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Kwon Sang-woo and Su Ae back to dramaland?
by | April 30, 2012 | 39 Comments

There’s a new drama pairing afoot: Kwon Sang-woo (Pain, Daemul) and Su Ae (Thousand Day Promise) are in talks to possibly star in the new manhwa-to-drama adaptation from Daemul writer Park In-kwon. This series is called Yawang or Queen of Ambition, which is a best approximation in translating the title, a play on “queen” and “ambition.”

It’s about a woman who’s so dirt-poor that she doesn’t even have the means to properly bury her mother, but she pulls herself out of poverty and starts to dream big, deciding one day that she’s going to become the First Lady. The character is described as chock-full of ambition, a woman who will use any means to get what she wants. She sounds as scary as she is impressive. The story isn’t surprising, coming from the creator of Daemul, about the first female president of Korea.

The hero is a nice guy, an innocent man who loves the heroine and will do anything for her. Anything like become the president? Or anything like get his nice guy bum trampled on, while she marries the guy who’s going to be the president? There are two VERY different ways this could go for you, Mr. Nice Guy.

The drama is being produced by Verdi Media, and the screenplay will be adapted by writer Choi Ran (of Iljimae, the Lee Jun-ki version). Yawang hopes to broadcast later this year, and meanwhile Su Ae will be shooting her film with Jang Hyuk, and Kwon Sang-woo his film with Jackie Chan. Busy busy.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aidan


  2. Kiara

    Su Ae <3.

  3. gg

    oh yes, more of Su Ae please!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ljjdramas

    i love su ae! it’d be nice to see her in a comedy, but with the writer of Daemul, maybe not. Kwon Sang Woo is doing another drama by the Daemul writer? D

  5. Korazy Lady

    Now this I’m really excited about watching! Hopefully the pairing won’t change – sometimes these dramas morph into something completely different before they are released.

    First Gong Yoo, now these two – no chance of beating this addiction any time soon!

  6. Fab

    No way! Well these two can definitely pull off a melodrama big(ha) time! Already excited.

  7. jiajia

    anything soo ae is a win!

  8. Danna

    Kwon Sang Woo will be back too? See..this is the year everyone makes a comeback to dramaland! While we’re at it, can the dramagods line up something for Go Soo too?? I think it’s time he made a comeback too

  9. Farhana

    Not to be a killjoy but doesn’t the premise remind anyone of a slightly more cheery version of Lee Da Hae’s Miss Ripley character?

    • 9.1 Korazy Lady

      I think at least 50% of the female leads in dramas are some variation of the dirt-poor, hardworking and ambitious girl/woman!

      • 9.1.1 nova611

        sounds a lot like ‘something about eve’…and they only change a little here and there

    • 9.2 CATFUL

      true also like park seo yeon in nice guy and also king of baking the girl left the lead for money when he loved her so much, i think it s good relife that korean drama had changed heroine from stupid incent to reality ambitioce and mean

  10. 10 malta

    umm, yes. I highly approve! 🙂 Daemul was a very good political drama.

  11. 11 aX

    OMG! I definitely DEFINITELY approve of this pairing! Finally, someone in Kdrama entertainment world is using their brains in pairings. Now, we just need to hope for the best with the storyline… Daemul was okay.

    I’m still awaiting Kwon Sang Woo & Son Ye Jin!

  12. 12 Nokcha

    Like Su Ae, cannot like KSW at all. Something about him gives me the creeps, big time! He’s kind of oily….

  13. 13 rearwindow

    Love Su Ae! Very excited about this.

  14. 14 Quiet Thought

    Has Su Ae ever played really evil before?

  15. 15 Yannie

    OMG this is gonna be a good pairing!! Love them both.

  16. 16 pabo ceo reom

    Su Ae would eat him alive! 😀

  17. 17 ilikemangos

    Kwon Sang-woo, oh how i’ve missed seeing your pretty face.

  18. 18 karisma

    finally, we have a decent pairing…..

    • 18.1 aX

      Agreed! =)

  19. 19 MJP

    I watched Kwan Sang Woo’s movie Pain and had KSW withdrawals. I am not so sure he will do the show though. He seems to be more interested in the international moviestar market at the moment.

  20. 20 kopytko

    Kwon Sang Woo was the first Korean actor whose face I was able to distinguish among all other alike looking actors (although it took me some time to achieve even that) and whose name I memorized. I don’t think he’s really really great, but he’s not a bad actor either, he can give his characters intensity and credibility.
    As for Su Ae – she IS really really great 🙂
    This will be a good drama if the writer doesn’t go for one-dimensional and typical characters like over-ambitious b*tch without any conscience and feelings or a doormat guy who only loves his heroine and has no other traits than that, which by the way is qiute tempting if you want emotional reactions from the viewers (you know, to get the entire ajummahood of the land to swoon over the poor guy and hate the bad woman).

  21. 21 vbs

    Su Ae 🙂 one of my fav 4 female actors and in one of my fav dramas of all time,i like everything i seen her in ,some might not be the best but she is ..Kwon Sang Woo..he is ok for me,he dont piss me of like some other do lol

  22. 22 fanaticxxx

    My love, Soo Ae!!! Finally, a drama! And with Kwon Sang Woo as her loverboy. And here I am, beginning to worry that we may not get to see her on the small screen this year. Come on Soo Ae, show em’ some A-Class acting!=)

  23. 23 topper

    I’m surprised since it hasn’t been long since her last drama, in fact it is so recent. But if it’s Soo Ae it’s worth a first watch.

  24. 24 Aya

    promising if they manage those 2 A-listers at the head and don’t mess up the manhwa-to-drama adaptation

  25. 25 Anne-So

    I don’t want a Daemul 2 lol.
    One Daemul is enough (I liked it but… Not a second time please).
    Good to see some stars back… I will probably try this!

  26. 26 Biz

    The story is very similar to a telenovela from Chile “Primera dama” or First Lady.

  27. 27 Fräulein

    What is it with kwon sang woo n presidential dramas?

  28. 28 msyawn

    yes KSW!

  29. 29 rjyuggy

    Su Ae? wow! now I am excited to see another superb acting from her like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlPUE5fFK6U

  30. 30 janerdelle

    Su ae, excited to see her again on her next tv project…:)

  31. 31 MsB

    This is a maybe. I guess I will have to wait to hear more.

  32. 32 Cam

    Hmm ~ That’s a good one. Ah, I’ve never seen this actress Su Ae act as villian in any dramas before…..oh well, I expect that she will definitely act as a villian someday! (I hope so, of course!) 🙂

  33. 33 Sun

    Su Ae No.1 Actress in korea

  34. 34 mohsen

    soo ae is the best actress in korea and i am so happy she plays new movie and drama.i love her so much……i see all of her movie and drama.she always play in different and variety drama and i like such actress.my name is mohsen from iran send best kiss for soo ae …….i am your friend all time

  35. 35 Melb Australia

    Its great to see Kwon Sang Woo back on television. Great actor and I am looking forward to the new drama.

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