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Time Slip Dr. Jin starts shooting
by | May 1, 2012 | 93 Comments

Here’s our first look at stills from the set of Song Seung-heon‘s new drama, Time Slip Dr. Jin. The shots are of Song and his leading lady Park Min-young in their snazzy white lab coats, from the present-day part of the show — there’s no evidence of time-slipping yet. But cameras are rolling, which given the drama on this drama, is a small miracle in and of itself.

Song Seung-heon plays the time-traveling Dr. Jin, who somehow lands himself in 1860 and puts his genius medical skills to use there. Park Min-young plays two different characters, one in each era, so perhaps she’s a petrova doppelganger. Or something. Also, Lee So-yeon (My Love By My Side, pictured below) has since joined the cast as the mysterious gisaeng with visions of the past and the future.

Do you ever wonder how time-skipping characters in dramas give up on the whole notion of getting back to their original era so damn quickly? It’s like I’m WHERE? Oh… 300 hundred years in the future? Guess I’ll go get a job and a mortgage then. I’m also curious about the traveling backwards details, like hair. Forward-travelers cut their manes of glory, but you can’t super-grow one if you travel backwards. Do they make topknot toupees? Will he just always wear a hat, even in his oops-I-walked-in-on-your-shower scenes? What, like you weren’t wondering.

Time Slip Dr. Jin premieres May 26 on MBC.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DONG YI

    Lee So yeon is so pretty and she acts really well in DONGYI. She’s actually better than Han Hyojoo. I should watch this one since she’s playing a protagonist…

    • 1.1 curiousme

      I like her too. She’s a good actress. Better than some of the female leads where she’s co-staring. If PMY doesn’t careful she can steal the limelight instead.

      LSY’s playing protagonist ? just try “My Love By My Side”

      • 1.1.1 Kiara

        PMY has nothing on Lee So Yeon. I’m glad to see her back. She is beautiful and talented.

        • rainbow

          I like PMY. I don’t have a problem with her acting. I’ve seen worse acting than hers that has gotten a lot of praise. I think it may just be on whether she fits the character and is able to portray it well enough. And so far, the dramas I’ve seen her in she’s done that.

          • mayz

            I don’t like Park Min-young I think she’s so stiff and her acting really lacks .. I might eevn consider not watchinng this because of her can’t bother with stiff acting

    • 1.2 bd

      LSY did one of the better acting jobs in “Dong Yi” (which wasn’t hard to do) but she did engage in overacting a bit at times.

      The actress who stood out for me in DY (despite her relatively limited screen time) was Park Ha sun as Queen Inhyeon (simply radiant and did a lot w/ what was a pretty limited role as the reserved Queen; I was shocked at how young PHS was since she brought a lot of maturity to the role).

      Also liked Jung Yumi a lot (like it so much better when she isn’t playing the evil one).

      While I like HHJ, she started to annoy me in DY w/ her repeated use of certain mannerisms which I blame the PD for (it was the same mannerisms used by Kim Yoo jung who played the young DY, which is why I didn’t exactly have the greatest impression of KYJ’s acting abilities until she impressed me in TMTETS).

      • 1.2.1 pokepoke.monster

        totally agree! park ha sun was great as the queen. jung yumi was likeable and believable as well.

    • 1.3 Jo

      I though KIM So Yeon was heading this drama. Ugh, I’m so disappointed and said. I really..don’t…like………….Park Min Young…

  2. soracantabile

    is it a korean remake of jdrama JIN?
    even the name are same..and the synopsis too..

    • 2.1 shahirashera

      It is. They bought the right from the mangaka. /hoping it’ll do good /I blame the Japanese version for my high expectation

      • 2.1.1 soracantabile

        lol..you didn’t like the j-version?
        well,,i think it was a bit boring, but great story..
        haven’t watched the 2nd season,tho..

        • Ani

          When shahirashera said “I blame the Japanese version for my high expectation”, I think in the traditional sense of the statement, she/he meant that she/he enjoyed the j-version so much that there’s high expectations for this drama to live up to. I can’t say the same thought because JIN is still on my list of dramas to watch, but I’ve heard many good things about it.

          • soracantabile

            oh..i read again and i got it..lol..

        • fraye

          the second season is even better ^^

          • bishbash

            i thought the first season was better.

            but that’s just me

  3. fanaticxxx

    So Kim So Yeon didn’t join this drama. Sorry Dr. Slippery Jin, but no Kim So Yeon equals no deal for me.

  4. ck1Oz

    This is the same heroine where she is his sister in present day Korea. But a well brought up young lady in the past?

    Doesn’t an older brother feel ick even having romantic thoughts in that direction? I have the OTP wrong right? Is she for Jaejoong’s character then?

    • 4.1 rainbow

      I just read somewhere that PMY is playing SSH’s modern day girlfriend & the other is a Joseon young lady from a well-to-do family; not his sister. He’s already done that drama (autumn fairytale). I hope that’s right… Dramabeans can you check to make sure that’s correct or not?

  5. Mulberry92

    omo!! can’t wait for lee beom soo ^^

  6. Nadia

    SSH looks so young, OMG!!!!!
    Keep Tilting and I’ll watch you in anything.

    • 6.1 Yeez

      It seems as if he just keeps getting younger and younger huh?

    • 6.2 oh so hot

      I think I’m not blind he looks old and not handsome at all.

      • 6.2.1 ahha

        i think he looks old too…and too thin. maybe better gaining some weight…but i do not like his acting anyway…

      • 6.2.2 ahha

        i think he looks old too…and too thin. maybe better gaining some weight…but i do not like his acting anyway…

      • 6.2.3 InquizityJJ

        SSH look his age, in fact, good at this age of his. He is definitely a handsome man and no doubt about it. Those who met him personally will not deny that. But, yet of course they are some people who would prefer young pretty “man-made” faces than a mature naturally good looking sexy man.

  7. J

    Ooo, girlfriday, I see you making a Vampire Diaries reference! Strangely that’s the most impression I make out of this almost-guaranteed hot mess. Wonder how they’ll handle the complication of shooting a time-traveling scheme with such little shooting time ><

  8. shopgirl

    oh can’t wait for lee bum soo and jae joong

  9. hot_saranghae

    in the original japanese drama, the protagonist didn’t suddenly grow his hair, but as he settled down I think they just took a little section of his hair on top and tie it up to resemble a little topknot…..

  10. 10 Samantha1998

    Actually I was hoping that KSY will really join the gang but I guess that lee so yeon is not that bad.I must add that I don’t like PMY very much. Seeing her reminds me of those idols turned actors like SNSD’s yuri, Jessica n yoona. Their acting is so bad. But I’ll definitely watch this cuz song seung hun n jj’s acting is quite good.

  11. 11 asmkt

    butbutbut!! the petrova doppelganger (ahaha) is supposed to be lee so-yeon’s character! (also why are they giving her powers? random)

    ahhh i think i just need to come to terms with the fact that i’m way too attached to the japanese version :'(

    • 11.1 Revy

      mte. I was like whyyyyyy

  12. 12 lala

    Oh dem it!! No kim So Yeon??
    Officially, I’m out~~~

    • 12.1 Danna

      Yeah me too….but I wasn’t expecting her to confirm either…this drama just doesn’t have much of an appeal to me and without her it loses any interest that I may have had…..so unless there are fantastic reviews out I’m not sure I’ll check it out

  13. 13 jomo

    Here we go!
    Will THT be better this time around? Did he really take his sunbae’s, Lee Soon Jae’s, advice and learn more about his craft since My Princess?
    (Not the “look sexy and hold this pizza” craft – he has that one nailed)
    Will we see a thinking, feeling Dr. Jin?
    I hope so! No matter how it is, I will be watching.

    No Kim So Yeon? Sad for us.

    • 13.1 YY

      The answers to your questions:

      1. Will THT be better this time around?

      A: I hear he’s upping his craft by including some awesome never-before-seen stunts like thundering at breakneck speed through the mighty jungles of Ancient Korea astride a crazed black boar clad only in a towel (him, not the boar).

      2. Did he really take his sunbae’s, Lee Soon Jae’s, advice and learn more about his craft since My Princess?
      A: Uh…no. Sorry.

      3.Will we see a thinking, feeling Dr. Jin?

      A: Thinking, feeling…um, tall order….can we substitute those with a SHOWERING Dr. Jin instead?

  14. 14 Mystisith

    I’m going to watch this no matter what: At best i will be pleasantly surprised. At worst i will have fun making fun of it. The all plagiarizing battle must take place in a remote room full of lawyers. Hope it won’t affect the mood on the set so that they can work properly.

    • 14.1 JoAnne

      I am with Mysti on this. Fun with and without a towel!

  15. 15 21

    Only want to watch this because Jaejoong is going to be in it.

  16. 16 sabohee

    i think theere was a mistake in the earlier synopsis where they said Min-Young was playing the lead role and also Seung-Heon’s sister role. The news are now saying she’s playing the role of a surgeon who works in the same hospital as Seung-Heon just like Miki in the J-drama version.

    • 16.1 kaleido

      ok… i am glad that she is not the sister than love.. i was so upset when i saw that synopsis… so PMY is Miki in the present and suki in the past… this version still mess up my brain… i love j-version.. so i am really iffy on this version… but other than that.. i love the stills.. both look good… of course i will be happy to have KSY.. but LSY is actually a very good actress… so i am happy about this casting…

      • 16.1.1 sabohee

        yeah i think they’re gonna combine both Miki and Saki’s characters so that they can have the typical k-drama female lead to emphasize the “fate-link”. I Think the japanese version was better because both Miki and Saki’s characters were equally important to Jin.

      • 16.1.2 Jane

        It would been terrific to have KSY, but I really like LSY, and her performance in Angel’s Temptation and Dong Yi really won me over, so I am glad he got cast.

        • Jane

          I meant “she” got cast. Typo =]

  17. 17 Po

    Park min young is so mehh~ i really don’t get why she keeps getting all these high profile dramas. her acting in City Hunter was so cringe worthy. am I the only one thinking this?? She’s just really pretty. Other than that, there’s nothing…

    • 17.1 namcha

      I concur.

    • 17.2 Mystisith

      I feel the same but i hope she will change my mind here.

      • 17.2.1 houstontwin

        She has been so lucky in her recent roles. She hasn’t impressed me yet but her co-stars have been great.

    • 17.3 rearwindow

      I agree. She’s passable, but I really didn’t think she was suited to her City Hunter role.

    • 17.4 elizabeth

      She is sweet,pretty and just have a very likeable face (even tho she had major surgery).I like her

      • 17.4.1 bd

        Haven’t watched anything w/ PMY so can’t comment on her acting, but while PMY may be pretty in the generic kind of way, she’s not really striking enough to stand out (at least for me).

        Kim Tae hee wasn’t exactly known for her acting (until her winning performance in “My Princess”), but despite that KTH immediately stood out.

        • Urnaa

          well Kim Tae Hee wasnt that good in My Princess. Her winning performance was in Harward Story if i recall right.

  18. 18 minny

    no kim so yoen, no me.
    to bad i was looking forward to watching it but for now it is at the bottom of my to watch list

  19. 19 blergh

    Still not convinced that Park Min Young and SSH can make me believe they are doctors…

    Call me when Jaejoong shows up in a hanbok. ^^

    • 19.1 aoiaheen

      “Jaejoong shows up in a hanbok” let me add to that.

      Jaejoong in a hanbok with a mane of glory and wielding a sword. Looks like someone might steal the spotlight from THT.

      • 19.1.1 Mic

        …I’d really like to see this. 😀

    • 19.2 Frida

      @blergh Jaejoong already showed up in hanbok. He posted on twitter (@mjjeje) a photo of him at the posters shoot

  20. 20 Yeez

    awwww ! I was expecting kim so yeon to be in here! But I guess they chose one with the same name! lol. Im funnayyy! Yes, Im lame. But yay!!! Park min young! & don’t tell me the main dude is going to fall in love with his sister in the past life dudee! Cause that is just eww! I loved the japanese version bc it was confusing of who was gonna get the guy! Ahhah, but DAMN, i cannot wait till this drama has come out! <3 xoxo- yeez

  21. 21 Lang

    I watched both the first season and second season of JIN the japanese drama, and I gotta say that I hope the korean version can live up to the expectations.

    There was a lot of crying in the jdrama version, so lets hope for more in the korean one !!

    Can’t wait!

  22. 22 Stephiekins

    Watched the first and the second season too. To a certain rate, I’m not sure if the korean version can live up to the japanese one. The soundtrack for JIN still raise my bumps when I hear it, gets me all emotional :'( I’m confused how they set up PMY and LSY’s character. If LSY is the gisaeng then she should be the one in the future as SSH’s lover. Oh well, they’ll probably change the drama a little I guess. For the better I hope…

    • 22.1 kaleido

      they did mess around with the characters in this version… in the j-version.. miki and suki are both 1st lead in my opinion… but for this version obviously they make it clear the 1st and 2nd lead… so PMY is miki in the present and suki in the past… if i do watch decide to watch this drama.. it’s probably better off for me to view it as not a remake.. but a totally new story.. it’s gonna be hard for me.. cos the original.. both seasons are all kind of awesome.

  23. 23 Swye

    hah. GF, you voiced my thoughts. At least in Queen In Hyun’s Man, the Joseon time-hopper just hides his mane of glory when he is in the modern times. Then again he keeps traveling back and forth, so I guess he gotta be prepared for both worlds at any time.

  24. 24 OxyR

    Not being shallow or anything.. I can’t imagine if my Ob/gyn looks like that! (refer to the 1st pic)

  25. 25 Sumee

    no Kin So YEON ..i am out

  26. 26 song pong

    Oh, I was hoping for some Jaejoong shots:/ I’ve seen the Japanese version and I liked it a lot, I think I would be watching this even if Jae wasn’t in it. Can’t wait!

  27. 27 Fab

    This pairing is interesting! In a good way though, so I don’t get why pple are so against PMY, she is way better than most of pretty idols-turned-actors out there.

    And LSY is gonna make a pretty good gisaeng.

  28. 28 Thatgirl

    WHAT?! Park Minyoung is going to be in “Time Slip Dr. Jin”?! While Minho is going to be in Faith. You guys’ve heard about the conflicts going ton between the 2 dramas right?! How could she do this to Minho?!

    Lol! xD. Jp, its just a drama… But really, as his ex and friend, she should be on his side no matter what!

  29. 29 John

    I have to get busy and watch the original J series .

    As far as PMY goes, I saw in in Unstoppable High Kick and SKKS. She’s cute, that counts for a lot in Dramaland, right ?

    Neither of the previous roles I’ve seen her in really called for more than being cute.

    Did I mention she’s cute?

  30. 30 mnm

    i’ll watch coz of my fave SSH! luv him

  31. 31 pumpkinattack

    Dr. Who?

    Yeah… I just couldn’t help myself. 😉

  32. 32 Bubba

    Another Park Min Young drama? Woohooo! I’m totally IN! The girl deserves all the breaks she’s getting…glad she’s being recognized for her talent.

  33. 33 Ringo

    That Vampire Diaries reference?

    I love you.

  34. 34 ccinta

    I’ll watch this because of Lee Bum Soo. Heard that his character will be similar like Sakamoto Ryoma – I hope this is true.

    After I saw the news that the scriptwriters are Spy Myung Wol’s & Road No 1’s writers; hmmm I’m a bit skeptical but I’ll reserve my judgement after I watch the first few episodes. I hope they won’t ruin two of my favorite J-doramas, Jin & Jin 2.

  35. 35 Jo

    I know people dislike reading “this version was better” but I feel really really scared for this drama. The Japanese version was very good because of it’s script and the actors. The main woman and man cast for the Korean version are…so…flat. Also, the script writers?
    I hope they don’t ruin JIN. It was my first j-drama. I have very high expectations that I know…(probably) will not be fulfilled.

    • 35.1 Shahril

      Yeah i second that…hope k-version will be as great as the jap-version.

  36. 36 oh so hot

    Why always mentioning KSY here , yes she can act but not the best and scene stealer, and she can be stiff either, she failed in GABI/COFFEE. Her performance not memorable.
    I think PMY can do better here, she is improving.

    • 36.1 rubie

      Out of the two main leads, Kim So-Yeon made the far more favorable impression. She hasn’t had a lot of work on the big screen so far, which works in her favor, and she also possesses an exotic look that brings her character to life.


  37. 37 StandingAwesome

    If PMY is a so-so actress then does it mean.. that it just turned out she was really clever in choosing projects like SKKS and CITY HUNTER? and that the reason of the awesomeness of both dramas are not because of the lady protagonist but the male stars like Ah In-Joongki-Yoochun trio and Lee Minho?..

    ouch PMY,, but still am envy because she gets to kissed Yoochun and Lee Minho and might smooch either Jaejoong or Mr. Towel.. It’s a fanfic-ish dream for most of us..

  38. 38 Allan

    Help us spread this page! http://www.facebook.com/TimeSlipDrJin

  39. 39 HappyDaffy

    What? No photo of my Jaejoong??!! 😉 The leads look so good in their lab coats. I’m really looking forward to this drama.

  40. 40 jyyjc

    So kim so yeon is out?

  41. 41 xoxo

    KSY not in line, so dissapointed. I think that SSH and PMY just keep the high-profile on this drama without the memorable acting…only LBS and LSY can make this drama live up..

  42. 42 mjjeje

    I am sooo excited for this drama. All for Kim Jaejoong and Song Seun Heon. 😀 <3

  43. 43 xexi

    haha vampire diaries lol
    btw I hate petrova doppelganger n I hate PMY too lmao

  44. 44 Melah

    To think that SSH been offered as the lead drama Brain first… Thank god SHK got it instead.

  45. 45 infernolevel8

    Am I the only one who loved PMY in City Hunter and SKKS? I though that she portrayed her characters well. PMY plays a lot of sweet characters, so it is understandable that she doesn’t “sizzle” on screen, like KSY who has played a dark character in IRIS and interesting characters in PP and Dr.C. Instead, I think PMY can portray endearing characters very well.

  46. 46 sakuranonamida

    Honestly I have nothing against PMY, she’s pretty and well doesn’t seem bitchy or anything but seriously her acting is so not there, I really don’t understand how she can get all these lead roles in big dramas one after another. Good for her, she’s quite the lucky lady but she better have improved this time, she was so bad in City Hunter at times esp during all the intense scenes that I was just suddenly focused on her cringeworthy acting instead of what was happening in the story. Girl needs to go back to acting school and learn the different expressions (surprised, upset, horrified, desperate…) and try not to make everything look the same. Anyways I still have some expectations for this drama, only to see how they’ve adapted it but Handtowel and her better deliver!

  47. 47 NilsaR

    Pretty disappointed the PMY is in this drama… Yeah she’s cute, dating the hotest guy in K-drama (my opinion)..but I think her acting is lacking…*sighs, but I will watch it because SSH is in it. I LOVE HIM! <3

  48. 48 InquizityJJ

    Well, I must say SSH does look like a doctor in that white coat. I’m really hoping he will nail it well in his role.

  49. 49 hgank

    just saw jaejoong in hanbook…wow little bit weird but still cool, love his eyes

    keep wondering how he acts in this drama

  50. 50 Mariel

    Isn’t Jaejoong going to be in this? <3

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