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To the Beautiful You: Episode 5
by | September 1, 2012 | 98 Comments

This is the episode where a powerpoint presentation will win you the boy of your dreams. Where it’s okay if you scale the walls to sneak into your Oppa’s room and sleep in his bed until he comes back. And just saying that you found a reason to want to do something again is enough for your coach to give you another shot. Because you can tell me your wish and somehow, we’ll make it come true. Because this is Genie High.

Episode 5 trailed with a crushing 4.8% in ratings.

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Alone in the room, Tae-joon picks up the lighted bracelet, thinking back to when Jae-hee happily fastened it onto his wrist. He opens Jae-hee’s laptop to find a presentation written for Coach Holton, the famous coach he’d hoped to work with.

As Jae-hee’s voice recites how she hated that she looked different from her peers, we glimpse into what life in the States was like for her as an object of ridicule. “An ugly duckling doesn’t turn into a beautiful swan in a heartbeat. Because in reality, miracles don’t really happen.”

But seeing Tae-joon jump, she started to believe that, “A miracle is just hard work by another name,” Those words encouraged her to join the track team and the courage to stand up to others.

And though nothing had changed, she became her own miracle. With a final address to Coach Holton, she asks that he help Tae-joon fly again.

Jae-hee bids goodbye to Sangchu, wondering if she was wrong from the start. Reading headlines about Tae-joon’s injury, she decided to snip her hair and fly halfway around the world to see him jump again.

At the same time, Tae-joon recalls Jae-hee’s persistence on seeing him high jump again and how that iconic phrase not only helped her get through her rough patches but also finish the marathon. He runs out.

Tae-joon catches her by the steps where they first met, grabbing her by the wrist. Out of breath, he asks if she really plans to leave without seeing him jump. He breathes, “Don’t go, Gu Jae-hee.”

The thought of the almost kiss leaves Eun-gyul scratching his head and Hyun-jae asks what the deal is. Eun-gyul hesitates a few times before he finally broaches the subject, “By any chance…”

He’s got Hyun-jae’s attention, albeit annoyed, and Eun-gyul says what if you wanted… to lock lips with a guy… They both stop as those words settle in awkwardly and Eun-gyul backs off to go to sleep. And then hilariously, Hyun-jae pulls up his shirt and puts on a sweater to cover himself.

In bed, Eun-gyul updates his status, “Life… is like an espress without any sugar.” (He unknowingly makes this typo.)

Tae-joon nearly walks into the bathroom while Jae-hee is taking a shower, muttering how “Grungy” isn’t being careful as a girl. He lets out a deep breath, thinking back to when he caught her in a towel. Inside, Jae-hee smiles at the thought that Tae-joon will jump again.

In the morning, Jae-hee ignores another call from Daniel and finds Tae-joon missing. Where could he have gone so early in the morning?

The answer is that he’s busy training, suddenly have found a reason to high jump again. Clasping the ring on his silver necklace, he says, “You’re going to keep watch over me, right?”

Tae-joon gives us a play by play of what it takes to clear the bar in high jump. The fancy display is cool but it seems like an excuse to insert some CG effects. As expected, his reality doesn’t quite match up to his expectations and he looks at the fallen bar with a, Darn, didn’t make it this time expression.

Jae-hee is pleasantly surprised to find the bathroom door fixed and locks it with a peace of mind. That means her morning visitors Eun-gyul and Seung-ri are left suffering outside the door, wondering why in the world Jae-hee would suddenly lock them out.

Tae-joon simply ignores Hyun-jae when he mentions that the use of the gymnasium is reserved for athletic training. And since he’s not an athlete anymore, Tae-joon can get lost. They’re two seconds away from another fight when a word from Coach Baek stops them.

Naturally, Coach Baek doesn’t believe Tae-joon’s change of heart. He reminds Tae-joon that he was the one who decided to quit. He dismisses Tae-joon coldly.

Jae-hee continues to screen Daniel’s calls and Eun-gyul wonders how there could be calls that aren’t important to pick up. But he does the same thing when “Hong Dan-mu” (the girl he used to tease when he was in grade school) and Jae-hee calls him out on it.

Eun-gyul defends that it’s all part of the give-and-take in a relationship. Jae-hee doesn’t agree with this logic – if you like someone, you tell them.

Eun-gyul raises his eyebrows, “Do you know anything about girls?” Believe me, I think she knows more than you do, lover boy.

Director Jang gives a deep sigh at Tae-joon’s wish to start training again. She reminds him that the outside world still believes he has the yips. If he doesn’t jump like he did before, it could hurt him even more.

Tae-joon simply answers that he found a reason to start jumping again – isn’t that enough? Director Jang asks if his father knows about Tae-joon’s decision and he replies that it’s not his concern.

She finally asks, “Are you sure?” and he gives a smile and nod. She caves in and warns him that she’ll have higher expectations this time around.

Hanna, you seriously give sasaeng fans a run for their money. She sneaks onto campus and using her gymnastic skills to stay out of sight, scaling the walls. She saunters into Tae-joon’s room and gives Jae-hee a fright.

Jae-hee notes that Hanna is bound to get caught but Hanna sighs that she wouldn’t step foot in the school if it weren’t for Tae-joon. She’s still caught up over the uniform-snatching incident and how the school is just a den of perverts.

Hanna is flabbergasted at the possibility that the student had no other choice. She narrows her eyes at Jae-hee – why is she defending the thieving perv?

But she lets the matter drop, figuring that she’ll wait in Tae-joon’s bed until he comes back. Which is when Jae-hee notices the uniform hanging off from her loft and hurries to hide it before Hanna notices.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyul waits on pins and needles for Hong Dan-mu to show up, worried that she’ll be really scary. He gapes when a larger girl waves in his direction and breathes a sigh of relief when she runs towards someone else.

Then he turns around to see Hong Dan-mu smiling back at him.

After Jae-hee uses a distracted moment to return Hanna’s uniform, she ignores another one of Daniel’s calls. Only this time, he’s caught her screening his calls. Whoops.

He’s here to transfer her out today and demands to know where the office is. Ignoring Jae-hee’s pleas, he marches up to the first teacher he sees, intending to find out himself.

What ensues is a hilarious exchange with the actual principal who stammers that his English is superb. Daniel confesses that he’s here to transfer his sister out of the school as the principal just listens and nods. Afterwards, the principal turns to Jae-hee, “What did he just say?”

Jae-hee pulls her brother out of there and they continue to argue about whether she stays or not. Then she spots Doc in the distance and decides he’s the best person to talk to.

The dorm leaders gather in the fancy cafeteria. I can seriously watch these three bicker all day. Dorm 3 tries to introduce himself to the ladies and Young-man barks: “Charles? You’re Chul-soo!”

Seung-ri has a small epiphany about Jae-hee but instead, cuts to the chase. Genie High will be participating in the regional athletic championships and he wants the entire school involved.

Jae-hee pleads with Doc to help her out and he reluctantly complies. Inside, he leeeans over to sniff Daniel and then asks, “What cologne do you use?” Pfft.

Daniel tells him to put the transfer request and Doc just changes the subject, “Do you like to drink?” Daniel sighs, exasperated.

Which begs the question Daniel – if you knew how to ask for a transfer request in Korean, why didn’t you just ask earlier?

Eun-gyul sits outside with Hong Dan-mu (whose real name is Da-hae), chatting about old classmates. Da-hae is back in Korea for good and Eun-gyul finds it hard to believe that she pursues music now.

She asks what he thought she might do instead and he blubbers, “Martial arts…” before he remembers himself and corrects, “The arts…”

She puffs up that she’s a pretty decent violinist and he just shrugs, Sure I’ll believe you. So she pulls out her violin and starts playing right then and there, attracting a small crowd and Eun-gyul’s impressed smile.

Back at school, Jae-hee pouts when she overhears some other students gossip about how the legendary Kang Tae-joon was refused from rejoining the athletic team.

In an effort to uplift his spirits, Jae-hee surprises him with a cake when he returns to the room. He tells her not to overreact since his decision to high jump again isn’t a call for celebration in his eyes.

But she pouts again, telling him that she went through so much trouble. She trips on her own two feet and in slo-mo, she falls face first into the cake.

Tae-joon runs over, concerned and holds his laughter at her frosting caked face. He wipes a little off of her nose with her finger and comments, “It… tastes good.”

They celebrate with the ruined cake anyway (aw) and Tae-joon smiles to see how happy it makes Jae-hee. He warns her not to dab his face with frosting with a glare… and she does anyway. So he chases her around the room with a cake. Cute, cute.

While they wait at the bus station, Da-hae politely declines Eun-gyul’s offer that he’ll carry her violin. With a smile, she tells him she’ll ask his help if she really needs it.

Da-hae says her goodbye when her bus comes but before she leaves, she quips, “By the way it’s ‘espresso’ not ‘espress.'” Omo, look who’s been following Eun-gyul’s statuses?

They wave to each other with a smile and Eun-gyul thinks to himself in surprise, “Even Hong Dan-mu can become a woman when she grows up…” Oh you have much to learn, little Grasshopper.

Looks like Doc and Daniel went out for that drink after all. They go drink for drink until Doc finally asks if Daniel must take Jae-hee back with him. I love that Doc just insults him to his face calling him “a hopelessly stubborn mule with a stick up your ass.”

Turning serious, Doc asks if Daniel ever put himself in Jae-hee’s shoes. Sure it’s ridiculous that she entered a boys’ school but has he ever thought of what propelled her to do so? “It’s like something out of a manga (hur) , but have you ever asked yourself why she felt like she had no other choice?”

Doc tells him that Daniel doesn’t trust his sister. Daniel turns that statement back at him and Doc answers, “I’m not sure. But even if I don’t trust her, you should.”

Coach Baek steps into the gym storage room to find it oddly spic and span. He wonders if there’s a ghost living in the gym and then his eyes grow wide in realization.

Jae-hee asks Tae-joon about the silver necklace after she finds it in the bathroom. Tae-joon shares that it was from his mother. Though he doesn’t speak about it further, we flashback to when Mom gave it to him before he went to the Olympics.

She runs to catch up with Tae-joon but runs into Daniel. He’s got good news – Jae-hee can stay to watch Tae-joon jump. But on the condition that they leave together right after he jumps in the championship.

To further dampen her mood, she finds her gym clothes soaking wet in her locker.

Daniel’s words reverberate in her head as Jae-hee picks up one of Tae-joon’s shirts. He walks in while she’s still in a daze and he asks, “Are you smelling it?” Jae-hee covers that she’s just heading down to do laundry.

In the laundry room, Eun-gyul contemplates over Da-hae’s text about hanging out that weekend. With a sigh, he looks back over photos of Jae-hee. He’s scared half to death when she turns up asking if he’s watching porn on his phone now.

He defends, “Would a pure and innocent guy like me would watch something like that?” She nods. Hahaha.

While they wait for their laundry, Jae-hee asks how Eun-gyul would feel if he had to pretend he was a boy in a girls’ dormitory.

Yay another glimpse into Eun-gyul’s imagination! He turns out to be a fairly pretty girl and out of the dream, Eun-gyul says that though it’d be like heaven, he’d bound to get caught pretty quickly.

Jae-hee asks how things went with Da-hae and and Eun-gyul blushes that she’s so into him. They laugh and share the chocolate that Jong-min gave him. And then we see Jong-min right outside, scowling.

Jae-hee hangs her head, counting down the few days until the championship. She spots Tae-joon dressed up and asks if he can hang back to hang out today. He simply tells her that he’ll be late so there’s no need for her to wait up.

He walks up the entrance of his house and stops at the garden. His eyes grow wide to see his mother turn towards him, smiling. But alas, it’s just a figment of his imagination.

Ah, it’s Mom’s death anniversary and Tae-joon helps set up the memorial and pays his respects. At dinner, Dad is happy to hear that Tae-joon decided to stick with the sport.

Tae-joon gets up, not in the mood to hear an earful from Dad. Then Dad asks, “Do you still think your mother’s death was my fault?”

Before Tae-joon can answer, Hanna enters in a cheery mood but notes the tense air between the two.

She finds Tae-joon sitting outside, absentmindedly playing with an old toy. She tells him to try to get along with Dad – how would his mother feel if she were still around? Girl, as annoying as you are, you do make some sense.

How Jae-hee knows that Coach Holton read her email is beyond me but she pouts that he hasn’t replied yet. Eun-gyul drops by and notices that Tae-joon still isn’t back yet. But he mentions it’s understandable because he’s heard today is his mother’s death anniversary.

That’s news to Jae-hee (Really? As his #1 fan?) and when she gets a text from Tae-joon to come to the swimming pool, she runs out. Something definitely doesn’t feel right about this…

So Eun-gyul is confused when Tae-joon comes back alone and he has no idea what Eun-gyul is talking about. He recalls when Jae-hee mentioned that someone doused her gym clothes and Tae-joon runs out.

Jae-hee spots what looks like Tae-joon (but to us, clearly not) on the diving platform. She finds it empty and then steps out further to check. If you cannot SEE anyone there, there IS no one there!

There’s a note by the railing that reads, “Don’t mess with me.” Get off that platform already!

Then a mysterious hand pushes her off, sending her into the water, and Jae-hee floats, unconscious.

Just then, Tae-joon and Eun-gyul rush into the swimming pool as the offender runs off (Seriously Drama AGAIN!?). Both boys dive into the water and swim towards her. Tae-joon doesn’t notice that his silver necklace falls to the bottom of the pool in the process.

They pull her out of the water and Eun-gyul says that she isn’t breathing. No kidding, Sherlock.

Time to perform CPR. Eun-gyul hesitates and Tae-joon takes over. Jae-hee finally coughs up water and opens her eyes. Eun-gyul can’t help but notice Tae-joon’s concern.

Back in the room, the boys ask if Jae-hee can think of anyone who might be targeting her. She can’t think of anyone and Eun-gyul insists, worried that the attacks might get worse. Tae-joon tells him to back off for now.

After Eun-gyul leaves, Jae-hee notices that Tae-joon’s silver necklace is missing. Did he perchance lose it in the swimming pool?

Tae-joon searches through his things frantically before he composes himself and tells her not to worry about it – it’ll show up. Jae-hee looks on, feeling guilty.

Tae-joon wakes up the next morning, annoyed at Jae-hee’s alarm. But he finds her gone.

That’s because Jae-hee is in the swimming pool, searching for his silver necklace. So you can swim? Okay.

Tae-joon dives in after her and pulls her out of the water. He shouts that he told her not to worry about it. But when did that ever stop her? She defends that it’s special to him especially because it was his mother’s death anniversary yesterday.

He dries her hair, asking if she’s an idiot for trying to find something that’s already lost. She apologizes and he assures her that it isn’t her fault. “So there’s no need to keep worrying about it or feel sorry about it.”

Coach Baek confronts Tae-joon about being the ghostly gymnasium janitor. He asks why Tae-joon wants to jump again. Tae-joon: “Because I found a reason to jump again.”

That’s somehow a good enough reason for Coach Baek and he agrees to let Tae-joon try out. If Tae-joon can beat Hyun-jae, then he’ll let Tae-joon back in.

Meanwhile, Seung-ri runs into Jae-hee in the hallway. As she leaves, he turns around with a smile. Wait, do you know she’s a girl too?

Jae-hee enters the darkened gymnasium and watches Tae-joon fail to clear the bar again and again. She packs her things and calls Daniel.

She runs into Eun-gyul just outside and then swoops in for a surprise backhug. You’re going to give this boy a heart attack. She tells him, “Thanks for everything. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve had a really hard time.”

He reels in shock, having no idea that it’s her goodbye.

Tae-joon gets ready in the dressing room and discovers a note from Jae-hee:

“I’m going back to the States. I might not be able to watch the meet because of my flight time. I wore these shoelaces in my first and last track meet that I won. Though my luck doesn’t amount to much… I’ll share that with you.”

We catch up with Jae-hee who sits at the steps waiting for Daniel. He pulls up with a taxi to pick her up and takes her bag.



…and that’s the ending? Well, okay. PD-nim, it looks a lot like the previous ending but sure – we can have a repeat. It’s not like we forgot or anything.

What I’ve learned in this series is that I really have to throw logic out the window. But then that gets really hard when the show tries to Be Serious and then suffers from its own logic fail.

Case in point: Tae-joon has found a motivation to start high jumping again. This would be a cause for celebration since we were told that he doesn’t want to high jump anymore for reasons unknown. His mother’s death certainly plays a part in this, but after Jae-hee’s presentation for Coach Holton, he’s gung ho about getting a second shot. So no reason what caused his injury or facing his fear about the bar, just his newfound volition to give it another shot. And that is reason enough for Coach Baek who seemed pretty stern about telling him that chance was over. Because a miracle is people changing their minds by another name?

The only voice of reason we get is Daniel who asked those burning questions in the previous episode. I fear that he’ll only be around for a few more episodes and then disappear. Who will take your place! And Doc needs a drinking buddy – surely you can stick around.

Jae-hee, SIGH. You have a serious lack of judgment. What in your right mind did you think that mysterious looking figure on the platform would be Tae-joon? Why would the high jumper ask you to meet you in the swimming pool? It’s not a farfetched guess to say that the perpetrator is No Pants from Episode 1. Granted, Jae-hee has probably forgotten but why didn’t the boys grab the ONE boy escaping the pool? And… you know how to swim. My mind cannot compute this.

I find Tae-joon’s protective nature of Jae-hee to be sweet in this episode though it does disturb me how his “Don’t go” confession is the stuff of dreams for every sasaeng fan. But I love how by the end of the episode, Jae-hee is slowly becoming far more important in his life and that her life is more important than finding a necklace that is dear to his heart. Because his biggest cheerleader is now replaced by Jae-hee instead of Mom.


98 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jlee

    Thanks for the recap, Gummi!

    • 1.1 Jlee

      Okay so.

      1. The doctor can ask how to pull his sister out of school in korean…. but now he can’t?

      2. Jae Hee knows how to swim… but she can’t?

      Gah, drama. Gah, gah, gah. Like Gummi said, you seriously have to throw all brains and logic out the window – but its super hard when everything is just a big old mess.

      • 1.1.1 Nan

        In the subbed version that I saw it appeared that in the first episode there was never any doubt that she could swim, she had a realization that she would have to be shirtless….and turned down the swimsuit loan from Jongmin then made up something about a chlorine allergy.

        • haruko

          The time the guy pushed her, I believe the fall knocked her unconscious – that’s a LONG fall if you’re not diving it. People have broken their necks like that. So, I didn’t find that far-fetched at all.

          If you’re ever belly-flopped, you know how hard the water surface feels when you hit it wrong 😀

          • Brian

            I agree with you — jumping off the high dive like that when you’re not prepared is not easy, and I’m a fairly strong swimmer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she belly-flopped she could easily have lost consciousness.

          • Jackie

            ^^ Agree

          • ilog

            Agree. Despite the many logic-fails of this drama, this is not one of them. 🙂

            Frankly, I’m afraid that they’re treating this thing too lightly (just like that rape attack in Ep 3). This is ATTEMPTED MURDER you know. PUSHING PEOPLE OFF DIVING BOARDS CAN KILL. 😐

  2. Lemon

    Thanks for the recap! Will read it now. 🙂

    This drama is seriously logic-fail:

    1. Why does Jae Hee leave before watching Tae Joon jump? She came ALL the way to Korea to make him jump again, and when he does, she sees how difficult it is for him and just decides its HER fault that he’s in so much pain, so she leaves before his competition? Thank God for her oppa (Julien Kang), who is honestly the only sane person in this show right now.

    2. Why did Jae Hee drown when she fell off the diving board when she could clearly swim (as she did the next day)

    Ok had to get that out of my chest. I’m gonna read your recap to see if you felt the same way haha.

    • 2.1 Kwhat?!

      Plus, it’s not like she fell on the cement. It’s water, and she landed feet-first. Also, if you’re on an abandoned diving platform, why go looking for someone you can obviously see ISN’T THERE?

      • 2.1.1 haruko

        Can’t defend her reasons for going up, but if you’re ever fallen on water (not dived) from any height, it hurts like hell. When you hit the water going fast enough (from a tall height, for instance) it starts to act like a solid surface. See this kid’s science site: http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/gen01/gen01790.htm
        Diver’s cut into the water, but if you hit it flat going fast enough, not only will you lose consciousness, you might break your neck. So, it’s not that she can’t swim, it’s that she fall 60 or so feet onto the pool surface. Which I kinda would’ve assumed everyone would figure out, until I started reading the re-cap/comments. LOL

  3. nina_elmiraaa

    Thanks for the recaps.. 🙂 I haven’t watched any episode of this drama and judging from the things I’ve read from the previous recaps, this drama is something that won’t hold my attention for long. I’ve watched the other versions of this show but gave it up halfway, eventually finishing it like a year after. There’s a lot of pretty here and even though I’m a fan of SHINee (Minho, not so much) and f(x), I don’t think I’ll be watching this anytime soon.

  4. Lemon

    HAHA okay just finished reading. Thank you for pointing out all the logic-fails!

    Side note: They’re seriously making Hanna seem like spiderman, jumping and flipping around and such. Or maybe a creepier Edward Cullen-stalker kind of spidey.

    Also, I realise the dorm rivalry doesn’t seem to play such a big part here. I thought the dorm heads were rivals, so why are they always hanging out together? Hahahaha.

  5. Jules

    Oh, this show… saying it isn’t good is giving it too much credit.

    I’m not sure I’d call Hanna a sasaeng fan (though she does veer dangerously close at times); particularly not in comparison to Jae-hee, whose obsession with Tae-joon is a little scary.

    Anyway, I’m watching TtBY with minimal attention, so your recaps really help to fill in the blank without my having to actually, y’know, watch the whole episode. *g*

    Thanks, gummimochi! 😀

    • 5.1 Kwhat?!

      Same here. I’ll watch bits and pieces, but the recaps crack me up. This show isn’t on the level of Jintasticness, but it’s doing its best junior version.

  6. qwerty8

    I’m now convinced that this PD loves the wet look

    • 6.1 Lemon

      HAHAHAHA nice one

    • 6.2 Dbsklove

      LOLLLLLLL~~~~~ <3

    • 6.3 shelhass

      This Show surely loves we look too much and 360 camera shots.

      Even though I like it too. =)

  7. iammt2

    Logic is never a strong suit with gender bending shows. i’m not sure why I’m still watching…

    My biggest problem with this episode is Daniel’s back and forth between English and Korean. It is clear that he is fluent but then tries to default with the teacher? REALLY?!? bah. (but please stick around for Doc. I love them together).

    However what I /am/ loving is that every once and a while I forget that Jae Hee is a girl. She isn’t feminine which is nice and I don’t feel like that is an act. Her girly side comes out with the gifts and notes (or is that common amongst all genders in Korea?).

    • 7.1 iammt2

      eep. forgot to thank you… your patience with this muppet of a show is commendable.

  8. Lucille

    Okay, I can get her passing out when she fell off the platform. If you’ve ever done a belly flop, they hurt like hell and from that distance…
    However, the rest of this drama is giving me fits. I keep watching cause it does have some very cute moments, but the logic is driving me insane. I really wish they would just go over the top crazy. That is what made the J and TW versions so much fun.

    • 8.1 shelhass

      I agree.

      Let’s go to the top crazy so I wouldn’t really mind all those gap plots flowing around.

      It’s probably what gummi said, this show tries To Be Serious and ends up in Epic Fail.

  9. sarah

    different people different taste…so far its ok fo me.may be i dont like heavy drama..i just like simple drama..no to think deeply..actually im fan shinee esp. minho..!!

  10. 10 Katsu1996

    Hey Guys!!!

    I’m here to clear up understandings. Everyone’s right, this show makes no darn sense. Like really. But the thing about Jae Hee not swimming after being pushed from the diving board is actually understandable. See, after bring pushed and falling into the water like that, It’s not that she couldn’t swim, it’s the shock you get when you suddenly hit the water that way. So the shock of hitting the water in a way she wasn’t used to made her pass out and float. See? Everything is pure nonsense though.BTW, she didn’t swim earlier because she said she had a chlorine allergy. She doesn’t, she’s just a girl, but that was her excuse. This show is weird, but I’m going to give it a chance because I like Sulli’s performance so far.


  11. 11 Ditu3ka

    I like Hyun-jae. Despite him being sometimes little too competitive and obvious with his desire to beat our hero in high jumping (little cartoonish I would say), but when he´s around his friends and when he interacts with his classmates he´s nice, quite friendly and careing guy. Like his interactions with his roommate Eun-gyul, when they all went for a weekend and during their café afternoon.

    • 11.1 ~Feather~

      Yeah, I think so too. 🙂
      When he isn’t all competitive, he’s really a cool guy. Just goofing off and having fun hanging out with classmates/friends.

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    Yay, the recap is here. Thank you so much. This was the episode that has got me onboard.
    Oh yeah, it’s for the cute and the pretty. Plus the acting is not bad.
    However I am not watching it with all my brain cells. But that is alright, this and Panda is my light and fluffy fix of the week. Think I am doing a terrific job of lowering my expectations for a good plot and no outright stupidity- if that is in place- this drama is hitting all the ” warm and fuzzy ” spot.

    Off to read- I’ve already live streamed it like this is guaranteed to be an easy watch. The other 2 Wed Thur dramas stressed me out before bedtime.

    • 12.1 ck1Oz

      Oh dear. I am writing more to say ” so sorry Gummimochi ”
      for recapping this. I don’t mean sorry, sorry but that you have to analyze this episode. This show does not stand up to logic and analysis. That is precisely why it’s my light and fluff fix. You sound a bit tortured 🙁

      • 12.1.1 shelhass

        Oh gosh! You made me imagine Gummi chained to her screen all the while taking notes of all the epic fails here and there.


        And as much as I like this kind of drama, no one ever had a harder work than recapping “You’ve Fallen For Me” – that show was cute too, but such a bloody mess.

        Wait, was that Gummi recap work too? If so, she’s seriously out of luck.

        • gummimochi

          You’ve Fallen for Me is lovely kaedejun’s work. Trust me – she’s had worse luck than I’ve had. Serious kudos to her.

          You can guarantee that this show makes me facepalm several times in an episode. Is that like a box of nails? Not really. Like a torture taco? Not as constricting.

          Do I have a shit list like Ha Suk-jin in ‘Standby’? Maybe.

  13. 13 becca_boo

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, Gummimochi! I will read them at some point…

  15. 15 mnjc

    It’s the first time I saw Lee Hyun Woo and he reminds me of somebody but couldn’t place who it is. Then when I saw him in girl clothes and wig, now I know… he kinda looks like Goo Hara, the eyes and the smile I think.

  16. 16 DMKO

    I love this show! It is so sweet and goofy. What a fangirl’s dream. Check your brain at the door and just enjoy. The characters are just so manga. Thank you for your recaps.

  17. 17 Huong

    It’s a teen-kind of drama. Don’t expect it to be flawless. I still find this much more interesting than Faith.

  18. 18 drama

    considering logic, this drama is actually the most ‘logical’ drama nowadays (since 49 days, secret garden, rooftop prince, big, arang, faith n etc.). i’m actually enjoying it as it gives break to the trend of ‘illogical’ dramas which mostly result to frustrating ends, and everyone just accept it while i feel like banging my head. T T
    the thing is, no drama is fully logic..people are just being cynical about this drama because no one like lee minho, shin min ah and hyun bin is acting in it. i watch all the current dramas,and TTBY is as good as others with it own charms

    • 18.1 Hafy

      LoL No and just no… Those drama that you had listed are a fantasy-based drama. Like Body-swap, time-traveling and ghost. So, of course it is like that but the story somehow make sense (Well, except for BIG) and don’t just jumping here and there, where people can’t connect things. I mean other than those fantasy elements that I had mentioned, it did not give you WTH face. and again except for BIG! LoL

  19. 19 Phin

    I like gender bending drama, manga so I really enjoy reading the recaps. However, it’s not good enough to make me want to watch it. Thank you so much, Gummimochi!

    I also find Jae-Hee and Eun-gyul very cute (there’s nothing to hate in this drama 🙂 Sooo Eun-gyul will Da-hae to bend his broken heart but I like Eun-gyul with Hannah more!

  20. 20 callie

    After Arang, I really like this drama. No need for me to think or imagine. Whatever comes asking seems new to me since I’ve never watch the Japanese or the Taiwanese versions. Light and fluffy. Sulli is doing such a good job. I really find her acting really comfortable. Same goes to Lee Hyun Woo. Minho seems to be pushing it tho his competitiveness is very obvious. Thanks for recapping. The comments are actually far more interesting, if you ask me. XD

  21. 21 kiongna

    Can’t swim, then can swim? Eh? Oppa Danial spoke in English and said dongseng Jae Hee is a girl blah blah blah to the Teacher who did not understand but.. huh the 2 guy students behind also totally did not understand a bit? huh? I was actually blinded by Cutie pie Min Ho – Tae Joon face onscreen….most no-logic story line went pass me kekeke (only realised after reading your recap ha ha)

    BUTTTTT this and that said, I REALLY AM ENJOYING the drama! I do love Min Ho as Tae Joon and Sulli as Jae Hee, and footballer best pal too (forgot his name sorry!) They are doing a great job acting, Sulli’s a veteran child actress turn idol singer in F(x) but Cutie Min Ho idol dongseng from Shinee is quite a novice I believe (not sure). I smile quite stewpigly every time Min Ho comes on screen LOLLLLLLLLLLL – ooh well sue me, I’m Min Ho biased so this teen drama totally works for me. Never was really for teen drama much, except to watch with my kids, but here I am – Onwardssss To the Beautiful You, I hope your ratings go up some for your sake – although I think you will sell well overseas!

    Thanks dear Gummimochi for enduring LOL Hugs!

  22. 22 DHP

    Is anyone else bothered by the spelling errors in the emails and messages from Daniel and Jae-hee?

    • 22.1 ~Feather~

      Yeah, I was a bit. I’m known as the grammar police by my friends. 🙂 They come to me to look over their papers. Funny thing is, I only care about grammar if it’s written down, I don’t mind as much if it’s in spoken conversation, unless it’s the type of mistake that can cause misunderstandings.

      • 22.1.1 leeyongdae

        “They come to me to look over their papers.”

        Mistake here grammar police.

        • Laica


        • ~Feather~

          LOL! 😛

  23. 23 crazedlu

    I’m not sure it’s as bad as you give it credit for. Dr. Jin.. another story. But considering the outrageousness of anime/mangas, the gender bending premise, and the youthful tone of the series, I find myself very accepting. Yeah, I’ve been fast forwarding, ha, but it’s still fun.

  24. 24 queencircles

    I watched the beginning of episode six thinking…didnt I already watch this?? lol but no, just a reused piece of plot. she’s leaving, she’s staying, she’s leaving, no she’s staying! But she’s leaving for realz this time!! Nope, gotcha, she’s staying … but it’s only ep 6 so mwahaha she might leave again..

    this episode was just dumb

  25. 25 Stardust

    Yeah thanks for the recap gummi =)) weeee!!

  26. 26 s.r.r

    I think ppl r harder on this drama than they should. Dramas are a form of escapism, how many are perfectly logical? It’s very enjoyable so far and all the actors r doing a decent job. Minho looks so darn NICE in th
    is role, his character comes across as a genuinely good person from the start, which is refreshing after a slew of heroes with a harsh personality. I think its very cute–I’m taking time out to watch this even while my exams r going on 🙂

  27. 27 smalltank

    despite all the illogical parts, i really enjoy this show. lee hyun woo is cute and sulli’s acting isn’t that bad. and those 360 deg camera shots are pretty cool.. though i find that the product placements are getting way too much screen time (vitamin water, why do i have to see you again after numerous appearances on BIG).

  28. 28 Dara

    I think Tae Joon is the most normal one in this school just like Sano haha. Love them all, aww..those days in highschool.

  29. 29 Sone

    Oddly enough the couple I ship in this drama is… daniel and the doctor.

    • 29.1 Ladytron33

      Ha! Me too. They have cute chemistry. I hope Daniel sticks around for a while. He’s really easy on the eyes…

  30. 30 la dee dah

    I don’t think it’s a matter of Jae hee not being able to swim at first but then able to swim later. It’s more like she was pushed from a very tall height, and that she wasn’t prepared for it, so the force of hitting the water unprepared “could” have knocked her out. Someone mentioned that she hit feet first, but I think that was more of how was the best way to shoot this without injury, because they couldn’t have someone jumping from that big a height going head first and making it look like a fall.

    But what I don’t get yet again is Jae hee implying that maybe she slipped from the diving board, and not willing to look for the guy that pushed her. Again? Like letting that other guy that attacked her at the summer retreat go without trying to find him? Didn’t she learn from Taejoon to stick up for herself in the past?? Sigh…

    But I’ll overlook these things and stick with watching this for the fun and pretty. I do like the soundtrack, that Sunny and Luna song is stuck in my head now.

  31. 31 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Because this is Genie High…LOL!!! In my next life I am totally going to Genie High.

  32. 32 joyybrn

    My first impression of this drama was like what gummimochi felt. I was really expecting so much of TTBY because of the teaser. Plus the fact that I’m a hardcore fan of Hana Kimi manga. I both enjoyed Taiwanese and Japanese because that have their own taste and spice, but Taiwan version is the one that was really close to the Manga.
    Anyways I can really understand that manga doesn’t really fit Korean adaptation. We all know the history like BOF or Playful kiss. Coz Japanese people have this weird kind of complex in them. By the way I really miss the guy that who can see ghost! hahaha! from the start he knew that Mizuki is a girl.
    Back to the story……the first episode was like I went down plummeted to the bottom of th earth! hahaha! Its…….so Korean and very serious??? hehehe! It was really different from the Manga that I read. Plus the story was like very fast! I feel like I’m chasing it so I will not be lost.
    But as the episode forego I felt like it was growing on me, because I still love Hana Kimi so much! the role of EG was really the comic relief here even the one who played his chacater are good actors, what I really don’t like is his hair!!! for Pete’s sake! its like coconut shell!!! good this he is still cute as hell! hehehe!
    Sulli and Minho wasn’t bad either, actually Minho was better that Wu Chun, I just like Chun because he is soooo handsome! and Ella was the core of Hana Kimi.
    I just hope it will still stay light and cute, but not that too serious! they are still in highschool so they will still make mistake, and please people give a break Jae Hee, I really love her dense cum strong character. She is not super girl that will know everything, but when it comes to determination and helping her friends she was will to take extra miles, because she already felt before in a foreign land how helpless and alone you are if you don’t have friends. Its just lucky that all her helping will lead her into rough road, but it will make her more strong and determine. I just hope Oppa will still stay in the whole drama, but that was really impossible.
    Plus I bet EG and Hana will end up togther because in the manga Julia, Jae Hee best friend in the states will come a visit her, that is the time these two will bicker~ hehehe!Spoiler~ and they will eventually fall for each other .
    Now I’m really looking forward to the next episode because it was too cute to be true!! hehehe!

  33. 33 Belinda

    I’m kinda loving the not logical. It’s a story , a fantasy not reality and it is fun. Very pretty bright and colorful . I will give some credit to the kids too because that is what they are . Yes their acting skills are we’ll you know but I give them kudos for the effort they are a young group with a lot going on

  34. 34 LHYing

    Thanks for the recap! For all its faults, I somehow really enjoy this drama. The atmosphere kind of reminds me of You’ve Fallen for Me.

  35. 35 Mic

    I actually don’t have a problem with Jae-hee almost drowning when she can actually swim. If you think about it, she was pushed off what looked like a thirty-foot platform into the water with no warning, and probably no chance to correct her form. The bad entrance could make her sink.

    I’m jealous of how gorgeous this school is. A boys school, no less.

    You know, I actually thought the show got quite a bit better this week. It didn’t seem as disconnected, and Tae-joon became ten times better with his passion for high-jump being restored.

  36. 36 FishFillets

    though this drama does have quite alot of logic fails and flaws, it still has some charm to it, and there are parts where it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy ^^ you may find the drama enjoyable if u dont watch it with a critic’s POV. Still, this is just my opinion.

    Btw thanks for the recap! =D

  37. 37 redfox

    serious lack of the ghost boy and all the adolescent quirkyness is what is missing. I would put together the school from the japanese remake, the japanese main actors and the taiwanese doctor and ghost boy. from this version? hmm. Eun-Gyul.

    • 37.1 BB

      Eun-Gyul over Nakatsu OR Eun-Gyul + other characters? In my opinion, EG doesn’t hold a candle to Nakatsu. Sure, he’s adorable but he’s the typical (Korean) second-male lead type. He may be a tiny bit funny but yeah, ehhhhhhh nothing special. I’d go for Ikuta’s Nakatsu any day. He was THE best thing of Hana Kimi.

      • 37.1.1 redfox

        yeah well I was saying thats the only thing even worth mentioning from this version, cant find anything else. Nakatsu is better of course.

    • 37.2 Cherry86

      Exactly!!!! There is no ghost boy here.. 🙁 and Eun Gyul is bad… Cuteness overload, Ewww! Ikuta Toma is the best Nakatsu……………

    • 37.3 asianromance

      I would keep Sulli and Minho from this version, either Ikuta Tomo (1st j-version) or Jiro wang (t-version)for Nakatsu, and everyone else from the first jversion.

    • 37.4 jellyfish

      Eun-Gyul has to be one of the most likeable characters here in TTBY (though his reaction to the L-sized girl running over in this ep bothered me a bit), but i’m sorry Ikuta Toma’s Nakatsu was absolutely flawless.

      • 37.4.1 redfox

        which versions´ doctor though? I can´t remember the performances that well, I do feel like the taiwanese was pretty cool though. But maybe I am a bit confused.

  38. 38 raky

    luv the show…and dramas always tend to have flaws all the time…I just watch for entertainment..

    btw, it is possible to know that someone has read the e-mail you sent out…i.e. MS outlook- there is an option where you receive a notification if your e-mail has been received and you can get a read receipt as well.. *_*

  39. 39 Cherry86

    Sorry, ladies…. I still prefer jdrama Hana Kimi version. Too much cuteness in Kdrama version and less manga-ness.. Sigh! Prefer Jdrama Hana Kimi OST too especially Ikenai Taiyo… drives me really wild – just wanna jump and shake it, ya know….

  40. 40 Zeffir

    the fainting in the pool, even if she can swim was already explained, but I can help with another “mystery” – the one of how Jae-hee knows that Coach Holton read her email – while sending e-mail you can actualy mark an option to be notified when e-mail received and when e-mail is read. So I guess that is what she did.

  41. 41 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    I love watching this show because some scenes make me grin ear to ear. It occured to me that in the J version, it was like that, too. In Hana Kimi, the slow unraveling of the friendship to love story, and Izumi’s struggle to find himself again, unfold behind all the dorm competition hijinks. Without the weekly episodic dorm silliness, we end up with very little story movement.

    I guess we can pretend the director decided to make a tableau. You know a pretty picture where you get to look at the things in it, but the things don’t do anything? But, boy, are they nice! You know, like that.

    But still, I look forward to the next episode like, what? One of those rats after a pellet of warm and fuzzies.

    PS I reeeeeeeeeally like Onew’s song, In Your Eyes. It is formulaic, and sometimes it feels like a cross between a Peter Cetera and Loggins and Messina, but it matches the pictures well.

  42. 42 Laya

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    What is it with Jae Hee and cellphones…? In a previous episode she called Tae Joon on a cellphone, and then asked him for his number later. In this episode she got a text message– she put the phone in her pocket, right? — and then fell into the pool, and then the next morning Tae Joon’s grumbling about her cellphone alarm.

    So yeah, I only watch this for the cute, like that scene with the cake, where Tae Joon shows he isn’t so uptight. No need to turn off the logical part of my brain because it short-circuits anyway 😀

    • 42.1 Laica

      And since she has his number, wouldn’t she know the text message wasn’t from him?

      *brain hurts*

      • 42.1.1 Laya

        Brain hurts indeed. 😀 I was wondering if they’d invented waterproof cellphones yet.

        Also watch that necklace, it has a strange habit of appearing and disappearing 😀

  43. 43 Honey

    I mostly agreed with all your criticism in the past recaps but here you seem to be very nitpicky.

    More than enough people cleared up the whole drowning thing, so I won’t go into it. I honestly understood why she fainted right away, so I don’t see why many people are confused… did you SEE from where she was pushed?

    As for the Coach, he didn’t let Taejoon back in the team when he told him that he finally has a reason to jump. He said he’d test him, see if he can make it through the competition. If he did, it’d mean something changed inside him, since he failed miserably only a while ago in the CF shoot. I think the coach’s decision is reasonable enough…

    As for the people asking why she’s leaving when she hadn’t seen him jump in the competition, it is very briefly explained in the beginning of the 6th episode.

    Also, in the next episode, when (spoiler) Taejoon succeeds in the competition, we see that the coach didn’t bring Taejoon back into the team, but only allowed him to use the gym and school utensils for his training. It takes an earnest request from the teams’ captain to get the coach to help Taejoon again.

    Honestly, I understand that this drama failed logic more than once already, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ok to dismiss every vague or seemingly nonsensical event as a mistake, when it’s in fact intended or for the sake of future plot.

    A lot of unanswered questions are to be answered in time, but people are so quick to point them out as “plot holes” or “fails”.

    Honestly, How can anyone enjoy watching a drama with that mentality…

    • 43.1 Gee

      I agree, I feel like a lot of people just really nitpick over this drama to the point where it’s kind of like “really?”. I’ll be the first one to admit that this drama has it’s fair share of flaws, some gaping (sexual assault scene). But other things are explained later, and I don’t see why it’s a big deal. For example, I think in the Ep 3(?) recap, it was complained about how the camera angles make the “hyung” look creepy. But the thing is… he’s MEANT to be creepy? So what’s the big problem?

  44. 44 Mikunda

    I like it. Lots of cuteness. The taiwanese version – totally didn’t like. The actress was overdoing it all the time, there was too much yelling too. Honestly, the boys were better ooing than her.
    Here Sully looks equally if not better than Minho and the other cute guy. Which is nice. No yelling, things are really fresh. We all know that with gender-swapping dramas, nothing makes sense (vis a vis You are beatiful) logic-wise.

    But I am enjoying the show – so much fun! Loving it.

    Thanks for the recap!

  45. 45 panshel

    Actually, the drama gave no indication that Jae Hee does not know how to swim. The reason why Jae Hee did not swim when she was pushed from the platform is because she was knocked unconscious. The reason why Jae Hee did not swim during swim class is because she could not wear the swimsuit.

    Initially, the coach refused to give Tae Joon a second chance because Tae Joon was the one who chose to quit in the first place. The coach wanted to make sure Tae Joon would not impulsively decide to quit again. I think Coach Baek was justified in giving him another shot because Tae Joon’s actions proved he is serious about jumping again. Besides, he would only be allowed to rejoin the team if he won the upcoming competition.

    Though I think it was more to control his own hormones, but Tae Joon was super sweet to fix the door for her. The cake scene was my favorite. Forget Seol Hanna, I want Eun Gyul to end up with Da Hae! They are sho cute together~

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  46. 46 Cupcake

    Is it just me that I find Tae-joon REALLY REALLY HANDSOME. His face is like a cute little boy but he had a man’s body. GAH !!! If only I am 8 years younger . Ok come to noona…:-)

    • 46.1 Jeannette

      This made me LOL IRL because it’s totally true! I feel the same way (except that I’m a whopping 13 years younger eww lol)! God, I feel horrible! lol

  47. 47 zheisya

    Thanks for the recap, I’m so in love with TtBY now. Young, fresh, and cute drama. I got no interest in K-Drama for many months, too much time traveling, noona-dongsaeng, and suspense drama. Then here it comes… Sulli and Minho is my favourite couple now.

  48. 48 Elisabeth

    Does anyone else feel slightly turned off by Jae Hee? I mean, yeah, Tae Joon made her realize that life is worth living and all, but that’s no reason for her to travel to the other half of the world and basically stalk her favourite idol. To me she just seems like some crazy sasaeng fan, which digusts me to no end. I could understand the girl’s obsession to get the guy to jump again in the Japanese version of To the Beautiful You, since the guy literally saved her from being raped and killed and his injury was because he got hit by the sick pack of guys he saved her from, but in the korean version it just seems wrong. Like they’re promoting sasaeng fans. So now it’s deemed okay if let’s say my favourite idol got hurt and because i’m his #1 fan, that gives me the reason to pretend to be a guy and sneak into his dorm?

    • 48.1 Laya

      The part about Jae Hee’s motivations is actually true to the manga (not the J-drama), which has Sano getting injured because he saved his friend Rika, not because of Ashiya. So I’m wondering now how Tae Joon got injured (did he?)– was it because of Hanna?

      It’s a crazy premise, but it’s also what the manga was based on. Perhaps this version should have added a more practical explanation, but basically, Ashiya flew halfway around the world with a crazy half-assed idea about meeting Sano and helping him recover. Like Jae Hee, she didn’t see him as a boy at first, just as another person who was down like she was once.

  49. 49 misscupcakees

    I love reading your opinions, it gives me another take on the drama. Ahahahahas, you really think outside the box unlike me, because I never thought the guy from ep 1 would be the bully. Ahahahaahas!

    I love Daniel! (: Though I don’t get how they are siblings, I mean I get it. There just should be an explanation to clear things up.

    I am shipping Jae Hee and Eun Gyul even though that is an impossible situation.

    • 49.1 Laya

      In the manga, Shuzuki was Ashiya’s older half-brother– her dad’s first wife wasn’t Japanese. Here, Daniel is Jae Hee’s stepbrother or something; she told Tae Joon she moved to the States when her mom married again.

  50. 50 Laica

    OMG your song choice for this episode is so apt and hilarious. There’s definitely a lot more fantasy than logic driving this plot.

    This episode was so confusing and dumb. None of the events seemed to connect to each other, there was no logical progression to anything, our heroine seemed to be getting dumber by the second (and not in a cute way, like Eun-gyul), and we ended the episode with the Exact. Same. Scene.

    I don’t get it.

    Episode 6 was actually really good though. Hopefully recapping it will be more fun than this one. 🙂

    (Why is this drama so schizophrenic?)

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