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Noh Min-woo to star in rock drama Boohwal
by | November 6, 2010 | 103 Comments

Gumiho hunter fans of the world, your prayers have been answered. Noh Min-woo (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Pasta) will be starring in upcoming rock drama Boohwal. It’s a four-episode KBS Drama Special, based on the true story of Kim Tae-won, lead guitarist and songwriter of rock band Boohwal. (The name Boohwal [부활] means rebirth or reincarnation.)

You’ll probably recognize Kim Tae-won by face (pictured below), if not by legendary rock status. Boohwal has over twenty years of history as one of the most commercially successful and insanely popular rock bands to come out of Korea (where you may have noticed that a great majority of commercial success is dominated by pop.) They were most popular in the late 80s/early 90s when their vocalist was Lee Seung-chul, but Kim Tae-won is the face, the songwriter, and revered lead guitarist of the band.

The four-episode drama special will chronicle Kim Tae-won’s turbulent life as the leader of Boohwal, and tell his personal story. I’m actually dying to watch this, because Kim Tae-won has that awesome guitar-legend mystique about him, that always makes me curious about what kind of life he lives.

Musician-turned-actor Noh Min-woo was the drummer for rock band TRAX, and it seems fitting that one rocker should play another. Although I’m pretty sure Kim Tae-won never looked like Noh Min-woo, even on his best days. The drama special also stars rising actress Hong Ah-reum (Dream) as his love interest.

Boohwal premieres November 27 on KBS.

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103 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. byeol

    i hear fangirls squealing!!!

    • 1.1 therainhouse

      I hear gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, bisexuals squealing!

      • 1.1.1 Jane

        I can’t hear anything because I just died happy…

        • Helda

          Best reply ever hahahah

          • lilymon


          • niKai


          • therainhouse

            Double ditto!

        • uniques

          CPR and you’re ….errmmm ….resurrected

          • Viola

            Why stop at cpr? I think some mouth to mouth resuscitation from No Min Wo might be in order….. okay never mind. That might just kill the lucky
            poor fangirl he was trying to save! 🙂

          • uniques

            You’re totally right … Shin Se Kyung just received a portion of that treatment recently (Only in Korea could happen)

            beware of knetizens and proceed with the “treatment” as soon as you see No Min Woo-ssi near you

      • 1.1.2 marisa

        Best comment-of-the-week award goes to therainhouse!!!

        So true. Noh Min-woo makes my little lesbian heart all warm and fuzzy. Finally I can fangirl with my sister over a boy.
        He’ contagious!

        • therainhouse

          He most definitely is! What do you like about Noh Min Woo? Is it his smile or his eyes? For me, it’s the eyes..

          • kinky_mode

            the smile-I want those dimples and omo I want those lips being mine -read instead of my lips… (don’t worry I have full lips too… but his are even prettier-this is the woman’s envy )

            the fingers (yay superlong pianist fingers 200% potent we should ask someone to check the tongue to be sure of 300%)

            I love he can appreciate the value of a good eye make-up see below

            in this vid you can see why his eyes are so smexy
            (his GF can use his cosmetics … errmm if she isn’t killed first by crazy fans )

          • therainhouse

            Oh, kinky_mode, I like Noh Min Woo’s fingers too. Hands belonging to pianists and surgeons are so beautiful.

            He has those hands, such slender, long fingers.

          • poppet

            @ kinkymode
            i love his eyes in that video tooo^^
            he’s prettymuch the androgenousest thing Ever, but he’s gorgeous with it o0o

  2. kk


  3. therainhouse

    Complicated emo pretty guy!

  4. dragontattoo

    haha grandma taewon 😀

    • 4.1 minnetter

      grandma Taewon rules… hahaha love it when he’s on programs like Star Golden Bell etc… he’s such a black hole, sucks everyone right in…

    • 4.2 DryedMangoez

      Indeed! He is hilarious and awesome.

  5. Ojou_Belle

    I can’t wait to see No Min Woo again. He’s so handsome…and I think he’s a good guy,what with his vsits to Africa to help them out and stff.

  6. therainhouse

    Would you say Kim Tae Won is the Korean Steven Tyler?

    Would you compare Boohwal to Aerosmith?

    • 6.1 belleza

      “Would you compare Boohwal to Aerosmith?”

      More like Journey. Here’s the group covering “that song from Pride”, Queen’s I Was Born to Love You.


      • 6.1.1 therainhouse

        This is my first time listening to Boohwal. I think they’ve got spirit. Somehow, I prefer Queen’s version though.

    • 6.2 Vicki Hall

      I think that Taewon is far more rock than Steven Tyler who has leaned more toward Glam Rock. And Taewon is way more rock than Journey. He was raised on Zeppelin like the female group Heart was. He is in a league of his own.

  7. Selli

    In the last picture he slightly resembles a Native American, in my opinion ^^ Seems awesome, though things like that can easily go wrong. However, I have lots of hope for this one =D

    • 7.1 brookeeve

      Dude looks like my cousin Orange! Swear up and down and sideways!

  8. Alexis

    Ahhhh!!! Finally.. I am SO happy! 🙂 Can’t wait to see this though I dun think Noh Min Woo can compare with Kim Tae Won.. The guy is seriously too cool for words! I am still looking forward to seeing Noh Min Woo though cos it’s been too long!! 🙂

  9. :)

    i hope he does well!!!

  10. 10 thedramaaddict

    yay!! no min woo! xD

  11. 11 valmalove

    I am happy No Minwoo is doing a drama…but quite short and honorable. Looking forward to it!!!

  12. 12 Natalia

    Is it OK is I drool?

    Thank you drama gods!

    • 12.1 poppet

      ‘drama gods’ made me lol:P

  13. 13 ckdarkraven23

    yehey!!! i was just thinking when will Noh Min Woo’s next project be and then here comes this article confirming this great news!!!! so exciting!!!! ;))

  14. 14 brookeeve

    I know that I’ve read in books and stuff that both Lakota and Koreans are descendants of the Mongols, but I never really believed it until that last picture! It is so freaky how much that snapshot looks like my cousin!

  15. 15 belleza

    In fact, BooHwal played in LA just over a month ago.

    Worth mentioning, BooHwal’s current singer is C U T E and sings a little bit like Steve Perry. Rich vocal tone that you don’t see among the boy bands.


    • 15.1 jean


      sorry, the main post was supposed to be about grandma taewon and minwoo.

      I think in terms of skills, jungmo frm trax would’ve been a better choice. But i dont think jungmo can act though, he’s pretty emotionless:>hehehe

      • 15.1.1 Viola

        that man ca not be thirty! wow.

      • 15.1.2 jubilantia

        “But i dont think jungmo can act though, he’s pretty emotionless”


      • 15.1.3 pohonphee

        Have you heard Lee Hong-ki the FT Island lead vocal voice? He does have that sexy husky voice if you look for some in Korean music industry, he, he, he (fangirling mode on)

        • row.an

          ahhh… FT Island’s Hong Ki. I took one listen to ‘Bad Woman’ and started digging all of FT Island’s tracks…

          • france

            i agree. lee hongki has very good vocals. he’s becoming very popular here in new zealand – among asian and caucasians. regardless of language barrier.

    • 15.2 pohonphee

      God Thanks belleza for the link, I’ve been failing when my Sister asked me about K rock band that I know in process converting her more to become K addict . The song and and the voice is wonderful. Wonder why K rock band is vanish from K music chart if they have K Rock band like this….

      • 15.2.1 belleza

        “Wonder why K rock band is vanish from K music chart if they have K Rock band like this….”

        Korean rock has always been popular, but if it doesn’t make a drama, you won’t see a lot of international visibility. Thus, the irony — rock travels more easily in the West than bubblegum pop.

  16. 16 uniques

    Errmmm I’m pretty sure this is No Min Woo’s first main lead… these news about No Min Woo and Boohwal are on-line since 20-21 Octomber… without the 4 eps part…(thanks for the news)

    After TRAX No Min Woo played as the guitarist for The Romantist- a band that isn’t very famous

  17. 17 thureese

    Im sooo exciiited for this!!! i love him most when he involves himself to MUSIC!! =)

  18. 18 tutu

    noh min woo one word ,yum

    • 18.1 uniques

      one word: yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm

      • 18.1.1 serenity56

        nope, two words dear…

        super yummmmm!

  19. 19 Porcelain

    I might get bricked for saying this… but actually I was thinking NMW ex-band mate from Trax, Jungmo might be better casted… coz that guy is one heck of a guitar god… and he does look a bit like KTW, but cuter and better looking of coz… ^^

    But maybe NMW is able to pull this off as he is multi-instrument able as well… We’ll see…

    And irl KTW is hella funny in variety show, there is this deadpanned humourous quality about him…

    • 19.1 May

      nah, don’t think you’ll get bricked for it, haha.
      you’re not the only one that thinks that way~

      Though Jungmo might’ve been a better choice for his guitar skills, I think the production was wise to choose someone who also had acting experience.
      No Min Woo is actually pretty good at guitar! (or so I think at least) I think he’ll do fine 😀
      so, lets wait and see what unfolds~~~~

      &&- you watch QoM too!?!?! <3333333333

      • 19.1.1 Porcelain

        Oooh… I heard great things about QoM but I can’t find a decent & reliable dl source so I don’t follow it…

        I’m more of a Star King, Strong Heart girl, though I do try to catch the other epicness ie; Infinity Challenge, 1N2D, Running Man, Happy Together, Come to Play, Invincible Youth etc… I randomly catch KTW in some show and coz he is alwayss hidden behind his sunglasses(mysterious!) and he is always quiet, when he open his mouth with witty comments, I always lol-ed!

  20. 20 Laeah


    I'm ready for some more Noh Min Woo. Dude, he's so sexy. I'm so excited!!

  21. 21 hellochloe

    Oh! That means he’ll probably be sporting long hair right?

    Wig or extentions? hehe.

  22. 22 refresh_daemon

    I like Boohwal, the band. Not that the music is spectacular, but it’s consistently decent. I think a bio-drama might be interesting to see.

    For a second after reading the title, I thought this was going to be a rock remake of the OTHER Boohwal drama about secret twins and intrigue (I think it was also called Revenge).

  23. 23 lessaofpern

    Woooo Hooooo!!!!!!The happy dance is happening at our house!!!! 😀
    This guy is very talented. He plays the drums, guitar, piano and violin! He also composes music and sings as well. Hopefully he will get to showcase his talents in this drama. Congratulations on getting the lead role 😀

    He has officially been TAKEN my kid has CLAIMED him!!! Beware, the Psychic Pigeons and the Hammer are hard at work 😀

    Here is a cute guitar cover he did:


    Here is a Diadda fan video!!! Enjoy 😀


    • 23.1 Viola

      I am glad that littlest sis has already found out about this. I was just about to send the article to her facebook. 🙂
      I guess she is living up to her name as Theasianstalker huh? 😉

  24. 24 dae hae

    korean actor No Min Woo is a handsome guy. The production team made the right choice. I will definitely
    watch this drama. You go No Min Woo.

  25. 25 Viola

    Yay, for his His Preternatural Prettiness! I can not wait to see this drama.

  26. 26 Jenju

    Kim Tae-won!!!!!!!!!


  27. 27 diadda

    No Min Woo playing Kim Tae-won?!?!

    this is a very EPIC kind of thing. If they do this well…oooo I simply can not wait. The music alone will be awesome.

    • 27.1 lessaofpern

      We expect some more Yummy videos after this 😀

  28. 28 Haj

    Although I’m pretty sure Kim Tae-won never looked like Noh Min-woo, even on his best days.


  29. 29 Sere

    OMO! I’m actually excited about the drama (awesome premise!) and the actors, esp Noh Min-woo. Woohoo.

  30. 30 JD

    “Although I’m pretty sure Kim Tae-won never looked like Noh Min-woo, even on his best days.”

    BAAHAAHAHAHAHA you make me chortle.

    • 30.1 Crew


      I was going to post a reply about the same thing. Made me snort.

    • 30.2 pohonphee


  31. 31 MsRetta

    This is great. I was introduced to Boohwal about about 2 yrs ago and checked out NMW after Pasta.
    I think NMW wants to be more than a pretty face and I have been anxious to see what type of projects he chooses.
    He is mega sick on some drums, and as mentioned can play several instruments. So I say good choice.

    Look forward to this, alas getting to look at all that gorgeousness!

  32. 32 -_-

    even if it is just 4 episodes im still soooooo happy Noh Min-Woo has another project and im so looking forward to it….next lets hope for another series as a lead role

  33. 33 Vee

    I hope that Lee Seung Chul and other Boo Hwal members make cameo too. I want to see Jung Dong Ha too.

    • 33.1 jean

      SAME SAME SAME!!! I hope they can atleast perform one song in the show!

  34. 34 jeankaycee

    thanks gf for the great news!!!

    noh min-woo liked him my girlfriend is a gumiho.
    will watch this to see him do rocker stuff to contrast that pretty face of his!

    • 34.1 missmanderley

      Here is NMW when he was still going by as Rose in TRAX —

      pretty sure the dude can rock the rocker look again anyday.

  35. 35 JO

    Noh Minwoo is incredibly pretty for a guy….=_=

    • 35.1 pohonphee

      No even for a girl 😛

  36. 36 E-Kun

    So going to watch that! I loved him as “hunter” on GGF. He is so hot!

  37. 37 SteamyBun

    Noh Min-woo is so pretty, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen both his eyes at once.

  38. 38 Misa

    i just about screamed when i saw that picture. didnt even read the caption and i was excited!

  39. 39 LadyIgraine

    its jin-halmonee! taewoon halmonee 🙂

  40. 40 Rizzy

    Squeals can be heard here in Manila as well! Me included! can’t wait!

    • 40.1 rhea

      Oh yeah!Add me to the squealing in the Philippines, haha.

      Noh Min-woo rocks!


  41. 41 Bengal

    I’m soooo excited!!! I felt so bad for him in Gumiho… more time to indulge… yum

  42. 42 evelia

    Finally! Yeah.

  43. 43 Carinne

    Wow, a role NMW dually promote TRAX and Boohwal. I swear, if he shows long hair in this drama special, I might melt. Bishounen beauty tag. Oh, what a rhapsody!

  44. 44 Annony


  45. 45 stellar

    i have no words for this anymore but i think i died a beautiful death. 😀

    *joins the screaming/dying fans from the philippines*

  46. 46 djes

    oh so this is a mini drama? well, it’s okay though, it’s good to see NMW again!

    “Although I’m pretty sure Kim Tae-won never looked like Noh Min-woo, even on his best days.”
    hehehe, I wonder what KTW was thinking when he knew NMW will be playing as him?

  47. 47 sjsmn

    everybody ever watched No Min woo in this

    also he is Rose from Trax


  48. 48 HallyuSurfer

    I so want to watch this! Well, I doubt TaeWon look like Minwoo before but I’m sure his daughter would approve LOL

  49. 49 neverbeenloved

    hahahaha.my new fave actor..added to my pretty korean boys list… Hope he will have his own kdrama series..cute.xoxo.

  50. 50 budsdiana

    Looking forward to a NMW rotating headers in DRAMABEANS!

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