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Will Suzy go Big or go home?
by | March 19, 2012 | 125 Comments

Suzy? With Gong Yoo? Um… isn’t that stretching the boundaries of cradle robbery? Oh wait… I guess that’s the point… but damn. So the next Hong sisters drama is the upcoming KBS rom-com Big, about an 18-year old hero trapped in the body of a 30-something man. Yunno, all Tom-Hanksy with the piano feet. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t want to be friends with you.)

It’s an awesome premise for a drama, and with Gong Yoo (The Crucible) as the frontrunner to play the hero, it’s basically going to be the bee’s knees. Because… um, knees are awesome like that?

So at first when I heard the news I thought they were considering Suzy (Introduction to Architecture, Dream High) for the heroine, a role initially offered to Lee Min-jung (Wonderful Radio, Midas). And then I broke into a cold sweat. But no, as far as I can tell, she’s been offered THE OTHER lead, as in the 18-year old girl the hero is in love with at the outset, only he somehow steps into a transmogrifier and comes out the other side a hot older man with facial hair. As in, it would now be weird for us to hold hands.

Whew, because for a second there, I was getting nervous about this drama. So all three actors are reportedly considering the roles and no one’s signed on yet. Suzy’s still very green (hence my cold sweat about her carrying a whole rom-com) but she’s got a very likable quality despite her inexperience. The thing that won me over in Dream High was when she was able to make fun of herself as an emotionless bot. That bodes well for a comedy like this. I don’t know if she’ll ever be super emotive, but hopefully she’ll grow with every role.

I still think it’s going to look hilariously off, her and Gong Yoo in romantic scenes, but I suppose that’s the whole idea. We’re technically supposed to see that vast age difference onscreen, otherwise the teenager-in-the-body-of-an-ajusshi concept gets watered down. Not that anyone needs help getting swoony over Gong Yoo. Gah, my excitement for the age-swap hijinks are OUT OF CONTROL.

Big follows Love Rain on KBS and premieres in June.

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125 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsScorpion

    Someone please give me a sleeping pill that would wake me up next June…………………

    GAAAAHHHHHHH can’t wait.

    • 1.1 reyna

      lol me too!!! wheres that transmogrifier when you need it?!?!

      dont worry gf…i think most of us here knows that movie…we’re all friends here!!! hehe

    • 1.2 Elizabeth

      yep, cos its spring and summer so all the rom com is out!!!

  2. purpletree

    Love the idea of GY but Suzy?? seriously?

  3. erika

    BIG – 1988 (josh)

  4. Lily

    I like Suzy and all…but really?

  5. damianna

    okay, done wikipedia-ing BIG with tom hanks. they’re taking the idea of d story rite. sounds interesting. and there’s simmering hot coffee prince GONG YOO too. m sold, BIG time!

    • 5.1 MsGB

      Wow……you had to wiki BIG?!? It’s alright I’ll be your friend. GF have mercy on her!

      BIG is one of my all time favorite movies! Sooooo Suuuper Exxxxcited!!!!!

  6. sjkwifey

    I love Suzy despite the fact that she is still very inexperienced but how else is she gonna improve if not with more acting roles. I think it will be difficult acting opposite Gong Yoo but hopefully she will gain some experience from him. Also cannot wait for Gong Yoo’s glorious return to dramaland, I heard that he was great in The Crucible and so I hope that his newly honed acting skills will be evident in this role as well. And with the ever so charming Lee Min Jung as well, Big is gonna be a very good drama.

    • 6.1 eked13

      In the non-idol world, by working their way up through smaller roles that they’ve earned through an audition process, and getting earned experience I guess?

      Of course, even in the non-idol world this is different for the pretties, who get thrown in the deep-end, ability or not. It’s not fair on either them or the audience, IMO.

      A Hong sisters script essayed by the person I saw in Dream High as one of the leads kind of depresses me (it is that Suzy I think?).

      • 6.1.1 tvwithrice

        The Hong Sisters dramas aren’t afraid to use new/unfamiliar people or use people different from their usually image as long as they fit the role.
        So I am sure they will cast Suzy as they see fit.
        I find her very endearing albeit green. I hope acting projects after Dream High helped her improved.
        I can’t wait for another Hong Sister drama, I’ve been in a drama slump for a while. Hopefully this will pull me out of that slump.

        • OMG

          Hong Sisters Drama + Gong Yoo = ME THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!

          • VerΓ³nica

            Wait, I was THERE before you!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

            Can’t wait for my hubby’s return to kdramalaaaand!!!!!

    • 6.2 ilikemangos

      really believe in the whole hard work pays off.
      only time will tell, who knows.. suzy might end up surprising us all.

      • 6.2.1 jenny

        suzy will do great if she accepts !

  7. dbsklove

    omg when i first saw the pic i thought it was YEH
    LOL i loved coffee prince too much ><

    • 7.1 dbsklove


  8. Cabbage

    But…18-yo to 30-yo just isn’t as FUNNY as 12 to 30. Okay, if it’s the Hong sisters, it will be funny, but teenagers are angsty and annoying, not cute and cuddly.
    It feels like the sisters really like remaking movies/TV shows/legends. They did Overboard so well, I’m just going to trust them. Besides Big wasn’t really my favorite 80s flick, anyways.

    • 8.1 Cruelsummer

      “But…18-yo to 30-yo just isn’t as FUNNY as 12 to 30.”

      MTE. I’m hoping the Hong sisters can pull it off.

      ‘Big’ was great when I watched it as a kid. As an adult the female lead annoyed me, which I guess was the point…but still.

      • 8.1.1 JoAnne

        Considering most of the 18 year old boys we’ve seen in KDramas are about as playful and innocent as the 12 year old boy in Big…I’m ok with this.

        • Cruelsummer

          Valid point.

          OT: I’m dying to know your final thoughts on QSS. (If you managed to finish)

          • Ivoire

            Hi Cruelsummer, what does MTE mean or stand for? Thank you!

          • Cruelsummer

            Hi Ivoire!

            MTE=My Thoughts Exactly πŸ™‚

          • JoAnne

            I haven’t finished…I’m deliberately NOT marathoning because I love it, but differently than something like, say, SUFFB. Eric is new to me and – I think it was Jomo who said it, I have to agree – he is sex on a stick. (fans self)

            And then, the revelation for me was this: I watched an episode of Super Rookie to kind of spell me from the intensity of QSS and holy crap – he’s HILARIOUS and goofy and very good at physical comedy…and with long hair, looks like my sorely missed Sun Man. (Oh Man Suk)

            So now I am watching both, at the same time. Episode of one, episode of another…and in between, a few minutes of Strongest Chil Woo, which is Eric again, but with a Mane of Glory!

            And quietly freaking out because Rooftop Prince, Equator Man, AND King 2 Hearts started today and the MINUTE Ionair makes it available – they have it, but I can’t watch it for some reason – I’m starting those. I guess it’s good that BVS ended and SUFBB and DH2 are ending soon…OP still has a way to go but that one I don’t have to watch THE.MINUTE it comes out.

  9. KDaddict

    It’s really been a while since Gong Yoo was in a tv drama. I super loved him in Biscuit Teacher Candy Star. He was 24 playing a 19 year old Hi-schooler. He was super cute n lovable in it. Can’t wait to see him in another comedy! Pls let it be him to sign on!

  10. 10 tarianant

    Gong Yoo..Gong Yoo..β€œI don’t care if you are a guy or an alien” can I kiss you now..

    • 10.1 AnotherFan

      I know… I surrendered to my Goo-Yoo-obsession since that very moment..

  11. 11 indy

    Somehow Suzy reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye back then… Anyone feel the same?

    • 11.1 parsifal

      not too much back then, but kinda similar to current YEH?

    • 11.2 gia

      agreee with reminds… i was thinking the same. But absoluly not look alike

      • 11.2.1 msim

        Yeah, I see it. They look nothing alike but have similar energy.
        Both are super-likeable too.
        And both have a little extra spark (natural looks perhaps).

        Both are miles away from the innocent, clueless, wide-eyed dummy-look that so many young actresses are into.

  12. 12 biankoy

    As much as I love Suzy, I hope the main heroine would STILL be Lee Min Jung! I loved, loved her in “Smile, you” and I’m fervently praying to see her back in dramas, after Midas (which I didn’t watch).

  13. 13 Fiercediva

    Interesting. I wonder if they have to credit the original writers of the concept – if they’re remaking an American movie – or compensate them financially, or do they just change the story enough so they can’t be sued? I know when U.S. studios remake foreign films with local casts, they acquire the remake rights first.

    • 13.1 Llamaesque

      I’ve been wondering about that, too. The Hong sisters have gone to this well before with that Couple of Trouble show, but if they:

      1. Change the name (e.g., not “Overboard in the Han River”) and
      2. Use a similar theme that doesn’t exactly replicate characters or dialog

      Can’t they do whatever they want?

      ::ponders international copyright law::

    • 13.2 Jessica

      I think if they change it enough then it might be fine?

      I mean, “The Hunger Games” are very similar to the Japanese movie “Battle Royale” but the author insists it’s not.

      Also wasn’t there a movie called “Juno” that was eerily similar to the Korean one (same name and all)?

      So it’s hard to say.

  14. 14 Meghan

    Suzy has apparently gotten really good reviews for her part in the movie “Introduction to Architecture”, and has reportedly been swamped with movie and drama role love calls, so I don’t find this surprising actually, nor that it’s KBS, where she got her start with Dream High.

    While she’s not the best actress, I think she shows definite potential, and I look forward to any future acting she does. I think being surrounded by Lee Minjung and Gong Yoo will actually be very beneficial to her acting skills, much like I feel Kim Soohyun really started to help up her acting in the later episodes of Dream High. I think she would be an absolute fool to turn this one down if both Gong Yoo and Lee Minjung do confirm for the drama.

  15. 15 Big Unni

    Gong Yoo? From Coffee Prince? And Suzy? From Dream High? Hmmmm….I liked them both in the dramas that I’ve seen them in but together…I hope they turn like waffles and fried chicken….so wrong that they just fit!:)

  16. 16 Nokcha

    Min Jun must be really small and Gong Yoo really tall!

    • 16.1 Vic

      just look at those heels omg!!! korean female celebrities always want to look tall and all, but we all know that they’re all 1.58/1.60 πŸ˜€

      • 16.1.1 megels7719

        Haha! I thought the same thing about the heels and their height difference! I mean look at those things and she probably is still looking at his nose!

    • 16.2 bd

      GY really isn’t that tall so it’s probably LMJ being that small.

    • 16.3 JoAnne

      I was looking at those heels and thinking the same thing, that she must be a tiny smidge of thing because he’s only about 6’0, right? Tall, especially for a Korean man, but not THAT tall.

  17. 17 Fasiris Fay

    This sounds like such a fun drama!

  18. 18 Brenda

    It’s interesting to think of Suzy as likable as an actress even though we clearly see the lack of acting ability, and i do agree that it makes me want to know that she is actually improving πŸ™‚
    I remember watching Big and no offense, the age gap was really too weird for my tastes to really get into the movie BUT considering my love for hong sisters… gong yoo AND lee min jung, i don’t think i can say no to this drama :)!

    • 18.1 cindy

      It was her debut how you can judge her acting if the girl is young and just now started?

      Even some of the most best or famous actors out there didn’t start doing their best too. lol

      Just some did because they have the pure talent… others worked hard and are now where they worked hard to get.

      Suzy has 17/18 and not many acting experience, plus she is a idol that didn’t have much time to study film/acting so how do you ask so much from her?

  19. 19 cv

    NIce. I hope this goes through. Love all the Hong Sister’s dramas. ^^

  20. 20 Jomo

    I am feeling really dumb this am, but maybe because I can’t let go of the Big scenario in my brain.

    In Big, 12 year old male Josh/David Moscow also in Newsies! wishes he could grow up and turns into 30 year old Tom Hanks/Josh.

    Did they cast the younger GY yet, or does he play hisself?

    • 20.1 Meghan

      I’m sure they will have a younger actor play him. Too weird to not if Suzy is the 18 year old love interest. With it not airing till June, it might be a little while before casting is fully confirmed.

      • 20.1.1 Jomo

        I choose:

        Baby Kang Mo, (Giant)
        aka Baby Baek Dong Su, (WBDS)
        aka teenage (very briefly) Baby Chae Yoon (TwDR)
        aka Baby King Hwon, (Moon that never really does Embrace the Sun)

        IRL Yeo Jin-goo!

        • momosa

          Yay! second that. They both have long wide eyes…

      • 20.1.2 Laica

        I know that he’s doing K2H right now, but I think the actor who plays Byung-gun in What’s Up looks quite a bit like a younger Gong Yoo. Anyone else see it?

  21. 21 Cam

    Whoooo!!! I really LOOOVE my favorite Hong Sisters ~ I am reallly fan of Hong Sisters, of course. ^__^

    Oooo…..Wow, this actor Gong Yoo AND Suzy..?? It’s QUITE interesting for their GAP age difference ~ Also, I really like Suzy from Dream High & she was doing so good job. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t expect to know this bizarre news about Suzy and Gong Yoo – how surprises, yups! Well, honestly, I think it doesn’t matter with their age difference between actors ~ I am loooooking forward to this because of Suzy and Gong Yoo, hmm! BANZAI ! ! !

  22. 22 Jasmin

    I don’t get it… there is no problem with a noona-loves-younger guy-relationship but SOME people have a problem with a oppa-loves-younger girl-relationship!?Γ“.o

    I LOVE the drama already… can’t wait!

  23. 23 K

    I love Suzy. LOVE HER. But for this role? Um. I think I’ll be happier with another actress.

    Kim So Eun, maybe? She’s considerably younger than Goong Yoo but not too young as to induce cringes.

    • 23.1 K

      Okay, so maybe I can imagine Suzy. But I have to ask the drama gods to please cast another actor for the young Goong Yoo. PLEASE.

    • 23.2 Cynthia

      KSE has already signed on to a Chinese drama.

      • 23.2.1 K

        Oh, yeah. Totally forgot about the Chinese thing. That’s too bad. I want to see more of her!

        I’m trying to think of another possible actress along that age range.

        Park Shin Hye comes to mind, but… I mean, I love her too but… Only if she can town down the cutesy acting?

        • jenny

          if suzy accepts she will probably do a great job and surprise all of us !

  24. 24 Yeezong

    wait, someone explain? Im confused! So lee min jung play as a 18 year old and what does suzy play? So which one is the main?

    • 24.1 Meghan

      Lee Min Jung would be playing the adult age love interest for the 30 yr old Gong Yoo. Suzy would be playing the love interest for the 18 year old Gong Yoo character. Lee Min Jung definitely looks too old to play an 18 year old.

      • 24.1.1 Yeezong

        lol, that was what i was thinking too, but i got kind of confused of what was written up there. Thanks for the clarification!

  25. 25 conan

    So a girl turned into a guy, but not just any guy, but an old-ish guy? And the old guys is supposed to like the teen-aged girl in the beginning? Okay, this is weird. Maybe because it’s really late and I’ve been working on a paper for the past 6 hours but my brain refuses to understand any of that. Maybe later when more info comes out. And after I get some needed sleep.

    I’m just happy for the cast combination. I love Gong Yoo, that guy is gold. Lee Min-jung is a lovely lady who I’d love to see more acting depth from (although a Hong sisters drama might not be the perfect platform, but who knows). And Suzy, despite her newbie-ness, is so charming. She’s probably one of my top favorite girl idols out there just because she’s so likable.

    As always a Hong sisters drama is always fun, although believe it or not I’d love for them to be more wackier than before. I think this drama might be the perfect one to do so.

    • 25.1 JoAnne

      A young guy likes a young girl but then the young guy turns into an old guy.

  26. 26 girlatsea

    I definitely let out an audible sigh of relief when I read through the post. The soompi article had led me to believe she was in talks for the LEAD role. It’s not that I don’t like her, but ugh. Anyway, I feel a lot better now that I know she it’s the OTHER lead.

    I wish Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung would hurry up and confirm this!

  27. 27 Cynthia

    Is this ‘BIG’ from the Happy Hong sisters or the Sad Hong sisters? (It’s the only way I can differentiate between the two pairs).

    I can see Suzy in this – after all, she IS the correct age/appearance for a part like this. What bothers me is the fact that Goong Yoo will be playing himself in both time periods. The Tom Hank’s “Big” was smart enough not to do that – the same with “13 Going on 30” (Jennifer Garner’s time leap movie) – the age gap was wider for each movie and made the character transition from young to adult all the more startling.
    I’m wondering how troweling make-up on Goong Yoo to make him look 18 will detract from the ‘magic’ aspect of onset ageing. I know it’s been done more than a few times in Kdrama, and each time I see it, it’s kind of a “Whuu??” moment. It’s okay when it’s just a short peripheral to the main story, but this sounds like major screentime for both time periods in this takeoff of ‘Big’. (‘Love Rain’ is doing the same thing with JGS.)

    • 27.1 Jomo

      These are the Happy Hongs, not the Beet Virus Hongs.

      • 27.1.1 JoAnne

        *Beet Virus*

        You made me laugh – I was like, ok, so they have a couple Kimchi dramas out there…but there was a show about a BEET virus? Come on.

        Then my brain clicked in.

      • 27.1.2 LL

        For anyone else who was scratching their head at this: Beethoven Virus.

  28. 28 sotong ball

    Suzy and GY? Not really looking forward to this pairing. I love both of them but not together.

    If somehow the Hong Sisters could get Kim Soo Hyun for this and Suzy as the heroine, then count me in *wishful thinking*

  29. 29 lala

    gahhh. Suzy?? I dont like the idea..I wish she will not be catsed in this drama!!A very big NOOO!!!

  30. 30 Ennayra

    Is there going to be a creepy Indian fortune telling machine involved? I’d love to see the Hong sisters’ twist on that.

    I’m a Gong Yoo fan, so this drama is great news! I didn’t watch Dream High, so I don’t know anything about Suzy. But from what people say, she’s got potential, so I’m in! Excited!!

    (I recently met a person who claims not to like a single Tom Hanks movie. I didn’t want to be friends with her either.)

    • 30.1 JoAnne

      Seriously. That’s like not liking chocolate, or pizza. I mean, I get it takes all kinds. But I don’t trust them. A person who doesn’t like ONE SINGLE Tom Hanks movie? Come on…how is that possible?

  31. 31 Hazel

    Did any of you guys actually watch Dream High? Her character was super crappy to begin with! I’ve seen her in her new movie, she’s so gorgeous and she her acting is fine.

    People and the media who have seen her new movie have been giving positive reviews.

    I would love Suzy to be in another drama, as the 2nd lead of course.

  32. 32 jojo

    Definitely going to read War and Peace this summer…see you in September.

  33. 33 sinflower

    So right !! My knees go all wobbly wn I think of gong yoo !! Bt suzy n gong yoo ?? WEIRD PAIR !!

  34. 34 ck1Oz

    Oh my… my mind is stuck on Gong Yoo then you added in Suzy.
    We have a real ‘younger’ version of Gong Yoo right when he is 18? Otherwise I would be too creeped out.

  35. 35 matinsoleil

    I really like her a lot in Dream High. I was afraid to see an awful leading but she was not that bad and even managed to pass emotions. So if she’s on board for that one it’s cool. I’m most excited by Gong Yoo and Lee Min-Jung ^^ so please confirme asap!!

  36. 36 Jomo

    As far as Suzy? I do have a soft spot for her character in DH, but they did a good job writing to her skills.

    She has to have improved, right? Although there are about 100 better actress out there her age, and they certainly don’t need stunt casting with GY aboard…My guess is this is a rumour, not gonna happen.

    She also is a great emotional vocalist. Some of my favorite OST songs are by her.

    • 36.1 JoAnne

      She has a lovely, lovely voice. And better hair than So Ji Sub.

  37. 37 topper

    I’m fine with her as the second lead. If it’s the Hong sisters she should grab the chance immediately. And I like the casting decisions in all their dramas so far, I suppose they are the ones doing the choosing.

  38. 38 Suzi Q

    I am glad GY is back and doing another drama. He’s one of my favorite actors.
    Every one is saying Suzy is inexperienced; however, so was Lee Min Jung’ when she first started and she wasn’t that great either.
    The actor and actresses who have the talent, but sometimes they don’t given the break of having a great role, screen writer, or director. If they are fortunate and get this great combination, the drama can really make or break you as a star.
    I liked the Hong sister’s You are Beautiful where they used some inexperienced actors like Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki whom I thought were pretty good. So what’s the big deal with Suzy? I am still looking forward to the new Hong sisters’ drama to whoever plays the roles.

  39. 39 Di

    I think he is too old for him ;O; I live him and I adore her, but she is so young πŸ™

  40. 40 VV

    OMG Please NOT Suzy! She is so wrong for the role. There are better choices out there. At any rate, this show comes after Love Rain, which is still a long time to wait. I hope the final casting is great!

  41. 41 canxi

    I’m fine with this but I think that they should get a second, younger male to play 18 yr old Gong Yoo. Like Jinwoon? He’s close-ish enough in appearance but I don’t know how his acting is since I haven’t watched Dream High 2 yet.

    Or Song Joon Ki, who I think still looks very young. Or whatever happened to that 4th guy from Boys Over Flowers??–Kim Joon

    • 41.1 Meghan

      Kim Joon is in the army right now Lol.

      • 41.1.1 canxi

        Yeah, I looked it up after I posted this. I didn’t know what he was up to. That explains things.

    • 41.2 Laica

      I think my brain would combust if Song Joong-ki and Gong Yoo played the same character. Plus they look nothing alike.

  42. 42 Stephanie

    OMG I SWEAR, SHE’S THE LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH! Considering all her achievements and who she has worked with so far.

  43. 43 Noelle

    I really do like Suzy. I hope she does a good job. If anything, she’ll learn a lot from Gong Yoo.

  44. 44 kayana20

    Yay they are remaking BIG. I cannot wait to watch this drama it is going to be good. The age difference is not that severe that it needs to be that big a deal .I am sure Suzy will and can do a better job in her acting. I know I will be shipping so hard till Gong Yoo is back with Lee Min Jung after he establishes his relationship with Suzy as her younger self. Wow this is turning out to be the best drama season. I am so excited even with my busy summer coming up.

  45. 45 M

    Wait, I’m confused. Suzy is not the lead heroine? +_+”

    Have they decided on who is the lead then?

    Wouldn’t it be weird then for an 18 year old in a 30 somethin’ year old to date a 25+ or so year old? +_+”

    It’s like practically a young boy with an older girl but not exactly since the physical parts is different…


  46. 46 Hmm

    Im assuming Suzy is going to play the teenage girlfriend of Gong Yoo’s 18 year old character. If this ends up like the movie that is based on.. Then Gong Yoo’s character would differently end up being a teenager again and probably end up with Suzy.

  47. 47 Butterbacon

    Her eyes are as vacant as UEE’s. But unlike UEE, this girl is more than a pretty face. Here’s to hoping that all the acting experience helps her become a better performer.

    • 47.1 JoAnne

      I didn’t really care for UEE when I saw her in You’re Beautiful, but she got excellent reviews for Birdie Buddy and I do like her in Ojakgyo Brothers. She is learning.

      As for Suzy in this…we’ve learned nothing, if not that how a drama is described rarely has much to do with how the drama actually ends up BEING..so to say upfront that an actor is wrong for a part, I have to withhold judgement in all cases. Because there’s no way for us to know.

      As for chemistry…just think about the main pair in Me Too, Flower – or even in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. We did a lot of laughing about the age disparity in both, and both pulled it off extremely well. And I mean – really, even thinking about Coffee Prince; she LOOKED so much younger than him, but they worked. They worked insanely well.

      I guess what I’m saying is this could be fine. He is a very talented actor; she is bound to be affected positively by exposure to better actors as she learns her trade. She certainly seems dedicated to the craft and interested in improving her skills. I look forward to watching her grow.

  48. 48 bd

    Suzy is a cute girl and has a certain charm – so I think she will be fine in a role as an 18 yr old girl.

  49. 49 crazedlu

    OMGOSSHH! was going to SCREAM! if suzy is second lead, i’m okay. if she were lead, i would throw a fit.

  50. 50 asianromance

    I don’t really get why some people don’t think Suzy can handle this role. I’m a fan of the Hong sisters’ dramas and in every one of their dramas, the second female lead is pretty blah and at best, barely likable. They’re pretty much only there to thwart the main couple. In recent dramas, they’ve included some comedic aspects to the second female lead character to make them more palatable, but otherwise, they’re pretty much cardboard characters. Better actresses around Suzy’s age will go for leads or meatier roles. Hong sisters’ dramas tend to only hype up the the main actress and the two male leads. At this point in Suzy’s career, I think this role suits her status. I hate it when a a superb actress get shafted with a second lead role that isn’t well thought out (looking at you, Miss Ripley- you wasted Kang Hye Jung’s time and talent!)

    I’m curious to see who the second male lead will be. They do write some swoonworthy second male leads.

    • 50.1 Ani

      Pretty much what I was thinking. Side characters don’t really do much in a Hong Sisters’ drama so it’s ok if it’s not an experienced actress/actor.

      P.S. Glad to see someone else still pissed about what a waste poor Kang Hye Jung was in Miss Ripley.

      • 50.1.1 Ani

        Oh, and although a good actor would make up for the weakness of side characters due to how they’re written, it’s still sad to see a good actor/actress getting saddled with such a role. So, inexperienced actors/actresses is still alright to me as long as the leads are always front and center (unlike annoying second leads that take up too much screen time, I’m talking to you annoying ex-girlfriend in Wild Romance). Hahahaha.

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