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Lee Seung-gi to play Ha Ji-won’s King?
by | January 18, 2012 | 172 Comments

Dude, what’s with this drama and its inability to confirm a cast? Upcoming MBC drama The King starring Ha Ji-won (supposedly, since that’s yet to be confirmed too) has now reportedly jumped its leading man ship to Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho). Am I allowed to be excited? Because I would be, but I’m not sure if I’m just going to get slapped in the face with a denial. That said, you KNOW I’m all over this if Seung-gi’s up for the lead.

The King is the highly anticipated drama about a contemporary Korean monarchy, that decides for some reason to arrange a marriage between its king and a North Korean intelligence agent, played by Ha Ji-won. There pretty much isn’t a hallyu star’s name that hasn’t been named as the possible king, from Lee Byung-heon to Jo In-sung and Cha Seung-won, and now Lee Seung-gi. It’s certainly not the first time Seung-gi and Cha Seung-won have been up for the same role either, which I find funny because they’re not the same type at all.

Behind the scenes is Beethoven Virus‘s team: PD Lee Jae-kyu and writers Hong Jin-ah and Hong Ja-ram. The drama is described as a romantic comedy, and little other information has been given other than the premise. I just hope it does something original and gives some verisimilitude to the contemporary monarchy thing. I think there are a great number of interesting ways to portray a modern king, and at least the premise of mixing the spy world with the fantasy royal family is promising as a start. I’d love to see Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi together in a rom-com, so my chips, they lie here.

If this drama ever gets cast, it’ll air in March on MBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays, following The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

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172 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alyssi

    I love Seung Gi and I always wanted to see him express his range in acting. He’s been so busy with his shows that he’s been absent in acting this year.

    Though i prefer him comedies. I’ll take what i can get. I like Ha Ji Won too but it’s an interesting pairing.

  2. biankoy


    • 2.1 dramaenvy

      my thoughts exactly. pleaaaaaaaaaase let this happen

    • 2.2 Cam

      YESSSSSSSS ~ ~ ME 2 TOO!! I can’t believe that! 😀

      I’d LOOOVE to watch this cuz’ of my best top favorite actress Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi, woot woot!

  3. mud

    Hmmm… I do want to see Lee Seung-gi in another drama role, but I’m not sure if I can see him and Ha Ji-won being all romantic & comedic with one another. Well, this is, of course, still up in the air so things may change.

  4. Raine

    I am curious to see if this’ll stick. If it does, I’m trying to picture him and Ha Ji-won together. But you never know. He has that totally adorkably winning smile!

  5. biankoy

    oh dramagods it isn’t too much to ask for? isn’t it? I’ve been missing Seunggi so much! Variety shows are not enough and with Ha JI won this would be something worth watching. make it happen dramagods 🙂

  6. RenLee

    I’ve been waiting for his drama for forever. Hopefully this is it.

  7. tinabobina

    He needs to return to dramaland! I’ve really enjoyed everything he’s been in and would like to see his growth in acting! I also personally like his acting better than his singing … basically, I would like him to be in something!

  8. rubie

    It would have been awesome if Lee Byung Hun was able to take on the role as one of the earlier choices. Seeing him acting with the fabulous Ha Ji Won would be a dream but perhaps the timing wasn’t right plus the long duration so he opted for the other King (of Joseon).. currently filming.

    Nonetheless, the Best of Luck to ‘The King’ drama version and of course, ‘The King’ movie version. ^^

  9. Akanksha

    lol dokko jin stole lee seung gis refrigerator cf. now lee seung gi steals his drama 🙂 hehhe i would still love cha seung won for the win

  10. 10 girlatsea

    I don’t like it. I love Lee Seung-gi and I love Ha Ji-won but together? I don’t know, isn’t she way older than him? Is this supposed to be a noona-dongsaeng relationship? Sigh, maybe I’m just being overly picky about this.

  11. 11 ~Feather~

    Seung-gi and Ji Won? Together?
    Trying REALLY REALLY hard to picture it….but I can’t. 🙁
    Not to say that I wouldn’t WANT them in a drama together, it’s just hard to imagine.
    If these 2 are confirmed, then I will wait to see the drama if they have any chemistry.
    I have always been taught to never judge a book by its cover. 🙂

    • 11.1 diorama

      I felt the same way – I just sat there for a minute trying to picture them together and failed. Somehow Ha Ji Won doesn’t really gel with Lee Seung Gi to me. Hmm, I’ll wait and see 🙂

    • 11.2 polly

      Same here but dont worry! Nthg is finalized it…even Ha Ji Won hasnt confirmed yet. So everythng is like in ‘maybe’ phase. There is also a huge possibility of Joo Ji Hoon to be the main lead…I will be d happiest if dis is true!

    • 11.3 hehe

      Same here, can’t imagine them together. Though I love Seunggi dearly, I’m more excited about the Cha Seung won – Ha ji won pairing.

    • 11.4 Jossy

      Yeah I Don’t Like 😖
      I love them as individual talents but together… Hmmm yeah 😳
      One person I’d love to see opposite Ha Ji Won –
      Oh Ji Oh! Can that gorgeous tan man please hurry back to the small screen. You gotta admit he can be/is dashing

    • 11.5 Hipployta

      I can’t see it either…and honestly I don’t want to. Seungi is just not working with Ji Won in my mind…but then again I didn’t think he could manage a show with outstanding actor that is Shin Min Ah either.

      • 11.5.1 mnstpdu08

        I can’t see him with Ha Ji Won either. But I did love him and Shin Min Ah together. If they do end up in the roles, I hope their chemistry will be as good.

    • 11.6 Laica

      I agree with you guys, much as I love both of them, I just can’t see them together. And am I the only one who’s getting a little tired of the noona-dongsaeng relationship? I loved the first ten or so I watched too, but now it’s just getting boring. The same conflicts over and over.

      • 11.6.1 ~Feather~

        Yeah, I’m getting tired of it too.
        I’ve noticed it’s something of a trend in recent dramas.
        It’s getting to the point of being overdone and overused. Exactly what kind of conflict can you pull out of it that hasn’t already been used? It’s getting tiring…

  12. 12 puddingpie

    OMG, March?!! so this drama will be against Rooftop Prince by Yoochun?!! arghhhhh I dunno which one to pick

  13. 13 fangirl

    please dear God let this be for real!!!!

  14. 14 Phuong Nguyen

    oh no. i smell disaster. this pairing i find very odd.

    • 14.1 julianna

      I can’t resist the urge but to say that we share the same name, both first AND last. lol…xP

  15. 15 ccinta

    Heard it’s already been confirmed, yay! It’s going to be a busy time for our boy – Japan debut & new drama! But I believe he has finished his graduate study and will graduate soon, right?

    Rooftop Prince -v- The King on the same timeslot, it’s gonna be a tough competition and I love both!

    • 15.1 julianna

      CONFIRMED for sure? ohmygash…I’m gonna be one happy bunny today!

  16. 16 julianna

    oh my gosh please let this be real!!!! I cannot wait to see Seunggi in another drama! XP Please dramagods, work your magic and make this real!!!! Otherwise, at least let him be in another drama.

  17. 17 dwalwaysforever

    Count me in with the dissenters. Lee Seung Gi’s a nice enough kid with his own charms, but he is definitely NOT at the caliber to act with Ha Ji Won. Seriously, how do you go from the three aforementioned actors to LSG? There’s just no comparison. Here’s to hoping this rumor falls through.

    • 17.1 ThePluieKiss

      Don’t underestimate ANYONE … 🙂

      • 17.1.1 jomo

        I will agree with you.
        To date, we haven’t seen him do a role like this, but it has been years since his last acting project.
        His management is wise to pick a role where he can come out all bad ass for a change.
        And he would have to be badass next to HJW, seriously. She’s just too much cool in one body.

        But please, no more tears for her, we could use some nice feisty anger and stuff, but no wimp outs!

        • gaea

          I’ll top ThePluieKiss comment: don’t underestimate anyone

  18. 18 conan

    I’m guessing they still haven’t had a particular image of how the king will be. I mean Lee Byung-hun, Jo In-sung, Cha Seung-won, Lee Seunggi, those are four people with four completely different images. Why can’t they start focusing on how the character will be rather than trying to nab a Hallyu star? Korea confuses me sometimes.

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Yep. Same feeling here. What’s wrong with this production to take so much time catching the leading man ? LSG would be fine for me but i will rejoice when the ink is dry. If i were an actor i would LOVE to play with Ha Ji Won : No one serious queuing ??

    • 18.2 Laica

      It says something about the script (or lack of one)… which is not promising.

    • 18.3 KANGly

      i am starting to have serious doubts about the script as well. shouldn’t the character come first? then look for the actor who will fit the character.

  19. 19 aX

    Err… I vote Cha Seung Won! Definitely Cha Seung Won or Lee Byung Hun next to Ha Ji Won!

  20. 20 fishcake

    All hail King Seung Gi!!!!

    If this casting is confirm, I bet LSG will be a hell of a comedic king. I mean, he is already a king on 1 Night 2 Days…

    HJW sure gets lucky with her co-stars, She has a bunch of young good-looking actors acting opposite her. Lucky girl 😉

    • 20.1 Nnylanna

      Ha Ji Won the lucky one. You must be kidding me. We are talking of Ha Ji Won one of the best and most bankable actor in Korea. Where have you been? Actors line up to act with her because just like Hyun Bin, Jan Geun Suk & etc they know that they have hit the jackpot and will be popular after the pairing.

      • 20.1.1 bd

        Don’t get the appeal of LSG – he’s not good-looking and he’s been doing that dorky, shy boy act since X-Man.

        As for HJW, she is cute as a button, but I have yet to see her in something where she has impressed me w/ her acting (granted, all I’ve seen her in are in mediocre/awful films and shows like “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant”, “Love, So Divine” and “Secret Garden” – so it’s not like she had the greatest material to work with).

        • T.

          One Word: Damo.

        • jurippe

          Try What Happened in Bali and Hwang Jin yi. Those two were heavy drama that won her best actress awards..

          • strawberryfieldsforever

            What Happened in Bali IS THE BOMB! One reason why I would love to see her and Jo In Sung paired up again

  21. 21 zsa

    yyaaaayyy…and ooooowww…cha seung won oppa???

  22. 22 geeze

    this will be a great challenge to the production staff and cast ….. whoever the leading man i hope this will turn out to be good….
    ha ha ha ha…….intriguing for both story and the acting

  23. 23 tiny

    well, waddayaknow dreams do come true

    though I pictured them more of a brother-sister love in my fantasy drama, i’ll take what I can get :))

  24. 24 darling

    I want Cha seung-won T_T

  25. 25 pampi

    i prefer cha seung won.he is more manly and charming

  26. 26 ren

    Ok, I’m a huge LSG fan (drama/music/and variety!) but I dont see this happening? HJW and LSG’s vibes are so different plus she is at least 8 yrs older? I would love to see CSW with her tho…

  27. 27 Revy

    I actually hope this rumor is false. Nothing against LSG but i really don’t see him & HJW as a pair of lovers plus i am tired of all the noona romances

    • 27.1 JiHwan

      Part of me is dreading this drama now because I can not imagine these two together as a couple, but the other part of me also excited because I love them both so much individually. I’m happy to see them both on the small screen again… just maybe not with each other…

  28. 28 afuro

    I don’t mind this pairing, but i’d really rather see cha seung won be paired with ha ji won… hopefully it’ll be like a secret garden x best love kinda chemistry <3

  29. 29 jubilantia

    See, I think it would totally work because his goofy hotness would balance her suave gorgeosity. Charisma he’s got in spades, but I’m not so sure about Seung-gi’s ~*acting*~ ability yet. I’m relatively sure Ha Ji-won could generate chemistry with a brick wall, though. I think between his charisma and her skills they’ve got it covered.

  30. 30 Roxy

    I know that even though this pairing sounds a bit odd, I have faith that both Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi will make it work. I mean, they always manage to right?

    So I’m all for this, am excited to see both of them back on the small screen, and TOGETHER. 😛

  31. 31 Patrice

    I don’t know if it is just me but just wanna say I love the pairing. If this won’t push through, I want Won Bin for the role but I know that’s just my wishful thinking =)

    • 31.1 loveyoumomo

      WON BIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they might actually manage to work it out together, Jin Won and Seung Gi but if Won Bin would take this on, it would be a dream come true. He hasn’t done a drama in freaking ageeees and I would love to see him in a longer series compared to his movies (which are amazing but not enough screen time to appease me)

      King and Rooftop prince, its going to be hard to choose…

      • 31.1.1 mnstpdu08

        Ditto. I miss seeing Won Bin in a drama. I’m still waiting for him to return to dramaland.

    • 31.2 indigirl9000

      Omg! Won bin would be great for this role! I want him back on the small screens

    • 31.3 Alexis

      GOSH! I didn’t think about choosing Won Bin as a actor, hahaha…. 😀 I think that’d be great for Won Bin if he would join this drama with Ha Ji Won, of course!

  32. 32 Alvina

    I’ve heard of this drama, but for some reason, the storyline never sank in until I started imagining LSG…

    This is basically My Princess meets MWtheSpy 😀

    Run LSG, run away…

    • 32.1 Celest

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought lol.

      My Princess + Spy Myung Wol.

      My Princess worked for me in the chemistry department but I’m trying really hard to see this pairing…and failing. As for SMW…let’s not get into that can of worms haha.

      But apparently LSG is already confirmed but I definitely hoped that the role would have gone to Jo In Sung. Bali, anyone?

  33. 33 Jia Min

    If this is true, I really can’t wait to see Seung Gi oppa as a real emperor!!! I would be so cool and cute for sure.
    But what if this is not true, I would be devastated so crossing my fingers.
    No matter what can’t wait to see Seung Gi oppa in a drama again!
    Oppa FIGHTING! 🙂

  34. 34 LMAO

    I’m lost. I just read from some source that Joo Ji Hoon will be the lead. So which one is true??? I think Joo Ji Hoon will be a better match for Ha Ji Won

    • 34.1 Joy

      Really? If it true, then I’m for it 🙂

    • 34.2 T.

      Could it mean he has been demoted to 2nd male lead?


      he should have his own drama i’ve been waiting for his comeback for AGES

      but the source says “lead role”


    • 34.3 Allie

      JJH’s king is for the movie version (The King of Juseon), it’s not the drama. There are two kings in the making. the one with Han Hyo Joo (movie) and the other with HJW (drama). cmiiw

    • 34.4 dapinaymrs

      Wait, isn’t he restricted from making appearances on MBC? I tried looking for this article however, they withdrew it from Soompi.

      There’s an update on LSG too. His management says LSG is still not confirmed for the part.

      • 34.4.1 canxi

        No, He’s restricted from KBS and SBS. MBC has no problem with him, I guess.

  35. 35 Joy

    I just don’t see both of them as a pair. Not feeling the vibes. However, my lovely Ha Ji Won creates chemistry with almost everyone, I meant her co stars.

    I am hoping for Won Bin or Jo Hyun Jae! Hope it happens.

    • 35.1 KANGly

      me hoping for JO HYUN JAE too …. miss him..

      • 35.1.1 Allie

        I am in for Kang ah!

      • 35.1.2 dapinaymrs

        Yes, Jo Hyun Jae for that romantic feeling.

        If not, Lee Ki Woo for a secured, warm feeling?

        Anybody else who exudes in kingly charms? Augh, Cha Seung Won could’ve been perfect. Pfft. :p

        • Joy

          Lee Ki Woo!? Now that’s not a bad idea either. 🙂

    • 35.2 MeOnly

      i love Lee seung gi, but yes i would much prefer Jo Hyun jae as a King.

    • 35.3 BellaMafia

      same here.. but as far as i know, Jo Hyun Jae is shooting a chinese drama.

      • 35.3.1 KANGly

        when will this drama start to shoot?

        jo hyun jae busy in china until end january, and come february will be busy in japan.

  36. 36 nickynisa

    it’ll be awesome if it’s lee byung hun or jo in sung.. i want jo in sung to return to dramaland… T_T i wouldn’t mind seunggi either.. lol

  37. 37 jhoy

    Great pairing if LSG will be matched with Ha Ji Won. This drama would truly be a hit! Seung Gi’s character as a king is oh-so fitted to him. I hope that the casting director will make his mind to give the role to LSG. This will be an anticipating drama of the year! 🙂 Need the casting to be confirmed! I am really looking forward to it. 🙂

  38. 38 T.

    rooftop prince Vs King

    any bets on which drama will do better in the ratings?

    I’m leaning more towards King since it has HJW and LSG
    but i like Rooftops prince’s synopsis more as King could go really well (goong) or really badly (Myungwol)

    but i am anticipating both dramas, and i lik ethe actors in both dramas as well.

    • 38.1 hanabi

      I was thinking the same thing about the synopsis. NK spies and SK royalty just sounds a little…odd.

      I’m more interested in Rooftop Prince because I love time travel stories.

    • 38.2 topper

      Yoochun got the better role, LSG got the better actress. It’s a level fight.

  39. 39 dea

    At the moment, nothing is confirmed yet. LSGi agency just released the statement that they are still considering it – which makes sense as the drama shooting will begin end of this month and LSGi still have 1n2d, Strong Heart as well as his Japan debut (heard that his newest Japan single will be released early next month).

    If he will star in this drama, it may mean he’ll be doing both drama + Japan promotion at the same time, which will be too hectic for him.

    Read on soompi that Joo Ji Hoon will play the King, but the article was soon removed by them. So it looks like it’s another rumor.

    • 39.1 nomoyepo

      yeah seung gi will be very busy from now on,just this week he finish doing an MVdrama with actrss PARK SHIN HYE for the song TIME FOR LOVE and WE’RE JUST FRIENDS.(JAPANESE VERSION).

  40. 40 olsen

    Ha Ji won and Seung-gi?

    Yes please

  41. 41 hajibinnie

    Ha ji-won is a great actress and she creates wonderful chemistry with her on-screen partners. I remember when Secret Garden producers confirmed Hyun Bin as the main male lead, there were mix reactions and doubts about their chemistry but look what happened they were able to create history with their wonderful drama. So I don’t see any problem with hjw & seung gi’s chemistry. I’m hoping that if ever this casting is final. I hope this will be a great drama like SEGA.

  42. 42 mellowyel

    Seung-gi and Ji-won? Somehow I’m not convinced. Though I’d love for him to be the beta-male and her to be the awesome action star. Typecasting, yes, but they do those roles so well! I feel like anything else would just be weird.

  43. 43 song pong

    I have a hard time imagining Seung-gi having onscreen chemistry with anyone so I’m not overly excited about this casting…but I’ll stay optimistic because I love Ha Ji Won 🙂

  44. 44 mrskimchee

    I do like LSG and miss seeing him in a drama..but can’t really picture him in this drama or pairing…

    I’d prefer Jo In Sung very much!!
    or Joo Ji Hoon, if we want a fresh pair.

    Sorry…not CSW…had enuff of him at the moment….*run offffff*

  45. 45 jeonhaerimfan

    No doubt about their chemistry. I just hope that he will have an intense acting skills like jo in sung or joo ji hoon.

  46. 46 cv

    Hmm… I still can’t picture them together. Her being the spy, awsome. Him as the King? I don’t know. maybe but I just can’t see them having chemistry. haha! Oh well…..

    IF it’s true…. Just going to have to wait and see.

  47. 47 PennyRoyalTea

    i love LSG!! if this is for real then, its going to be the happiest 2012 for me 🙂

  48. 48 mrskimchee

    ehm….not confirmed yet..


  49. 49 Anvesha

    I’ve been waiting for Lee Seung Gi’s comeback after MGIAG, but I am not sure about this casting or the story. I liked Ha Ji Won in SG, but I can’t picture them together…

  50. 50 topper

    LSG has a regal air about him, so I can see him as a young king. But the pairing is so weird LOL.

    • 50.1 gaea

      It’s almost ten years of age difference, so…I guess I know why we found it odd LOL (HJW is 78’ers and LSG is 87’ers)

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