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Noh Min-woo to headline Vampire Idol?
by | October 10, 2011 | 93 Comments

Okay, forget the Full House remake/sequel/rehash. Been there, done that. Let’s get Noh Min-woo onboard with this. Upcoming MBN sitcom Vampire Idol is reportedly wooing Noh to play the undead pretty boy who travels to Earth (because apparently he’s an alien AND a vampire) to fulfill his dreams of becoming an idol star. God, I love this premise. It’s So. Awesome. How perfect would it be to have him represent the prettiest of all pretty boys — the kind that doesn’t age?

The 120-episode daily sitcom is about a vampire prince who travels from a vampire star and ends up… in a Korean high school? What are the odds? So anyway, Prince Vampire has to navigate the shark-infested waters of mundane adolescence, all in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of fame and glory. I love that even undead alien royalty wants to be an idol star. Noh Min-woo reportedly loves vampire movies and has always wanted to play one, so perhaps this is his chance. I’m certainly looking forward to the prospect, not so much for the vampire-ness as the comedy, because I think he’ll be surprisingly good at funny.

The sitcom has also scored comedian Shin Dong-yup and veteran actress Kim Sumi (who interestingly enough starred in the sitcom Hello Franceska Season 3, also a vampire comedy). But the most interesting part is that they’ll be playing a married couple. The pair has a 19-year age gap, but that’s the point of the casting — Shin will be playing a vampire who never ages, while the love of his life is a human who ages as normal.

Okay, everyone with me now: AAAAAWWWWWWWWW! How cute are they? So he’s technically much older than her, probably by hundreds of years, but he looks like her son! That’s so tragic and cute at the same time. It’s the other half of all the teenage vampire fiction — the B-side of what actually happens when you marry that hot vampire who never grows old. I’m suddenly much more interested in the parents now. I guess they’re not going to be the lead’s parents though, unless he’s half-human. Ooh, wouldn’t THAT be a great storyline too? Now I’m getting all sorts of ideas.

Vampire Idol is still casting and plans to premiere in December on cable network MBN. Can’t wait.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bhadra Sivadas

    this plot kinda reminds me of the movie ‘Queen of the damned’..Awesome would love to see how this one turns out!!..Excited!!! 🙂

  2. S

    OMG really excited now!! 😀

  3. MsScorpio

    LOVE that…. now I can’t wait for that project to come true….

    Looks like it IS the year for cable with all their lined up and current dramas sounding really good and scoring great leads.

  4. kate

    Lol I saw that picture of NMW ^ and I thought it was a girl at first…now where are my glasses >.<

    • 4.1 trixicopper

      To be honest, he’s prettier than a lot of girls. 🙂

    • 4.2 momo

      I dont know whether it is because of his hands alone or the way he holds them, but he really looks feminine in the picture.

  5. queencircles

    this sounds effing awesome!

    …except… 120 episodes…. is so looooong.

  6. Cynthia

    Okay – it’s official. This has to be one of the CRAZIEST plots in Kdrama history!

    Bring it on! I can’t wait to wallow in the insanity!!

    • 6.1 Minnetter

      I second that! especially if it has NMW!! and also for some reason I have a soft spot for Shin Dongyup… I’m really looking forward to this^^

  7. joonni

    This drama has Noh Min Woo written all over it. He already looks the part and has the whole band/idol history behind him.

    And Shin Dong Yup and Kim Sumi! Now that’s an awesome storyline for the two.

    Can’t wait!!! I hope Noh Min woo gets casted.

  8. craziluver

    they have crazy story, a prince vampire-who-came-from-another-planet-who-wants-to-be-an-idol-and-also-a-higschool-student. and how about we add some more, he will play a highschooler who also solve mysteries, fell in love with a normal ordinary girl in town and turn the girl into a vampire herself so they can live happy ever after. kekkekeke no offense , i love no min woo, but whats with the crazy premise. vampire stories seems to be everywhere lately. did you smell “twilight” syndrome. ??

    • 8.1 Lorlena

      There was one Japanese drama about a vampire who came to Earth to find love or bite someone… whatever comes first I guess…And also landed in high-school. Wonder what was the name…Vampire man…Vampire Boy

      • 8.1.1 dancetrina

        Are you talking about Koishite Akuma? (I think it was also known as Vampire Boy) I loved that dorama 😀

        • Aternall

          That’s the first thing that came in my mind after reading the plot:D KA was a nice drama but also so sad T.T I hope this one will have a happy ending:D kekeke. But KA was from earth, my country, Romania :))) NMW’s drama will be more interesting because he’s not only a wampire but an alien too:D AMAZIIING!!! can’t wait for december to come^o^

          • Lorlena

            Romania? Hi neighbor (Im in the county next to yours 😉 ). I didnt watch past ep. 1, so i just remembered that he came from…somewhere. But this plot just reminded me of it.

  9. mskololia

    Yes, it does read like Village of the Damned meets 3rd Rock from the Sun who hooks up with Twilight on the way to Saved by the Bell.

    A daily is not in my making but it looks like this one will be recapped so I can read up on how this goes for future reference if intersted in watching after it ends.

    Thanks DB.

    • 9.1 CKDexter

      HAHAHA. Best premise summary ever XD

      I’ve never watched a daily either, but this might just convince me…

  10. 10 aardvarksmile

    Idols AND vampires in one drama is definitely too much for me to handle. Hate both themes. Also, I think it’s a waste for No Min Woo’s image that he’s gotten after Rock Rock Rock. He showed that there is something more to musicians that pretty faces and lipsync.
    I don’t want to be misunderstood, I would be absolutely delighted to see him in light comedic stuff. It’s just I’m sick and tired of idolizing idols. Come on, even as a vampire can’t he have other dreams? Like to design beautiful cars. Or revolutionise any field?

    • 10.1 Danna

      I kinda agree….i feel like this might be a step down for NMW

      • 10.1.1 Jo

        Can’t actors have fun with their careers? They aren’t always THAT calculating in their images…

  11. 11 Noelle

    If he does this I will definitely watch. I’ll make this my first sitcom. Screw Full House 2 PLEASE DO THIS!

  12. 12 jubilantia

    ohmigod PLEEEASE let Noh Min-woo take this! The part is pretty much tailor-made for him. He’s got that perfect combo of almost unnatural good looks and a killer smile. I might even take time out of my schedule to watch a daily for it.

  13. 13 sammy

    I think Noh Min-Woo would be great as a vampire…he would be way better than Edward. He has such untapped potential!

  14. 14 myweithisway

    I totally want to enjoy NMW’s comedy skills! Pick this one over full house please!

  15. 15 smiles

    Sounds to effing awesome – my brain might to explode fro the awesomeness of it all!!!

  16. 16 Noemi

    Oh my goodness—this is brilliant! Noh Min-Woo would make an excellent vampire! I loved him as the emo-haired gumiho hunter…but a vampire? That’s even better! :-E

  17. 17 Programmer ahjumma

    Can I get a blonde Rose(the star himself) at least for a few episodes? 😀 a lil cameo of self?
    Yup this sitcom has NMW all over it! he was cute and funny in his previous sitcom
    On the other hand this would have less viewers than a prime time drama and less recognition – but sounds way better than FH2

  18. 18 otk

    not a big fan of NMW (too much of a flower boy) but I LOVEEEEEEEE KIM SUMI. She rocked Unstoppable wedding ! I will definately watch this!

  19. 19 Carinne

    It’s about time Korea took vampires to the next level… and then… witches and warlords, oh please, tell me this is gonna happen. Pls. drama universe.

    Let Lee Dong-wook be a vampire too.

    • 19.1 lhuiying

      With requisite shirtless scenes?! I’m so in!

      • 19.1.1 Danna

        Kim jae won would be better except they’re both too old play high dchoolers…immortal or otherwise…and I.think so is NMW

        • VanillaSalt

          I’d like to see Kang-ahhh! as a sexy shirtless vampire 😉

  20. 20 crazedlu

    hee. that’s hilarious about the parents. looking forward to this.

  21. 21 Stacy

    I can only hope that with the combination of NMW and vampires, someone will sub this…

  22. 22 Lisa/Raine

    Everytime I see No Min-woo and Kim Jae-wook I always think, “Man, these guys would make AWESOME vampires.” I guess the PDs did too!

  23. 23 peachys2sleep

    Seriously, he should forget Full House 2 and do this. Sounds so much more awesome.

  24. 24 Ace

    Oh, yeah!!! Ditch Full House 2 and get on board this wacky train!!! Epic plot and Kim Sumi!

  25. 25 Birthday Girl

    I just laughed. Really loud.

  26. 26 jen

    the end. i’m watching it. the concept is just too good to pass

  27. 27 sally_b

    Love MinWoo….but seriously, the guy is 25 (?) why would they have him be in High School? unless he’s a teacher (which could be very cool as well)…..why can’t he just be a college student?..High School seems like a real ‘stretch’, but I’ll be watching none the less.

  28. 28 Alvina

    Aww, I LOVE SDY as a MC, comedian, and actor. I actually think that storyline can be quite tragic because it breaks all sorts of social norms (you know, as normal as being married to a vampire can get lol).
    I mean, in most “human falls in love with a vampire” story, one of them gives up something in order to match the other (gaining or losing immortality). I find it interesting that that they’re going in this route…

    Also, Noh Min-Woo will always be ‘Rose’ to me. And, considering some of the outfits he wore during that time period, he’ll be a bangin’ vampire 😀

    PLEASE make this happen.

  29. 29 Arhazivory

    Interesting. NMW makes the perfect vampire with his pale, flawless, too-pretty looks. The premise sounds quirky and awesome and even if its 120 eps, I think I’ll board this ship.

  30. 30 hangukeando

    Woah…120 days of Noh Min-woo? What must be done for this to happen?!

  31. 31 estel

    Um, YES PLEASE. Now, thank you.

    We definitely do not need another generic romcom; what we do need is Noh Min-woo rocking it as a vampiric idol-wannabe from outer space. Yes. Oh, yes.

  32. 32 Steph

    Look at that face.

    Bring it!
    I’m down.

  33. 33 mnstpdu08

    A vampire planet? LOL. It looks like it will be hilarious. NMW is going to be one hot vampire.

  34. 34 ellewu

    can’t wait for this one 🙂 Noh Min Woo is simply divine and i LOVE Kim Sumi!

  35. 35 nikkipaper

    I love your commentary, it actually makes me laugh out loud!

  36. 36 ms

    120 episodes? woah.. what was the max number of episodes in korean drama? anyone know?

  37. 37 Abbie

    This is gonna be SO. AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  38. 38 Genie

    Okay. I am all about the parents now.

    So much more tragic and interesting, in that one will outlive the other and their love is so enduring.

    Noh Min- WHO?

  39. 39 DarknessEyes

    120 episodes? Maybe i’ll watch for Noh Min Woo 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3

  40. 40 Christy

    He’ll make the sexiest vampire with that flawless aristocratic face. This role is so perfect for him.

  41. 41 whatis

    that sounds SUPER interesting!!!!

  42. 42 HeyLi

    I much much prefer Noh Min Woo in this than “Full House 2”! 120 episodes of staring at Noh Min Woo sounds fine by me!

  43. 43 Saa

    The premise… LOLLLL. I think if Noh Min Woo’s in, I’m in too. 😀

  44. 44 kopi_adik

    love Kim Sumi! and definitely love Noh Minwoo! i’d watch any crap he’ll be in LOL!

  45. 45 stellar

    this is vampire crack in the works lol

  46. 46 charlotte1987

    cute plot, the way gf wrote it was cool…

    anyway, i so love Noh Min-woo…

    from gumiho hunter to vampire idol… AWESOME!

  47. 47 jlinTeng

    to honest i’m so tired about vampire things although NMW will become the sexiest vampire around and i don’t mind if he bites me 🙂 but i hope he will choose full house 2 than vampire idol

  48. 48 Kender

    Omg, I need this drama like I need air. Want, do very much want.

  49. 49 tonia

    Am I the only one who isn’t as gungho about Noh Min Woo? I mean he’s pretty but so are other artists or actors. For me there isn’t anything special to him other than a pretty face. Now same as javabeans I’m more interested in Shin Dong Yup and Kim Sumi story in the series.

  50. 50 Jaykah

    Ok this sounds awesome!

    I haven’t watched a lot of his work but I think Noh Min Woo would be a perfect choice, he had that eerie immortal hotness in My girlfriend is a gumiho.

    I’ve never stuck around long enough to watch a drama with over 50 episodes but maybe this’ll be my first 🙂

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