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Running Man: Episode 108
by | September 2, 2012 | 59 Comments

Who knew that being a male lead would require so much work? The Running Man create their own mini drama, “Don’t Walk, but Date!” and create a blend of variety and drama that can only be imagined and feasible in Running Man. Oh yeah, Gong Hyo-jin – you don’t mind if I change places with you right?

EPISODE 108. Broadcast on August 26, 2012.

Our cast looks in awe and curiosity at a drama press conference setup. Mr. PD will be announcing their roles before they sit and they unanimously agree that it’s time for Kwang-soo to get a lead role. Then they tease him relentlessly about his upcoming role in Nice Guy as Joong-ki’s friend.

Evidently Running Man is expanding itself into creating its own rom-com drama entitled, “Don’t Walk, but Date!”.

It’s time to introduce their female lead and everyone’s jaw drops to the ground when actress Gong Hyo-jin (Best Love, Pasta) enters the room. Ah, and don’t forget that Lee Joon (MBLAQ) is filling in for Gary today. (He’s out on injury.)

Jae-suk keeps addressing Hyo-jin on familiar terms and Suk-jin jokes, “Who don’t you know?”

THAT is a legitimate look of surprise when Kwang-soo is announced as the main lead and the cast erupts into cheers. Aww Kwang-soo, today’s your day to shine!

Hyo-jin doesn’t seem too assured in her partner and she spills out, “But he’s not good at anything!”

In any case, they haphazardly continue with the press conference (it cracks me up that the captions read “Kookie” and “Roro,” keh) joking about Kwang-soo’s diva status and about how he doesn’t have many scenes anyway.

Jae-suk transitions to Lee Joon and ask about his memorable moments shooting the drama and he hesitates before answering, “When I get my own close-up?” Heehee.

Is this turning into a makjang drama if Haha is his caretaker (Haha: “Kwang-soo’s bedridden”) and Suk-jin is the guy who pulls the plug at Episode 3? So maybe a drama special rather than a miniseries then.

Hyo-jin clears up this make believe plot for us and apparently Jae-suk is Hyo-jin’s father who is against their union and somehow Kwang-soo ends up in the hospital on life support. You’re airing at 3AM? Dude, I gotta sleep!

Anyway, back to the mission at hand. The main couple (Pink), Kwang-soo and Hyo-jin are one team, and the others break into separate teams (Blue: Suk-jin, Jong-kook, & Haha) (Yellow: Jae-suk, Ji-hyo, Lee Joon).

They’ve prepared a GIANT name tag for their male lead but tearing it off, they see it’s no ordinary name tag – there’s 6 more underneath that baby. To say the least, Kwang-soo is ecstatic.

Today’s mission in the Rom-Com Race: they’ll shoot two scenes where the two members of the first place team and one member of the second place team will receive a valuable hint for the final mission. The team who shoots the ending scene will be declared the winner.

In the car, Kwang-soo vows that he’ll do his best today and Hyo-jin (aka ‘Gong-vely’ a play on words on ‘Lovely’) mentions that her friends voted him as the Least Likely to Trust. She worries about her lack of competitiveness and Kwang-soo replies that she doesn’t look very motivated.

They’re the first to arrive at the first ‘scene’ where they’ll need to pop a balloon and answer the question hidden in it. Kwang-soo blushes a bright red when he hears they need to embrace each other to pop the balloon.

They’re eager to start and I’m getting the sense that Hyo-jin has a competitive spirit after all. After Myuk PD declares that they answered incorrectly, she starts grabbing for the megaphone, annoyed. Heh.

Aww poor Lee Joon preemptively pops the balloon and has this priceless astounded expression on his face. The Blue Team ironically nickname themselves the “Mannered Men” (while they push people into the pool) but everyone keeps getting duds.

Fed up with getting pushed into the water, Kwang-soo chucks the Mannered Men’s hit far into the pool and ends up getting kicked in instead.

Kwang-soo really is the butt of everyone’s jokes today. Jae-suk playfully rips off his name tag to “wash it” and soon they’re playing keep-away in the pool.

One of the history questions seem easy enough but instead of saying “Trojan War,” Kwang-soo relays this as the “Thirsty War.” HA.

Their next question is a string of notes (to Jong-kook’s past hit ‘Lovely’) and because the word ‘note’ and ‘dog’ sound similar Kwang-soo is understandably confused, “How is that a dog’s name?!”

Myuk PD – are you telling me that Popeye’s girlfriend’s full name is common knowledge? Turns out it’s Olive Oil and he’s all, “You learned something new today, huh?” and sends the Blue Team back to the start. AHAHA.

The Yellow Team finally find a balloon that isn’t a dud, answer their question correctly and learn that the 3rd floor prop room will be important.

Their next mission location leads them to a coffee house. How funny is that Jong-kook pets the fake tiger like a pet? Here they’ll have to work to raise Hyo-jin’s heartbeat. To see if it goes outside 60 and 90? Jae-suk: “It’s like ‘The Worst Love’.”

The Yellow Team send out Lee Joon first and it’s hilarious how a heartbeat can’t lie. Hyo-jin’s heart rate slowly rises… and then it immediately falls when Lee Joon opens his mouth. HAHA. He shows off some moves and then does a split right then and there. That oughta hurt.

Ji-hyo’s nervous about offending her sunbae and Suk-jin remarks, “Doesn’t [Ji-hyo] look older?” Jae-suk: “We’re supposed to raise Hyo-jin’s heart rate!” Focus man!

Jong-kook reminds Hyo-jin not to misinterpret their behavior since they’re on variety. Then he picks her up like a feather which successfully gets her heart to beat a little faster. This is Kookie Style?

The other boys complain up a storm about his method but Hyo-jin doesn’t seem to mind to be carried by Oppa. I wouldn’t mind either.

Then Jae-suk undercuts the moment: “[Yoon] Eun-hye, are you watching?” Hyo-jin’s heart rate drops.

But who needs Oppa to lift you when Yoo Hyuk can oh-so-casually bend over to show you his bum? HAHAHA, I’m dying.

No matter how many times I see it, it’s just as funny. This is Yoo Hyuk‘s style, all right. He backs in towards his seat but the Blue Team just smack his butt, telling him to sit down already.

How is it that the longer Suk-jin keeps talking, the lower Hyo-jin’s heart rate falls? And then when he says his goodbye, her heart rate kicks back up.

Last but not least is our male lead, Kwang-soo, who tries every romantic overture in the book only to see her heart rate drop. Dancing doesn’t work either and Hyo-jin replies that she’ll do the work to raise her heart beat.

So he tries the “I have another woman” route and draws Ji-hyo out. I don’t have a good feeling about this; he’s gonna get hit isn’t he? Ji-hyo plays along and then adds that in fact there’s a new girl: Jong-soon.

The Tigress reluctantly sits on his knee and then to up the makjang, Kwang-soo leans in for a kiss… and Jong-kook clasps his mouth with his hand. No kisses for you!

Kwang-soo doesn’t know when to quit and after his failed attempt to flaunt his abs, he tries to put his t-shirt back on… and his hair gets stuck to the velcro.

This is so sad but so hilarious. I’m literally choking laughing right now. So is the staff. You CANNOT make this stuff up, people.

Time to announce the results. Suk-jin gets 92 (“That’s more than I expected”), Jong-kook hits 116, and for Kwang-soo, Mr. PD starts, “100… you didn’t get over that.” Aww (it’s a 92).

Jae-suk wins it for the Yellow Team hitting 120 with his Yoo Hyuk Style and receives another hint: 5th floor Call Center.

At the final mission location it’s our main couple versus the supporting characters. The leads worry that they’re at a disadvantage but Mr. PD explains that they’ll have to rip off all 7 of Kwang-soo’s name tags in order to attack Hyo-jin. That’s… not that reassuring. Can’t you give him a 100?

Another useful advantage is to track down the Go Sisters (ha, like the Hong Sisters?). Once you do, you can get them to write off a character and rewrite the script. Now THAT’S an interesting twist.

Hyo-jin points out that there’s one ONE Go sister (since there’s only one Maknae FD) but let’s suspend belief for a bit. She shares the hint with Kwang-soo but neither of them are sure if it will help or hurt them.

The Blue and Yellow teams are filled in about the mission and they sigh once they hear they can’t simply tear off Kwang-soo’s name tag. Nope, they’ll need to find “Death Scripts/Props” which are lines from a drama or movie and then enact it before they tear off Kwang-soo’s name tag. Phew – so much work!

And yes, Lee Joon – tearing off your teammate’s name tag counts as betrayal.

Kwang-soo and Hyo-jin head to the prop room and luckily, he stumbles across one of the Death Scripts. He worries about whether the others will find it and Hyo-jin’s like, Why can’t we just tear it?

Huh, why didn’t I think of that? So she tears it out and then chucks the hint where no one can find it.

Haha finds a clue that references Best Love and then they chase Kwang-soo when they spot him in the difference. Thankfully, Hyo-jin realizes that he might be in danger.

Since she can’t be eliminated until Kwang-soo is, she decides to take on the Blue Team 3:1. The boys quake in their boots. This. Is. Awesome.

They relocate to review the rules again and Hyo-jin reminds Kwang-soo that their opponents must recite the line before they can attack him. Hyo-jin: “Weren’t you supposed to protect me?” Kwang-soo: “I’ll take that back.”

Even though Kwang-soo’s got 7 lives, he’s still on edge. Hyo-jin is this close to eliminating Jae-suk in the stairwell but her hand slips at the last second. Once she and Kwang-soo retreat, she assures him that they’ve got nothing to worry about because she’s got his back.

The other teams regroup and decide that they have to ally together to eliminate Kwang-soo first. Suk-jin comments that Hyo-jin’s hunting tactics are no joke – she’s on par with Choi Min-soo.

Jae-suk: “She’s not Gong Hyo-jin but ‘Po’ (fear) Hyo-jin!”

Somehow Lee Joon happens to find the torn Death Script that was was previously thrown away. Then Jae-suk sees the torn pieces of the hint on the ground. The three of them sit there in a circle, trying to piece the bits together. “Face? Lee Kwang?”

HA – it actually works in their favor and they find enough pieces to figure it out. “I’ll eliminate Lee Kwang-soo and go to hell!” Ji-hyo points out the reference to Temptation of a Wife and Jae-suk deduces they need a pen to mark the mole on their face.

It really is Lee Joon’s lucky day. He finds the pen (and nearly dies coughing) and Lee Joon wonders, “They really are dumb [to leave these here].”

Oh man I think the Lovers in Paris line is my favorite, “You’re… in here.” And Ji-hyo will have no trouble delivering the line, “I’m going to crush you.” (From Trap of Youth)

The Blue Team spot the lead couple and then after Haha uses the Death Script, they eliminate Kwang-soo’s first life. But Hyo-jin will have none of that and immediately attacks back, much to their surprise.

They take a break in the stairwell and the boys are in awe about how strong Hyo-jin is. Hyo-jin reminds them that she was on Project 557 where she was roughin’ it for 577 km. So she’s no damsel-in distress.

HA – I just love how they’re literally cowering in fear until she lets them go. Once they’re alone, Hyo-jin sighs at her weak male lead. Kwang-soo tells her that she needs to protect him and she whines, “But look at my arms!”

But… weren’t you just chasing Spartakooks earlier?

Kwang-soo stops for a water break and Hyo-jin ices, “What have you done so far?” HA – I like her. She questions her partner’s game instinct; he’s really being no help to her at all. “All you know how to do is hide!”

They run into the allies and Kwang-soo mentions how they’re outnumbered. Jong-kook: “Hyo-jin can play the roles of 7 people!”

Hyo-jin allows an opportunity for them to attack Kwang-soo. So Jong-kook readies himself to exact some revenge and deliberately messes up the famous Damo line so he can continually punch Kwang-soo, (“Does it hurt? It hurts me too.”) to, “Does it hurt? I’m not hurt.”

And then the unthinkable – Kwang-soo actually charges at Jong-kook. Hyo-jin does her best to fend the mob off of her and it ends up in this chaotic tussle. We hear a ripping sound…

… and Kwang-soo shoots his hand up in the air, showing off Jong-kook’s name tag for the world to see. It actually happened – the Giraffe beat the Tiger.

The others reel in shock, amazed at this turn of events.

Now without Jong-kook, the remaining allies resolve to find the Go Sisters. Sure enough they spot one of them and give chase. They nearly lose their lead but thankfully Ji-hyo is sly enough to corner before calling the oppas over.

Haha and Suk-jin stick around to write this long scenario where our main couple will break up, be separated for 20 minutes and Kwang-soo is so wrought with pain that he’ll rip off all of his name tags. They pout when they find out they can only make him rip off one.

They pull up a seat to watch their own drama play out as it’s written. Hyo-jin slaps Kwang-soo and leaves. While she’s away, Kwang-soo takes his own life and the boys deliver another Death Script to dwindle the number to 4.

Lee Joon takes the opportunity to recite yet another line but in the scuffle, Kwang-soo eliminates him. Aww, he’s genuinely speechless.

The supporting cast have got to use those 20 minutes to their advantage and frantically search for Kwang-soo. But when the Yellow Team meet Lee Joon at the elevator, they have no idea that Kwang-soo sneaks up on them to eliminate Jae-suk. Boy’s on a roll!

Oh dear, the RM staff really have upped the stakes here. Ji-hyo’s face falls at the thought of pouring on the aegyo with “Yes, Chef!” (from Pasta) and Haha cringes when his script is a candy kiss (from Iris).

Ji-hyo manages to deliver both of her lines and rip off two more of Kwang-soo’s name tags. Aw, now he only has two!

They pin Kwang-soo into a corner and this time it’s Haha’s turn with his candy kiss. And in it goes. Ew.

He sits there with candy in his mouth as Jae-suk’s prediction of, “What kind of hero is this?!” comes back to haunt him.

Elsewhere, Hyo-jin runs into the other Go sister and writes up her own scenario.

The remaining three supporting cast members listen as Mr. PD reads that they will happily accept that their previous scenario is nullified. Furthermore, Haha will slap Suk-jin’s name tag and then Big Nose Hyung will rip off Ji-hyo’s name tag.

The leads watch their scene play out and then immediately target Haha. As soon as Hyo-jin rips off Haha’s name tag she runs towards Suk-jin without hesitation. Damn.

The Easy Brothers hold each other off … and then Hyo-jin hovers her hand over Kwang-soo’s remaining name tag? She reasons that he’s infamous for betraying others and he wasn’t all that helpful to her today…

Our main couple enter the jail with solemn faces – what happened to Suk-jin? And then Kwang-soo turns his back to reveal his last itty bitty name tag still intact. Then we see in flashback that Hyo-jin decided to eliminate Suk-jin instead.

Hyo-jin receives her award and the cast encourages her to film their memorable ending scene. Kwang-soo opens his arms and Hyo-jin goes in for the hug…

…and starts to rip off Hyo-jin’s name tag. Yep, still the Betrayal Icon.


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  2. jae

    love this episode.. so much fun!
    gong hyojin is daebak, running man males member are affraid of her..he3

    thanks for recaps… gummimochi ^^

  3. edge

    Thank you!

    :c It’s been so long since Song Ji Hyo has won though :c

    • 3.1 uhmmm

      what are you talking about Song Ji Hyo is the one who has the most wins!! which is unfair cause members rarely attack her

    • 3.2 uhmmm

      this episode is really funny. I love Kwang Soo being in the spotlight and also wins at that!. The guest Hyo Jin is one fof the best which running man has had. she’s funny and active. the ending for this episode is also good too.

  4. Quiet Thought

    Awesome episode . . . Gong Hyo Jin looks and plays her characters so frail. As skinny as she is, I was shocked to discover she’s 5’8. After all those tall leading men, I got the impression that she was barely over 5′.

    I don’t think even the PD expected her to be this aggressive. She doesn’t mind mixing it up with the boys, doesn’t waste time on schtick when there is blood to be spilled, and always with that sweet smile. Since Jae Seuk invited her back, I’d go for a team match with Ji Hyo leading the opposing squad.

    Also, fabulous look for Ji Hyo in that opening scene.

    • 4.1 bd

      Yeah, surprised that GHJ is about 5’7.5″ – but I guess it hurts being paired up w/ tall leading men (but man, is she thin – another one of those thin as rails actresses).

      • 4.1.1 z

        It doesn’t hurt her. Do you want to be paired up with a shorter man…? Even if you don’t personally mind, it doesn’t look that nice onscreen. I even felt it was the main reason LKS got to be the main lead (and him being the lead.. the PDs came up with the 7 nametags as bully baits to maximise his role as the bullied…)

  5. Naddie

    I loved Hyo-jin, haha, she’s hilarious and awesome! I love it when the girl guests are feisty 😀

    I can’t be the only one who knows that Olive’s full name is Olive Oil 😛 Only now that I’m older do I appreciate the pun of her full name though, lol.

    • 5.1 yumi

      Popeye always called Olive Oyl by her full name.

      He never called her Olive.

    • 5.2 Cherry86

      Never watched Popeye before… but do you know that Gong Hyo Jin nickname is Olive… without the Oyl.. 😛

  6. Cherry86

    This is the BEST RM episode and Gong Hyo Jin is the BEST Guest ever! I watched it 3 times!

    • 6.1 DanRoYan

      This IS the Best! I’ve watched it for more than six times already! The best guest! and best ‘Lee Kwang Soo in action’!

  7. ladyhahn

    that betrayal dna ending is hillarious…that face..that…

    and sparto kook easily lifted up gong hyo,my heart beats faster too!lucky her! :p

  8. mary

    LOL that final pic cracked me up.

    It’s like Kwang Soo is a pathological traitor. Boy can’t help it!

    • 8.1 Stardust

      Its gonna be hard to believe he is a Nice Guy later … XD

      • 8.1.1 mary

        And a chaebol at that! haha

        Aren’t chaebols and second leads supposed to be good in everything?!

      • 8.1.2 Cherry86

        For one thing, I would hate to see Kwang Soo providing the comedic elements in Nice Guy.. I would prefer to see something different from his RM character

        • jenny

          totally agree with you Cherry86..huhu he is quite talented..

  9. Stardust

    LOL LOL I really loved this ep… I was wondering if the poor giraffe’s leg wouldn’t crack under the weight of the tigeress… XD

    Also Gwang Soo’s hair stuck on velcro is the funniest thing I have seen on variety… so simple, so poor thing, so HILARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing for maybe 5min and the people in the other room wondered why we were laughing so looudly…

    Gong Hyo Jin is so competitive lol I think its so funny she considers herself unmotivated… Its really nice to see Gwang Soo win! The Go sisters was also…. daebak!

    Thanks gummi for the recap! It brought back all the nice parts for me… =)

  10. 10 Daisy

    Ahaha I love Lee Joon but I miss Gary I hope he comes back soon!

    • 10.1 gustave154

      agreed no gary makes me sad =(
      need more monday couple…

  11. 11 matz

    great episode!!!
    finally, other women (aside from jihyo) who’s not afraid of fighting it off with the boys!

  12. 12 Em

    Gong Hyo Jin looks so sweet!

  13. 13 Anao

    Yay for strong female guests. I didn’t find Gong Hyo Jin particularly funny but I liked her strong side. I was rooting for her and Kwang Soo so I’m glad they won.
    Lately Suk Jin manages to survive till late in the games so we might see him also wining one of these days.

  14. 14 Yue

    LOL! Lee Joon is pretty funny ^^

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    And, for all the abuse, this was another win for Kwang Soo. He seemed quite happy at the end. Hyo Jin really managed to be the Olive Oyl to his Popeye. He came through several times with those long arms.

  16. 16 jenny

    keke proud of you Gwang Soo…finally the giraffe outs the tiger..
    and the velcro part ROFL…EPIC..
    .miss GARIE though…

  17. 17 racheose

    i didn’t realize gary wasn’t there lol but this episode was really good.. i watched it twice two days in a row but still i laughed so hard esp at gwangsoo and the butt attack, i thought my sides would burst XD

    i miss Ji hyo though i mean she was like gong hyo jin.. i hope the pd would give her a chance to show her awesomeness..

    thanks for the recap ^^

    and i thought everyone knows olive oyle.. (i spell it like that since i was a kid and i didn’t understand then that her surname should be funny )

  18. 18 Serena B

    When his hair got stuck in that name tag I couldn’t help myself. I was laughing so hard I was crying. XDXD

  19. 19 onyxx

    definitely one of the funnier RM episodes i’ve seen so far. there are so many hilarious moments here, both intended and unintended. Jae-suk and his derriere deserve to have an episode of their own LOL! hapless Kwang-soo had me in stitches, but i wish he would tone down his “treacherous” persona though — it’s fast turning to be a turn-off

  20. 20 pigtookie

    fantastic episode! (this is how you do a good guest’s love special, RM!) this was really lee gwang soo’s special episode (aww the others have had their special episodes like sukjin’s detective, etc.), with his facing on jong kook and joon and ripping off their name tags. and gong hyo jin was a star, as an invincible woman and really suits “female choi min soo.”

    too many fun moments this episode, but i miss gary 🙁

  21. 21 Katherine

    I demand an actresses episode where former guests come back on [Gong Hyo Jin, Park Ye Jin, Lee Hyori *technically she is an actress/singer*, Lee Da Hae & Park Bo Young]
    Awesome seeing Kwang Soo have the spot light this episode and him winning with GHJ.

    • 21.1 bd

      Agree on all but LDH who was a bit of a bore and doesn’t exhibit any of the fierceness that the others do.

      Much rather have someone like Han Ji-min, Son Ye-jin, Hong Soo-hyun, Yoon So-yi or Oh Yeon-su.

      • 21.1.1 racheose

        i’d just like to add no sae yoon.. lol i laughed hard during ep 103 with her ^^

    • 21.2 sp

      Not to forget Han Hyo Joo and Han Hye Jin, both are fun to be around and competitive as well. Gong Hyo Jin is fiercely aggresive and that’s good but if she comes back again I hope they let her play on level field the way Hyo Joo and Hye Jin did. She could go all out attacking because she knew no one can touch her, that makes a huge difference.

  22. 22 infinite7l

    great episode.
    kwangsoo was seriously on a roll. i was reallyy proud.

    gong hyo jin, i knew i would like her. she’s a versatile actress and love that she’s so fearless.! it’s so refreshing to see such a strong, fierce female guest after song ji hyo. because some female guests go on without contributing much to the game (i could name a few right at top of my head)

  23. 23 bd

    Loved this ep.

    Simply one of the funniest eps ever for RM – it was funny on top of funny on top of funny w/ great hilarious interaction btwn the RM cast and the guest, GHJ (the cast usually is excited about a female guest’s beauty, but this time I think the cast was simply in awe of GHJ for her acting ability when she was introduced).

    From GHJ being mad at the PD for not accepting her correct answer to “Mannered Men” who knew Olive but not Olive Oil (how do you know one w/o the other?) and who kept pushing/kicking the Giraffe into the pool to the playing of the Vangelis theme music for “Chariots of Fire” when the Grasshopper was making his way across the pool using his limbs and hips in various ways – I thought that was all pretty funny, but the next game w/ the heart rate monitor simply just killed me.

    First it was all the cracks on Miss Mong and then it was the Yoon Eun hye comment when Kookie was carrying GHJ, but it was YJS’s Yoo Hyuk persona w/ his not so subtle bending over to show his rear that had me dying.

    And each time others were throwing things on the floor for Yoo Hyuk to pick up, it got funnier and funnier as Yoo Hyuk kept explaining to GHJ to not get the wrong idea (YJS’s trademark too tight jeans really helped out here).

    I though it would finally end there, but Yoo Hyuk kept his rear stuck out as he was trying to get back to his seat which is why Haha slapped his butt and did it again after Yoo Hyuk’s protests of innocence.

    And poor Kwangvatar – only he could end up getting his hair caught by the velcro.

    The end game in the past has been a hit or miss depending on whether the writers had added a new twist to it and this time it was a hit w/ all the “lives” that the Giraffe head and the “invincibility” awarded to GHJ as long as the Giraffe still had a life left.

    Loved GHJ’s fierceness after her initial announcement that she wasn’t too competitive (she even got in the hitting action when the Giraffe irritated her – lol) and wasn’t afraid to show the “bad” GHJ just like Ms. Mong isn’t afraid to show the “bad Jihyo.”

    Don’t know why the Giraffe was so scared to help out when GHJ had someone cornered since he fought back against the Tiger and came out victorious and then went on to rip the nametags off a no. of others.

    Truly one of the funniest and best eps of RM ever (GHJ should definitely be asked back).

    Too bad Gary has been out due to injury (didn’t think Lee Joon) really added anything, esp. when it came to the funnies.

  24. 24 kaka

    See, PDs? If you put all RM members in one place and let them talk, you will have an episode full of hilarity.

  25. 25 MaskBunny

    One of the best RM episodes! I totally love hardworking guests. Loved the part when Gwang Soo had his hair stuck on the velcro & also the part when he ripped off Tiger’s tag.

    Ok..maybe I just have a soft spot for the Giraffe :))

  26. 26 A_Donuts

    OMG one of the best episodes ever. I hope Gong Hyo-jin comes on this show again. She’s just awesome. It was a good move by the PDs to add in the rule that all of Kwang-soo’s tags had to be removed. I really hope they have Hyori on again! Loved her in the first episode.

  27. 27 Nana

    Gong Hyo Jin!
    Aww… never knew the this lady can be this cool, she’s playful and charming
    love her

  28. 28 topper

    Gong Hyo Jin is daebak!

  29. 29 Running Man Fan

    This episode was planned to let LKS shine. Haha.. i love how all the running man cheer for LKS to be the male lead. The first two games were awesome. ‘The mannered man’ and all the bullying, it was funny. I like the guessing game with questions like KJK ‘loveable’, haha guess the melody!
    Then the other funny part is the second game. YJS is so funny with his butt.. i felt like hitting his butt too.. (joking) I also would like to be carried by KJK.. His strong arms.. wow!! The other part when LKS hair was struck, i felt pity for him. Haha. Anyone noticed that when the Running man team went to the coffee house, there was a toy girraffe sitting on a tiger statue. Haha.. Then the role play of KJK as LKS ‘girlfriend’, i was laughing so hard. Their interaction was so hilarious and cute.

    I felt that the last game, the production team gave LKS and his lady too much advantages. I think it was a little unfair to the rest. LKS had seven nametags and a heroine to protect him. Anyway, i was in total shock when KJK was the first to get out.. I guess everyone were shocked too. If only KJK did not play along and mess up.. Haha but that is the fun is’nt it? KJK the first ever defeat by a fellow cast member.. well, tactically speaking, he lose for the effect of the show. Last but not least the last betrayal on Gong Hyo Jin by LKS was funny.. talk about betrayal DNA. Thank you for the review.

    • 29.1 Cherry86

      I thought the last game ruling should be used more often. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage at all. We know for the fact that most of the time the Running Men cast won’t “kill” their guests so early in the game.. With this new ruling, it’s great to see the guest won’t be too scardy cat to play the game… I wonder how this would work if the rule apply to Kim Soo Hyun

    • 29.2 Quiet Thought

      I think the third game is where Gong Hyo Jin being daebak made the show such a challenge. A frail female guest, even an energetic one, would not have made the chase scenario look so lopsided. GHJ She had so much more physical presence than a typical female guest that she intimidated the RM regulars, through them off balance, and, very importantly put some spine into LKS so he could take advantage of the situation.

      Note that it was Kwang Soo who scored most of the kills on their side. After he took out KJK, the hardest regular to overcome physically, LKS kept his head and traded one of his tags for a opportunistic shot at Lee Joon. Then, instead of sulking, pursued his momentarily weaponless tormenters to bag Jae Suk. That left Ji Hyo the only remaining regular who could impose discipline on the survivors, and Gong Hyo Jin correctly realized that taking her out would win the game.

      Very sharp play. Gong Hyo Jin deserved the Oscar and Lee Gwang Soo earned that hug.

    • 29.3 kaka

      I know some people thought the rule has too much disadvantages for ‘supporting role’ team, but I don’t think so. It was 6 vs 2, after all. If the supporting role team want to win, they can use 2 people to hold GHJ and KJK alone to hold LKS, the rest of the team can take a turn to enact the lines and rip LKS name tags and searching for the death scripts. That is a sure-win method for supporting role team. But you know, that wouldn’t be funny at all.

  30. 30 siz

    what is the soundtrack of running man ep 108 lee kwang soo tear his name tag 01:12:54 until 01:13:12

  31. 31 kpshyazn

    I love gong-bly as an actress… huge fan of hers, but even I was surprised by her awesomeness in this episode. She fought back and engaged in combat.

    I was frustrated at Lee Kwang Soo in the beginning, he was too timid. Gong Hyojin must’ve felt the same too, because she started questioning him and took some jabs at him.

    This, in my opinion, “woke” Lee Kwang Soo and his fighting spirit. The moment where Gong Hyojin goes “you’ve been doing this for 2 years, but all you know how to do is run/hide. you’re supposed to protect me, not the other way around” and the water drinking scene were the turning point.

    It was after this that LKS went on a rampage. GHJ was basically able to wake the sleeping dragon inside the Giraffe. That is how awesome GHJ was, imo. :3

    How many other guests can have LKS turn on the switch?

  32. 32 reglest

    Aside from other variety persona, I’m awed at Lee Gwang-soo. He is one hell of variety persona who growin up in the show. Just remind me about Heodang Seung Gi, Cho Ding Ji won, Mischievieous MC mong in 1n2d (sorry for the reference, can’t mention other better). As finally he get his spotlight…I’m freakingly happy =))

    And this is what you should do Running Man staff, work it til ground to let the cast make their own persona. This episode deliver the genuine hilarious moment that I miss for episodes, and I love it. And hoping it’ll back for the next. Just let them being them! Scripted hint is ok, but not scripted scenario (or at least make me doesn’t notice it 😉 )

  33. 33 Annyong

    i was so embarassed for kwang soo when his hair got stuck on his nametag,so embarassed for him,i litterally had to pause the video and cover my face w/ my hands LOL!! Aww Kwangsoo ya!! XD Even when he tries to be serious,he’s always “the giraffe” XD And i miss Gary-shi! He was not here for 2 eps in a row 🙁
    Anyway,nice recap XDD

  34. 34 beloved

    for me the question about the scene popeye’s girlfriend is the funniest ever. definitively this episode the funniest ever.

  35. 35 Raptor

    Giraffe and the ladies made this ep. The way SJH tore off two of his tags in a flash…. WOW

  36. 36 crazy

    LKS is annoying enough on his own, with the addition of Gong hye jin it’s nearly unbearable. If it wasn’t for the love of running man ….

    • 36.1 spartakookie


  37. 37 spartakookie

    Song Ji Hyo is annoying as hell, hella overrated, became an ‘ACE’ because her fellow running mates don’t chase her that much. Begging not to rip of her tag because she’s a girl. This is variety, she’s not funny.

  38. 38 Arief

    This is the most awesome episode that i have ever watched in running man. I really like the character of both male and female lead actress. I would be really happy if gong hyo jin come again in the next running man episode. I’m waiting for it.

  39. 39 abu hasan

    great episode.

  40. 40 Johny Lynn

    What’s the song they played at the end when they got the trophy?

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