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The Vampire Boys, idols, and managers of Vampire Idol
by | December 3, 2011 | 94 Comments

girlfriday: Omg.

javabeans: So. This looks amazing. In one sense of the word amazing.

girlfriday: Like scrape-your-jaw-off-the-floor amazing? Wonder-if-you’re-sober amazing?

javabeans: I-guess-the-description-really-was-accurate amazing?

girlfriday: I’m not sure WHAT I imagined for alien vampire prince who travels to Earth to become an idol star, but this is definitely BETTER.

javabeans: Also: I pictured ONE vampire, Little Prince style. This is vampire clan.

girlfriday: It’s High Kick: Counterattack of the Short Fangs.

javabeans: It’s basically Hello Franceska all over again, which is great because that show was great. (Centuries-old vampires under persecution pass themselves off as a normal Korean family and try to blend in.)

girlfriday: I can already tell the Shin Dong-yup / Kim Sumi couple is going to be my favorite. She’s human so she ages, and he’s a vamp so he stays young.

javabeans: That’s so sad. It’s like Buffy: The Golden Years.

girlfriday: Right? ‘Cause that’s real life. Well…. yunno… real life if vampires were real. Ha. I love that they’re not doing the slick Vampire Prosecutor version of vampiness, but the straight-up Nosferatu, Interview With a Vampire -watching version of high camp.

javabeans: I think the idol boy wannabes are gonna be a hoot. Each boy on his own is actually pretty good, but hasn’t had a chance to shine solo yet. Singer Lee Jung is the vampire prince, also from Nonstop 5. Lee Soo-hyuk is from What’s Up and Tree With Deep Roots. Hong Jong-hyun, I’ve had my eye on — he’s from Ghost, Jungle Fish 2, Oh My Lady, Warrior Baek Dong-soo. And, get this — he plays a vamp with an IQ of 700. Is that even possible?

girlfriday: Wut? If it is, my regular-sized IQ can’t comprehend it.

javabeans: The fourth member is played by a model named Kim Hyun-joong.

girlfriday: That is a very unfortunate name. Dude, change it.

javabeans: You’d think he could’ve picked a stage name, huh? So here’s the deal. Lee Jung is a real (well, “real”) vampire prince and the lead singer. And Lee Soo-hyuk is a bloodsucking vamp. But our four boys are part of an idol group named Vampire Boys, with real managers and stuff. So…

girlfriday: So they’re a gimmick band, but then, they’re really vamps?

javabeans: Are they vampires posing as humans acting as vampires?

girlfriday: Hahaha. That’s so awesome. I suppose it’s as good a cover as any.

javabeans: Get this — the name of their planet is Vampirutus. Or Vampyrutus? But you know what would make my day? If it were VamPirates.

girlfriday: Like Argh, ye matey?

javabeans: Like, I vant to suck your blood, arrrrr.

girlfriday: My head might explode from the colliding of genres. The space vampire thing is hard enough to wrap the brain around.

javabeans: And THEN! There’s a girl group called…. Girls Girls.

girlfriday: Are they vamps too?

javabeans: They’re human, but part of the same agency as the Vampire Boys. One dates a vamp, one figures out the vamps’ identity first, one is a rival to the vamps’ manager girl.

girlfriday: So there are only male vampires in this world? How come all the vamps are dudes?

javabeans: Blame Twilight.

girlfriday: Daaaammnnn Youuuuuu Twiiiiiiliiiight! If these vampidols twinkle/shine/sparkle from anything other than stage glitter, it’s over.



94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kbap

    So excited to see this, it looks awesome 🙂

    • 1.1 Jo

      seriously though.
      Lee Soo-hyuk, Hong Jong-hyun and Kim Hyun-joong!

  2. minty710

    didn’t really know how to feel about this at first…..but now I’m so super excited!!! Can’t wait!! <3333

  3. Jomo

    Never in a vampire’s very long unlife would I have ever thought I would be interested in a modern (P.T. Post Twilight) vampire story, but this looks waaaay too good to pass up…

    • 3.1 mary

      It sounds more like Queen of the Damned (film) than Twilight. 😀

      Yunno, that – Hot Vampire Pretends to be Human Posing as a Vampire-Themed Rockstar to rope the fangirls in.

    • 3.2 Raine

      Every time I read the word Twilight I wince. I seriously have kept myself away from EVERYTHING Twilight. I can’t even remember the other guy’s name. Something Biblical. Jude? Matthew?

  4. -K

    It’s like Victor Victoria but not even close.

    • 4.1 Raine

      I don’t see it. Explain! I would love to see what you mean.

      • 4.1.1 Brandi

        You haven’t seen Victor Victoria, Raine? You’ve missed. It’s about a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. It’s old, but it’s a really great comedy. One of Dame Julie Andrews’ best. You should definitely look it up sometime.

  5. MissX

    Gaaah it’s a White Christmas reunion 😀
    I knew this would be awesome ^^
    I will patiently wait for this drama and rewatch white christmas to ocuppy myself……

    • 5.1 jo

      exactly that I was thinking! three of the boys were in White Christmas!

      • 5.1.1 Alvina

        White Christmas was that triller school drama on KBS right? I’ve wanted to watch it, but I cant take even “Scary Movie” style horror so I kind of avoided it.

        Is it a monster movie horror or simply a thriller?

        • Noemi

          That depends on how you define “monster” 😀 It’s a psychological thriller, but it addresses the issue of people becoming “monsters,”—not literally, but through their thoughts and actions. I really enjoyed, it but it definitely is creepy.

        • danna

          it’s a fantastic psycholigical thriller…do check it out1

        • salt

          White Christmas is not scary and creepy mini drama. It’s just an awesome psychology thriller kdrama

    • 5.2 danna

      I know!!! Mini-white christmas reunion with an added bonus of Lee Jung….also a mini Unstopable Marriage reunion with Lee Jung and Kim Sumi!!!

    • 5.3 lin

      i know. so excited for this.

    • 5.4 eb

      I was excited about the reunion, too!!! They were all great in White Christmas

    • 5.5 missjb

      you are right! It’s White Christmas reunion! Feel more excite about this one… gah I miss white christmas

    • 5.6 qwerty8

      I know right?! I’m so excited for the cast. White Christmas reunion~

  6. mud

    This looks like it’ll be a blast. Also I couldn’t help noticing that Kim Sumi’s shoe doesn’t seem to fit her right.

  7. Biscuit

    So… umm… if all the vampires are boys, *hopefully* they have female vampires on their planets. *thinking of reproduction*.

    Unless their secret goal to come to Earth is to find a wife.

    Cue contract marriage between human and vampire!!!

    Btw, who’s the “lead”? Unless its going High Kick style and focus on everyone.

    • 7.1 Alvina

      Finding female “mates” sounds similar to some trashy romance novels I’ve read (guilty pleasure I assure you).

      I do hope it’s like High Kick. The boys are pretty but I also love some of the seasoned actors in this.

    • 7.2 mary

      No need for mates.

      Just visit earth as a Vampire Idol and turn all the fangirls into vampires.

  8. Arhazivory

    I likey. And the short prince, who might be too dark for a vampire, appeals to me. XD I really want this series to do well because it just seems so quirky and awesome already….and I’ll wanna hear Pyung’s voice after TWDR ends. ^^”

  9. Alvina

    OMG This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    I just cant wait for the ridiculousness. The photos look just like the High Kick promos, and high kick is crazy enough without all of the vampire-ness thrown in there!!

    *goes crazy*

    Seriously. I love all of the actors already in here, and I’m sure the newbies will be just as fun to watch! Shin Dong Yup <3 Kim Sumi <3

    IQ of 700? *dazed* 🙁 It's like Limitless. Is he going to be super broody or super quirky?

    And, KWANGHEE?! WTF? I didnt know that he was in this. I know he's a real "idol" but I've seen him on variety shows and the boy puts the craze in crazy. Fuh real.

    I'm more giddy for this than I am for What's Up. And I've been waiting for What's up forever.

    If it's ANYTHING remotely like Hello Francheska, or High Kick, it's going to rock 😀

    • 9.1 Ani

      I know Lee Jung and Kwanghee the Energizer Bunny are a welcome surprise. I recognize them more for their variety show than anything else. But this will be awesome indeed.

      I was so-so about this. But the cast just looks amazing. Add in the older couple and I’m sold. X)

    • 9.2 Hipployta

      J’adore Kwanghee…somehow I feel like him playing the straight role to the crazy would be even funnier since we KNOW how crazy he is

  10. 10 Banu

    hahah this is sooooo the no what I expected, but I liked it well i must say i’m disappointed in the Vamp Prince thought Lee Soo hyuk play the part, but if this prince suppose to play dumb and hella funny I give this guy a chance since can’t imagine Lee Soo Hyuk like that lolzz
    Hong Jong-hyun guy I thought Jung Ui Chul (that vampire photoshoot from BOF).. looking forward for this show =)

    • 10.1 Alvina

      Whatever happened to Jung Ui Chul? He came on a couple of variety shows during BOF and then *poof*.

      Also, that Kim Hyun Joong (?) guy looks like Lee Minki haha.

      • 10.1.1 Leona

        Jung Ui Chul has been seen last time in Vampire Prosecutor as Charming in shining armor doing the time for a psycho killer princess …. or sorta. It was interesting coz I fell from my chair with OMG that is JUC

        or try to call him back on our screens by sending him a msg on Twitter @jungzz7e

    • 10.2 MEL

      Jung Ui Chul–YESS,where is he…? Very unforgettable during his short stint on BOF….

      Lee Jung and Kim Sumi were lots of fun as the demanding mother and slow son on the fun-looong sit com Unstoppable Marriage back in 2008. Sooo now they are redeeming him with an IQ of 700…

      This looks lots of fun, can’t wait… Need funny shows vs long tearjerker dramas…

      Thanks JB and GF…

  11. 11 Noemi

    This sounds delightfully wacky 🙂 When does it premier?

    • 11.1 smiles

      I totally agree – Noh Min Woo, you choose the wrong drama you silly boy!

  12. 12 kimmi

    this makes me want to see no min woo in a vampire getup so BADDD. All i can think is SEXINESS.

  13. 13 Ani

    Lee Jung!!!! Oh how I’ve missed National Heroes and you! I am definitely going to spend my days watching this when it gets subbed. Go Vamps GOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • 13.1 Alvina

      omg, National Heroes. That was a fun show and kind of like QoM. I miss it too.

  14. 14 suitfetish

    This looks AWFULLY AMAZING in all possible senses!

    I think I may end up having to see this.

    About names, it’s hilarious enough there’s another SS501 member with one that’s like the encoded version, but they at least debuted at the same time…

  15. 15 Hipployta

    What role is Kwanghee playing? I discovered that boy on Strong Heart and actually follow ZE:A because of him and his craziness. Totally stan his madness.

    • 15.1 YGBaby

      saw that one too. He’s freakin’ hilarious.

  16. 16 danna

    I’m most excited about Kim Hyun Joong here…his Kang Mireu was my favorite character in White Christmas

  17. 17 JoAnne

    Two Kim Hyun Joongs is not good for my brain.

    This better show up on Drama Fever!!!!

  18. 18 asianromance

    I’ve been in love with Lee Jung since his role as the dimwitted, hilarious Yi Baek Unstoppable Marriage. As blah as I am about vampires, i need to check him out!

  19. 19 Sk

    THREE of the boys from White Christmas =D My brain short-circuited when I saw the first pic.

    Ps, if Twilight’s only contribution to this story is that all vampires are male, then that is totally okay by me.

  20. 20 Shena

    Kang Mireu!! My White Christmas boys!!!

    • 20.1 kbap

      Yoonsu! Jaekyu! hehe…

    • 20.2 Jo

      I KNOW. I still love that show.
      It is absolutely my number one favorite drama of allll tiimmeee.

  21. 21 Fafa

    some of them do look like vampires. i think i’ll like this!

  22. 22 dulcedeleche

    Ahhhhhh. I loved Hello Franceska! If they do this right (and so far cable has NOT been disappointing me….this has so much potential to be situation-based funny.

  23. 23 Noelle

    I know this might be dumb because the one thing that got me SUPER excited is one small detail…..


    Finally! It drives me batty (ha!). So I’m sold.

  24. 24 Steamy Bun

    Damn, Twilight has really tainted anything vampirey for me. The whole “vampires trying to live as normal people” thing just seems OWNED by it now (and not in a good way). Now I’ll just be expecting one of the human girls to stubbornly and selfishly insist on becoming a vampire too. Does Korea even have any mythology about blood-sucking immortal humans?

    If this goes for straight-up comedy I might be interested.

    • 24.1 Hipployta

      Forget mythology…watch Hello Francheska…it had 3 seasons think but I only saw 1 and a half LOL

  25. 25 jyyjc

    Wait so lee jung is the lead?

  26. 26 mellowyel

    This. Looks. Hilarious. I love how they cast idols for their LOL factor – Kwanghee and Minah are going to be a hoot, I can already tell. I hope this gets subbed, and I miraculously have time to watch it.

    Also, I KNEW Pyung was Lee Soo-hyuk. Don’t know how I missed it in the TWDR recaps, but it’s been bothering me for ages – “He looks so familiar…”

  27. 27 whatis

    oh my god this looks so hilarious!!!! I can’t wait!

  28. 28 crazedlu

    blaaaAaaaHhh! Hong Jong-hyun!! been crushin’ massive on the dude. this is a dreeeaamm. i’m in.

  29. 29 via

    ohh man, this is so gonna be my new crack after flower boy ramyun shop ends, i can already tell. can’t wait!!

  30. 30 Jean

    I’m digging the blue eyes, it’s just like Yun Jung Hoon in Vampire Prosecutor.

  31. 31 Guuurl

    Whats up with the korean vampires having blue eyes xD ?

  32. 32 cv

    This looks goood! I’ll be waiting. ^^

  33. 33 Shu

    urm, where’s noh min woo

    • 33.1 kbap

      He’s not in it, sadly 🙁 I would’ve wanted to see him act as a vampire 🙂 I think he’s in Full House 2

      • 33.1.1 Trina987

        yup.. he is in Full House 2.. I feel really bad for him.. OMG… his hair and clothes… =(

        • Aternall

          whoaaa~ can’t believe it=/ i was exciting to see this drama because of him…but now..:((( I’m kind of sad =/ >o< (^W!%#%!W#!$@#W%!@[email protected]) uffff…but stiil I think I am going to watch it:D seems like a fun & quircky drama :]

  34. 34 Trina987

    Who is the male lead in this drama???

  35. 35 aX

    Hoestly, the guys could be better looking but whatever!

  36. 36 Yannie

    Why do vampires and ‘other’ creatures (gumiho) have blue eyes in Korean drama’s?

    • 36.1 BLee

      In Korea blue eyes are considered to be either a mystical or a monster-like trait. Wayy back in the past if a child had blue eyes due to some off-genes (a very rare case), then he/she were usually treated as freaks, being called fish-eyes and such. Now blue eyes are more of a magical trait.

  37. 37 soserious

    so effing excited for this shiat. when is it coming out again?

  38. 38 sean

    nooooo minnnnnnnn wooooooooooo

  39. 39 poo

    D first pic looked more like the ghosts from ‘Ringu’ …i mean white clothes n vampires? when did that happen? Its a relief they corrected it in the other pics with red and black clothes 😛

  40. 40 djes

    Noh Minwoo is officially not joining this? Waa, such a let down.
    Vampire isn’t my thing ( I watched 1st Twilight and done with it ), so eventhough this looks awesome and wacky, I’m still on fence whether I’m going to watch it or not.

  41. 41 RinA

    Isn’t there also Girl’s Day’s Minah there? I don’t remember anyone else looking like that…..which means two real life idols~~~~

  42. 42 YGBaby


  43. 43 MinUHwanja

    I WANT NO MIN WOO!!!!! T_____T I thought he’ll be the vampire prince!! this seriously breaks my heart!! :((

  44. 44 bopbopbop

    this looks GREAT.
    i LOVE lee soo hyuk and hong jong hyun and kim hyun joong <3
    model-actors from white christmas!!

  45. 45 fleur

    You guys are genuinely ridiculously smart!!! I’m literally holding my stomach lying and rolling laugh out loud in the floor reading your post!
    And yes twilight should be the one to take the blame for these all vampawesomeness!!! LOL!!!
    Can’t wait to see our vampire idol mesmerize the human being!

  46. 46 Hami

    Jonghyun <3 enough for me to watch this !
    He was awesome on Jungle fish 2

  47. 47 Carinne

    LOL! Sure thing at least one Kim Hyun-joong showed up in the show.

  48. 48 Raine

    This is shaping up to be awesome. I’m already entertained by the promo material!

  49. 49 sejong

    Looking at the recent promos, I can’t pick btw Salaryman and Vampire Idols. Guess I have to watch them both.

  50. 50 Neddie

    Not so happy about the cast . I just think we need Sweet Candy like Jung IL Woo, Lee Min Ho , Song Joong Ki, Jang Guen Suk though wardrobe malfunction, Jung Yong Hwa, Yes!!! (Eye Candy for the Young). Flower Boys for my taste and age like Jo Ji Sub Love his eyes !! Park She Hoo love his smile , Lee Ki-Woo i love his tallness i would have to wear 5 inch heels.. Just a thought !!

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