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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 6
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So Myung-wol finally feels feelings… which make her run away… which makes Kang-woo give chase… which makes Ryu jealous… which makes me one happy camper. I love that the only time something as classic as playing hard-to-get works for Myung-wol is when she isn’t TRYING to play the game. Also if Kang-woo were any cuter, I might die.


Myung-wol jumps up with excitement as she finally feels her heart race for Kang-woo. She runs to her spy-rents to tell them that she succeeded in conjuring up that longing and desire. Mom immediately looks worried… “You don’t… like him for real, do you?”

She looks up at them, confused. You really ought to have known this would get her into trouble. How’s a girl who doesn’t know what feelings are, to conjure up fake ones and make sure they’re not real ones? These are her first feelings EVER. As expected, she’s like, “But… you told me to like him…”

They tell her that will never do. Dad worries that once the heart starts beating because of someone, it doesn’t usually stop. Mom warns her that the one thing spies can never do is fall in love. She recounts the famous tale of Mata Hari, who fell in love and was executed, and Myung-wol imagines herself as the infamous exotic dancer double agent in WWI.

She assures them that she’s not really falling for him – she’s just following orders. But as soon as those words come out of her mouth, she runs into Kang-woo and she bolts when her heart starts to race.

He calls out after her, wondering what the hell is up with Crazy Girl this time, while she literally hides behind a pillar to stop her beating heart. Oh, no, you don’t like him in the least.

Ryu happens to be watching the whole scene unfold, now understanding the full meaning behind her heartbeat declaration. Aw, poor stone-cold agent. But yay for love triangles becoming actual love triangles!

In-ah stews over the pictures of Kang-woo piggybacking Myung-wol, while her grandfather sees Kang-woo off, passive-aggressively telling him to only give affection to those worthy of it. Kang-woo blithely tells him that he never does associate with those who aren’t up to his level, and leaves him grumbling.

Myung-wol continues to be hyper-sensitive about any romantic stirrings for Kang-woo, so she inches away when he sits next to her on the couch. So he lies down closer, and she jumps a few feet over. He asks angrily if she’s a grasshopper.

I love that he’s inching closer to her the more she jumps back – it’s the perfect illustration of this new turn in their relationship. He changes the channel to a drama just as the characters are about to kiss… and Myung-wol grabs the remote to turn it off.

He gets upset so she just throws the remote away (ha) and runs off. What I love is that she’s now developed feelings for him which scare her away, but that very thing makes him curious and want to come closer and closer.

The next day he asks Dae-kang if she’s mad at him or something, because she’s treating him like a bug (running away in fear). Dae-kang eyes him suspiciously and asks if something didn’t happen at the resort.

Kang-woo insists it was nothing like that, so Dae-kang sighs in relief and guesses that she’s probably just hurt and upset because he’s so mean to her all the time. He denies it, but finds himself asking anyway.

Dae-kang tells him that he mistreats her because he knows she likes him, treating her like a crazy person, with no regard for the fact that she saved his life. He gets carried away and yells that all he can do is sit by and watch Myung-wol get crushed over and over. Aw, poor noona-lovin’ Dae-kang.

Kang-woo pretends not to care, but wonders to himself if he was maybe too harsh on her the night of his birthday. Well it’s certainly a first for him to even care how another person feels, let alone maybe feel bad about it.

Spy Mom Ok-soon packs a bag, having reached the end of her seduction skill set with no results. Myung-wol and Hee-bok try to stop her, but beyond feeling hopeless in the mission, her pride has been hurt because Hee-bok accused her of being outdated in the seduction game.

She starts to say her goodbyes amidst their protests, when Ryu walks in and puts a stop to it right quick. He tells them that there’s no going anywhere – now that they’ve all gotten into one boat together, either they succeed on their mission or they all pay with their lives.

HA. It’s literally Marry Kang-woo Or Die. Sigh, the things a girl’s gotta do for love of country.

She tells herself to get it together as she goes back to Kang-woo’s house, and he comes down to greet her. She answers him curtly and then smiles to herself that the feeling is gone.

But Kang-woo follows that up with: “Did you change your lipstick? You look pretty today.” HAHAHAHA.

What’s awesome is how awkward that is for him to say, because he’s trying so hard to be nice. But it puts her in a panic because the rapid pulse comes right back, so she darts away in fear.

That just makes him think she’s still mad, and he stands there confused. She runs to her room and tries to calm her heart down, as she wonders why he’s saying things so out of character all of a sudden, throwing her heart back into disarray just when she thought she had it under control.

She tries to block it out, and ends up doing sit-ups while reciting military codes of conduct. Heh.

Over the next few days, Kang-woo starts being strangely nice to her, which only puts her deeper into a panic spiral. He waves at her adorably during a fan-signing, all smiley and cutesy, which she squarely attempts to ignore.

Then he purposely stops to help her carry stuff by taking her hand, only it makes her drop everything like a hot potato. And then when they eat waffles at a café, he gives her his waffle and tells her to eat up…

…which is met with water, spat directly into his face. Pfffft! Oh, joy, I could watch this for days.

She’s so on edge that by the end of the day, one word from Kang-woo makes her drop a glass from nerves alone. She cuts her finger while trying to pick up the pieces, and he grabs her hand to look at it, worried, which just puts her over the edge.

She gets up, demanding to know what’s wrong with him. He of course wonders the same about her, adding that he’s going out of his way not to get mad at her for breaking expensive crystal.

Myung-wol: “Get mad! Yes, get mad! Why are you letting it go? You always got mad so well before! What, did you forget how?” She ends up yelling at him for NOT getting angry, and storms off, confusing him more than ever.

She tries to calm her heart down, wondering to herself if she’s not going to end up really liking him this way. Um, I’d venture to say you’re way past that point, but you go right on ahead and live in denial. It’s great fun for us.

She gets back to reciting her edicts, burying her face in her book as she hears Kang-woo get into the shower. Hee. You’re imagining him nekkid!

Ok-soon and Hee-bok bond for a moment, thinking of their families back in the North, and they vow to carry out this mission so they can return to their homeland. Hee-bok confesses that he got word that his mother passed away, and gets a moment of sympathy from Ok-soon, only to carry it too far when he tries to hug her. Aw.

Ryu overhears Chairman Joo ordering his minion to move his artifacts, so he scrambles for his last chance to open the safe. He does, and nearly gets caught red-handed coming out of the super-secret room, but manages to save his hide when Chairman Joo opens up the safe and finds the book in its place.

He finally shows it to Ryu, so I guess he only has the one, meaning that two are still unaccounted for somewhere out in the world. Ryu comes back to his room and examines the real book, which he had swapped out for a copy.

Meanwhile Chairman Joo has his lackey do a background check on Ryu, which seems a little late in the game after inviting him to live in your house, super-paranoid guy.

Kang-woo complains to Dae-kang that he’s tried being nice and everything, but he’s not getting the requisite reaction out of Myung-wol, so he’s just gonna stop now. Ha. I love that just being a nice guy isn’t an option in his wheelhouse.

Dae-kang tells him that women don’t care about words. He only needs to do one thing to magically dissipate all her anger: hug her once. I don’t know what’s funnier—Dae-kang giving lady advice, or Kang-woo actually listening to him.

So when Myung-wol comes downstairs feeling a little under the weather, Kang-woo takes the opportunity to sidle up next to her and put his arm around her shoulders, as he tells her to take care of herself.

But that just gets her heart thumping more than ever, and she freaks out, grabbing his arm to throw him clear over her shoulder. Hahaha. He’s finally had enough of having his niceness be rejected, and huffs at her angrily.

He does another interview for his drama with In-ah, and a question about his dad comes up, forcing him to lie again. He comes home angsty that night, and broods over his baseball. Myung-wol tries to stay away to keep her feelings in check and watches the old movie that Ok-soon gave her, only she ends up dreaming it with her and Kang-woo instead.

In the morning Kang-woo is nowhere to be found, and his agent guesses that he went up into the mountains again, which he does from time to time when he gets extra broody. Myung-wol volunteers to go find him, which Ryu overhears with disappointment.

It starts to pour rain, and Myung-wol sets out to find him on her own. The lost-in-the-woods scenario is never NOT ridiculous to me, but how much do I love that it’s the hero who gets lost, and the heroine who goes to rescue him?

He trips and falls, landing on his ankle, but Myung-wol finds him right away. Everyone else worries because the weather gets bad enough to keep the rescue team from going in until the morning, and Ryu finally can’t take it anymore and runs off after them.

Myung-wol takes them into a cave for shelter, deciding that they’ll have to stay there for the night. She cuts up an herb to put on his wound and uses his phone to send out an S.O.S. signal, mumbling that this is nothing compared to what she’s had to endure to survive in the woods.

She catches herself and says that she used to hide out in the woods whenever she got in trouble, to avoid being scolded by Mom. But once she schools him in making a campfire, his suspicions can’t go ignored. Kang-woo: “You’re way too good at all this stuff. What are you?”

Her eyes dart over in fear. Is she caught? Kang-woo: “Are you… a girl scout?” Keh.

Some wolves howl in the distance and Kang-woo instinctively scoots closer to her (So. Cute.) but she jumps up to avoid the awkward heart-beating proximity. She tells him to wait while she looks for food, and he insists on going with her because she’s a girl. Myung-wol: “And it’s not because you’re scared of being left alone?”

She paints her face with the soot from the fire to camouflage herself, and playfully paints a streak across his face too for good measure. She sticks some branches in her hair and climbs up a cliff to steal some eggs out of a bird’s nest, and he marvels at how she must’ve grown up if she knows how to do all this stuff.

She slips on her way down and lands right on top of him, this time thankfully without the bloody nose. They both reel from the awkward, and she scrambles to get up once the shock wears off.

He has to be convinced to eat an egg, finally forced by his own growling stomach, and he asks where she learned how to survive in the wilderness. She tells him that her father taught her how, to prepare her for any event. She recalls his words, “Anything can be poison or medicine, depending on how it’s used.”

She says he taught her that people were the same way, and that guns don’t kill people; people’s hearts do. He asks if her father was a soldier, adding that he didn’t really look it, thinking of Hee-bok.

She clarifies that she’s talking about her biological father, who died. She brings up the fact that Kang-woo also lost his father, but then apologizes and changes the subject. But he tells her: “This is where I spread his ashes, my father.”

And then he tells her that Mom died young, and it was just the two of them. Dad was always busy because of work, and his biggest wish, the thing he was always so jealous of other kids for having—was an afternoon of playing catch with Dad.

On his tenth birthday he begged Dad to take him somewhere for his birthday, so they came to the woods. “If he only hadn’t come, if I hadn’t thrown the ball that far… he might not have died…” Aw, how sad for a ten-year old to carry that guilt all the way to adulthood.

Myung-wol dozes off to sleep in the middle of his story, falling right into his lap. He just laughs and covers her with his jacket as he continues to talk to her, even though she’s not listening.

In the morning she wakes up alone with just his jacket over her, and goes out to look for him. He sneaks some pictures of her, laughing at how ridiculous she looks. Mockingly, he says, “I’m going to keep this and look at it over and over whenever I’m in a bad mood.”

Oh my god, could you be ANY CUTER?

She snatches it out of his hand and takes off running, and then he literally chases her in the field like a couple of goofy lovebirds. She stays ahead of him, laughing, which is when Ryu walks up…

His relief at finding her immediately turns sour, and her smile vanishes as well, mostly from the shock but also the awkwardness of being caught mid-flirt. Uh… by the by, how are you going to explain your presence to Kang-woo?

It turns out Kang-woo got no explanation, but when his agent asks if the two bodyguards know each other, he confirms it, having read into the awkward tension. Ooh, I love it—competition afoot!

Ryu asks Myung-wol if she hasn’t forgotten her mission, and reminds her that it’s her only means of survival, not to mention her fellow comrades’ as well. She holds all their fates in her hands. No pressure or anything.

She broods over the weight on her shoulders and rents the Greta Garbo version of Mata Hari on a whim, crying at the sad fate of the heroine.

Kang-woo comes home to find In-ah waiting there for him, clinging and cooing that she was worried. He tells her to leave but she follows him upstairs, where she catches him looking at his pictures of Myung-wol and giggling to himself. Aw.

She flips her petulant lid (well more than normal anyway) and takes out the paparazzi pictures of Kang-woo and Myung-wol together. Oh you evil girl.

Sure enough, the next day the pictures are all over the internet, with stories that Kang-woo is dating his bodyguard, and that they live together.

The spy-rents are giddy, thinking it’s good news, and the North Korean general announces that at this rate, the mission will be complete within the week. Oh dear. You really DON’T know anything about the Hallyu star system, do you?

Kang-woo’s agency is flooded with reporters chasing him down, and his agent yells at him for not being more careful, noting that this kind of scandal is so unlike him. She tells him that they’ll handle it by firing Myung-wol.

He counters that she’s saved his life more than once, but his agent reminds him that climbing to the top might be hard, but falling to the bottom happens in a split second.

Myung-wol comes to the agency to explain herself and In-ah grabs her, cattily calling her an opportunist for throwing herself at Kang-woo to climb the social ladder. Myung-wol just shakes her off, but it sends In-ah falling to the ground, which the already irate fangirls see as proof that she’s the enemy.

They rush her and attack with eggs, until finally Kang-woo comes down and shouts at them to stop.

The whole crowd quiets and parts as Kang-woo hero-walks right up to Myung-wol…

And slaps her across the face. *mrmfmph*

He takes off his sunglasses to look her straight in the eye: “You’re fired.”


GAH. What the fuck, Kang-woo? I know you’re doing something roundabout and idiotic to “protect” her, which is crap anyway, but did you have to be such an ass about it?

Dramatically speaking, I love the reversal of the hero moment—the scene in every drama ever where he’s supposed to publicly rescue her and declare that she’s his—gets turned on its head which is fantastic. But it pains me so. Especially when it stings with such humiliation on top of heartbreak.

The slap itself—I get why, but GAH, I still hate it. I mean, it doesn’t take me out of the moment or anything because it’s not violent in intent — it’s more humiliating and emotionally hurtful than actually roughing her up, (which I would take much greater issue with), but I feel like the point would’ve been made just as well without it, and it’s just not a place I want my hero going. There’d better be a whole lot of groveling after this. Preferably with equal humiliation attached.

I feel like this drama has purposely shed its farcical tone and dark humor edge, which is understandable given the ratings, but still saddens me. I loved what it was before. It’s now growing closer to a traditional rom-com with some ridiculous humor sprinkled in, which is fine and I still enjoy the show and laugh out loud, but it’s lost that whimsical aspect that felt so fresh and interesting, and used to make me bust a gut.

I still love the characters and the setup, and their growing attraction and crossed wires are endlessly entertaining. I just wish it would stick to its original guns and be totally absurdist, all the way. It’s going to kill me if they squash the original tone in favor of watered-down humor. Please, don’t kill the funny!


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        That’s really annoying isn’t it? Makes it hard to read the subs.

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    This is one helluva great drama.
    +Eric is such a dreamboat.

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    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday! This show is so hilarious, although I agree that it’d be a shame to totally cut the dark humor. Either way, though, this drama is definitely my new crack!

    And just to illustrate the consequences of thinking about crack dramas in public situations…this morning at work I was thinking about Myung Wol the Spy and I found myself having a strong urge to laugh out loud, like totally bust up laughing…which would have been really bad, since I work in a library. Random fits of laughter aren’t exactly appreciated. So I had to stick with grinning to myself while semi-hiding behind a bookshelf. A lot more quiet…but just as awkward! My boss probably wondered why I thought the Dewey decimal system was so funny… 😀

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      wish their was an edit button so that I could add edit my original post instead of replying to myself :/, but as I was saying before I accidently pressed enter: that was the most humiliating and assy way of protection ever, it’s like the whole noble idiocy meme gah 🙁

      • 6.1.1 Kayleigh

        I agree. I don’t care how much stronger she may be than him:
        Men should NOT HIT WOMEN! There is literally NO excuse. Kang-woo has gone waaay down in my estimation.

        • Lilith

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        MOAR JEALOUSY. Bring it on!

      • 7.1.2 Jomo

        Actually, that would advance the story, and I would be OK narratively with the SLAP.
        It is something so unspeakably cruel, that it could shake Ryu out of his passive like for MW to make him do something revealing.

        After, KW has his glasses off, Kyu comes in, does a wrist grab and flattens KW with one punch!
        (Although they would have to explain why IA’s body guard attacked KW!)

        When they pull everyone out of the lobby away from the crowds, even though KW’s jaw is hurting, he goes to MW immediately to give her the ointment of lurrrve, apologizes and hires her back as his girl mountain guide…

        • YY

          You know what would be great damage control here, Jomo?
          Next ep…KW pulls MW past the srowd of shocked gawkers into a secluded room – without a bed – and tenderly touches her face. “Are you ok?” he asks worriedly. MW nonchalantly pulls off a skin-coloured cheekpad stuck to her face. “Yup,” she smiles. “Never better. The pad you gave me really works.”

        • YY

          Then she turns around, faces us and says smilingly:

          “Use Slappads. For better protection.”

          • Jomo

            She continues:
            “Because 4/5 K-drama characters will need these in their lifetimes.”
            He walks and stands next to her:
            “If your man or woman is a SLAP-hole like , use Slappads.”

          • kixicat

            AH Ha Haa This is so funny. Well I don’t get why KW had to slap her. :/ I’m so sorry Ryu! I can’t ship u and Myungwol, KangWol(is this right or is it MyungWoo?) are just so funny and cute together, that and why didn’t u ever show any interest in her before this?? I’m going to suffer thru the heartbreak w/ Ryu when this ends. :'{

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          Oooh—I like this scenario. I do hope that Ryu comes to the rescue! I’d love to see Kang Woo become crazy jealous.

          • Yer Vang

            Me Too. Time for some jealousness from Kang Woo

      • 7.1.3 dramaloveee

        yessss love ryu. he’s so hot and protective in his own way. kang-woo’s slap proved he’s an asshole (at the current moment– no doubt his character will undergo changes throughout the course of the drama)

      • 7.1.4 WM

        Oh, this is exactly what I was thinking! Ryu needs to just sweep on in and steal that “hero” moment, and leave Kung-Woo upset. Cause, yeah, after this…he needs to do a lot of suffering to make up for that uncalled for slap.

        • WM


          Gah! I hate when my fingers decide to have a mind of their own.

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      • 8.1.1 nonski

        and i believe that whatever reasons HE has, no amount of it could justify the slapping!

      • 8.1.2 asianromance

        sort of random, but I remember a discussion (not here) about men being complete jerks in fiction, but women love them because of all the grovelling later on. It’s weird to condone bad behavior just to get the ultimate satisfaction later on from seeing the guy get on his knees and grovel.

        We get the grovelling in romance novel, but kdrama guys grovelling because he had been a jerk to the heroine is pretty rare. Love seems to push all past antagonism under a rug and grovelling seems to only happen for bad things happening after the couple has recognized their feelings for each other. We don’t really have a guy say in episode 6 or 7, “I’m sorry I was a jerk to you in episodes 1-4”.

        • alexe

          Just watch New tales of gisaengs !

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    Can’t wait for next week now. -___-
    GAH. that was an intense slap.

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    Also, make-up kissing in the NOT so far future.

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      Well, that was rife with typos. I do know about commas, and and whole sentences, and even emoticons, on good days!

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    Violence is never acceptable in any society. Slapping a woman is not acceptable at all…scary really scary

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    About the slap…I didn’t really get the feeling that he truly was angry with her. I think he was just going along with his agent’s orders to fire her. Maybe he’ll apologize in private? Although I really do feel bad for Myung Wol…

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    I think its weird that people think the slap is wrong since a lot of K-dramas have woman vs. woman action and man vs. man action and for the majority of it, woman attack men: kneeing them, kicking their shins and I mean, Myung Wol just threw Kang Woo over her freaking shoulder, which must have really hurt. i mean that’s happened to me in judo class and I was sore all week. but no, one little slap from kang woo is enough to incite fury or instant dislike and talk about how respect for the production goes down? talk about double standards: women complain all the time about how men use it to justify themselves (such as if a woman sleeps around she’s a slut but when a man sleeps around he’s hot/cool…etc.) but women use it just as much, such as in this case. and in many cases, myung wol has used violence (in humor or not) throughout this entire drama. if you don’t expect it at all or entirely against violence, then don’t watch a spy drama or any drama really since they will all just have about one violent scene (funny or not).

    • 22.1 Ree

      I see what you mean…
      But in my opinion the slap wasn’t really meant to be violent. It’s more like humiliating Myung Wol because it’s so public. He does it right in front of his fans!
      In my book, the public humiliation and degradation hurts more than just the slap.

      • 22.1.1 Amg1

        I was going to respond to your post in forcible manner, but than I realized, that people that have your point of view, maybe need to be slapped around at least once in your life, and I can almost bet, that you will change your attitude in a heartbeat.

        It is one thing to give and intellectual opinion, but a total different thing to give your opinion, after you have been man handle by your angry boyfriend, if you know what I mean!!

        • jem

          @ amg

          you speak as if we haven’t been slapped or manhandled by men before and as if that would change our opinions but just because we have or haven’t should cause us to hate every offense done to every another woman, when especially since that woman is prone to violence and has committed violence to other person first. i’m not justifying that’s it right to hit others, i’m just saying that if people had been offended at myung wol’s over the shoulder attack AS well as the slap, i wouldn’t have minded their complaints at all but if anything, no one has brought up her over the shoulder attack in any other way but in a positive lol perspective while he was trying especially hard to be nice. if anything, being overly subjective while reading a recap and deconstruction is rather hypocritical, which is what i understand from your criticism of my earlier opinion: “but a total different thing to give your opinion AFTER you have been handled by YOUR angry boyfriend”. i’ve been slapped and manhandled but i’ve done anything violent to said person before and thus have a reason to be offended whereas myung wol has before acted in violence, seemingly with no reason but for humor’s sake. aka: let’s laugh when a woman hits a man but let’s not when a man hits a woman is basically what the show is saying and people seem to follow the idea quite well by giving positive reactions to her violence while at the same time having a highly negative reaction to his. it doesn’t matter the fact that it was in front of others or not because the fact is that we can only account people for their actions, not their intentions or the people who are audience since audience is out of their control (aka papazaari) or intention (since we don’t ever really know their intentions)

          • Amg1

            Fist let me say one thing, I enjoy dramas as much as the next person, I consider myself to be able to have the mental capacity to distinguish real life , from the fantasy of the drama, having said that, this is where I have a problem;

            Korea has a very big problem with “Domestic Violence and Corporal Punishment,” I have mention before how TV is not just for entertainment purposes, all Country’s used it as a tool for Social Engineering, so whether you agree with me or not is up to you, but sadly the last scene only portray a behavior that is very “mundane and common,” in modern Korea, thus the reason why the Korean audience go along with this scenes, the have been already been program by their culture and the TV, that this behavior is acceptable, some thing that I totally disagree 100%.

            I grew up in gangs, so I am not a stranger to violence, I have work with violent offenders, trying to stop Domestic Violence, I have seen first hand what this man a capable of doing….So I cannot in good faith condone any “Physical Violence,” coming from a Fictional drama Character, or in real life, furthermore if you cannot distinguish, between the premise of violence being played for comedic effect, against violence being perpetrated to humiliate and denigrate another human being, than I do not know what else to say.

            P.S. I will agree with you on this: “Physical Violence,” against another human being other than for the purpose of
            Self Defense is never justifiable….The Slap scene was not done for comedic effect, otherwise people will have not reacted so negatively…….. : 0 }

          • MsScorpion

            @ Jem

            I totally get what your trying to say, but there’s something about SLAPPING someone that is so humiliating (in public or in private). That’s what made this whole negative reactions.

            It’s so different than any kind of violence either from the man or the woman, like flipping over the shoulder, pushing, kicking, etc….. If any of those things had happened, from either parties, it wouldn’t have stirred such a reaction, but slapping it’s a whole different issue regardless of who’s doing the slapping to who

    • 22.2 Noelle

      See, a slap is very meaningful and depending on the culture it can mean many different things. It’s not always for violent purposes but to degrade, belittle, or humiliate the receiver of the slap. Where as her judo-ing him was humorous because there is no negative meaning in it. I hate that they made him go to such a great length. I really hope in the next episode they give reason to his action because him firing her in front of everyone would have sufficed. I mean it would have been humiliating but a slap is like taking it above and beyond.

      • 22.2.1 Amg1

        @Noelle, I was raise in Mexico, we are the culture that put the “M” In “Macho,” so I think I should a little about, what place woman should have in such a culture, I do not know what ethnic background you are from, but “Physical and Mental Abuse,” by any other name still physical abuse.

        It blows my mind as a “Guy” when woman like you try to make excuses and go the intellectual route to legitimate something that is should be reprehensible, in any culture, or any country.

        Called it what you like, the fact that in your comment you are implying that the denigration of another human being by the means of physical violence is acceptable, it shows how twisted this world has come to.

        I just hope that if you are ever find yourself, being the recipient of a slap by an angry lover, that your Country of origin has in place a way to help you out of your predicament………. Other wise you may turn to be just another statistic…..

        P.S. It is estimated that every 7 to 9 seconds a year, a woman looses her life at the hands of a boyfriend, husband, lover, or a male acquaintance….. I hope that you have the intellectual capacity to do the math!!!!!!!

  23. 23 Arpan

    Through many analyzes I see that you upload these recaps at 8:55. Just saying.

  24. 24 abc

    I am really bothered that people are expecting lovey-dovey moments after a man slaps a woman…. i mean, wth???? if i were the one slapped, no matter the reasons leading to the slap, would i want the guy to kiss/hug me?

    • 24.1 Ani

      Nope. I’d want to kick his ass, and than have him beg for forgiveness…. Or make him my personal maid…. Definitely something that’ll not only bring him a peg or two down, but will also put his pride in the drain.

    • 24.2 YY

      I would NEVER forgive him nor forget the slap. Ever. The act lasts for a second but the memory remains for a lifetime. It’s a cowardly, abusive, violent act by a bully. You get slapped once, the fear would always be there: is he going to slap me again the next time he gets mad? Read the sad tales of abused women in the media every day. They forgive and try to forget for the sake of their kids….until the next slap, and the next, and the next. Korean Drama Writers, stop glorifying the slap. It’s demoralising, degrading and senseless.

      • 24.2.1 Jomo


        With ya sister! I’ll sign that petition.

      • 24.2.2 rin6

        totally agree!!! a second of slap ruin the whole lovey-dovey scenes between them..what a shame..

    • 24.3 Soua

      Hell no. If i was slapped, I don’t care if you beg… I’m not coming back.


      I’ll go after RYU… that’s a real man… yummy… hahaha

  25. 25 sally_b

    Totally agree that I was loving the FARCE. I liked that the show had the courage to be over-the-top ridiculous…because, c’mon the premise is laughable, starting with the suspension-of-belief that a Major Hallyu star would ever be THAT accessible to anyone. Eric’s character wanders around alone and a random fangirl suddenly becomes his bodyguard (?) chyeah. So, YES….I vote for the CRAZY to come back full-throttle.
    p.s. Ryu is killin’ me with those eyes…please oh please let there be a kiss scene for him at some point. Even if it’s one of those lame…”oops I fell into your face” kisses.

    • 25.1 oops

      I have to say I have a hard time imagining Comrade Ryu’s kisses….like does he have any experience in that kind of stuff? LOL

  26. 26 teletubby

    yet ,it’s still so UN-gentlemanly and really really disappointing. A man does NOT look cool when he’s harming a lady no matter how charming he is or whatever reason he has behind it . I’m fully rooting for Ryu now .Kang woo is simply not in my liking anymore

  27. 27 Ani

    So cute. So cute. So cute.

  28. 28 Amg1

    Most of you guys here know how I feel about “Corporal Abuse and Domestic Violence,” I have love this drama from the beginning, but as of right now I am “completely of” this drama, we saw the same on “Brilliant Legacy, Stars falling From The Sky, Secret Garden, Twinkle Twinkle, and now this drama.

    I cannot change the attitudes of people, but what I can do is not to condone this behavior by not only not recommending this show, but also by stop watching it.

    We all should be outrage at the writer and PD for taking this F*UP route when it was clearly not necessary, what a bunch of Idiots for not only disrespecting woman in general, but their audience at large……….Well it was good while it lasted!!!

    Shame on this drama……

    • 28.1 lenrasoon

      I still remember your comments from Secret Garden, and yeah unfortunately this scene killed the drama for me as well, i can’t accept this kind of behavior and the writers have no idea how negatively is the impact is to their audience (hence the people right here justifying Kang Woo’s slap).

      Being born in a country where women are beaten, raped and murdered everyday by their boyfriends/husbands/strangers, i don’t want to excuse and keep watching a drama that our “hero” thinks that slapping a girl is acceptable (even when they show him regretting later).

      anyway cue to “THIS IS JUST A DRAMA!!!1” comments that will be here.

      • 28.1.1 Ani

        I was raised in Samoa where if a man ever raises a hand to a woman who is his wife or a girlfriend he better be ready to get his ass whooped. We have a saying for men (I’m a girl) where every woman is your sister, and for girls every man is your brother. So when a woman is slapped around by a man, it is frowned upon on so many levels.

        Although, I was also raised understanding that girls can be total assholes and when push comes to shove, some girls deserve to get slapped (by a girl or a guy). Not that people always respond in violence (we’re also taught to control our tempers), but I saw one time when one of my guy friends kept getting hit by a girl. He asked her politely to cut it out but she just kept hitting him as if it was the funniest thing in the world. The girl finally shoved him to the point that he fell over with his desk. My friend got mad to the point where he slapped the girl back. He was the one who ended up getting his butt whooped by his dad and suspended for a week. I felt that the girl was in the wrong here and that my friend being HUMAN his temper got the best of him. The whole point of my story is that we can get mad at guys who hit girls, but not all of them do it because they love going around slapping girls. Some of them react when pushed over the edge, just like how a girl would/should react when a guy starts pushing her around. That’s my stance at least, and I hope you can understand my culture and views based on how my parents raised me may be different from yours. (I asked my parents how they would have reacted if I were the girl in the situation and they said I would’ve been in the wrong.)

        On that note, I don’t think the slap was justified here (not that violence is ever really justified truthfully). So I’m sad Kang-woo did that, but it won’t stop me from watching. I can appreciate Amg1 standing by his principals. It’s cool and honorable, but I’d like how to see how the writers would right this grievous wrong.

        P.S. Although violence once done cannot be undone. If Mang-wol were any other woman, I think she would and SHOULD start fearing Kang.woo. X/

        • Ani

          Self-defense is a given by the way… Um, for the justification part of my comment.

          P.S. Sword of Truth also has another thing or two to say about violence.

  29. 29 BJ

    Ohh! I really don’t like the last scene. It’s never cool to hit a lady no matter the intensity. Not liking Kang woo…hopefully he will redeem himself later on. Thanks for the excellent recap btw!!!

  30. 30 peony


  31. 31 leila8mae

    this feels weird.. I looked at your featured photo, and why does Eric suddenly looks like Kang Ji Hwan in that angle??

    let me take a second look..

    it must be the hair and the earings.. sooo Lee Jin Soo..

  32. 32 kinuyo

    cant believe he slapped her wtf poor ryu he worked with her forever and now realizes his got feelings for her mmm. i luv the show though cant wait to see nxt wk eps

  33. 33 Jomo

    Thank you for the recap.
    I like that “grasshopper” scene a lot. He was sooooo trying to get closer to her, and was cutely disappointed that she kept sliding out of range.

    As far as the SLAP, my take is it was unnecessary to the story. He could have yelled at her and fired her to get the point across to the public that the rumors were false.

    The sole purpose of the slap is ratings. I think it was a cheap trick to get folks to tune in of next week for the beginning at least, to see exactly how he plans on making up to her.

    There were no socio-sexual message that violence against women is OK. From what I have seen, the SLAP is drama shorthand for quick humiliation. Usually the hero or heroine reaction to the slap is to ignore it, AND rise above the SLAPPER.

    I wrote something as “Clarisse” over at Koala’s Playground that I think shows what the writers were up to.

    I think the SLAP follow up will be 30 seconds out of the next 64 minutes, and we will all cease thinking and talking about it.

    I think Kang-WOAH needs to get back to doing what he does best: staring at and kissing MW, then moving through the next stages of skinship FAST!

    It is time for MW to want to be near him more than she fears him. We need to see her desire turn into attacking him nicely. Maybe some of that touching-while-the-loved-one-is-sleeping that I like so much!

  34. 34 starfield

    Um. Am I the only one who thinks that the slap wasn’t to protect her, but to make her hate him and stop “loving” him?

    KW obviously wasn’t angry, nor did he think it was necessary to fire her over the scandal. But for him, there seems to be a very important reason to maintain his popularity- in addition to money, I suspect he somehow *needs* his fame/status for a bigger plan, like solving the mystery that is his father’s death? He also seems to be indebted to/semi-monitored by IA’s father.

    So when the agent reminded him of his likely speedy downfall if he doesn’t get rid of MW, despite of how hard he had to work his way up, I think he’s made a decision.

    He couldn’t just fire her to get rid of her, that’s how you deal with normal people who like you a little, not a “crazy woman who is crazily in love with you, who has risked her life to save yours multiple times, who somehow always put up with your ill-treatment of her and no yelling & other abuses (like cake-smashing & verbal abuses) had ever worked to turn her away”.

    So the only way to make her leave, for his own good because he’s really falling for her, and also for her benefit because like he has self-admitted, he’s a jerk not worth liking (and remember he has promised he’ll make her tire of this “crazy love” as a reward for saving his life), the only method left was to really make her hate his guts.

    Sorry for my loooooooong-winded “analysis” hahaha.

    I squealed a lot throughout the forest arc, MW is soooooooo adorable!!! She made me “swing the other way” for a sec and almost wanted to marry her hahaha. When’s the last time I liked a K-drama female lead this frigging much?

    I love this episode a lot, but I also desperately hope they’ll keep the wacky fun in future episodes~~~ I do love all three main leads & wouldn’t mind watching a “traditional rom-com” consisting of a love-triangle formed by them, but hey, why stick to the norm when you can top it with something ingeniously unique right?

    I also liked IA a bit more at the end, after she’s told MW that “she didn’t really know what kind of person KW is”, and when she looked shocked (instead of giddy) when KW slapped MW.

    • 34.1 mardie

      i kinda hope ur angle is true… it’s… sad if they use the “slap” just to express KW anger….

      • 34.1.1 L

        What anger? KW wasn’t angry.

    • 34.2 Phi

      I doubt the slap was to make MW stop loving him. As it plays out in the convo with his agent & the manager shortly prior to the incident, it’s for his protection of the Halyu star (well may be also quickly getting her off from those irate fangirls as well). Should it not be a slap? Sure, but he knows what immediately sends a clear message ‘she’s not my GF’

      Sure he hates it but after his agent reminds him getting here is the hard part, takes only seconds to go down…. He likes MW but not loves (not yet) her enough to throw everything away just yet.

      Aside from that last part & a stream of flashbacks, I really like how cute Woo-Wol are when he tries being nice to her and makes her even more scared….

      can’t wait to see what’s next in EP.07, if the Spy team will intensify their seduction tactics now that their lives are also on the line…………..

  35. 35 vickay

    What’s the song that plays when they are running/flirting around in the forest? That scene is too cute. <3

  36. 36 YJ

    For some reason, the slapping reminds me of Joo Won in Secret Garden (maybe it’s cuz I’m watching Secret Garden with my parents now). But when Joo won’s evil mom was screaming at Ra Im to get away from Joo Won, Joo Won takes the ‘I don’t care about this woman’ route just to get his mom off her back.

    Well either way, Myung wol, don’t go to Kang Woo until he grovels. Go to Choi Ryu instead until then 🙂

    • 36.1 Jomo

      Yes, that is why KW did that in front of all those people, to end speculation.

      It’s funny…the media in Kdramaland would never mention it, but IRL, that SLAP would be played over and over and over and over on the news…Rupert Murdoch, anyone?

  37. 37 Susue

    Love this drama too! Absolutely swear by this website! Love Dramabeans.com! Love it! Love it! Love it!!! Anywho, does anybody want to see a little romance between Ryu and Myung Wol? I do!!!! He is such a jerk, but gosh darn it all, I love the emotionless, supposedly mean manly characters! Ryu reminds me of Mr. Thornton in North & South, or of Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice… Oooh alright! Not really the same thing but ya get where I am going… No matter how much I love Eric Moon. I want more action from Lee Jin Wookie!!!!!

    • 37.1 dramaloveee

      I agree — I think ryu and myung wol would be an interestingly cute couple… but I guess I’m slightly biased cuz I like lee jin wook better than eric. lol

    • 37.2 Soua

      Yes! I want more RYU and MW…please!!!! They’re soooooo cute… hahahaha.

      I love the car scene where he hugged her… and backed away. hahahaha…

      He’s like a deer caught in head lights…

      🙁 Eric… reminds me of a girl. But gosh dang it… i love it when he takes off his shirt… yummmy. hahaha

  38. 38 kk

    y the slap?! I wish he hadnt. it’s meant to be insulting than violent as girlfriday mentions but stil….

  39. 39 PangHoua

    I really wish they gave us a PREVIEW man
    im so mad. LOL
    I cant wait for the NEXT EP!!

  40. 40 Jomo

    OH! Forgot –
    Kang-WOAH! is so much cuter bangs down that bangs up.

    Am I right?

    • 40.1 YY

      He’s cute with EVERYTHING down.

      • 40.1.1 Jomo

        So WHY WHY WHY YY, did she fantasize about our Kang-WOAH taking a shower in his panties?
        Wouldn’t they get wet?
        Aren’t we worried that would ruin the fabric?

        MW needs to watch more dramas to fantasize properly for us. Maybe we should send her some linkies?

        • YY

          Maybe her mind’s been affected by the hynoptic squiggles running all over that dreadful hoody shower curtain he wears ALL THE TIME.

          • Jomo

            So now it’s shower curtain as vampire-wear?
            Like it!

  41. 41 Beng

    why the slap? is it because the message will come across faster than just yelling and firing? Anyway, i agree with you GF, i hope there will be a lot of grovelling involve on Kang-woo’s part.

    thanks for the recap

  42. 42 Kuging-RN

    i really hope that ryu will come to rescue ! …. and make KW regret it to death..whahahaha… pls show, revenge is never been sweeter in kdramaland.

  43. 43 geez

    I read your recaps often, and I have to admit, the storyline for Myungwol is cliched to a point where we can see what is going to occur in the next few episodes. That may explain why the ratings for Myungwol aren’t ideal and a switch in writers has been suggested. The funny, which I enjoyed at first, stems mainly from an absurd premise of kidnapping a hallyu star the laughs are pretty superficial
    … i know this is not a Hong sisters drama but it feels like the writers are imitating the Hong sisters’ stance of adopting a genre(North-South conflict story) and spinning it on its head, but it isn’t working. The main couple lack a certain zing, perhaps chemistry, and I can’t get my head around why Eric looks different, but he does LOL

    • 43.1 asianromance

      I like this drama, but I agree with you that it really does feel like the writers are trying to create a Hong-sisters-eqsue drama and are not doing a great job at it. Every time I watch it, I can’t help but think of how the Hong sisters would have written it.

      • 43.1.1 geez

        *kidnapping a hallyu star so the laughs are pretty superficial

        They have got to go past the absurd premise and keep it funny…. whch is no easy feat considering that the storyline touches on a sensitive topic where actual conflict has recently occurred. i don’t think they would…. i mean, the writers are stalling over the She Likes Him She Likes Him Not and the He Likes Her But Can’t Say plot devices. It is such a huge dampener on things if a romcom doesn’t resolve the main characters feelings quickly.

        • Jomo

          I agree that ” the writers are stalling over the She Likes Him She Likes Him Not and the He Likes Her But Can’t Say plot devices.”

          I love these moments in K-dramas more than what happens after the confessions. But in this case, I don’t feel like KW has actually gotten to the point of acknowledging (to himself) that he “likes her” as a woman yet.
          The fact that he thinks she’s crazy is the biggest block for him. Gotta give the character credit that he won’t take advantage of her crazy crush. He could have caved a number of times, but because he is, at heart, a decent fellow, he did’t succumb to her seduction!

          The problem is when he finds out she isn’t crazy, he’ll discover she is lying. That won’t make him want to jump into her arms, either.

          • Mac and Cheese

            I agree. My favorite part of the dramas are when the leads start to fall for each other. I mean, it’s still fun after they get together -just love the earlier parts more.

  44. 44 asianromance

    Thanks girlfriday and javabeans for recaps for this week’s episodes!!

    Poor Ryu– i’ll comfort you!! Feast those eyes and chiseled looks on me! His character seems surprisingly well-adjusted for a North Korean spy. Not at all wacky like every other North Korean spy in the drama.

    The only thing getting me through that slap is 1. he’s probably doing it just for show rather than out of anger and intent to subdue her and 2. this drama thrives on its absurdity (mission: marry a Hallyu star and bring him to NK)- what can be more absurd and farcical than to slap Myung Wol to prove to everyone that she is nothing to him? I really wish they hadn’t done it though. It seems like a cheap ploy by the writers to elicit a gasp from the audience

    If this was another drama, I would be like WTF, Kang Woo, what the eff is wrong with you? can’t you use words to get rid of her?

    And really, what’s the point of In-ah’s character??

    • 44.1 Jomo

      Filler, even with the constant flashbacks of the same scene don’t take long enough to get to 65 minutes!

      You’d think they would write more material to film rather than do all those flashbacks.

      If they were going to develop a character, let’s see more of Ryu…showering.

      • 44.1.1 YY

        He’s like a slab of stone. He probably doesn’t shower at all. He just coats his body with soot and then scraps it all off against tree trunks in the forest when he goes to meet up with MW.

        • Jomo

          OMG, I am laughing out loud at my desk again.

          What you described would be really hot if it didn’t sound so painful!

        • asianromance

          my first thought was “hot!”


          and then I read Jomo’s comment…and then yeah…it would be painful! Maybe this can be like one of those ridonkulous Chuck Norris “legends”. We’ll have a whole slew of Choi Ryu legends!

          • Jomo

            Choi Ryu eats kimchi fried falcon claws for breakfast.

            Choi Ryu’s favorite sport is hand hand grenade.

            The reason that the Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus)
            might go exinct is they pissed Choi Ryu off cause they weren’t musculus enough.

          • YY

            Help. I can’t stop.

            1. Ryu brushes his teeth with tree bark.

            2. He shampoos with river mud.

            3. He gels his hair with rock-pounded snails’ paste.

            4. He combs his hair with a live (squawking) porcupine.

            5. He sprays himself with homemade skunk after-shave for that natural “jungle” smell.

            6. He smears his face with caramelised monkey poo for that set, frozen look.

            Note: To make caramelised monkey poo, saute monkey poo in a pan over a hot fire for 3 hours straight for the best effect. Keep stirring until poo turns a beautiful golden brown. Without waiting for it to cool, quickly apply caramelised poo liberally all over face, avoiding eyes, nostrils and mouth. Poo will set into frozen mask once completely cool.)

          • asianromance

            LOL!!! Jomo and YY, you are both too awesome!

  45. 45 eech

    why he slapped her??? omg.. that’s really humiliating.. and hurtful.. he could just fired her right away..

  46. 46 rinzky

    Hi girlfriday,

    I’d like to point out that in the fan signing scene, KW’s pen/marker got busted or maybe out of ink, so He was waving at MW to ask for replacement, which MW mistakenly took as KW being cute & all, but everytime MW turns her back at KW, he’d either shake the pen or tap it on the table.. It was kind of cute though.. 😀

    • 46.1 Jomo

      I saw that, too, but I wondered why he didn’t just ask the guy next to him, or hold the pen up for her to see? I know I know…drama logic is not real logic.

  47. 47 Ingrid

    I dont like the ending of this one, Kang Woo slapping Myung-Wol. Even if he is protecting Myung-Wol or his career, the writer should have change that one. Kang Woo could have just say infront of the crowd that he is firing her. Seems so gayish.

    • 47.1 anna

      How is that any way “gayish”? Don’t use the word if you don’t know what it means.

      • 47.1.1 chuachumill

        havent u heard the word ‘gayish’?hahahahaahh~~anyway..a guy shudnt slap a girl..its..girlish..huhuhu~~

  48. 48 almontel

    thanks for the recap!
    i was totally loving this ep until wham…the last scene I totally HATE!!

    why did he have to physically harm her??? just saying You’re fired would have been so much better….not unless…this is all but just a dream???

    poor MW…i don’t think she totally gets that…i’m sure she’s totally blinded as to why it happened and how it happened…
    i know that fangirls are a crazy lot…but is that the only way to get them to think that she meant nothing to him???

    • 48.1 L

      wow.. what if it is a dream o_o;

  49. 49 anna

    Aw, too bad about the ratings! It’s the only show I watch on a Mon/Tues. But wow, Warrior Baek Dong Soo is doing really well in the ratings.

    • 49.1 anna

      I get fangirls are crazy and he was trying to protect MW, but doesn’t slapping her mean to them that he’s a total asshole? I mean if my favorite actor does that to any woman (rumored gf or not) I would still be pissed off at his douchebagness. I don’t exactly understand him.

  50. 50 grany

    Aren’t there any more creative ways to end the episode in a climax way other than SLAPPING HER..jezz

    I love Eric to pieces so I have to channel my anger at PD and/or writer. I mean come on..too damn much to have a grown man slapping a woman, publicly or not. I don’t see a grave reason for that action. Really show..I hate the last scene.

    I want to see a huge, bloody, painful, kick ass pay back. Groveling and the word “sorry” are the least things I want to see comes out of his mouth. I wanna see him back & blue, and beg for mercy. If the next episode give less than hard ass retaliation from Myung Wol, I am so gonna pits off.

    • 50.1 WM

      “Aren’t there any more creative ways to end the episode in a climax way other than SLAPPING HER..jezz”

      Agreed. Personally, I thought it would have been more dramatic had he called security and had them drag her out of the building, telling her as she was physically removed that she was fired. Would have been better than a slap, and wouldn’t have made so many people upset.

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