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Dr. Jin: Episode 15
by | July 17, 2012 | 171 Comments

Hyuk battles cancer with his bloodiest surgery yet, and gets revisited by an old, tiny little friend we haven’t seen for a while in the process. There’s plenty of heartbreak to go with this cancer-curing operation, with some of our characters passing the point of no return while others are just getting warmed up, or shot up, for that matter. The political machinations prove to be the more reliable aspect of the show and get a kick in the pants this episode, and we’re starting to maybe almost sort of possibly get answers to the big questions, but not the one at the top of my list, which is: Will Young-rae ever run out of tears?


Hyuk and Kyung-tak are on a ticking clock to find Young-rae for emergency cancer surgery, while Kyung-tak tries to absorb the fact that his fiancée was going through with the wedding with her mind made up to die. He grabs Hyuk by the collar and sobs for a hot second before ordering Hyuk to find her.

Now inside the gibang, Young-rae cries as she explains her dream/not-dream of Mina to Chun-hong, claiming that even in the dream she didn’t want to let go of Hyuk’s hand. Even though Young-rae knows he’s from the future Chun-hong has to spell it out again, bringing up the fact that they’re both from different worlds and how their Love Cannot Be. Nothing new.

However, Chun-hong also adds that she tried to ‘protect’ both of them, since “Truth is only valuable to those who can bear it.” I’m still trying to figure out what this big secret is that they’re so intent on keeping from Hyuk, but Chun-hong is absolutely adamant about it and orders Young-rae to pretend she doesn’t know. Pretend she doesn’t know what? That she had a dream where she was Mina? I’m confused.

The moment Young-rae leaves, Chun-hong orders someone to follow her. Curiouser and curiouser.

Hyuk is the only one expending energy to look for Young-rae, since Kyung-tak is too busy giving tearful eyes to the jade ring he was going to give Young-rae for their wedding. Young-rae hides the moment she sees Hyuk looking for her, and Kyung-tak finally orders his men to make a sweep of the city.

However, Young-rae finds a place to hide by visiting the Catholic Priest who held the late-night masses she’d go to, just as Kyung-tak deals with his very angry Daddy intent on finding Young-rae and her mother to turn them into slaves. Dad’s even unhappier to find that she ran away because of a disease, even though Kyung-tak assures him that surgery will cure her, because surgery cures everything.

And sure enough, Minister Kim is not happy about Ha-eung taking over the Royal Family’s genealogy records, especially considering that the Queen Dowager will be adopting his son. Only now does Minister Kim realize that this all points toward loftier goals (aka Myeong-bok becoming King), and resolves to do something about Ha-eung.

Ha-eung gathers all the royal relatives to sign their names in the royal genealogy book, Seon Won Rok. This is significant because he’s gathering power against the Andong Kim clan along with prepping the book that houses the name of the heir to the throne, which he obviously has a stake in with regards to Myeong-bok.

He rallies the rest of the royal relatives against Minister Kim, citing him as the reason Joseon has become rife with corrupt officials and disloyal subjects. He’s confident because he has the backing of the King himself and the Queen Dowager. Ha-eung: “Finally, it is time for the Royal Family and us to gather our power and drive out this corrupt clan.”

Ha-eung is followed out by a shadowy figure, and ducks away only to have a knife held at his throat. Except it’s Young-hwi casually wielding the blade as he tests Ha-eung on what he would have done if he was an assassin sent by Minister Kim. Well, by the looks of it, he’d probably be dead.

They go to the gibang to confer, and Chun-hong makes sure that Joo Pal won’t breathe a word about seeing Young-hwi. Inside, Ha-eung doesn’t seem all that shocked, because he adhered to the rules of dramas: Dead Body, Or It Didn’t Happen.

Young-hwi seems different though, even though he explains that he was saved from the water by a band of thieves. It seems a little suspicious that he’s so changed now, as he tells Ha-eung, “When I fell off the cliff, the Joseon I dreamed of disappeared under the water.” So now he won’t have ideological problems with Ha-eung’s way of doing things like before, and offers up his services.

Even more suspicious is that he is adamant about never letting his mother or Young-rae know he’s alive in order to ‘protect’ them. Hmm. Sounds awfully similar to Chun-hong’s usual spiel.

Later that night, Young-rae pulls a cloth from her bosom to reveal yellowish nipple discharge. Never thought I’d write that sentence.

In Court, King Cheoljong reads a mountain of petitions calling for Minister Kim to be ousted due to his corruption. Most of them are from the Royal Relatives, who have gathered outside the palace gate to formally request Minister Kim’s resignation.

Ha-eung, Joo Pal, and Young-hwi (mostly disguised by a hat) watch the proceedings, with Joo Pal shocked to hear that this protest won’t change anything. Ha-eung equates it to a game of chess, and is simply moving all his pieces into play. He charges Joo Pal with gathering intel on Minister Kim’s bribes, and Young-hwi suggests that they get their own spy. Is everyone thinking Chun-hong?

Young-hwi spots Kyung-tak heading his way, but isn’t recognized because of his lucky hat, while Ha-eung tracks down Kim Byung-ok, who’s happy to declare that Ha-eung can’t blackmail him anymore. That may be true, but Ha-eung plants a seed of doubt in his mind by asking how long he expects Minister Kim to stay in power. If he’s smart, he’ll change allegiances.

Hyuk goes to Chun-hong in order to level her with his most disapproving look, and she rightly surmises that he blames her for Young-rae’s disappearance. He tries pressing the fact that It’s! Cancer! to which Chun-hong replies, “What if that is her fate?”

She clarifies, and asks him if he’s going to save someone who’s not meant to be saved, again, and even presses upon him that saving Young-rae might damn another person to die. Hyuk isn’t having it so she latches onto his arm, tears springing to her eyes as she asks, “How can you not understand the significance of what I am doing? Do you truly still not know my heart?”

So now her earlier words to Young-rae about loving someone in secret make more sense, as she tells him that everything she’s doing is for him and that the time for him to return to his world isn’t far away. He won’t be swayed from finding Young-rae and performing surgery, fate or returning home be damned. Okay Hyuk, you have fun doing what you want even if it costs others. If you don’t care about going back, I guess we don’t have to either, right?

Young-rae’s maidservant tells Hyuk about the church Young-rae used to go to, just as Kyung-tak’s men rip the place apart looking for her. She hides away with the priest, but wouldn’t you know it, a young boy from the family sheltering them gets hit on the head by one of the officers and needs a doctor.

There’s no way to get a doctor, but it’s okay, because Young-rae remembers what Hyuk taught her about disinfecting and stitching wounds, and stitches the boy’s forehead up. Hyuk arrives in time to commend her on a job well done, much to her surprise.

She tries to turn him away, claiming that dying could be her fate. He fires back that her meeting him, a doctor, could also be fate, and seems really fed up with everyone telling him that he has to go back. He vows to save her first. So… is Hyuk going to cure cancer now?

And they’re watched over by Chun-hong’s spy, who probably couldn’t be any more conspicuous. She’s lucky our leads aren’t quick on the uptake. The spy reports back to Chun-hong who’s more than upset to hear that he’s found Young-rae.

Meanwhile, the protest continues outside the palace and the Council of Evil convenes to decide what’s to be done about it. Minister Kim decides to send soldiers to break the protest, news which shocks Ha-eung. However, Young-hwi has a plan, one that seems to revolve around Joo Pal’s involvement.

Kyung-tak leads the group of soldiers to threaten the protesters to disband or be beaten, though the serious tone is interrupted once Joo Pal arrives on scene with his minions dressed as the finest noblemen. He claims he’s from the Andong Kim clan and baits the protesters, resulting in a fight between the two groups. Kyung-tak just looks blitzed, like he has no idea what’s going on.

It’s time to play the blame game with the ministers on who gave the order to send soldiers when the protest would have broken up on its own. Doctor Yoo brings some bad news by saying that all the royal relatives are on their way to the palace, along with a group of scholars, ready to protest. Minister Kim is called in to see the King right after.

Hundreds of people have now gathered to call for Minister Kim’s resignation, and the Queen Dowager points out that it would be easier to remove one person than try to arrest hundreds, like Minister Kim would ideally want. Cheoljong is all, How could I do such a thing? Now if he were to resign… and effectively puts the ball in Minister Kim’s court.

Minister Kim decides to take his anger out on Kyung-tak, and seems ready to cut his own son down in his rage at Ha-eung if not for Doctor Yoo and Kim Byung-ok holding him back. There’s not much they can do with several hundred protesters waiting, so he orders his son to mobilize private soldiers to guard their house.

Things get awkward as Hyuk and Heo Gwang prepare for Young-rae’s surgery, since Heo Gwang leaves to give her privacy to undress. She asks Hyuk if he’ll regret this surgery, and he tells her he’ll only regret it if he can’t save her life.

She almost tells him about her Mina Dream, but remembers Chun-hong’s warning and shuts her mouth, but makes sure to leave the tear gates open. Both of them get to brood separately while Young-rae undresses and cries, and Hyuk thinks back to Chun-hong’s words about him saving someone meant to die.

Speaking of, Chun-hong seeks Kyung-tak out to tell him where Young-rae is so he can put a stop to the surgery. Again with the Love That Cannot Be/They Can Never Be Together? I like you, Chun-hong, but it’s time to shit or get off the chamber pot. Fifteen episodes is long enough for you tell us why not already.

Everyone snaps their gloves on in the surgery room, and Hyuk is reminded of the time he’d operated on Mina. Aah, so this is Redemption Surgery. Just as he’s flashing back to Mina’s accident Young-rae seems to be experiencing the same memory because she’s been inadequately anesthetized, which is everyone’s worst nightmare going into surgery. And we’re supposed to have faith that he can cure cancer?

While he goes to get more, Young-rae whispers the same words Mina did before she fell unconscious: “Again… we will meet again.” Oh dear.

Kyung-tak arrives just in time for Hyuk to very calmly inform him that his fiancée is already under for life-saving surgery. Phew, that’s a mouthful. Hyuk is certain it’s breast cancer and that he can cure her if it hasn’t spread, and Kyung-tak begs him to save her. Hyuk: “I’m going to save her. This time, I’m going to save her for sure.”

Heo Gwang heard what she said, but is unable to relate anything more than the word “again” to Hyuk because he forgot the rest. They begin the surgery.

Hyuk makes curing cancer look easy, as he removes the tumor and surrounding tissue from Young-rae’s breast. Things are looking good until he gets a weird memory flash like he did during the first episode, with the same disembodied voice saying, “I must go back.” Then an image flashes of the Jar Fetus. Is it finally back? Does it not like Hyuk removing tumors?

He clutches his head and tries to continue with the surgery, but the flashes of Jar Fetus render him unable to do anything but hold his head in pain. Cut to Young-rae, with blood literally squirting out of her chest. I know, I know, it’s a serious moment. Except that it isn’t.

This isn’t the first time Jar Fetus has ruined a surgery, since we’re reminded of the time Hyuk’s inattention caused Mina to start bleeding out. There is blood everywhere, squirting on Heo Gwang and the rest of the room while Hyuk grapples with his headache.

Okay, now this is a circus. Young-rae’s squirting blood everywhere, Heo Gwang’s trying to stop it and just gets blood squirted on him in the process, and Hyuk is practically seizing with his headache while trying to dig forceps into her chest at the same time, only his hand won’t stop shaking. Chun-hong’s words asking him if he’s going to save someone destined to die come back in a bad way, and he tries to get Heo Gwang to hold his hand steady to try and stop Young-rae’s bleeding, because that’s just a great idea when you’re shaking like a blood-covered leaf.

Luckily Heo Gwang calls him out and says that he can do it, because they just don’t have time! Except for all the time Heo Gwang spends convincing Hyuk to let him take over. Then he just starts stabbing into Young-rae’s chest with the forceps until he finds the artery and cinches it to prevent more bleeding.

Meanwhile, Joo Pal has come through and produces a signed list of bribes Minister Kim has received, which is enough evidence to get him executed. Ha-eung readies to use it to bring Minister Kim to justice.

But Minister Kim, who seems to be suffering a headache in the exact spot where Hyuk once chiseled a hole in his skull, has other plans. Doctor Yoo makes the suggestion to bring Ha-eung down using Hyuk, and that they’ll use Young-rae against Hyuk to do it. “Sometimes they say that affection is scarier than a sword,” Doctor Yoo cackles.

Young-rae wakes up, to Hyuk’s relief. He explains that Mina couldn’t be saved (he never saw her wake up), and that he wouldn’t know what to do if Young-rae hadn’t opened her eyes. Young-rae tries to comfort him while holding back that she experienced life as Mina for a while, and assures him that it wasn’t his fault – Mina wouldn’t want him to blame himself.

Hyuk: “You said there must be a reason why I came here. I had this thought throughout the surgery: Why did I come here? Why here out of all places? Why meet someone that resembles her? Perhaps… instead of saving that person, I was made to come here to save you.”

Sure, why not.

Hyuk goes to inform Mom of the good news, only to see Mom being dragged away on Minister Kim’s orders for being a traitor’s mother, which sends Hyuk running to Ha-eung. He begs for his help because Minister Kim has ordered Young-rae and her mother to become slaves, and Young-hwi secretly overhears everything.

Kyung-tak is relieved to see Young-rae up and about, claiming that all is forgiven now that she’s well. He claims Dad’ll understand if they go get married right now, but Young-rae doesn’t seem keen on the idea. She can’t go through with the wedding, and Kyung-tak lashes out, “I’m not asking for your love. Nothing will change. The wedding will proceed as planned.”

He has her dragged out after him, though she appeals to his humanity and reminds him that he knows there’s someone else in his heart. Well, he may know, but he doesn’t care, and yells at her that she can do as she likes. Hyuk arrives to stop him, and Kyung-tak draws his sword against him.

Young-rae immediately jumps between him and Hyuk, asking through tears for Kyung-tak to kill her instead since she’s the one who’s sinned. Kyung-tak looks about as dangerously broken-hearted as one can get and claims that he’ll grant her wish, only for Hyuk to grab the business end of his sword with his bare hand to stop him.

Hyuk tells him that he has to save her no matter what, and “If you want to kill her, go ahead. I will just save her again. Because she is the reason I’m here. And because… you were the one that wanted her to be saved.” I guess that’s kind of romantic if it made any sense, but Hyuk’s probably confident in his ability to raise the dead because he hasn’t met a problem he couldn’t cure through surgery.

Kyung-tak has this heart-wrenching moment where he laughs and cries all at once, because how else do you react to this kind of absurdity? “Crazy… You two and me, all. We are all crazy,” he says, and you can believe it looking at him. Are we actually watching his sanity give way? This is kind of cool.

He levels her his best brokenhearted, edge-of-sanity stare. “I have been waiting for you. I thought you would come to me. This worthless waiting… Let’s end this. Forever.” He walks away like a zombie, and why is Hyuk crying too? Did I miss the part where this became your moment?

Ha-eung knows that in order to save Young-rae and her mother, he’ll have to let Minister Kim off the hook. Young-hwi knows what this means to Ha-eung and has a nice moment where he kneels in front of him, offering his life if Ha-eung will save his family. Aww. Who can say no to that face?

Not Ha-eung, since he goes to Minister Kim, who was clearly expecting this to happen. Ha-eung shows him the paper listing his bribes, claiming that it would strip him of his position by tomorrow if he were to show anyone. It’s nice to have these two face to face, because they’re pretty well-matched.

However, Ha-eung says that he’ll tell the protesting Royal Relatives to go home, protect Minister Kim’s position, and even rescind the order for Dae-gyun’s exile (noooooooooooo). In return, Minister Kim pledges to free Young-rae’s mom and have it known that she can’t ever be turned into a slave in the future.

I like that Ha-eung doesn’t even flinch, and burns the paper right in front of Minister Kim. Well, I like it as a character moment, but not for what it means. Hopefully he has another card up his sleeve.

On a deserted street, Kyung-tak angrily throws away the jade ring he was to give to Young-rae and sinks to the ground. Instead of crying he gets a strange gleam in his eye, the kind of look that normally happens before he kills someone. Eek.

Meanwhile, Doctor Yoo and Minister Kim celebrate, even though it’s short lived. Minister Kim knows it’s not over, and won’t be satisfied with only this deal, and wants Ha-eung brought low for the humiliation he suffered.

Hyuk brings Young-rae home where Mom is waiting, and she already knows about Young-hwi’s death. She’s even proud of him because she always thought he was weak, and hugs Young-rae as they both cry. Young-hwi passes by the house unnoticed, and holds back his tears.

Kyung-tak finds himself barred from entering his own house and stripped of his position by his father, and uses his gun to forcibly gain entry. Minister Kim cooly tends to his plants while he orders that they be left alone, and Kyung-tak drops to his knees, crying.

Dad explains it in simple terms that he’d placed Kyung-tak on too high a pedestal and expected too much, only to be dishonored by Kyung-tak’s marriage debacle. It seems like this is all a ploy to get Kyung-tak to agree to do anything, since Kyung-tak refuses to leave and asks only to be told what he can do to regain Daddy’s favor.

And that something is assassinating Ha-eung, only Kyung-tak loses the opportunity when Hyuk arrives on scene, asking Ha-eung how he convinced Minister Kim. Ha-eung does have another card up his sleeve, though we don’t know what it is.

Kyung-tak levels the gun at them and shoots Ha-eung in the chest. Hyuk catches him as he falls, and Chun-hong’s words come back to haunt him: “Are you saving a person meant to die? Because of that, a person who should live can die.”


…This BETTER be a job for Dr. Jin. Or else.

Most of the time, this episode included, I find myself fighting the urge to hit Hyuk with a blunt object, just so I can watch him operate on himself using a complicated set of mirrors, no anesthetic included. I’m not talking serious damage – just a good thwack or two, because he has this amazing talent of getting on my last good nerve. Here is someone who not only digests someone’s advice but thinks it over in very loud voiceovers fifty times per episode, and then doesn’t follow it. He just doesn’t. Doesn’t even try. It’s not in his programming. Who knows, maybe he’s incapable of it.

It’s not even the first time he’s heard it, since he should still be operating under the belief that Young-hwi is dead. And while you can’t ask him to not save his girlfriend’s doppelgänger, it just kind of blows my mind that Hyuk runs around with this god complex and is honest-to-goodness shocked every time it backfires on him. It’s not like he forgets that there are consequences, because he’ll have a voiceover reminding him every five minutes that there will be huge consequences – unless he really is just a pretty, medicinally talented goldfish. He’s been this way all along and I shouldn’t expect change anymore, but Ha-eung was the last straw. Dead to me.

Speaking of the dead, R.I.P., Kyung-tak’s Soul. I’m pretty sure he tossed it along with that ring. His trajectory’s been pretty even so no surprise there that he’s gone for the angst-filled Daddy’s Boy role, since he has no one left to love him and knows no other way to earn love. Life gave him lemons and he decided to shoot them, so even if Ha-eung lives (which he probably will unless this show really wants to flip history the bird), that was a pretty calculated, premeditated murder attempt. Now he’ll have to subsist on his own as a character without falling back on unrequited love or wedding planning, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the show takes him into full-on villain territory or not.

I don’t know a whole lot about cancer, so maybe my preconceived notions that cancer is an uphill battle for those who have it is coloring the serious side-eye I’m giving for how cancer seemed kind of trivialized here, the pains of surgery notwithstanding. I wonder if the cancer issue is going to even be brought up again, judging by the way everyone forgot about it after the operation. I know Hyuk has the magical ability to cure people with only one surgery, but really?

We’ve yet to find out what the big secret is between Young-rae, Mina, and Chun-hong, though the show continues to stress to us that it’s Very. Important. Chun-hong is one of my favorite characters so I wasn’t all that pleased that she’s been relegated to parroting the same lines over and over again, as well as skirting the line between her cool self and meddling second lead territory. If they want us to back her on her goal of keeping these two star-crossed lovers apart, they need to tell us why first. It’s been fifteen episodes, Dr. Jin. Throw me a bone here.


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  1. crazedlu

    omgosh, i hate this drama. blech. ha. props to you, HeadsNo2, for recapping. ^^

    • 1.1 kakashi

      once again, THANK YOU for this wonderful, wonderful recap, from someone who is not watching this show and will definitely never watch it – but is highly entertained by reading about it here.

      • 1.1.1 kakashi

        that includes reading the comments of you guys down here ^_^

        • sibrani

          sometimes u got more information or spoiler just by reading the comments here. and i enjoy it too… dramabeans rockkk….

  2. lseva

    Thank you for your reviews, since I can’t stand this show, because of how dr.jin and young-rae. She is annoying, to be precise the actress and her character. She has the same expression no matter if this a sad scene or scene where she listens someone. And somehow I can feel that her characters feeling are sincere. Besides that her character doesn’t change, I don’t see the conflict of emotions. She want to be a doctor but I don’t see that she do anything to become one, her mother threw her from the house and she acts as if it nothing happened.

    As for Jin, Gisaeng told him that if he will stay with the girl she will be in danger and what he did at the end? They attached to each other by hip. Besides he’s cousing so much problem that I wish more and more that someone will get rid of him, but since he’s a main character we can not let that happen, can we?

    Good that DBSK-JYJ Archive decided to work on Kyung-tak story, even watching it you will be able to understand the whole drama.

    • 2.1 Awe

      really really really wish they would cast Park Min Young in a light rom-com.

      she is very witty and hysterically a good comic actor. this heavy emo drama stuff is no good for her.

      i cry with her in this drama—let it be known, Oh DramaLand, Park Min Young is a RomCOM actress.


  3. Rashell

    Oh this show is just sooooo bad. I don’t know how you keep watching it Heads let alone re-capping. Bless you!

  4. jomo

    Heads, you did NOT screen cap THT in a Looney Tunes moment, did you?
    I can hear the whistle, and anticipate the steam coming out of his nose and ears.

    • 4.1 xnopex

      i can’t stop laughing. his EYES.

      • 4.1.1 YY

        Poor SSH. The things an actor does for his craft. I’m actually really worried for him. When you stretch your eyes to such impossible angles, you kind of lose feeling in the eye muscles after a while. I’m guessing that after each take with the boggle eyes, poor SSH has to walk around looking like THAT for some time. It could take a few minutes, hours, days! God forbid! to get those eyeballs back to normal size again.

    • 4.2 Awe

      LOL. heads has her hands full with this drama. there are just so many screen-caps one can post. LOL

  5. javabeans

    GOD THIS DRAMA. Is so stupid. Why am I still watching again? I want to give Hyuk brain trauma for his denseness, even knowing that he’s sorta already there with his stupid brain-fetus gummi bear. You can’t feel sorry for his bad fate when he’s the very definition of Brings It Upon Himself. For once I’m like, have at him, Fate.

    Jaejoong reminds me of Yoo Ah-in in Strongest Chil-woo, which is high praise considering that they were both the only actors still giving their all in a shitfest of a drama where everyone else had checked out.

    • 5.1 JoJo

      Chin up, JB. Kim Ji Hoon is out and maybe he’ll do X Files 2 .

    • 5.2 Echo

      Ah wow Javabeans actually praises JJ’s acting! I’m happy ^____^

      Wait till Episode 16….JJ even drools while crying in pain! >.<

      • 5.2.1 Echo

        But even being a JJ actor….I think Jin Yi Han was the most consistent actor in this whole drama. Even LBS has problems with sageuk speech in some scenes…

        Will be waiting for Jin Yi Han’s next drama role…and hope he is the main lead ^____^

        • Michelle

          You speak Korean? PLEASE tell me what the big deal is with sageuk speak. I can’t understand it at all!!!!!!

          • Echo

            No I’m not a Korean speaker. People just criticized Jaejoong’s sageuk speech internationally, because he speaks too fast. In one episode I noticed LBS actually speaks pretty fast too. I just think actors should be judged on the same standards.
            LBS is a good actor though.
            JJ always improves dramatically from the first episode to the last.

          • Michelle

            Oh I see. I’m asking so much but well….

            I think that Jaejoong will have to go through a lot before critics become more fair with him. Not because he IS SO AMAZING!!! OMG! HOW CAN THEY JUDGE HIM!!!!
            but rather because he is an idol and people are doubly hard on idols. I think that is good in some way though because he will need all the guidance and motivation he can get. No cuddling for him! I just…..I really don’t want him to be like SSH. I really don’t.

          • javabeans

            Er, I’m not sure what you mean about Lee Bum-soo having speech problems. If you’re going strictly off of speed (since you say you don’t speak Korean), that’s really not enough to judge someone as poor who’s widely regarded as being a powerhouse actor. Jaejoong does speak waaaay too fast, to the point where I feel like he’s about to hyperventilate, and if he could only find a calmer rhythm I think his performance would elevate so much. Lee Bum-soo… is a god. Okay, maybe a demi-god. He’s not completely infallible.

          • Echo

            Javabeans I know what you mean. But, I never found a problem with JJ’s sageuk in the first place until international bloggers mentioned it (not just on this site). He was in a position of command in the first few episodes…therefore his speech would be fast……no?
            But I’m still not sure about this issue. I tried to search it up but apparently Koreans didn’t find his pace wrong for a saqeuk. So it left me confused. I left it that.
            Ah well he paces his speech much better now.

            And of course EVERY ONE knows LBS is an awesome actor….but this is also his first sageuk. The incidents I noticed where he spoke too fast are isolated…..and not that note-worthy. So in the end it doesn’t really matter ^^

          • Shiku

            In my opinion, saguek speech has a particular rhythm to it, a measured way of talking or modulating the speech. However in Kyung-Tak’s (JJ) case, it feels like the words are tumbling out of his mouth. It is more obvious when you compare how Minister Kim talks and gives orders to how Kyung-Tak does it. Even compare him to Young-hwi, there is a difference (at least to my ears even though am not Korean).

        • Michelle

          I agree about JJ. It also makes sense because he is still a rookie actor (in my opinion). He has never been a lead so it is almost cool to see how he gradually gets better. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by him. I just hope the writers make up their mind with him.

          • Awe

            michelle: i agree with you. JJ is k-pop rookie actor and i am glad he hasn’t gotten a lead…in addition to speech pace, there are times when i’m unable to tell if he is crying, angry or laughing. his emos all seem the same. especially in epis 15 and 16 where he has a lot of emos.

          • Michelle

            What? I never said I was glad that he has never been a lead or that he is a “k-pop rookie actor”. I’m saying that he is still green and should continue to take these kinds of roles so that he can continue to develop his acting.

            And…..emos? Are you 5 or something? I don’t even know what you are talking about. He did very well in those scenes but OK, you’ll continue having your opinions.

    • 5.3 Mic

      The only reason I’m still watching is Jaejoong. >.<

      …And even he might not be enough anymore. Oh dear.

    • 5.4 Msb

      Checked out? Shitfest? No two truer words were spoken! This definitely on my list of “Why am I still watching this?” list!

    • 5.5 meecheellee

      Oh man, yea. OH. MY. DRAMAGODS. Did you guys slack off on this one? Maybe? Yea? Probably? Or did you guys prefer to write while drinking? Maybe? Yea? Tequilla, right? No, probably Poitin from Ireland. That’s stronger. Mixed with Vodka? And some River Antoine Royal Grenadian Run From Grenada. GAWD. My conclusion: the dramagods wrote this one with their eyes closed. Or they did this one with lotsa tequilla/soju/rum/poitin/alcohol.

      But, like you said, I wanna give props to Jaejoong to still putting effort when everything’s gone haywire. My goodness.


      1) Chun Hong, honey, you’ve been telling us they couldn’t get together for the past 13 episodes, woman. Out with it. Fucking tell us, okai? Or is this the Love That Cannot Be Because I Love Him Too. If that’s it, then I’m gonna have to punch somebody. Hard. In the face. With a chair.

      2) Young Rae. Lady, I think you could run a hydraulic water/electric power plant with those tears. But props goes to me for thinking of it, so let’s split 50/50 for profits, kay? Oh. Nonono. Don’t waste those tears, hon, you’ve got a role to play. I think. But I can’t really tell now.

      3) Director/Producer Han Hee-ssi!! Look at your works!

      Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011)
      Royal Family (MBC, 2011)
      Home Sweet Home (MBC, 2010)
      Mischievous Kiss (MBC, 2010)
      Personal Preference (MBC, 2010)
      What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
      Young Jae Golden Days (MBC, 2005)

      Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC, 2012)
      Over the Rainbow (MBC, 2006)
      Super Rookie (MBC, 2005)
      Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
      The Bean Chaff of My Life (MBC, 2003)

      And now, Han Hee, look at your audience!
      And don’t tell me you’re surprised!
      Or I might have to slap someone.

      Note to Heads: You pick the most awesomesauce screencaps. I don’t even… Yunno, I love you for sticking with this drama when we abandoned it on that fateful day of the sickness epidemic. Haha jk. But awesomesauce job!

      • 5.5.1 Mystisith

        The fact that I read MBC everywhere… Coincidence?
        They did Moon/ Sun: Good ratings but bad critics. Now this one. They should stop with fusion sageuks if they don’t know how to do them. I’m getting scared for Arang and the Magistrate.

        • danna

          what it means is that he’s an MBC Director…MBC has had some decent fusion sageuk in recent years…but they were done by sane people of course like The Duo and God of War…Arang should be fine …if anthing the directing should be good in the hands of PD Kim Sang Ho of Can You Hear My Heart and Hon fame

          • Quiet Thought

            Among her other talents, Shin Min Ah is a good judge of directors. Arang was even smart enough to steal a pair of 21st Century sneakers from Dr. Jin’s medical sack of miracles.

      • 5.5.2 Michelle

        The Bean Chaff of My Life (MBC, 2003)…..

        LMAO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the most ridiculous title ever. Now everything makes sense!

    • 5.6 katiamon

      Yes JB, this drama is just plain stupid right now. i’m waiting for a beat down scene for the doc, he’s so selfish and stubborn that i wanna punch him in the face and kick him … where it hurts the most. You SUCK Dr. Jin!!!!!

    • 5.7 gracie


      Btw, why does everyone seem to fall off cliffs in this drama?

    • 5.8 Awe

      i dunno about him giving his all. especially this episode…he is outright LAUGHING in most of his scenes and asking everyone why everyone is crazy. cracks me up!!!!

      he continues with the crazy pill talk way into epis 16. i mean the guy is beat to a pulp, tied to a pole and having a convo with his best friend who was shot dead before his eyes…and JJ just straight up says “we’re all crazy”.


      • 5.8.1 Awe

        aaarrrrrgghhh! my mouse does a double click when i single click it—OY!

        so this was reply comment to javabeans thinking JJ was giving it his all when others have given up….please enjoy my technical difficulties

        my mouse has a fetus in his brain…cries.

      • 5.8.2 Michelle

        …..he follows a script.
        …..he gives his lines.
        …..what are you not getting about this?

  6. Danna

    That last screencap of SSH or THT as he’s known around these parts is making me tear up laughing

    • 6.1 javabeans


      • 6.1.1 danna

        lol…also there’s the oneat the end before te beginning of the comments section….i just scrolled up after reading Jomo’s comment, and good god his eyes look like they could pop out of their sockets any moment…Heads sure know how to pick those caps

        • Mystisith

          The image they keep to draw over it at the end of the episodes is ALWAYS ridiculous in one way or an other. Like caricatures.

      • 6.1.2 Cynthia


        Wouldn’t a ‘Zoolander’ Expression-Off between So Ji-sub and Song Seung-heon be a wonderful thing?

        I get chills…………

      • 6.1.3 HeadsNo2

        I think the most glorious moment of scene-ruining pain still belongs to Episode 12:


        • Quiet Thought

          Looks like they got some bad ramen from the lunch cart and had to upchuck at the same time.

        • Quiet Thought

          You have a gift for screencaps, HeadsNo2. That barfing-off-a-cliff scene is as good as JJ guarding the Royal Privy a few eps back.

        • MsB

          Assume the position!! Like those subliminal messages in Disney movies!! This is saying “Please get me out of this nightmare!” or “What type do you get off tonight?”

        • crazedlu


        • SS

          this is one show which I tried, couldn’t watch but been getting my weekly dose of laughter reading your recaps.

          btw, don’t you find SSH crying effective? I mean he lifts his glorious face up to the heavens, sheds a tear and BAM! his prayer gets answered – his show is extended. I am sure he gave himself a pat on his back so that we viewers have more opportunities to view him in his splendour

        • Awe

          excellent screen cap!!!

          dr jin is relieving (peeing) off the cliff and young rae is measuring how far his aims goes.


          thanks for that one, heads <3

      • 6.1.4 Michelle

        LOL!!!!!! You ladies are too funny!

        But I have another question. Why is he called The Hand Towel?

          • Michelle

            Hahahahaha!!! Thanks! HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

          • daniela

            Myst, I read some of your comments back there and now I’m crying in my office (thanks God I’m alone).

            Is your love bigger now, do you need a towel to cry in? a finger towel?

          • Mystisith

            Oh shoot! I Had forgotten about that massive hysteria strike. You were’t supposed to read the comments… 🙂
            OK. *Straightening my shoulders*: SSH has the body of a Greek God. I’m not responsible for the consequences if he appears half-clothed on my screen. I plead insanity.
            But please, let him stop acting in dramas. THT should just shoot sexy CFs for underwear and calendars: I promise, I will buy them, he won’t starve…

          • Awe

            mystisith: thanks for the link

            i’m ruined for life …

          • jomo

            By the way, I totally guessed some of the plot points way back in February for this show. All we need now is a shower in the falls, and we are SET.

            jomo February 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm

            I’m Dr. McFly MacGuiver Quinn Towel
            I’m here in Joseon fresh from the Future.
            I brought nothing with me, except for these abs, but
            I‘ll teach y’all medicine from aspirin to suture.

            I’ll craft a rudimentary tool!
            Let’s perform some surgeries!
            Avert a few plagues!
            Boil up some roots and extract penicillin!
            Give that girl bark to fight off her ague!

            And when my long days of doctoring finish.
            I’ll retreat to my rooms – A shower calls!
            What? No indoor plumbing? No problemo!
            Take me to the river, I’ll stand in the falls.

          • Mystisith

            Jomo the Wise has spoken. Dramabeans certified oracle. 🙂

          • meecheellee

            Agreed. jomo the wise. And that link…
            Okay, so all I have to say is Korean actors have ruined my chance of dating someone because now I have an unbelievably high expectation after mentally dating them. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. *snerk*

            Mystisith, I’m probably doing the same as daniela, laughcrying at your comments in that post. TBH, I really didn’t pay attention to this drama/these actors until Heads started recaping. And TBH, I like my SSH in modern clothing, thankyouverymuch.

            And poor baby, he has a brain tumor now. Wah, wah, wah.

    • 6.2 queencircles

      I was laughing at the second to last one where SSH looks like a fricken cartoon character… are eyes supposed to bug out that far?!?! It’s creeping me out.

    • 6.3 noi

      the particular scene proves that SSH is indeed a brilliant actor. xD

  7. JoJo

    Thanks again, Heads, for snorting thru this madness. I am now armed and ready to watch Ep. 15. Couldn’t have done it without you. Keep the recaps coming…

  8. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! Off to read…

  9. Betty

    Ok, I cannot add to the rant since I am not watching this drama so it would be unfair, but this recap sure is hilarious.

    By the way it’s the first time that I see that people hate a drama so much on this site, it’s kind of baffle me lol

    • 9.1 Echo

      People find this drama hateable and hilarious at the same time XD
      Though there are a few good characters (non-main leads) that act well and are written well too… like the doctor second in command after Dr. Jin, Joo Pal, Jin Yi Han’s character, LBS, and KT.

      They should honestly just kill the leads T____T

    • 9.2 Shiku

      You haven’t been reading Big recaps?

      • 9.2.1 MsB

        I second that!!

      • 9.2.2 Betty

        I will not lie, I did not read all the recaps/ comments for Big but I read a good amount of them and still I feel like the hate for Dr Jin drama is much more overwhelming but I may be wrong… nevertheless I am enjoying the comments…

        • spjork

          I think the only difference between Big and Dr Jin, scenes of explosive diarrhea notwithstanding, is the reluctance on the part of a lot of the commenters to forsake Gong Yoo and his excellent performances just because of some convoluted plotlines and a fatally flawed premise whereas most of SSH’s performances on Dr Jin have been…well, indefensibly poor to downright laughable, nevermind the shoddy writing.


          Gong Yoo bare chest scene in Big: 1 (maybe 2?)

          SSH bare chest scene in Dr Jin: 0

          Q.E.D.: BIG WINS BY A MILE.

          • Betty

            Exactly my thought, about Gong Yoo versus SSH I mean.

      • 9.2.3 jomo

        Spy Myung Wol and Lie To Me got beat up pretty bad, actually, so did Mary Stayed Out All Night.

        Those are some I actually watched. This one, I am just reading the recaps.

      • 9.2.4 Awe

        i haven’t been reading Big recaps AND the only Big epis I watched was 13.

        that is one hour I’ll never get back. i waited for 3 hours after my last meal to watch that Big epis and i still barfed my dinner—lemme tell ya—it was painful. painful and ugly.

        at least with dr. jin we get a little history sprinkled in between the outrageous laughs and extreme acting. but what do we get with Big? creepy cougar teacher preying on her student in her husband’s body. waaaaaay to weird and over the top for me.

  10. 10 danna

    Since somebody mentioned Joseon X files here, I need to bring up a thought that has entered my mind more than once in the last few weeks…can you imagine what this drama could’ve been if it were being written/directed by the team behind JXF??!!!….I did, and let me tell you it caused me some serious pain, thinking about the wasted potential of the original Jorama setup

    • 10.1 Shiku

      I know right?

  11. 11 Mic

    ” He walks away like a zombie, and why is Hyuk crying too? Did I miss the part where this became your moment? ”

    HILARIOUS, Heads! ^^ I laughed out loud, I thought it was so funny. Clearly you aren’t a fan of Dr. Jin, which is fine (great, actually), because I can’t stand him either. For someone who’s apparently such a genius, he sure can be stupid. >.<

    I like some of the non-leads, and I don't actually hate the plot…but, god, what is this drama doing by adding episodes? If anything, the drama would have been better if it had been condensed into 16. :/

    Well…I'm probably going to stop watching here, or at least skip through scenes with characters I don't like. I'll still read the recaps, though! ^^

    • 11.1 jenny...

      HILARIOUS, Heads! ^^ I laughed out loud, I thought it was so funny. Clearly you aren’t a fan of Dr. Jin, which is fine (great, actually), because I can’t stand him either. For someone who’s apparently such a genius, he sure can be stupid. >.<

      kekekeke…agree with you xD

  12. 12 lidy

    let me guess what the big secret is….mina is young rae and young rai is mina. hyuk going to joseon is a grandfather paradox. he meets young rae in joseon after mina dies, share some complicated love story, and somehow or another young rae goes to the future, but the past future, where she becomes mina and starts dating dr. jin. her taking him to the seminar to create penicillin and reprimanding him about saving ppl, will be to his benefit to become the greatest doctor in joseon. that why she said “they’ll meet again.”

  13. 13 Joe

    What does Dr. JIN the drama have that rubs the haters the wrong way or things about the drama you hate?

    • 13.1 jomo

      I think Heads has been fairly open from the git go with the problems in each episode.
      Other than what she mentions, you want more?

    • 13.2 Echo

      For example, the main leads characters being SO inconsistent!

      • 13.2.1 Shiku

        I think they have been consistent. I mean Dr. Jin is always saving people even if he shouldn’t and Young-Rae has always been saying no to Kyung-Tak even though she shouldn’t and is always crying. So they are very consistent.

        • Echo

          LOL This I agree with. They are awesome at doing things they shouldn’t and being selfish in their own way…..XD

    • 13.3 foolmoon

      How about being focus about what they want to tell us and do that convincingly through the story and acting?
      Sometimes a story can be saved by a decent acting… but only sometimes, when the story itself isn’t downright hilarious!

  14. 14 Yuhotarubi

    OH MY GOD. I don’t have any words to say about this drama, I’m only reading the recaps and I feel totally bored and not interested.

    I thought this drama can make up for it’s mistakes and become better, but, it doesn’t look like it

    Can’t they just do an episode without any sugery or medical dillemma ??????!!!!!! Focus on the actual story people !!!! I’m really tired of seeing how Hyuk is a genius.

    thank you for the recap HeadsNo2
    even though I don’t like this drama, I want to know how will it end

  15. 15 laraffinee

    Talk about Stupid…..

    I am a fan of historical dramas and fantasy dramas so when they are combined, I watch with anticipation.

    There are some good elements in this series, BUT way, way too many crazy-stupid plot twists and character inconsistancies…..such as, in this episode, Prince Ha-Eung burning the paper listing all the bribes THAT WOULD PUT AWAY Minister Kim for good in a “noble” attempt to save Young-Rae and her mother from slavery…..WHAAAAT!?! If Minister Kim gets locked up/executed then they could be saved anyway, and everyone else would be saved too….DUH! Seriously, are the writers just using some computer program to write the series for them….let’s see…let’s mix together, time travel, medicine, historical power struggles, and LOVE triangles and mix it all up and see what spits out….the writers are so bad.

    Acting… Minister Kim is properly evil….well acted by the seasoned veteran actor….and Prince Ha-Eung is very good despite a stupid script…Dr. Jin/Young-Rae..ehhhhh…not…..

    • 15.1 Shiku

      ‘Acting… Minister Kim is properly evil….well acted by the seasoned veteran actor….and Prince Ha-Eung is very good despite a stupid script…Dr. Jin/Young-Rae..ehhhhh…not…’

      I fully agree with you. Minister Kim is really good and his scenes with Ha Eung are awesome.

    • 15.2 spjork

      Heh, I don’t know that MBC would have the budget for a super computer that could manage to madlib a 20 episode series as incoherent and inadvertantly hilarious as this one. Especially when you take into account the considerable outlay for the copious amounts of fake blood/vomit/excrement/pus we’ve all been treated to thus far.

      Judging by the schizophrenic shifts in tone and pacing, my money is on a basement full of monkeys on super-strength LSD churning out these scripts on broken Etch-a-Sketches.

      • 15.2.1 Awe

        LMAO, nice imagery. SS-LSD drugged monkeys churning out scripts on broken etch a sketches. so dam funny, spjork!

  16. 16 ck1Oz

    Oh wow.Just came to pat your guys on the back.Let me look at the blood covered chest again.Wow.That’s a big incision.

  17. 17 Echo

    I am surviving through this drama by concentrating on everyone but the main lead (SSH and PMY)….forwarding their scenes makes it a pleasurable experience lol XD
    ……..And it still makes sense……..

    • 17.1 jomo

      THAT is funny and kinduv sad.

  18. 18 Daisy

    15 FLIPPIN EPISODES and they still want wont tell us the heck who Choo Hong is really? REALLY? This Is really pissing me off! Why won’t they just tell us? And great there’s extension too! Maybe they’ll tell us everything at the very last episode! OMGSH I just gave up on this drama! I’m not even gonna continue watching! I’ll just stay with reading the Hilarious recaps, literally the only thing good about this is the recaps!

    • 18.1 Awe


      i’ll let the cat out of the bag for you, but just because it’s you.

      CHOO HONG IS THE FETUS that dr jin pulled out of his own brain…that time slipped to Joseon. that’s why it wasn’t in the jar when he ‘fell’ into the time slip Joseon. time continuum prevents her from occupying same space—so the fetus vanished

  19. 19 Cynthia

    This is one of the only Kdramas I’ve ever watched where I want them ALL to die.
    (Except for my Jaejoong. Him, I want to take home, dose with Visine and pat and cuddle him until he falls asleep.)

    After watching yet another of these mind-numbing episodes, chock full of scenes that I want to throw a chair at through my laptop, I feel that Jaejoong summed it up perfectly with his laughing/crying ‘my soul-has-left-the-building realization’ – and knowing that the two ep extension was just approved I can only imagine a mad, lemming-like rush for that fated cliff by a majority of the actors still trapped there.

    I’ve already convinced myself that Cheech and Chong are the writers, here – fully stoned and scribbling away. Nothing else could account for the painfully dismissive handling of ‘surgery’ for breast cancer. Even the funny of a SNL/Dan Ackroyd/Julia Child blood-spewing-everywhere scene couldn’t disguise the crassness of having YR practically JUMPING up with no ill effects from her gaping wound. No pain, even when being dragged by guards?!
    Words leave me. I want to do a taco rug roll beating for the IGNORANT, INSENSITIVE writers and director.

    The only thing I found truly impressive about this episode was seeing just how big SSH’s eyeballs bulged out after seeing the Prince shot. As Jon Lovitz said, “It’s called acting, people! ACTING!!”

    • 19.1 daniela

      ” I can only imagine a mad, lemming-like rush for that fated cliff by a majority of the actors still trapped there. ”
      If you need help: http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Why%20do%20we%20behave%20like%20Lemmings%3F_46773

      • 19.1.1 Echo

        Who do we dib will run for the cliff first?

        I think the supporting cast should first grab the writer and PD (plus their drug stash) and chuck them off the cliff. And then they should grab SSH and PMY and chuck them off the cliff. Then they should form a line from oldest to youngest and jump off together. Also, the viewers should jump in after them….so we all time-warp to the future and we can be done with this drama.
        For JJ fans this means we can finally see his movie.

        • Michelle

          LMAO!!!!! JJ fans are DYING for “The Jackal is Coming” to start….I know I am!

          Cynthia…I share your pain and I’m sure Jaejoong will need all your love because I’m fairly certain he still cries himself to sleep over this mess. Hell I bet that Lee Beom Soo also shed a few tears while hiding behind one of the prop houses.

          • Cynthia

            Lee Boem Soo? Wasn’t he the one who was thrilled with the extension and wanted 40 episodes instead of 20?! Because, as he said, “There’s SO MUCH in this drama to explore, blah blah blah blah…..”
            Seriously, the Writer’s Room must have one big bowl of ganja to be shared amongst the lackeys who are craving that extension paycheck.

        • Betty


        • Kiara


    • 19.2 seriously wtf jin


      Especially this:
      “This is one of the only Kdramas I’ve ever watched where I want them ALL to die.
      (Except for my Jaejoong. Him, I want to take home, dose with Visine and pat and cuddle him until he falls asleep.)”

      And when he wakes up, MAKE HIM EAT!

      • 19.2.1 Cynthia

        How true. Boy needs a big ole sandwich. Cripes, when he’s in his saguek robes and turns sideways to the camera he practically disappears. He’s WAY too thin here.

      • 19.2.2 lizzzieQ

        Yes please. We could form rotating teams in charge of cuddling Jaejoong to sleep and feeding him. Can’t believe he’s sleeping only 2 hours for this drama on top of Jackal. He’s doing pretty well though, especially on crying scenes.

        • Betty

          It’s because he really want to cry lol

        • sharu

          Yep…that part is (most probably) not acting !!

          PD: You have to cry this scene JJ !!

          JJ : * think about extension * … sob SoB SOB

          PD: Cuuuuuttt…..and that’s an OK …

          • Awe

            LOL!!!! *think about extension*

            waterfalls for eyes

  20. 20 noi

    i thought i want to continue this drama again… but reading all these lovely comments… i think i should just wait until it ends and watched it fast-forwardly later on…

    keep up your good (and difficult) work, HeadsNo2!

  21. 21 AuntieMame

    With the discharge from her breast, doesn’t it mean that the tumor has ulcerated? If so, doesn’t it mean that it’s spread? Then, the prognosis can’t be good.

    My guess on the ‘big secret’: During CH’s time-travel return to Joseon, her soul and Young Rae’s soul switched bodies. So, the modern Mina’s soul is currently in CH’s body.

    This is a two-fer (Two dramas in one.) pfffft

    • 21.1 Reena

      hahaha… a crazy time slipping Joseon version of Big, perhaps?

  22. 22 daniela

    This recaps are among the funniest ones I ever read.

    “‘I find myself fighting the urge to hit Hyuk with a blunt object, just so I can watch him operate on himself using a complicated set of mirrors, no anaesthetic included. I’m not talking serious damage – just a good thwack or two, because he has this amazing talent of getting on my last good nerve. ” – LOL and cried from so much laugh.

  23. 23 Mystisith

    This drama will be the next A Thousand Kisses. Except it’s not supposed to last 50 episodes. Well, who knows, an extension… Then 2… *Evil laugh*.

    • 23.1 MsB

      No, the topping of the cake would be where the fetus is doing operating! I’d buy that for a dollar!

      • 23.1.1 YY

        Hahahahaahhaaha! I am imagining a blood-splattered fetus now, bloody kerchief tied over its nose, perched on top of a high stool, or maybe two, furrowing its brows in concentration, and grunting in a squeaky fetusy voice to a boggle-eyed Dr Jin, “Forceps!”

        • daniela

          And the voice-over “should I save this one too? isn’t he suppose to die? what will be the consequences?”

  24. 24 Shiku

    At the end, I thought Kyung Tak was debating who to shoot: Ha Eung or Dr. Jin.

    Ithink the cancer will reappear since it’s probably malignant and her family history.

    • 24.1 Echo

      He should of shot Jin….then we could watch a hilarious episode of him saving himself LOL

      OR BETTER YET…….possibly dying…..

      • 24.1.1 Awe

        if dr jin got shot young rae would perform the operation…payback for touching her boobies

  25. 25 Zeffir

    I am only reading recaps now, thank you for themx100 times!! because it takes out the pain of actually watching this nonsense of the drama, but I can’t give up becasue I am still curious and hope to understand what they (drama makers) were trying to point out with all that .

  26. 26 wanderlusterer

    “Sure, why not.” LOL

    Heads your recaps are seriously the best and I know we should have favorites but your reviews always make me excited even though I have no feelings for the show except for amusement. Park min young has never done it for me though I know she has improved tremendously as an actress and for the first time I understand why everyone bags out song seung hyun as before I loved him for the pretty and never thought his acting was bad. But golly it really shows here, everytime he has to emote, he looks constipated from trying too hard. Not good.

    By golly the writers just keep going around in circles and I get that Hyuks a doctor and must save everyone despite who it is but if that’s his reason then STICK WITH IT. Stop making him an indecisive pansy. And effing geez for the love of god- if you just put a little bit of the effort into characterisations that you put in for nipple discharge and blood squirt trajectories, we might actually have some plot development, show.

  27. 27 jomo

    Oh boy, Heads, you really are killing me with these zingers.

    the same disembodied voice saying, “I must go back.” Then an image flashes of the Jar Fetus. Is it finally back? Does it not like Hyuk removing tumors?

    I am sorry to the fans who like the show, and the actors, because this whole experience is entertaining on a whole nother level. Our childish, flippant, callous and hilarious take on this once in a lifetime collision of bad writing, directing, and acting. To me, there is nothing funnier than a sane person trying to make madness explainable.

    And the whole time I read this, I also hear JB and GF’s podcast about the director taking away talent from his cast… Too too funny.

    • 27.1 MsB

      Not that we don’t like the actors; the show has some serious flaws in writer. Towards the point of the ridiculous! Which is why JB and HN2 can write such thrilling recaps!

    • 27.2 Awe


      um, “once in a lifetime collision of bad writing, directing, and acting.”

      beg to differ with you. there are tubs o dramas that have experienced the collosal crash.

      • 27.2.1 jomo

        OK,I will reword:
        “bad writing, directing, and acting, and scenes of diarrhea, barfing and venereal disease.”

        Have there been any more of that?

        • Awe


          you win your point on that…but then, bad writing, directing, and acting and scenes of diarrrhea, barfing and VD isn’t much of a win.

  28. 28 Quiet Thought



  29. 29 DB5K

    Okay, so here’s my prediction: Youngrae and MIna are the same person. If Youngrae lives, then Mina will die. So for Mina to live, Youngrae must die. Hyuk saves Youngrae through surgery, but eventually she will die, probably by sacrificing her life for him in a dramatic penultimate finale. Once everything in Joseon is returned to the state it originally was before Hyuk interfered, Hyuk will be transferred back to modern day times and Mina will wake up.

    That’s why Chunhong doesn’t want Mina to tell Hyuk about her dream. Chunhong doesn’t want Hyuk to know Mina and Youngrae are the same person, because then he wouldn’t let her die, and interfering with fate means that means he can’t return to modern day times. What Hyuk doesn’t know is that if he lets Youngrae die, she will eventually reappear as Mina. Or something along those lines~~

    • 29.1 foolmoon

      How about Chunhong tell him the truth than Hyuk will think
      “Okay, I’ll let you die, cause I’ve enough of this era. I don’t belong here, and wish everything will be back to normal as history says.”
      He is a genius anyway, what hurt to lose one person if it can save the whole era.
      Or make it Harry Potter’s way using time machine, but the second you must not be seen while repairing the mistake.

  30. 30 Quiet Thought

    Anyhow, Kudos to the lovely Lee So-yeon, for keeping her dignity in what has to be the second most traumatic event of her life, the first has to be when she was kicked in the chin by a Korean beef cow as a child. I’ve been scanning the episodes and her mouth is tilted the EXACT SAME ANGLE in every scene. Perhaps she can get a cameo on ‘Faith’ and the time-traveling plastic surgeon can adjust her jawline.

    • 30.1 Alys


      Anyway, not just the mod recap here is soo funny but everyone comment here is funny too, lol

    • 30.2 jomo

      LOL! I can’t breathe…

  31. 31 Alys

    How many episode this drama will have?
    oh god, i never like this counting the day… when this drama will end…

    Anyway, SSH is veteran actor too right but his acting here…he dont suit with historycal drama or actually he can’t act or this is the scripwriter fault? and the same with PMY, wtf..

    I hope i will see more KT and Ha Eung scene more, i like them and i think jaejoong can’t learn more about acting from LBS instead with SSH.

  32. 32 Carole McDonnell

    What’s with this time-travelling river where only certain people fall into? Seriously, for a river out there in the open, and with so many folks having fallen into it (not to mention the doppelganger dreams) why aren’t any of the villains falling into aforementioned river? Right now, I want to see Jae-Joong’s character subtly flip the script. He has a true story arc. Organic changes, situations that affect his choices and his personality.

    • 32.1 Michelle

      But you know they won’t allow that. See…this story is about cow-eyed Young Rae and her love THAT CANNOT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with kind and honorable Dr. Jin.

      Pain that has no easy way out? Knowing that everyone is using you? Being human and clutching at straws knowing that your difficult decisions lead you where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t? This drama doesn’t seem to reward that so we can both see how this will end and it is a true shame.

  33. 33 cincinn

    I love watching this drama. It is so bad it’s good! I watch it for the bloopers which there r a lot of, i also watch it to see how many tears old girl will cry, I also watch to see KT do The Look, where he has his head down and is looking up with his eyes. I think looking at people like that would give him a headache. Bless his heart he is trying so hard to bring emotion to his character. Did anyone notice the BIG blooper during the life saving cancer operation? OK, OK, OK, The scene:cue music. blood is squirting everywhere from a artery all over Dr. Jin and assistant. Close up: blood is all over them, Overhead camera: their clothes do not have a speck of blood on them. They showed the view twice. Do they have interns filming this? Well this weekend I will have a Dr. Jin shot party…I take a shot every time old girl cries, a shot every time KT does the thing with his eyes, I will probably be shitfaced by the 30 min. mark.

    • 33.1 Awe


      agreed. i can’t stomach Big too creepy and too emo imo) but i keep coming back to this drama because it’s hilarious.

      IT’s JUST SO DANG HILARIOUS and then i hit the recap/comments and i pee my pants from laughing.

      shot party is a great idea! i’ll join you. but i wager i’ll be drunk by the 15 min mark if epis 16 is any indication.

  34. 34 Waca

    My first time reviewing here!!!

    I want to thank you all for your great job in recaping as well as giving us news of the dramaland!!!! ^^

    I have to say I’m a bit surprised to see how much people hate this show! I actually like this show. Ok, I like it but mainly because it is so funny…
    Actually, I almost gave it up around episode 8 or 9 when poor Kyung-Tak got heart-broken for the n-th time. I could not stand any more of Young Rae and Dr Jin…then I read your recaps and it was so funny it helped me to stop wanting to bang my head against the wall each time I would see Hyuk’s bad acting and Young Rae’s tears.

    Now I keep watching the show for Kyung-Tak and Young-Hwi. I used to love Chun-Hong and Ha-eung as well, but I got really tired with the I-am-mysterious-and-know-everything-but-will-just-keep-being-mysterious-and-won’t-tell-anything-until-the-last-episode vibe of Chun-Hong, and as for Ha-eung, he slowly slipped into a so political-fullmode that I don’t really care for him anymore.

    I was wondering something about the plot that maybe you guys will have answer for. I mean, since the first episode I am 100% certain that the guy Hyuk meets on the hospital roof is himself. So if that’s the case, it means everything already happened. Then, the whole thing revolving around Hyuk-is-changing-stuff-so-the-fetus-in-the-jar-is-getting-angry-and-Young-Rae-and-Mina-are-in-danger-and-Hyuk-cannot-return does not make any sense, does it?

    • 34.1 Awe

      waca waca (sorry–just had to do that)

      grats on giving up your virginity and finally posting. wait. erm. glad you finally took the plunge and joined us. wait.

      anyhoooo–your comment “does not make any sense” is 100% correct.

      long about epis 5-6, i stopped trying to ‘figure things out’ and decided this was a comedy.

      enjoy the ride—and keep commenting

  35. 35 Llamaesque

    This is largely unrelated, but there’s a truly terrifying account of the removal of a breast cancer tumor before anesthesia was invented in Bill Bryson’s amazing book At Home. I have never been so glad to live in the modern world as I was when I read it.

  36. 36 kookicookie

    I wish yall would do a poll to see if we are actually watching this drama or just reading your recaps. Because I for one, am only reading these recaps for laughs and to see your awesome screen caps. Why is this drama so darned BAD? lol thanks for the recap btw.

  37. 37 Quiet Thought

    A final thought . . . Park My Young may be crying so intensely because she knows her winning streak is at an end. Much as I adore her, she’s not by any means Korea’s finest actress, and after scoring three top rated series in three years, she’s got to know she’s got a soggy dog of a part in a bloody mess of a series. Plenty to cry about.

    • 37.1 jomo

      Wait, did people watch Glory Jane?

      • 37.1.1 daniela

        Not me!

      • 37.1.2 MsB

        That was a piece of drivel mess! I tried! I really tried!

  38. 38 bigwink

    I’m reading this just for the funny..feels like watching a soccer match
    You’re awesome heads!

  39. 39 seriously wtf jin

    OK, the show is hilarious, but I’m reallllllllly having a problem with the people just popping back up from surgery almost immediately afterward as though nothing happened, and without painkillers. So, a gaping wound squirting blood everywhere magically feels great after you stitch it up? No swelling? No bruising? No incision pain? Not stiff? No dressing to change? No worries about infection? He really MUST be a genius.

    And I do hope they have plenty of water on hand, or PMY will literally cry herself out.

  40. 40 canxi

    LOL I’m dyin’ at that last screen cap and the part where he’s crying during JJ’s moment AHAHAHA!

  41. 41 anna

    Some of THT’s emoting are really hilarious! Am I supposed to feel ..sorrow here? I am sorry, but I’m inappropriately giggling.

  42. 42 ajj

    This one is getting dumber and dumber. I couldnt look at the screencap on Young rae’s surgery it scares me. Maybe that’s the only thing going for this drama, the bloody surgeries are sure bloody. Even for all my love for Jaejoong wont make me watch Dr Jin.But thanks for the recap,Id still be reading till the very end to know how ridiculous this thing is gonna end.

    • 42.1 6002ija_as

      I love this..Even for all my love for Jaejoong wont make me watch Dr Jin.But thanks for the recap,Id still be reading till the very end to know how ridiculous this thing is gonna end.

      • 42.1.1 ajj


  43. 43 stars4u

    I feel bad for this drama really. I never fail to crack up watching an episode which is amazing since the genre is nowhere near comedy nor does it have a premise have comedy in its characteristics.
    If his way to travel back to the future is to put things back the way they should, then should he stop doing all those surgeries and inventing all those medical equipment? He knows it’s changing history yet he asks “This is going to change history, right?”. But he sure is knowledgeable in history if not more than his knowledge on medicine.

  44. 44 Reena

    hahahaha!!! omg… I’ve never seen a recap with THIS many comments in a short span of time! loool… a hundred comments???? there must be SOME reason why Dr.Jin was extended! haha

  45. 45 Xtooline

    I think it’s being extended because the writers are saying “please, just two more episodes and we can fix all the wtfery. Just give us a chance…” Of course, they can’t really.

    My favorite part of this episode’s review: “I never thought I’d write that sentence”. Yes, I can’t even imagine. Well, every job has its I Can’t Even moments, I suppose. I laughed so hard I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the local EMTs to resuscitate me.

    Every time they go into surgery-mode I find myself repeating “clown car” like a mantra until, lo, the patient jumps up and runs into the next scene. Voila! All better!

    Poor JJ – tough work for the trainee actor, but maybe it’s like boot camp. He is getting better. We’ll all feed and pamper him after.

  46. 46 Roo han

    It’s so sad what this drama has become…but the creators are responsible themselves. I’m just glad JJ is getting at least a bit of praise for his acting, maybe his next project will be better. Eh, such an interesting mix of actors and a good story…totally wasted.

  47. 47 ss

    hmmmm, is this version following the japanese version? only that they’re tweaking the history part?

  48. 48 Fanboi

    This is completely opposite its predecessor. Crappy. Creepy. Lifeless

  49. 49 Kricket

    Ooohhhh, so wait- the cure to cancer can be found by going BACK in history? Those old guys have been hiding things from us, huh? Oh, Dr. Jin, you are seriously a gem of gems. I feel like the labeled genres for this drama are very unfitting. This is a comedy. Nothing else.

    And drama? I know you’re all about medical stuff and whatnot, but I seriously don’t need to see what happens. Just have hottie lead sweat and stare at what I presume is the surgery area. I don’t need cut skin and squirting blood. I like watching comedies when I eat and this doesn’t help.

  50. 50 YY

    I badly want to see a sword fight between Dr Jin and a snarling fetus. The fetus would pop in and out of its jar intermittently as it parries Dr Jin’s sword thrusts. The sword fight would end with Dr Jin smashing the jar over the fetus’s head. He then hurriedly performs brain surgery on the fetus and saves its life and they become best friends.

    • 50.1 KDaddict

      Thx for the laugh YY. I second your proposition.

    • 50.2 MsB

      YY! You are KILLING ME!!

    • 50.3 jomo

      OMG, YY!

      The Hand Towel and the Fetus drinking at the bar
      Doing shots of soju talkin’ ’bout the jar.

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