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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 7
by | April 12, 2012 | 234 Comments

Part I of our King 2 Hearts marathon is a doozy. Jae-ha gets a rude awakening, and Hang-ah finds out that kissing a prince is NOT like kissing a toad. If only fairytales came with some useful life lessons, like how to turn your prince back into one if he keeps mouthing off.


The two teenagers get caught making out, and then the father figures decide to divide and conquer. Jae-ha paces nervously and then at the sound of the door, he launches into, “Hyung, back there was…”

Only it’s Hang-ah’s father who enters. Oh crap. Pwaha. Did you guys bait and switch on the kiddos? That’s hilarious. I’m mentally filling in the scene where they give each other silent baseball signals: You deal with that one. I got this.

Jae-kang sits down awkwardly with Hang-ah, who didn’t think she could be more mortified until he asks, “Do you like Jae-ha very much?” Oh, the secondhand embarrassment, so large.

But then he follows up with, “Thank you. And I’m really sorry. You must’ve been through a lot because of Jae-ha.” Her jaw drops. He tells her that things’ll get even harder if she gets engaged to him.

He says, much like he knows very little about her (both personally and in the North-South cultural way), people will assume things of her, misunderstand her, burden her with prejudice and expectation.

“How about if I split it with you? Just until you get used to it. Until Jae-ha gets his head on straight. How about if I hide behind you and keep watch?” Aw, why’s this hyung so cool?

He’s basically like, I’ve got your back, and adds adorably that he may appear like he’s not much, but he’s a king: “I’m perfect to use as a shield.” Her eyes well up with tears of gratitude.

Hang-ah: “Is it okay that it’s me?” Jae-kang: “It’s okay because it’s you.”

Jae-ha’s conversation is going a little differently. He sits upright with his hands folded as Hang-ah’s father sighs over and over, finally asking if he likes Hang-ah. Jae-ha fidgets, stammering that they had too much to drink…

Dad: “So when South Korean royals drink, do they always just grab any girl and do that??” Dad asks again if he likes Hang-ah, and when Jae-ha can’t give an answer, Dad just gets up, “Fine! I’ll just report it thusly: South Korean prince gets drunk, succumbs to his animal instincts, and messes around with peace!”

Hahaha. Are you using your country a metaphor for your daughter? Jae-ha gets down on his knees and grabs his leg. He looks up with his best puppy dog eyes, but he knows when he’s defeated. He hangs his head.

A giant banner unravels: Congratulations on the engagement. HA. The city buzzes with the news, stands selling Jae-ha/Hang-ah t-shirts spring up overnight, and political commentators give their two cents on every network.

Hang-ah’s father watches a broadcast of the prince and princess bride’s marriage fortunes, one saying that they’re perfectly matched, followed by a blurred out shaman who says that in her vision, the bride is covered in flames, and the prince ought to help, but he just pours gasoline on her. HAHAHA. It’s like she knows them.

She does say with an ominous tone that it’s a union that cannot be. Dad buries his head in his hands, and then gets called – it’s time for him to go. Jae-ha greets him, and they bow to each other.

But then Dad suddenly gets down to the ground, in a full bow. Taken aback, Jae-ha tries to get him to stand up, and orders the guards to leave the room. Dad calls him “your majesty” and Jae-ha insists it’s not the Joseon era anymore, and keeps awkwardly trying to make him stop bowing.

Dad says, full of father-of-the-bride emotion, that Hang-ah grew up in harsh circumstances, and stepped up to take care of herself AND him when her mom died. “She’s everything to me.” He gets up to bow again, and this time Jae-ha lets him, understanding what it means.

And then Dad walks out of the palace, and Hang-ah looks out from her window to see him go. He does that Korean dad thing of waving her away brusquely, just to hide his bleeding heart. Mrrmph. Gets me every time.

Hang-ah looks down at her phone, at the text that Dad sent her on his way out: “No matter what, follow South Korean ways. From now on, you are a South Korean.” He’s saying it to her to be a good father, but she reads it and whispers an apology, knowing what it took for him to say that. “I’m sorry, Father. I’m sorry.” She cries as she watches him head home without her.

The queen mother watches the tv with distate (where Yoon Yoo-sun, aka Woong-ah’s aunt, along with the rest of the High Kick cast, cameos to give a celebrity congratulations to the royal couple, hee). She then joins the family for the first of what I’m sure will be many an awkward family dinner.

Jae-kang mentions that one of the dishes was made with something that Hang-ah’s family sent from the North, and Mom absentmindedly says they needn’t, since they’re so poor. Eep. Now we know where Jae-ha gets his foot-in-mouth from. It’s genetic.

Jae-shin tries to stop her, but true to form, Jae-ha just fans the flames, “Did you guys get the HUNDRED refrigerators we sent?” Going on and on about how they’re probably too shiny, until Jae-kang kicks him about twenty times.

To their credit, both Hang-ah and Mom try to find common ground, but there’s not a lot to find. At least Hang-ah is used to Jae-ha’s teasing, enough to evil-eye him comfortably at the table. But he notices that Mom sees it, and asks teasingly if she’s afraid of Hang-ah. “If you get to know her, she’s actually a huh-dang.”

Hang-ah tries to compliment Mom on her beauty and her personality, only to muck it up when she accidentally calls her “petty,” because the same word means bright and cheery in the North. The dinner comes to a screeching halt. Jae-ha smoothes it over, and everyone ends up laughing but Mom. Oh dear.

Even the waitstaff bursts into laughter, which does not please the queen mother. Later she calls the head of the staff to her office, and you think she’s complaining about Hang-ah’s mistake, but it turns out that she’s complaining about the laugh.

Mom: “Just because she made a mistake doesn’t mean we should laugh. Think about how lonely she must feel, here all alone. We have to be that much better to her.” Awwwww. Why is this family so awesome? I love it—just when we think we’re heading into the age-old mother-in-law conflict, we take another turn.

Hang-ah begins some basic lessons about being a southerner, and there’s some rather funny fish-out-of-water stuff that hadn’t occurred to me, like she’s confused by the concept of putting your money in a bank rather than stuffing it under a mattress, only to be further confused by the motivation behind it, “Interest? What’s that?”

Mom interrupts the lesson and notes that Hang-ah’s studying like a high school senior, praising her. But as much as intentions are good, these two aren’t exactly peas in a pod, and Mom’s suggestion that maybe not speaking (as a preventative measure to keep from making mistakes in front of others) gets interpreted by Hang-ah as a request to just stay silent at all times.

Mom gets upset that she’s acting defensively, Hang-ah doesn’t even know what’s right and wrong so she asks how she’s supposed to know when to keep silent and when not to… You can see where it’s going, because Hang-ah is confused and being told to just keep her trap shut, while Mom’s thinking she’s being a smartass, and walks out.

Jae-shin goes out drinking with some friends, who start to order another round, only to shrink back when Shi-kyung gives him the stinkeye from the next table. Heh. She sighs and heads out, and then announces that they’re going to race on the count of three.

She takes off at two, and Shi-kyung runs after her, beating her to the top of a hill overlooking the city. She climbs up to the ledge to look at falling stars and makes him sit with her, and tells him to make a wish at a shooting star.

He starts to explain that it has no bearing on wishes, but she’s like, make a friggin’ wish and don’t ruin my moment. They close their eyes and clasp their hands, and Shi-kyung sneaks a little peek at her.

She asks what he wished for: “World peace?” Earnest Bot turns to her in surprise. Jae-shin: “Really? Really? That’s what you wished for?” She dies laughing. But he doesn’t think it’s very funny, and asks what she wished then. She says for her next secret album to do well.

He says sure, since she’s a singer. But he’s a soldier. So what’s so wrong about a soldier wishing for the safety of his country? Aw, I just want to bottle your earnestness and save it for a rainy day. Why so cute?

He adds that she must think people like him are dumb, naïve, laughable. “Yes, soldiers simple-mindedly and innocently guard this country. But that’s why it’s possible for you to drink with your friends and sing at clubs. It’s because of us! So then why… do you laugh at us?”

She feels terrible, and even worse when she sees his eyes brimming with tears, and offers to sing him a song. I love that she has to explain that it’s not in mockery, but because she’s sorry and words seem like they’re not enough. He nods.

She sings him a song about first love, and you can just see him fall in love with her right there on the spot.

Eun Kyu-tae meets with someone who regularly donates to the royal family’s estate, and he compares Korean culture to the Beatles, which makes no sense, but whatever. The point is, the man wants to know where the king is vacationing, and Secretary Eun refuses to answer.

But when he comes back to the palace, he finds a gift from the man on his desk – an original Quarrymen album (pre-Beatles beatles), and over the phone, he accepts the gift and suggests that if he’s looking for a vacation spot, to try Anmyundo.

Wait, did you just sell out the king for a Beatles album? I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you were evil from the beginning, which I always suspected anyway. No good guy would have two-tone hair like that. But aaack—what will Shi-kyung do when he finds out you’re a traitor? His little Earnest Bot heart will break!

Hearing the news, Bong-gu plots the king’s assassination in Anmyundo.

Secretary Eun leads the security sweep of the mountain villa before the king and queen are left alone for their vacation. Shi-kyung leads the guard rotation down below, and he salutes as Dad passes on his way out. Get your spidey sense tingling! Sense something’s wrong! Sense something’s wrong! But no, Dad just leaves with a smile.

Meanwhile the palace staff is ablaze with rumors because someone leaked Hang-ah’s recent missteps over interoffice mail (though thankfully not on the interwebs), and Mom has to call her in to warn her to be more careful.

Mom says that she was a commoner when she married into the royal family, and she basically had to lie down on the ground. “But you’re from the North, so don’t you have to lie lower?” Oof.

I know you mean well, Mom, but your prejudice is ghastly. Hang-ah asks, “Is being a North Korean that much worse than being a commoner?” She says that she knows she’s being mocked in the South, but she’s still representing the North. Mom asks if she really plans to be both, clearly thinking it an impossibility.

Jae-ha interrupts, reading the tension in the air, but Mom dismisses Hang-ah and says it’s no big deal. She warns him not to ask Hang-ah either, “She’s having a really tough time right now, do you understand?” Why is everyone only nice to Hang-ah behind her back?

Jae-ha tries to see her, but the head staffer says she’s in the middle of lessons and will be free in two hours. He smiles, all, You do know my resentment infamously knows no bounds? But she just bows, “Yes, I do.” Ha. Foiled again.

Jae-shin calls Little Oppa to suggest a trip to go surprise Big Oppa while he’s on his vacation, and Jae-ha asks why they would go interrupt them when they’re trying to make a baby. Oh is that what they’re doing up there?

She’s like, I’m not gonna climb into their bed—I just want to have dinner! She tells him to bring Hang-ah, and he complains that he can’t even SEE Hang-ah, let alone take her anywhere, and hangs up on her. Oh, you miss her.

But Jae-shin won’t be derailed, and calls Shi-kyung (pretending to be in trouble which he doesn’t buy, ha) to invite him as well, and tells him she’ll call at seven. Meanwhile Bong-gu’s team of assassins arrives at the base of the mountain and sneak up on foot.

The assassins spy the king and queen out for a walk on the beach, and set their trap in the house, putting something in the fireplace. Drat, I was hoping for a fakeout, but it looks like Eun Kyu-tae is straight-up Dr. Evil.

Jae-shin arrives at the house, right in the middle of their stealth mission… just in time to be taken as a hostage. Oh. Crap.

The king and queen arrive, and discover the bags of groceries left behind. Jae-kang takes one look at the wine and guesses it was little sis, but she’s nowhere to be found. He just laughs, assuming she dropped off the stuff and left.

Shi-kyung waits at the watch station down below, realizing that it’s past seven and Jae-shin still hasn’t called…

Hang-ah finally arrives in her room, dressed in half princess bridal garb, which is just funny—it’s like seeing the behind-the-scenes back end of every sageuk. Jae-ha is there waiting for her, and he asks what happened with Mom as she plops down on the bed from exhaustion.

She tries to explain what happened, but Jae-ha insists that his mom wouldn’t hurt a fly, so she must’ve done something. Ugh, don’t you know anything about moms and daughters-in-law? In case you were wondering, this is what pouring gasoline on a fire looks like.

He makes it worse by accusing her of acting prideful and defensive with Mom, “You guys don’t live well! You’re poor! So what’s the point of having pride?” Aaaack. Damn, really? She looks up at him like he just shot her all over again, and this time, even he knows he was wrong.

He starts to stammer that he’s sorry, but she cuts him off, “Well then we ought to at least have pride. Since we live so poorly.” He knows he was wrong so he tries to apologize, even sweetly sitting at her feet, but she’s too angry for that, and pulls her hand away.

That’s just enough to send him storming off in anger, because the man has like two grams of patience. GRAR. He slams the door behind him, but then immediately turns around…

…and then can’t bring himself to open the door. What? He sighs, wondering aloud why he’s such an arse. Do you want that in alphabetical order, or should I be creative?

Inside, Hang-ah calls Dad and screams that she can’t take it anymore. All they care about is money money money, and demands that he send a car right now for her to go back home.

And then we hear an operator’s recording on the other end. Oof, that breaks my heart. She has no one to talk to, and can’t actually say those things to Dad… awwwwww, somebody give her a hug!

Just then, Jae-kang calls her, just to check in and be his awesome self. She bows (so cute) and clutches the phone as she talks to him, asking when he’ll return. He asks if Jae-ha is treating her well now, and she lies through her teeth that he is.

A little later he calls Jae-ha, who’s dressed in a tux for a night out. He slurs, “Jae-ha, I really really like you.” Pfft. “Have you been drinking?” He giggles. So cute.

Jae-ha says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because it’s war down here, and hyung tells him it’s just a lover’s spat. Jae-ha: “Must be nice for you. How can you see everything through rose-colored glasses?”

Jae-kang: “Try to have some latitude, and an open heart. Then paradise will open. For everything in the world.”

Jae-ha sighs, barking into the phone that it was a rhetorical question. Hyung just texts back: “Kekeke.” I love that he has hyung saved into his phone as ” king-frustrating,” which is funnier in Korean, because it’s basically the way a child would call someone king of buttheads.

But what’s even cuter is Jae-kang on the other end, staring at his phone like a sad little puppy, “There’s no reply.” He lies with his head in wifey’s lap, sighing that he’s come pretty far, since it feels like yesterday that he watched the Berlin wall come down with his father.

He asks like a little kid if he’s done a good job, and she laughs wondering if the people knew their king was so cutesy. He says they can’t, like it’s their little secret. He says in a few months Jae-ha will be engaged, and the WOC will happen. He wonders if placing in the top three is too big a dream.

“Just seeing North and South Korean soldiers with their arms around each other, running together… that’ll make me happy enough.”

She says that’s all fine and good, but what about some baby-makin’? He promises her that once he’s got Jae-ha engaged and the WOC done with, he’ll live more simply, and they’ll take vacations like this all the time, and they’ll have kids.

She says she wants a son like Song Joong-ki, but he says he wants a daughter first, and they imagine going on family outings with Jae-ha’s family. He chuckles, “Their kid will win over ours, ’cause they’re both so strong-willed.” Then it’s a good thing pride isn’t a cumulative gene.

They get drowsier and drowsier, which they assume is because of the wine, but the fireplace crackles with an ominous tone. As they lose consciousness, the glass in his hand falls to the ground. Nooooooo!

Jae-shin and her car get taken to a cliff, where the assassins prepare to stage an unfortunate car accident. She’s ordered to get in, but she looks up defiantly, “How about a fall to the death instead?” And she runs off the cliff fearlessly. What?

She drops to the sand at the bottom of the massive cliff with a thud. Holy crap.

The one stroke of luck – Shi-kyung is the first to find her, on his way up to the house. He tears up to her, screaming, and then takes off running again. Ohgodohgodohgod.

The secret service knocks at the house to alert the king about the princess… only there’s no answer. They’re lying there on the couch in each other’s arms. Ohgodohgodohgod.

Jae-ha arrives at his banquet and gets up to give a speech, all jokey and smiling for the cameras. But Eun Kyu-tae arrives abruptly with a small army of guards. He announces (IN PUBLIC? Like that??)… that the king is dead.

Jae-ha can barely register what he’s saying before Secretary Eun kneels, “Your royal highness!” The whole room follows suit.

OH NO. I was seriously so fixated on hyung dying that I forgot about the other part—that this makes Jae-ha king, like RIGHT NOW. Shit. How could anyone deal with all this at once?

On the car ride out, Secretary Eun rattles off the situation and list of things to do (Jae-shin is in surgery, meetings with leaders of the free world are lining up, he has to address the public), as Jae-ha just stares off like a zombie. He finally screams, “Stop the car!”

The whole entourage pulls over on a bridge, and he gets out. His hands shake as he grips the railing, and just stands there, on the ledge. The tears come, but he pulls every last ounce of strength together to hold them in.

Secretary Eun waits, and ignores a call from the M Society.

After a long moment, Jae-ha turns around, seeming very different from moments ago. He rattles off the to-do list again, this time adjusting for what has priority. Aw, look at him stepping up to be king. I’m not crying right now. I’m not.

Mom waits at the hospital, and gets word that Jae-shin got through surgery okay. But her legs… Oh no (they don’t say, but we can tell it’s bad). Mom just says she understands and waits. But she’s surprised to see the king’s entourage arrive down below.

Jae-ha walks down the hall and then stops short before entering the room. He gathers himself again, and the door opens.

Mom yells at him for coming here—he needs to act as the king, and there are more important things he needs to do. The door gets shut behind him and she finally lets herself crumble a little behind closed doors.

He holds her up, and addressing him formally now as his majesty, she tells him that he has to get it together. “If we crumble, everything crumbles. The two of us have to get through this.” She tells him that she’ll take care of everything inside the palace walls, and he needs to deal with everything on the outside.

“That way our royal family… Jae-kang…” she catches herself, like she shouldn’t be calling him by name. But by now she’s trembling in tears, “so that he’ll shine… Please… please…” And she hugs him for dear life.


And that’s why having someone like Yoon Yeo-jung playing the queen mother is important. Her role wasn’t large until now, but man, does she ground that heartbreak. You can just feel her terror and her pain, and her struggle to be tough, knowing what Jae-ha has to become. I love that scene—her words are stern, but her eyes are a mother’s, full of loss, needing as much comfort as she’s giving.

We knew the king’s death was coming—Jae-kang was never the king of the title of this series—but I’m really surprised at how much I feel that loss. *TEARS* The show did such a good job of building Jae-ha’s character always in relation to hyung, from the very beginning. (And Jae-kang is actually the first character that we meet in the series, if you’ll remember.)

It’s important because everything about this character is what will inform Jae-ha’s future as a leader. I thought it a lovely change of pace from the usual father-son monarch torch-passing relationship, which is usually so burdened with harshness and expectation. But theirs was such a sweet fatherly hyung-dongseng relationship characterized by warmth and love. I really loved everything about Jae-kang’s character, from his idealistic sense of duty and honor to his playful sense of humor, played so naturally by Lee Sung-min.

And in most ways, Jae-ha has miles and miles to go before he’ll ever be like hyung. But he’s also shown a different kind of sharpness that his hyung never possessed. Where Jae-kang would stand down, Jae-ha will dig his heels in and weather the storm. I think he will someday be a better king, which will be Jae-kang’s true legacy in the end—to have raised him to be one. It’s just going to be a while before we get there, because there’s still a whole lot of maturing left to do. But the journey’s the interesting part, and the little glimpse we see of him stepping up to the task instead of pitching a fit or running away—I think that says a lot already.


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    I really adore the former king. Actually, I adore the entire royal family! Their family dynamic is just endearing, and I think that makes it especially heartbreaking when the tragedy finally hits them.

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      I actually knew this was going to be the episode they killed the King when I saw GF’s main picture in this recap.
      It’s kind of becoming a tradition to put a screen cap of someone (other than the OTP) who is going to die.
      So if you’re a drama character, and you’re not the OTP, and you see you’re picture as main picture… It’s too late!

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      but shouldnt in reality there are guards guarding the King n Queen? and also inside n outside their villa? or to have someone check if the wine poisoned? i mean they dont know who brought the wine. and no one even inside their villa?no body at all? they are King n Queen!!

      and the princess should be there’s at least 1 or 2 bodyguards guarding her? how come she just leaisurely alone n then being kidnap in the King n Queen villa (in which the King n Queen stay theere), and how come the assasins so easily just came in, put the trap, kidnap the princess, tried to kill her without fighting any secret service agents? there are Royal family who still ruling the country for earth sake…

      (sigh) i just sad of how they killed the King n Queen so easily like this…

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    I love the emotions in this episode, but the writer is not good at spy/thriller stuff because the assassination is too simplistic for me. But that is of course not the focus of this drama, so I can let is slide.

    The understated way the death is handled surprised me, and I appreciate that when so many other dramas will just do an all out sob fest. The sob fest will be with us viewers from the intensity and the way the previous episodes have made us fall for Jae Kang. No cheap tears here.

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      • 12.2.1 jomo

        Even after his lifetime of service to the court, could he be that dumb not to realize the intentions of the donator?

        • topper

          Actually the intention of the donator is not obvious to be murder. In real life a lot of lobbyist and businessmen put massive efforts in gaining chances to get close to people in political positions or of public influence.

          I think the secretary thought Craig David just wanted to “coincide” a meetup with the king on the island, and did not know of his connection with John Mayer.

          And damn, the names they use for these villains.

        • DB5K

          Topper is absolutely right. I guess GF isn’t completely fluent in Korean because she totally misunderstood the whole situation between Secretary Eun and the donator. Secretary Eun will eventually (and hopefully only temporarily) go over to the dark side, because of his guilt and his desire to hide his mistake, but Secretary Eun most definitely did NOT bargain the king’s life for a Beatles album…

          Secretary Eun was swayed into giving David Craig an insider tip by the lavish gift, but he had NO idea that information would be used to plan out the king’s murder. Club M basically framed Secretary Eun to make it seem like Secretary Eun accepted a bribe and was in cahoots with Club M. The donator is an “old friend” of Secretary Eun’s, and Secretary Eun felt a bit bad about offending him, another factor that prompted Secretary Eun to giving him the tip.

          And the donator wasn’t comparing Korean culture to the Beatles. The donator was comparing his love for Korean culture with Secretary Eun’s love for British pop culture, aka the Beatles.

          • topper

            That part was actually in English. It’s not the language, but the context which is a bit hard to flesh out without using too much screen time. I guess clarity is sacrificed for pacing.

            I have a feeling Eun Kyu Tae may be an inadvertent king killer now, but he may yet become the king maker to redeem his guilt, and his son will play a part in that decision.

          • jasmine

            Thank you! I was beginning to think I read the emotions/undercurrents/dialogue wrong from those scenes between the secretary and the British guy. I thought I was the only one who thought that the secretary was more or less manipulated/guilted into revealing the king’s vacation location.

            That is not to say he’s not culpable for the collosal mistake he made that cost the king and queen’s lives. He should have known better, especially as he looks as if he’d been in service to the royal family for a long time. And I expect him to suffer the consequences of that momentary lapse in judgement. But I don’t want to label him as evil just yet (that would break Shi-kyung’s heart and I can’t handle that). He’s human, yes, but outright evil? I don’t think so.

          • memyself

            even so, one shouldn’t sell out confidential information of his workplace to please a friend .. or so I think

          • memyself

            even so, one shouldn’t sell out confidential information of his workplace to please a friend, or so I think .. he totally fell for that “I didn’t expect u to act like this dear friend” speech which is just sad

      • 12.2.2 one_nee

        but isnt it still protocols for Royal Family to have guards guarding them? we see it all the time, that even they want privacy, it would be stupid n careless to have no one guarding them or to have such weak security system that the assasins can leisurely sneak inside, put the trap, even have a bonus round: kidnapping a Royal Princess who also alone without any guards… heck, even ex-President in USA still have secret service agents guarding their family… Chelsea Clinton even still have SS agents guard her after her father resign as President (before her mother became minister).

        • eclipse

          yes, i also think the way the assacination & the kidnapping seems too easy,, so the king wanted some privacy that`s why they didn`t put CCTV around, but the area is too big to canvase, from the beach to the house. It seems so reckless. And all it took just by the guard`s finger print, they manage to hack into their system and walking around undetected.

          And Jae Shin, after all that time she was whining abt being follow around, and all it took just the king on vacation, that no one are left to guard her.

          And the whole things make me still in disbelief that the king & queen actually died. I didn`t actually register, not until JaeHa breakdown and heard his hyung`s voice saying his final words.

  13. 13 julianna

    This episode really got me. Though his huyng’s death is needed, SO SAD. ;(

  14. 14 lidy

    i tear up when jae kang and his wife are talking about their future together, with their kids and jae ha and hang ah’s kids, fallling asleep, not knowing they’ll never wake up again.

    i’m tearing up right now as i’m typing

    • 14.1 Raine

      yea that part was really sad… him saying all his hopes for the future makes it really really sad b/c we know it won’t ever come true ;_;

  15. 15 NN

    Just reading the recap, I feel so heart broken at Jae Kang’s death and how Jae Ha and Queen Mother are trying to hold it together. Almost teared up in the middle of a meeting …

    • 15.1 sugarpunch

      yeah me too. I feel especially saddened by JaeKang’s death since he’s a great hyung and everything… sighhhh.

  16. 16 krys

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  18. 18 stars4u

    The king!!! Im gonna miss him and his awesomeness!!
    The moment where Jae-ha gathered himself up after calling for the car to stop was heartbreaking… its much more painful to watch him try so hard not to break down just as mom said that they should be the ones to be strong when the whole world is expecting them to break down…

    • 18.1 topper

      I think that is so very apt given that a constitutional monarchy in itself is very fragile. It has a role but is on precarious ground, and the Queen Mother is constantly aware of that and plays that roles with her community service and care for public opinion. This drama as a lot of substance not easily appreciated at first viewing.

  19. 19 Saima

    To put it simply: TK2H is <3!! Jae-kang has left such an indelible mark on us that henceforth it'll be bittersweet to remember him!! JK you shall be sorely missed!! Can we talk abt the top-notch acting in this drama?! And, the music–so very appropriate!! Am I the only one who wants to murder the secretary?!!

    The scene when the secretary announces to JH that the King's died….that entire sequence gave me chills….$hit just got real for our man-child JH!!

    Can somebody fill me in on the background score when JH's at the bridge after stepping out of the car?

    • 19.1 trixicopper

      No you’re not the only one who wants to kill that horrid old man! Who announces something like that in PUBLIC? What, he couldn’t have taken JH aside for a moment first?

      Such a sad episode. Even though we all knew it was coming, it didn’t make it any easier. It was almost worse that it was such a peaceful slow murder. I kept telling them (the King and Queen) to get up! Open a window! Like they could hear me. *facepalm*

      Thanks GF!

  20. 20 jessly

    I love how in this drama the secondary roles gets a lot of meat. Great actors/actresses like Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Yeo-jung are not wasted.

    Promising ones like Lee Sung Min, Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk also gets to exhibit their abilities. A wonderful project for all involved to do.

    • 20.1 jomo

      Totally agree.

      It did seem strange that Yoon Yeo Jung as Queen Oma was silent in the background, just tut-tutting at the start, considering how big a part of the films and dramas she’s in.

      I am so glad she isn’t as cold as I thought she was going to be.

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    Okay..this is starting to get into SUFBB territory, where coherent thoughts are impossible and the only thing that I can type is:”ohmygodthisshowissofrigginawesomeIjustcantcontainallofmyemotions”

    Everything is just shaping up so perfectly. Can’t wait to see how the Princess and the Soldier progress. I can’t wait to see some royal ass kicking by Jae-Ha. This show is just magic all around.

    • 22.1 kungfupigeon

      Princess and the Soldier…has a good ring to it

      • 22.1.1 hoda

        i actually watch the drama beacause of the princess and the soldier haha ……. he is just too much HAWT !

        • amyrza

          anyone know the song Princess Jae Shin sang for Shi Kyung. Wish they would do a duet together…

    • 22.2 jomo

      That time on the wall together was so wonderful.
      It is heartbreaking that we will see them fall in love while the Princess fights for her health.
      He is the perfect Knight to stay steadfastly by her side.
      I can’t wait to hear them sing together – my money on the fact he will bring his guitar to her rehab room to help her move her booty.

      • 22.2.1 Cruelsummer

        Stop putting thoughts into my head, lol. I’m having a hard time holding it together as it is. Hospital rooms, acoustic guitar, the first stirrings of love. *sigh* Can they just show the remaining 12 episodes next week?

        • leahleahleah

          can I second that last sentence of yours?

        • mary

          I third it!

          I wish my doppelganger 6 weeks into the future dies a strange death so I can time jump a little and marathon the remaining episodes.

          • kbap

            Heh. While also finding out what happens to our other doppelganger friends in Rooftop Prince. 🙂

          • mary

            That, too kbap. 😀

            And checking to see how many fanmade vids there are of Uhmforce and Flower Boy Prosecutor’s alterna-romance.

      • 22.2.2 BabyFacedAhjuma

        Jomo-Shi. You are awesome. you always post what I am thinking!

        I second your wish to hear them sing together. When Princess is singing her song on the wall, all I could think of was How Much I wanted Soldier Boy to join in. Loved him in What’s Up!

        Please Show can we have the two of them sing a duet and have said duet in the OST?

        And while I’m begging, can we have said OST out, like now! Oh and where is LSG’s song(s)?

  23. 23 yellow buttercup

    finally..my dose of K2H! thx a lot GF!

    but but but noooo… my favorite king brother! gosh it is so sad bcoz we won’t see any lovely bromance anymore.. but at the same I also can’t wait to see Jae ha grow up.

    one thing I really love from this show is the lovely relationship between the royal family members.. between hyung and Jae ha, and queen mother as well. and that’s why hyung’s death just breaks my heart ;(

    • 23.1 slfowie

      i feel the king’s character was so well developed that u feel as if u are loosing someone you knew and cared about in real life

      • 23.1.1 Arhazivory

        Ditto. Its sad and that’s why the drama is so impressive. Everyone knew he would die but the role was so good that the viewers are still impacted by a (seemingly) unclimatic death.

      • 23.1.2 jomo

        I hope we get to see him more in flashbacks.
        Since our new JH-King will be running into a lot of tough situations, I hope there are memories with his hyung that we haven’t seen, and that he will call upon for strength.

  24. 24 Raine

    Much love to GF for the recap. I cried loads last night watching it live T_T

  25. 25 Eevies

    I thought I have expected his death, ready for it even but it did not stop the heartbreak for the people remaining.. Argh !! Devastating!!

  26. 26 ccinta

    Jae Kang, you’ll be sorely missed. 🙁 This is the first time that I bleed because of the death of the supporting character, he’s not a supporting character in my opinion, he is one of the lead character. The way he loves and cares for Jae Ha & Hang Ah, as well as for Jae Shin, his mother, his wife and his country moved me =(

    I kept replaying the scene when the Royal Family had dinner together, since it’s the last time this family gathered together. Sad 🙁

    Jae Ha suddenly has to grow up now, so glad that he has Hang Ah by his side. But the preview for ep 9 look really bleak; sigh this drama plays with our emotions so much.

    I didn’t expect Jae Ha to sob like crazy when his hyung died and I was right. He silently cried, then so composed when he gave instruction to Secretary Eun. And he was also so composed when he was with his mother. I can’t imagine the pain that his mother has; losing a son & daughter-in-law, her daughter got an accident, her other son got engaged with a North Korean woman and had to suddenly stepped up to be the King of the country who practically opposed him to marry a NK woman!

    Daebak acting all around from every single actors.

    Jae Shin & Shi Kyung; I like this couple too. The chemistry is already palpable.

    I love that this drama doesn’t have love triangle, but it allows two couples who have totally different personalities to slowly move their way up and build trust & romantic relationship with each other.

    And I agree with jessly, so glad that great actors & actresses are not wasted in this drama.

    • 26.1 ccinta

      Oh and does anyone know the song that Princess Jae Shin sang? I really love it, Lee Yoon Ji sang it beautifully.

      I hope that Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jung Suk and Lee Yoon Ji will sing OSTs for TK2H.

    • 26.2 samasta93

      JaeHa’s transformation is very expected,
      standing alone in such a turmoil situation, I can definitely understand how he has to be calm and maintain his feeling. After all, he is now the king.
      Though I don’t wish him not to open his heart and express his sorrow. His despair, I wish, could be relieved by HangAh’s presence.
      To some extent, I knew she has her own ways to deal with JH no matter what kind of situations are, as what she did during the 60km running mission.

  27. 27 Lise

    looks like am the only one who didn’t know the king would eventually die ; (

    • 27.1 M

      Me too!

      I totally spoiled it!!!!

      OH well,

      Sigh, this seems heavy stuff. I’m too addicted to comedy that I can’t seem to bear it well.

      Maybe I’ll watch it all at once after it’s done.

    • 27.2 missjb

      No. You are not the only one.. and he is one of my most favourite character. this episode break my heart so much

      And his relationship with Jae Ha is the only thing that make me follow this drama….

      Let me see if this drama keep will getting better after his lost… if Not… I don’t find it exciting again…

    • 27.3 hallyu-holiChic.ph

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  28. 28 Arhazivory

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    *sniffles* Even though I expected it…. 🙁

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    what to do…?

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    I was sobbing from the moment when Jae-ha at the bridge until the end of the episode. We knew from the beginning that Jae Kang is going to die from the synopsis and character description, but I applaud the writing and acting of all the casts, we love JK and his relationship with his whole family that his loss now is really hard to take.

    And Jaeshin is really brave to jump off the cliff. Love her.

    Off to read the recap now~

  31. 31 saranghae_12

    Can’t wait to watch this ep fully subbed altho I’ve already seen it raw. My gosh, all of them are giving all they’ve got in portraying their characters. Lee Seunggi’s acting shone brightly. He must really have squeezed in acting classes in his very packed sked. He truly deserves to be called an actor with this performance and a daesang nomination.

    • 31.1 MmeShahSG

      I second you saranghae_12. EP 7 is the beginning of the real charismatic character of JH. Lee Seung Gi played his role absolutely well. Ha Ji Won is stunning – an iron lady and yet a very caring person (help to clean the little princess.. cool!!!)… she will be the backbone to King Jae Ha (I hope).. Hmmm>>> EP 9 doesn’t seems they way I’m expecting it 🙁

      Thanks heaps GF… I will always look forward to reading your awesome re-cap. Hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. 32 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, this is an amazing show that sucks you in and gets you involved emotionally. I had to take a break after watching both episodes (the 2nd one raw) and skimming through some recaps. I felt drained emotionally and usually I can keep my cool and not be too affected by dramas. Today was different. I REALLY love the musical score of this drama, always on cue and REALLY good.
    The characters are played so vividly by all actors, both big and small roles, all stay in character and it is a joy to watch them. This is better than dessert. This show is to be savored… slowly like a good “digestif.”

    Again, thank you for the recaps. They really help as you well know.

  33. 33 Osi

    Happy kingday, hearties….
    Thank you for the recaps GF.
    Poor Jae Ha. When he trembles in the bridge, I really want to hug him.

  34. 34 ryuu99

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    • 34.1 hoda

      me toooo :O

  35. 35 Ani

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  36. 36 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    RIP Jae-kang. =**( He was one of my favorite non-lead kdrama characters ever. Death is no stranger to kdrama characters, but this one really got to me. WHY?!! And it’s so sad that right before the king and queen died they were talking so happily about their future.
    The role of Jae-kang is keeping my eyes peeled for future Lee Sung-min roles.

    I’ve been watching the new episodes right when I get home from work, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this episode. I don’t want to say goodbye to Jae-kang!

    If it was the North Koreans doing the security work here, this wouldn’t have happened. We haven’t been able to see Hang-ah get physical and exhibit her awesome skills and physical strength in awhile. I hope we get to see Hang-ah beat the living crap off Bong-gu and his posse.

    • 36.1 min

      i also feel at some point.. Hang-Ah skill will be usefull …maybe for her own country or for her lovers ..
      .. and now with the plot progressing i understand more why its King 2 Heart…
      i think the author has been able to tell a serious theme in an acceptable manner.. well i think for now, i still dont squint my eyes or fastforwrd when the drama conflict happened..

    • 36.2 Mystisith

      I bet the all WOC team will be hired to take care of the royal family security: 1 for 1, close protection mode. And now Hang-ah will be in full alert mode to guard her king. Things are going to be interesting… Though that show already blows me away.

  37. 37 dayang

    Tears whilst reading your recap.. with both ost as bgmusic. Thank you.

    *note: the princess and the queen dowager were in Pure Heart at 19 as *what else* mother and daughter.. also the actors that cameo-ed as well-wishers for the engagement are also in Pure Heart at 19*

  38. 38 crizzyville

    oh my… those last three paragraphs you wrote gf shot right through me… i could definitely feel the lump forming in my throat as i fought emotions trying to break me down (and i havent seen this episode yet, so i’m not YET this emotional XD) i knew this was coming, but i loved JK’s character i was hoping they’ll fake-dead it… i mean their brotherhood is such a delight to see… cant wait for this episode to watch… and now, don’t tell me we are to watch a full-blown drama?! nooo! not when SK and JS just got a li’l bit cutesy i wanna hug them both.. i want my black comedy-romance please…

  39. 39 Sunmi

    I was expecting Jae-kang to die; I mean I knew from the get-go that he wasn’t the king in the “K2H” but I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to happen so suddenly (is it sudden though? It’s the 7th episode already…) or in this way.

    I think the abruptness and ultimately the emotional punch comes from how well the scene was written and played out. Here you have a guy (an amazing king) who’s just gotten off the phone with his (twerpy) little brother and then he’s talking about children and vacations and love and life all the while, he’s slowly succumbing to death. Wow. What a way to send a guy off. That scene, by far, is the most tragically beautiful, I’ve ever seen. The contrast between the hope and vitality of Jae-kang’s words with his imminent mortality just had shivers running up my spine. Made me wonder if that’s how people go when…well they go; thinking about their lives and future.

    Eh, maybe a little too deep for a drama but it’s a testament to Lee Sung min’s talent since he got me to connect with a non-main character on such a visceral level that I’m actually wishing he was the king in “K2H.”

    I can tell I’m going to need a hug after the next episode. Someone (preferably a hot male between the ages of 25-30 with a steady job and no crazy exes) hold me. >.<

    • 39.1 jomo

      So happy to see Lee Sung min play a heroic, beautiful and relatable character. His last few roles were so well acted
      I had him down as “flaky character actor.”

      I was one of the people who questioned why they had a noticeably older actor playing the hyung, but both actors did a fabulous job making me believe it.

      I will so miss him in scenes with HJW. They also had some great chemistry.

    • 39.2 Cruelsummer

      “I can tell I’m going to need a hug after the next episode. Someone (preferably a hot male between the ages of 25-30 with a steady job and no crazy exes) hold me.”

      LMBO. I’ll take one of those too. Heck I don’t even mind the crazy ex. Add a little kdrama excitement to my life, lol.

      • 39.2.1 Sunmi

        I get enough excitement from K-dramas lol. I just want a peaceful life…with someone who can cook well and can do math haha.

  40. 40 tk2h

    R.I.P JK n wife-we will remember you 🙁

    Long live King JH

  41. 41 zemegaze

    This drama makes me rethink about continue watching korean drama. I cannot handle watching evil deeds that well. Vengeance is bad, right?

    • 41.1 jomo

      Stay away from Equator Man!

      • 41.1.1 jessly

        I was about to prescribe that. We all need cures to our drama addiction no?

      • 41.1.2 zemegaze

        I did that a long time ago. Don’t worry.

        • jomo


  42. 42 totokoko

    damn. you sure know how to make this drama sound freakin’ amazing. props for your commentary at the end!

  43. 43 fans

    Thanks a lot for recap this when will the ep 8 in?

  44. 44 rillakm

    woah2. thanks a lot girlfriday, loving your very detailed recap.. Btw, why doesnt ur website acknowledge the drama called Kpop the ultimate audition with park yoohwan. That drama seriously has the a really good plot (y) heheh just saying anyway. Thankyouu looking forward for the 8th recap noww~~

  45. 45 jasmine

    I think I shed tears for much of this episode. Not just because of the king’s death, but for other things as well. Like when HA’s father bowed to JH and more or less told JH how much his daugther means to him. Or the scene where HA was watching her father leave. Or when the queen was scolding JH for going to the hospital first and not prioritising his duties correctly, and then starts to break down in tears as soon as the doors were closed. What got to me in this episode is the familial bonds/relationships that surrounds JH and HA, and how heartwrenching it must have been for themselves and their families when those ties were severed by death (in the king’s case) and separation (from her father in HA’s case). We all know that JH’s hyung and HA’s father was probably the most important person to them. I was hurting right along with them…

    I think my favorite scene in this episode was the one on the bridge, where JH struggles to contain his grief. You can literally feel JH willing himself with every thing he has not to cry, even as the realisation of his brother’s death starts to overwhelm him… Seung-gi has done really well here…

    I cried in all of the above mentioned scenes, and some more besides, all without understanding a single word in Korean, since I watched it online via live streaming. Must be the superb acting from the cast…

    Many thanks again to GF for the superb recap.

    • 45.1 jomo

      Agree! The father’s bow to JH had me bawling!
      I love that at one moment JH will remember that, and will remember that he promised to take care of the little hands that cooked and cleaned for her Apa.

      I fear greatly that right now, JH is NOT going to be any sort of rock for HA and with JK King gone, she is spending a lot of time being lonely.
      I am looking forward to her kick-ass nature coming to the forefront, and know that she will be a great partner for the newly minted King.

      • 45.1.1 happyshirt

        I’m afraid i still dun understand why HA’s father bowed to JA? Could someone help me understand please/
        thank you.

        • topper

          Because it is his way of entrusting his most beloved daughter to Jae Ha, and to ask him to take good care of her. Dad mentioned he is not clear of the culture in the South and chose this as the most appropriate way in his opinion. And Jae Ha is a royalty so I guess it is an act that can be accorded to his status like in the Joseon era.

    • 45.2 Janet

      HA’s father bowing to JH is my screensaver right now. I find it beautiful.

      • 45.2.1 jomo

        *** Ooooh! Borrows idea. Thanks! ****

  46. 46 Emely

    After the ending of ep6 I was counting down to this episode… However after reading the recap I don’t want to see it. I’m sure I’ll bawl my eyes out. :”'(

  47. 47 otchosais

    I will really miss JAE KANG!!!

    I AM TOO SHOCK and I am feeling the loss! Why must they kill his character..,.

    a perfect HYUNG, KING and all..


  48. 48 funkypicklez

    Oh boy. For some reason, I knew the death was going to happen but with all the lovely bromance that was happening, I just somehow convinced myself that it was never going to happen.

    But oh boy, I’m just glad it wasn’t a bloody, violent murder but rather the royal couple falling asleep.

    And seriously, the royal secretary? :O It was totally unexpected and cliche at the same time! weirdddd

    • 48.1 asianromance

      I felt the same way- knew that at some point Jae-kang would have to go away so that Jae-ha can be king, but I’ve been enjoying the Jae-kang scenes so much that I keep on forgetting he wasn’t going to be here much longer. How could there ever be a day when Jae-kang and Jae-ha would be unable to banter with each other? And so when he was killed off, it felt very shocking and unexpected. I’m glad it wasn’t a stabbing or shooting. In a way, the way they died was just so sad in its poignancy. Died sleeping in each other’s arms, dreaming about their family and their future.

      • 48.1.1 Duncerblur

        I so agree. I’d noticed Lee Sung-min in other roles before even though he kept getting the comic relief roles. But he really, really out-did himself here. I cannot state how much I adore Jae Kang, which makes the assassination that much more heart-breaking.

        Kudos to the Hong sisters for crafting such a killer of an assassination scene … no pun intended. If it was done in typical Hollywood style with mega explosions, gunfire galore, Expendables break-ins etc, we would not be so devastated by the loss. The sheer poignancy of the Royal Couple’s last moments, the gentle hopes for a future they will never witness and the tenderness of the moment makes the assassination not only tragic but relevant. It could have been anyone of us. And that is the genius in the writing. They were killed not when they were being The Royal Couple but when they were just a couple. And that gets you right in the heart.

  49. 49 linh

    I cried buckets while watching this episode. I don’t think i’ve cried this much since shining inhertance

  50. 50 BINNIE


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