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Dr. Jin: Episode 2
by | May 31, 2012 | 161 Comments

So far Dr. Jin is in that interesting echelon of shows that aren’t the greatest thing that ever happened, but are entertaining, unintentionally or otherwise. This episode is an improvement on the one that came before (for what that’s worth), and we do get some comedy with a dash of heart as Hyuk proves that he’s a fish out of water joke just waiting to happen. Damn it man, he’s a doctor, not a scholar!


Minister Kim and other high ranking officials enjoy a fan dance by Chun-hong, the best gisaeng in Joseon (because subpar gisaeng aren’t allowed in dramas), while his son, Kyung-tak, engages in a firefight with the bandits known as Anonymous.

Ha-eung comes to crash the party, and it’s clear that the animosity between him and the other officials runs both ways – though his animosity is shrouded in a veneer of good cheer. Chun-hong smiles at his antics, as though she’s pleased Ha-eung is ruining Minister Kim’s fun.

Minister Kim refers to him by his official royal clan title, Heungseon, with an air of forced cordiality. One of the other ministers pipes up that he’s prepared a separate table for Ha-eung, and begins to chuck food into the pond nearby.

In a jarring quick cut, we see Hyuk running into Young-hwi, who’s suffering from a head injury.

Back at the party, Ha-eung subverts the minister’s tactics to embarrass him by jumping into the pond to happily eat the snacks. He even asks for more, which sours the mood and ends their party. In his haste to leave, Minister Kim trips over his feet and bumps his head. I’d wager a bet that it will cause some sort of problem later. If only there were a competent doctor in Joseon…

Chun-hong stays behind to care for Ha-eung, urging him to change his clothes before he catches a cold.

Hyuk carries Young-hwi to his home, having already come to the conclusion that he’s suffering from a subdural hematoma. Mom frets and faints while Hyuk stares wide-eyed at the girl who bears the same face as Mina. She’s quick on her feet to order hot water and fermented bean paste to treat her brother’s head wound, though Hyuk tells her it’s of no use, because the bleeding is internal. Young-rae: “Are you a doctor?”

As luck would have it, he is, though he claims that neurosurgery is the only thing that can save Young-hwi. He mentally kicks himself afterward – this is Joseon, how could he think of performing brain surgery here?

Young-rae follows him out, demanding to know why he won’t save her brother when he claimed he had a way. (“How can you call yourself a doctor?”) Hyuk telling her to give up on a hopeless cause is reminiscent of him telling Mina the same thing last episode. At least trucks don’t exist in Joseon (but horses do!).

She drops to her knees to beg him tearfully, because her and her mother would have to commit suicide if her brother (the only one to carry on the family lineage) were to die. Cue the flashback to the similar conversation with Mina.

It’s enough to change his mind, but they have to hurry. He scrounges up some primitive supplies while reassuring himself that possibly successful neurosurgery can be dated back to the Inca civilization, and orders a bewildered Yong-rae to boil some water and bring clean cloth.

Later that night, Kyung-tak thinks back to the fight with Anonymous. He almost managed to shoot what seemed to be their leader, but another minion took the bullet instead and they escaped.

Mom finds Yong-rae boiling the medical equipment in the kitchen, growing more concerned by the minute since she’s never seen a doctor save a life with a mallet and alcohol. The maidservant thinks she’s seen his face before (presumably from the wanted posters) but can’t quite place it. Yet.

In the bedroom-cum-operating room, Hyuk hangs his travel flashlight from a string over the patient and sets out his Joseon tools, along with all the modern tools he brought along with him. Luckily, along with needles, scalpels, gloves, and other necessities he finds a vial of anesthesia.

We’re treated to another flashback of the fight with Anonymous, as the leader figure cuts down three policemen until one manages to slash through his hat… revealing Young-hwi as the leader (or at least a member), and how he sustained his head injury.

Young-rae comes into the room just as Hyuk is about to administer the anesthetic, her eyes growing wide as she takes in all the strange equipment. She fights back when Hyuk orders her to wait outside, taking offense when he tells her the environment must be clean as possible (“So what you’re saying is, I’m dirty?”), but he doesn’t have time to explain. If she wants to save her brother, she has to do what he says.

Left alone, Hyuk thinks to himself, “Right now, I am about to perform the Joseon era’s first neurosurgery.” He begins.

A man comes running to the Hong household with some bad news: no doctors will be arriving since they’ve all been called to the site of the Anonymous fight. That’s when the maidservant finally recalls that she’d seen Hyuk’s face on a wanted poster.

Young-rae bursts into the operating room just as Hyuk is about to chisel into her brother’s skull. She orders him to stop even though he tells her that this is the only way to save him – and soon everyone and their mothers come into the room, all of them horrified at what they see. Another unintentional comedy capers moment.

Mom faints again and is taken away while Hyuk begins hammering into Young-hwi’s skull, the sound of which can be heard from outside. After telling a servant to alert the authorities that there’s a murderer in the house, Young-rae confronts Jin once more. Assuming he’s trying to murder her brother she brandishes her eunjangdo (the silver dagger noblewomen carried for self defense) as a weapon, and slices him on the arm before he restrains her.

She accuses him of trying to kill her brother by putting a hole in his skull, and the ensuing scuffle lands them both on the floor, with her on top. Just in case we don’t get the similarity, a flashback of the birthday cake scene with Mina is shown. (Nice use of romantic piano music while they’re a foot away from exposed brains.)

Hyuk manages to pin her under him and tries for the umpteenth time to explain that he’s trying to save her brother – but if she keeps interfering, she’ll be responsible for his death. She calls him a liar and a murderer, so he forces her up to look closely at the blood clot in Young-hwi’s skull, explaining the procedure in more detail. Hyuk: “If I don’t get it out, pressure will build up and your brother will die. Do you understand? So please, believe what I’m saying.”

Young-rae seems to believe him, because she brings the candle closer to give him more light to work with.

Kyung-tak is on the hunt for the Anonymous leader, a man which one of the police officers who fought him recognized – though he died right before he could tell Kyung-tak his name. Young-rae’s servant arrives just then to convey the murderer-in-the-house news, and based on Kyung-tak calling Young-rae his fiancΓ©e, he’ll want to take this case personally.

It’s morning by the time the surgery is finished. Young-rae apologizes for the cut she caused him, to which he asks, “Is it normal for you not to take a situation into consideration?” Ha. He’s totally serious, too – mostly because she reminds him of someone he knows. (O rly?)

Hopefully Young-rae cleared things up with her mom sometime during the night, since Mom is just happy to find her son alive by the next morning.

But the police are there to apprehend Hyuk the second he steps outside. Does Young-rae have the memory of a goldfish? Why does she look so shocked?

She tries to clear up the misunderstanding and gets cut off by Kyung-tak, who praises her for sending someone to get him. Kyung-tak: “Be grateful that he did nothing horrible to you.” Yeah, because it took you how long to get there?

In the end, she can only watch Hyuk get carted away. Ha-eung happens to see him too, and muses that “100 Nyang” finally got caught.

At the station, Kyung-tak confronts Hyuk with his list of crimes… which include being the leader of the bandits? All right then. Hyuk has no idea what he’s talking about, nor can he answer when Kyung-tak asks him who he is and where he’s from (the future!). Kyung-tak orders his men to torture the answers out of him.

Ha-eung is having a grand old time with a group of gisaeng painting orchids on their underskirts for 5 nyang a pop. Chun-hong arrives to shoo them away, reproaching him (in a friendly, familiar way) for trying to scrounge up money to feed his gambling addiction.

He’s quick to defend himself – he needs money to help support his son’s studies. (Historical tidbit: the son he names, Myeong-bok, might be better known as the future King Gojong/Emperor Gwangmu.) “Who would lie about his son to get money?!” he exclaims… though it seems like he’s lying about his son to get money.

With a knowing sigh, Chun-hong asks him how much he needs. I love that he turns to her like, Monks are wasting their lives, Buddha is right here! Hee. She knows she might get conned again, but their relationship is cute.

At home, Young-rae goes through Hyuk’s things, finding his name on his doctor’s coat along with the engagement ring he bought for Mina. Her maidservant comes with the order to deliver Hyuk’s belongings, and Young-rae hands over the bag.

With the contents now in his hands, Kyung-tak brandishes the different modern instruments and calls them weapons. Hyuk’s attempts to defend himself are useless, especially when he’s asked again about who he is and where he lives. Hyuk: “Even if I tell you, you won’t believe me.” Dude, you are about to be tortured: try lying. Just say you live in a mountain hut or something.

Just as he’s ready to start the torture, a visitor arrives – it’s Young-rae, and Kyung-tak’s face softens to see her. He’s crestfallen when he realizes she came just to ask about Hyuk: “You came… because you were curious about that?” Aww.

She defends Hyuk by saying that there are things about him that don’t make sense, but he doesn’t seem like a thief. Kyung-tak: “Are you going to make me an unfortunate husband?” He counters that all he thought about was her when he ran to her house earlier to save the day.

Before she leaves, she tells him that above all else, he saved her brother’s life – a robber wouldn’t bother with such a thing.

Kyung-tak returns to Hyuk and asks him why he would stay up all night to treat Young-hwi. “Does a doctor need any other reason to do so except to save a person’s life?” Hyuk counters. And Kyung-tak… reads his palm? These are some sophisticated investigation methods.

But because he’s been best friends with Young-hwi since childhood (which explains his familiarity with Young-rae), he’ll spare Hyuk from torture until Young-hwi wakes up. And if he doesn’t, it’s bad news for Hyuk. He’s put in prison to wait it out.

We find Ha-eung in a gambling den, doing exactly what he’d sworn he couldn’t do with Chun-hong’s money. They’re busted by the police, who don’t believe Ha-eung’s desperate claims that he’s a nobleman and lock him up all the same.

Ha-eung is outraged to be treated this way, even though one of his cellmates informs him that he still owes a hefty sum. His mood lifts when he recognizes Hyuk sitting in the same cell, and chides him for ending up in prison like this when he could have at least let Ha-eung take him in for the 100 nyang reward. Ha.

Hyuk isn’t in the mood for conversation, nor does he have any money for Ha-eung to swindle out of him. This causes Ha-eung to cry out from his cell: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a relative of the king, Lee Ha-eung!”

His name rings a few historical bells for Hyuk, who asks him if he’s the Heungseon Daewongun, known in history as the father of King Gojong. He’s jumping the gun since they’re still in the reign of King Cheoljong, and Ha-eung is quick to warn Hyuk against using the title “Daewongun”, since that’s the title for the father of a living king. For now, he’s just Prince Heungseon.

We spend about one second with Young-rae as she cares for her brother before it’s back to Hyuk and Ha-eung, where he hears with a friendly ear that Hyuk’s freedom is riding on Young-hwi waking up. All of the mysterious medical methods Hyuk’s been using has Ha-eung curious, and Hyuk wonders briefly whether or not he should tell Ha-eung the truth.

He decides against it, and tells Ha-eung that he can’t remember anything before Ha-eung saved him on the mountainside.

Kyung-tak receives praise from his father for setting a trap to lure the bandits, though he’s dismayed to hear that Hyuk might be innocent. The palm-reading moment makes more sense now, since Kyung-tak was checking for a warrior’s hands.

Minister Kim has a different agenda to fulfill because of his grudge against Catholicism and its teachings of equality and non-discrimination – an idea that’s (secretly) appealing to Kyung-tak, born a bastard. Since Hyuk wore Western clothes, Minister Kim believes that beheading him publicly will help convey an anti-Western, anti-Catholic message.

Ha-eung is released from prison first, and promises his new friend Hyuk that he’ll save him. “In Hanyang, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with my name, Lee Ha-eung.”

He goes straight to Young-rae’s house, wondering all the while how much he should ask for to help Hyuk. Mom isn’t keen on helping because they don’t have the money, but Young-rae insists on handing over her hard-earned coin for the man who saved her brother’s life.

It’s hard to tell when Ha-eung is swindling, though he seems serious as he asks about Young-hwi’s brain surgery. It’s intriguing to him, that’s for sure.

Hyuk can’t stomach prison food, and thinks of how he misses Mina. Cue Young-rae who gave away all Hyuk’s things except for one – the engagement ring.

Kyung-tak pays an evening visit to Young-rae’s house to check on her brother, which has Mom swooning. Young-rae couldn’t look unhappier to see him if she tried, and shies away from any contact when they’re alone. Her discomfort is obvious, which only causes Kyung-tak discomfort, and the whole situation is awkward nation.

She makes things worse by asking about Hyuk’s fate, which has Kyung-tak coldly replying that he’ll be beheaded tomorrow morning. He leaves without another word.

The next morning, Hyuk finds himself gifted with a lavish breakfast, only to be hit with the sobering knowledge that it’s his last meal. Talk about a bad morning.

Ha-eung tracks down the royal doctor, YOO HONG-PIL (Kim Il-woo – it’s a History of the Salaryman reunion!), in order to mention that skilled doctor rotting in jail…

Doctor Yoo: “Are you talking about the man who put a hole in someone’s skull?” Ha. He knows all about Hyuk already, though he claims that the brain surgery isn’t the reason why he’s about to be beheaded.

Ha-eung heads back to the prison just as Young-rae is denied entry. Recognizing that they’re both there for the same cause he pulls some strings to let her go in and see Hyuk, who’s hoping to himself that this will all have been a dream and he’ll wake up the moment he dies.

Young-rae is feeling pretty terrible since she’s the reason he’s in prison. He’s relatively calm, all things considered, and even asks about her brother’s health. She replies that she’s been using that thing he calls ‘disinfectant’ just as he ordered, and he nods his approval.

She heard from Ha-eung that Hyuk can’t even remember his name, so in an effort to be helpful she tells him the name she read off his coat: Hyuk Jin. He gently corrects her that it’s actually Jin Hyuk, and asks for her name in return.

Thinking he’s about to die she hands him the ring she kept, which sends Hyuk into a flashback of Mina. On the heels of her strange dream she started talking about parallel universes, and “In that place lives someone with my face, but a different life.” To which Hyuk had replied: “I prefer this world where I get to spend time with you.” Well it’s certainly not subtle, but it’s an explanation? I guess?

He entrusts the ring to her, explaining to Young-rae all the parallel universe stuff we just saw/heard.

We soon find Hyuk being carted through the streets for his execution while Ha-eung watches from the crowd. Chun-hong comes up behind him: “Is this the son of a bitch?” HA. (In order to swindle money from her earlier, he’d claimed that he’d be a son of a bitch to gamble again.)

I really like her. She’s not even mad because she knows him too well, and is here to see the beheading that has the whole town buzzing. Ha-eung scoffs at the injustice of it all – beheading Hyuk for anything less than high treason is nonsense. He knows Hyuk is just being made an example of.

Young-rae arrives in time to see Kyung-tak and Hyuk pass by, and the Sad Violin that starts here makes for the best unintentional comedy. Luckily she doesn’t have to be sad for long, because the news arrives that her brother has finally woken.

She makes it home to find Young-hwi weak but coherent, while Mom is relieved that their bloodline won’t die now. It’s a good thing, because Young-rae seems to have a plan for him.

It’s only on the execution platform that Hyuk starts to panic as the reality of his impending death settles in. Ha-eung and Chun-hong watch passively from the sidelines as the executioner levels his sword at Hyuk’s throat.

And then, defying all customs and shocking the audience, Hyuk stands defiantly and proclaims, “I am not a murderer! I am not a murderer, or a thief! I didn’t commit any sins!” Kyung-tak: “If you’re really innocent, then tell me your name and where you live.”

Out of options, Hyuk begins to explain that he’s from a far away place… until Young-rae and Young-hwi emerge from the crowd. He announces that Hyuk is a doctor and not a thief, and unwraps the bandage on his head to show everyone the suture from the wound that saved his life.

Ha-eung takes the opportunity to try and persuade the crowd in Hyuk’s favor, which is funny, cute, and helpful all at once.

However, Minister Kim is having none of it. He claims that Young-hwi’s survival was a lucky coincidence not based on Hyuk’s medical skills, and that it’s all a delusion. He orders him beheaded immediately… but his blood pressure skyrockets, and he collapses suddenly onto the floor. (LOL.)

Looks like another job for Dr. Jin!


Okay, that last scene was way funnier than it was ever meant to be. How did anyone keep a straight face on this drama set? It seems so preposterous that the writers wouldn’t know when they’re writing jokes that I’m beginning to wonder if they’re secretly self-aware and just pulling one on everyone.

Up until the cliffhanger(?) this episode had some good things going for it: Lee Beom-soo’s sheer awesomeness aside, I was pleasantly surprised by all the scenes between Ha-eung and Chun-hong and their easygoing chemistry. Since they can’t very well unlearn how to act I have the feeling that they’ll continue to steal the show, which I’m fine with. Give them all the screen time they can get.

One of this episode’s pitfalls was its tendency to shoot itself in the foot, marring some potentially good scenes with parody-like music cuts. It’s the same problem that plagued Equator Man’s first few episodes, only this time we have what literally sounds like the world’s smallest violin chiming in to let us know we should be sad (example: during Hyuk’s execution ride). It was a decent scene until that violin showed up, which was surprising in and of itself, because I realized I’d actually started caring for Hyuk. Letting him show fear, vulnerability, and then outright panic went a long way for his character – suddenly he wasn’t a flawless genius, and his vulnerability was relatable.

I’m interested to see if/how Young-rae’s relationship with Kyung-tak is explained. It seems strange for her to have such an abject distaste for him right out of the starting gate when we aren’t being told or shown whether she just hates him specifically, hates the institution of marriage, hates policemen, etc. He’s a bit blockheaded but hasn’t shown any major personality flaws (thus far), and while not every Joseon female need accept an arranged marriage, if she’s fighting against the system I’d like to know it. Or if she knows something we don’t about him, it’d be nice to see, because inevitably my pity meter swings his way when he’s trying his earnest best and hits a brick wall every time.

Dr. Jin has proven nothing if not entertaining (whether for the right reasons or not), with some interesting history as its background. It’s not offensively bad, and it does have a story to tell that I’m interested in, despite all the odds. I blame that mostly on wondering whether Lee Ha-eung’s intricate political history will come to the fore, because while I’d normally doubt the inclusion of a character like him without a grand plan, you just can’t tell with this show. Someone better call a doctor just in case.



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    i just keep refreshing ,but no one left any comment !!
    well i didn’t watch this and i don’t think i will ever ,, it just don’t seem good !
    thanks for the recap

    • 1.1 MsB

      The best parts is Lee Beom Soo! Loved him in A History of a Salaryman. He makes this tolerable. Watch if you are bored, that’s my recommendation. This is definitely not the best and looking at the ratings, its not hitting double digits.

      • 1.1.1 Shiku

        Both eps hit double digits

        • MsB

          I was looking at what they posted on asiawiki. They must have it wrong!

      • 1.1.2 Kgrl

        Hahaha. You can say that again. LBS is the saving grace for this drama. The story hasn’t been inspiring so far, and to top it off the execution is as lame as you can get. It’s the age-old dilemma: waste time/energy or forsake our loved artists.

        • snow

          Young-rae 0 Saki 10

  2. jomo

    Thanks for the very nice recap. I like watching you guys watch and discuss such a diverse selection of shows.
    Since I know how much love your poured out for Tree, it is intersting that you are not running screaming away from this…this…not as good one.

    Heads, you are totally confusing me on this one.
    I don’t want to watch, but now I want to watch!

    I don’t know what to doooooooo!
    I have a feeling it’s going to be a “Once you pop, you can’t stop” because there will be enough good to get me to stay….

    Save me, Dr. Hand Towel!

    • 2.1 MsB

      Its funny! AND I don’t think its meant to be a comedy!

      • 2.1.1 cv

        Hahha! Got that right. It’s so entertaining. πŸ˜€ That’s why i’m watching. ^^

        • JoAnne

          I’m enjoying so far, but am watching Jin concurrently so I can contrast/compare. It’s kind of like eating dessert WITH dinner.

          in a towel.

  3. manal

    i just keep refreshing ,but no one left any comment !!
    well i didn’t watch this and i don’t think i will ever do ,, it just don’t seem good !
    thanks for the recap

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    Thanks for the recap, dear. At least, in that way I can read what happened in DJ, cause I can’t watch it (Yes, I HATE both leads).

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      LOL Me too. They are both really mediocre actors that I had to stop watching the first episode mid-way through. I just wish I could watch this show for Lee Beom-soo…but unfortunately his great acting isn’t enough to make me keep watching.

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        I’m HUGE fan of Lee Beom Soo, but those two who have the same stupid facial expression, with poor acting skills and attraction of a porn star, forcing me to avoid my SUPER talented Lee Beom Soo. Me sad πŸ™

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        I’m simply watching for Lee Beom Soo; only when I have nothing else better to watch. The leads are trivial!

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      Same here. The moment they cast PMY it killed my interest instantly but I gave the first 2 episodes a chance ANYWAY and NOPE.

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      There will be unintentional laughs ^^

      But no, you don’t have to be brain dead to watch this show. Yeah, its flaws glare at you every now and then, and the ridiculousness of the plot can induce eye rolls or laughs of disbelief. But on the whole, for me, it’s A LOT more watchable than a generic romcom or a snorefest like Love Rain. If you’re going to discuss dramas you’d have to be brain dead to watch, other dramas come to mind, *cough* MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT *cough* WITCH AMUSEMENT *cough* TRIPLE *cough* etc.

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        I’ll help you with more brain dead to watch. PARADISE RANCH *sigh* MY PRINCESS *sigh* TAKE CARE OF US, CAPTAIN *sigh* MAN OF HONOR *sigh* ALMOST all Yoon Eun Hye’s dramas (beside Coffee Prince. yes, even Goong is yak!)

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          More: Only you – horrible! Color of Woman – worse writing ever! Poseidon – a BIG NO! Pasta – Why?

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            The only part I love or more like like is at the end I think when the boy asked if the uncle is his father… Other than that, yeah…… HORRIBLE!

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          I think My Princess, Man of Honor, and Pasta are tolerable, though I only watched a few episodes each drama before I quit. Some parts of these dramas’ plots may drive you crazy, but they don’t qualify in the BRAIN DEAD category.

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            actually i thought the kids episodes were really really good, they did such a wonderful job of setting up the characters and them liking each other as kids while getting caught up in the political intrigue, this was the first time i wasnt bored to death by the kid setup and wasnt dying for it to be over, in fact in my fantasy world id wished theyd done the full 20 ep shebang with the kids only, romance and all! and yes, i was more than slightly self creeped out by this because im 21…and theyre like…15… but yes, adult onwards it was just wading through snail slime

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            OMG, that story was not worthy of anyone who was in it. Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun worked really hard to pull some kind of pathos out of their characters but it was just not happening after the first half of the show. Good Lord, could characters be written any more useless than adult Hwon and Wol? I don’t think so.

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    • 8.1 Carole McDonnell

      True, if I were in her position, I would take him as well. He seems a decent eager to do the right thing sort. ..although Jaejoong should really learn to exude more sexuality or emotion or woundedness or something.

      And thanks to HeadsNo2 for putting into words my worry about the fiance coldness bit. Fiance-illegitimate son–police officer seems like he’s overwhelmed with life and trying to do something decent to get Daddy’s love and still retain his integrity. We get all that despite Jaejoong’s wooden deer-in-the-headlights acting. So I don’t know why she’s so against him? Even if she’s not in love with him, why the extra bit of glumness when he’s so kind to her? I know she’s an impoverished noblewoman but to have her treat second lead guy with such disdain seems like shoddy directing or kneejerk writing…or bad acting. I’m thinking it’s the directing and the writing.

  9. Bluedelacour

    messy drama and messy history facts the incas never do the thing in the craneo (messy english here xD) those techniques were from an prehistoric culture here in Peru named Paracas they are famous for that but well the drama is just …. dont have the word >”< but anyways mad about that and the plot and the acting jjejejeje xDDD

    • 9.1 katiamon

      I was going to comment the same. The technique (called skull trephinations) was first used by Paracas, the Incas used it later…

      About this drama, i’ll just read your summaries unless something interesting happens on the story (which i doubt, but whatever) or if it becomes a guilty pleasure along the way.

      • 9.1.1 Bluedelacour

        exactly thank you didnt have the english word for that XDD

    • 9.2 Carole McDonnell

      Egyptian mummies have also been found with skulls that show signs of brain surgery. Seems to have been known by quite a few cultures.

  10. 10 Hongshinmin

    omg bless you for recapping this.i hope u continue w/ it

  11. 11 namcha

    I’m gonna watch just to see what unfolds with Kyung-tak and how JJ handles this dramatic role. The guy has problems. His fiance rejects him right off the bat and his father makes him feel inferior just bc/ he was born out of wedlock.

    • 11.1 MsB

      Its kind of sad that you like who is potentially the bad guy better than the leads! Feel so sorry for him!

      • 11.1.1 fluff

        I know, right? You get the idea that he’s just trying to do his job and be the best warrior so daddy will love him. And all daddy does is remind him that he’s a bastard, as though it were HIS fault.

        And then, sorry, but PMY’s character must be blind. Even w/ the topknot he’s still a hottie. Unless she too dislikes him b/c he’s a bastard….I realllly hope that’s not it, though.

      • 11.1.2 ravens_nest

        See, I’m the same. I am definitely more interested in Kyung Tak and his father issues which, while it is a cliche sageuk plot, at least is giving me character tension that I can care about.

    • 11.2 Echo

      Also his childhood bff is now apart of the thief/criminal gang TT______TT
      Oh KT you break my heart!

      • 11.2.1 Seo Bae Rin

        I find Kyungtak the most interesting character so far. His father pushes him to be ruthless, his brother seems to hate him, his fiance doesn’t return his love, and his best friend has secretly become his enemy. He tries so hard, but has nothing. He’s being pulled in at least three different directions. His father even killed his horse! Can this poor guy catch a break?

        I think Younghwi has the potential to be interesting in the future as he’s a bandit despite his friendship with Kyungtak…or is he just using Kyungtak? Are they just bandits or are they really rebels? Are they somehow tied in with Ha-eung and the royalty plot?

        Even Youngrae, who’s been somewhat boring so far has the potential to become interesting as the plot with her brother unfolds. She’ll be caught directly between the bandits and the soldiers, whether she wants it or not.

        The only character that seems useless so far is Dr. Jin himself, who’s only good for guaranteeing a ridiculous number of conveniently timed and placed head injuries in Joseon. I guess his lack of place in the grand scheme is to be expected since he just literally dropped out of the sky. We’ll see if he gains relevancy as he makes connections with the rest of the characters.]

        Aside from the laughable medical scenes, I find this drama really interesting and not as bad as it’s made out to be. I didn’t even notice any teeny tiny violins.

        • namcha

          Yup totally agree with you.

  12. 12 Rule

    I really liked him in My Princess…..wonder what he will be like here.
    I dont know im intriged, Ill follow your recaps and comments and watch it when it finishes airing.
    Plz keep me posted
    Of the new ones..
    Fashion king 5/10
    Rooftop Prince 9/10
    Feast of the gods 8/10
    Love Rain 8/10 (Its a bit slow but I like it)
    Please suggest a nice one…

    • 12.1 lil

      I would propose Queen In hyun’s Man & A gentleman’s dignity ^^

      • 12.1.1 UJ

        A gentleman’s dignity is a dud for me!
        OTL i was completely rolling my eyes when they showed a scene from secret garden in the airplane with the glorious Jong hyun!! and then the girl went like ____ writer is the best or something! sheesh self praise much!
        Plus i think the main guy kinda sucks here! i know he is a famous actor, and he is the reason why i decided to watch it! but his character is so unlikable! and KHN character just really really reminds me of GRI (secret garden) for some reason!

        Besides that QIHM’s is such a delight! totally in love with the couple!!!

        • quirkywhit

          I actually don’t mind the show (wow, lot of praise there, huh?), but I can’t get over how much JDG looks like Johnny Depp from Dark Shadows in this. It’s the weight loss (first saw him in The Warrior’s Way) combined with the haircut that does it. It’s not a reason to stop watching the show, it’s just distracting to me. πŸ™‚ Makes for unintentional laughter.

    • 12.2 LK

      Queen Inhyun’s Man is a MUST!

    • 12.3 DB5K

      Based on your tastes, I’d recommend I Do, I Do and Big. You may also like I Love Italy aka I Love Lee Tae Ri.

      Personally, my favorite right now is Gaksital <333. I'm also watching 21st Century Family (sooooo funny) and the Chaser. I have really expectations for Big, so keeping my fingers crossed~~

    • 12.4 JoJo

      You should watch Feast of the Gods for Lee Sang Woo, at least EP 11 or 12 (unsure) where he takes a plunge in the pool in a Speedo…

    • 12.5 MsB

      I third the Queen In-Hyun’s Man and why isn’t King 2Hearts on your list? That is a must-see!

      • 12.5.1 JoAnne

        Add me in as another chiming in with ‘MUST WATCH’ for Queen In-Hyun’s Man. Sweetest romance you’ve ever, ever seen, in any language. Time travel actually used intelligently. Hilarious supporting actors.

        Oh and yes for K2H. Sigh. I miss you, Show.

    • 12.6 Kiara

      Well, continue watching Jin if you like it even a little. Who the heck cares if other people dont like it.
      If you want a great drama to go with it then, I HIGHLY recommend Queen Inhyun’s Man.

    • 12.7 pepperandice

      7th recommendation for queen in hyuns man!! this is the most engrossing drama iv watched since padam padam, its got emotion, its crazy fast, as in whenever you think this is the point usually in dramas where theres filleresque episodes where OTT situations are manufactured to create conflict that get dragged out over several episodes with alot of crossed fate blind eye rubbish, NO, the writers and director manage to turn it on its head within the same episode or at least by the end of the next one, lol i wont put any spoilers for you even though im dying to

      the two leads have so much chemistry, but more importantly than that, they are real and rational characters, their actions and motivations explained clearly by plot and previous events, theres no caricature of the ‘perfect drama boyfriend’, hes not afraid to calmly challenge her emotionally even after theyve professed their love basically, the Truly Evil second male lead, or even TE second female lead, and best of all, female lead yoo in na is no simpering virgin whos never had a kiss or unnessecarily forthright/bubbly girl who loses function of her brain cells once she realises shes in love, horrid old tropes of kdrama those are

      i actually think what i just typed was a terrible explanation, haha all i can say is watch it!!

      • 12.7.1 pepperandice

        *oops i meant, theres NO truly evil second male/female lead, those are played in a very real world way as well

  13. 13 JIN

    well.. IMO the original japanese version is better than this remake, the acting from the casts really superb there, the music is more sentimental, the special effect that is used, and the all loves line in japanese version are not working, because of the difference of time and space, makes the drama more.. how to say it.. good.. while this korean version tend to move on with two love line.. and a classic unrequited love.. the plot in korean seems like repetition.. but I have to be honest that Korean casts are more handsome.. eye candy.. ^____________^ but that’s all, just hansome.. ( sorry for bad english )

  14. 14 DB5K

    There is one thing about medical kdramas that I dislike, the way they introduce and interweave medical cases into drama plots. Most medical dramas have an irregular episodic way of handling medical cases. After one case gets resolved, another one has to pop up almost immediately. The number of episodes dedicated to each case varies, and it often adds unevenness to the drama’s plot as a whole. In my opinion, it’s annoying when only one episode is dedicated to a case, because that isn’t enough time to flesh out the patient, the disease, and the treatment. Also, it’s disjointing to have 15-20 medical cases in a 20 episode drama. Kdramas aren’t like American dramas which span seasons. Kdramas are linear, so it doesn’t suit well with an episodic plot structure, in my opinion.

    In the case of Dr. Jin, we have Ha Eung and Chun Hong’s side stories, we have the love triangle, the politics/intrigue, the time traveling, etc. The medical cases are starting to feel like they’re INTERRUPTING the drama’s main plot. The way the medical cases are tied into the drama’s main plot is very, very superficial. Side stories in medical dramas like White Tower still managed to be very relevant and organic. Basically, there’s too much going on. When I watch a medical drama, I watch it mainly for all the… MEDICAL drama. Basically, it’s almost pointless to have medical cases if they’re all going to be superficial. However, the other aspects of Dr. Jin are still interesting and fast paced. I’m curious to see what will happen next. Hope Dr. Jin can keep up the momentum.

    • 14.1 MsB

      I watch mainly for the medical too! Probably only reason I will continue to watch to see how Hyuk handles his cases in Joseon period. Or just for laughs!

    • 14.2 Carole McDonnell

      If you haven’t seen Syndrome, I highly recommend it. It actually worked…and I’m no lover of medical dramas. But that was just one great show.

      • 14.2.1 via

        I love medical drama too… from Obgyn, Brain, and syndrome. Look forward for another medical drama and I want to continue watching Dr. Jin to see how he will perform to save other people live in Joseon era, which I think it will be more challenging for him.

  15. 15 LK

    I’m still insure about this drama…

  16. 16 kewbie

    Thanks for recapping! Sorry, but Dr. Jin’s facial expressions are hilarious!

    • 16.1 spjork

      Half the time he looks like someone’s holding a smelly hand towel under his nose, just out of frame.

  17. 17 DB5K

    Oh yeah, and I have several bones to pick with this episode. For example, it was a bit unbelievable how quickly Mina believed that Hyuk was a doctor and how readily she accepted his explanations/procedures. If I lived in the Joseon era and some poorly dressed stranger told me my brother had intracerebral hemorrhage, cracked open my brother’s skull, and forced me to look at his brains, I would have, I dunno, screamed bloody murder/fainted or something. I wouldn’t have reacted all spunky/cool headed and efficient like Mina, that’s for sure.

    And why isn’t Kyung Tak super suspicious about Young Hwi’s severe head injury? Surely it’s not normal for people to have brain-deep sword cuts on their heads…And is it really a good idea for Young Hwi to show everyone in town his head wound? It’s bound to attract a lot of questions/suspicion. Also, how did Dr. Yoo already know about the Young Hwi’s surgery? And why aren’t more people horrified about it if they have heard about it? Sigh… logic, why is it so hard to find in kdrama scripts…

    • 17.1 spjork

      That surgery scene was beyond choppy (no pun intended!)– poorly written and executed just like the rest of this show. Had unsettling tones of the movie “The Chaser” in it, which was probably unintended just like the laughs.

      At one point during the procedure everybody in the neighborhood and their second cousin was crammed into that tiny room and I half expected Mr. Roper from Three’s Company to come barging in, hilariously misconstruing the situation. WHAAAAA?

      You’ve got germ-ridden Joseon era people coming in and out of a filthy room while you’re performing brain surgery with a crab mallet and I’m supposed to believe the brother didn’t die of septicemia?

      Need a lobotomy to be able to enjoy this one, methinks.

      • 17.1.1 MsB

        And he is rolling on the floor while in the middle of chopping up someone’s skull? I was cracking up! I know this is supposed to be serious but they are failing miserably.

        • Echo

          The rolling on the floor was an *eye roll*….it was so preposterous.
          Also i wanted someone to kick or punch PMY’s character out of the room during that scene……
          So much unnecessary dialogue =___=

    • 17.2 Carole McDonnell

      The editing was so weird that I wasn’t sure if Young Hwi was actually wounded by second lead guy? I kept wondering…why is he sitting beside her brother? What if her brother returns to consciousness and remembers it was JaeJoong’s character who attacked him. It was really a very confusing section for me.

  18. 18 becca_boo

    Star Trek reference!!! I knew I liked you. : )

    Thanks for the recap!

  19. 19 spjork

    while his son, Kyung-tak, engages in a firefight with the bandits known as Anonymous.

    I was just scanning the text without really processing it and when I got to this part, I thought, “God, those 4chan guys really get around”…until I realized this wasn’t the recap for Ghost. ^^;

    Thumbs up for the Star Trek reference!

  20. 20 DaDa

    Thanks to this drama, I am now rewatching the Japanese version of Jin. That’s the only good thing this kdrama has managed to accomplish.

    • 20.1 1061-kun

      I did the same thing. It is easy to see why the Japanese version succeeded with its choices of visuals, music, good acting.

  21. 21 Oyabun

    I think you have too much of kindness for this drama. IMH, it sucks: untimely gore, messy, unconvincing, annoying soundtrack, sometimes grotesque, bad acting… Compared to AGD, Gasiktal, it will surely be a big fail.

    PS: I’ve been following dramabeans for a while now but never posted comments. Thanks for your recaps and for making an english place to discuss and share about kdrama. Much appreciated.

    • 21.1 Echo

      AGD……just seems to me to be a repetition of Secret Garden with different characters….
      Its too cliche and boring to follow the same plotline twice….

      • 21.1.1 Oyabun

        A Gentleman’s Dignity has body switch too? I believe we are not speaking about the same drama. For the moment, I only follow these two ones. I think they are better than Time Slip Dr JIN (so far).

  22. 22 Betsy

    I’m on drama withdrawal after an awesome couple of weeks of TK2H and Rooftop Prince.

    I’m not so excited about this drama, it looks okay but I’m not really committed to the story or characters. I think I will pass on it for now and maybe come back to it later when all or half the episodes are subbed. Thanks for the recaps!

    Btw super jealous of Park Min Young, she has now acted with two-thirds of JYJ.

    • 22.1 MsB

      Watch Queen In-Hyun’s Man. It immediately took me out of my TK2H funk! Seriously!

      • 22.1.1 Betsy

        Thanks for the recommendation, it definitely got me out of my drama rut. I started it yesterday and have already watched six episodes!

    • 22.2 pepperandice

      if you like those two, youll love Queen in hyuns man!! even better since next week is the last week you get to watch the bulk of it in full blast, which is the best way to watch it in my opinion cos i just got into it last week and waiting for it has been such torture ><, iv even resorted to watching it with chinese subs cos they release within like 24 hours after broadcast, dont know how they do it, only ever done that once before

      • 22.2.1 Betsy

        Thanks for the drama recommendation, I had heard good things about this drama so it didn’t disappoint. I started watching it yesterday and now I’m hooked. Glad that most of the episodes are up and subbed already. I want to pace myself or else I’ll finish in the next few days and be on drama withdrawal again. LOL.

  23. 23 Cynthia

    Wow – after watching ep 2 of Dr. Jin, I’m just laughing thinking of the nerve of them to be suing “Faith” for plagiarism. It’s like watching a high school production performing ‘Wicked’ and then seeing the real thing on Broadway – apples and oranges.

    DJ is beyond clunky – the editing is abrupt, the music does nothing for the ambiance of the scenes and the plotpoints are just plan silly. There aren’t too many neurosurgeons out there who can see a head wound, make a definitive diagnosis and fix it with a hammer, Inca history notwithstanding. And how convenient is it that Joseon citizens seem to be dropping like flies with major head/brain traumas? Lucky a neurosurgeon just happens to be there… but, that is the crux of the story, as heavy-handed as it is.

    Out of curiosity I watched a few eps of the J version – it’s the difference between night and day, with kudos going to the J drama.
    The one good thing that just might come out of DJ will be to (hopefully) show this subject done right in ‘Faith’.

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2, but I have the uncomfortable feeling that DJ is seriously heading for the toilet flush of drama doom.

    • 23.1 hana

      mehh ..I don’t expect much from β€˜Faith’ ..

      • 23.1.1 Echo

        me neither…..its about a plastic surgeon in the past…..

    • 23.2 Rory

      lol your expectations for Faith are really…

      Have you read the synopsis for it?

      • 23.2.1 Cynthia

        Yup. I have high expectations of Faith because of the following:

        Lee Min Ho and the fact that Faith has the legendary writer-PD duo of Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, and Legend.

        If this isn’t a recipe for Kdrama gold, then what is?

        • hana

          LOL …Kdrama gold ? … okay ~

    • 23.3 foolmoon

      Somehow they turn the beautiful drama Dr. Jin into a joke version and sadly, it’s unintentionally.
      Aaagh, I just can’t stand it!

  24. 24 cindy

    lol I watched episode 2… just to give this show another chance and……….. no thank you.

    I don’t get why people say it is entertaining, I disagree, it is boring and SSH faces are so annoying.

    PMY is MEH and the supposed good actor just eat and drink………

    Not watching it, it is just so bad I can’t even poke fun of it.

    Thanks for the recap you make the drama seem better than it is…..

  25. 25 Stardust

    Even though I am not planning to watch this, I will still be reading your wonderful recaps! Thank you so much =)
    I found myself literally LOLing a few times at the scenes you are describing… and the idea that a funny drama that is not a comedy just makes me feel bad for the actors… however… it seems entertaining hehehehehe

  26. 26 rearwindow

    I have absolutely zero desire to watch this show, but your recaps sure are entertaining! Thanks, Heads!

  27. 27 StarVe

    Such a creepy fenomenal….

    The writer sounded like they are GOD, like they knew EVERYTHING, about the editing, film technics & production.
    They acted like paranormal, foresee what the scriptwriter thought and mind-flow.
    They thought that they have RIGHT to use sarcasm words, mocking intonation/statements on behalf/in the name of ‘writers/reviewers/recappers/bloggers.
    They laughed when their writings have succeded to make ‘a mess’ and hit explosive responses.
    They are satisfied when they felt they could influenced the way of people thinking.

    And the worst..the readers with ‘ZOMBIE MENTALITY’..they agreed and shallowed what those were written even they haven’t watched, felt, touched by themselves.

    and a BIG SHAME, they even dare to commented while they didn’t watched the original one of this remake yet.

    My only THANKFUL & GRATITUTE for this reviewer for continuing to recap this show with his/her open-mind there are still 22 eps long to go…there are still room for improvements..

    • 27.1 J

      News flash: that is what a RECAP is. A bad drama is a bad drama and is the recapper supposed to praise it if it’s crap?

    • 27.2 jomo

      There are 24 episodes?

      OK, I put money on Heads NOT finishing this unless THT gets markedly better.

      All the unintentional funny in the world cannot stop you from seeing the EYES, Louisa, the EYES!

    • 27.3 Kiara

      WoW, did someone piss on your cereal this morning?.

      • 27.3.1 Ilikemangos

        Lol kiara I happened to be eating cereal when I read your post. Heh.

    • 27.4 Lise

      Sounds to me like a typical fan defending her oppa…JYJ fan?!!
      Mate this drama was a fail from the synopsis and watching ep 1 just confirmed our suspicions!

      • 27.4.1 mitsuki

        I’m a JYJ fan and I’m def not watching Dr Jin, because I’m not a fan of Jaejoongs acting (sorry but he’s not really good to me), so I wouldn’t generalise πŸ˜€ not all kpop fans are some crazy butthurt people, if someone criticised their “idol/artist”LOL

    • 27.5 pepperandice

      lol i agree with j, why are you even here, do you even understand this website?? the whole point of this blog is to have a review and a conversation about the show, if the writer doesnt like it, she/he is free to express an opinion in the recap, any sort of reviewing process does. i dont know if you even realise this but what you’re basically bitching about is freedom of speech… if the recap and the comments lived up to what youre asking for, what youd get is A happened, B happened, C happened, thats a fucking list, a synopsis, NOT a forum thats MEANT to have opinions and debate, people COME here for that, dont you think itd be kind of pointless and incredibly boring for dramabeans just to do a synopsis, clearly the site would never have taken off as it has with just that as a premise

      plus, how is it unfair for people to judge this drama when they havent watched the original, what WOULD be unfair would be to judge the original BASED on the remake, judging a remake entirely on its own is justifiable cos of different production teams, different actors, different directing, different script even, your defense doesnt even make any sense. (by the way, in case for some reason you think fit to throw it at me to go watch the original before i say anything, even though that doesnt make any sense, i HAVE watched the japanese and i loved it, but that doesnt mean i can or cannot judge the remake, its a totally seperate issue)

    • 27.6 foolmoon

      Wow, why you so mad? HeadsNo2 is just writing his/her opinion, and if you disagree with his/her opinion just write down your argument, so people who read your points can take another chance with this drama. Why being sarcastic?
      I might assume if HeadsNo2 have watched the original Dr. Jin, the recap won’t be as nice as this, just like what I feel about K-version.
      And when a drama has a bad writing, even a good acting can’t help to make it good, no need to say about mediocre acting.

  28. 28 pepelepew

    Ouch…that’s all I can say. I don’t think I can keep up watching. J-drama fans should be taking as much offense at the butching of such a good story as K-dramas did with the casting of less attractive people in the Japanese version of You’re Beautiful.

  29. 29 Zie

    Not gonna watch it but to tell you the truth I was looking forward for the recap. So, Thank you so much headno2. ^^ I think reading your insightful recap is more interesting and fun than watching it. LoL

    It seems like this drama brought unexpected laugh to people and I’m included too… xDDDD

  30. 30 Hagar

    are you guys gonna drop A gentleman’s dignity for this or what?
    coz I really like AGD more than this hot mess tbh

    • 30.1 MsB

      Oh No! Drop this BEFORE AGD!!

      • 30.1.1 hana

        they should Drop both dramas .

    • 30.2 Echo

      AGD is like a fafiction writer writing a Secret Garden parody version 2. Unless people are willing to watch Secret Garden over again…..but with different cast…..I don’t really see the appeal.

      (Gave the first to episodes a chance though)

    • 30.3 Rory

      Ugh, I hope AGD will be dropped. Boring, vapid show. Totally agree with the other commentator that said it was like a Secret Garden fanfic.

      It basically seems to me to be an ahjumma/ahjussi’s way of living out their middle aged Secret Garden fantasies tbqh

      • 30.3.1 MsB

        I’m not like you young’uns! That’s why I like it! πŸ˜€

  31. 31 Shiku

    Thanks for the recap as am also following the show. I find it entertaining and am intrigued where the story goes. Am in for the long haul.

    • 31.1 Shiku

      I also like LBS and LSY scenes.

  32. 32 MsB

    “Lee Beom-soo’s sheer awesomeness aside, I was pleasantly surprised by all the scenes between Ha-eung and Chun-hong and their easygoing chemistry. Since they can’t very well unlearn how to act I have the feeling that they’ll continue to steal the show”- if LBS was not in here, I’d be dropping this so fast, you’re head would spin! Every time he is on the screen, its funny and entertaining; the rest are just mediocre. I’ll continue to watch this until something better shows up (like I dropped Love Rain)!

  33. 33 pitnee

    Thanks for getting episode 2 recap! I watched 2 episodes roughly (while doing something else) just to get an idea whether I should spend time on it or not. It seems interesting, but boring at times. With comments from recap in Episode 1, I was really curious about how J-version had done even though I planned not to watch the J-version in order not to compare with K-version. Finally, I watched the first episode and the last episode of JIN and JIN2 to get the point of this time traveling. Just a glimpse of watching J-version, I got tears in my eyes while I watched the last episode of JIN2. Jdorama always make me awed on how they value life, career, society, and relationship, which the latter isn’t necessary to be showing strongly romantic.

    I read somewhere that JIN in J-version is also based on medical history and revolution. For K-version, I guess they would use medical situation similar to J-version (which might not be related to Korean medical history), but relate to more political situations in Korean history and add more love line to the story. I hope there would be more screen times for LBS and I expect to see the conflicts or how Kyung-tak deal with his conflicts with his woman (and Hyuk), his best friend (Yong-rae’s brother), and his father. He seems to be the character that has a lot of burdens. (still) hope that JJ would be able to bring his character’s conflicts out there. He seems to be stiff although I think episode 2 he did a bit better with his Sageuk pace. Then, what would I expect to see from Dr.Jin? I guess K-version would go for bringing Jin to be more humanitarian to his career viewpoint after his argument with Mina in episode1?

  34. 34 song pong

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2!
    I’ll keep watching it for LBS but I have to say, Jaejoong’s character is kind of interesting too(which took me by surprise). I hope in a couple of recaps people will stop coming here to just say how shitty the drama is and move on, and let people who enjoy it (well…mostly enjoy it) talk about it.

    • 34.1 Echo

      *likes your comment*
      I find the people who come to recap posts just to say ‘I hate this drama’ without giving any constructive criticism annoying.

      But constructive criticism is fin….^^

  35. 35 chickenwing

    I read your episode 1 recap before I started watching and I must say its not as bad as I thought. Granted, it’s really cheesy, takes itself too seriously at times and I get a headache watching the Park Min Young parts (I skip these now) – but the premise is quite interesting. I like Lee Beom Soo and the other lady, some intentional comic relief. I’m curious how it pans out.

  36. 36 dee

    thanks for recaping. i hope you don’ t drop it. bcoz i like lee beom soo a lot.

  37. 37 rr

    i watching this just because of lee beom soo now i’m forced to finish this drama because of my annoying habit of finishing anything i’ve started.. it’s not too bad anyway considering i also watched take care of us captain (for my love of JJH) i’m really loyal to my favorite actors that’s why i always suffer.. i wish the writers will give a lot of screentime to LBS

  38. 38 abby

    I’m not judging the 1st and 2nd episode yet. I have to keep on watching till I get the substance if this drama. Eventually it will come sooner at the 3rd episode or 4th. I,m willing to wait. Since Dr. Jin is one of my korean favorite actor.
    Thanks for the recap.

  39. 39 abby

    I’m not judging the 1st and 2nd episode yet. I have to keep on watching till I get the substance if this drama. Eventually it will come sooner at the 3rd episode or 4th. I,m willing to wait. Since Dr. Jin is one of my korean favorite actor.
    Thanks for the recap. How can be this duplicate when this is the first time I make a comment on this drama. Hello!!!!

  40. 40 Noelle

    LBS keeps me interested. Sorry Hand Towel.

    Thanks for the recap!

  41. 41 pinkipu

    I don’t you folks but i just love this drama. I know it’s only 2 eps yet but i like it. It just that there are always weird illnesses and injuries around dr jin so that it makes the drama a bit … i don’t know not very well story writing i guess. But i like the idea πŸ™‚ SO until i’m bored i’ll keep watching ^_^

    • 41.1 toritorisan

      I agree with you too, I like this drama. I like these types of dramas where someone becomes a hero and helps people. Although some of the cast in this drama has acting skills to be desired, I still find this drama entertaining. I am glad to see the synopsis being continued.

      I noticed that QIM and RTP often gets compared. I like each of the dramas in their own ways, but don’t think any of them are flaw free. I’m actually looking forward to “Faith” because I think it’s the first one where a female lead experiences time travel? Hopefully that would be interesting…

  42. 42 Birdie

    LBS is wasted in this . If the story is not well-written and the leads are not carrying the show, then it is no point watching. SSH and JJ not doing it for me,and PMY is acting as PMY as usual. I will use my time for all 3 dramas on Wed-Thurs. so far love all 3, ep.1,different genres but really good.

  43. 43 Carole McDonnell

    I am actually liking this show. Why? I don’t know. The convenience of all the major plot points is so irritating. Wholly implausible stuff happens because the plot has to be kept going; the need to suspend disbelief is so high that I can only think the writers were lazy and/or indifferent. And yet, I am actually liking this show. One of my favorite time travel books is Connie Willis’ The Doomsday Book and this show reminds me of it — modern healer thrown back into the middle ages– and maybe that’s why I’m trying to like this. But the idea of all the people (who are important to the plot) needing heavy-duty neuro-surgery (or throat-surgery) at convenient moments….wow! And I still can’t get over the fact that he looked like he was having seizures (in the first episode) while operating on his loved one…. and everyone allowed him to operate. And yet…i’m actually watching this thing.

  44. 44 Quiet Thought

    This drama needs more brain fetus.

    • 44.1 Oyabun

      They would slide to the prehistoric time of korea. Yes, could be better than what we have.

  45. 45 JG

    Thanks, HeadsNo2. No matter how many people criticize this drama, I will still give it a chance. I like the premise and I like all the actors.

  46. 46 Lise

    More screen time for LBS ahjussi and am with this drama all the way! Pretty boy JJ is the new Sun Woo’s gf for me, i mean i literally skip his parts, i’d much rather watch a tortoise race!

  47. 47 starfield

    Thank you Heads for the fun and impartial review πŸ™‚
    While it’s hard to take the life-and-death surgeries in the first two episodes seriously because they happened in such high frequency and awkward sequence, the story itself is interesting enough for me to want to keep watching, even if my beloved Jaejoong wasn’t in it πŸ˜‰
    It helped a lot when I realized that I had started to care about Jin the character- it was when he was sentenced to death, and yet he still had enough decency in him to care about the health of his patient.
    I also am interested in how the story of Kyung tak and LBS’s character will unfold, and the fact that SSH has decent chemistry with these two an added bonus too.
    I don’t expect this version of Jin to emotionally engage me the way the J-version did. But at least as a fusion sageuk this drama is refreshing among the drowning sea of predictable rom-coms πŸ˜€

  48. 48 sundae

    Lee Bum Soo and Lee So Yeon is the only one saving this drama for me.

  49. 49 Rovi

    Oh well, at least Yi Ha-eung had been recognized as the future Daewongun in this episode…XP

    Y’know, I have a niggling feeling…since Minister Kim is featured heavily here (and is so far the only politician to be shown, besides the politically-astute-yet-not-yet-recognized-as-of-now Yi Ha-eung), I wouldn’t wonder if Minister Kim here is actually the historical Kim Moon-geun, father of Queen Cheor’in, wife of Cheoljong; AKA Cheoljong’s father-in-law…
    …and I wouldn’t wonder if that were so, since Joseon politics during our timeline were dominated by the Andong Kim’s…

  50. 50 1lostbear

    Oh my God. That last scene was so preposterous that it was hilarious. I kind of wonder whether maybe this a case of where script writing doesn’t give a good idea of how a scene plays out. Maybe it all sounds pretty sane in the writer’s head and in the script written. But actually do it, and everything’s crazy. Some things are more believable when written than when shown visually.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll tune in to watch this, but I’ll follow recaps if you guys choose to continue them.

    Thanks HeadsNo2!

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