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Running Man: Episode 79
by | February 5, 2012 | 50 Comments

To find the criminal mastermind behind this week’s mystery, our cast will have to piece their clues together on an eerie ship before they go missing themselves. It’s so chock full of secrecy, deception, and intrigue that every turn will leave you with more questions than answers.

EPISODE 79. Broadcast on January 29, 2012.

Late in the night, a messenger drops off a mysterious envelope in front of our members’ doors. One by one, they open their cards to read their message: You’ve been invited to a treasure ship stationed in Busan. Find and claim the treasure for your own.

Jae-suk is suspicious, with memories from Hong Kong still fresh in his mind. “That’s it? There isn’t anything else?” He’s got a point– the cast has every right to be wary of the nefarious RM staff and whatever they’ve got up their sleeves.

Morning. Kwang-soo’s the first to arrive, followed by Ji-hyo. She teases him about his bloated face, to which he admits to eating instant ramen the previous night. The rest of the tired members file into the lobby, and it’s off to the airport. Convenient that Gimpo airport is just a few minutes via moving walkway away from the hotel which both amazes the cast and myself.

They’re greeted by a row of car keys once they arrive and lightning quick Gary marches in front. He runs to find his car and the captions read that once one of them starts running, so does everyone else. Hee – because they all press their keys to find their cars simultaneously, it’s a chorus of car horns. Unable to tell the sounds apart, Kwang-soo wails, “One at a time!”

Driving to the harbor, each of the members attempt to figure out today’s mission: every member for themselves? Team against team? But at the waterfront, we quickly find that this ain’t your ordinary tugboat mystery – it’s a cruise ship adventure.

Surprisingly, Kwang-soo pulls in first and is greeted by our maknae Dong-wan FD/butler. Now decked out in Sherlock-esque capes (Jae-suk’s is green, hehe), they sail towards the grand ship. Gary: “Can we fly in these?” Pfft – look who’s still misses his former superhero status.

Kwang-soo’s sent up to the sixth floor and hey look; it’s the gagman quartet who performed a sketch at the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards. They ask for his invitation as soon as he gets off. He hasn’t got it on his person and is denied entry. Oof, so much for being first. But don’t worry – Gary didn’t bring his along either.

The ones who DID bring their invitations onboard are busy eating a delectable brunch. While they chow down, the gagman quartet (How & Chow) join them. The ‘dog’ performs a trick and receives a belly rub as his reward (and it looks like the gag is that others forcibly pet him). Jae-suk gets reined too, and he shows off his famous ‘Grasshopper Dance.’

Seriously, Suk-jin? You’ve been carrying around that trophy of yours? But something’s strange because once he pulls it out of his bag; he finds the trophy case empty. The Running Man radar goes on full alert. Thus Case #0: Find the trophy, begins.

Accusations start flying. It’s serious at first, but it just turns into a game of finger-pointing for kicks, and Suk-jin asks, “Is [the trophy] pure gold?” The PD confirms that it’s a bit more expensive than the ones given out at the actual award ceremony, and Jae-suk scoffs how that’s possible.

Naturally, that shifts the suspicion to him, the Daesang winner that night – is he upset that the missing trophy was better than his? HA –then Gary pipes if they should even bother tracking it down, and the others join in if that was why they were sent down to Busan.

Calm down, fellas. You’ve got some help – meet today’s guests: singer Yoon Do-hyun and emcee Kim Jae-dong. Woah, how are these guys good buddies? And they share the same birthday?

In any case, I’m unconvinced that they’ll be much help as Do-hyun starts reading off the how-to-be-like-Sherlock-Holmes and barely stammers it out. The self-declared brilliant detective announces that he’s already found the missing trophy, and identifies the thief as the dog. Nice save, buddy.

Our nine Running Man Sherlocks are debriefed on the real case – a sapphire has gone missing and it’s their job to recover the item using clues scattered throughout the ship. And as a reward, they’ll be rewarded handsomely. Each person is sent off to different starting places. What clues will await them there?

Their first hint reminds them that only one of them will be able to claim the recovered treasure and tagged with a warning: Trust no one. Armed with their name tags and their brains – they head out.

Jae-suk boasts that he’ll use his 4D vision and his IQ of 250 to search the ship from top to bottom, and Haha snerks in response. Not five seconds later, does he call on the Powers that Be to turn back time. Then Jae-suk declares his catchphrase as Space Controller. No grasp on reality, these two.

Meanwhile, in another part of the ship Kwang-soo tries to weasel Jae-dong into an alliance, but this man is sharper than he looks. And also lazier than he seems as he lies on the bed, telling Kwang-soo that he’s got a wild card to play.

Just then, disaster strikes – Suk-jin is being dragged away and all that remains is a mysterious card that reads ‘2.3’.

Kwang-soo runs to share the news to his hyungs, Jae-suk and Haha, who are busy playing a mix of hide-and-seek and Red light/Green light. They take curious note that Jae-dong wasn’t surprised at all… How odd, indeed.

While the others start to suspect our guests, Jae-suk finds one of the hidden green cards and slips it into his pocket. Once out of sight, he reads, ‘704. 1° piano’ and in his logic, searches Room 704 but turns up nothing. Which is when we learn that all of our clues point toward a storage room on the first floor.

Haha discovers another card and follows the How & Chow. They lead him down the corridor by Room 704 that Jae-suk missed, down to the first floor. Chow pulls at the door, and Haha’s jaw drops… and the speakers blare his elimination.

All this is witnessed by Kwang-soo who flies up the stairs, but the men in black are in hot pursuit. And THAT chase is seen by Ji-hyo. Another card remains, “The thief is amongst you.” Aha, so the plot thickens…

By chance, Jae-suk discovers both black cards, now realizing that another clue about the criminal is revealed with every member’s elimination. Jae-suk: “This is like the Dog of the Baskers.” Er, you mean the Hound of the Baskervilles.

His thoughts linger to the wandering How & Chow crew roaming the corridors. The same thought pops in Ji-hyo’s brain, following the duo a few steps behind. A voice cries out down the hall and she slips into a cabin. Just when she thinks she’s safe, she opens it… and there’s Do-hyun. And then she slams it in his face. BAHAHAHA.

She accuses him has a villian, his relaxed attitude suspicious to her. She’s convinced that there are no green cards, that is, until she discovers one herself. A Polaroid picture of girl group T-ARA? Um, anyone else lost? Aha – they’re mouthing the clue to us, “First floor storage room.”

This mystery has got the members on high alert – Jong-kook asks Do-hyun if the bell is for him (jong = bell), and then Gary sings a pop song. Jong-kook flares up at Do-hyun for sitting at the piano, having heard the ominous melodious music throughout the ship before someone’s elimination . It turns out to be a whole mess of suspicion on all parties.

In the ballroom, Jae-suk cautiously asks why Do-hyun showed up today, and he says that he’s the guest singer. Then he sings, “Find the thief who wants to steal the treasure. That guy is closer than you think…”

The reappearance of the How & Chow pair raises eyebrows again: Ji-hyo wonders if they give away the members’ positions and Jae-suk notes that everyone who follows them is mysteriously goes missing. Jae-dong follows the How & Chow duo towards that fateful Room 704 with Jae-suk right behind him…

No surprise here – both men are eliminated. Shortly afterwards, Gary is too with a lone book and ‘474466558’ left behind.

Jong-kook rifles through the lockers to discover two more photo clues. He meets Do-hyun upstairs, cautious to reveal his cards. So you’ve been talking to those men in black, have you Do-hyun? Don’t worry – I think Spartakooks can wrestle the needed information instead.

Jong-kook reaches towards Do-hyun’s back, assured that his strange behavior clearly marks him as the thief… but the name tag is clean. What the?! And now there were two…

Another message is left, this time as ‘Crystal.’

You don’t call her the Ace for nothing. Ji-hyo’s been busy cracking the number code from earlier. It came with a volume of Sherlock Holmes’ Adventures and she breaks the sequence to page numbers. The pages themselves don’t give off any obvious clues, until Jong-kook notices the first character on each page: Ji. Suk. You know where it’s going.

The pieces start to fall into place: the golden bell (A reference to the show of the same name. Big Nose Hyung was an MC.), ‘203’ was his room number, his wife’s name is Crystal… Ji Suk-jin.

Now we get our explanation: He’d met with Mr. PD one week prior, elated that his day to shine has finally arrived. His original plan was to eliminate Jong-kook in the beginning and save his fellow Easy Brother until the end. Suk-jin offers himself up to be eliminated first to distract his castmates, citing that no one would be surprised. Sad, but true.

Teehee – Gary’s Lol Lols had been promoted (demoted?) as Suk-jin bodyguards. That piano music? Just Do-hyun trying to lure the others in. The rest of the members were too busy placing blame on each other that the lack of Suk-jin’s broadcast slipped their notice.

Then what about our two suspicious guests? Ah, they’d been bickering when the others saw them group together from afar. Because Jae-dong put up a front that he figured everything out, Do-hyun acted in suit. When it worked brilliantly, Do-hyun said, “Ah, so this is how you’re supposed to do it. Act like you know….it’s a battle of wits!”

Then these two were basically having a showdown between who was the better pianist, unaware that their playing coincided with the member’s eliminations. Haha opened the door to reveal Suk-jin and Kwang-soo saw the events unfold before his eyes.

Which is exactly when Jae-dong was teasing Spartakooks with a song right before the speakers announced. Suk-jin followed the both Jae-dong and Jae-suk into Room 704, and then searched for Gary. He’d explained to Gary about how he was Arsène Lupin and they were Sherlock Holmes. Gary: “I don’t know much about that…” You telling us you don’t read much Gary?

Meanwhile, Do-hyun found a clue that would lead him to the treasure’s location, but he met Jong-kook on his way there. So you can see from their stunned expression to hear that Jong-kook had eliminated him when Do-hyun recounted the tale in jail. They ask if he knew who the criminal was, which he didn’t, and they tell him that he’s in for a surprise when the episode airs.

There’s one more confused fella in this group – Gary, who’s the only one in the dark about the treasure’s location. Then they pretend that it’s all a hidden camera prank on Do-hyun (“You just want me to leave so it’s more entertaining without me?”), and they press even further, that the jail is the treasure location. And Gary mouths if this is true.

Do-hyun asks where Suk-jin is, still unable to put two and two together. HEEE – this is classic – you just cannot make this stuff up.

On the other end of the ship, Mung Ji-hyo is still trying to figure out Jong-kook’s brilliant cryptic cracking abilities (Jong-kook tells her she could’ve solved it if she didn’t dog-ear her pages). They resolve to hunt down the treasure first and head downstairs to the storage room…

And before Suk-jin, who has been waiting for them, can hide, Jong-kook spots him. The Lol Lols manage to pin Jong-kook, and Suk-jin reaches for Jong-kook’s back. But Ji-hyo charges in to grab Suk-jin.

They take a quick break, which is when Jong-kook learns of an interesting caveat: the Lol Lols can’t rip off his name tag. Which means… Ji-hyo holds back the two Lol Lols and it’s a one on one battle between Big Nose Hyung and Spartakooks. But it’s no surprise that Jong-kook overpowers Suk-jin, securing the victory for SpartAce.

As their reward, they receive the sapphire and brand spankin’ new name tags that boast them as the rightful Sherlocks they are.


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jen


  2. swui

    this episode is great…the editing left me as confused as the members for the first part of the show…and the 2 guests really did make everything more confusing than it already is….love this episode.

    Too back suk-jin still lost even though he planned the whole set-up ..LOL

    • 2.1 min

      yes yes! i was as confused and suspicious of the 2 guests!

      and the hero is spartakook~! armed not only with muscles but with brain too~!

  3. dls

    Waah Ace Jihyo holding the two Lol Lol is just amazing…
    truly Ace

    • 3.1 bd

      I think the LOLs were just being nice; the Ace is so tiny, one could just lift her up easily.

      While this ep wasn’t full of laughs, it was pretty interesting w/ all the misleading scenes.

  4. dbsklove

    I actually LEGIT loved this episode. I mean the lack of the broadcasting slipped by me O.O
    PFF and I liked how the prank backfired because gary fell for it too 🙂
    thanks for the recap <3

  5. YBisTOP

    I really enjoyed this episode. As much as I wanted Suk Jin to win, since he has never won before, I was rooting for Ace Ji Hyo and Sparta Jong kook. 🙂 Suk Jin’s plans got me confused and excited at the same time. Can’t wait for episode 80!

  6. jae

    thanks for recaps! this episode is so mysterious but not so funny like one episode before ^^

  7. gohahjung

    I want more of SpartaKook and Ace Ji Hyo partnership. MORE!!! U hear me???
    Hm.. more please? Please?

  8. LeiDiAngelo

    My third favourite RM episode so far . (First goes to the Superpower special and second goes to RM Hunting) Spartakooks and Ace Ji Hyo ♥

  9. Cynthia

    This was a fun episode. Not fun as in ‘hahaha’, but interesting to see all of the confusion from all of them. The only part I found offsetting was the inclusion of that comedy team with the guy in the dog suit. They didn’t add anything to the show and it was uncomfortable watching the ‘dog’ sweating inside that costume. What was the point?

    Loved that Suk jin finally got some facetime and focus for this ep. He’s a nice guy, but I always wonder why he’s there. As for the team of Ji-hyo and Spartakooks, it was okay for this one episode, but I would hate to see them as some kind of ongoing pair-up. There’s too much power between them – they’d continually overwhelm the rest of the RM team.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 9.1 Stardust

      lol the gag team’s presence could be because of the random promise to have them on the RM show hehe… And probably to add to the confusion of the whole mystery thing. The poor guy in the dog suit made me uncomfortable too… how are they so amused by his ‘chow chow’??

      Suk Jin is such a easy going guy that his role to continually lose ( whether intentional or not..) is still appreciate I think. Imagine a team of RM with no disparity in ability, that will be very lopesided indeed ( too strong or too weak) !

      I do love how SpartAce gets together and always kicks butt! yaay! And Jihyo, she’s a winner that one. Imagine a pretty girl not worried about image and just grabbing the lols’ legs? They are probably more embarrassed than she is! You go girl!

      • 9.1.1 Keiko

        There was a clue that stated that if anyone follows Hao and Chao they will reach the sapphire. Since no one knows which clue will be found first they just have to keep walking to and fro from the ship to the storage. First time it was Haha, second time was Jaesuk & Jaedong. But I do agree that it looks tiring to the guy playing the dog – he was sweating all over.

        • Ani

          Ah, so that was the case. Hahaha. I guess everything has a purpose for Running Man.

          But I do feel bad for the dog-man. But it’s his way to make a living. Poor thing.

      • 9.1.2 megumi

        i loved the episode but c’mon do you really think those lol lol’s were stopped that easily by a tiny ji hyo, no matter how strong she is, i don’t think she has the power to handle two men, that part was very unbelievable for me as you can clearly see that the lol lol’s were just going easy on her, they clearly pinned down spartakooks easily before that, other than that i loved the show becoz it was very confusing and the part where spartakooks solved that cryptic message was amazing. also liked the singer guest because he was really funny and clueless until the end…

  10. 10 soiia

    When Ji Hyo does any sacrificing, she secures the win XD

  11. 11 daisy

    i wish suk jin won =(

  12. 12 lil

    Great ! Insanely Great !

  13. 13 ffiza

    My favourite parts:
    1) Jae Dong sang and Haha’s out. He was shocked but played it cool.

    2) Ace Ji Hyo grabbed the Lol lols & great teamwork with Jong Kook

  14. 14 Anao

    Thank for the recap. It was an interesting episode.

  15. 15 Ani

    Aaaaaaw. In the end Big Nose Hyung couldn’t take down the Commander and the Ace afterall. XD

    I love Kim Jae-dong and in some ways find it sad we didn’t get enough of him in this episode.

    Oish, I wonder if this episode is as hard to follow watching it as it is via recap. So much going on. Trust the Running Man crew to make it hard for our cast. Hahaha. Poor Gary. Son needs to read more often.. This is after the news of Jihyo being in a relationship right? I wonder how they’ll address the Monday Couple now that in reality she’s taken. Hmmmmmm…. And someone needs to give Jaesuk and Haha their powers back. And Kwangvatar, that cape looked funny on you and your long legs. XD

    Running Man fighting.

    • 15.1 JK

      No, these ep.79-81(Gary’s kidnapping was filmed on Mon 30 Jan.) were filmed before that news. The latest 82-83 were filmed on Mon 6 & Tu 7 Feb.

  16. 16 Shikurai17

    Great episode. I was totally rooting for SukJin though. Disappointed, but expected when he lost. One day the easy brothers will win! One day. 😀

  17. 17 WvR

    The guests in this episode were awesome. They tricked everyone! The conversation in jail was hilarious. Thanks for the recap.

  18. 18 Eppie

    It was Gary who had the T-ara card. Ji Hyo had the book and card with the numbers corresponding to the pages in the book.

  19. 19 Gbo

    Yoon do hyun hosted a popular music show called love letter and Kim jae dong mc-ed a corner on the show. That’s how they’re friends. They, along with Tiger JK and Yoon mirae guested on a great ‘come to play’ ep (hosted by the nation’s grasshopper of course) you should watch. Eun ji won even raps in it.

  20. 20 jane

    it’s soooo fun and nerve-wrecking. I was hella confused, why sukjin is suddenly caught, without any announcement from the speaker saying sukjin is out. and the members knew about it from kwangsoo instead.. so I was right all along about Ji Sukjin lol
    oh and when Jong Kook found out about the “Ji Suk Jin” from the book’s pages, it’s too daebak. lol he’s indeed THE sparta kook.
    I srsly recommend to watch this episode yourself because it’s totally different from reading the recap, and way more much much fun.
    P.S if u want to watch the eng subbed, it’s already available on

  21. 21 junkie4000

    I hated the comedy quartet…. they WERE NOT FUNNY AT ALL and didn’t add anything significant to the show. Plus, it was very demeaning for the guy in the hot dog suit. Not really sure why the gag was considered to be funny… maybe it’s a korean thing?????

    • 21.1 candycow

      Are they a Chinese quartet? Cuz it means “very noisy”. Though it’s quite irritating too.

    • 21.2 Cynthia

      ‘hot dog suit’ – [snerk]

  22. 22 Lilian

    Haha….so much confusion going around in this episode but I loved it. Never would have guessed that Suk Jin is the one behind it! And like he said, letting himself be “eliminated” first definitely kept himself out of suspicion for a long long time. If not for the book with clues, the RM and us viewers probably would not have noticed it!

  23. 23 bex

    I think Suk Jin have a 60-70% winning if Jong Kook found the clue first leading to the treasure…oh well, i love how Ji Hyo grab the LOL lols <#

  24. 24 Lady Seoul

    It was a pretty good episode. The two guest made me laugh the most. It’s funny how I really thought the piano playing and his bluffs were real or a part of the mission. I wanted Suk Jin to win, but oh, well!

    • 24.1 Cynthia

      I agree – they both looked really crafty at first, until we all realized that they were both totally clueless.

  25. 25 green panda

    this episode was brilliant! BNH deserves a standing applause!! His mistake was showing mercy for a time-out.

  26. 26 Bee

    it’s a little unfortunate that JSJ didn’t get his moment to shine as the solo victor at least once in the series.

    i was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode. This is definitely one of the best episodes thus far.

  27. 27 DS

    the one thing of running man that amazed me is that all those coincidences just makes the plot and show even better!! rarely of this show is even scripted, yet u get YB and Jaedong trying to play around fooling the other members but just helped to cover up the tracks of sukjin’s criminal activities XDD running man seriously has like one twist after another and most not even planned out!!

  28. 28 yoosa

    i was watching this episode with a friend and i actually pointed out that they did not broadcast suk jin’s elimination, but since it was suk jin anyway it didn’t seem out of place, we didn’t really have any suspicions whatsoever and forgot all about that, what with the guests’ behaviour so distracting lol! this was a great episode and even if he didn’t manage to escape the ace and the commander, suk jin did an excellent job, i must say! yay big nose hyung! 🙂

  29. 29 ZS

    i like how ji hyo thinks on her feet by grabbing the lol lol.
    eventhough he didnt win, BNH really amazing for planning the plot.

  30. 30 Ron


    No more Monday couple now that song ji hyo is in a relationship…

    With her boss no less..I was like @.@, n gary was like @_@*thinkin-why do ppl tell me to cheer up (checking sns)…”WHAT!? Drop and kneeling on the floor, ji hyo has left me…Lol Lol~where are u lot, I need my Lol Lol…”

    *while running to the airport to go to europe, “I will become a better man when I came back…next week is rm shooting …(!!!!)..How am I gonna face SJH after this? I know, ill use my Lol Lol to clone myself n send him to the shooting…yesss..our voice not the same? Its ok, ill use my ventriloquism technique”…

    *arrived back at korea airport and suddenly ambushed by rm staff to be taken somewhere, Gary said”I’m not ready..Lol Lol! Where are u? Lollllll loooooool~stressss”

    • 30.1 Kim Yoonmi

      It was make believe, even Gary said so. I get the feeling that everyone on the show are really good friends especially since the show chemistry between the cast has gotten only better.

  31. 31 Mika~

    This episode was awesome. I mean, I noticed that Suk Jin’s name wasn’t broadcasted after his “elimination”, but I assumed they just edited that part out. He was right that no one would suspect him if he was eliminated first. I think it was a bit unfair that the clues leading to the treasure were all traps, even if Suk Jin definitely needed that advantage… This was an interesting game that didn’t involve too much of the direct, face-to-face lying (I mean, he would’ve totally lost at the beginning if that was required).

  32. 32 John

    Love this show ! very detail explaination, thanks for sharing. I just wondering of anyone knows that’s the piano music played in the ship ? Sounds very familiar to me though. Thanks for the help !

  33. 33 John

    Love this show ! very detailed explaination, thanks for sharing. I just wondering if anyone knows what’s the piano music played in the ship ? Sounds very familiar to me though. Thanks for the help !

  34. 34 loll

    The two guests …. ^^ what are they up to lol

  35. 35 liks

    This episode is the worst out of the running man series!

    Ji Suk Jin really had it easy with the two macho sized lol-lols who did everything for him. All he had to do was to tear off the name tags after the lol-lols track the location of the other RM members and hold them down for him. Even when Gwang Soo attempted to flee after finding out the truth it can be seen that the lol-lols are the ones chasing after him and JSJ is nowhere to be seen. Towards the middle of the show the purpose of finding the jewel got deviated and somehow it turned out to be a hidden elimination race which is geared towards a sure-win situation for JSJ with the help of his lol-lols. How unfair is that! Ji Suk Jin really should not be given the authority to plan a game coz it was really badly executed.

    The episode was confusing and frustrating until the last 10 minutes when everything was revealed. The Sherlock Holmes theme could have been better executed with a detailed plot leading to the solving of the case and appropriate footage of those who got eliminated to create further suspense towards the ending of the show.

  36. 36 unknown

    I think it’s kinda unfair for the RM members (-JSJ). Firstly, they were told that green cards lead to the treasure. Shouldn’t they be given a hint about the culprit for finding and know the meaning of the card, instead of going directly into a trap? So is it better to NOT look for the card instead?

    Secondly, it’s a huge advantage to JSJ since he has two lollols who do almost all the work for him.

    Thirdly, some/many of the RM HAVE to be eliminated to know the clues about the culprits, which aren’t that easy to understand, or quite useless like, ‘The culprit is among RM’.

    Fourthly, the weird ‘Hao & Chao’ are also helping him by luring the RM into the room, and at the same time, making the situation more complicated and confusing than it already was.

    Despite thinking JSJ has so many advantages, I was hoping that he would win. It was (quite) perfectly planned that no one suspected him until the end. He was also a quite nice guy, in a way that he ain’t a sore loser, and always announce, “Race.. Start!” good-naturedly even though he was always the first one out.

  37. 37 H

    Does anyone know the name of the song played after Yoon DO-hyun sings “Find the thief who wants to steal the treasure. That guy is closer than you think”?

  38. 38 Sua

    I loved the spartace!!~ Wish they were made into a couple…

  39. 39 李小铃

    I wish suk jin win, but well its ok..

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