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Sector 7’s preview and poster
by | May 14, 2011 | 49 Comments

You’ve seen the stills of a tough-looking Ha Ji-won in sci-fi action blockbuster Sector 7 — now watch her in action in the movie’s new preview, where she battles some kind of mutant sea monster while out on an oil rig.

The movie concept admittedly isn’t too original or complicated — it’s positioned itself as a “Host at sea” and amped up the badass Ha Ji-won angle — but if they can sneak in some clever surprises, it could be a fun summer flick. I thought The Host was awesome and don’t expect this one to be nearly as good in story (too similar to escape the knockoff vibe), but for sheer action/octane, Sector 7 is going in with guns blazing — gnarly CG monsters, explosions, fierce hand-to-tentacle combat, 3-D camera work.

Other cast members include hard-bodied heartthrob Oh Ji-ho (Chuno), veteran Ahn Sung-ki (Fair Love), and funnyman Park Chul-min (Birth of the Rich, Partner) — but who are we kidding, it’s all about Ha Ji-won. With movies like Haeundae and…well…Haeundae, Ha is setting herself up to be Korea’s foremost (and possible only) female action star. (Kim Haneul, Kim So-yeon, Su Ae — they’ve had some moments, but are distant seconds.) She’s had a string of successes lately — Secret Garden, Haeundae, My Love By My Side — so anticipation is running high for her next project.

Directing is Kim Ji-hoon, who did war movie May 18 and also has another action movie on his plate, disaster film The Tower starring Sohn Ye-jin. Korea’s sure rife with disasters. Must be something in the water. (Bah-dum-ching! Heh, couldn’t resist.)

Sector 7 has already been sold abroad to four other countries. No release date yet, but it’s expected to come out in the summer.



49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ajewell

    Wow, that looks SOOOO awesome!! Can’t wait!!!

    • 1.1 Lenita

      second! the trailer is nicely put together, just awesome!

  2. Leona

    OMG I love her as basdass star in fact I love her as romantic lead as well 😀 ( I love more romance than thriller)

    • 2.1 angaahai

      one of her nickname is trio set queen

      Horror queen ->Phone,Nightmare,Truth Game

      sexy queen ->Sex is Zero,reversal of fortune

      action queen ->Duelist,Damo,Miracle on 1st street

      i heard she is so good at villain role

  3. bjharm

    of course all oil rigs come with their own self destruct system..or maybe only Korean ones..:-)
    I am sure it well be watch able with Ha Ji-won in it. Though not really my thing action/thriller/horror

  4. Kuging-RN

    OMo..its ms gil ra im as the lead. nice…

  5. malia

    I wish I was as awesome as Ha Ji-won…….

    • 5.1 Cam

      Yes Yes, I agree with you — I’d be awesome and tough IF I were Ha Ji Won, ofc. =D

  6. IbeenJGS

    woah , so cool!

  7. malta

    omg…Ha Ji won is so my girlcrush. She is just. so. awesome. What a badass!

  8. Kay

    Ha Ji Won is officially the bad-ass chick of action movies in Korea, love her!!!

  9. Bengbeng

    i hope philippines is one of the countries where it will be shown. I would really like to watch it in 3D.

  10. 10 tikaa

    hajiwon is the coolest chic ever!!

  11. 11 Biru

    The teaser remind me of a bit from Anaconda and one movie that I forgot the title. The setting at oil rig/lab at the sea with sharks or something.

    I hope this will be aired at my country. We never have good K-Movie here.

    • 11.1 beggar1015

      The setting at oil rig/lab at the sea with sharks or something.

      Deep Blue Sea is the one with the sharks – and a tasty Thomas Jane in a tight wet suit. The movie sticks out in my memory because I wasn’t expecting the shark that rudely interrupted Samuel L. Jackson’s inspirational speech.

      And did I mention Thomas Jane looked good in a wetsuit?

  12. 12 Lucille

    I was thinking it reminds me of ALIEN. I loved those movies! This looks like mindless fun. With all the work I’ve been doing lately, I could use some of that. I hope I get a chance to see it.

    • 12.1 xtooline

      I was thinking the same thing – Alien at sea or something. Ha Ji Won rocks. Hope it comes to the US…

  13. 13 Soua

    Oh Ji Ho! So hot… *drools. After Chuno, I feel in love…. AWWWW…. *drool some more.


  14. 14 kaedejun

    oh wow.

    i would love to see Ha Ji Won in the big screens! (august release date! august release date! august release date!!!)

  15. 15 Lilian

    I usually hate movies like these, but HJW looks like such a bad arse, I’ll probably make an exception.

  16. 16 Jenny

    Ha Ji Won is a badass!!! I’ve always been a fan but now I got a huge crush on her.There is a definetely a need of more female action characters like Buffy and Ripley.

  17. 17 aiqcn

    Even the trailer keeps me on the edge. Ha Jiwon is so pretty & badass. Love her.

  18. 18 Nokcha

    I’ll be in Seoul this summer!! Gonna go see it!

  19. 19 joZD

    HJW never disappoints, that’s for sure.

  20. 20 ni

    Ha Ji Won is like…the Angelina Jolie of Korea :O well there’s Haeundae and in SG she also showed off some action scenes 😀 She’s so hot and toned, I totally buy her as an action star.

    • 20.1 wwtg

      That is exactly what I had in mind when I saw the preview. She is the most awesome female action star from Asia.

  21. 21 okenakab

    SO BADASS. I want to watch this like my own imaginary follow up to Ahjusshi, but now with a woman in the lead. xD

  22. 22 Alexis

    Oh gosh, my top best favorite actress Ha Ji Won look so awesome in this movie & I’d mind to watch this soon, ofc!!!

    I noticed that Ha Ji Won always act very well in a action drama and movie, but I think………why not, she would be act in every dramas and movies for romance-action – MATCH to her very well!!!! =D =D

  23. 23 arke12

    I Like Ha Ji Won’s comedy side and her comedy films such as 100 days with Mr.Arrogant , Love is So divine, Sex is Zero,,,

  24. 24 Hyun Bin

    I love Ha Ji Won!

  25. 25 SL

    Besides the fact that she’s the only female on this oil rig and there’s a sea monster attacking, this whole thing seems plausible(:

  26. 26 Autumn

    Aish, such a shame that I don’t like sci-fi action films, I will probably just look for pretty stills of HJW and OJH when it comes out.

    the poster looks awfully similar to the poster of Swallow the Sun btw.

  27. 27 red

    the monster looks like the cracken from pirates

    love ha ji won shes gorgeous

    • 27.1 angaahai

      lol, cracken

  28. 28 rouby

    Wow,,,that’s cool….. I love Ha ji Won in romantic,,comedy,,,and action too,,,, she is great at all……..beautifull with good acting 🙂

    A little bit…. I have a little imagination,,,,, that when Ha ji won attack by monster of the sea,,, helping come from marines and That is hyun bin xoxoxoxo……..

  29. 29 Meix2

    Good trailer… I feel a ‘Deep Rising’ vibe going. (yeah, I love my B movies!)

  30. 30 bjharm

    seems I have a few movies to catch up on, never knew she was in daddy long legs.
    Or she tried a music career back in 2002..she could have been a new Jang
    Think we all glad she stuck to acting though.

  31. 31 chajjye

    damn she’s hot. LOL.

    as a girl, that is what I have to say.

  32. 32 webfoot

    Someone explain to me why she looks so good soaked in sweat. Nobody real actually looks good that sweaty.

  33. 33 yuan

    whoaah!another jaw dropping scenes from this girl!cant wait for this movie!

  34. 34 boblicy

    BAD-ASS CHICK. Korea needs to do a female-centered action series (kind of like Buffy) and let her star in it.

  35. 35 mellowyel

    i want to see that monster – it looks gruesomely unreal, i.e. awesome. can’t wait! if it’s good i can watch it on Comcast on Demand/Netflix

  36. 36 isela

    trabajo en un cine y estoy en el area de 3D seria genial si legara a las salas esta pela ojal k se naimen y la traigannn

  37. 37 Torune

    А мне нравится. Всё серьёзно так. Нормально.

  38. 38 nic

    Did anybody realize that SHE gets the skript of sector seven in one of the last episodes of secret garden ???
    hahaha nice move

    • 38.1 jemz

      me I notice that! haha

  39. 39 Connie

    I will not miss this grand movie Sector 7 and I hope there will be romantic scene by this most beautiful n sexiest couple in Korean entertainment, HJW n OJH they will be the talk of the town….Yay!

  40. 40 theasianstalker

    I just saw the movie today! They aired it in California with subtitles. I’d have to say that I enjoyed it. I didn’t think Ha Ji won’s character would be so badass. I thought Oh Ji Ho would end up being the main lead. =.=

  41. 41 mysterious

    Saw it. Didn’t like it. Good up until ending. Won’t spoil it. Just didn’t like it personally.

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