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Ojakkyo Brothers: An Introduction
by | December 31, 2011 | 129 Comments

One of the highest-rated shows of 2011 was actually one that we couldn’t include in the year-end reviews because of its length and that whole space-time continuum thing: the weekend family drama Ojakkyo Brothers, on KBS. I don’t normally pick up family dramas because I find it daunting to start a longer-running show. (I know, I have commitment issues.) But this weekend drama has been far ahead of the pack in the ratings game, and has gotten some rave reviews in Korea. So I decided to check it out, and see for myself if it was hype or well-deserved praise.

I’m ten episodes in, which isn’t very far considering the show’s been extended to 58 episodes. But so far it’s got a good premise, a great cast of characters, and lots of potential for both comedy and heart. Basically I’m just going to introduce the series and give you my first impressions, because while ten episodes might be most of a miniseries, here it’s just the beginning.


This comedy-drama revolves around a family that lives on Ojakkyo Farm, just a quick drive away from Seoul. It’s a bustling household with four grown sons, and though the setup is a familiar one for family dramas (Think: Sons of Sol Pharmacy), this cast of characters is kind of awesome. We’ve got:

Snarky GRANNY (Kim Yong-lim, Life Is Beautiful) who packs a mean bite when she’s feeling saucy, but is as loving as a grams can be. She still likes to give her daughter-in-law a hard time about the little things, but now that both are older, she’s loosened up and they’re kind of like old war buddies now.

DAD (Baek Il-sub, Flames of Desire) is an overgrown silly manchild, but a sweet and well-meaning guy. It’s clear he never really grew up, because he still kind of acts like a bumbling son rather than the head of the household. Dad is stern with his sons, but adorably sweet to his wife, and defers to her without hesitation. He’s basically a grumpy teddy bear.

He’s made countless mistakes in life with one failed venture after another, and his biggest mistake of all comes to the surface at the start of the drama. What he never told his family is that the farm they’ve toiled over for most of their lives isn’t really theirs. Ten years ago, the farm’s true owner left it in Dad’s care, rather than handing it over to his own irresponsible son. But according to the contract that they signed, in ten years’ time, it goes back to that original family. Thus begins the avalanche of trouble on Ojakkyo Farm.

MOM is played by the always adorable Kim Ja-ok (High Kick Through the Roof) — the heart of the family, and the true head of the household. She talks about the farm like it’s a fifth son, raised up from nothing with her two hands. It’s mostly a pear farm, but she grows all sorts of things, and lately has poured her heart into raising ducks, which is a great source of comedy, but also a nice little metaphor for her family – the baby ducks in line behind the mother.

She’s a fantastic character, full of warmth and lively spunk, and is the emotional center of the show. It’s her love for every tree she’s planted that pulls you into the central conflict, because you can actually see how much it rips her heart out when she finds out that the farm she raised from a mound of dirt was never hers to begin with.

First son HWANG TAE-SHIK (Jung Woong-in, SNL Korea, Coffee House) is the hapless eldest son, and the hilarious sad sack. Nearing 40 and still looking for The One, he goes on blind date after blind date, rejecting every woman he meets because she isn’t his Fate. He is most like his father, having a lifetime of failed ventures and mistakes in his life, and feels extremely burdened by the fact that he’s the eldest, but the family’s financial support has come from his younger siblings two and three.

It’s a fact that Dad doesn’t let him forget either, and he is especially hard on the eldest son, for being so wishy-washy and not accomplishing much with his life. Tae-shik is extremely sensitive and meek, always teased by his younger brothers for being pissy (He even takes issue with their word choice of calling him “pissy” rather than “angry,” ha.) and is a careful worrywart while his younger brothers are decisive and dependable.

I like the choice to make the eldest the non-traditional kind, who is neither a leader nor the family’s crowning jewel. Not every family follows the mold, and I love Tae-shik’s conflict of having the expectations of First Son hang over his head like a cloud, while stumbling through life. He’s a hilarious character – a fuddy-duddy with the emotional range of a twelve-year old.

He works as a physical therapist and has two potential women in his life as the story progresses. He meets a beautiful young woman on a blind date and finally feels like he’s met his fated match. It’s mostly because she’s pretty and way out of his league. The other is the neighbor ajumma KIM MI-SOOK (Jeon Mi-sun, Poseidon, Girl K) who turns out to be a classmate from grade school. He treats her like a nuisance, though she recognizes him right away as her childhood crush. He only has eyes for the pretty younger woman, but I’m thinking she’ll be the bad relationship that makes him wake up and smell the Fate right under his nose.

Second son HWANG TAE-BUM (Ryu Soo-young, My Princess) is the family’s ace – first place throughout school, winner in all things, successful, dashing, charm oozing out of every word, wink, and smile. He knows how to charm Mom with compliments that make his brothers gag, and has supported his family through every major financial crisis. In a word, he’s perfect, and yet… not so much.

He’s a 36-year old television news reporter who’s just starting to gain some star power, and like he is with all things, he’s aggressively competitive and a little trigger-happy. He causes some major problems for his younger brother when he sneaks a peek at police records and leaks a story, which is clearly not the first time he’s done so. Tae-bum is selfish and an arrogant bastard, but he knows it and doesn’t apologize for it in any way. He’s equally refreshing and infuriating, and his journey looks to be one of the more promising character arcs, of forcing him to look beyond himself.

He’s the only one of the sons who lives on his own (in an officetel in the city), but comes home often enough to fight with his brothers. He’s got the best brother-conflicts, within the foursome – he’s a nagging know-it-all, especially to his older brother, while his hyung is just as bristly to him because he resents how much his younger brother has acted the part of eldest son in his place. But despite being a thorn in his brothers’ sides, he is extremely loyal and infuriatingly loveable.

Tae-bum has his own little newsroom screwball comedy, which serves as a mini-rom-com within the drama as a whole. He constantly butts heads with his boss CHA SOO-YOUNG (Choi Jung-yoon, Manny), and they have a classic bickering hate relationship. She’s a great character and a perfect foil for the cocky Tae-bum, because she’s the only one who can match his verbal sparring wit for wit.

Throughout the first ten episodes, they bicker, they hate, they drink… and have a one-night stand. Tae-bum takes the coward’s way out the morning after, running off and avoiding her, and Soo-young chooses to play it cool despite having secretly had a crush on him since he started working there.

But the real trouble comes soon after, when she finds out that she’s pregnant with his child. Ruh-roh…

Third son HWANG TAE-HEE (Joo Won, Baker King Kim Tak-gu) is the silent, dependable son. Where second son Tae-bum might be the kind to cut corners to get ahead, third son Tae-hee is the stalwart honest guy who will stick to his principles above all else. He’s a cop, a plain-clothes detective nicknamed Dog Tae-hee in his precinct, for his prickly demeanor and quick temper.

He’s got some anger issues and a violent streak as a cop, but then at home he’s the gentlest puppy ever. Tae-hee is especially loved by Grams – her favorite by a long shot, which she doesn’t take pains to hide. His partner watches gobsmacked as Tae-hee pulls out the aegyo for his grandma in the middle of a stakeout, noting, “Hyung, you almost seem like… a nice person.” Ha. I love what he says in response – that when Grams is happy, she’s easy on Mom, and then Mom is happy. Could a son be any better?

Tae-hee is 30, and second in line behind Tae-bum in supporting his family and succeeding in his career. Combined, they’re the one-two punch to Eldest Son Tae-shik’s pride. On top of it all, Tae-hee is Dad’s sole confidant when he’s in crisis mode, because he’s level-headed and less judgy than the other boys.

His story converges with the central conflict of the farm through an investigation, where he gets tangled up with the heroine. (Though their official first meeting involves a misunderstanding where he accidentally arrests her thinking she’s someone else. Whoops.)

Fourth son, maknae HWANG TAE-PIL (Yeon Woo-jin, All My Love), is the mama’s boy, and resident sweetie pie. He’s 29, but doesn’t do much other than odd jobs here and there, and mostly helps Mom out with the farm. He’s suave and charming like Second Son, but is hapless in the career arena, much like First Son. He’s fiercely loyal to Mom – he’ll blindly take her side no matter what, and be the first to defend her to his brothers or anyone else. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

He gets along with everyone swimmingly, always the one to smooth things over between other family members. But he has a particularly combative relationship with third son Tae-hee, refusing to call him hyung, and resenting his dad-like orders to get his life together. They’re the closest in age, and theirs is the classic conflict between the perfect-son hyung and the rebellious younger brother who gets away with whatever he wants because he’s the maknae. You get the sense that Tae-hee has gotten him out of more than a few scrapes, but that Tae-pil still immaturely resents him for it.

Tae-pil gets through life on his looks. It’s an advantage that First Son doesn’t have, that Third Son blindly ignores (though how he could is unfathomable), and that Second Son uses only insofar as it supplements his other first-place traits. But Maknae skates through life being a sometimes-model, errant pretty boy, and noona-killer by trade. He runs around posing as his two successful older brothers Two and Three, while zeroing in on women dressed in expensive clothes like targets.

He doesn’t take anything in life very seriously, so he’s got a lot of growing up to do, but like all his brothers, he’s got a good heart.

Then there’s our heroine BAEK JA-EUN (UEE, Birdie Buddy) who is the only daughter of the farm’s real owner. She’s a bubbly art student who’s famous at her university for being its spokesperson, and she’s spoiled, but in a fairly normal upper-middle class, only-daughter way. Her dad’s been remarried three times, and the longest relationship is the current one, with her stepmother of five years.

Her father is on the brink of bankruptcy when the drama opens, and he comes to Ojakkyo ready to reclaim the farm as his only solvent asset. That leads to the Hwang family finding out about Dad’s unfortunate choice not to tell them about this ten-year contract, and Mom’s breakdown at the possibility of losing her farm.

At the same time, Third Son Tae-hee is investigating Ja-eun’s father in a case, when Dad travels to China in a last-ditch effort to save his company, he goes missing in a boat crash. Suddenly Ja-eun’s entire life comes crashing down around her – debt collectors take everything, and her evil stepmother abandons her, leaving her homeless and alone.

The stepmother’s abandonment is heart-wrenching, as Ja-eun tells her that she called her Mom because their five years together was the longest she’s ever had a mother. (Her birth mother died when she was a baby.) When she confesses to knowing that it was a sham but wanting her as a mom anyway, it guts me.

Left penniless and adrift, she wanders the streets with one bag and the last remnants of her father – among them a picture of her and Dad, inside which she finds the contract for Ojakkyo Farm. Seeing it as her lifeline, she arrives on the Hwang Family’s doorstep, ready to claim what’s hers. Thus begins the real drama, of Mom vs. Ja-eun, for that one very crucial piece of land.

It’s a great conflict because you can see why both women feel like the farm is theirs, and why each deserves it. Ja-eun is alone in the world and this is her means of survival, while Mom’s poured ten years of her life into making this farm what it is, and can’t bear to hand it over to some strange girl.

Even in the first ten episodes, the setup takes a few turns. Mom’s first reaction to Ja-eun’s arrival is to kick her to the curb, but then Dad feels terrible for her plight and wants to take her in as part of the family. Eventually Mom agrees, but only because she sees it as an opportunity to salvage the farm.

Ja-eun has nowhere to go and no family, so she agrees to live there until they figure out what to do, but treats Mom and Dad like an ATM machine, lording the contract over them all the while. Finally Mom snaps and in a moment of weakness, she steals the contract right out of Ja-eun’s purse, and kicks her back to the curb.

It’s Mom’s low point, but she does it out of desperation, and then kicks Ja-eun out partly because she wants to remove any threat to the farm, and partly because she can’t face the guilt of what she’s done. Ja-eun throws a fit, accusing her of stealing the contract, but Mom swears up and down to her entire family that she never laid a hand on it.

Unable to prove anything without the contract, Ja-eun ends up back on the street, spending her nights huddled on the couch at school. What I do like about her is that she’s not spoiled enough not to start working. She picks up any odd jobs that she can, waiting tables and washing dishes, and trying not to cry into her instant ramyun every night.

Throughout all this, she develops an antagonistic bond with Third Son Tae-hee, whom she calls Ajusshi. (She calls the other brothers First Ajusshi, Second Ajusshi, and Maknae Oppa, and when she asks what she should call Tae-hee, his gruff response is “Anything except Oppa.”)

He’s the least talkative one, the prickliest, and they get off on the wrong foot about twelve times. But she inherently trusts him because he’s a cop. It comes from a naïve understanding of the profession, like the way a little kid thinks police officers will always do the right thing. It just happens that he actually is that kind of person and always tells her the truth, albeit in the meanest possible way.

She spends a good long while being angry and lashing out against everyone, culminating in one epic drunken breakdown where she trashes the entire farm and sets the ducks free. It’s pretty damn hilarious. (And mostly harmless, since the ducks just have to be wrangled back in, though the fields she stomps through are another story.)

Mom flips out and has her hauled away by the local police. By now her outbursts are growing more and more shrill and just when I feel like they’ve gone too far with her character (because yes, I feel bad for her, but tantrums are the fastest way to make me stop caring), Tae-hee gives her the talking-to that brings her to her senses.

He yells at her for acting like a child, and simply railing against the universe in a giant pity party. He’s the one to teach her that if there’s something she wants, she has to work for it instead of being angry that life is unfair to her.

So she pulls herself together, stops feeling sorry for herself, and goes to Tae-hee for advice – if she wants the farm, what should she do? He wonders why he’s telling her this, but says, “If you want the farm, you have to move my mother’s heart.”

The next day she spends every last penny she has on camping equipment, and shows up on the family’s doorstep with a pitched tent, this time with a smile and a plan, to win Mom over.


I love where we end up by the end of Episode 10, the setup for what I think will be the best part of the story. Now that we’re past all the screaming and the yelling, Ja-eun’s sunny attitude is bound to make a dent in Mom’s heart, if not break all the way through. Her becoming a part of the family is really what I’m dying to watch, and now that she’s gone through the necessary tribulations to change her outlook, I can’t wait to watch all the family hijinks.

Often times longer family dramas feel extremely slow as far as plot goes, but Ojakkyo feels breezy without being fluffy. There’s a lot of meaty conflict, but people find things out quickly, situations get reversed, then turned over again, and everything moves along at a brisk pace. I love that we can focus on one or two brothers per episode for the main stories, while having the others in the background, so that each character gets their time to shine, in rotation.

One advantage to a longer-running drama is that I can put faith in character arcs that settle in and take their time – when Second Son Tae-bum finds out that Soo-young is pregnant and then acts like a teenager instead of a man, I’m annoyed at him in the moment, but I trust in the story to eventually bring him around. The same goes for Ja-eun, who spends a good deal of time being a spoiled brat to the point I almost give up on her, but then when push comes to shove, she grows up.

I had big question marks about some of the cast when I started this show, but the characters all feel perfectly cast, and most of the actors have surprised me. UEE does a great job being emotionally vulnerable, and commits to the funny, which I didn’t really expect from her. Ryu Soo-young plays Second Son Tae-bum pitch-perfectly as that cocky bastard that you want to kick in the shins… and then climb like a tree.

Joo Won is a standout as Third Son Tae-hee, alternating from intense action hero to sweet puppy grandson, and he has maybe the prettiest eyes of any human being ever. Though it’s early for romance, the sparks are flying between Tae-hee and Ja-eun, and they have great chemistry together, as do Tae-bum and Soo-young.

I think what clicks with me most is the tone of the show – it’s light, so that even the most dire of conflicts isn’t played for overwrought high drama. Everything is done with a touch of humor and warmth, and every character has good traits and bad.

My favorite parts are always when the brothers are gathered together, in twos or threes, and especially all four at once. They’re so fantastically layered and completely different from each other, and the way they fight and push each other’s buttons feels so realistically petty. If I have a complaint about the show, it’s that I’d rather have the brothers all together all day, every day.

I’m in it for the long haul, but there’s no time in this dimension for 58 recaps, so I’ll check in periodically, to give you my thoughts and weigh in on the Hwang Family and their newest resident plucky duck.


129 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arhazivory

    Take my word for it GF, if you’ve started Ojakgyo, you’re in for a treat. I’m up to episode 35 and I’m yet to feel like an episode is dragged out. This series has completely captured my heart. I think my favourite relationship is between Tae Boom and Team Leader Cha but all the relationships are awesome. I also love how its not melo and depressing.

    Oh~!! Its such a joy to watch really. XD

    • 1.1 girlatsea

      Tae-bum and Soo-young’s relationship is my favorite too! Tae-hee and Jae-eun’s relationship is cute too but I care more about Tae-bum and Soo-young.

      • 1.1.1 JIW_sobangnim

        This drama was a jewel find for me too. Stay in for the rideeeeee buddies 🙂 Now I feel so happy that they’re extending the series 🙂

      • 1.1.2 OBfan

        Same here. That’s why it is not surprising that this couple won the KBS Best Couple Award instead of the main one.

    • 1.2 shepo

      well,,my fav is tae pil and aunty…hehe

      • 1.2.1 flicka

        Hi-5, shepo! They’re my fav too! Too bad their scenes are always so so so short! 🙁 Do you think they’ll really end up together? I sure hope so!!!!!

  2. Brenda

    Oh i didn’t know this drama was quite this popular, i have only watched various cuts of UEE and Joo won because i wanted to see UEE’s acting but the couple is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e and i do love joo won (even though i continue to dislike baker king *hides*).
    Though i guess my enjoyment of the cuts means i could possiby enjoy the drama so i may give it a chance! …after my internet usage restarts 😀

    • 2.1 julianna

      I agreed with ya about both points. Joo Won is awesome in this drama since he has a lot more to work with instead of being the dark, always-angry-at-life son in Baker King…

  3. sandy

    the ratings are due to the time slot really cause every KBS drama in this time slot takes the same ratings

    the drama was given a an average score of 6.4 by netizens which is not exactly flattering

    can you hear my heart , hooray for love and twinkling has much better reviews

    • 3.1 funkypicklez

      can you hear my heart was amazing.

      nam goong min <3

  4. usako chan

    Ojakkyo Brothers is fantastic!!! Especially in the middle parts!!! Watch on and you will squeal!!

  5. pearl

    sounds good.
    I might check this out after I’m finish with family honor (54 eps!) which I plan to start watching tonight.

    • 5.1 XyoR

      I watched a lot of family dramas (the ones that I’m talking about it’s more than 50 epis.). I think Family Honor is one of the best family dramas. However, i really wish it’s only 40 epis., it got so draggy toward the ending. I haven’t watched Ojakkyo Brothers yet, I heard so many good things about it. I’ll definitely watch this one too.. 🙂

      • 5.1.1 shepo

        try terms of endearment,,

  6. oi

    I would recommend this drama too, although I need to catch up on the last 5 eps.

  7. shirubang

    wow, you guys finally talk about ojakgyo bros! to those who haven’t seen it, you are missing out! a great drama, it’s worth the 50+ episode~

    • 7.1 Andrea


      The next comment has a REALLY big spoiler in it. If you haven’t seen past the first 15 or so episodes, DO NOT read the next comment.

  8. funkypicklez

    to be honest – i’m watching it – but i’m not a total fan. the acting is great but the script… is just alright.
    i was actually surprised to hear that the ratings were so high for it.

    oh and girlfriday, you left out an important character trait for hwang tae hee (although with only ten episodes in i’m not even sure if you know already). SPOILER ALEART!
    he’s adopted. he’s actually the son of the family’s oldest son which makes the paretns his uncles and the brothers his cousins. Yet, his father died of a car accident when he was young and his mother abandoned him. that’s why he has a bad relationship with the second and fourth brother. but it becomes better towards the middle. and then my lovely jung seok won joins the drama! yay

    uee is a much better actress than i feared. still sometimes her deer-caught-in-the-headlights eyes gets old.

    • 8.1 blondbs

      I really agree on the “deer in the headlights” comment, and after I read that she (along with everybody else) had had her eyes done, I started looking at her eyes- the right one opens wider and I have to stop watching that! But she’s doing a good job. As for Jung Seok Won, he’s a good actor and fabulous eye-candy, but (again the eyes) his eyes are just dead looking to me- none of the emotion he’s supposed to convey shows up in his eyes, at least to me. My fave? I agree with girlfriday- Joo Won’s really the stand-out, especially with those eyes. Maybe not the best-looking of the brothers, but when he smiles, this ahjumma would love to just sweep him off his feet.

      • 8.1.1 Saima

        Ok so when I started the show and found that Joo Won’s the lead i was a lil iffy abt the chemistry, or liking him enough as the lead. Now, I stand corrected. oh my goshhhh, i think he’s just soo beautiful…..and, i think his acting’s got a big role to play in changing my opinion! Whenever he appears onscreen I absolutely flush— i’ve never had this ‘physiological’ rxn towards an actor!! *blushh* I totally agreed with Ja-eun when she confessed to KJ that her body reacts first to Tae Hee which led to KJ spitting his coffee, heh.

        And, I think Uee’s evolved as an actor….she’s laid all those idol-turned-actor stereotypes to rest! 🙂 She’s gonna go a long way…and, anybody else want Uee and Joo Won to date?!

      • 8.1.2 izuyam

        What do you mean Joo Won is not the best-looking of the brothers??!! He IS the best-looking!! He’s got me drooling all over him…

    • 8.2 Anna

      Little bit disappointed at your spoiler. I have watched the first 10 episodes in the last few days and came on here, whilst carefully avoiding the later episode reviews, to see what others thought of this series so far. Really wasn’t expecting a huge spoiler to be just dropped in.

  9. Ace

    Woah! I started OB at the middle and never got around to watching the first 15 or so episodes yet. I got some clarification from avid fans re: some of the love lines. If I get the time to watch those I missed, I’ll tune in more to Tae-bum and Soo-young’s bickering. Those two are cute.

    I hear that they extended this drama to 8 more episodes so yay! And *groan*. The January madness is just around the corner. I need my 8 hours sleep!

    Just watched the KBS drama awards and both UEE & Joo-won won some acting award(s). 😉

    • 9.1 Yasmin

      haha!! glad i wasnt the only one to skip the beginning then! i read the review for the first 30 on thundies prattle and then the rest i watched..im on episode 42 now! really enjoying it and i love all the brothers but hwang tae beom and tae hee are my favourite in terms of their relationships with their respective gfs/wives 😀

  10. 10 Ivoire

    Thank you for reviewing this drama Girlfriday,
    it will be interesting to get your take on it. I caught it in the middle and I like how each brother has a different arc and how different their stories are and the things they have to go through to grow. It makes it very interesting and engaging, and so are the interactions of the different family members, including those of the secondary characters.

  11. 11 Steamybuns

    yay finally! highly recommended!

  12. 12 dany

    I love this series, and all the characters, especially the journalist and his wife/and his in-laws.

    • 12.1 blondbs

      Isn’t his mother-in-law the BEST? Sooooo funny, such a petulant whiny, loud woman. I love her. Loved her also in Secret Garden and Smile, You. Guess she’s found her niche as a witchy, bitchy (but inwardly loving) mother-in-law.

      • 12.1.1 kdfan

        agree! she is sooo hilarious to watch. the meeting between the parent in-laws was so funny!

  13. 13 Atriniriggie

    Well this introduction just made me a fan….
    I will admit for some reason am not a fan of Uee,
    because I saw the first episode of her in Birdy Buddy and I was turned off.
    But now after your brief break down of characters am interested in seeing where they go with this story.
    Thank you

  14. 14 Mei

    For a second there, I thought it was Kang dong won….my heart stopped for a while! hahaha

    • 14.1 djes

      Joo Won does lookalike younger version of Kang Dongwon!
      Try watch him acts, he has different charisma with KDW though.

  15. 15 nxh

    its an awesome drama! I love sooyoung’s parents!!! and sooyoung-taebum!!

    the story at the back is kinda draggy though, a huge problem revolving around the farm..no wonder they extended it. but I prob think its draggy cause I’m too invested in sooyoung-taebum :/

  16. 16 Alixana

    It’s a nice drama. The pace is nice, the characters are likable, the story and the script are good. Uee is a wonderful surprise as an actress and the chemistry between her and Joowon is amazing.
    I’m sure you’ll like this drama even more as the relationship between the two progresses. 🙂

  17. 17 djes

    Oh Girlfriday, how I’m so thankful for this post!
    I’m watching Ojakyo Brothers, but I started from ep 20 and don’t really want to watch the previous episodes. So this introduction ( eventhough I’ve now known all the characters already ) is really helpful, not to mention interesting!

    I love..love this drama. I always have soft spot for family dramas, even I don’t really like that most of them are 50+ eps long, but when you find the good one, you just forget the long episodes and when it ends you’d feel you want more.

    OB is very nice feeling rom com, I love the brothers, mom, dad, and Ja Eun, their chemistry, their bickers, their love hate relationships.
    One thing I don’t like, but sometimes it’s oddly hilarious, is Cha Sooyoung’s mom.. And the actress – the one who played Secret Garden’s Joo Won’s mom – doesn’t help either..she’s pitch perfect for this kind of character.

    Because of OB, I have this crush to Joo Won, and changed my opinion about Uee. He’s so adorable and lovable, his smile can bright the day, and she apparently does have acting ability, and their chemistry is soooo good, I just want more screen times for them.

    I definitely recommend this drama to people who is willing to commit a long drama!

  18. 18 Shukmeister

    I’ve watched it from the get-go and have enjoyed just about every episode. Currently at 42, the threads are coming together nicely. This is by far the longest one I’ve watched.

    All the boys are perfectly cast, although my guilty pleasure nowadays is looking for Tae-hee’s dimples, and the interaction between him and Kim Jae Ha.

    And I want to kick Cha Soo Young in the shins, for her behavior. Hard.

    • 18.1 blondbs

      YES! She needs to flip her mother off and move away from that stupid next-door house. She can certainly show her backbone at work, so now she should suck it up and show it at home.

  19. 19 Liv

    This drama is a treat! Haven’t seen the first 20 episodes but episode 21-39 is great. Every character is not perfect but they all still managed to be adorable in their own ways.Loved UEE and Joo Won’s chemistry! Tae Beom and Soo Young tandem is also great as they both managed to live the woes of married life.Tae Shik will encounter a life changing crisis in his life (Won’t reveal here for the benefit of those who haven’t seen yet).Tae Pil’s playboy ways will also meet his match throughout the course of the drama.I also commend the tight relationship of each family member.

    Special mention to Soo Young’s mom (she’s Hyun Bin’s mom in Secret Garden). She may seem to be a difficult person but I can feel her love for her daughter during Soo Young’s marital woes.Looking forward to more episodes! ^_~

  20. 20 kiwichan08


    Trust me you won’t regret it. I’m up to the latest episode and I’m like addicted to this drama. Uee and Joowon are so perfect together.

  21. 21 kimcheejoy43

    Oh Maaayyyyy!!!!!.. I love this drama so much!!!.. I also really want to recommend this drama… I guess it’s not that too late to recap this drama… I really love Tae hee and Ja Eun couple!!!.. Fighting OJAKGYO BROTHERS!!

  22. 22 Cherry

    I watched some episodes on KBS World and they were really good!! i was wondering why nobody paid attention to this drama, i mean look at the second son’s in-laws, they’re hilarious + UEE & the detective’s relationship, aside from being adorable, they can be funny =)

  23. 23 girlatsea

    I LOVE Ojakgyo Brothers. It’s actually my first 30+ episode drama and I plan on watching it all the way through. There’s never a dull moment.

    Thanks GF for your thoughts!

  24. 24 momogi

    Finally you make a review for OB!
    I’m a fan of this drama, though I have to say that the story just alright, if you a longtime kdrama fan you’ll know where the fate of OTPs go and where the story leads. At first I’m investing in Tae-bom Soo-young and Tae-hee Ja-eun stories but now I’m rooting for Tae-phil and Nam Yeoul pairing.
    The casts chemistry are great. My favorites are the interactions between the brothers, how Tae-sik maturing when he have to face the reality that he has a son to raise, how Tae-bom learn to love again, and the new bromance of Tae-phil and Tae-hee. What’s not to love..

  25. 25 SimSimani

    Same here – I’m 41 episodes in, and Ojakgyo Brothers is still fabulous! I loved Joowon since Baker King, but here he’s the perfect hero! 🙂 And the chemistry with Uee is truly off the charts! 🙂

  26. 26 nabithoj

    I like this drama although I gotta say the beginning episodes annoyed me really much to where I stopped watching and then picked up again after the 15th episode. And now I’m avidly waiting for the subs to come out for the episodes that’s already out…sucks when you don’t know Korean.. >>.<<

    But I agree, this drama gets better in the middle and there's more relationship developments for everyone. By far my favorite storyline is between Cha Soo Young and Hwang Tae Bum…kekekeke

  27. 27 MEK

    ive been actually watching this drama and getting kinda irritated coz they are not subbing it as fast as most dramas…i’m completely with you on dramas that are 50+ episodes long but uee surprised me with birdie buddy so i thought i’d try this one…what a breath of fresh air. this drama is really good – love all the characters and the joowon and uee romance makes me giggle…they act like they are dating in high school…very cute. also, this is the first drama that I actually love the mom and dad…they are adorable and doesnt it make you think of one of your friend’s mom and dad that you can visit anytime and feel warmth from…love them…thumbs up for me on ojakgyo brothers…love this show!!!

  28. 28 Cam

    Yea Yea Yea! I am sooo LOOOVIN’ with this drama! I am very addicting to watch this drama made me so hungry, of course.
    Ah, I’m on 40 episodes right now, keke….Thank goodness….THANKS for this recap & letting everybody who haven’t watch this awesome drama ~ ~ I would like to recommend anybody (never watch this before) to watch & made their heart glow & happiness ! ! 😉

    Ojakkyo Brothers ROOOCKS ~ ~

  29. 29 Dkd


    • 29.1 My2Girls

      Because in the show he is 30. Even though the actor is younger.

      • 29.1.1 Arhazivory

        I was surprised to learn that the ‘maknae’ is in reality 3 years older than him. lol. Maknae oppa does look young though.

  30. 30 p3rk3le

    i love this!! I dont like dramas with so many eps, and even though i was waiting for it to take its road towards the end, i’m actually please for the extention!! 😀

  31. 31 alua

    Darn, I am going to have to put this on my to-watch list. But a 58 episode drama! Do I really have time for that?!?!?!?

    But it sounds good!

    • 31.1 blondbs

      YOU MUST MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! Really. You won’t regret it.

      • 31.1.1 alua

        Darn! Don’t tell me that!

        (Shhh. I have bookmarked it already.)

        • My2Girls

          best decision you will ever make!

          • alua

            I’ll be sure to report back 🙂

  32. 32 Saima

    O.M.G!! Yes, Yes, YESSSSSSSS!! Finally!! Off to read….

  33. 33 djinni

    love this drama..,. so addicted~

  34. 34 Alvina

    @Girlfriday, your recap is certainly more…positive than I felt when I first saw those episodes.

    For the life of me, I absolutely COULDNT stand the mother, the grandmother ,and the little brother. While I understood that it was a long drama that needed personality quirks to work into perfection, it just was soo irritating. And, dropping those episodes in favor of picking it up later was a no option because I ended up missing a lot of the storyline.

    I think I dropped this drama around episode 24? I dont quite remember but since people are still waxing poetic about this drama, and I saw that something something between JooWon and Uee, I suppose I’ll pick it up again 😀

  35. 35 mnstpdu08

    I couldn’t get over moral dilemma – the family refusing to give her the farm and instead of allowing her to stay, kicked her out, so I stopped watching it after the first 3-4 episodes. But give your review, I’ll start watching it again.

    • 35.1 rainyrain

      u have to continue watching it and u won’t be disappointed trust me , even that stolen contract thing will be solved 🙂

  36. 36 running_wild

    i might be the minority here. but my fave couple is tae bum & soo young. their storyline is very interesting. it helps that ryu soo young & choi jung yoon are really good actor and actress. they complement each other so well. i cry and laugh with them.

    though joo won & uee are kinda cute as well.

    ojakgyo brothers is really a good drama. i usually stay away from long dramas but this one got me hooked right away. the storyline is solid, interesting and heartwarming. the actings are good. alot of eye candies LOL :p

  37. 37 mellowyel

    this looks cute – I’d totally watch it for Ryu Soo-young and Jung Woong-in alone – the latter cracks me up and the former… well, I hope I never meet a guy with that smile, because I’d be powerless against it *swoon*

  38. 38 trixicopper

    It’s a treat when you get a family drama with likeable characters. No crazy,evil,psycho etc… and yes I’m looking at you ATK!

    I’ve gotten a little behind over the holidays but this show has been very enjoyable to watch. I’m rooting for everybody!:)

  39. 39 rainyrain

    after SG last year , this is the second kdrama I felt myself involved with ( eventhough I watched many drama during the year ) , I’m in love with every thing about this drama and TH-JW’s scene are a treat to watch
    GF I’m I can assure that u won’t be disappointed with this drama and u will be catched the way we are all ( and u can go check softy’s blog to believe me )

    • 39.1 HALFTWIN

      Woah! you’re here… i always encounter your name in cadence comment section.

  40. 40 Kamille

    finally an ojakkyo brothers recap that i’ve been waiting for. Thank you girlfriday, and Happy new year.

    I usually get tired from a drama if its start makes me drowsy from the slow story telling
    or if its ending sucks big time. I don’t usually watch the last 2 episodes of the drama I watch.. since the ending usually kills the whole drama for me.

  41. 41 Deen

    One of the best KDrama evahhh.. I love all the characters and their storyline. GF, its worth watching especially the story between Joo Won and Uee… Their chemistry is sooo amazing.

    Sad because Joo Won and Uee did not won the best couple award… But, in OB fans … The two will always be the best couple evahhh…

  42. 42 HALFTWIN

    i love this drama (currently addicted), mainly b’coz of Joowon&Uee love line… they are so cute and their love story is full of angst. if i’m correct their love story is about first love (since Taehee’s 1st love is Jaeun and vice-versa). I’m currently in ep 43 (which shown tonight, i mean few hrs ago it’s jan. 1 already). and OMGGG!!! i’m so frustrated about the storm that will come which will have a big impact in their relationship… OOOPS Spoiler… hihihi XP

    BTW! i’m reading all the recaps in this blog http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/ they post the recap 1-2 hrs after the episode aired and you will find great MV’s about the romance of Taehee-Jaeun couple’s journey. so exited for episode 44 tonight!!!

  43. 43 MLou

    I’ve been watching all along, and this is truly a treat. This drama will make you cry at times, but has some laugh out loud parts that bring tears from the comedy. I don’t know how long it’s been since I have been interested in ALL the characters. Really well written and nicely paced so you don’t have to wait 10 episodes to see some resolution to conflicts.

  44. 44 soiia

    This drama is definitely fun to watch, though I must admit, Tae-Bum’s storyline gets on my nerves sometimes because he is such a bad bad soon to be father, even if he was “forced” into the marriage deal. It just seems to me that he’s being so irresponsible that it’s hard to gradually like him :/

  45. 45 Mish

    THANK YOU! Yay I’m so happy you decided to do an intro recap on this series, it’s one of my current faves. I’m normally a romance kind of girl, but I have to agree with you in this family series it really is the bromance I’m rooting for. I remember a lot of the conflict over the contract at the beginning of the drama annoyed me, causing me to alternate between disliking Ja-Eun and disliking the mom two or three times an episode, but the farm hijinks are a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy this series as much as I am!

  46. 46 xiaoSxin

    Wow.. this really sounds like a good drama. but but but…. I just recently started High Kick… and now this?!?! WHOA ~ sleep.. I’m gonna miss it.

  47. 47 nuri

    Wow. You’re watching Ojakkyo Brothers!! thanks for the recap. Nice new years suprise! Yes, it is already 2012 in my part of the continent.

    I’m occasional watcher (because of the long episode thing) but totally devoted to the weekly airing at kbs world. I find this show really endearing and mostly warms my heart. Besides, Joo Won is the cutest thing ever, especially when he pouts. The. Best.

    You always have this incredible way to capture a story right at heart. Grumpy teddy bear. lol.

    Guys, let’s keep the spoilers to minimum.. I also have watched most of the story, but its not really fun to read spoilers, isn’t it?

  48. 48 My2Girls

    Dear Girlfriday,

    Welcome to the dark side. This is the first family drama I have ever watched (I too have commitment issues) and I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE it. I started after Softy raved and raved and I decided “what the hell?” I marathoned the first 8 episodes and never looked back. It is the first time I ever really cursed not knowing Korean because the subs take forever on this show and the waiting is torture but thanks to Softy I get by.

    The relationship between the mother and Back Je Eun is what hooked me into this show. It is layered and wonderful. It will make you smile and break your heart. The romance lines are great but they come in a distant second place to the ahjumma/BJE relationship (runs and hides from screaming OB fans).

    I hope you continue to like the show and I look forward to reading your thoughts. I have always had a very similar taste in dramas to yours so I hope you are not disappointed. My gosh! I am actually nervous that is how proprietary I am over OB – This can not be healthy.

    Happy New Year from Seattle!


  49. 49 Gwinna

    I’d heard of this drama before, but didn’t really know what it was about, so thanks for posting an introduction. It actually sounds interesting; I might check it out at some point.

    Out of curiosity (and desire for recs!), are there any family dramas about families of sisters, or at least where the girls outnumber the boys? While I like bromance as much as anyone, I dislike it when relationships between men are treated as more important than relationships between women.

  50. 50 DB5K

    I can’t believe it took you so long to start watching this!!!

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