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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 5
by | April 4, 2012 | 170 Comments

The episode in which princey takes a bubble bath. I’m pretty sure other stuff happens. Does other stuff happen?


The training term for the WOC has come to a close, and the officers celebrate with a big banquet on the base. It’s a little like yearbook signing at the end of a school year, as the team starts to exchange addresses and gifts between North and South.

Dong-ha approaches Kang-seok with a gift (Is he getting his attention with a butt-pat?) and unravels a big poster of… the SNSD girls. Ha. Pressing your luck there, aren’t ya? Remember the pop-idol-induced near international crisis not too long ago?

Kang-seok starts to protest, but Dong-ha says it’s the only piece of paper he could find to write down his address (Awwww) and so Mr. Grumpypants gets to save face and still keep his poster.

Shi-kyung gives Young-bae his shaving kit, and Young-bae nearly bursts into tears right there. Aw, I love sweet country bumpkin Young-bae. He in turn gives Shi-kyung a basket of fruit that you can’t get south of the border.

Then he really does start to cry, and Shi-kyung reminds him that they’ll see each other for the actual competition in no time. He decides they have to take a picture, and grabs Dong-ha and Kang-seok as well.

And then he silently offers his hat to Shi-kyung, wanting to trade hats for the picture. Why so cute? The four boys minus Hang-ah and Jae-ha take a group photo.

Hang-ah finally arrives and scans the room. I love her devilish smile when she thinks she’s found Jae-ha. She slaps him on the back, only it’s Shi-kyung who turns around and sends her whirling in mortification.

He tells her that the prince has already left, but hands her a present that Jae-ha left for her. She goes from disappointed to swoony in an instant at the sight of one of Jae-ha’s lotions, and opens it up to use on the spot.

But when she tries, she finds it totally empty. Hahahahaha. Evil prankster till the end. She snaps and curses his name at the top of her lungs, right in the middle of the banquet.

Cut to Jae-ha living it up in the streets of Seoul, feeling that all is right with the world now that he’s behind the wheel of his convertible. It turns out he’s not totally free though, since he’s simply driving alongside his brother’s car behind a secret service escort. Heh.

He sees a billboard for a female bodybuilder and jokes that Kim Hang-ah is here, but then his smile fades with the reminder. Oh, YOU MISS HER.

Back at the base, Hang-ah slowly packs up her things, and stares for a while at Jae-ha’s chair like he’s still there. She sits in it with her feet up the way he always used to, and laugh-sighs that this is how it’s supposed to be. It kind of kills me how long she lingers there in that empty room.

At the palace, the pair of royal brothers stand there silently like misbehaving children, waiting for Mom to scold them. Jae-ha mumbles at hyung, wondering what version of the story he told Mom for her to give him the cold shoulder, and Mom snaps, wondering what on earth Jae-ha did up there that made sweet Jae-kang yell at her. This family is so cute.

Jae-ha sees an opportunity and pulls out all the stops—aegyo at Mom, chastising Jae-kang by talking down to him (which only gets him in more trouble, natch), and milking his leg injury for sympathy points.

The injured puppy routine is just enough to do the trick—as soon as Mom starts talking to him, he ditches the crutch. Ha. Jae-kang responds with a stealthy slap upside his head, behind Mom’s back. I love how childish they are.

She tells them that Jae-shin will be here next week, and Jae-ha turns to hyung, wondering if they should go old-school and play a round of koong-koong-ta over a national treasure. Suddenly Jae-kang gets all serious, “Do you not remember?! National Treasure number 367! You said that was yours and then it broke and Dad had to…” Hee.

Jae-ha sighs, “I was KIDDING.” He calls him frustrating, and then turns to him, requesting a favor: “There’s someone I want to bring into the palace. Someone a lot like you—idealistic, and frustrating.”

Cut to: Shi-kyung reporting for duty as a royal guard. Nice. Jae-ha comes in to greet him personally, and the totally earnest Shi-kyung just thanks him for the promotion, not understanding just how hellish his life is about to be.

Case in point—first order of business is to have him personally guard the prince’s inner chamber. Apparently, Jae-ha’s idea of “guard” is to give him a leg massage while he sips wine? Jae-ha: “No, higher.”

Pwahahahahahaha. I just spit out my coffee. Is this going to a kinky place? Because rawr!

But no, he stops it before bromance turns to romance, and tells Shi-kyung that this is all training. He finally lets out everything he’s been holding against him—holding a gun to his head when they met, his sickeningly earnest speeches, and leaving him to run the 60km course alone.

That last one finally sinks in with Shi-kyung and he can’t help but smile to himself, barely suppressing a laugh. And then Jae-ha adds the kicker, “Do you like Kim Hang-ah that much?” Shi-kyung stares, confused, and Jae-ha mocks, “Did you have to play in the snow like that? In front of me? Laughing ho-ho, ha-ha?”

Even Shi-kyung can see right through him, and smiles. Jae-ha says he’s going to raise him (Like a puppy?) so he can know in an instant what the prince wants at all times. Right, because mind-reading butler seems like a great use for a trained military professional.

Hang-ah’s father tells her that she’s still in the running for The Bachelor: South Korean Prince, and she doesn’t put up a fuss this time. In her room, she takes out the empty container of lotion from Jae-ha like it’s a treasure, which makes me really sad for her. But I do love that totally vulnerable, sixteen-year-old side of her too.

Meanwhile Jae-kang goes over the bachelorette list again, and this time he crosses Hang-ah’s name off with a sigh. He interrupts Princey’s bubble bath (I’ll pause a moment to let that sink in) and tells him that Mission: Marry Red is still on.

Jae-ha stands up (WHOA) and puts up a fight that he can’t, he won’t, never never never. Jae-kang insists that his feelings are most important, so Jae-ha obliges, “My feelings? I hate hyung!” Really, all he needs is a rubber ducky to go with the tantrum and the bubble bath for a complete set.

Jae-kang: “Even if they’re pretty?” Hahaha, you can literally see the blink-blink-pause as Jae-ha considers changing his mind, but then counters that he says that, but he’ll go on the blind date and Kim Hang-ah will be there.

Jae-kang’s surprised at the mention of her, and says she’s off the list. Jae-ha sits back, “R-really?” Aw, he’s disappointed. Jae-kang gapes, wondering if he feels differently about it now, but Jae-ha guffaws that that would be CRAZY, and covers up by agreeing to go on the blind dates.

He insists he’s going to just show up, take a look, and cut loose if he doesn’t like what he sees, and Jae-kang has to insist he at least exchange words with them, for etiquette’s sake. Jae-ha agrees, since he’s the Prince of Manners, and blusters that Hang-ah has been ousted, blowing bubbles away like he’s shooing her out of his life.

Secretary Eun lets Hang-ah’s father know that she was kicked off Bachelorette Island, and he has to come home to deliver the blow while she’s got her face covered in cucumbers to look prettier. Oof.

There’s a really great sequence where we just watch her play a mindless game of minesweeper, as the disappointing conversation happens in voiceover. As Dad delivers the final blow, she clicks a square and bombs explode all over the screen.

She angrily digs the lotion out and throws it in the trash, and wills herself not to cry, which of course makes her cry. She wipes away her tears, mad at herself for shedding tears over that fool.

Jae-ha goes on the blind dates as promised, but tellingly spends the whole time talking about Hang-ah.

Meanwhile she’s reassigned to the South Korean news desk watch, which doesn’t seem like a bad gig—she just sits watching Big Bang and High Kick, though she does have to endure tabloid stories about Jae-ha going on dates with other women.

Just then, news breaks that the prince will be marrying a special forces soldier from North Korea—and pictures of Hang-ah flash across the screen. Oh. Crap. It’s not the king’s doing, because he’s as floored as everyone else.

It doesn’t even seem to be the villain’s handiwork either, because Bong-gu laughs to hear that Jae-ha will marry an agent once trained to kill him. He sends a flashy diamond ring to the palace with his congratulations.

The news turns everything upside down, and the palace floods with reporters, and protesters gather in demonstrations and violent outbursts against reunification. Jae-ha flips out, of course, and Hang-ah runs to her father, where she’s told to lay low, because this is South Korea’s problem and they’re not going to get their hands dirty.

Jae-kang is advised to hold his ground and not make any excuses, but that’s exactly what he’s prepared to do. Jae-ha bursts in to argue that he can’t—the noise will die down like any other scandal.

But Jae-kang says this is bigger than that—it’s a North/South problem, ie. a political one, not a marriage scandal. (It’s being protested as a marriage between countries, military powers, etc., which is technically what Jae-kang was angling for to begin with, hence his crisis of conscience now that it’s all been leaked without the fancy packaging.)

But Jae-ha worries if hyung shows his hand and tells the world the truth, that they’ll turn on him. What will he do then? Jae-kang resolves to just resign then, because if that’s what the people want, it’s what he’ll have to do. Aw, say it ain’t so, King.

Jae-ha bursts into his room, furious that his brother is willing to stand down so easily, and asks Shi-kyung what he thinks. But of course Shi-kyung is as idealistic and earnest as Jae-kang, so he sides with hyung. That just raises Jae-ha’s hackles more, and then he finally gets an idea. “When is that announcement going to be made?”

The king prepares for his royal press announcement. But just when you think Jae-ha is going to steal his thunder by walking in on hyung’s speech, he one-ups him by interrupting a national soccer match. Haha, always gotta be one better.

He takes to the podium as the breaking news hits all stations live. Jae-kang, Mom, even Hang-ah all watch, glued to the screen.

Jae-ha: Yes, it’s true that Kim Hang-ah is a special forces agent. When we first met, she even threatened to kill me. But… it seems that the one thing that is unknowable in this world is a person’s heart. I loved Kim Hang-ah.

That’s why I asked the king for permission to marry her, and the king accepted my request. I only thought of my own heart, but not the people’s. I’m sorry. But the king is not to blame—only my heart, that loved a woman trained to kill me. So if you’re going to curse someone, curse and spit on me, and throw stones at my heart, that loved an enemy.

The thing is, the speech and his attendant show of emotion is ridiculously fake and over-the-top, because you can see how he’s putting on an act to gain favor, and yet we know that he’s technically saying things that aren’t so ridiculous (just that he would never admit to himself).

He’s saving hyung’s ass which is admirable, but laying it on thick which is funny, and then capturing Hang-ah’s heart which is equally sweet and mean. I’m just worried because he’s doing this as a political move, while she might see it as a romantic gesture.

The international press is full of stories of the prince’s Romeo and Juliet love story across the 38th parallel, which you have to admit, is a pretty damn shrewd move, from the so-called hapless prince. Bong-gu is furious at the turn of good press, and decides to re-route his plane of evil to Korea.

Jae-kang calls him out for lying to the people, but Jae-ha doesn’t see a problem with that—the throne was at stake. And by throne, he means the chance that he’d have to sit in it, if hyung got ousted. Obviously doublespeak for protecting hyung but insisting it was for himself. “I totally didn’t do this for you!” Uh-huh.

Jae-kang asks when they should schedule the sangyeonrae (a meeting between two families to seal the marriage deal), and Jae-ha’s jaw drops. You mean I still have to marry her? Um… you’re the doofus who declared your undying enemy love in a soccer stadium. What’d you think would happen?

Jae-kang swears that all he has to do is date her, and if it goes well, they can marry, and if not, then fine. Besides, he’s pretty sure that she put up a huge fight when her father first presented the idea. But Jae-ha counters, “She. Likes. Me.”

He says her eyes get all sparkly when she looks at him (and you’re not the one seeing sparkles where there aren’t any?) and says he’s handsome, stylish, intelligent—”Who WOULDN’T like me?” Jae-kang rolls his eyes.

He can’t resist the add-on: “I’m also cute.” Jae-kang: “You know, a man at your age calling himself cute is an affront.” Jae-kang: “NO! I AM cute!” Pffft.

He figures what with her feelings and his public declaration, she’s already got her bags packed. Turns out he’s wrong though (always satisfying), because she’s standing before a council and refusing to go.

She says that she’s been fooled by Jae-ha more than once, and she can tell just by the look in his eyes that he was lying. Nice. Her father agrees with her, vehemently arguing that she can’t be forced into a political marriage. Only when he goes that far, she seems disappointed.

They hear the response in the South, and Jae-ha scoffs that she’s just playing hard to get, and asks for the phone. “When she hears my voice, she’ll come running.” Oh, suddenly now you want her there, huh?

Only Secretary Eun awkwardly has to tell him that she has refused all contact and said no to the proposal. Jae-ha: “She… doesn’t… like me? WHY?” I love that Jae-kang is totally enjoying his brother’s little downfall, because he says with great pleasure that he’s now declared his love publicly, and will be rejected just as publicly. Jae-ha crumples in shame.

Hang-ah returns to her station and replays Jae-ha’s speech, playing the moment he said that he loved her, over and over. Dad comes to see her and discovers her mid-replay.

He takes her out to dinner and tries to make her feel better by saying that men are always saying things they don’t mean, but then she takes that and runs with it, deciding that she’ll have to give princey a piece of her mind in person, because simply rejecting him isn’t enough of a put-down. Uh-huh.

Dad adorably just sighs, like it’s a lost cause. Aw, I love that everyone’s family is so sweet on this show. Yay for good parents and brothers in dramaland.

Secretary Eun asks his son Shi-kyung to try and call Hang-ah on the prince’s behalf, since he knows her personally. So he does, and she’s already made up her mind of course, so she says she’ll come for the sangyeonrae.

Shi-kyung delivers the news to Jae-ha, who hilariously fixates on one detail: “YOU called, and she said yes?” Ha. He asks what Shi-kyung said to her, and he relays the totally innocuous greeting, “It’s been a long time.”

Jae-ha scoffs that he declared his undying love in front of the world and she didn’t move a muscle, but Shi-kyung said “It’s been a long time” and she agreed? “If you had said you missed her, she might’ve already left the country!” I love how pissy he is over this minor detail.

He picks up the phone and barks into it that Shi-kyung can’t make it to the sangyeonrae, for personal reasons, as he eyes him suspiciously. Hee.

Hang-ah’s father escorts her to the 38th parallel (wearing a mod hanbok dress that I love), as we hear their father-daughter plan in voiceover, that she’s showing up just to turn them down. The queen is waiting to greet her on the other side, along with the press.

It’s a pretty cool image, just watching her walk toward the line, and then cross it, with one very symbolic step.

The queen greets her with a handshake and they walk together. Jae-kang and Mom watch on television, but Mom is displeased with the whole setup, and takes issue with the fact that Hang-ah doesn’t seem to smile ever.

Jae-ha watches from his plane, on his way to meet her. I love that he stuck to his petty word, and Dong-ha has replaced Shi-kyung for the trip. Jae-ha asks if he’s ever been rejected before—say she kept saying she liked you, and then you finally opened your heart and professed your love, only BAM, she rejects you.

Dong-ha asks if Hang-ah did that to him, but he says no—”That’s what I’m going to do to her.” And then he hatches a plan. Your plans never go well!

Hang-ah arrives at a secluded villa, where the four-day meeting will take place, away from prying eyes. Wait, are you trapping them in a house together? Awww yeah.

She’s given a ten-person stylist team, and meets Jae-ha for tea looking adorable. She braces herself before going in, repeating her mantra that she’s here to squash him like a bug, and refuses to even look him in the eye.

While that’s going on, Dong-ha finds Kang-seok outside on the grounds, and they have a happy reunion as guards, though now on opposing teams. Kang-seok asks why Jae-ha is acting so serious, and Dong-ha says gravely, “Because it’s love.” Pffft.

Jae-ha attempts to be cute via heart-shaped doughnut, but gets rejected flatly (he looks so ridiculous holding it out to her with no reaction), and she starts to take him to task for using love as some line, referring to his big public speech.

He starts to play it up that it was no lie, and that “love” isn’t something he can even bring himself to say when he’s alone with someone. He pauses for dramatic effect. But then she cuts in, “Is that why you shot me?”

Oooh, damn. I love how she turns it around on him. “Because you loved me too much?”

He seems to be earnest for just one moment, as he sighs, wondering how she could know all his complicated emotions in that instant. Yeaaah, I’m sure you were really conflicted and all, but imma argue that girl with virtual bullet in heart trumps complicated trigger-finger emotions any day of the week.

He lets it go at that, and tells her they should eat dinner together, for appearance’s sake. And then he strategically leaves his cell phone on the table.

She doesn’t take the bait at first, just handing it to Kang-seok to return to him, but Kang-seok is all aflutter with the gossip he heard from Dong-ha, and then confirms it when he finds Jae-ha’s cell phone plastered with pictures of her. Don’t fall for it!

But she totally falls for it, and Jae-ha walks back in to snatch it from their hands to make it seem like he’s been exposed. He frets that it was all too obvious, wondering who would fall for that, and then sends her a text for good measure, apologizing for the cell phone picture and saying that this is how she’s always appeared in his thoughts.

Sneaky dastardly trick works, and she is so adorable, posing like the picture despite herself. But one call from Dad reminds her of the line she is not to cross.

Jae-ha prepares for dinner, with giant wall-sized photos, an orchestra, balloons—it basically looks like a valentine’s store threw up on him. He’s frenzied trying to make everything perfect, which is funny, ’cause you sure are invested in every last detail of a plan to propose and then say, Psyche!

Hang-ah is announced, and he stands at the end of long row of people, bouquet in hand. He decides at the last minute getting on one knee is better, and he hides his face. Confetti poppers go flying, music plays, and then he looks up…

…to see an angry Kang-seok looking down at him, covered in party favors. He’s here to deliver a message from Hang-ah:

“I have no feelings whatsoever for comrade Lee Jae-ha. I will not go through with the engagement. I would like the spend the rest of this trip alone.” It’s awesomely extra-ego-deflating to hear the words delivered by Kang-seok.

He turns to go, as everyone gapes awkwardly, and Jae-ha stands there frozen in shock, until he finally buries his head in shame. Score one for Comrade Kim Hang-ah.


Their game of cat and mouse crossed with Battleship just tickles me to no end. It’s so clever to turn what’s really just a simple hot-and-cold push-and-pull between a man and woman into a massive international debacle, with such crazy skewed stakes. What they’re really doing is just playing it cool and wanting to know how the other feels, only it’s through generals and kings and international press circuits instead of locker notes and three-way calls. I love the political conceit because it’s so distant from the I-totally-don’t-like-you-but-do-you-like-me game, that when they’re conflated it’s hysterical.

I also just love a drama with subtext, where characters don’t say exactly what they mean like drama robots. Real people don’t say what they really mean—we hide, we turn phrases, we bluster. It’s in deciphering the tiny moments where truth sneaks in among all the lies that’s interesting, and when we’re given those insights like a character’s vulnerable moment alone, it feels that much more important and revealing.

I’m pretty sure pride will continue to be their downfall, but I also love that it’s kind of morphed now into their beard. As long as they can rationalize everything as a way to seduce and destroy, they pretty much play the dating game while hiding behind their beards. Yunno, metaphor-beards, not the hairy ones. I’m just happy that they’ve both got game, because just when you think Jae-ha has the upper hand, Hang-ah turns the tables, every time. That’s the thing about egos—the more hot air they’re filled with, the easier they are to deflate.

Here, one for the road. Don’t say I never gave ya nuthin’.


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  1. Joo

    Thanks for the recap, GF!!

  2. Ivoire

    Right on time! Thank you for the recap. I am off to read now!

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I loved the conversation the prince had with the king, when they were playing pool, and how the prince was convinced of his great attributes. “Modesty” and “Humility” are definitely not his middle names :-). He was funny and cute when he did that, same when he found out Hang Ah didn’t want to see him, he couldn’t believe it, funny!!! I love how dramatic he was when he said: “she…loves…me” His delivery so dramatic, and that makes it funny. The prince still doesn’t realize (or accept) that people’s opinion of him has changed over the years.
      Lee Seung-gi is also definitely embodying who the prince is.
      I also like the meeting with the North Korean woman who spoke French (her French was excellent, his was OK at times and at other times, I had to really pay attention to what he was saying to make out what he was saying, but he managed). Loved that he kept talking about Hang Ah during their date.
      His English was not bad either (when he was talking to the reporter who was so rude. His English was actually pretty good). I liked how he put her in her place. She didn’t approach him properly.

      I continue to love Shi Kyung and his brother, the king who is such a cool cucumber. I just love reading the expressions on his face (he had this slightly sarcastic smile on his face at the beginning of his conversation with the prince, in the pool room). I love that he (the king) knows how to handle his brother and he knows how to read him. Awww, I LOVE their bromance.

      Is the king really going to die at some point? (it’s OK, you can spoil me). The king does look like he could be his dad, though… I will miss him if he is not there for the whole series.
      There might also be some bromance with Shi Kyung developing. And I LOVE how Shi Kyung gets along with the officers from the North.
      Another scene that was funny, his aide (can’t remember his name) who got comfortable in the plane when Jae Ha told him to sit down (leaning back on the very comfortable seat), only to abruptly sit up when the prince talked to him.
      OK, I will stop raving now.

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        Sorry, the prince said: “She likes me,” not “she loves me” in the pool room.

      • 2.1.2 slfowie

        haha that was exactly what i wanted to write but was to lazy to do so.. but i loved the interaction.. specially the kin g trying not to laugh when Princey found out that hang Ah did not want to talk to her…

        • Ivoire

          Right :-)…

      • 2.1.3 shl

        Hi Ivoire,


        I read on some website (was it Han Cinema? Can’t remember now) that the Prince will ‘start his walk down the road of revenge’ when the King is killed by a bomb during the engagement party. I don’t know if this is true, but it’s what was on the website.


        I guess the king does have to die at some point, though, because Jae-ha is the King referred to in the title, right?

        • Ivoire

          Hi shl,

          Thank you for the info. It actually makes sense that the king would be out of the picture after a while because as you pointed out, Jae-ha is probably the king that is referred to in the title. That makes me wonder about the “2hearts” part: does that mean Jae-ha and Hang-ah’s hearts, maybe? (that their hearts for each other will change over the course of the drama?) Hum… speculations… Maybe I should go back and reread the articles written on this blog about the various name changes this drama has gone through, I might find some answers.

          • ryuu99

            maybe…it was supposed to only be “The King” but i read somewhere that the producers want to include Ha Ji Won in the title (since King = Seung gi duh), so they added “2 Hearts”.

            i really liked “The King” and back then they even used the korean words for “the king” rather than saying “Da Kingeu” in their Korean accent.

            but hey, if they were going to account for Ji Won in the title, might as well used “Kings and Assassins” or “The King and I” or something like that. “2 Hearts” or “2Hearts” just doesn’t make any sense.

      • 2.1.4 Elina

        I think she was a native French-speaker.
        His French was real good. A few words were difficult to understand, but I could grasp what he said. A++ for her, B- for him (because he also had to speak English 😉

        • Ivoire

          Hi Elina,

          Yes, she is definitely a native French speaker and she spoke French with a French accent (I am saying that because there are different accents for different people who speak French depending on where they are originally from or based on a particular accent they’ve picked up). So you could have, the French Canadian accent, or different African French accents because people from various African (and other) countries have French as their official language.

          I am a native French speaker as well and I had a hard time understanding him (and I was paying attention). I have taught and tutored French in High School and in College, and I could tell that he was doing his best, but in my eyes, it wasn’t really good and it wasn’t always clear. Some things were easier to understand than others. He definitely gets points for making an effort, in my book.
          What he did that I found funny and liked was how he would start speaking in French and then switch to Korean, because it was easier but maybe also because what he was trying to say would be said better in Korean (as far as meaning, etc…). I thought it was actually cute! I can relate to that because I do the same thing with French and English when I am with people who understand both well and it’s Ok to do that. I start in one language and I switch to the other if I feel that what I want to say would be better expressed in the other language.
          Certain expressions sometimes just encompass all that one wants to say. If I were to say it in a different language (that I speak), I would have to use more words/sentences. I am sure I am not the only one who does it and that people do it with various languages. it just feels like you are weaving in and out of both languages.

      • 2.1.5 Saima

        okay, it’s a given that his brother will pass away…when that happens i’ll be armed with tissues! Love his brother and his rel’p! I get why they went with the actor playing his brother. LSG was the last actor to be casted…his role was previously offered to CSW, Won Bin, etc. LSG’s like a decade younger than all of them….totally loving LSG!! Kinda takes my breath away…..

        • Ivoire

          Hi Saima,

          I am assuming that “rel’p” means “relationship”? And thank you for explaining the reason why Lee Seung-gi looks so much younger compared to his hyung. I had forgotten about that factor, but it totally makes sense. I checked the king’s age on Drama Wiki and he is like 3 or 4 years older than CSW, 13 years older than Won Bin and 19 years older than Lee Seung-gi. My earlier comment also makes sense considering the big age gap between the king and his brother. I too love the bromance and the playfulness the king and his brother have. I really like the king and I hope that they will show how much Lee Seung-gi’s character misses his brother (hopefully a few times throughout the show).

    • 2.2 sailat

      Kiss Alert!!! Spoiler – Ep 6


  3. Ace

    Oh yeah! I couldn’t wait for the subs so I just watched it raw. Love Sueng-gi and Ha Jiwon. Great drama…hope the story continues to be interesting until the end.

    Thanks gf for the recap! Off to read now…

    • 3.1 Ace


    • 3.2 Ace

      Lots of stuff to love in this episode…LOL’d at Jae-ha’s “She… doesn’t… like me? WHY?”

      So who did announce the engagement if not the crazy/wacky/not-really-funny/psycho villain?

      Also, glad that the Princess would appear on the next episode. About time that Lee Yoon-ji shows up!

      Wish Seung-gi sings a song for the OST. 😉

      • 3.2.1 Ivoire

        Yeah, I was curious about that. Could it be that the announcement was leaked by one of the guards? They showed one of the guards right after the announcement who looked like he was hiding something. He had shifty eyes. He was outside a room. They never explained how the rumor happened or who the culprit was.

        • jomo

          I thought crazy magician planted the news to screw things up for N and SK relations.

          He took “credit” for by sending the diamond congratulatory ring from Club M. I am guessing the timing of the ring’s arrival preceeded the announcement in the news.

          He got pissed off in the plane when he found that somehow the Prince subjugated his fiendish plot by going with the story, rather than denying.

          • Ivoire

            So do you think he used the security guard then? Because that guard definitely had shifty eyes, and they showed him right after the journalist spoke on the TV. He looked like he had something to do with it, otherwise his presence (which was highlighted) would be too random.

        • ryuu99

          that was Dong-Ha, the other SK soldier alongside Shi-Kyung and Jae-Ha for the WOC.

          • Ivoire

            Oh Ok, Thanks for clarifying that. I will look closely again when I rewatch that scene.

      • 3.2.2 Rovi

        Of course princey will sing a song for the OST, it’s his drama after all, and he’s not a balladeer for nothing… 🙂

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     Topless seunggi bathing? I die.
    If it takes acting for you to do these things then, Long Live Seunggi the actor!
    yes I’m shallow and I love me some Heo-Dang

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      • 10.1.1 hanna


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        Positively X-rated and hilarious!

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    Sinking… sinking… sinking… wait, what was I doing again? Oh yeah.

    I wasn’t sure which item to reach for first when that scene popped up — my inhaler or a fire extinguisher. Dammit, well-placed ornamental mirror piece!! Puppy Seung-gi done grown up good!! RAWR!!! 🙂

    • 12.1 kungfupigeon

      “Dammit, well-placed ornamental mirror piece!!”

      Oh to be that well-placed ornamental mirror piece. Or the bubbles. Or the bath tub. Or the water.

      Also, the proposal scene is like Hang Ah’s friend’s proposal on crack.

      • 12.1.1 topper

        Jae Ha mentioned that if she can be so moved with that previous fake proposal, his is unbeatable. LOL at the outcome.

        • kungfupigeon

          Do you think she’s clairvoyant? (I know it’s fictional)

          • topper

            I think she second guessed his playboy charm tactics.

          • jomo

            I also think she was fortunate her father called her to snap her out of the crush.

            Without that call, she may have let her guard down long enough, trusted him against her reason and walked into the biggest nightmare ever.

            I love the silvery feeling I get when both of them show their attraction to each other in unguarded moments.
            Show is doing a fantastic job with those beats.

            I wonder which of them will crack first, and say, “Really, this is how I really feel.”

    • 12.2 jomo

      I think it’s his shoulders I have come to love and drool upon.

      I mostly kid about the abs, but for me it is the combo:
      Delts, trapeszius, clavicle and upper chest muscles that make me weak in the cruciate ligaments.

      They teased us when wardroke put him in that wetsuit in the pool.
      You could see underneath the muscles he had boasted would burst out from his clothing.

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    Hot but also cute at the same time. Princey has to do it with a bubble bath instead of the requisite shower scene.

    • 13.1 saranghae_12

      Oh, and this ep was daebak!:-) Looking forward to ep6. And can I just say I am impressed with uri puppy’s french and english accents.

      • 13.1.1 j

        LOL i cringed so much at his french!!! at first when he started talking i didn’t realize he was speaking french XD

    • 13.2 jasmine

      A bubble bath is more in keeping with JH’s character. Showers in k-dramas are normally tend to be used for brooding and self-reflections, and Princey does not brood nor self-reflect. Instead, he’s into self-indulgence and throws temper tantrums like a child. What’s more self-indulgent that a bubble bath? Not to mention that temper tantrums are much easier to do while taking a bubble bath.

      I’m actually amazed that the drama managed to find a way to bare some Lee Seung Gi skin (and give us all mini-heart attacks in the process) and still keep him in character.

      This is definitely my fave “fix” for my drama addiction at the moment.

      Thanks for the great recap.

      • 13.2.1 Arhazivory

        I think your analysis of bubble bath vs shower-brooding is spot on.

        Maybe later when things get dramatic, he’ll brood in the shower too. Kekekeke…now I’m hoping.

        • Osi

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          I second this.

          • cherkell

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    • 13.3 crizzyville

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  14. 14 topper

    Her status as a trainer of the special forces did indeed become a conflict point leading to protests by the public, and she still remembered deeply the invisible bullet in her heart. The story is being build upon nicely.

    I wonder who leaked the news, an inside job? Have a feeling that’s a planted plot.

    Love the brotherly interactions, love the OTP’s chemistry and quoting you, they have game. I am still unsure how many percent is affection, how many percent is pride and deliberation. Interestingly there’s no inference of physical attraction, despite all the lovely clothes, suits and costumes they get to wear.

    I got a bad feeling the show is building us up for a bad heartache once we fall in love with their relationships, while they are falling in love with each other.

    • 14.1 topper

      Btw I think there should be a Jae Ha and Shi Kyung bubble bath, together, to up the ante.

      • 14.1.1 Jia Min

        uhm… kinky~

  15. 15 Raine

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  16. 16 ryuu99

    first off, this drama needs to ditch that 60-second recap.

    secondly, i don’t get the criticism about the NK/SK stuff they’re showing. the biggest NK/SK conflict that they had was in episode 4, and the ratings were fine, higher than both ep 3 and ep 5. so i don’t get that “omg they’re showing too much NK/SK stuff” complaint. for people born the past 50+ years, it’s a subject they can’t escape and have been there all their life, so i don’t think it’s that stuff that they don’t want to watch in a drama.

    thirdly, international viewers want more of the couple? the past 4 episodes have been focusing solely on the couple.

    oh and FINALLY there’s some plot that we can look forward to on the next episode!

    i think what turns people off is just the ridiculousness of the premise. like, you know, north and south competing together (in peace and harmony) in some hulabaloo tournament, and then having an SK prince marry an NK officer. it just seems too far-fetched. the setting is realistic, the conflicts are realistic, the political motivations are pretty realistic, yet the characters and interaction and the events taking place are just too far-fetched. i’m not saying it should be Spy Myung-Wol (’cause its premise is far more stupid), but at least keep it more grounded.

    i was really hoping for an IRIS-esque love story where, you know, less comical/superficial and more mature love and so far i don’t think i’ll get that. there’s a TON of bickering and overall too many words not meant to be said, or lies or tricks or wordplay or whatever that’s been going on for the past 5 episodes.

    overall, not a bad episode and it’s even better since we actually have a plot to look forward to, but i think the episodes revolve too much around this “love” or “he said she said” things. i want to see more action like episode 4, or at least more of the side characters. with a setting like this, the “love” will progress as we watch it more and there are more interesting things going on outside this “cutesy is she serious is he sincere” type of stuff. come on, show. ditch that theme already.

    • 16.1 kungfupigeon

      That’s why more international viewers should be the ones who read Lynne Graham and Diana Palmer romances. Because seriously, how many hot 20-to-30-something Arabian Sheikhs, Italian Tycoons, Greek shipping magnates and Spanish noblemen are there? (Honestly, I did a google search and there is like maybe two in each category). And don’t even get me started on cowboys that where their jeans well.

      • 16.1.1 Keya

        lol I totally agree!!! Because all my romance novels prepared me for the absurd romance otps in Korean dramas! Also most of us, actually maybe just me, is not watching korean dramas for serious. I am ok with ridiculous story lines, as long as it is acted out well.
        btw I did the same research and there is such a shortage of hot young rich men! What I would do to be in a Diana Palmer book, or the bubbles in that bathtub

    • 16.2 gka

      …i think it is good as it is, and without my biases, i think the writer of this drama has made a good plot and establishes the characters on it very well… the story may probably a little far fetched, but hey, isn’t it that this drama is fictional? if we want a real life drama, watch a documentary instead.

      …the “cutesy”, “love”, “he said she said” things are necessary to establish the main protagonists characters, and likewise, to give a lighter air on a very edgy plot of having two warring countries entering a crucial decision that could change or make history…

      …what i’m saying is, ditch watching the drama if you’ll just bash it with negative comments just because it did not achieve the things you are yearning for a drama…

      …it is just unfair to say these things when a writer painstakingly wrote every detail of it… you can not just say it like you are speaking on behalf of the entire population who watches this drama… to ditch this ditch that things… it’s just being unfair to the writer…

      …the writer holds the pen, you are holding the tv’s remote control… why not just change channels?

      • 16.2.1 ryuu99

        there’s only 3 things that i said about the drama that i didn’t like. did i say i don’t like the whole drama? who are you to tell me to ditch this drama?

        besides, what is wrong witch voicing my opinion and things that i think turn people off? i’m just stating an opinion. did i ever say i’m speaking on behalf of everyone? clearly you haven’t read all the positive comments in this thread.

        also, this drama is called a “black comedy” but the only situations/dialogues/characters that come close to a black comedy are Prince Jae Ha and Magician Bong-gu. the other characters are typical drama characterisations.

        btw, i’m not the only one irritated by the 60-second recap. in fact, the last ep it’s like an 80-second recap already.

        did i ever say i was turned off? i said some people might be turned off (and that’s not including me). the writers don’t even read our comments here so what’s wrong with voicing an opinion?

        news for you: i’m not ditching this drama.

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    I swear. after all your comments about LSG on 1N2D.

    See…fan service does pay off with patience 🙂

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    Overall, I thought the episode was a little ‘meh’ for me, maybe because the Jae-ha and Hang-ah had so few scenes together. I like the snap, crackle, pop of their playful bickering. There were snippets that I really enjoyed, like Jae-ha tormenting Shi-kyung (the massage was disturbingly hilarious) and the sweet brotherly love & teasing between Jae-ha and Jae-kang.

  20. 20 7arrie7

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    “You think you are eating combat rations?” Loving all the witty dialogues.

  24. 24 WWIV

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  26. 26 tikaa

    could it be shi kyung’s father?
    from his profile –> The princess and the Crown Prince brought changes in his life and he is left with more questions about his way of living when his world starts crumbling down even more when he thought the person who will be sticking to his beliefs all his life started to change as well.

    • 26.1 topper

      Actually that will be great, I want to see a meatier role for Lee Soon Jae. Such a great veteran actor.

  27. 27 hpn88

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    oh and music director, you get A+ for the day for the use of the Black Keys.

    • 27.1 Noelle

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      • 27.1.1 momosan

        Oh yes – Lonely Boy – I LOL’ed. In fact, I ROFL’d

    • 27.2 Elina

      During the date scene, they also used Eine Kleine Frühlingsweise, a German song about a heart taking journey in a blooming spring.

      Midway through the song, suddenly, the frosty night destroys everything green, the bird are silent, and the flowers sad.
      At the end of song, everything is blooming again but we warned that we should look after the beauty in this world, because spring goes by quickly.

      Spoilerish? Does anyone even speak German in South Korea?

      • 27.2.1 topper

        Thank you for the information on the German song, not spoilerish and adds to the appreciation of the drama.
        Love the eclectic choice of soundtrack by the music director.

        And oh my, The Black Keys.

      • 27.2.2 reeen

        Of course there are people who speak German in South Korea! There are quite a few exchange students at my university. They usually study German or classical music.

        You know how they appreciate classical music… In Korea I heard German music twice – once military music when I met an army enthusiast (that was seriously weird) and once Schubert’s songs because the parents of a friend liked them. An old man I met in a park also told me how he travelled to the Loreley and was so disappointed that no one’s even singing there 😀

        I know, this was random, but you asked… 😉

  28. 28 mihinikki

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    Check out the Prada shirt he is wearing closely when he points the finger at Eun Shi-kyung. lol


  30. 30 jomo

    Thanks for the recap – can barely keep my eyes open here on EST.

    LOVED the photographic call outs to JSA the film.

    Both the shots of the the assembly between the pale blue trailers at the 38th parallel, and the group photo where the soldiers exchanged caps were right out of the movie.

  31. 31 Noelle

    I had to stop reading because I couldn’t stop laughing at the photo of Shi Kyung in a very compromising position! BWAHAHAHAHA! Omg!

    … k now I can start reading again.

    • 31.1 Noelle

      Alright. Finished. Thanks GF for the recap!

      I’m glad Shi Kyung won’t be a third wheel because I do like his character and would hate it if he was in a love triangle with Hang Ah. Plus, I’m kind of tired of the whole triangle conflicts, so the show gets extra points.

      I do love how they brought up him shooting her. I didn’t like how he swept the incident under the rug and just acted like nothing happened. He’ll have to come to grips with the fact that he did shoot her and fake bullet or not, it still did damage.

      I can’t wait to watch/read tomorrows recap!

  32. 32 sally_b

    Thanks for the recap! ~♥

    Random Thoughts/Praise:

    * Team WOC bromance with gift giving and tears = adorable

    * King/Prince sibling-mance = too cute

    * Jae-Hae vs Shi-kyung jealousy = TOTAL WIN

    * LSG in bathtub = hmmmm, puppy has muscles ✔

    * re: comment about good parents/siblings in dramaland = so rarely seen, keeps focus on leads (hurrah!)

    * Gorgeous Modern Hanbok = want.

    * Proposal smack-down = girl WINS. (oh yeah)

    …..last comment, and not praise, is…Dunkin Donuts is shameless. I swear if there’s ever a bridal scene for this show, Hang-Ah will be wearing a jelly-donut instead of a tiara….with donutholes for earrings. (sheesh)

    • 32.1 topper

      The donuts are not the only product. All in the show are using Samsung Galaxy Note (when in SK), and they emphasized the phone quite a bit. I am using one myself currently.

    • 32.2 ccinta

      Saw the news that the K-viewers have already complained about the excessive amounts of donuts in yesterday’s episode.

      But I don’t really care actually as I’m craving for donuts right now. Too bad there’s no Dunkin Donuts in my country. Sigh…

  33. 33 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    Young-bae gathering everyone (except for the main characters) for a pic was really touching. Made me really sad that the training together part is now over.

    Jae-ha is still an ass, but Hang-ah is giving it as good as she got. Love the music and the royal guard clothing in this series.

    • 33.1 jomo

      Also love the music!
      Espcially the tinkly love theme.

  34. 34 em

    This episode is very entertaining.Lots of funny and witty remarks. Looking forward to the next episode and I hope the rating goes up although it won’t matter as much because I am thoroughly enjoying this drama.Ha ji won is very beautiful and you can’t tell the age difference.Love Lee Seungi.He is very funny.

  35. 35 k-soup

    that was hilarious! The Prince got dumped! haha

  36. 36 fangirl98

    Is it possible to be in love with a drama? That’s where I am right now. I AM LOVIN’ K2H! It gets better and better each week. At first I didn’t think LSG and HJW would have much chemistry, but these two are absolutely crackling together! I love their game of “relationship battleship”. It can’t get more awesome than that! And – WAY TO GO – show – for having a heroine who’s not a plucky, shrinking violet. 😎

  37. 37 Osi

    Thank you GF.
    I thought jae ha was sincere about his feeling to hang ah. But then, it’s just a trick.
    I thought hang ah fell into his trap. At the end, he fell into his own trap.
    Such a twist.
    Love this drama so much

  38. 38 Jia Min

    I realise something…
    After JaeHa’s “love confession”, he himself does not oppose the idea of marrying HangAh until HangAh…rejects him~

  39. 39 neener

    YEAH!! I was able to read this before going out of town!

    loving the bromance between the brothers! and I can’t wait for Yoon-ji to come!!!!

  40. 40 halaure

    Heh. All the puffed-up adjectives Jae-ha used to compliment himself are words used to describe Lee Seung-gi on a daily basis – so maybe they’re at least based in truth . . . ?

  41. 41 stars4u

    Jae-ha’s fascinations with doughnuts… suddenly I want one now…

  42. 42 ilovemandoo

    Bath scene?

    ‘Nuff said.

  43. 43 ccinta

    So happy that Jae Ha’s plan is backfired; go Hang Ah. Show Jae Ha the girl power you have! Crush Jae Ha’s pride up to the point that he’s really longing & missing you!

    The proposal scene remind me of Hang Ah’s fake proposal scene on episode 2. At that time she was deeply hurt; now Jae Ha feels the same thing.

    Really love the bromance between Jae Kang & Jae Ha; as well as the cute bromance between Jae Ha & Shi Kyung.

  44. 44 Hannah

    Lee Seung Gi + bubble bath? Thank you, Drama Gods.

  45. 45 crzycpl

    I love this drama. Cute, funny, political … it’s got everything and more. Thanks for the excellent recap, GF. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  46. 46 AlanaRay

    Am I the only one who is really really keen on seeing a marriage? A marriage of convenience if it’s better to put it that way. I lalalove seeing two people fall for each other under circumstances. Ah, domestic bliss (sigh)

    This drama has got me back in the wagon. It’s time I start an addiction to a K-drama. Bring it on!

    • 46.1 amtee

      I am with you. The brilliant thing is it’s not that far fetched royal marriages are mostly arranged, or heavily censored. Here we have two somewhat reluctant bedfellows under the ‘circumstances’ develop true love. It’s like taking “happily ever after” to the next level. Love love love!

  47. 47 beachkay

    I’m so obsessed with K2H…

  48. 48 Suzi Q

    I’m glad they finally got Hang ah out of those drab uniforms. She looked really cute in South Korean modern apparel. I hope they continue to doll her up.

  49. 49 amielee

    i love this drama so much!!! it is so different yet so familiar!

    all of you are swooning over LSG’s bubble bath. yes he is cute but i am personally swooning over HJW’s legs (picture above with her feet up).. she is so sexy.. 🙂

  50. 50 shalayka

    I’m totally addicted to this drama.. It’s even appearing on my dreams.
    Well awhile ago I just dreamt the WOC..
    This drama is really awesome
    I’m really looking forward to the next episode.. The preview is just killing me…
    BTW thanks Gilfriday for the recap.. Love yah!

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