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Operation Proposal cast photos and teaser
by | January 30, 2012 | 61 Comments

Yet another show a week out from premiere: the fantasy youth melodrama Operation Proposal starring Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin has released some cast photos as well as a teaser. The remake of the Japanese Proposal Daisakusen is getting ready to launch on the new cable network TV Chosun, and has made a last-minute scheduling change to go from a Monday-Tuesday timeslot to a Wednesday-Thursday one. It wasn’t in direct contention for the 10 o’clock hour against Dream High 2 (and neither is Shut Up Flower Band which is slated for the 11 o’clock hour) but I have a feeling that given the same target audience, three shows in one night might seem like too much to expect, even from diehard fans.

Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin play best friends since childhood, and when they grow up the hero belatedly realizes that he loves her… on the day she’s preparing to marry another man (played by Lee Hyun-jin). That’s pretty much the definition of terrible timing. He then gets a chance to go back in time to make it right and get the girl. Between this and the Rooftop Prince headed to the future, I’m up to my ears in time-traveling heroes bending time and space to get to their first loves. Ever hear the phrase Get over it ? But then… I guess we’d be all out of dramas, and then where would we be?

The cast photos feature the leads with Kim Ye-won (Romance Town, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) who plays the heroine’s best friend (she undergoes the most change due to our hero’s decision to alter history), along with Park Young-seo (Queen Seon-deok, far right) and newbie Go Kyung-po (far left) who play the hero’s buddies. The teaser features Yoo Seung-ho being adorable… and I’m pretty sure other stuff happens. The song choice makes the whole thing feel off somehow, though I think if you play it on mute it’s okay. I don’t know how that bodes for the drama proper, but maybe it’s a fluke teaser thing? What the hell, I’m in a hopeful mood today.

Operation Proposal premieres Wednesday February 8 on TV Chosun.

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61 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jae Ji

    oh my gos i’m so glad to have another drama with yoo seung ho!! >w< i can't wait for it!!!!

  2. Jomo

    It isn’t a problem if you can watch the drama sites like Dfever, kimchidrama, etc.

    I am guessing the conflicts may affect ratings, but not overal viewership, right?
    Just curious about how often the fans in Korea get to see their shows. Can they also go online and stream from something like Hulu? They also must be able to Tivo, or whatever it is called.
    Kender, who is in SK, mentioned that she was watching some repeats of MEtS on Korean TV. Do those viewers get added to ratings numbers?

    Sorry – Lots of wondering!

    • 2.1 Arhazivory

      Just like the rest of the world, they’ll just download what they can’t get to see.

    • 2.2 Saima

      Hulu is available only in the US and Dramafever in the US and Canada. So, after grad school when I moved back home to Canada I realized the availability with Hulu and then when I holidayed in the Middle East I realized of the latter (the same goes for viki), heh. I ‘may’ move to the Middle East for work and then in combo with the changes in the cyber world, makes me think if said changes occur how it’ll impact my drama watching! :/

      • 2.2.1 Jomo

        I would be 8itching up a storm if I didn’t have the streaming sites. Something HAS to give soon, I hope, with the downloading availability.
        I get confused about this because
        1..It IS television, right? It is free if you watch commercials.
        2..Most of us would be willing to either pay a fee – I have premium membership at Dfever, or watch commercials to see these dramas. Just the folks in SK do.

        Why isn’t there a global dramafever or Hulu taking advantage of this market, or regional ones? They could make a lot of people happy and make money.

        I guess the copyright issues is what people fear. That being said, Dramafever is working with the networks to make sure everything is legal.

        • Saima

          Yes, it is sadly due to copyright issues. Heck, I am willing to pay to watch dramas. Last year DramaFever had mentioned that they were working to sort out these issues. So, it’s good that they KNOW that these dramas are watched worldwide. When on Viki I realized belatedly, as always, that most of the popular dramas are subbed in Arabic as well. So this means that they are popular in the Middle East, right? RIGHT?!!

          • Jo

            Korea does have many numerous streaming sites. Don’t worry. lol.

        • haruko

          Yeah, a world streaming site (legally) would be hard, because the company would have to buy the rights FOR EVERY COUNTRY. And say (like with Full House) a drama was already licensed by a company (YA) for distribution in america…then, the streaming company can’t buy it. And sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if it’s the same drama, if the rights are connected somehow (like with movies based off of books, etc).

          Does anyone remember when Miyazaki’s “Earthsea” movie was released in Japan? and that it was the ONLY one of his movies NOT released in America? The reason was that a tv company had purchased the american rights from the book’s author for a tv special, and until those rights expired, Miyazaki could not distribute HIS version in the US.

          Copy rights can be very complicated.

    • 2.3 ahrara

      There are lots of streaming and downloading websites for korean viewers.

      Also MBC,KBS,SBS all have a system where users can pay to rewatch episodes and cable tv re-airs a lot of dramas and sometimes will have a drama marathon. (that was how i caught up on some dramas, stayed infront of the tv the entire day,lol)

      My cable service provider (also others) have a pay-per-view system and almost all dramas/variety shows become free to watch the next episode airs. (during the week it aired, it was like 500wons per episode, 1000won for the hd ver)

      Episodes that can re-aired don’t get calculated to the rating numbers we associate with an episode, because those ratings come out the day after the episode airs.

  3. Jules

    For some reason I always confuse this drama with Introduction to Architecture. I… have no idea why.

    (random comment is random.)

  4. Tash

    Cable is starting to deprive me of sleep! (Not that I’m complaining)

    • 4.1 matinsoleil

      Not complaining too but Gosh I don’t know how too handle things now…^^

    • 4.2 dapinaymrs

      *pat pat*

      There, there. We all go through that phase. I know 2 unnies who are completely ga-ga over K/Jdramas and they tune in to TV, internet and cable for those. Talk about multimedia! And that’s not including those DVDs of dramas they had shipped.

  5. sjkwifey

    I really don’t think I can root for the hero even if he’s played by Yoo Seung Ho, why does he get the girl when it took him so bloody long to realise that he loved her?! I just feel so sorry for the groom because he got her fair and square 🙁 but I will check it out anyway to see if YSH’s portrayal of the character will sway me 🙂

    • 5.1 Jomo

      It could be subtitled:
      Due to Strange Space/Time Aberration, Second Lead Finally Finds the Guts to Make the First Move so First Lead Doesn’t Get the Girl THIS Time Around

      There are a few dramas I would like to see a Reboot for,
      SKKS and Best Love for sure.

    • 5.2 lilypunk

      this is why yamapi’s version was so annoying – he kept going back in time and still barely did anything aaaaaaaaaagh.

      • 5.2.1 snow

        and his rival was the droolicious Fujiki Naohito, which just makes it even more wrong that yamapi got the girl.

        • maeumi

          ikr, the japanese castings are not believeable at all. Fujiki Naohito is in an entirely different league. If I were that girl and my groom is Nao, I wouldn’t even glance at yamapi lol!

        • Saima

          FN is drool-worthy!! Agreed! But, he was their high school teacher. I dunno the way it happened in ProDai was weird. So, I didn’t mind that Yamapi got tons of opportunity to go back. I actually really liked ProDai. It had that undescribable nostalgic feel to it. Add to that the sublime OST and I was gone!! Also, Yamapi’s Ren when he goes back in time he doesn’t sabotage the teach’s opportunities to win her. He is inherently such a slow guy and he doubts himself all the time. This I thought was more frustrating than anything else. Also, I liked that he starts out just by being responsible for her smiles to coercing her to confess to her grandfather that he was a great cook or something along those lines (coz he remembers that it would be the last time she would see her gramps).

        • la dee dah

          While Fujiki Naohito the actor looks great, his character in ProDai was one-note goody-two shoes bland. I saw no chemistry between him and Masami’s character. Plus the fact that he was her high school teacher..ya… And the only reason Masami decided to get together with him was because he told her he liked her, not any feelings from her side, which is not really fair to Fujiki’s character. While Yamapi and Masami had more chemistry, it was really frustrating that he did not do enough every time he went back in time that I wanted to shake and him say “just tell her you like her!! Simple!!” That said, though I didn’t really like his character, I felt most sorry for Fujiki’s character since he got shafted because Masami and Yamapi’s characters were both too chicken to admit what they really felt.

        • Ani

          *drools* Fujiki Naohito. *drools* Who would pick Yamapi over Fujiki Naohito?! Ok, to be fair, I never really liked ProDai so I didn’t last that long watching it. I’m sure there’s a valid (enough) reason why Yamapi’s character got the girl in the end. But really? I’d take Fujiki’s sexy self over Yamapi’s blank eyes any day. XD

        • Cabbage

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like that show. I got so frustrated with the ineptitude that my husband had to kick me out of the room every Monday night. Yamapi’s acting didn’t use to be so tacky (or maybe it wasn’t so obvious.) But as he gets older, he still hasn’t grown out of the “angsty teen” roles. I guess ProDai is what happens when we see an angsty 20-sumptin. Bad.

          And the relationship with the professor was sort of… “kimoi” (strange, awkward, and a little creepy). He was her PROFESSOR. He should have kept hands-off. The switch to a “I wish that I had Jesse’s girl” vibe is going to be a relief.

          • cocoonedsoul

            I hated how he basically moped around until the last episode ugh.

            And idk I think I prefer Yamapi as a teenager heh. His new drama is as far from a teenage drama as can be.
            I had to drop it because it made me too depressed as it reminded me of a recent passing.

      • 5.2.2 Meg

        EXACTLY. i hated the drama because of his character. he confessed his love at her wedding reception! talk about disrespect. and he never got to propose to her until the special.

  6. momosan

    Brownie points for using ABBA’s SOS in the trailer, and also for the closing scene of an escape from church ala the Graduate. Other than that, where do they think I have the time to watch a dorama remake? I’m drowning in dramas over here! About that time machine….can the fans use it to get extra viewing hours in the day?

    • 6.1 MsGB

      During the whole teaser I’m like “I know this song.”, “Where did I hear this song from?”, “It’s so familiar…..”, “Wait this is the song from Momma Mia!”

      By the time I remembered it was almost over. I seen the beginning and them running out of the church. Everything in between…..yeah I got nothing!

    • 6.2 blueskymaiden

      Well, girlfriday, I disagree. I think the ABBA song ‘SOS’ is so very fitting…..if it is going along the lines of Proposal Daisakusen…..ABBA songs are timeless. And from my stay in S. Korea just a few months ago – ‘oldies’ are very popular there – I couldn’t get over all of the old songs I heard there. Songs I haven’t heard in ages.

      Looking forward to the remake, hopefully it lives up to the original.

      It will be hard though to beat Yamashita Tomohisa’s yumminess….

  7. Alice20

    It better not end with him taking the bride and running! That’s rude and irresponsible, unrequieted love or not.

  8. Honey

    “going back in time for a love lost” seems to be the script fad this year? – operation proposal, upcoming drama of park yoochun (i forgot the title), and love rain of jang keun suk and yoona.

    in previous years, I noticed that korean scripts have similarities (like a fashion or fad). my observations:

    – when korean scripts melodrama had their lead actor or actress dying (death of the main character must be the “it” of the script)

    – when cooking or baking became the “it”

    – when kpop boy/girl bands became the fashion script

    – but most of the time, the one that really has good viewership ratings revolve around “revenge” from poor to becoming a chaebol.

    so, this year it seems like it will be “going back in time for love lost”…..

    Just my observation…it might not be yours.

    • 8.1 ~Feather~

      yeah, i seem to sense that too.
      i guess they think whatever is popular during the time would be the best choice when making a drama 🙁
      sometimes, i don’t understand what they are thinking about, wouldn’t it be better to make a different type of drama instead of a copy?

      • 8.1.1 haruko

        Tell that to the people who keep coming out with angsty vampire books/movies/dramas.

        LOL, it ain’t just Korea. They are called “trends” for a reason…sadly.

        • gingeranna

          Hahahaha exactly what I was going to say! The sad thing about trends is that you wish they’ll end soon… And when they do there’s a trend that is even worse.
          (But I still can’t wait for this angsty vampire trend to stop)

    • 8.2 Cabbage

      You missed the cross-dressing “it” and fake marriage “it”

    • 8.3 Lai

      Interestingly enough though… Yoo Seung Ho has been part of some of those similarly themed dramas at the beginning of the year…which would be considered a smart move as his dramas lead the pack.

    • 8.4 Jessica

      This seems to be the case with shows all over the world.

      In the States, there was a time when law dramas were all the rage (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Law & Order, etc.)

      Then it was medical dramas and stuff like CSI, NCIS, Bones…

  9. Hannah

    I adore the jdrama and it’s honestly one of my faves. I loved the friendships between the main leads and their group of friends, to me that was one of the drama’s strongest points. I hope the remake doesn’t change that. The original wasn’t OMG AMAZING or anything but it was fairly lowkey and understated which I like a lot and I thought the main leads had really great chemistry and were easy to root for.

    I’m keeping an open mind about the remake but considering it’s being written by the person who also wrote Boys Over Flowers, I kind of have a bad feeling.

    • 9.1 Selli

      Yeah, the friendship was what really moved me ^^ But Tsuru isn’t small enough in these pictures! He was like 160 cm and Eri was…I don’t know 170 cm or something!

  10. 10 cherkell

    MAJOR SUCKAGE!!! Moving “OP” to Wednesday-Thursday nights at 20:50 puts it right up against My Gorgeous Hottie Veggie Boys!! And just when the ratings were finally starting to climb to a decent number…. arrrrrrrgh! Sorry Seungho-ssi, but you know who comes first in MY life — I’ll have to watch your reruns over the weekend instead.

    Dammit. So much pedo-ahjumma swooning, so little time!!! 🙂

    • 10.1 momosan

      Seriously? Un-ah is competing against his bro Dong Soo? Oh, that’s just not right. 8-(

  11. 11 Noelle

    Oh no’s I’m so behind on premieres! Crappola!

  12. 12 Cynthia

    I love these fantasy time travel plots – and with our cute hottie starring in this one? I’m in. (Right now I’m watching him in ‘The Legend’ with BYJ – his ‘baby’ days).

    So many good things to watch, so little time. I really don’t like how they’re all being pitted against each other, but that’s show/tv biz. Just watched first ep. of DH2 – I’m in LOVE!

  13. 13 Maki

    Hmmmm, I can’t but put Yamapi’s face on Yoo Seung Ho’s right now. I really loved Prodai. Cross fingers!

  14. 14 penny

    Yoo Seung Ho does really look cute in the teaser =D

  15. 15 RolyPoly

    Omo this is one of my fav dramas of all time! If it changes any people’s minds…in the jdorama…he does not realize his love at the wedding…but he is given a last chance. And then we go back in time to all the times he made mistakes which stopped them from being together and he tries to fix them.

  16. 16 djinni

    isnt go kyung po on korean saturday night live? he is so freaking cute

  17. 17 blueangel

    Ohh looks good. I might watch it. But since it’s a spin of the jdrama version I might be bias. hehe

  18. 18 PassionFruit


    does anyone know how to make a header for the website? i’ve always wanted to create one but have no idea how 🙁

    my mondays are going to be busy, dream high, flower boy band, and now this… really excited for all these premieres though! <3

  19. 19 oohhh

    OMG PRODAI! it’s like one of the best dorama ever. just hope this one can top that..

  20. 20 Dara

    I’m ready for anything YSH woo hoo!
    Hope the chemistry between buddies is good because that’s what’s made the J version so adorable ^^

  21. 21 Viki

    Ahhh, the teaser disappoints…=[ but I am watching for Yoo Seung Ho anyway…but my focus will still be on Veggie and Dream High 2…and of course our Flower Boy Band!!!

  22. 22 canxi

    Yoo Seung-Ho is cool, I like him. But about Go Kyung-Po. I’m sorry but you can’t but a guy in a letterman jacket and expect me to NOT stare. It’s just rude.

  23. 23 Ariel

    2012 is shaping up to be a good year for couch potatoes!!! I really have to start my part-time online work but everytime I’m in front of my pc all good intentions fly out the window.

  24. 24 Brenda

    This the first time that so many dramas i WANT to watch air on the same day o_o dramaoverload, wish i was patient enough to wait for english subs

    The teaser makes me want to watch this drama but at the same time it’s probably the lowest on my list (i’m not sure if it’s because i watched the japanese version or not – but seriously dream high and flower boy band are going to hog all of my attention *hides from spoilers*)

  25. 25 nickynisa

    i didn’t finish watching Proposal Daisakusen.. idk if ill watch this drama.. but it has Yoo Seungho.. hurm..

  26. 26 zsa

    Cable TV is killing me, I swear!!! I never thought there will come a time I have to ‘pass’ on a drama…Already the MoonSun, Captain, WR trio killing me…and DreamHigh2 and Shutup calling me…and that 12men in a year starting soon!!!WAE WAE!!!!

  27. 27 Cam

    Oh gosh ~ This trailer seem very interesting to me, hehe ~ 😉 😀

  28. 28 Carinne

    *slackjawed* ABBA~

    Ooooh, he’s good! YSH and his dynamic charm. Sorry fan girls, this may be the first show I’ll watch him in.

  29. 29 sora

    so, yoo seung ho plays a character that was played by yamapi..again..lol

    not expecting too much for this one, tho.. 😛

  30. 30 NewKDramaAddict

    Loved him in the movie Blind. Might have to check this out

  31. 31 Nancii



    off topic sorry……

    YOO SEUNGHO SO CUTE. ive misssed him T^T

  32. 32 Nailya

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