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Running Man: Episode 63
by | October 9, 2011 | 31 Comments

It’s the highly anticipated Girls Generation Special in this episode. With one lady out, why not bring in six to replace her absence this week? I’ve never seen the cast this excited, nervous, and happy bundled into an hour and a half.

EPISODE 63. Broadcast October 2, 2011.

The 6 boys open up the episode without Ji-hyo and note her absence, which has kept her from filming this week. We won’t be seeing the Monday Couple today I suppose. My heart breaks a little.

Mr. PD has something else up his sleeve and lifts their spirits – today there are six guests for today’s episode, all from idol group Girls Generation (SNSD): Tae-yeon, Yu-ri, Jessica, Seo-hyun, Hyo-yeon, and Yoon-ah. Needless to say that the boys are absolutely elated. You can’t wipe the huge smiles off their faces as each of them appears one by one.

There’s a slight drizzle and the boys are chivalrous enough to provide the ladies with makeshift umbrellas using their sweaters and shirts, chasing each other around to do so. With each ladies’ entrance, off goes another layer of clothing.

I wouldn’t have thought that strongman like Jong-kook would be embarrassed about baring his guns arms but they’re ginormous. And Jae-suk tucks his shirt in his pants? Are we back in fourth grade? Yu-ri jokes that she wonders how the cast will manage giving all nine of their members dry cover, and Jae-suk replies, “No worries – we’ll just start from Jong-kook again.” Heh.

It’s a Couples Race today which means more old-school variety introductions and dances. The ladies formally introduce themselves, some admitting to having someone in mind today. How cute is red-faced Kwang-soo all bashful and timid in front of Yu-ri? (They were in a ‘loveline’ together when she was a guest in a previous episode.) But Jae-suk stomps on his dreams that the couples formed here are fake, not real. Aww.

The boys take their turns to impress the ladies and what the? Gary’s ‘dancing’ has left me awestruck in laughter and embarrassment. I mean, I know the man can dance but this er, thrusting action is in a class by itself.

Time for the guys and girls to make their choices and it’s easier for some than others. Haha and Jong-kook are successfully paired off with Tae-yeon and Seo-hyun respectively, (creating the Blue Team) but it’s the confusing love triangles between the rest that’s harder to keep track of.

Kwang-soo’s face falls when Yu-ri chooses Jae-suk, but he gives up on her for Yoon-ah (after much yelling from the others). Kwang-soo grabs at the chance to be coupled with Yu-ri, and the four form the Green Team. Gary gets pulled back and forth by Jessica and Hyo-yeon, but the latter loses out to be paired with Suk-jin, cementing the Pink Team together.

Thank you Hyo-yeon for being a girl with enough sense to be properly turned off by Gary’s fickleness. I’m sure Ji-hyo will have a word with him later, hon.

The RM staff are such smart-alecks as each couple is introduced and the captions read, “We’re the Monday Couple today!” for Gary and “I’ll do my best Seo-yun, I mean Seo-hyun!” for Jong-kook. Kee.

Finally, we head out to our first mini mission and the atmosphere in each car vastly differs from one another. The Blue Team is filled with a cutesy aura that dissipates when Jong-kook mentions that Haha always talks about Yoon-ah, not Tae-yeon. Haha gets so flustered that he ends up taking the wrong road. Oops!

Hyo-yeon doesn’t quite let Gary off the hook in their car either, noting that he looks better on TV (heh). When Suk-jin offers to buy Jessica a snack, she adds, “You shouldn’t get it for her. She’s coupled with Gary.” Oof, it’s gonna be a rough day for you Gary.

The Green Team arrive at the park first and the girls burst into laughter. That staff member really does resemble Jae-suk and I love it how both parties take a moment to process whether that’s a compliment or not. The task for each team is to ride their bikes to a picnic spot, feed each other their snacks, and arrive back in THREE minutes. Can you say impossible, Running Man?

Even though their time is limited, Kwang-soo and Jae-suk try to make most of their picnic with the girls anyway. I’m sure there are thousands of fanboys who would love to be in your shoes right now.

In any case, the clock ticks down and I’m worried they’re going to run out of time and Yu-ri does too as she hurriedly packs everything up with an impatient tone. Jae-suk tells her that the Running Men have learned a fact after filming with so many ladies – the pretty ones always have a short fuse. Heh.

If love gives you strength, then Kwang-soo’s turned into Hercules, peddling faster and working even harder in their second pass. They’re mere feet to the finish line when Kwang-soo’s legs crumple under him, missing the the cut-off by a few seconds. He’s so embarrassed by the incident that his voice drops, telling Jae-suk not to draw any attention to it. For what it’s worth, the Pink Team failed too!

The more times the teams are forced to repeat this mission, the more they learn. Who needs silly things like utensils and napkins when you can use your hands to eat the salad and dip your bread in jam? They’re in such a rush that the contents of the Pink Team’s box spill onto the ground, and they scramble to stuff it all back in.

The Green Team finally passes, exhausted and relieved but there isn’t any time to dawdle: the Blue Team who passed on their first try are hot on their tail. Off to the shopping mall!

For their second mission, each couple must buy five items to create a couple look with their given allowance. The Green Team boasts the most with 150,000 Won (equivalent to $150) and they’re still pretty frugal despite a fat wallet.

Kwang-soo’s in pure heaven as he and Yu-ri wander around, picking out socks and cellphone cases, his cheeks flushed red. He’s like the boyfriend who’s strapped for cash who wants to buy his girl everything, but doesn’t want to worry his ladyfriend by saying, “Pick what you like. I’m sorry I can’t buy [insert expensive item] for you!”

He even evades the other pricey items by complimenting her: the shoes she’s already wearing is pretty and that muffler isn’t the one he had in mind for her. Too cute.

Haroro and Tae-yeon opt to buy all the cute items in sight, but that cute sweater comes at a hefty price. Tae-yeon spots some cheap duds and Haha picks out a set of lacey shirts for them. Oh no it’s gonna be — no it IS a bad idea, Haha. He comes out of the dressing room, “I’m done for!” To rub salt in the wound, they find a cheaper store selling tees nearby. Oof.

Ha! It’s Jae-suk and Yoon-ah fully clad in green from head to toe with a green headband, watch, tees, and socks. The running joke is that Jae-suk is famous for wearing green on Running Man (even Haha bought him a custom-made green blazer for his birthday) but this just about puts it over the top. But they’re first to succeed and it’s time to head to their next destination!

Jae-suk gloats in the car that spending the day with them feels like a dream and the terrifying thought hits him – what if they change overnight like last time? So the boys advise the girls not to drink anything the RM staff gives them that night. Kee.

The third mission is to sing karaoke and achieve a specific arbitrary score, like 73. Today is filled with ridiculous missions, huh? Jae-suk comments that it’s a bit embarrassing for a man to sing a cute, fluffy song from SNSD and Yoon-ah agrees – it’s too hard for her too. Heh.

Everyone fails their first time around, no surprise there, but karaoke can lift any mood and liven up any party. Haha is so serious that when it’s the Blue Team’s turn to sing ‘Wrongful Meeting’, he counts down the beats, readying himself for the opening dance sequence…and is restrained by Jae-suk.

But the distractions are no use, the Blue team reaches their goal anyway and they laze around to watch the next team fail before heading out.

I’ve got to admit – Kwang-soo’s got a decent singing voice. I can’t decide what’s funnier – Kwang-soo’s exaggerated actions or the cameraman who swings in beat, shooting the scene like a ’90s ballad MV. They pass and head out in the car.

Yoon-ah says that Yu-ri and Kwang-soo resemble a real couple, and when Jae-suk refutes it, Kwang-soo adds, “We’ll figure it out on our own.” Yu-ri: “We?”

Jae-suk goes on, saying that she’s going to give away the items they bought and Kwang-soo is slightly offended. She asks if he’ll really wear them and enter Jae-suk, the Woman Language Translator: “She means, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t.'”

Kwang-soo then asks after the headband and Yu-ri is genuinely surprised. Enter Woman Language Translator 2.0. Yoon-ah: “Wow = I never imagined he’d mention that.” Hahaha!

The Green and Pink Teams drive to their final destination defeated – there’s no way they could catch up to the Blue Team.. or could they? It’s the Green Team who arrive first and Yu-ri grabs the flag, winning couple rings for Kwang-soo and herself.

Although the Blue Team did leave first, we see that they were too busy admiring the sunset that they took a wrong turn. Spartakooks is not happy.

Everyone heads off to bed but in the morning, the girls’ van goes missing…where are you taking them!?!


31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jm126

    Such a cute episode. I wish I saw more Hyoyeon in this episode though. She’s hilarious !

    • 1.1 mey

      that’s because she was paired with suk jin, who hardly gets exposure on rm.

  2. lala

    GREAt episode they are so funny

  3. Quiescent

    Yoona <3

  4. Ani

    I miss Ace Jihyo and her Mungness. I know she’s Monday Couple with Gary, but sometimes I wish she’d actually date Kim Jong-kook. They’d be sooo cute together. I love Kim Jong-kook, but sometimes his muscles are scary HAHAHA. RM jjang~

    • 4.1 Ani

      P.S. Yuri, break Kwang-soo’s heart and we’ll have words.

    • 4.2 boey

      Ah, and I thought I was the only one wishing for ACE COUPLE to happen! Lol, I thought they were so cute together in that Chuseok episode. πŸ™‚

      • 4.2.1 Ani

        Ace Couple = EPIC!

        • Ralu

          I really wish ace ji hyo and mister kim kong kook date……………………they are really cute together, the muscle man seems a lot softer when he is with her,
          ace couple man se man se man se

    • 4.3 nana

      Oh, good, it’s not just me! I have a strange affinity for the ace and the commander teaming up, platonically or otherwise.

  5. Haydn

    ehhh. :/ i watched it like halfway & then stopped cause it was kinda boring to me. there was no thrill or excitement. just “ehhhhh.” everything was just so cutesy cutesy, so much overly exaggerated hype and too much of the boys fawning over the girls (which i can understand but jeez it was so awkward to watch at times) i actually preferred the episodes where jess came out by herself or when yoona/sunny came out. this is just my opinion. (& no, i’m not a SNSD hater, i actually like them!) i wish sunny or soo young came out. i wouldn’t have minded if all 9 came out actually πŸ˜€

    • 5.1 ping

      same here. it wasn’t as funny as i expected. =/ where’s sooyoung?!!

      • 5.1.1 seahawks

        Sooyoung was in a car accident and got hurt so she doesnt have a schedule right now

  6. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap!

    But seriously – you skipped over one of the funniest displays by the ladies, ever! It was seeing them doing the “Hands-over-head-open-legs-squat” dance that ultimately thrilled the guys and horrified the other SNSD members!

    These girls really are clever and funny – I like the way several of them don’t hesitate to interact with the guys, and after watching (10/9) the 2nd half (and ending) of this latest RM, it really was a good laugh, between shopping, cooking and bell-chasing.

    SNSD was a good choice, even if it DID take 6 of ’em to replace one ACE! πŸ™‚

    • 6.1 qwerty8

      That squat dance is gold! I love how leader Taeyeon yelled at them for that haha

  7. qwerty8

    Thanks for the recap! As much as I enjoy this episode, idk, this ep doesn’t feel like the real RM with way too much lovelines going on haha. The next episode with the hide-and-seek game looks very promising though!

    I was rather surprised that the girls amped up the cuteness. Maybe because the three girls in-charge of aegyo weren’t there? Oh, and how I wished the SNSD’s variety queens, Sunny and Sooyoung, were there too.

  8. Lys

    What a fun episode! I didn’t even miss Miss Mong while watching it.

    The couple selection game reminds me of x-man.. =D

  9. bd

    This ep was alright, more chuckles than outright laughs, but variety shows like RM (where so much is focused on doing silly errands) aren’t as conducive to outright laughs like past variety shows like Family Outing or X-Man (where there’s more talking and personal interaction).

    The RM ep w/ Sulli, Ji-yeon, Suzy and Luna was funnier due to the guys being physically worn down from having to piggyback the girls, along w/ Ji-yeon mimicking KJK’s behavior towards YJS.

    The problem w/ RM is that there isn’t enough of YJS – he’s too busy being one of the team members that there aren’t nearly enough witty comments or other sillyness that YJS is known for.

    Haven’t watched that many eps of RM, but still prefer it over 1N2D (LSG just rubs me the wrong way and KHD can only be taken in small bits; too much of his “comedy” is making overexaggerated facial expressions).

    • 9.1 bd

      Btw, KJK has always been embarrassed about showing his physique ever since his X-Man days.

    • 9.2 noi

      “The problem w/ RM is that there isn’t enough of YJS – he’s too busy being one of the team members that there aren’t nearly enough witty comments or other sillyness that YJS is known for.”

      personally, i think jaesuk is getting more than enough. and though he’s my favorite, i’m glad that lately some members get more airtime (gary, gwangsoo). this is not a talk show like Come To Play or Happy Together, of course he can’t be a chatterbox all time. he’s the “main character” for several episodes (13, 38, 58, and many more) and he’s the MC, so he plays a very important role here. if i have to say someone who’s not getting enough, i’ll pick sukjin. i mean, he’s hilarious and fun in Star Golden Bell, but what’s he doing here? o-O

  10. 10 luvs

    the episode was okay.. i think variety wise taeyeon and sica did the most… it doesn’t help that the variety queens aren’t there (sunny fany sooyoung)

  11. 11 Unnursvana

    I wish there was more of Hyoyeon. I really wanted her to be with Gary πŸ™ maybe because after Jihyo he is my favorite and Hyo is my favorite in SNSD with Sunny.

    I found Kwang-soo and Yuri to be the funniest things about the episode. I loves seeing fanboy Kwanggso.

    Next episode looks much more fun then this one.

  12. 12 purplesheesh

    BOOOOO!!!! Bring Ji Hyo back now, I miss the ACE Couple, MONDAY Couple and Haha-JiHyo Couple.. πŸ™

  13. 13 sweetstar

    Kwangsoo’s fail moments. LOL.

  14. 14 Claire

    As an avid fan of RM, i love all episodes whether it’s boring or have boring guests i don’t care…I love RM!

  15. 15 noi

    surprisingly, maybe because i expect more since it’s SNSD, this episode is a bit down to me. SNSD is as easy going as usual, and i never expect jessica to be THIS ACTIVE! lol. her cute bickering with gary (and her “STRESS”, lol) makes them the best couple! but i think the games aren’t that great… karaoke is fun but the fast picnic and couple things great aren’t that great… and seriously, the opening are way too long! can they just skip that part and add more games? and maybe it’s because i’m getting too used of “tricky mind games” or “cheating is a good thing”, if only jessica didn’t attempt her cute try in cheating, i wouldn’t find this episode amusing. props to sica! and yes, gary can sing, lol. xD and again, as i always brag about yuri’s excellent variety skill, i’m a bit upset of her in this episode… and her make up makes her look older.

  16. 16 magz

    this was a lovely ep with the girls although maybe it’s a bit different to the normal running man i still loved how energetic the boys were. how adorable was kwangsoo! lovelovelove but like many pointed out it might have been even better if SY was there

  17. 17 zodd

    Felt bad for Kwang soo being turned down like that early on. Come on! She should have accepted the first time!

  18. 18 iris

    I am a little troubled when men partnered with girls half their age.

    • 18.1 marcus

      you should exclude kwang soo he’s only 4-5 years older than them

      • 18.1.1 marcus

        the only ones that could fit your comment are jong kook, jae suk and suk jin

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