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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 363
by | December 9, 2011 | 37 Comments

EPISODE 363. Broadcast on December 4, 2011.

javabeans: We continue our four-against-one mission, with the home of Heo Kyun, famous writer of The Tale of Hong Gil Dong, marked as the destination. Seung-gi drives off from the rest stop first, knowing the destination, although he doesn’t have the exact map like his hyungs do. Su-geun tsk-tsks that Seung-gi left first without being clear on the goal because he felt the time pressure, but the others figure he must have known something.

girlfriday: Ji-won almost gets angry about it, practically yelling at them not to underestimate Seung-gi. Aw.

javabeans: Soon the PDs realize there’s a problem with one of the cameras in Seung-gi’s car, so he gets a companion — at last! — in the form of a VJ. He’s adorably happy about this.

girlfriday: He chirps to Na PD, “You can get in too!” I feel like in Ho-dong’s absence, Seung-gi’s latched onto Na PD more.

javabeans: Tae-woong is the one to crack the code of the CD clues. It’s not the song titles that are the clues, but the musicians: The Carpenters, Koreana, and the Jung trio — all siblings. So their destination has to do with Heo Kyun and his poet sister, Heo Nanseolheon. ….and is Seung-gi listening to his own CD in his car?

girlfriday: It would in no way surprise me. This is what he used to do every time he got in a car when he first joined this show. The hyungs would tease him mercilessly, but he cannot be stopped. He’s like a walking promo machine. Seung-gi worries that he doesn’t have a map, but then when he gets to the tollgate, the ajumma happily gives him directions, right where he needs to go.

javabeans: I so want Seung-gi to win, purely for the narrative aspect. The solo guy in a four-on-one losing? That’s just sad. But if he manages to win… Although he’s not inspiring confidence by declaring, “It’s over. I won! Seung-gi, you won. You totally won.” Seung-gi, know you nothing about tempting fate?

girlfriday: It gets worse when his poor sense of direction kicks in, and he gets lost, of course. He stops for directions, but I wonder, if the hyungs are only 5 minutes behind him, is he giving away his advantage? I suppose it beats getting lost.

javabeans: How can a body be so predictable about something like getting lost? (Ha, the background music is from Hong Gil Dong, the drama.) The hyungs arrive at their destination with no trouble, but they see Seung-gi’s car already there. “Hurry, hurry!” “Go!” “Over there!” Caption: “PANIC.”

girlfriday: They see the flag on the other side of a wall, so Ji-won leaps up to grab it, and then the camera pulls back… to show Seung-gi crouching on the other side, holding it up! Hahaha.

javabeans: So taunting! Heee! Best reveal ever.

girlfriday: It’s totally payback for the time he got lost and they let him believe he wasn’t last place… and then made him take a bath as Seung-mi.

javabeans: There are some things you can’t wash away. Like the stain of indecency on a pure soul. Ha, so then we wind back footage to ten minutes prior, when Seung-gi tears onto the grounds all stuttering in excitement.

girlfriday: Heeheehee. I love that laugh when he gets the idea to taunt them with the flag.

javabeans: He crouches there by the wall, giggling to himself: “Just thinking about it makes me giddy.”

girlfriday: It’s so much better than just putting the flag back. ‘Cause he’s just sitting there, holding the other end, and when they pull, he’ll come up with it.

javabeans: The other team recognizes Seung-gi beat them fair and square, and Tae-woong jumps straight to the question of punishment. I love that his speech bubble basically has a permanent caption, “Rush Mode.”

girlfriday: Na PD explains that they’re visiting the home of Korea’s most famous brother-sister genius pair, and Tae-woong chimes in, “Like Uhm Jung-hwa / Uhm Tae-woong!” Pffft. You did not just say that out of your own mouth.

javabeans: Especially given that genius is not exactly their forte. Now it’s time to choose the dinner menu, and since Seung-gi’s the winner, he gets to play darts (on a spinny wheel) for his pick. He does, then says, “The feelgood portion is over… now on to the main event!” Because the punishments are much more interesting.

girlfriday: Omg, the punishment wheel is awesome. “Shout the name of the person you love… and take a dunk.”

javabeans: Every punishment ends with “…and take a dunk.” “Dance…and take a dunk.” “Do your best…while taking a dunk.” “Like a man…take a dunk.”

girlfriday: There’s even one for “The members of the opposing team… take a dunk.”

javabeans: Is that Na PD’s inclusion of a “small hope” amongst the punishments?

girlfriday: It would be pretty hilarious if Seung-gi won, and then had to do the punishment anyway. Ji-won takes a practice turn, and then actually lands on the opposing team taking the dunk. But it doesn’t count, so they go again, each with a separate turn.

javabeans: Tae-woong is NOT happy about his choice: “Dance while taking a dunk.” I love that Tae-woong’s reactions are getting grumpier now that he’s been on the show a while, and he’s not loving this idea. Ji-won takes his turn, and lands on “Do your best.” Seung-gi laughs, “Hyung, I’m gonna be watching, and if you’re not doing your best, you have to do it again!”

girlfriday: Jong-min gets dancing and Su-geun gets singing, and then Na PD offers a quiz for one other member to win lunch, along with Seung-gi.

javabeans: The question is: The Tale of Hong Gil Dong had lasting historical significance. What was that significance? (It was seen as a revolutionary story criticizing the strict social order and pointing out corrupt government, which is why the government condemned as radical propaganda. But it’s also, on the surface, about a Robin Hood character who steals from the corrupt rich and helps the poor.) So it’s that heroic image that Jong-min thinks of when he raises his hand immediately, then stutters, “Righteous bandit!” HAHA.

girlfriday: I love that the real answer is the simplest: It’s the first novel written in hangul, aka Korean, which Tae-woong gets right. Then it’s time for a dunk in the ocean, per their punishment. Jong-min and Tae-woong both have to dance their way in, so Jong-min suggests they dance to his noona’s song “Poison.” Cue reel!

javabeans: Hee, it’s the song for which Jong-min was backup dancer. Man, they both look so young. It’s funny, because I remember watching those live stage shows and wondering who those backup dancers were. The thing about dancing is, I think it prolongs the dunking a lot longer than running, so brrrrrrrrr. Haha, don’t you love Jong-min and Tae-woong actually practicing their moves prior to making the dive? Like they must get all the steps right otherwise it doesn’t count.

girlfriday: Not that it helps Dog Feet any, ha. Su-geun decides to sing “Lie Down in the Ocean,” which is kind of the perfect dunking song.

javabeans: The guys all follow along with the song, and when the chorus hits, they point at Su-geun and command, “Lie down!” in time with the lyrics.

girlfriday: It’s pretty awesome. Su-geun prolongs it for a while (which seems like a bad idea to me) and then finally lies down into the water.

javabeans: I love that Tae-woong’s more worried about the dancing than the dunking.

girlfriday: He starts out totally embarrassed, as usual, but then the longer it goes on, the less he can fight it. Suddenly there’s this breaking point, he just goes, aw screw it, and starts dancing all crazy.

javabeans: He looks like crazy octopus. He grabs Jong-min and they shuffle sideways into the sea.

girlfriday: Omg, Jong-min splatters around, while Tae-woong smoothly dives in like a seal, and then seeing how he’s enjoying the swim, Jong-min decides to go back in too, only he plops down back-first… into nothing but sand. Na PD’s screaming, “There’s nothing behind youuuuu!” But too late. Plop! Ouuuuuuch.

javabeans: Time for Ji-won to reveal how he’s going to make this his “best”: He’ll somersault in.

girlfriday: That ends up being a better idea on paper, so he has to jump back in a second time anyway. At least he does a cool seal dive.

javabeans: And then…the boys grab Seung-gi. Caption: “Seung-gi, we are one!” They carry him to the water as he’s laugh-shouting, “I’m not ready! I need to mentally prepare!”

girlfriday: They drag-dunk him, only it’s a half-assed job, so he decides to do it for real, wanting to look cool. He runs and takes a big leap… tripping over his own feet and landing face-first. Hahahahaha.

javabeans: Classic Seung-gi. Cue: A dozen replays.

girlfriday: Like you said about the getting lost — how can one body be so predictable?

javabeans: Shower time! Jong-min says it’s like Tae-woong’s in a movie, and he does a movie-smolder look for the camera. Seung-gi asks what they’re shooting the shower for, and his VJ jokes, “To sell.” Ha.

girlfriday: Name your price, VJ!

javabeans: The guys head out to eat, or rather, Seung-gi and Tae-woong get to eat while the other three get to watch. Ji-won is cranky, all “I don’t even know what it tastes like, so whatever.” But he wins a taste with a round of rock-scissors-paper, and all of a sudden his eyes are opened to the deliciousness of this potato soup dish.

girlfriday: I love how Ji-won actually gets cranky like a child, all huffy, and then all it takes is one taste to turn him around.

javabeans: Jong-min proposes a game to Na PD, where the winner of a quiz question gets a 3-second taste. They’re four-character sayings based on hanja, and Jong-min wins three in a row. The game continues, and there’s a montage of Ji-won sitting by silent while Jong-min and Su-geun guess all the answers. Aw.

girlfriday: Then they split up five sights in the city, and each of the boys picks one to go visit. They haggle over how much time they get with Na PD, eventually landing on the weird deadline of 4:53. I’m assuming there’s some sort of punishment if they don’t all make it by then.

javabeans: Seung-gi’s literally running through the street because of the deadline, tossing out a “Hello” to the ajumma who recognizes him…and then stops and turns back because his song is playing inside a shop. Haha.

girlfriday: And then he actually gets on the city bus, which just happens to be full of girls. Sea of screams.

javabeans: It’s so cute. They’re completely excited, but then Seung-gi sits by one group of youngsters and they don’t know what to do. They just sit there all thrilled but silent.

girlfriday: His destination is Coffee Street, literally an entire street lined with nothing but coffee shops. What? Is this heaven?

javabeans: But his mission is to drink ten cups. Is this what they mean about too much of a good thing?

girlfriday: No such thing. But heh, Ji-won tells the other guys that since Seung-gi won’t be able to sleep after all that coffee, they’ll make him bunk outside.

javabeans: He must be in a weird mood. He takes a leisurely sip of #1, an Americano, and decides, “I shall describe this in the form of a poem.” What will he be doing after #10, beat-boxing?

girlfriday: One can only hope. Su-geun goes to the place pictured on the back of the 5000 won bill, while Jong-min goes to the local market, where his mission is to try THIRTY different kinds of food. Whoa. They should’ve sent cranky hungry Ji-won here.

javabeans: My trouble would be in controlling myself early on. You should just take one bite of everything, right? But I can’t do that.

girlfriday: Yeah that seems to be Jong-min’s problem too.

javabeans: Even though Ji-won had reminded/warned him at the outset, “You’d better bring back the leftovers!” Seung-gi heads to a different cafe for #2, and the ajumma must know his personality well, because she points out that she turned the song to his right away. Hee. This one’s drip coffee, and edited together like a CF… until the PD cracks up at his CF pose and voice. He decides he’s not right for a coffee CF, but I’m all, just wait till the offers come rolling in.

girlfriday: He should do a guest spot on Shin Mina’s coffee series. He gets to #3, Caramel Latte, and happily claims this one as the winner. He parodies 10cm’s “Americano,” subbing in “Caramel Latte.”

javabeans: You can see the caffeine starting to take an effect, too, because he’s bobbing his head rather quickly, rushing now.

girlfriday: Ji-won arrives at the Edison museum, which seems like an oddity to me, because what the hell does Edison have to do with Gangneung? But anyway, it’s a museum full of super interesting old-timey things, and Ji-won lights up like a christmas tree: “This is totally my style!”

javabeans: Maybe it’s like going to a zen garden in the States? It’s cute to see him looking around like a kid at all the vintage record players, music boxes, light bulbs.

girlfriday: It’s adorable. I don’t think any of the other boys would’ve had as much fun in here.

javabeans: Tae-woong’s off to the seafood market to buy various creatures, like a living octopus and a squid.

girlfriday: The catch is, he’s gotta bag ‘em himself, per the rules of his mission. Can you imagine the screams from Ji-won if he got stuck doing this one?

javabeans: Heh, that would’ve been pretty amusing. I’m recalling his crab-killing squeals of terror. As for Seung-gi, he’s on #4, a cappuccino, which gives him foam lips and triggers a Secret Garden foam-kiss association, although he points out that it’s weird for him, the guy, to do it. Oh, I have about a thousand fans who’d beg to differ.

girlfriday: He suddenly turns to the camera and says to future imaginary kissy person, “If you’re going to do this, can you not order it with cinnamon? It’s burning my lips.” Noted.

javabeans: I love that this mission is basically Seung-gi’s audition reel for a coffee CF. He tries out all sorts of lines and poses, which he holds for lingering moments to deliver the full effect before breaking into laughter at the cheesiness. And the editors have basically constructed a loveline between Ji-won and Thomas Edison, which is adorable. Ji-won marvels at all the cool stuff Edison invented, and he looks genuinely touched. It’s so cute when he discovers the waffle iron and declares that he’s a fan of waffles.

girlfriday: LOL. This is the 4-D-ness of Ji-won that I love so much. He’s like about to cry at the awesomeness of waffles.

javabeans: Aw, Jong-min heads over to try some more food, and ends up sharing his dishes with a nearby table because he has so much.

girlfriday: I am SO jealous right now. His array of street food is making me salivate.

javabeans: I’m thinking it’s a good thing he skimped on lunch. And he always seems like he enjoys his food, even if his descriptions are sometimes questionable: “It’s like glue!” (He means it in a good way, because it’s sticky.) Oh man, Seung-gi is in full sped-up mode as he goes looking for an espresso shot.

girlfriday: How cute, it’s his first espresso ever, and he marvels at how small it is. “I thought it was leftover coffee.” One sip sends him reeling from the bitterness.

javabeans: He asks, “Is it supposed to be healthy?” like it’s some kind of yucky medicine.

girlfriday: He finally gets his coffee-poem moment right though, when he remembers something he read once: “If love melts, and the heart melts, and sadness melts, and the whole world melts, it becomes one cup of espresso.”

javabeans: He’s so impressed with himself, for how it all came together and how he finally understands how life’s combined ups and downs are like a shot of espresso.

girlfriday: Hee. Is it also like a box of chocolates, Forrest?

javabeans: He tastes another version of espresso, this time poured over ice cream (affogato), and hits upon the perfect description: “If this one is regular espresso, she’s affogato.” HAHA. It’s a parody of Won Bin and Shin Mina’s T.O.P coffee series (“If you’re regular coffee, she’s T.O.P”).

girlfriday: He gets outside and starts running, either from the lack of time or the caffeine rush, and then the crowd that’s gathered starts running after him, making it look like a mob chase scene. He’s like, “Now it looks like I did something wrong and I’m running away!” Run, run, run.

javabeans: Or he’s the Beatles.

girlfriday: But just one. A Beatle. Tae-woong collects more fish at the market, and the first one that gives him trouble is a sea eel that just refuses to be caught.

javabeans: It’s mayhem in the market! But he has grabbed his ten specimens, so he’s done. Everybody’s rushing now with time ticking down, and Jong-min is likewise on the run and can’t stop to try a snack, but cutely an ajusshi puts one in his hand on his way out.

girlfriday: He chats with a pair of high school kids who tell him that this bus is headed the long way around, through the terminal before his destination. Whoops.

javabeans: Ji-won is practically lost in a trance in the music room, listening to “Moon River” on surround sound, and it looks like he’s about to cry, he’s so into it. He’s gotta leave, and he says, “It’s like it stole my soul.” Until…he hears that it’s 4:40 and he’s got 13 minutes to hustle it back. Eep!

girlfriday: Su-geun isn’t much better off, as he stops to ask for directions and is told that it takes about twenty minutes to get there on foot. Oh crap.

javabeans: Everybody had better brace for a chilly night outside…


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Abbie

    This show is great, but I miss Ho Dong!

    • 1.1 dom

      it seems that Korea also misses him.. they didn’t dominate the rating like the used to.. 😐

      • 1.1.1 wanne

        the rating actually keeps increasing from when Hodong left

        1N2D September 25, 2011 (Part 4 Viewers Special, Last Episode with Hodong) – 23.3%

        1N2D October 2, 2011 (First Episode without Hodong) – 23.9%

        1N2D October 9, 2011 – 25.4%

        1N2D October 16, 2011 – 25.7%

        you can check the rest from the site above.

        no doubt everyone misses Hodong, but it doesnt affect 1N2D rating at all. i’m not trying to be bitter towards Hodong, but the effort from the other members and all the staffs should be applaud and recognized since they work extra hard without Hodong and manage to maintain their rating.

        i still wish to see Hodong, MC Mong and Kim C back on the show together with the others before they bid farewell, but yeah, its very unlikely for Hodong and MC Mong :'(

        • Ani

          Aaaaaaaaw. Mongkey Love! Yeah, I wish. Just for one last hoorah. Well, if we can’t have that, at least we get to have a Besty Special. X'(

          • Ani

            Darn. Cleared my browser history. Forgot to make sure my name was linked to something random.

            XD More reason to com back and spam about my Jiwon love. XP

        • Arhazivory

          That’s right. I was going to reply as well, to let dom know that the ratings have been very well and on the increase, actually. We all miss Hodong, and the fact that they miss him is jus making them work even harder. Its so nice to see even Taewoong stepping up to the plate.

        • dom

          thanks for the info!
          I read at the 1n2d soompi page that the show has slipped from their no.1 spot for most watched variety show. but they still have the highest rating in their timeslot. *need to do some research*

          anyway.. to be honest, I don’t miss KHD very much because I enjoy taewoong and ji-woon upping their game.

          and final episodes with all previous host would be epic for a legendary show like this… just like family outing…

          • gustave154

            i wish this show doesn’t end… its gonna end just because hodong is leaving… the other members are sacrificing themselves for the show and hodong… -_____-

      • 1.1.2 otchosais

        I am missing him too!!!

        now, we know what’s HO DONG’s worth..

        even he is sometimes sadistic, and all,

        he is fun to watch and creates fun too!!!

        but I am also loving that ALL seems giving their ALL
        just to make the show continue and be better!!!

        ALL MEMBERS have their OWN parts! 🙂

  2. Lordj

    Refreshing regularly does paid off!!!
    Thanks for the great recap!!!

    • 2.1 Lordj

      I really miss their shower scenes, its been a long time since the boys are taking shower together. And also, why do i get the feeling that Seung Gi may be the blackhole in this mission game since basically, he is just half-way through his mission.

  3. dom

    10 cups of coffee a day?…. dear puppy might change into a howling wolf…
    *note the coffee street for my must-see-when I go to korea*

    • 3.1 Rubysing

      On my third visit to Korea, I’ll head for Coffee Street. So, where exactly is this street, can anyone tell me?

  4. Arhazivory

    lol. Seung Gi might very well get a Coffee CF with this one.

    Great recap ladies. Thanks~

    • 4.1 otchosais

      I am waiting for it!

      LSG is also a CF king..
      alongside with LMH, and the others 🙂

  5. Ani

    I love you Jiwon. I love love love you. Also, I’d be sad to sit down Jiwon and tell him a thing or two about Thomas Edison and a young lad named Tesla, and various other things that Edison did NOT do and what he DID do. My poor Choding would be so sad. Poor guy.

    Anyways, fun episode. We need more Jiwon adorkable moments. And poor Jongmin. I love how he and Taewoong danced. His shining moment. What a goof. A lovable goof.

  6. olsen

    Thank you


  7. samantha

    seung-gi wins!!!!! yeheyy!!! im so happy he won though he’s all alone…

  8. PuppyLove

    SeungGi and Jiwon are both so cute.

    Thanks for the recaps ladies. Can’t wait for the best friend episode.

  9. Shu

    I hope they end 1N2D with a bang for the last episode to be at King Sejong Stn. They owe us. =|

  10. 10 mmmaggie

    Jong Min jumping back into… a pile of sand is the story of his life, isn’t it? Haha. God love him though. He really does seem like a sweetheart.

    And awww, Ji Won. I love it when he really likes something. He’s just so genuine about his likes and dislikes, that, as Darcy once said to Elizabeth, [His] good opinion is rarely bestowed, and therefore more worth the earning. 😀

  11. 11 iheartRaymun

    Awesome episode and awesome recap! Thanks girls for the recaps!
    I’m so looking forward to this episode…Seunggi and his Coffee moments. :))) Jiwonnie and thomas Edision!
    I miss hodong yelling ‘Seunggi yah~’ and Mc Mong’s craziness and Kim C’s thoughtfulness!!! I miss the old 1n2d beary beary much. :'(
    So sad that this show’s gonna end soon. Hope that the celeb friend special will be a good one. (Just why can’t Seunggi invite a friend closer to his age? T.T)
    On a side note, Seunggi’s having his Hope Concert 2011 today and tomorrow. I wish i could be there. 🙁
    Seunggi Fighting~
    (Sorry, i’m a die-hard Seunggi fan.)

    • 11.1 wanne

      The old episodes are the best when they were Mong and Kim C with them T_T

      but even so, 1n2d is still the best show for me now. saying goodbye will be sooooo hard T_T

      • 11.1.1 otchosais

        I agree!!! I am sometimes rewacthing their OLD episodes..

        the OB vs YB..

        the DADs group vs the TEENS..

        I miss them! 😐

  12. 12 lala

    Seunggi will most likely to have a coffee CF in the near future~ hahaha! Thank you for this! I enjoyed reading it 😀

  13. 13 True Love Always Comes

    …I simultaneous want to laugh and cry at this…

    *Every* place they went to, I have been ;_;

    *sniffle*…anyone want to go to coffee street with me? Or even food street?

  14. 14 sam

    wow seunggi-ya, sweet sweet victory!!!! He was practically the underdog of the race and he did it all by his lonesome, haha.

    Taewong is showing his true grumpier side, glad he is not a sore loser though. this variety show will force you to show your real side sooner or later.

    I love the Jiwon seunggi and jongmin-seunggi bromance. And i am happy that they are still , as a show, dominating despite Hodong’s absence. Hope they make it to the time given them.

    Love this epsiode and i love the recaps as always!!

  15. 15 wanne

    Thanks for the recap!!

    OMG, everytime i see that main picture, my lips automatically pucker as well HAHAHA Stop teasing me Seunggi!

    Cant wait to watch this episode. Seunggi and Jiwon are soooo cute!

  16. 16 francian

    love the recap as usual. I was actually reading this on a bus and couldn’t help myself but giggle. Love the show.

  17. 17 anna

    lol i knew for sure that ~chu cap was going to be feature on here.

  18. 18 sweetspring

    can’t wait for the english subs on this one, pure adorable 1d2n entertainment.
    Saw Seung Gi & Ji Won last night in Seoul at Hope concert- wow Seung Gi has an amazing voice live, deeper than what we hear on tv but his laugh is just the same sooooo adorable! & he is so darn good looking. Ji Won rocked the house with his group too.

  19. 19 aceyyy

    aaa thanks for the recap! does anyone know the song that’s playing around the 1h mark, where Sugeun is visiting the Mongryong room? It’s the soundtrack of a sageuk i think ><

  20. 20 Angelwinks

    @sweetsrping, so envious that you were able to watch Seung Gi’s concert last night. Wish I was there too. I hope to be able to hear him sing live at least year perhaps?

    Totally agree that his laugh is adorable and i must add, infectious, one of the reasons why I love watching 1N2D !

    • 20.1 sweetspring

      @angelwinks- hope you make it next year! its definitely worth it if you appreciate Seung Gi’s voice & songs- I really like his new album & he sang some of his songs acoustic at the concert so his voice really shines through. I could not take my eyes off him too, long legs & glowing skin, he’s really the whole package when it comes to entertainers… ahhh blabbing Seung Gi love, sorry folks!

      • 20.1.1 wanne

        Wow, so envy!!
        i love his 5th album too and i always love when he sings acoustic
        i heard before that he will sing a few songs from the album which he never sang before, may i know what song? i hope its Wherever! or Bad Guy!

        anyway, i just finished watching this episode. i wish Jiwon did Tae Wong’s mission, it would be hilarious! but he’s so cute with Edison too.

        watching Jongmin’s mission reminded me of Hodong’s mission before when he need to make a huge number (i forget how many) of different expressions eating different food

        and Seunggi’s mission fits him perfectly! like his Angel mission before. So charming and soo cute! i’m sure there’ll a coffee CF soon~

  21. 21 geeze

    great job girls….well done again….

  22. 22 arina

    i really am going to miss this show…not only the guys but also the crew esp PD Na..I hope PD Na will come up with another show with these guys…and i reallllllllllllllllllllly wish that for the last ep of this awesome show all the members (Hodong,Mongie and Kmi C will be together for the last time….just wishful thinking i guess 🙁

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