hands and Na PD…. cries from laughing so hard. So great.

    Does anyone have any other episode recommendations? I love, love, LOVE MC Mong and his manager Hunseok.

    • 10.1 marj

      hmm..if you love mc mong and hunseok then you should diffenitely watch the episode wherein the two of them were left in an island to catch a mullet was just so freakin hilarious how they were able to catch just 1 fish to rejoin the other casts..if i remember it right, it was also one of 1n2d’s highest rated was episode 57 and the destination was baekryong..although i am using the episode number listed in the 1n2dfansubs.wordpress has an amazing collection of past 1n2d eps..

      but i can say each episode is highly recommended..

      • 10.1.1 Kacey

        Agreed. While not all of them are over the top hilarious, the chemistry and bromance between the guys more than make up for it.

      • 10.1.2 siao this the episode in which his manager TORE his pants while trying to catch fish or something? That was SUPER HILARIOUS!!.. I nearly died laughing!..

        • mar

          yep that’s the one..

          • SL

            I miss Mongie 🙁

    • 10.2 lapetite

      thank you!! I always see them reference old episodes, but the number episodes makes it hard to catch up.

    • 10.3 Arhazivory

      Um…yeah. I recommend all of them. lol. Seriously, I do. I’m at ep 120 now and I started with 27 (I think…when LSG started). There are some, which are unarguably more memorable but they’ve all rolled into one in my head so I can’t say what eps are what.

      I’ve been playing catchup since about February or March and I think I’ll completely catch up by year’s end. lol. 1N2D is a great stress reliever so I’m not rushing to marathon the episodes.

      • 10.3.1 marj

        same here!! i’ve been catching up in downloading the eps from ep27 when seunggi joined the show.. i think i only lack about 10 episodes till the current ones..and i prefer watching them on stressful days so that i can laugh it all off when watching 1n2d

        • mmmaggie

          Okay, so here I was thinking I’d only downloaded 30 episodes (or 30 trips, so 60 episodes). I just counted and I’ve downloaded 100+! Hi, my name is Maggie and I’m a 1N2D-aholic. But @arhazivory and @marj — you guys are totally right, this show is the ultimate stress reliever. And I love Mong + Jiwon’s bromance. Sup Sup! *Tear*

          • Arhazivory

            Disappointing Brothers~!!! LOL. I love their bromance too…its coordination at its best.

            Nice to meet you Maggie. I am Arhazivory )aka the girl who not only downloaded the episodes, but archived them on Discs) and I’m also a 1N2D-holic.

          • rumba lumba

            LOL Seop Seop Dang!

          • marj

            How i miss the good ole days of the seop seop brothers…especially their wacky dance moves..@Arhazivory..whoah its like you and i are totally doing the same things..hehe.. i actually archived all 1n2d eps by scouting all streaming sites i can find..and i also named the episodes based on the funniest scene in each ep..i’m kinda OC that way..nice to meet other 1n2d addicts like me..

          • Arhazivory

            @marj. I’m so obsessed that I refuse to watch it streamed. I have to download it first then relax and watch while lying in bed with a huge grin on my face. lol.

          • marj

            @Arhazivory…whoah that’s what i do too…i scour streaming sites and download it through a program i have that allows me to download streaming vids..and have the eps archieved in my hard disk..

    • 10.4 Kacey

      There are SO many memorable moments on this show, hard to name them all.

      I love episodes 47-48 where the guys head of to Geochang to pick strawberries and end up being contestants on Korea Sings. OMG Mong and Su-Geun had me clutching my stomach on the floor. So great.

      Also like episode 27 when Seung-Gi made his first appearance and for a moment forgot that he was on a variety show and starts going off at the staff for taking his company car and not filling up the tank!

      Really, there are so many little great moments in each episode that it’s hard to name just one. The eps where Chan Ho guest starred were endearing because you can see how much the guys genuinely loved him and vice versa. And how much do I love the fact that Seung-Gi was studying between shoots and actually left part of the shooting to return to Seoul to take his exam?

      Their extreme weather specials are always hilarious when we see them struggle for survival or any episodes that involves a boat/fishing will ensure laughter for the sheer fact that ALL of them get so seasick except for Mong!

      I love me some 1N2D!!

      • 10.4.1 SL

        Did you see the one where they camped outside, and the losing team set up a tent against this rock face? Then tried to play soccer? The sequence of Seunggi using his wits to get the eggs across the chasm cracked me up to no end. My all-time fav!

        Also, the one where they topped up petrol at the station, and everyone recognized them. Ah, that was so heartwarming!

        I miss the old eps…

    • 10.5 Nero

      I have been watching 1n2d religiously for 3 years…and I love every episode of it. This show really stress relieving, edited brilliantly and heart warming. I recommend a very first episode of MC Mong, I don’t know about the which ep I just know it as the very first of MC Mong because he had to play the slowest and the lamest table tennis against SeungGi, the punishment moments for Mc Mong (Eun Ji Won and LSuGeun were happily punished him and draw a streak of blood under his nose with lipstick is deadly funny). And also there is an Ep when Seunggi, EunJiWon, and MC Mong in a same group and raced against the other group to the historical temple, in this episode I found the fact that the deadliest weakness of Lee Seung Gi is that pink pointy finger. Seunggi was being punished by KHD and others behind the decorated screen (except KimC and Mc Mong) and just like MC Mong, Lee Seu Gun.
      draw blood on his face. And also in the first Special Trip, EJW made a call to a female student telling her the he chosed her and her team but EJW ended being pranked by her. And what I love the most is The Baekdusan Trip especially the Scary Story in the Bus…LSGi was sooooooooooooo…..scared he cried like a baby, U all DEFINITELY HAVE TO CHECK THIS if u want to see the coward side of LSGi. I just love when Kim Jong Min came into the show, and felt little bit too sad when KimC left, and feel sooooooo sad after MC Mong gone. Really…no matter what shows that u love, u really have to check 1n2d…it makes u smile for sure. U can download it in boosayssharingiscaring..or Korean Portal Entertainment (belongs to Boo), it is very difficult to find the older episodes (I used to download it from so many blogs and portals, but KBSWi deleted it)…if only someone can tell me where can I download them all…

      • 10.5.1 sam

        hi what episode number was this when LSG cried at the scary story? Oh my, really???? hahaha cant wait to see that!!

  11. 11 darkice7_12

    Loved the recap. Love you guys for recapping this and introducing us to such a funny series. Thanks.

  12. 12 tinysunbl

    Oh man, the no pee game is genius! Kudos to Dp Na
    Thanks for the recaps.

  13. 13 Christy

    Thanks for the recap, JB and GF!

    Can somebody tell me which trip GF was talking about with Jiwon and the bean sprouts? THANKS 🙂

    • 13.1 Christy

      Just saw mmmaggie’s post, thank you~

  14. 14 Yuki

    That last part where the guys were going “SHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~” at each other totally cracked me up!

    And you know that Jong Min’s totally in pain when Ji Won taps him on the shoulder, suggesting that he sits in a certain way to relieve the feeling, and he’s like; “DON’T. TOUCH. MEEE…” XDDD

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans and girlfriday <3

    • 14.1 Serto

      Lol i was watching the broadcast on KBS world live and i didn’t understand a single word of it. When the SHE caption was shown i thought they were talking about S.H.E Lol

  15. 15 Nano

    i love ji-won.

  16. 16 laya

    😀 Another hilarious 1N2D recap… another busy Monday has become officially brighter. Thank you so much for the recap!

    [Also, how cute is puppy with the puppy?]

  17. 17 Trina

    OMO… i remember the Gummi Bears adventure javabeans…. and the rest of it as i watched when i was young too.. OMO…

    • 17.1 Ani

      I remember Gummi Bears too. Geez, I remember most of the cartoons mentioned above. Ah, long gone were those carefree days. *reminisces*

      • 17.1.1 Arhazivory

        I also remember them…makes me feel kinda old. Gummi Bears was awesome. 😀 *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

  18. 18 Keylye

    Wow, humor and Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia all in one recap! I miss my childhood…

  19. 19 questions987


    I was at dinner with my friend the other night and was trying to bribe her into going next door to the bar because I was DYING for bukbunja-ju (even though it’s mostly for guys)


    • 19.1 gustave154

      Wow now i need to go try it if it really works!!

  20. 20 arielna

    Except for Sugeun and Taewoong’s, the other missions were totally crazy. Haha!

    And poor Jongmin…. I didn’t know whether to be sorry or to laugh at him. So I did both.

  21. 21 carrot

    I like 2d1n than running man.. perhaps the concept of the show appeals to me more. introducing a part of korea everytime with entertaining games involved. XD

    • 21.1 Adlin

      Yup i like 1N2D more too! Its nice however that GF and JB decided to recap both because some people do like RM more… So thanks GF and JB I LOVE YOU TWO!

  22. 22 Noelle

    OMG I KNOW WHAT GUMMI BEAR JUICE IS! Loved that show and watched it religiously. I want to try those berries. Prolly workout like a fiend!

    This show was full of cute. But damn man I want fruit but not just any fruit. I want that fruit. It looked bomb. That peach looked delicious.

  23. 23 rumba lumba

    surprisingly, i found Jongmin in today’s episode (i.e. episode 201) to be really active and funny, just like in this episode, which is reeaaaaallly nice.

    the funniest part was the audience-guessing game from the tv channels. ROFL so hilarious when Taewoong picked like a channel that has a concert going on. bahaahahha!

    and the toy helicopter parts with Seunggi, Jongmin, and Jiwon were hilaaaarious! Seunggi pretended it was a war movie and he did hand gestures of a gun, and they added sound effects. he was even pretending to take cover behund the corn plants! LOL while Jongmin was pretending to get hit by the bullets. and Jiwon’s part was just LOL-worthy.

    oh man, i sooooo cringed when Hodong dropped those watermelons. it made him silent for a few moments.

    and OMG i have got to have that machine that was used when Sugeun was sorting out the peaches! it was like from the future! wth! it’s like a GPS for fruits! it even has the GPS lady in it! ahahaha!

    • 23.1 gustave154

      Yup Jong Min had alot of screen time on this episode and it was really funny too! I was really impressed by his corn skills, maybe he was a corn farmer in his previous life lol? Its nice to see more of taewoong too he doesn’t get alot of screentime if there is a special. So please PD Na no more specials!!!!!!!

  24. 24 anna

    Does bukbunja work for woman as well? I could use a mean workout, been couch potato-ing for the past months.

    • 24.1 bananajam

      Most likely so…maybe just not as much.
      Whenever I drink bukbunja, I do feel better and more uplifted. :3
      But, of course, the bukbunja I buy at the store (I’m in America) is nothing compared to the the kind 1N2D’s cast had there… that was (what I call it) the “real deal”. I really really want some ;~~~; –and and the WATERMELON just looked so DELICIOUS! I have yet to find a yummy watermelon…

  25. 25 anna

    TW is shy for sure, he’s almost completely silent in the next episode. I wonder if these guys get pay by how many words they say per episode. Seem fair 😀

    • 25.1 rumba lumba

      ROFL i remember Director Ban from My GF is a Gumiho when he went to 1N2D. during the opening he was like, “i’m quite curious, but how does Uhm Taewoong get paid for basically saying nothing at all?” aahhhahaha! and he was like, “so Taewoong is freeloading off of 1N2D?” XD

  26. 26 Kandy

    Thank you 🙂

  27. 27 y.

    Hi, does anyone know the song that was played when they introduced the peach orchard? It was sung by a female at about 35 minutes.

    Thank you!

  28. 28 leilei

    hey guys! uhm.. does anyone know where i can watch 1N2D online… i’ve read the recaps since DB strarted it and found it reallly hilarious but i can’t seem to find it anywhere online… =)

    • 28.1 ajewell

      Nobody has them online anymore since it’s a copyright violation and gets removed instantly. But you can download them off the website above. Just make sure you click the correct link (High Quality English Hardsubbed by KBS World).

    • 28.2 marj

      actually you can watch it online if you know where to look.. is a great site for downloading old 1n2d eps.. you can also find ahboos site the contains selected past and all current 1n2d eps..the current episodes are currently unlisted in youtube so you have to register in her site first before you can view her links to the utube eps..but be warned that 1n2d episodes in KBS World (the channel where all 1n2d english subbed eps come from) are about 3 episodes LATE than KBS channel in korea..that means to watch THIS episode in english, you still have to wait for 3 weeks before it becomes available online..

      another great site for downloading OLD 1n2d eps would be this site : its a facebook account of mr/ms twodaysonenight..he/she recently posted the links for past 1n2d eps in utube… just dont forget to thank him/her ok..

      i hope this helps..glad to be of service to other 1n2d addicts…Spread the 1n2d love everyone!!

  29. 29 ajewell

    It’s kind of sad that I’ve watched all those old cartoons too, and recognized Gummi berry juice the second you mentioned it. Though Chip and Dales, Rainbow Bright, and Jem and the Halograms were my main obsessions back in the day… 😉

  30. 30 sb

    I had noticed Ji-won’s love for potatoes (I saw him specifically picking potatoes out from dishes when eating in episodes spanning over the years), and he admits that he loves eating them too and eats them daily, so it was the best match! Love Cho-ding. 😀

    Such a fun episode, hee. Thanks for the recap!

  31. 31 CoH

    does anyone know the episode that hodong teased seunggi and made him cry? is it the one where they went on the 4N5D trip?
    this epi seems hilarious, i’m gonna watch it 😀 thanks JB and GF!!!

    • 31.1 cestlavie

      Yeah! I would like t know when was it that Seunggi got scared by th flashlight! It’s not th same one where they were sharing ghost stories in the bus when kimc was around right?

      On another note, I love it that Jongmin’s appearing a lot recently.

    • 31.2 marj

      i would want to know which episode that scene was..the only episode that i can remember seunggi being scared out of his wits was the bus ride trip during the Baekdusan episode..seunggi was continuously teased by his hyungs especially hodong..but he teased seunggi with his scary face and a toilet paper then and not with a flashlight..PLease MS. GIRLFriday can you please tell us which episode it was??? PLEASE..

      • 31.2.1 girlfriday

        Yeah — that’s the one. I guess I remember it (wrong) as being a flashlight. It’s the Baekdusan trip, where Ho-dong torments Seung-gi on the bus in the middle of the night until he cries. I died laughing.

        • marj

          Thanx so much for the info Ms. Girlfriday!!..that scene was indeed very gave us the insight of seunggi’s personality..he’s such a dork really..a handsome dork with a great personality that is…THANK YOU again for subbing 1n2d!

        • sam

          hi girlfriday!

          what episode number was that ? i mean when LSG got scared on the bus? would love to see it!!

      • 31.2.2 Arhazivory

        It was subbed separately since KBS World had cut that part out. Thank God someone subbed it ’cause its hilarious. It’s at h t t p: / /
        Its labelled ‘
        Episode 61 (Bus Trip & Ghost Telling cut) Eng Sub’

        • Christy

          For some reason the link seems to be broken..? Am I mistaken or is there another place to find it? Thanks~

  32. 32 cinta

    The lavish buffet reminded me of 1n2d episode 79 where they were treated to a red carpet and lavish (breakfast) buffet.

    After that, the famous PD also offered to buy them coffee and it was hilarious as Ho Dong tried his best to remember all his dongseng orders (mocha frappuccino, green tea frappuccino, etc), but the only thing he remembered was “something with cino”

    But after all the luxury treatment, they were taken away to an isolated place (for their severe winter camping trip) where they had to build their own shelter and fought for their food.

    So after 199 episodes, the members know better that behind all the lavish treatment, there will always be a catch. =)

    • 32.1 Arhazivory

      lol. Americanocino. I remember that one too.

      • 32.1.1 marj

        hodong was really so funny mixing up all the coffee orders of other 1n2d members…and it was so funny how seunggi was freaking out about the camera being positioned over his head..

      • 32.1.2 May

        That was also the episode where SeungGi spoke Japanese with a couple of Japanese tourists they met on the street on their way back from the Cafe.

  33. 33 V

    (Raises hand.) Umm, question: Are women allowed to drink bokbunja? ‘Cause I need me a coffee substitute that’ll actually work, since coffee doesn’t do anything for me.

    • 33.1 bananajam

      LOL, of course!
      Bokbunja is totally not reserved for just men.

      • 33.1.1 V

        Ha ha, awesome! Bokbunja, here I come!

        Ah, one more question: Was the bokbunja they were drinking in 1N2D alcoholic? For some reason, I got the impression it wasn’t (I don’t know about others, but alcohol personally slows me down, not speeds me up!), but all the bokbunja I’ve seen is sold as a wine?

        Thanks! 😀

        • Arhazivory

          Drinking alcohol during a shoot is a no-no.

        • kristi

          What they had was blackberry/bokbunja extract, so it’s juice rather than alcohol. But it’s still pretty potent, esp. if this blackberry variety has aphrodisiac quality.

  34. 34 Jia Min

    How can anyone not love him???
    Seung Gi oppa is sooo super cute!!!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!!

  35. 35 Rosy

    Thanks to those who shared the great moments of 1n2d past episodes. Brought back all the laughter and smile. Thank to JB and GF too for the recap.

  36. 36 Elina

    Why a French flag on the first picture?

  37. 37 Ace

    Aaaw, no 1N2D on July 24…

    • 37.1 Agnes


      • 37.1.1 Arhazivory

        I said the exact same thing.

  38. 38 Ace

    A different ‘aaaw’ from my previous post as Seung-gi’s story is so touching…Aaw, you maknae you!

    • 38.1 Arhazivory

      He was so sweet with his thanks to the hyungs.

  39. 39 Gustave154

    Woot congratz on the 200 episodes of 2D1N awesomeness!!

  40. 40 jjwu

    I laugh to death when Seung-gi and Jong-min played the game so natural at the lunch table and got pull away by MIB… LOL…. funniest part of this episode!!!!

  41. 41 Jo

    It depends on what farm you are on though -_-
    I lived most of my life in the country side in Korea and almost all the farmers farmed organically. Only the corporate farms blast their pesticides. Everyone else wants to be able to safely eat their produce straight from the tree…

  42. 42 Christy

    Can someone explain what happened with what girlfriday was talking about a bunch of the original PDs leaving the show way back when?

    • 42.1 Arhazivory

      There really was no uproar about it. While watching the early episodes I noticed that the PDs changed without fanfare. The former main PD revisited for their Severe Winter Camp when Na PD had other things to attend to, and then disappeared again to whatever program he’s on now.

      Sanggeun on the other hand. His absence created quite a stir and then he was formally retired because of old age. It makes even me a little sad. I do miss his critical comments. 🙁

    • 42.2 rumba lumba

      the first PD to exit was the head PD of 1N2D. at first, he was the PD of a music show called ‘Love Letter’ in KBS which was hosted by Yoon Do Hyun (who is now the MC of MBC’s I Am a Singer opposite 1N2D). PD Lee Myeonghan (sp?) left Love Letter to create 1 Night 2 Days, which then became very popular. he left the show to study music abroad. you can see him in the 2007-early 2010. he’s the fat/big guy with glasses and always wears a cap. he was replaced by the former PD of ‘Happy Together’ (i think). but honestly, i prefer PD Lee. you can see the new PD during the 2010 Mt. Jiri Trip. PD Lee is the only KBS worker out of al lthe staff. everyone else is from a third-party company i.e. contract-based or outsourced. so you can think of it as PD Lee being the head of the program, even higher than PD Na.

      the 2nd PD to exit is the PD that they did a candid camera on. hahaha. he’s the very slim PD that went bananas when Hodong and Kim C ‘fought’. he honestly looks like a corpse and a ragdoll. he exited the same episode Kim C left. he went on to become a PD of ‘Win Win’, which Lee Sugeun is an MC, and opposite the program is Hodong’s and Seunggi’s ‘Strong Heart’.

      the 3rd PD to leave is PD Shin. She did not appear quite as often as the other staff members like Daeju, PD Na, etc., but she exited earlier this year. all i know is that she went to Seunggi’s concert and she even tweeted about watching My GF is a Gumiho inside the KBS offices (Gumiho is from SBS). 🙂

      i dunno if i missed someone else, though.

      • 42.2.1 kristi

        I don’t know if these are the departures to which GF was referring– ‘when a whole slew of original PDs left’ makes it sound as if they all left at the same time, which isn’t the case, but yes, those are the 3 PDs whose career movements have been fairly well-documented in the media (esp. PD Lee Myung-Han’s). Partly b/c of 1N2D’s popularity, partly b/c they played key roles in some of the eps., partly b/c of their talents.

        PD Lee is considered a ‘star PD’ and has been a mentor to PD Na and the associate/junior PDs such as PD Shin Hyo-Jeong and PD Yoo Ho-Jin at 1N2D. He led 1N2D in the early years, then handed over the reins to PD Na (who was his right-hand man at 1N2D and can still be seen in the early eps) and became the chief PD for the entire ‘Happy Sunday’ line-up (overseeing 1N2D and its lead-in programs), though he appeared on the show every now & then. Then mid-2010 or so, he went abroad to pursue media studies (at Goldsmith, Univ. of London, which enjoys a strong reputation in cultural, creative disciplines) and develop his keen interest in musical productions. Recently he was in the news again, when he got scouted by CJ Entertainment & Media (Korea’s largest media conglomerate) and joined an ‘alarmingly’ (from the broadcasting networks’ viewpoint) long line of production talent moving to cable. He was soon followed there by his successor as chief PD at ‘Happy Sunday’ (a former PD of ‘Happy Together’, who’s best known for creating 쟁반노래방 with Lee Hyo-Ri and Shin Dong-Yup as co-hosts), and the main PD for ‘Qualities Of A Man’ (the current lead-in program for 1N2D on ‘Happy Sunday’).

        This has had some repercussions among the junior/associate PDs as well, including the two PDs who used to work behind 1N2D:

        PD Shin Hyo-Jeong (the female PD who was so tough on the members, Seung-Gi once said ‘PD Lee Myung-Han wears you out physically, PD Shin psychologically’– she’s the one Eun Ji-Won ‘chose’ among the PDs when he (and some of the crew) got banished to a desert island, and on the way there, when our geeky, adorable writer Kim Dae-Ju tried to share some chocolate with Ji-Won, she just snatched it up) was considered a rising star at KBS but very recently left the network to join SBS.

        And PD Yoo Ho-Jin (the PD who got pranked with a candid camera on his very first ep., and exited in the same ep. as Kim C) moved from ‘Win Win’ back to ‘Happy Sunday’, not to rejoin 1N2D but to work behind the scenes on ‘Qualities Of A Man’.

  43. 43 gummimochi

    I love the simplistic games Na PD creates..The part where Uhm Taewoong got stuck with the concert..LOL! You just can’t make that stuff up! Hehe

  44. 44 leoney

    their are very funny in this episode 🙂

  45. 45 sam


    somebody on youtube posted a clip where seunggi, sugeun and hodong were about to sleep and the twohyungs has this conversation that kept seunggi n stitches. i think its at the end of this episode. LSG sounded like he was dying from laughing at sugeun and im dying of curiousity what it is they were laughing about?? the post was in korean so it was very frustrating. LSG sounded so cute laughing like that anyway.

    by the way thanks for the recaps. How i wish they’d release english subbed dvds of 1n2d for overseas fans. They will be such a hit!! As it is i only rely on this site for updates. I have downloaded all eng subbed vids at youtube and i still want more!!!! arrgghhh!!!

  46. 46 crizzyville

    this was already uploaded by boo on her website… enjoyed both this episode recap and the actual episode itself… you ladies and boo are all priceless to 1n2d fans… much love!

  47. 47 sam

    thanks i’m trying to download it now. Boo is such a marvel. does anybody know which episode does girlfriday mean about hodong scaring seunggi with a flashlight? Id like to see that!! hahaha

  48. 48 SL

    Just rewatched this ep – noticed 2 small details that made me smile. When Jiwon was announced as being ‘out’, our genius PD was still clutching on to Suguen’s arm as he was being dragged out, like for support, in case Jiwon came after him. And the closeup of Jiwon’s face was shaky when it was announced, like the cameraman was laughing too hard.

    Love such moments! It was also in this ep that KHD came across the dead tired crew sleeping. Awww…we’ll not be able to see that in 6 mths.

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