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Shut Up: Lyrics edition
by | February 25, 2012 | 87 Comments

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but Shut Up: Flower Boy Band seems like a good drama for lyrics translation. It’s a show that has done a good job incorporating music into its storytelling; it’s not hit-you-over-the-head with the songs, but allows them to carry some of the narrative. Plus, well, I just love this drama. (Here’s the handy song lyrics tag to check out previous posts.)


Sung Joon – “무단횡단” (Jaywalking)
[ Download ]

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This song is something of a centerpiece of the drama so we’ve all heard it a lot, and, if you’re like me, been humming it on repeat for weeks. I took it for granted that Byung-hee’s inspiration was obvious, but it occurred to me later that depending on the translations (or lack?, perhaps), the muse connection may not be clear. We know it’s the song he began composing when he saw Su-ah, but the lyrics do nicely capture the moment, and the upbeat music suits the message.

The “jaywalking” is, of course, the big moment between Su-ah and the band, after Byung-hee declared he’d make the first girl to cross the street his muse.


The moment I first see you, you turn my head, time stops
Right now, I can’t even see if the light’s
green or red
I don’t need anything
My heart just heads toward you

Oh, my beloved
I run blindly ahead and hold you
Just as I am, like this
I run without fear and hold you
When I see you, so beautiful,
my, my, my heart goes thud


널 처음 본순간 머리는 핑돌고 시간은 멈추고
지금 파란불이든 설령 빨간불이든 보이지가 않아 난
아무것도 다 필요없고
그냥 내 가슴이 너를 향한다

내 사랑하는 그대여
무작정 달려가 너를 안는다
나 생긴대로 이렇게
겁없이 달려가 너를 안는다
아름다운 널 볼때면
내 내 내 가슴이 턱

I don’t care about rules, what anyone says,  
or whoever blocks me
Even if I collapse or shed tears,
I’ve only got one path
I don’t need anything
My heart just heads toward you

Oh, my beloved
I run blindly ahead and hold you
Just as I am, like this
I run without fear and hold you
When I see you, so beautiful,
my, my, my heart goes thud

My heart goes thud
My heart goes thud
My heart goes thud
My heart goes thud

룰따윈 몰라 난 그누가 뭐래도
나를 자꾸 막아도
쓰러져 버리든 눈물이 흐르든
내 갈길은 하나다
아무것도 다 필요없고
그냥 내 가슴이 너를 향한다

내 사랑하는 그대여
무작정 달려가 너를 안는다
나 생긴대로 이렇게
겁없이 달려가 너를 안는다
아름다운 널 볼때면
내 내 내 가슴이 턱

내 가슴이 턱
내 가슴이 턱
내 가슴이 턱
내 가슴이 턱



Sung Joon – “오늘은” (Today)

This is a rip of the song from the latest episode, because I haven’t seen an official release of a studio version. Hopefully one is forthcoming, because I love Sung Joon’s voice. It’s not polished, but it has a lovely rawness that works with the story and with the character. (Not to mention he’s got that awesome deep speaking voice, too.)

[ Download ]

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I wanted to tell you just once
the love I just can’t hold back
All the time I looked your way
I want to tell you everything

Today, I want you
Today, I want to hold you in my arms
The more I look at you,
the more tears fall
behind your back


한 번은 말하고싶었어
차마하지못한 나의 사랑
너의 길을 바란 나의 모든 시간은
한 번은 모두 말 하고싶어

오늘은 널 갖고싶다
오늘은 널 품에안고싶다
널 바라고 널 바랄수록
눈물이 흐른다
너의 등뒤로


Min Kyung-hoon – “그저…눈물만” (Only tears)

The above song isn’t actually an original song, but based on an existing track by rock-ballad singer Min Kyung-hoon from a 2010 album. The drama’s version reworks the lyrics, but basically kept the song intact. I think both versions are great, and sad in their own ways.

[ Download ]

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“Only tears”

I thought foolishly
that I was the only reason I was hurting
I didn’t realize that without you,
I hurt more
The words I said as I sent you away
It just means I won’t see you again
It just means we won’t meet again
It just means I won’t call your name anymore


바보같은 생각을 했어
나 때문에 아픈 줄만 알았어
니가 없으면 더 아픈 것을
그렇게 널 보내며 했던 말
그저 못 보는 것뿐이야
그저 못 만나는 것뿐이야
그리운 너의 그 이름을
다신 못 부르는 것뿐이야

You gave me your unchanging love
You protected my changing heart
You moved quickly so I wouldn’t see your tears
and laughed for my sake, through the end
It just means I won’t see you again
It just means we won’t meet again
It just means I won’t call your name anymore
내게 한결같은 사랑을 주고
변한 내 맘까지 다 감싸주고
눈물 보일까봐 서둘러
끝까지 날 위해서 웃던 널
그저 못 보는 것뿐이야
그저 못 만나는 것뿐이야
그리운 너의 그 이름을
다신 못 부르는 것뿐이야
They’re just tears that fall
They don’t know how to stop,
and keep falling
It’s just that I’m recalling
your gentle face
Because I wasn’t able to keep our love
Because I turned our love sad,
and wronged you
That must be why I have to be in such pain
The love I long for
Goodbye now
그저 눈물만이 흐르네
그칠줄 모르고
막 흐르네
다정한 너의 그 얼굴을
한번 떠올려 본 것뿐인데
사랑을 지키지 못해서
사랑을 슬프게 한 내가
이렇게 아파야 하나봐
그리운 내 사랑 이젠



Kim Min-seok (aka Kyung-jong) – “어쩌다 널” (Somehow, You)

Kim Min-seok’s claim to fame (or at least mainstream visibility) was through participating in the reality/audition show Superstar K 3, which has launched a number of new stars. (Seung-yoon from High Kick, for instance, advanced a good way into Season 2.) He gets his own track on the OST, and this song is just starting to get played in the series, featured in the latest episode.

[ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

“Somehow, You”

When the cold wind blows
when it blows so fiercely you can hardly breathe
I worry if it’s bearable
because it’s hard for me to endure

I don’t know what love is
Because I don’t know, I keep shrinking away
Suddenly you’re at my side, in my arms
Suddenly, love, my love

Somehow, maybe I fell in love with you
or somehow, maybe you fell in love with me
Even if I’m crippled, in this moment
I’ll laugh, in front of you I’ll laugh

“어쩌다 널”

차가운 바람이 불때
숨쉴틈없이 매섭게 매섭게
견뎌 낼만 한건지 자꾸 걱정이 되요
나조차 견디기 힘들어서

사랑이 뭔지 몰라서
너무 몰라서 자꾸나 자꾸 뒷걸음쳐도
어느새 넌 내곁에 어느새 넌 내품에
사랑이 어느새 내 사랑이

어쩌다 널 사랑하게 된건지
어쩌다 넌 나를 사랑한건지
상처가 나 걷지못한대도 나 이순간
웃어줄래요 그저 그대앞에 웃어줄래요

What happens with us now?
Should I give up?
How could I, in front of you
Should I tell you to take care?
To meet a good man?
I can’t, I can’t do that now

Somehow, maybe I fell in love with you
or somehow, maybe you fell in love with me
Even if I’m crippled, in this moment
I’ll laugh, in front of you I’ll laugh

이제 우리 어떻하죠
어떻게 어떻게 당신앞에
그냥 잘 지내라
좋은 사람 만나라
못하죠 이젠 할수가 없죠

어쩌다 널 사랑하게 된건지
어쩌다 넌 나를 사랑한건지
상처가 나 걷지못한대도 나 이순간
웃어줄래요 그저 그대앞에 웃어줄래요

It’s okay,
now I’ll become your own clear sky

Even if love pains me
Even if love makes you sad
Even if I’m crippled, in this moment
I’ll laugh now
It hurts, but I love you forever
I’ll hold you, I’ll hold you forever

이제 내가 맑게 개인 하늘이 되줄테니

사랑이 날 너무 아프게 해도
사랑이 널 슬프게 만들어도
상처가 나 걷지못한대도 나 이순간
웃어줄래요 이제
아프지만 그댈 사랑하는 나 영원히
안아줄께요 그대 영원토록 안아줄께요


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  1. Raine

    OMIGOSH! Thank you so much! I like to do arrangements of songs for cello and voice and I often don’t have lyrics so I have to sing ‘la la la’…and it sounds silly.

    It also sheds new light onto the characters who ‘wrote’ the lyrics. Thanks!!!!!

  2. minnie

    am i first?
    yay! i love this drama. both the music and the story are awesome!!

  3. Liv

    Thank you Javabeans….i’m currently with last song syndrome because of the song Jaywalking ^_~

  4. Julie

    Thanks for posting this! I had actually gone in search of lyrics to Jaywalking right after watching the last episode. It’s incredibly catchy.

  5. Nokcha

    This is my numba one drama this year. Thanks for this!

  6. Mystisith

    Thanks so much JB ( my gosh, just realised i call you like that infamous DH2 character. And someone pointed out it’s too much Justin Bieber connoted : Javabeans, i’m going to stick with your all name to avoid confusion and silly jokes ).
    Those Shut Up songs are strangely haunting, and now i find myself listening to rock music all the time, when it’s not my first love at all.
    They should do a mini fake SH ! concert for fans at the end of the show, like for You’re Beautiful. Can i suggest a Paris concert hall ?

    • 6.1 Raine

      As long as they hire me to play all the cello parts…and carry around Sung Joon’s guitar…

      • 6.1.1 nanomu16

        Lol! i’m with you

  7. sophie

    Does anyone know which was the song that Ji-hyuk was listening to with Su-ah, in the scene in episode 6 where she shared her earphones with him? Or, the song he sang?

    • 7.1 alvin

      Yeah, it’s the song he sang.

    • 7.2 Ryoko

      It’s the second one from the top, Sung Joon’s “Today.”

  8. kewbie

    Super-like! Thanks for writing this up!

    • 8.1 kewbie

      BTW I found this youtube video of “Jaywalking” with the lyrics written out in the video along with the English spelling of the Hangul lyrics. Pretty helpful if you want to sing along for real. 🙂


  9. hanie

    Thanks Javabeans.
    I like ‘today’, Sungjoong’s deep voice really suit that song. Jaywalking is my jam right now.. It reminds me to their bromance hug on the stage. kekekeke. Hopefully L will sing too.

  10. 10 badmarkz

    thank you so much JB for the post! i really like ‘today’, i hope the full version will be released soon…
    on the side note, i also like ‘not in love’ by lee min ki, only that i’ve just realized that the whole lyrics is actually in english… *sigh*

  11. 11 Ace

    Thank you! I love Jaywalking! Hope they’ll add more original rock tracks that’ll be smoothly used in the story.

  12. 12 soiia

    This is such a wonderful post!! Thank you so much for the effort =) I think this is just an instrumental version, but do you have any idea what’s the title of the song that plays when Su-Ah and Ji-Hyuk first shared their solo moments, like in episode 4 near the end when they walk home together? I have dying to know the song, so I can play it on my guitar!

    • 12.1 Ryoko

      Is it the one that plays in episode 7 when Ji-Hyuk helps Su-Ah clean the classroom window at about the 7 minute mark (Yes, I did go back and rewatch that part just so I could listen to that song again lol)? I love that background song, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Hopefully an official OST will be released later that includes it since it’s played a lot when Ji-Hyuk and Su-Ah have couple-y moments.

      • 12.1.1 catnipeverdeen

        Yeah! This cue song too when the rooftop couple will have a moment! Ive been searching for it everywhere too! But I think track 1 of the OST is the one that they used.. they just arranged it a little.

  13. 13 shl

    Thank you, Javabeans! I am enjoying this show so much, as well as the music that’s an integral part of the story, and the awesome recaps! This post is icing on the cake 😎

    I would never have imagined that such a deep voice could be produced from Sung Joon, tall and skinny as he is. Suits his songs, and the show, well.

  14. 14 missyu_who

    Javabeans! Once again, you are making my morning 🙂 I have been listening to Jaywalking nonstop for the past week and just blurting out whatever randoms I thought they were saying. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for all of us Shut Up fans. Even though it’s only February, I’ve watched a lot of dramas already but this is the only that I can’t stop thinking about all the time–it’s definitely my stickiest drama of the year thus far!

  15. 15 Cynthia

    Great post, JB!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    I love this drama for using the OST as an active participant for delineating and pushing a plot point forward. These lyrics define the characters and illuminate the storyline.
    The songs are all ear candy.

  16. 16 Ariel

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the songs and their translations. My love affair with Korean music started with dramas and their OST but this blog has taught me to appreciate and listen to a wider range of artists. I usually look for english translations of the lyrics so that I could better appreciate the song. SUFBB is rocking my drama world.
    I’m still watching DH2 because I got hooked on Jinwoon’s song “You Walking Towards Me” and I also like his cover of Bye Bye Seas “Starlight is Falling”. There are still a lot of holes in the story but I just close my eyes and wait for those little gems that keep me tuning in to this show.

  17. 17 tarianantatoer

    I’ve been waiting for “오늘은” too, but this will do just fine for now, thank you so much Javabeans. Sung Joon is my newest crack! The only bad thing about SUFBB is it eats up all my enthusiasm, I’ve been downloading other dramas too, but I keep rewatching Shut Up. Ji-hyukie makes noona O.O

    • 17.1 Saima

      “Ji-hyukie makes noona O.O” —>where’s the LIKE button when I need it?! SJ’s styling on this show is ridiculous. It’s apt but ridiculous nonetheless!! I just realized the other day that he’s the scruffiest one of his mates but Ji-Hyuk is totally swoon-worthy. Can’t believe SJ’s only 21!! That’s all I’m gonna say to that…

      Thank you, JB for the lyrics. It’s easier to love a song when one knows the meaning behind it!!

      • 17.1.1 kbap

        Yay only 21? While you noonas oggle over him, I can straight go up to him and go Opppaaaaaaa! 😉 and oggle over him. Yep. If I’m not held back and taken to a hospital for being a crazy fangirl, lol. (OMG the ones at like events are MAD crazy. I swear I’m short and once I got caught in the middle I got so many bruises lol)

        • Saima

          Enjoy the phase, gurl, when most of these hot K-actors are your oppas. Sadly, when I was 21 I was not into K-dramas….I was just a nerd hitting the books and prepping for grad school!! If Big Bang make it to Toronto I’m pretty sure I’ll transform in a rabid fangurl!! Ohhh yeahhhhh…

  18. 18 maria

    Awwwwyeah, old school dramabeans up in here! Seriously,, it feels like years since the last part of this kind! Thanks, jb!

  19. 19 mina

    Thank you so much for this translation- I often fantasize that you girls will one day do translation for literature, because a lot of times I’ll read the translations for some songs, (and books) and feel like there’s something missing in the translation. I feel like I get what they meant to say, but its not exactly what they said. But you care so much about the cultural components, and the wordplay/wordchoice involved, that the translations here almost read like poetry. Love it!

  20. 20 redfox

    thank you, javabeans! I … I…oh, this is awesome, I have no words. I love the band, and the songs, and everything about that show, and I wish I was living it not just watching it.
    now I can try and make lyrics in my own language to sing those songs…hmm…lets see

  21. 21 Fallensnow

    Oooh! Thanks Javabeans.

    Also, I think it should be mentioned that Strawberry Fields briefly covered Alex’s “A Flower” in one of their practice sessions. (They never actually sang the lyrics though, just played the musical score). Cheers!

  22. 22 djes

    thank you for this post!

    I’m also looking for the song that Kim Yerim sang in ep 6( or 5? I can’t remember ), do anyone know the title?

    • 22.1 rbee

      I really liked that one, too, and have looked for it in vain.

      • 22.1.1 anotheraddict

        same here

    • 22.2 javabeans

      It’s a cover of “소녀 곡예사” (Girl acrobat) by W & Whale.


      • 22.2.1 ianne

        Oh! Thank you so much!

        Yerim’s voice is really amazing. It’s got a unique vibe and feel to it. Now if only she can be less awkward in her scenes. But hey, she’s only appeared for a few scenes so it’s sort of okay.

        I loved her voice in SK3 (her partner not very much). I hope she releases a solo song for this drama!

  23. 23 Carinne

    I have LMK’s “Not In Love” on repeat since the first episode.

    Sent via my G☆Note

  24. 24 crazedlu


  25. 25 Noelle

    Thank you!

  26. 26 Saima

    Impressed!! SJ’s sung those two songs?! btw, am I the only one who just wants to coddle and pinch Kim Min-seok’s cheeks? gahhh, he’s soo adorable on the show.

  27. 27 almontel

    omo…thank you so much…i love this show too and was looking for the songs…


  28. 28 anotheraddict

    Woot! Thanks a million, jb~ understanding the lyrics really adds a lot to the experience. I marvel at how you find the time to do all of this, but I’m so very glad that you do!

    Are there any other What’s Up fans out there who noticed that Today is reminiscent of a Daesung song that was used repeatedly in What’s Up? I don’t know the title of the song and, as far as I know, the full track hasn’t been released, but there’s a rip of it here: http://tinyurl.com/WU-OST (singing starts at 23 sec.). The songs are used in similar ways in both dramas, causing me to have some musical deja vu.

  29. 29 rbee

    Earlier this week while listening to some of this music (that I love, love, love), my 17yr old daughter says, “Mom, you’re really weird listening to music you don’t even understand.” I blustered with embarrassment, “Well, most opera music is in a language not understood. (heh) And really, you can consider a voice just like another instrument. (double heh)” She just rolled her eyes at me. Too which I emphatically stated, “You already knew I was weird, right?! This just confirms it.” We both smiled. Hey, at least now I can say I’ve read the lyrics in English. So take that!

    Thanks JB(!) for helping justify my music of choice these days. You rock!

    • 29.1 campaspe

      I’ve had the same thing happen with my kids–I’ve been forcing them to listen to k-pop(well, just one band in particular) in the car–and they’re starting to like it (insert evil grin).

      I had not thought to equate it with listening to opera, but you are so right. I’m totally using this line when my friends make fun of my K-addiction.

      • 29.1.1 Saima

        which K-band are you listening to? am totally fangirling, spazzing, squealing, and swooning for Big Bang’s comeback. heh. This past week, especially, I’ve been in a weird place wherein a lot of my actions can ONLY be explained due to momentary lapses of judgement!! Cue: annoying fangirl giggle…

        • campaspe

          Super Junior–2nd Album. SJ was the first K-Pop I learned about from watching their endless variety shows/appearances. Lately I’ve been catching up with Infinite, since I am really liking “L” on SUFBB. Big Bang is on my to do list-especially after loving Daesung on What’s Up. I just started getting into the music in December-so I have a lot of catching up to do.

          I’m having a bit of an identity crisis since I found K-pop. I’ve always been adamantly anti-pop music–I grew up on classic rock/grunge/alternative music. But I find the whole k-pop culture fascinating and now I am practically an e.l.f. I’ve decided you are never too old to become a fangirl.

          • Saima

            Oh yes, you MUST check out Big Bang. Actually, it was Daesung in What’s Up that reeled me in. That boi is a noona-killer, heh. No regrets whatsoever!! He’s gone blonde for their comeback!! O_O He totally rocks it tho! Their track ‘Blue’ from their forthcoming album is garnering loadsa accolades…it’s a little on the mellow side but I love that they’re exploring different genres of music…a definite growth from their hip-hop days. Also, G-Dragon (the leader) co- &/or produces a lot of their tracks which is not that common in the idol-world!!

            Oh, and you’re right one’s never too old to be a fangurl!! 😀

          • ianne


            I’m a VIP (name of Big Bang’s fanclub) and I’ve been a fan from the start 🙂

            I’m actually from the Kpop side of the spectrum rather than the drama side so I don’t really watch a lot of variety shows/drama since Big Bang doesn’t guest much on such shows. I’m happy you’re venturing into the Big Bang fandom! Welcome!

            It’s a wonderful time to be a VIP right now, actually. What with their comeback this Thursday and all. Just a warning, Big Bang doesn’t do much variety shows since they focus more on music. Daesung is actually the one that is most active in such shows since he was a regular in Family Outing 🙂 You should watch the series if ever you have time since I am sure you’ll love the cast and the whole concept of the show.

            I’m sure you’ll love the group. G-Dragon, leader of the group is the composer/producer for their group songs. All of them are also composers and producers but for their solo albums, not group ones. They’re a bunch of talented kids with amazing stage performances! Their stage presence is just amazing! So yeah, it’d be great if you become a Big Bang fan.

            And it’s quite interesting that you mention about being interested in Infinite because of L 🙂 Why? Because after only stanning Big Bang for the longest of time, the only other group that caught my attention is Infinite. Big Bang has set the bar too high up for me to really be interested in other groups 🙁 That might come off as quite arrogant to most people but it’s just how most VIPs feel. So it was very surprising that Infinite managed to catch my attention.

            If you’re catching up on Infinite, I suggest ALL their songs. Haha! And watch their Sesame Player episodes which is mostly them running away from their managers to play around Dongdaemun and Hongdae and Idae. I also suggest you watch their recent show, Birth of a Family, where they had to take care of 3 abandoned dogs 🙂 It’s a really heartwarming and entertaining show. Here’s a great masterlist for you: http://-fuckyeahinfinite-.tumblr.com/Masterlist

            One amazing thing about Infinite is their, as they put it, “99.9% Synchronized choreography”, while this is of course an exaggeration, it’s not far from the truth. They are also amazing live singers if you watch their MR Removed videos. They don’t really use backtracks when performing so it’s really them singing the whole song live, with all those heavy choreography, while being in tune. Amazing.

            Also, it would be funny to see how different Myungsoo or L is to Hyunsoo in SUFBB.

            Sorry if this has already become too rambly! If you have any questions about Big Bang or anything, you can tweet me at @hobabyho or idk, really. I’m not in anyway an authority when it comes to the boys but I just like helping new fans out 🙂

          • ianne


            Hello! Yep, Big Bang has hit Melon’s roof for 18 times already, 12 of which happened the day it was released. It has already achieved Instiz’s title of Perfect All Kill (first PK of this year). They also charted in iTunes Singles charts and even achieved to go into the Top 10 singles in the Pop Charts in the US, UK, Finland and even France (among many others). Their MV has garnered 2 million views on it’s first day and is now at 8 million on it’s 6th day. Music critics’ praises has already started pouring in as per usual 🙂

            This is actually what’s amazing about Big Bang. Right from the start, it’s their music that the public is more interested in and it’s their music that they sell, not their personality. I mean, with their scandals left and right, you’d think the people would care less about their songs, right?

            Anyways, you’re correct! GD does compose and produce their group songs. For their solo projects though, like Taeyang, Seungri and TOP, each member composes their own songs (Taeyang is mostly helped by Teddy though). Which is amazing, in my opinion.

            Haha, why is this becoming a pimp post on BB?

    • 29.2 78446

      I always thought beautiful music transcends any language. Your heart listens and understands what your brain can’t seem to process. 🙂 I had Kim Min Seok’s “Somehow, You” on repeat for days now without even knowing what it meant before this post. Now I know what the lyrics mean and it pretty much confirmed what I thought of the song: sweet but melancholic.

      This post was a pleasant surprise, JB, and for such a great drama too! Thanks so much!

  30. 30 Lilian

    To me, Jaywalking is the type of song which i don’t fall in love with the first time, but the more I hear it, the more I like it! And definitely, I would say for now: worst use of music in drama = Dream High 2! too mv-like and unnecessary use of music! a definite overkill!

  31. 31 Ryoko

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  32. 32 campaspe

    ooh, that last song, by Kim Min-seok is soo pretty. He has a really sweet voice.

    Thanks for all the translations. Dramafever has been better at subbing some of the songs for this show than some others I’ve watched there, but you still miss alot.

  33. 33 Tani

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    Thanks so much for these translations! i was just thinking about how different the lyrics were translated from Ep. 3 and in Ep. 6 for ‘Jaywalking’, and had been hoping for a post like this one :). They’re all pretty different I see.

    Also, does anyone here play guitar? I’ve been trying to play ‘Jaywalking’ on my classical guitar and can get some of the notes by ear, but if anyone knows of any ‘tabs’ notations out there on the web, i would LOVE you forever! 🙂

    Cheers xo

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    Thank you again ! 🙂

    • 35.1 kbap

      LOL I just realized that I listed pretty much all of them except Jaywalking (which I also really love don’t get me wrong~)
      😉 Well I do love dramas with awesome OSTs. 😀

  36. 36 Ditu3ka

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    Shut up and let’s goooooo!

  38. 38 GI_JOJO

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    I’ve had ‘Jaywalking’, ‘Somehow, You’, and ‘I’m Not In Love’ in my iTunes for a week, and I’ve been looping them alternately for that long as well. Their voices are just so lovely and endearing, and the lyrics go pretty well with what’s happening in the drama, so it just adds to the viewing experience.

    Reeeeally hoping they’ll release a full version of ‘Today’! I find myself feeling the way that Su Ah does when hearing this song + Ji Hyuk’s voice. 🙂

  40. 40 Brandy

    Also in the show Byung-hee had not finished writing Jaywalking. I wonder at which point Ji-hyuk picked up and the feelings/thoughts were his.

    • 40.1 darlainsummer

      Ahh.. i hv been wondering too which part of Jaywalking did Ji-hyuk wrote. I hope somewhere in the drama the writer will bring it up.. 🙂

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    The lyrics do seem like they are really supporting their characters and stories, so it is nice to see them translated like this!

    PS I’m so in love with reading the recaps on this website, thanks so much! 🙂

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    What makes it the best blog ever is the songs are downloadable!
    But it would have been better if the romaji version of the Hangul!! Thanks.

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    And I really like Ji Hyuk and Su Ah's song Today. The lyrics fit their relationship.

    I hope L gets a song to sing, too. A non-idol song.

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    Looking forward to more amazing songs from this drama in the future 🙂

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