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Me Too, Flower: Episode 7
by | December 8, 2011 | 94 Comments

Ah, noble idiot syndrome. It’s a standard crutch that our heroes like to lean on to prove to viewers how sacrificial and pure they are. Too bad it’s also one of the most infuriating sicknesses that has ever plagued k-drama land. It’s a close second behind cancer. Fortunately, it hasn’t hit our hero too hard…yet.


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Episode 7

Hwa Young advises Jae Hee to stop playing around with girls like Bong Sun and Dal. She’s going to find him a girl who matches his status, which just reinforces the age difference between the two actors. She sounds like a crazy mother-in-law…only she wants him for herself. Eck.

He assures her that he won’t marry until Ah In is grown up. Hwa Young smiles at his declaration, like a slave owner after tying his favorite servant to a ball and chain and throwing him in the dungeon. Obsessive possessive is her second name.

She later gets a call that some business venture went awry, and she runs to open the door to Jae Hee’s apartment. It’s locked, however, and her eyes widen in surprise. Slight reality check.

Jae Hee watches her from inside and slowly steps forward to open the door. She cautiously looks up at him and says that the company’s supplies have been cut off. The reason is unknown so Jae Hee asks her to book him a flight overseas to figure out what happened.

As Bong Sun and Maru head out for patrol, they hear the parking garage boss grumbling about Jae Hee’s sudden vacation. This makes Bong Sun stop in her tracks while Maru shakes his head in disapproval. The boss should just fire that lazy butt. Bong Sun jumps to Jae Hee’s defense and orders him in the car. Hehe.

Later that week, Bong Sun asks the boss to refrain from parking in the police lot; they have an event. He agrees, and then goes on about how free he feels without that punk Jae Hee around. Apparently, his vacation has turned to sick leave which worries Bong Sun. She continues to mull over this information while chomping down on a chocolate bar. Stress eating: a figure-ruining enemy in disguise.

Suddenly, a mob of girls with huge signs run across the street. Shrieks of “Pink Chicken” pique Bong Sun’s interest and she makes Maru stop the car. She runs into the crowd and yells that she’s a police officer; if they don’t move she’ll have to arrest them. Puhaha. She even begs the foreign fans to move in Japanese.

The door opens to reveal Pink and Bong Sun falls down from her excitement. The other girls step all over her as they follow Pink elsewhere. Maru helps Bong Sun up and comments on how ugly and short that guy is. Kek. The meta-reference is golden. He continues to tear down his alter ego: He has no charm and his stage name is super corny. What kind of man is named Pink? Bong Sun tells him to shut up and chases after Pink.

Afterwards, Bong Sun stuffs her face with more sweets. Maru tells her to slow down; she’s going to get sick. He says that he thinks he knows why she’s acting like this but Bong Sun doesn’t hear his explanation. She jumps out of the car to throw up, and Maru pouts — what does she like about that idiot Jae Hee anyway?

The days pass and Bong Sun continues to overeat. Maru eventually tells her to just go find Jae Hee — isn’t his address on the police report from the diamond bag incident? She perks up and ends up skulking around the handbag factory. She meets Mr. Bae who invites her inside after she says that she’s looking for Jae Hee.

Mr. Bae gives her a cup of tea and asks if she’s Jae Hee’s girlfriend. This flusters her and she murmurs no. Her head snaps back up when Mr. Bae comments that this is the first time a girl has come looking for Jae Hee, and a slight smile plays on her lips. She remarks that Jae Hee must have worked here after his parents passed away, which surprises Mr. Bae. He told her that too?

Mr. Bae reveals that Jae Hee lost his parents in a car accident. Apparently he lived a comfortable life, but after the accident, a relative took over his father’s company and Jae Hee was left with his old house. But he didn’t keep the house. 13-year-old Jae Hee found a homeless man on the street and gave him a make-over. He took the bum to a real estate agent and sold the house.

He took the money and came to Seoul to work. When Mr. Bae learned of this story, he had scolded Jae Hee for engaging in fraud, but Jae Hee had replied that his decision seemed like the right thing to do at that time. To him, selling the house was necessary. Bong Sun smiles at the frank Seo Jae Hee answer, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Bae.

She asks if Jae Hee is sick, but Mr. Bae says he’s out of town on a business trip. Mr. Bae frets over the fact that tomorrow is Jae Hee’s birthday but has nobody to cook seaweed soup for him.

Bong Sun explores Jae Hee’s room, and various thoughts circle around in her head.
“I had felt that you and I have a lot in common. It’s hard to point out everything that makes us alike, but I do know one thing. I want to know more about you. I asked Ahjusshi to tell me more about you, and he replied that you’re selfish and inclined to do everything your way. You never let go of a challenge because you believe anything is possible. You’re still immature and naïve. But those qualities about you make me happy for some strange reason.”

Her reflection is interrupted by a phone call from Jae Hee, which makes her look around in surprise. She’s now at the bus stop and a fictional Jae Hee approaches her on his bike. He reminds her that they have never exchanged phone numbers, so she must have gotten his from the police report. Aw. It’s stalkerish in a cute way.

Jae Hee’s words shake Bong Sun out of her illusion and she sits heavily down on the bench. She tells herself that she’s overstepping her boundaries. They’re strangers who don’t even know each other’s phone numbers, remember? I thought it was established that you weren’t strangers when you two made out…

Jae Hee comes back from his trip and Hwa Young tries to open the door to his apartment again. It’s locked again and she halfheartedly rings the doorbell. He comes to the door and pauses before letting her in. You’re sick of her already, aren’t ya?

He says that everything was taken care of and she nods in approval. She asks if he’s still angry at her for the stolen bag stunt, and when he doesn’t respond, she says that the success of the marketing tactic is more important than anything. He tells her that she’s still in the wrong; if she continues to act like this, he’ll leave.

She hastily apologizes and hands over a leaf as a sign of peace.

The next morning, Bong Sun and Maru take care of a car accident involving a drunken man, and freezes when she sees Jae Hee on the sidewalk. He comments on how cute she looks in yellow. She quickly gets into the car and Jae Hee follows suit. (This isn’t a dream, right? I might throw something if it is…)

When he requests a lunch date, she turns him down by saying that they’re not close enough to eat a meal together. They don’t even have each other’s phone numbers. He casually pulls out his phone and asks for her number, which renders her “We’re strangers” excuse obsolete.

Jae Hee brings Bong Sun to an expensive restaurant, but Bong Sun, who worries over the prices, insists that she wants Korean food. They walk towards an upscale barbeque place, but Bong Sun freaks out again and they end up eating ramyun outside.

As she eats, he tells her that he missed her and that she should wait for him after work later. She asks why and he replies that he wants to see her. He says it bluntly without the usual cheesiness and Bong Sun stares at him in surprise.

She tries to reject his offer by saying that he only wants to play mind games. Jae Hee eventually wears her down and promises not to stand her up. Oppa will come if she waits patiently. She leaves in a huff, but lets out a huge grin as she drives around the neighborhood with Maru. Aw. She’s so cute.

A nervous Maru asks what’s wrong with her. Why is she smiling like that? It’s scary. A car cuts them off, but Bong Sun announces that she’ll let the guy go today. Maru inches a little farther away from her in fear.

Jae Hee tries to get his job back and even kneels on the ground to beg forgiveness. The boss urges him to get out but falls silent when a regular customer comes up to them wanting Jae Hee, and only Jae Hee, to park her car. Operation Fire The Punk Terminated. His colleague enviously comments on how popular Jae Hee is with the ladies. You have no idea, friend.

Dal has a photo shoot in front of Dr. Park’s office, and he enthusiastically greets her. She rolls her eyes and tells him to shove off; she’s busy. He immediately corrects her manner of speech and threatens to kick them off his property. She thinks he’s lying and then remembers that he knows how to contact Jae Hee. He offers her a deal: If she eats lunch with him, he’ll call Jae Hee. He doesn’t have anyone to lunch with today and he hates eating alone. Aw. He’s such a lonely, eccentric man.

She tells him that she doesn’t eat out unless the food is gourmet, which makes him smirk. They end up at a posh restaurant and Dal hides how impressed she is by saying she’s on a diet and needs a vegetarian meal. Dr. Park calls the waiter over and tells Dal to specify exactly what she wants. She shifts nervously and blurts that she wants the most delicious thing that’s not on the menu. Lol. You are so bad at acting rich.

She asks if he really owns his own building and he replies that he has no need to lie to a 24-year-old little girl. She replies that she wants to know because she doesn’t like to associate with anyone whose salary is under 300 million won a year.

He asks if those men like to associate themselves with girls like her. If they’re that rich, this means that they are educated and studied abroad. These men are probably from wealthy families and have parents who value girls by the level of education, family background, manners, and career path. Too bad Dal lacks in every department. Ouch.

She rushes out after calling him a pervert. In the elevator down, she reminisces about her old life. She used to be the privileged daughter of a rich man. She had her own chauffeur and lived in a house with a beautiful garden. Knowledge? Upbringing? She’ll just buy them. A man stares at her and Dal yells at him. What is he looking at? Is she that pretty? Lol. She’s sassy even when she cries.

Jae Hee gets ready to meet Bong Sun, but a call from Hwa Young throws off his plans. Ah In is sick and his regular doctor can’t be reached; she’s taking him to the hospital. Jae Hee rushes out and neglects to call Bong Sun to cancel their plans. He meets them in the emergency room as Bong Sun waits for hours in the police station.

The doctors think Ah In has meningitis and informs Hwa Young and Jae Hee that they’ll need to run some tests. A needle is injected into Ah In’s back to extract a sample of fluid, which is when Jae Hee gets a call from Bong Sun. He swallows his guilt as he turns off his phone and comforts a distraught Hwa Young. He later sends a short text to Bong Sun explaining that something came up.

Fortunately, Ah In’s condition isn’t too severe and his treatment is a success. Jae Hee finds Hwa Young sleeping on the couch and he covers her with a blanket. He returns to Ah In’s side and tears up when Ah In calls for his dad in his sleep…only Ah In never knew his dad. Shouldn’t he be calling out for his mom?

The following day, Maru runs up to Bong Sun and informs her that Jae Hee came to work and he looks completely normal. She shrugs her shoulders and indifferently says she saw him in the morning. She assures Maru that she didn’t wait that long yesterday, so he can stop with the excessive concern. But her cool front melts as soon as Jae Hee shows up at the station.

They head outside where Jae Hee shortly apologizes for skipping out on her yesterday. He moves to leave but Bong Sun blocks him and asks if that’s all he has to say. His guilt bubbles over and he blurts out that he’s sorry for ever bothering her. He won’t annoy her from now on. She quickly yells that he doesn’t bother her because she likes him. Yay for heroines who make the first move!

Her confession kills Jae Hee inside but he puts on a stoic face and tells her to forget about a penniless, good-for-nothing loser like himself. She scrambles to inform him that she’s poor too; her salary isn’t that great and the house she lives in isn’t even hers. Besides, she likes him, not his assets.

Jae Hee tries to walk away again but Bong Sun grabs onto his arm. She pleads for him to stop acting like this and eventually succumbs to tears. He hesitates for a moment but wrenches his arm from her grasp and leaves Bong Sun crying on the ground.

After work, Bong Sun drags herself to Dr. Park’s office, where he lets her cry on his shoulder.

They head inside for a cup of tea and he teases her about how ugly she looked when she cried. She glares at him and he goes on to say that he’s not mature enough to pretend nothing happened. Still, he has a better personality than the guy that made her cry, right? He urges her to move on. She’s too good for him anyway.

She asks if Dr. Park could beat up the other guy for her, and he says no. He’d give the man a consultation. He wants to make money, not go to jail. Hah. How can Jo Minki be so annoying and likeable at the same time? He goes to say that he’s jealous. What kind of man could make Bong Sun hurt so much? She asks if he wants to date her then. He immediately nods. Ah! We’re heading into slightly creepy territory now.

She scoffs (thankfully) and says that they’d break up in a short while anyway. It seems that she’s not meant to be in a relationship. He starts to ask about her bond with her father, but Bong Sun cuts him off. Why does he make her talk all the time? What about him?

Thus begins a Lifetime movie about Dr. Park’s life. He opens up by saying he grew up in a house with servants calling him “master.” He studied economics in Thailand and enjoyed every privilege he was given. But one day he woke up and realized that he hated his life. Every aspect of it, including marriage, was carefully planned by other people. He had no control over anything.

This suffocation made him turn to drinking and taking drugs. Eventually, everyone left him, including his wife. His addiction led to therapy, and now he’s a psychiatrist himself.

She asks if he’s happy now. He pauses and then replies that happiness isn’t that hard to achieve. Happiness can be things like sunlight in the morning. She just has to stop and catch the little moments first.

Bong Sun reflects on his words at home, and then heads downstairs to throw a gift at Dal’s sleeping body. Aw, yeah. They’ll be sharing bibimbap and ice cream soon enough.

Store girl aka Young Hee (I finally found out her name!) calls Bong Sun to tell her that she scored tickets to Pink Chicken’s concert. It’s fishy but Bong Sun drags herself to the handbag boutique to meet Young Hee anyway. As she walks outside, she sees Jae Hee joking around with his co-workers, which prompts her to think that maybe his rejection is a good thing in disguise. She can find someone better than him; if not, she’ll just spend the rest of her life watching Pink Chicken.

Young Hee tells Bong Sun that she’ll hand over the tickets with one condition: help her cousin pass the police exam. He failed again. Which means he’s not cut out for this job…but okay. Bong Sun grudgingly agrees but fails to get the tickets because a customer walks into the store. The woman wants to return a bag that she bought three months ago, with a scratch on it. Young Hee calmly tells her that she cannot return the bag.

Hwa Young arrives to resolve the situation but the customer doesn’t calm down. She demands Young Hee to apologize for her insolence and Young Hee complies. Bong Sun’s temper flares and she drags her friend up.

She begins to yell at the customer; she doesn’t know how rich and important the woman is, but she has no right to treat other people like that. Young Hee might be a lowly store employee to her, but she’s a precious daughter at home. Just accept her apology. Her outburst causes the woman to slap Bong Sun and Hwa Young finally steps in. Hwa Young tells Bong Sun to calm down. If she continues, Young Hee might get fired.

Bong Sun swallows her anger and turns to leave, but the client-from-hell now demands that Bong Sun kneel and grovel for forgiveness. This provokes Jae Hee, who had been watching everything from afar. He steps up and tells the woman to stop embarrassing herself and for Bong Sun to leave. This makes Hwa Young’s jealousy flare, and she turns to Bong Sun and shrieks at her to apologize.


Our side characters finally get a small chance to shine and they’re both developing at a nice pace. I like Seo Hyo Rim and Jo Minki so I don’t really find myself annoyed by either of them, but I understand that they might annoy some other people. At least we finally get some insight to their backgrounds and Dal’s obsession with getting rich quick is kind of explained.

She acts like a bratty princess because she was treated like one while growing up and Mom’s tendency to baby her doesn’t help either. This doesn’t give her a right to be snobby and she has a long way to go before growing up, seeing as how she hates working hard and wants other people to do things for her.

But she’s also aware that she’s superficial. Dr. Park’s words about the pickiness of the parents of a chaebol man cut her because she knows that he’s right. She is an ill-mannered gold digger, which is hardly the shining career a monster-in-law would approve of. Her conversation with Dr. Park is interesting though, because it highlights the obsession people have for education and background.

Assets are nothing when you’re unhappy with your life, which is what Dr. Park fought with when he spiraled into his addictions. He found himself questioning who he was, which ties into the revolving theme of figuring out out what makes up an identity. Am I defined by my job? Family connections? These things are important on paper and in materialistic exchanges, but they have nothing to do with happiness and love.

Bong Sun backpedals on her initial claim that she’s too good for Jae Hee when she realizes that she’s on the verge of losing him. All of a sudden, his penniless status doesn’t matter, which makes Jae Hee’s noble idiocy ineffective at pushing her away.

I know he’s giving Bong Sun an out because he doesn’t want to burden her with his “baggage” and my heart cries for his dilemma, which has no easy way out. Gah. Still. Jae Hee, I’m frustrated by your sucky treatment of Bong Sun. How’s about you start being honest about your life before embarking on a relationship with her?

You kiss her, invite her to dinner, and then insist the next day that she leave you because she’s too good for you? What girl in her right mind would just accept that without some heartbreak? This game of push and pull is getting tiresome and it completely screws with Bong Sun, who’s already in a delicate emotional state as it is.

Hopefully he’ll wake up soon and accept that he deserves happiness. Ah In and Hwa Young may seem pitiful to him, but I think he underestimates their ability to live happily without a father figure. Granted, Hwa Young isn’t going to let him go that easily and I won’t be surprised if she guilt-trips him into staying with her. But she can tell that her hold on him is slipping so we’re in for some crazy antics from her.


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    Ahhhhh “Oppa will come if she waits patiently.”

    How could she possibly resist that voice, that face saying those words? It is ridiculously sappy and in most cases would make me gag, but here, I don’t understand why, but I LOVED IT!

    Thanks for this recap, and your thoughtful analysis. So many different faces of JH, it is no wonder BS’s head is spinning off its axis!

    HY can go set herself on fire.

    • 1.1 Linda165

      Yes! Jae Hee has us both (me and Bong Sun) completely disarmed.

    • 1.2 Shel

      “HY can go set herself on fire” Bwahahahaha!

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      I am building a huge fire… someone will be jumping/pushed in there shortly.

      Oppa ftw!!!!!

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          And that too…. the special plane is awaiting us….

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          And then we can go stalk BS and JH around the streets of Seoul.

          First, we need to find that Pershe(?) showroom… and then we will be set.

          • Jomo

            Speaking of PerChe, does anyone else think “Why did you name your brand after a fish?”

          • Mystisith

            Answering to jomo down here. Maybe they needed to explain to a dumb audience that something’ s fishy in that company so came that name Perche.
            ( OK, i’m ashamed and hiding where no one can see me… )

          • May Tae

            Mystisith: LOL!!!!!

            I do hope there is a reason behind naming their company as such.

          • Jomo

            I did a goog-slate (NOT easy to say)
            and decided it is actually an Italian name:

            Per Che
            Which either means:
            “For That” (special someone?) (‘s all she wrote?) (‘s all folks?) (‘s the way I see it?)
            For Che (Guevara)

            Neither of them make any more sense than after a fish.

    • 1.4 Jomo

      PS Here is a fanvid I made with scenes through ep 3

      Just for fun! No sad things. Just cute.


      Hope you like!

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        Nice ! Got me in Christmas mode, now i want to watch old comedy movies with Cary Grant, or maybe Singing in the rain .

      • 1.4.2 Jomo

        Video is no longer available.
        sad face 🙁

        I forgot how bad it feels when that happens.

  2. Linda165

    Is it just me or Yoon Shi Yoon has grown into a man in like 6 episodes?

    My favorite part of this episode was the loving look on Jae Hee’s face when Bong Sun was eating, and how frank and sweet he told her that he missed her. *melts*

    • 2.1 sophie k

      Yes that was real sweet! I replayed that part several times. *melts* (too)

    • 2.2 Jomo

      Underneath that boyish exterior is
      ……………… Super Oppa!
      When removed the clothing in ep 2, was it,
      We should have seen the O eblazoned across his “chest”!

      • 2.2.1 Mystisith

        I think he has the qualities of a Team Leader. But i wonder how he could use them in the best way : Not sure i want him to stay at Perche. Now he needs to get out of the closet ( thank you very much HY… ). I’ m also brainstorming to find a better job for Bong Sun : she likes rules and authority but she’s caring at the same time. She needs something to boost her ego and selfconfidence. Dr Park, i need help….

        • Jomo

          If you are trying to get BS a new job, make sure she emails you her resume. I would love to see your email to the network asking for it.

          • Mystisith

            Since i’m a little bit obsessed with this drama, I’m currently rewatching all from the start, and obviously she wanted to be promoted Sergeant to please her father. Not for money or for responsabilities. So why ? I just don’t get it by now.
            A random idea : Blackmailing. Jae Hee should dig in her past as a cop. I’m sure he could use a crispy, embarassing secret to force her being a model for Perche ( makeover time, yes, i’m looking at you : remember the sketch with her in uniform and the diamonds bag ? ). And that would drive WY completely nuts, so it’s 2 birds with one stone. Or she could become a powerful Labor Representative for Public Workers : After all, this is how we were introduced to her in first ep. ( ps : I’m french, so i LOVE Big Mouths that say outloud what everyone thinks in private ).

          • Jomo

            I like your fervor and your imagination!

            Send your ideas over to Seoul!

      • 2.2.2 alua

        LOL at that “O emblazoned across his “chest””!

        • alua

          …and since I jumped into this drama sort of in the middle, your comment is also a reminder that I should go back to the beginning and watch those episodes I originally skipped….

          • Mystisith

            Nice kid alua. :)) ( No offence… )
            Yes, start by the beginning !
            And read the older posts / comments / recaps. It can be as funny as the show itself. All that to say that the ride is greatly enjoyable. Have fun.

          • Jomo

            YES, do that!
            The meet cute is very cute, and I loved every scene BS/JH had in 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, etc.

  3. sophie k

    thanks orangy 911!!

  4. Gaeina Lee

    Thanks for the recap and analysis @orangy911!

    Reading this brings smile in my face while remembering scene-by-scene…

    Yes, it’s “Aahhhh” indeed @Jomo… Ahhhh, how I wish he is my “oppa”… And there will be many other “aahhh” coming… ^^

  5. Jan

    Maybe it’s just me… But I keep thinking jae hee really looks like gdragon! Double swoons. I’m in love with this drama, jae gees character is so multi faceted and yet the actor can act out the full range of emotions.
    I started out not liking jaegers character. Fast forward 8 episodes later… I think I’m in love. *starry eyes

    episode 8 just makes me so happy, they need to be together. Everyday should be like epi 8! Though 9 brings in the harsh reality, but I cannot.wait!!!

    Favouritest drama! Mtf> fbrs!

    • 5.1 ladida

      He does! You aren’t the only one!

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the recap. My heart broke when JH rejected BS at the park. It is so difficult for BS to open up and there she was, baring her heart to him and almost pleading him to respond and JH just walked away. Urrrgggh the constant push and pull really is frustrating to watch. Fortunately episode 8 more than make up for the frustration and unnecessary angst in this episode. JH need to shape up, I understand his dilemma and all but his tendency to blow hot and cold towards BS is hurting both her and himself.

    • 6.1 Jomo

      I know, the park. Where did she get the courage to say those things to him? I was cringing and applauding at the same time!

  7. bashful

    Thanks orangy911 for this recap and the song. 😀 Love that song! 😀

    Thanks also for highlighting the running theme on what makes up an identity. I’d like to applaud the writers for not only giving us very interesting lead characters and effective side characters, but also including a few Psych 101 lessons 😉 .

    I love Bong Sun’s monologue in the early part of this episode. It’s as if she is revealing to the viewers her growing affection for Jae Hee. And like @Linda165, I love that restaurant scene where Jae Hee told Bong Sun he missed her. It was unexpected but so romantic!(*^__^*)

    Thanks again orangy911. Look forward to your next recaps! 😀

  8. Alixana

    This drama is so intense, all that eye-flaring action has me sitting on the edge of the chair half the time

  9. Mystisith

    Orangy, thanks a lot for your recap. As you might have seen, hungry babybirds waiting with their beaks wide opened….

    I just love the way this show explains what are the priorities for people in South Korea these days : House, money, job, acquaintances, love, status and social order, superficial beauty, future generations ?… And at the end of the day everyone just try to survive and do the best they can do. Really.
    Dr Park had sure an interesting life if it’s not completely made up to satisfy curiosity and reassure his patients about being borderline. I love how he doen’t flinch when BS asks him to date. Girl, imagine what kind of strange and shocking things he must have heard in 10 years of practice… And don’t fret people, he’s just TEASING her. Because she always talk impulsively, saying things before thinking of the consequences. And it’s just so funny to trick her. ( Remember stripping ?? ).
    The poor kid just broke my heart crying in pain : lumbar puncture, a true pleasure, =Me clenching teeth =. And he gets along so well with Jae Hee, i’m devastated just thinking the schock when he learns the truth about his father. Noble idiocy is a plague, and i will do the victory dance once Jae Hee overcomes it : Putting champaign in the fridge.
    Bong Sun loves JH from the deepest of her heart, but what can you do except fangirling the day you meet your fantasy boyfriend : Me, hum. hum. Don’t know what you’re talking about…
    I KNEW he would appear in real life ( hers, not mine ). Now i want the 2 boys to face each other with Bong Sun sadistically stuck in between ( insert Thriller laugh ). JH and BS live their new love walking on eggs and needles because they stil feel insecure about the relationship. I mean, after their breathtaking and somewhat unexpected kiss in previous ep they wake up to casual lovelife with the equivalent of a hangover. You need to understand.
    Dal : Not a bad girl, but completely in the wrong : wrong target, wrong method and wrong friends. And bad ending if she doesn’t change her glasses on the world.
    Hwa Young : Pitiful to the max. Need to watch the movie ” Eat, Pray and Love “. And to reboot her life far. Very far away of our couple to be.
    The scandal scene at the store got me in rage mode !! It reminded me too much of the arrogant bastard clients when i was seller myself : Someone has really to erase that stupid commercial rule who says that client is a king. As far as i know South Korea is a democracy like France, no more kings folks ! And as a owner of a business i’d rather throw out a b—h like that and loose a little money than to lick her ass. It happened to me once, and i swear : When the troublesome guy left the store, people actually applauded the sellers team and praised us. And in exchange we treated really good nice and honests clients. This is how the world works. End of lecturing.
    Now, i’m waiting patiently ( lies, sweet little lies… ) for ep 8 recap. It is so damn good and heartwarming that i can even forgive all the bad guys in all history of K Drama.
    Big hugs everyone, See You Later…

    • 9.1 Jomo

      Es-tu francaise, My? C’est formidable!

      Dis bonjour a tous les jolis garcons francais pour moi!

      En tout cas…
      “walking on eggs and needles”
      Not only is it messy, it is painful!

      (Moi, je ne ris pas de ton anglais, car chu pas capable d’ecrire en francais, comme tu vois!)

      As far as this:
      i’m devastated just thinking the schock when he learns the truth about his father.

      Je n’ai pas peur que son neveu’ll be mad at JH. Not only has JH been a realy loving uncle, AI has never met his father. He will prolly end up being less traumatized than everyone thinks.

      • 9.1.1 May Tae

        Dis bonjour a tous les jolis garcons francais pour moi! And for me as well 🙂

        Yea, I’d say, AI is probably made of more stern stuff… but I can totally see HY using him as an excuse..

        • Mystisith

          Jomo and May Tae, i’ll do my best relaying your kind words, but i’m sorry to tell the French Lover myth is actually… a myth. Honestly, totally overrated. I’m convinced Korean Lovers are 1000 times better, at least on my screen :)).
          Thanks for the few words in my native tongue ( crying of emotion LOL !… ).I’m now immune to shyness and criticism when it comes to foreign languages. One of the reasons i don’t like when people make fun of actors trying to speak english or whatever in dramas. At least they try to learn something new and use it. I’m not sure i would sound good speaking korean, but i admire people who try to communicate, who try to know people in front of them. I remember Daniel Henney with his stammering korean, it was in Kim Sam Soon if my memory serves me well : Funny and cute. The worst is to translate idioms. For example “to put things in perspective, to correct an unfair situation” : In french we have an expression saying something like ” to return the church at the village core “. I’m sure it sounds cryptic.
          And google trad can do nothing for me. sigh…

          • May Tae

            Mystisith씨 잘했어요 ^^

    • 9.2 alua

      Hwa Young… don’t find her pitiful. Yes, something terrible happened to her, but that doesn’t give you the right to be selfish, manipulative and nasty.

  10. 10 E

    I still think they could be doing MUCH more with Dal and Dr. Park. Hopefully they’ll step it up in the next couple eps. I’m also getting tired of the standard kdrama tropes, but I really enjoy this cast so I can overlook it 😉

    Also I think people should cut Hwa Young more of a break. It’s not Han Go Eun’s fault Yoon Si Yoon has a baby face. I think she’s playing the part exactly the way she is supposed to, making us dislike her, but respect her at the same time (actually kind of looking forward to when she pulls out the big guns, which you know she will).

    But I have drastically changed my opinion of Lee Jia b/c of this series. She is really nailing the “Miss Grumpy pants one minute and then giggling like a school girl the next” thing. Perhaps because she reminds me of myself…

    • 10.1 jesymphony

      The reason why I react so negatively to Hwayoung is because I want so badly for BS and JH to just be together with no problems. Of course since this is a k-drama that can’t actually happen, sigh. Han Go Eun is doing a great job though, because I so badly want to be on Hwayoung’s side when she’s all soft and vulnerable but then she just goes and yells at BS and I end up hating Hwayoung a little bit more.

      • 10.1.1 E

        Oh, I agree! Nothing gets in the way of the main couple once I start rooting for them lol. But something about Hwa Young just makes me think “BOSS BITCH”. I think if I were an actor, I would have a lot more fun with evil roles.

      • 10.1.2 Jomo

        And I have to say I admire HGE as much as I hate HY.

        At this part:
        she runs to open the door to Jae Hee’s apartment. It’s locked, however, and her eyes widen in surprise. Slight reality check.

        I applauded in a stirring sitting ovation, but I felt bad for her.
        Nobody likes sudden change in their lives, especially someon as fractured as this lady. She seems to be hanging on by the tips of her manicure.

    • 10.2 May Tae

      The giggling in the car was awesome. Poor Maru, was totally scared. I would be too if I was BS partner. Being all prickly and then laughing like a school girl would be scary…. like the time she scared JH when she uncuffed him from the chair and was like sorry… and he was like, what is wrong with you, you are scaring me…. hahahaha!!!!!

      But, that was so cute, when she was all giggly…

      • 10.2.1 Jomo

        YES! I LOVED THAT PART, too.

        He really looked scared, too, from the second she started unlocking him.
        What does he say?
        “You know that I’m very afraid now, right?”

  11. 11 Sam

    Thanks for the recap!

    I really feel for these characters (well, not Hwa Young) and enjoy watching their interactions. I really look forward to watching it every week and think this drama deserves more recognition.

  12. 12 jesymphony

    When JH popped up all snazzy in his black suit and umbrella I convinced myself it was another one of BS’s dream sequences. It wasn’t until JH acknowledged her with a text apologising for his no show that I realised the adorableness of the ramyun scene wasn’t just a dream sequence. That’s right, I’m quick on the uptake.

    Lee Jiah was phenomenal in this episode imo. That shot of her waiting on the staircase and she looks up with those tear tracks on her face. Plus when she said how maybe she’s not meant to be in a relationship made my heart break into little pieces for BS. I feel so much for her character and I hope that BS gets her happy ending with JH and floats off into the sunset riding a unicorn that travels only on rainbows covered with sparkles.

    I never liked Dal, but I never hated her; I only really admired her honesty about her shallowness. But in this episode I felt a little something of compassion. Girl hasn’t had it nearly as hard as BS has, but I get why she is the way she is.

    Hwayoung on the other hand is starting to get on my nerves. She seemed to be so cool, now she’s just getting vengeful and into prime antagonist territory.

    My feelings, drama why must you play with them like this.

  13. 13 Suzi Q

    Han Go Eun is doing a fabulous job in her role. She is despicably nice but underneath she is out to get Bong Sun. Too bad Kim Jae Won wasn’t able to do his part because the age difference wouldn’t be that great between them as it is with YSY.Hwa Young liking JH makes her seems needy and pathetic.Early on,BS realizes that Hwa Young hates her, but you know, she will find out soon the hard way.

    I’ve seen Lee Jia in a couple of dramas,Legend, Beethoven Virus, and Style. She is really good in this role;however, I think her face has changed. Is she using a lot of BOTOX because it seems her face looks like a mask, very unwrinkled and expressionless? She has this strange looking appearance.Even Han Go Eun is older, but her face looks more natural.Kinda creeps me out.

  14. 14 Dorotka

    I didn’t like the part with sick Ah In and over the top pitiable Hwa Young. Just too much for me. Not mentioning the Nobel Idiocy act afterward when Jae Hee pushes Bong Sun away, because of his bad conscience and feelings of duty towards Ah In and Hwa Young.

    And I felt very uncomfortable with the arrogant customer scene at the end. Do those things really happen? The forced kneeling including???

    Love Dr. Park though and all his scenes.
    And I don’t know how, but somehow I stopped noticing Yoon Shi Yoon’s age. He is really good as Jae Hee.

    PS I think the present Bong Sun throws to sleeping Dal was the shawl originally bought for Jae Hee’s birthday.

    • 14.1 Jomo

      Oh Dorotka, I am with you on not liking the sick Ah-in scene!
      Strangest coincidence, after my daughter was born, I was watching an American medical drama where the doctor had to do a spinal tap on a young Asian boy with cancer.
      It was literally the last medical drama I ever watched
      During THAT scene in M2F, my husband came into the room. I had my blanket pulled up to my nose, and I was cringing.
      He said, “I thought you didn’t watch shows like that anymore!”

    • 14.2 luvmydramas

      Yes – she bought the scarf for his birthday until she realized that she was overstepping. So, she just decided to give it to Dal because she wouldn’t wear it herself either.

  15. 15 mj

    Hey Episode 8 already subs on Kimchidrama…this is my fave besides boy flower ramyun…so inlove with the character..

  16. 16 vania

    thanks so much! muito obrigada
    i really love this drama!

    thanks for the recap

  17. 17 blackapple

    I really do not like what they are doing to Hwa-young’s character. Maybe its because I’m such a huge fan of Han Go-eun but I don’t like her playing the bitch. At least if you’re going to make us hate her character, give her a reason for being that way! Obviously there is reason Jae-hee and her have been friends and partners until now and suddenly she just gets jealous and snaps to become (or will shortly become) ultra-psycho-bitch? Something doesn’t connect…
    Again, maybe its just my love for HGE, but she’s pretty much the only reason I’m watching this at all (cuz I love Lee Jia too but Bong-sun pisses me off too for reason) and if she’s going to be like this then I’m not gonna bother with this show anymore.

    • 17.1 bjharm

      I think many forget Hwa Young is as emotionally damaged as the other two leads, indeed only Jae Hee can match her really as it is the same insistence that scared them both. Indeed of the three Bong Sun has the lest ‘problems’ really, though when dealing with things like depression and other mental disorders one can not really judge like that, what can seem a small complaint to one person can be a mountain for anther.

  18. 18 Natalie

    Thanks very much! This show is getting better and better!

  19. 19 Fafa

    Apologize? on knees? are you out of your mind! She is not even your employee, you freak!
    I am so angry i can ask vampire komsa to suck her dry!

    • 19.1 bjharm

      yes and they even laid hands on her and ‘forced her to her knees, even in Korea that must be assault! but that k-drama land the rich are gods and the poor suck it up and keep their eyes down.

      • 19.1.1 asianromance

        I was shocked at that as well! Bong-sun wasn’t even an employee there and they were going to make her apologize to that rich snob from hell!

  20. 20 May Tae

    Thanks Orangy for the recap 🙂

  21. 21 Hope

    “I thought it was established that you weren’t strangers when you two made out…”
    I second that cuz strangers sure should not kiss like that. It would be very inappropriate. Still it is understandable if the stranger is JH.

    Just love this drama and the many talents of JH – cry, kiss, look like a homicidal lunatic shaking with anger and smile like a little boy. He even managed to pull of some neekid scenes. Here is hoping for some more of the above. Pleeeazzee

  22. 22 chaostea

    Thanks orangy911 for the recaps. i just might start watching this now.

  23. 23 alua

    And the bit about the kid crying out for his dad didn’t make sense to me at all. He never met him… unless he’s specifically going through a daddy-missing face (which the drama hasn’t suggested) why should he all of a sudden be calling out for his dad?

    • 23.1 alua


    • 23.2 Jomo

      Yeah. It made very little sense.

  24. 24 Cammie

    Oooo….this drama made me mooore curious and interesting, jaja ~~

    Thanks for this recaps, Orangy911, you ROCKS ! ! !

  25. 25 DarknessEyes

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  26. 26 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!!!!

    I felt a bit more sorry for Dal after this episode. I can’t blame her for being a golddigger after seeing how much deference people give the rich and how once you’re left with nothing, people treat you like dirty. Jae Hee’s was practically abandoned by his extended family after his parents’ death (given the old family home while a relative inherited the company)- otherwise he would have been taken in by an uncle or aunt. There was also an earlier flashback when he was explaining to Dal that when he was dressed as a rich man, people were willing to show him those cars. But when he was dressed in his poor outfit, they were trying to kick him out of the car showroom. Dal and her family may have been treated well when they were rich. Now they’re nothing. I’m sure there were some rich “friends” who have turned their back after her family lost their money.

    And Bong-sun in this episode– =*( I almost hated Jae Hee for breaking her heart. That scene when she told him she liked him and tried to hold onto him. A part of me cringed at watching her so vulnerable, but it was beautiful at the same time. This is the Bong-sun on the inside.

    I hope Pink Chicken makes another real life (as in not in Bong-sun’s imagination) appearance!

  27. 27 Abbie

    This was a good episode.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangey911!

  28. 28 Kimmi

    can i just say that JH has gotten my interest with this drama, although im ok with this drama i dont think its super great, BUT JH is what makes it so watchable and makes me coming back for more. He is in one word, talented.

  29. 29 Rovi

    (Jae-hee) comments on how cute she looks in yellow – ahahaha, some meta-reference (or whatev). Kiki pic-tweeted the same yellow raincoat, in response to Yoseob’s question of where Kiki is…

    And I’m loving Jo Min-ki more and more. He should do comedy more often, instead of the usual dad roles…

  30. 30 Drina

    Oh, that crazy ajumma.. I hate her! Why she keeps telling people to kneel down before her. It’s rude:( i feel sorry for JH, that Tears of desperation and guilt he sheds emotionall beside A in’s bed, and in front of Maru,, YSY acts naturally amazing so far, i’m so addicted to him!
    HY and AI will always be JH’s burden.

    I gigling uncontrolably in my office when JH said oppa will come! And it’s become funnier to watch BS reaction in patrol car. Maru ask whether his nuna ate expired food. Lol!

    • 30.1 reeen

      So true… I no longer see the actor Yoon Shi Yoon but the character Jae Hee, to the point where I believe him to be as old as he’s supposed to be as Jae Hee, even though he doesn’t really look like it.

      I’m glad the actors are doing a terrific job in this drama, because the script deserves that kind of sensitive portrayal.

      • 30.1.1 asianromance

        I agree! Because of YSY’s portrayal here, I’m tempted to pick up Baker King…

        • reeen

          I did start watching that 😀 Kim Tak Gu is kind of a Charles Dickens type of main character, pretty cute and heartwarming.

          But there’s soooo much of that totally overdone, pretty one-dimensional evilness and tragedy that it gets rather tiring to watch. And Yoon Shi Yoon doesn’t even appear for the first 7 episodes. So if you decide to watch it, be prepared 😉

  31. 31 Drina

    So Jomo and Mystisith are French?

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      Hello Drina, I’m the only one here as far as i know… Put 2 roosters in a coop, it’s one too many : 🙂
      And i have negotiated the rights for drooling over YSY, i’m the only one allowed to do so for my country. Saying YSY is handsome is taxed 10 Euros.

  32. 32 reeen

    Thanks for the recap! Your comments about the drama’s themes are great. I’m also happy we got to know more about Dr. Park and Dal.

    Me Too, Flower has the kind of crazy and obsessed people that are so common in dramas, but it’s really refreshing that here a psychologist is around to comment that they maybe it would be a good idea to confront their issues 🙂

    • 32.1 reeen

      Oh, and I’m so curious where they’re going to take the theme of money and identity… Although Bong Sun says she doesn’t care about Jae Hee because of the kind of assets he has (or doesn’t have, as she thinks), will she have a hard time accepting that he’s actually rich? Apart from the fact that he kept it from her, I can totally see that as a substantial conflict between them, because the lifestyle is so different and she may be a little antagonistic towards the rich out of principle. Every rich person she’s faced this far has struck her as frivolous and irresponsible – first the publicity stunt by Hwa Young and then the bag-lady… 🙂

  33. 33 Drina

    So Jomo and Mystisith are French? Oui oui oui! Haha,

  34. 34 Drina

    So Jomo and Mystisith are French? Oui oui oui! Haha,

  35. 35 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    When I saw the raws of episode 7 I thought we were headed into Munchausen by proxy territory.

    Hwa Young is manipulative I wouldn’t put it beyond her to sacrifice her child to have her wants/needs fulfilled.

    • 35.1 MARTIAN

      I don’t tihnk she would be that bad. Its obvious that to her, her child is the most important thing in the world, but she also knows that her child is also JAe Hee’s #1. So maybe she might use it to her advantage but I don’t she would ever put her child in danger. Or at least I hope not D:

  36. 36 MARTIAN

    Thanks for the recap!! 😀 I know you might be a bit behind in terms of recapping but i love coming here just to read the analysis. As I watched episode 7+8 subs I just don’t feel the depth, then I come here and read all those subtle messages and themes that apparently run through and realise that I completely missed them. Myabe a bit of overanalysis but it is always interesting to read nonetheless cause each character is at a different identity crisis in their life (except for Dr. Park, but even Bong Sun seems to be shaking his limits a bit).

    You can see Hwayoung trying to just reach out to Jae Hee hoping to become something more to him than a business partner and friend. And you see Jae Hee desperately trying to reconnect with his roots as a struggling teenager cause even though he was poor, he felt more at home and in that world than he will ever be as a wealth high end brand designer. Bong Sun is just trying to find herself and to feel loved and be loved while Dal is desperate to reclaim her old status as a legitimate bratty princess.

    Also having watched episode 8, does anyone realise that Hwayoung is starting to go a tiny bit pyschotic? Like her jealous rage to make Bong Sun apologise seems to be an escalating issue. It kind of makes me think that in her mind, she always thought that Jae Hee would be there for her, cause her husband isn’t and the possibility of losing a “second” husband to another woman would almost be excruciating for her to bear having lost the first. Sooner or later if she ever went on a shooting rampage I actually would not be surprised. At this point I imagine her to just go on an all out massacre. It is actually kind of scary the way she talked about watching a girl being in love and how jealous she was. It was definitely creepy D:

    • 36.1 MARTIAN

      also I am very impressed with Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting. His expressions just say so much without saying anything at all. His face speaks for himself and he can change them so naturally with so much ease D: Its really impressive how he can just change from being honest and playful to despair or sadness.

  37. 37 Drina

    Dear mystisith, i saw jomo’s previous coMment, immediateLy thought that she’s a French. Lol:D
    admirable cuTe talented charismatic charming, uri YSY. He surely shines in M2F. Jae HeE seEms born to be acted by him only, (though i soMetimes imagine if Jae HeE’s face is in Kim Jae Won mOdE, YSY is the onLy oNe who can give souL to our hero..)

    @joMo: i type with my cellphone which is Not a qwerty oNe. Haha, it’s faster for me to type with difFerent foNt size, since i hav to wait couple secs for the curSor when the letters are in oNe button. Haha,, did my writings bother ur eyes?

    • 37.1 Jomo

      Ah-ha! That makes sense!

      Thanks for answering my glib question.
      I HATE to use the shift button if I can help it, so I thought you were doing it on purpose causing you extra work!
      I am all for effeciency.

  38. 38 Sate Ayam

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy!! I’m so addicted to this drama I watched each episode twice~!

  39. 39 really!!

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  40. 40 Joshua_Ahjussi

    Lee Ji Ah, so so beautiful and glowing from within.

  41. 41 Ita noona

    So can anybody tell me – above all these great casts, good co stars, beautiful & strong chemistry between 2 leads, marvelous scenario – why this drama is so low rated?

  42. 43 MsB

    Having had spinal fluid drawn before for cancer testing, I can tell you I could not watch! It is the most excruciating thing to ever have done. The numbing process alone is enough. WOW! Overall interesting episode!

  43. 44 KKM

    Now Hwa young already entered the BS*t territory!

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