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Running Man: Episode 76
by | January 15, 2012 | 55 Comments

This week on Running Man, we’ve got four, yes FOUR killers on the loose. Their objective – catch the Running Man. Will the cast catch on to the killers’ mission or find themselves eliminated without a trace? It’s the Killers vs. Running Man episode and there’s more testosterone in this hour and a half than this girl can handle. (Fans self)

EPISODE 76. Broadcast on January 8, 2011.

On a bright, clear day, a mysterious man dressed in black walks into a secret location somewhere in Yeosu. He’s our first killer, or guest, who sets his eyes on a briefcase lying on the table. He, Joo Sang-wook (TEN, Giant), waits like a cool cat for our other guests while sipping coffee.

Not long afterwards, another killer appears sporting stylish shades. Say hello to Lee Chun-hee (Take Care of Us, Captain), and the two guests make eye contact. Will some kind of epic face-off erupt between these two?

Nope. Just a lot of awkward bowing and polite greetings, and they settle the age issue straight away to appropriately address each other (Sang-wook is the hyung).

Our third killer, Kim Sung-soo (Bad Love) walks in with great bravado, and suddenly stops short at the sight of the others. Methinks that he thought he was the only guest today.

Then there’s our final killer, Ji Jin-hee (Take Care of Us, Captain, Dong Yi), who breezes in with leisure. He’s definitely the most relaxed out of the bunch as the mat-hyung, or more like a mob boss. Heh, I already love him – in the behind-the-scenes stuff from Dong Yi, he’s got this mischievous attitude mixed in with a laid-back confidence that makes me think he’ll perfectly fit in variety. Jin-hee oppa, I’m glad you’re here!

The briefcase carries the mission card inside: Eliminate all the Running Men before they complete their mission. You’ll also get two chances to wrangle in two members to utilize as your spies. Sound like an awesome mission… only they scratch their heads, and Sang-wook asks, confused, “…What does that mean?”

Jo PD steps in to explain the rules for our guests since none of them can put the pieces together. Aww – do big-time actors not watch Running Man?

Jin-hee nominates using one of the three ‘regular’ spies (Jae-suk, Haha, and Jong-kook) and have their second lackey think that they’re the only accomplice. The others just stare blankly back at him – clueless – to which Jin-hee asks if they don’t get it. Oh dear – I’m already worried about this crew.

They straighten out the rest of the details, and Jin-hee is seriously is the scene-stealer here: busy drinking his tea whilst half-listening (Sung-soo: “Hyung, make sure that you eat before filming starts.”), and when they decide to break into pairs according to height, he comments, “I’m the shortest.”

Hahaha – and the captions indicate the pairs as “Tall Height Team” and “Average Height Team”. With that, they’re finally off.

Meanwhile, our cast is picked up at Yeosu airport by our handy maknae FD dressed as a tour guide today. On the bus, they’re given their first mission: find the appropriate merchant and buy an item within 30 minutes or you’re out.

I especially enjoy how Kwang-soo’s item, (밴댕이 젓갈) salted large-eyed herring, is an adianoeta when Jae-suk tells him to think of Jong-kook. It works as both a sarcastic comment about his eyes or used figuratively, as narrow-minded. Hee.

Jin-hee and Sang-wook scour the market to position themselves in an ideal stakeout spot before the cast arrives. But it turns out their location isn’t exactly the most hoppin’ section of the place and Sang-wook wonders if they’ll be here for hours after everyone leaves, just waiting for someone to turn up.

I love that Sang-wook is a chatterbox, talking up a storm to his sunbae (maybe to prevent any awkward tension like before?) and helping himself to a snack.

Then there’s our cast members who comb the place to find their items and relieved when they finally meet them. The added soundtrack (usually played on other shows when they reunite family members) cracks me up, as if they’ve waited their entire lives for this moment.

One by one, the Running Man return to the bus except for Gary and Kwang-soo, both of whom the killers spot when they stumble into the vicinity. Marking them as their targets, they head out to enlist their first spy.

They’ve got to be quick though because the boys are buying their items – who will they choose? Why it’s Kwang-soo of course, dragging him to a corner as Kwang-soo’s visibly shocked face tries to comprehend the situation. Kwang-soo lights up when he hears the word ‘spy,’ not that it did much for him last time.

Should Kwang-soo reveal his identity, he’s out and Sang-wook adds that their relationship is done for as well. No bromance? Tsk, tsk. In any case, Kwang-soo happily skips back to the bus, just in time. He even sends Jin-hee a heart via text in gratitude. It breaks my heart that he’s just a pawn this time too – but he’s so excited that it’s adorable.

Man, Jong-kook – can’t you go one week without figuring out the mission to a T? He points out that the task was far too easy, and that the guests could have been keeping an eye out for them. Thankfully for the guests (and Kwang-soo), the others sweep his suspicions under the rug.

Time for our second “Tall Height” killers team to move in as they drive to our second location, Odong Island. I’m thinking Chun-hee is definitely NOT secret agent material – you won’t see this guy on Ethan Hunt’s team anytime soon.

Um, no – you can’t run out undetected in that patch of bamboo dressed in all-black, and finding dark places might help without the shades. Heh, you haven’t changed one bit from your Family Outing days, Chun-hee.

The fake mission here is to find the Running Man selling camellia tea within 45 minutes and the cast are like, “Wait… aren’t WE Running Man?” Hehehe, and the maknae FD sweats at his flub.

It’s a front, however, because it’s an odd or even game with jacks and the members have to correctly call out which. Jae-suk guesses right (with Kwang-soo’s help), which forces the others who’ve followed to find a different location to complete their mission.

Now with some time to kill, Jae-suk makes friends with the RM staff member, drinking in the beautiful landscape. Cut to our Average Height killers also munching on a red bean-filled snack.

Ji-hyo spots a staff member and runs down the stairs… straight into the arms of Sung-soo and Chun-hee. As soon as she recognizes Sung-soo, she goes in for a hug. Apparently it’s been 10 years since they’ve last worked together (they filmed a CF back in 2001).

She insists that she’s alone and they give her an ultimatum: she can be a spy or be eliminated. She hesitates for a moment, and they reach to pull off her name tag when she pipes, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” Ever the Ace, she’s puzzled when they tell her that Kwang-soo is the other spy – the others will know that he’s not alone. Um well, crap.

Jin-hee is pleased to hear of their choice and asks in the car, “It’s Ji-ho, right?” Sang-wook corrects him with a chuckle, mentioning that the flub will probably be broadcasted. It might help learning the names of your minions, Jin-hee, hehe.

Our killers gear up at the final mission location, tying a bell to their shoes. YES!! Traditional Hide-and-Seek is back! The hyungs tell Chun-hee to lure in Jong-kook, and he has this priceless look of terror on his face. The reel of getting dragged around by Jong-kook in Family Outing probably proves that he’s not the best man for the job. Chun-hee: “Should we just give up on Jong-kook?”

They strategize how to use the sound of the bells to their advantage and Chun-hee tells them they should stomp around in them. His slightly-better-spy hyungs berate him that they’ll just run away.

Here, the Running Man must evade their seekers by finding the computers which reveal the clues to an unknown item. The problem is that none of them are particularly tech-savvy, and there are a vast number of computers in the building – how are they to track down the right ones?

Our cast gets to work while one spy, Kwang-soo, purposefully inputs the wrong password without notice. The four killers emerge to hunt down the Running Man cast who are alerted at the sound of the bells.

Jin-hee and Sang-wook zero in on a couple of VJs and within five minutes of the start of the mission, track down Haha and Gary. When Jae-suk comes to investigate the commotion, they shoo him away and he bolts, avoiding Jin-hee by a few seconds.

The other four implement Kwang-soo as their lookout (to a cheeky ‘tsk’ response), and they all flip out when Sung-soo and Chun-hee run into the room – an ironic twist of Jong-kook’s earlier statement: “Don’t be afraid!” Sung-soo zooms past Ji-hyo to dive straight for the boys, chasing them down the hall.

Chun-hee, why you gotta break my heart? He gets outrun by Ji-hyo and Suk-jin (…really?!) and proves yet again to be a terrible ninja of sorts by being noticed by Suk-jin right away. Wait… can you NOT take down Big Nose Hyung either, even with Ji-hyo’s help?

Chun-hee finally(!) manages to rip off his name tag before Sung-soo arrives a moment later, and breathes heavily, all energy spent.

The other half of the Easy Brothers panics when Ji-hyo confronts him about being a spy. They’re soon joined by all four killers and once Kwang-soo realizes the truth, he jokingly calls Ji-hyo a wily fox. Can’t blame a girl for being good at what she does, Kwang-soo!

Meanwhile, Haha is hard at work in one of the rooms when he discovers the first hint (a string of consonants like ㄴ-ㅇ or N – O), and surprise! – Chun-hee’s out.

And we see him completely stunned, mouthing silently, “…Me?” just mere feet away from Gary, who’s equally confused, since some of the members haven’t seen the other pair of guests.

Sang-wook correctly deduces that the monitors must not only contain the hints but also their names. And at the same time, Haha walkie-talkies the same information to the Running Man.

The sound of the bells alerts them and Gary zips to the same desk he hid under earlier, but this time he’s with Kwang-soo who directs Sang-wook into the room and straight for Gary’s hiding place. So Gary’s eliminated too.

Jong-kook informs Kwang-soo on his current location and Haha catches up to his hyung, telling him that something is off with Kwang-soo – he’s been in the game for too long. So Jong-kook instructs Haha to close the door when he comes in.

The door opens – but it’s Jin-hee, and Jong-kook greets him politely, questioning him about how he tracked them down. Which is when he asks, “Huh, where did [Haha] go?” Long gone, buddy…long gone.

Not wanting to waste another minute, Jin-hee tells him that everyone’s already eliminated and the gears start working in Jong-kook’s head: “Hyung, can’t you let me off just this once?” Did you just… beg, Spartakooks?

Jin-hee laughs heartily in response, and Jong-kook uses the distracted moment to flee his pursuer.

Sang-wook and Jin-hee corner Jae-suk when they hear his walkie-talkie sound, and Jae-suk is legitimately confused. But it doesn’t take him long to put the pieces together as Sung-soo walks in and Kwang-soo doesn’t flinch at the sight of the three remaining killers.

In another moment of distraction, Yooruce Willis escapes his captors, and in a rush, ends up in a women’s lounge area. But it’s a temporary safe space because Sang-wook enlists the help of a female staff member to open the door. Sigh, I can’t say I blame you – if Sang-wook winked and smiled at me, I’d have done the same. Suffice it to say, Jae-suk’s out… and so is Kwang-soo. HA!

The captioned proverb tells us in a nutshell: once you’ve reached the limit of your usefulness, you’re unceremoniously thrown to the dogs, which is only confirmed when he arrives in jail.

Then there’s the added analogy of Family Outing : Running Man :: Chun-hee : Kwang-soo. Their character images on their shows really are the same – who knew?

Oh yes, and I should also note that thanks to Haroro who found the second clue, Sang-wook’s in jail too.

Speaking of whom, he’s busy with Ji-hyo putting the clues together. Now only two killers are left to hunt down the remaining three Running Man.

Just then, in a fantastic sequence, Sung-soo runs up the stairs to chase Haha and rips off Ji-hyo’s name tag, and Jin-hee catches Haha on the next floor, eliminating him with ease. The fate of the Running Man are left within Jong-kook’s hands.

In jail, the eliminated attempt to figure out the consonant clue. Gary guesses “tomorrow” out of the first word, and Jae-suk has a breakthrough: “Midday tomorrow…” It’s too bad that Ji-hyo walks in, telling them the correct phrase (“Don’t announce my death to my enemies”) and they try shift the blame of mistranslation to someone else.

Sung-soo and Jin-hee drop by to deliver Haha, who is flabbergasted to hear about the two spies bit. The others are then left speechless and thoroughly amused when Jin-hee regales them with the tale of how he almost tagged out Jong-kook, but then he pleaded to be let off.

They joke lightheartedly about how tearing off the name tags of the killers is moot (and Jin-hee shows off another one under his coat) and the speakers blare once again – Sung-soo’s out. How convenient that he should visit! So he quietly takes a seat next his other jailmates.

It’s a battle between Jin-hee vs. Jong-kook, and when Jin-hee turns his back for a moment, Jong-kook darts for the door, evading capture again. What the – hold on a sec, Jin-hee – aren’t you like 40? How is it that you can run so fast?

Now armed with a new tactic, Jin-hee proceeds to turn off the monitors to trick Jong-kook into thinking that either (1) he’s already tried them or (2) someone else has. So as the final Running Man scours to find the last monitor, the lone killer works to turn them off.

Both of them are unaware, however, that the four hints reveal the unknown artifact, the Golden Turtle Ship, and it’s an automatic elimination for all of our killers once it’s found.

Jong-kook ends up in the room which contains the last hint, checking one monitor after another, and Jin-hee crawls in, and locks the door. How will this battle end?

Everyone waits anxiously in jail, placing bets on the victor until the door opens and both men walk in, their expressions unclear. Then Jin-hee reaches in his pocket… and pulls out Jong-kook’s name tag.

In a flashback, we see that Jin-hee had snuck up on Jong-kook who froze in place, allowing the perfect opportunity to eliminate him. He earns the guests awesome prizes (OMG, me wants that Hanwoo beef set) and makes sure that the staff doesn’t leave anything out. Heehee.

Lastly, Jong-kook warns, “Kwang-soo, come see me after the cameras stop rolling.”



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  1. Nana

    I hate Song Ji Hyo…

    • 1.1 sora

      I love Song Ji Hyo…

      • 1.1.1 djinni

        ditto. she is the shit.

        • Phuong Nguyen

          I love love Ace Ji Hyo.

          • hehehe

            i love frozen flower!!!!!

        • Raptor

          All these stupid haters hate SJH for no reason. If she plays the game accordingly, you guys also hate her. Mad. If others play the spy role well, you guys will gush about it. WTF?

        • sp

          I know, right? She’s so good she’s made you feel inferior.

          Don’t be. She’s just the Ace.

    • 1.2 1337

      I love Mong Ji Hyo 😀

    • 1.3 Ani

      Pft. Song Jihyo is the ultimate Alpha. The sultan of swat!
      The Queen of crash! The colossus of clout! The Ace of Aces! You may not like her, but a good deal of us love her.

    • 1.4 whatis

      what whaaat? I love Song Ji Jyo!!

    • 1.5 jane

      really?? i find her really loveable ahaha

    • 1.6 camry

      Basically, it’s like this: as you can probably see, for every ONE person that hates song ji hyo, there are fifty others that LOVE her.

  2. Cocoapyun

    Omg i couldnt stop shouting, my heart was beating so fast at the last scene.. I really admired jin hee for being so calm in turnig off all the monitor, on all three flour?! I was shocked when jin hee won, although i had no idea who would won, but it was still surpiring. I mean its kookie, the spartakooks!!

  3. Ru Jun

    This episode was great! Although I still think the best would be the superpower episode! And, how could anybody hate any of the Running Man cast?! They come together as a set! Pfft.

    • 3.1 Ani

      Amen to that! Even I have to admit that Useless Big Nose Hyung actually has his entertainment value. XD

    • 3.2 green panda

      yeah that episode was epic!!!

  4. asdffg

    I forgot that Jin Ji Hee and kwangsoo were on dongyi together!

  5. zeyy

    although i like every episode of Running Man, i prefer the ones where its just them. the ones where there are guests tend to be less exciting….unless of course you have the likes of Choi Min Soo :):)
    jongkook buck up man, you’re awesome, dont let others outwin you!! xD forever a jongook fan!! 😛

  6. Julie D

    This was a great episode. I loved how when the female staff member got Jae-Suk to open the door she told him how big a fan of his she is. “Then why are you helping Sang-wook eliminate me?” “I’m his fan too.”

    Also, I loved that Kwang-soo and Ji-hyo were actually on the Running Man’s side (if RM won, KS and JH won) and didn’t know it.

  7. NicoLe

    how to download it ?

  8. Stardust

    THank you for the lovely recap! I loved reliving the moments again! I turned my back shamelessly on the running men this week because I soooo badly wanted Jin Ji hee to win at the end! lol… and SO HAPPY when he won, so awesomely…. against the Spartakooks no less. Way to go Jin Ji hee!

    • 8.1 oi

      lol….I was so impressed with Jin Jin Jee, that I started to watch his new drama

  9. dls

    Omo… this ep is a big revelation of Ji Jin Hee… he is 40 and still can run that fast and can beat spartakook? Anyway love running man and thanks for the recap.

  10. 10 sugarpunch

    no this cannot be. cannot be. my dream came true????????????? all my favourite mature hot man-actors are together???? ok… minus lee chunhee. after family outing he will always be chun-derella to me. lol. shriekssssssssssssss. on to reading now!

    • 10.1 junie

      OMG! Four hotties in one episode! I almost die squealing at the TV!! JSW looks extremely hot here!
      Nope..don’t minus out LCH, he does look really hot when he is posing at the camera.

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap!

    This ‘Killers’ episode was right up there on par with Choi Min-soo’s RM adventures!

    It cracked me up to watch that epic Chundarella vs Big Nose battle. Weak vs Weak! Hysterical AND pathetic.

    I like that the production staff is forced to become more and more creative every week – the complications abound.
    And how funny was Ji-hyo’s expression when they told her the other spy was Kwang-soo?! Priceless.

  12. 12 MEL

    thanks so much… watching Running Man without subs is super thrilling and yet more fun with the subs… thanks for the RECAPS JB and GF!!!

  13. 13 bd

    I can’t believe that the PDs made Chunderella a “killer”, being that he was the original Kwangvatar on FO. lol

    I thought that the “hide and seek” game w/ the bells would have been too easy for the killers, since there were 4 of them assisted by the spies, but whole thing of having one of them also getting out w/ each hint was brilliant, and really made the game even – as we saw how close it was at the end (Spartakooks could have won it for the RM team if he had gone about the computers differently in the final room).

    JJH was just hilarious w/ his “devil may care” attitude at the beginning, just happily munching along and KSS was the only one of the other 3 killers who had the cajones to jokingly admonish his elder that he should have eaten earlier – the other 2, esp. Chunderella would never have dared to do so.

    KSS is all cool confidence (the part where he casually walked to a chair to sit down when his name was unexpected called was hilarious), but JJH is all laid-back confidence (also may have the best jawline in the industry along with Oh Ji ho).

    • 13.1 jenn

      Yeah! I never realized how handsome Ji Jin Hee could be until this (and the next) episode. He has a ridiculously cool side profile, and is classically handsome.

      • 13.1.1 Ani

        There’s a next episode? YAY! I was worried they only brought in the guests for this one episode. *jumps around with glee*

        • Saima

          It’s the four of them plus IU!! From the preview: she’s outside their hotel and wakes them from sleep. Lucky, eh?!

          • Ani

            I’d have to say IU is the lucky one. Hahahaha. ^_~

          • bd

            Agreed, IU is the lucky one.

            I can see why people think IU is cute, but her eyes are kinda weird and in terms of looks, there’s nothing about her that stands out.

          • Megumi

            Yeah IU is the lucky one to be able to wake up great and hot actors like ji jin hee, kim sung soo, jo sang wook & lee chun hee, in Korea actors and actress are always put in a higher pedestial than idols and singers by the public.

  14. 14 Jen

    LOL after seeing endless suffering from KwangSoo, it feels great to see Jongkook beg Ji Jin Hee!! hahahahah xD

  15. 15 jenn

    I loved this episode. The killers werent always the smoothest killers on the block.
    I rewatched some of the scenes and realized something. When Jaesuk crept up to peek at the killers, and Haha yelled at him to run away, I don’t think it was to save Jaesuk, but to cause a distraction (which worked, since Jinhee ran off too). Because if I wanted to save Jaesuk, I wouldn’t have called attention to him when the killers’ backs are turned to Jaesuk. XP Sneaky Haha.

  16. 16 Ani

    Shouldn’t it be more like – Chunderella : Family Outing :: Kwangvatar : Running Man? Hahaha. Well, I find FO : RM :: CH : KS too weird a way to set up the correlation.

    Anyways, poor Kwangvatar, the Capable One is going is going to stomp a mudhole into him. Hahaha. I really wish these for guests could’ve stayed for one more episode. Chunhee, it was nice seeing you again.

    Song Jihyo jjang~ Running Man jjang~

  17. 17 dramarrama

    this episode was great, watching KwangSoo and ChunHee together, priceless. I almost got a heartattack at the end!! I was so happy Ji Jin Hee wonnnn!!!!

  18. 18 Judy

    I love this episode so much. I was so happy watching it because they went back to my favorite game, the original Hide and Seek game. xD They couldn’t have made it any better than if it was scripted. Kookie and Jin Hee facing off in the room where the last clue is.. and Kookie skipping that computer randomly! xD

    I love Gwang Soo and Ji Hyo. lol They’re so naive. Ji Hyo will definitely be more suspicious in the future about spy missions. xD

  19. 19 estel

    Gummi, I’m particularly fond of this line: once you’ve reached the limit of your usefulness, you’re unceremoniously thrown to the dogs. Pure genius. ^_~

    I think I’ll have to hunt up this episode now, it seems hilarious. ^_^

    • 19.1 gummimochi

      Gotta give credit when it’s due. Thanks chingoo!

  20. 20 Shikurai17

    This has been my fave ep of Running Man. Loved the 4 Killers. It was so funny how the PD had to jump in and explain the game to them. They were so cool and relaxed. I laughed watching Chun hee fail at ripping SukJin’s name tag. The Weak Vs. The Weak. XD I was totally not expecting Ji Jinhee to be so funny. He’s so talkative. RM’s like Jinhee talks a lot! 🙂

  21. 21 Saima

    gahh, felt bad for Kwang-soo. Poor guy, always the faux-spy never the real one! But, if he were legit a spy he’d perhaps just keel over from the sheer pressure…..the previous episode where Suk-jin and he were scapegoat spies–while it was funny I was kinda dimayed…..coz it was like they were the laughingstock amongst the crew at the end! ickkkk…..I felt the same way when Gary was set up to be a spy only that it was the Running Man’s task to act in a manner wherein he’d think he got them and not vice versa.

    • 21.1 Megumi

      Yeah this is why sometimes I think running man PD’s are very cruel and biased, they always give the best spy roles or main character roles to jae suk, ji hyo and jong kook, I definitely hated the episode with Gary as the spy, they made a complete fool out of him, same goes for suk jin and kwang soo, they were so happy to get the spy roles that my heart broke for them when they were made pawns to the uninteresting guests. I hope in future they divide the spy roles more equally or they make fool out of every members not only those three guys. I get that Jae Suk is the main focal point of the show and he is deservedly the lead character as he is the one that keeps the show moving and speaks on behalf of all the members, so in a sense I understand him getting good spy roles time and time again, other members are clearly on equal footing so they should be given the same amount of advantages and disadvantages, I’m getting tired of seeing ji hyo being given advantages by either the PD’s or members themselves, I can’t even count how many times she begged KJK and Gary to let her go during name tag ripping games and they actually let her go, she ended up winning all those episodes.

      • 21.1.1 Megumi

        Also, once upon a time I used to love ji hyo especially during the early episodes, she was strong willed and good at finding hints and stuff, but later on the more I saw her using the tactics of begging to KJK and Gary to let her go during tag ripping games my respect for her went down the drain, the more episodes I saw the more I saw the advantages given to ji hyo by the PD’s just to make people believe that she is the ace, captions mentioning that she is ace for no reason even if she finds a small thing etc while if like say haha did something clever or found something that was important there is no praise for him, in the Vietnam episode she was given the yellow clothing that the extras were wearing, she was given best power in the superpowers episode etc and there are a lot. She has a big advantage of being the only woman among the members. She is very overrated and most of her fans are so whiny that if she doesn’t win a game or two they start blaming guests or other members for her loss. She is clearly overrated.

      • 21.1.2 sp

        “…make fool out of every members not only those three guys”

        How you conveniently leave her out when in this episode she’s supposed to make a fool out of herself along with Kwangsoo but she somehow managed to avoid that?

        I agree that this type of spy role is unfair but then they could have figured out something is wrong even if they may not be able to win.

        Once Kwangsoo and Jihyo realised there were actually 4 chasers they should be able to smell something is amiss. And I think Jihyo did and maybe Kwangsoo too but feigning ignorance because that’s how he willingly to portray himself. Same as in the episode with Kwangsoo and Sukjin before. The RM was not eliminated long after they sprayed the liquid on their backs and the speculation about the guests should have alerted them that just as Jongkook said they’ve been had. In Gary’s case, he’s either really slow to not even suspect why he’s not been suspected after every member was eliminated after being with him or he’s just playing along with the theme.

        Yea, Jihyo did beg KJK, Gary and Haha to let her go and they did a few times, early on. But it’s not like she’s not returning the favors. She played in Haha’s mini-sitcom in exchange for freedom. Gary’s playing his Monday boyfriend skit and letting her go is part of their story, it made him seem like a loving boyfriend. KJK has a weakness with women in general and Jihyo works with him very often when everyone is against him.

        Many members are paying favors and returning them all the time, if you are paying attention. It’s not just Jihyo. They let each other go many times because they’ve gotta give some footage for editors to work on. Why didn’t they eliminate Sukjin/Kwangsoo when thye’ve figured out both of them were spies?

        You can’t count how many times Jihyo’s begged? Well, it’s not THAT many times, from what we’re SHOWN. It’s a show. We don’t know what’s happening under the table.

  22. 22 nabithoj

    Omgsh…I saw this episode and four HOT men in Running Man is soooooo …. AHHHHH!!! I prefer them to idol youngsters…its much more fun to watch actors.. 🙂

  23. 23 adib-chan

    this is one of the great episode.. all the 4 killers are the best.. i love this hide n seek game..

    ji hyo is the spy, but it would be great if there is some twist in the middle if she realize smthg when gwangsoo was out..

    she can do 2nd betrayal towards killer team and head back to RM team, helping them do their mission… she can get some advantage if the killer team think she still at their side..

    but i dont know if the spy rules not allow her to do that.. ^^

    i had watch the raw ep for the next ep.. this time JSW was stealing the scene.. but still hv other hillarious scene by other killers.. can’t wait for the subbed ep.. ^^

  24. 24 jajaa

    it seems like kim jong kook don’t really put up a fight when its a respected sunbae

  25. 25 Lilian

    Ji jin Hee really had a good strategy at the end. He closed of the exit by locking the door! Strengthwise, they are probably quite equal too! Loved this episode.

  26. 26 iyra

    i hope kwang soo comes back alive from the tiger’s den!!

  27. 27 indigowine

    I really wish Running Man brought loads of testosterone like this episode did… MOARR MOARRR MOARR!!

    Seriously, some people are truly silent-genic (i.e. Joo Sang Wook) xD He lost his charm every time he laughed or grinned like a boy.. dang, his character in TEN just shattered just like that whenever he open his mouth and act like a dorky boy xD

    And Ji jin Hee.. oh my gawddd… ’nuff said! Damn hot papa! He is the most logical and clever killer.. and not to mention he loves to eat, I laughed so hard whenever he grabs something to eat at the market.. big boy just needs his daily dose of healthy snack!

  28. 28 Ann

    I just watched the episode. And while I did enjoy it, I felt like the guest were at an advantage with 4 of them (and the 2 spies). I was really rooting for Jong Kook at the end but oh well he lost without even picking up a fight.

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