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Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 7
by | October 21, 2012 | 47 Comments

Why do I always get the scary episodes? Either the Big Bad is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake to get our hero on the hook, or Tae-yeon is just getting better at catching up to him. Whichever it is, it’s certainly working to keep me on pins and needles. Meanwhile, someone from Tae-yeon’s past comes back and throws everybody’s objectivity into question for the case of the week: Is Jung-in blinded by jealousy? Or is Tae-yeon blinded by trust?

EPISODE 7: “Stalker”

A young woman comes out from the shower to greet her boyfriend… Red Eyes. Oh no. She coos that oppa is so awesome, and that she feels safe now from that creepy stalker she had.

He asks what was so bad about the stalker, and if she likes him… what the difference is. She gasps. He says that everyone always has that same face in the end. Red Eyes: “You should smile. You’re prettier when you smile.” He chomps down on her neck.

Opening credits. Tae-yeon arrives at a crime scene – it’s the one Red Eyes left behind. He can tell with one blood vision that it’s Red Eyes, and barks at the detective to hand this case over to the prosecutor’s office if he doesn’t want to die.

Ha, I know he means that Red Eyes will kill him, but he basically just said it like he’d kill the cop if he didn’t hand the case over.

As soon as he steps outside, he senses Red Eyes watching him. But when he turns around, no one’s there.

Another woman comes home late at night, quivering in terror as she checks her security footage. She recognizes her stalker immediately, walking around in her house… and then the video shows her own entrance just seconds later. Okay, that sent a shiver down my spine.

She turns around, and screams. Cut to Tae-yeon and Soon-bum standing over her dead body. Soon-bum starts to ID the victim, but Tae-yeon says he knows who she is, since she’s a famous actress. Soon-bum ooohs that Tae-yeon would know anything remotely pop-culture-related.

Tae-yeon keeps his blood vision to himself, where he sees one crucial clue: the killer stabbing her with his left hand. He notices the security camera, but Soon-bum says the footage has been erased.

Tae-yeon guesses that she put the cameras up because she had a stalker, and turns to go. Soon-bum: “Aren’t you gonna do that thing?” Tae-yeon: “What?” Ha, I love that he’s playing dumb. Soon-bum: “You know, blood gulp-gulp, and the eyes flare open.”

Tae-yeon just continues to play dumb: “Here? Why?” Soon-bum confesses that he kinda likes it when Tae-yeon drinks blood and keels over. Tae-yeon stares… “Are you a pervert?” HAHAHAHA. Well, to be fair, you’re the one who makes o-faces when you drink blood.

He goes back and dips his finger in the pool of blood, and Soon-bum watches full of anticipation… and then Tae-yeon turns around, “Don’t feel anything!” He tastes, and doubles over.

Soon-bum asks what he saw, but he doesn’t share, and then answers a phone call. On the other end of the phone: “Oppa, it’s me.” Huh? Who else calls Tae-yeon oppa other than his little sister?

Back in the office, Soon-bum and Dong-man gape and fight over a better view of movie star Park Hae-ri, who’s currently sitting across from Tae-yeon. Jung-in takes one look at Tae-yeon smiling and wonders what their relationship is.

It turns out Hae-ri and Tae-yeon grew up together in the same orphanage, and she asks after his little sister and they reminisce about how he used to defend Hae-ri from getting picked on by the other kids. Aw, you were a little hero even back then.

He cuts through the social niceties right away though, and asks why she came to see him, after ten years. She says shakily that the actress who just died, Joo-hee, was from her agency, and she thinks she knows who killed her.

They’ve been stalked by the same person for months, and that the killer is “among those people.” In flashback we see Hae-ri being stalked by a man in a hat, getting a call from an unknown stalker, being told by a street vendor lady that she should eat this and die, and then a cab driver who tells her it’s too bad she didn’t die in a car accident.

Soon-bum hears the details afterward, and argues that they can’t just go after these people without any proof. But Tae-yeon puts on his puppy eyes, “Hae-ri is my past. She’s the one remaining person in my life who knows me before I was a vampire. I want to trust her.”

Soon-bum says the only thing he believes in is Tae-yeon, and asks why he won’t share his blood vision with him. Tae-yeon promises he will, but not yet, and begs Soon-bum to just trust him and follow his lead.

He sighs, clearly not liking all this secrecy from Tae-yeon lately, but agrees to let it go for now and trust him. I just love these two and the way they smile at each other.

Tae-yeon’s stumped for once on where to begin, because it’s his first stalking case. I suppose anything involving a victim who’s still alive is pretty new for him. Soon-bum suggests they call in an expert, and in walks Agent J, private investigator who specializes in stalking cases.

Ha, he’s like used-car-salesman-meets-Men-in-Black, and Tae-yeon just looks him up and down, “He’s supposed to be an expert?” He’s silly, but he does seem to know what he’s talking about, as he describes an old-school method of employing a network of people to terrorize one target everywhere she goes until she’s scared of everything and everyone.

We watch as Hae-ri’s situation escalates just like he describes, until finally Hae-ri stops in her tracks and tells one of the stalkers, “I think that’s enough.” He turns around, only to find Tae-yeon looking back at him. Nice.

The rest of the team is off catching the others, and they all get hauled into interrogation. But there’s just no pinning anything conclusive on a bunch of people who simply counter that they’ve been going about their lives. With no proof and her word against theirs, it doesn’t amount to much.

Tae-yeon asks Hae-ri why someone would be after her and the other actress who was murdered, and she hesitates before saying she doesn’t know. He asks if she’s hiding something from him, and she hugs him, swearing that she could never hide something from him. But her eyes tell a different story.

Jung-in watches the intimate moment through the glass, and reels. She confirms with Soon-bum that the killer is left-handed, and runs to the hallway to ask Hae-ri for an autograph on her way out.

They all watch with bated breath as Hae-ri takes the pen with her left hand, and signs. As she does, Tae-yeon watches from his office, and then we finally see his blood vision: Hae-ri, peering into the victim’s eyes just before she died. Oh noes.

The autopsy doesn’t reveal much new information, but Dr. Jo says that there were traces of a Jasmine perfume that they confirm wasn’t the victim’s own, and the blade used to kill her was army-issue.

Jung-in jumps to the conclusion that it’s far more likely a woman killed her, while Tae-yeon argues that it’s just as likely that a man killed her. She takes the argument into his office, where she asks why he’s doing this, and accuses him of ignoring any evidence that points to Hae-ri as the killer.

He gets defensive: “Do you want Hae-ri to be the killer?” Jung-in: “Do you want Park Hae-ri to not be the killer?” She storms out, and stops to add, “Don’t be swayed by a happy past. People all change. I do, you do, and Park Hae-ri too.”

She catches up with Dong-man down in the parking garage while he’s loading the case files into Tae-yeon’s car, and I love that she badmouths Tae-yeon in banmal when he’s not around, now that she’s mad at him.

Her phone rings, and a scrambled voice on the other end asks if Hae-ri came playing the victim, and calls himself someone who has been harmed by her lies in the past. Jung-in asks to meet in person to discuss it, but he threatens to hang up.

So she keeps the call going while gesturing at Dong-man to track it. The man names two other actresses who died, and says all three victims have something in common: a role that then went to Park Hae-ri after their deaths.

Meanwhile Dong-man traces the cell signal… and finds that the caller is right on top of them. A car zooms past. Jung-in gives chase, but the other car vanishes into thin air.

Hae-ri arrives home, not thinking anything of the man and woman who ride the elevator up with her, until she realizes they’re stopping at her floor. She quickens her step, and they do too; she stops, and so do they.

She finally starts to run, but trips in her heels down the long hallway, and they run at full speed… right past her. They disappear down the other end of the hallway. But by the time she reaches her front door, they appear again. Oh creepy.

She fumbles with the lock as they get closer and closer, and barely manages to get inside just in time. They bang on the door and twist the handle, as she screams.

And then she stumbles inside her apartment to find it vandalized, and her puppy murdered in cold blood. Augh. Why, Show, why?

Cut to: Jung-in asking her what on earth happened, because her story doesn’t match what they see. The apartment has been wiped clean and there’s no sign of a dog. Whaa?

Tae-yeon stops Jung-in with a hand to the shoulder, and asks Hae-ri calmly what happened. She says, shell-shocked, that the police came and told her it wasn’t safe here, and took her downstairs. When she came back, it looked like this.

Tae-yeon says there’s no record of police ever coming here. Soon-bum roots through the bathroom, and finds a perfume. He sprays; it’s jasmine. And then Dong-man shouts from the kitchen.

Everyone joins him, as he opens the microwave, and takes out the bloody murder weapon wrapped in a towel. Jung-in doesn’t waste a second and cuffs Hae-ri.

She interrogates her fiercely, scoffing at Hae-ri’s tears like it’s an act for Tae-yeon’s benefit. She’s clearly as biased as Tae-yeon is the other way, but in Jung-in’s defense, this is how she treats all murder suspects. It just feels harsh because we know she’s jealous.

Finally Tae-yeon comes in to take over, and Jung-in refuses. But he softens his tone and asks her, so she can’t do anything but leave the room and watch with Soon-bum. Tae-yeon asks if she’s the killer, and Hae-ri asks what he thinks. He says honestly that he wants to believe her.

Crying, she says she didn’t know it would come to this, and asks Tae-yeon for one more day, and she’ll explain everything. And then to his team’s utter shock, Tae-yeon agrees. They’re like What in the what?

He tells them to let her go, and he’ll take responsibility, leaving them slackjawed. Jung-in fumes. Dude, I would be pissed.

Soon-bum gets a call from Agent J, who reports that this is no ordinary small-fry operation. He poked around only to discover a massive group—maybe thirty people or more—who were professionally organized to stalk and terrorize Hae-ri.

He says they’ll go as far as kidnapping and murder, as we see Hae-ri being followed that night, and one of her stalkers showing up behind her with a wire…

The team scrambles to locate her, and then finally Tae-yeon gets a call from Hae-ri. They head out, and Tae-yeon says they have to take Dong-man’s car because the rest of them might be under surveillance, and Dong-man looks up nervously.

They’re like, you always brag about how awesome your car is… and Dong-man stops sheepishly at his old beater. I just love the half-second the team takes to raise an eyebrow at Dong-man before squeezing into his tiny car.

They arrive at a remote house, and Hae-ri comes running up to hug Tae-yeon, as Jung-in scowls behind him. Soon-bum can’t even get his seatbelt off (thank goodness they’re not chasing a bad guy), and when he insults the car, Dong-man asks if it’s not because of his big belly. You knuckleheads.

They finally all gather in the house and light candles for some reason (sudden séance?) and Hae-ri finally tells them the whole story. And we see in quick flashback that she had a had a taser on her, and zapped the guy with the wire to get away.

She says that her friend Joo-hee was killed because she kept a list. They understand right away what she means—a sponsor list, meaning their agency sent her out as a glorified call girl to the rich and powerful in exchange for stardom.

Joo-hee had confided in Hae-ri, that she showed the list to their agency president with the naïve expectation that he’d stop sending her out to such “meetings,” but then the stalking began. After months of this, they agreed to hell with fame, they’d rather get justice. So they planned to hand the list over to a journalist.

But then Joo-hee was murdered. We see in flashback that it was Hae-ri she called that night, who rushed over and found her dead—Tae-yeon’s blood vision. Soon-bum asks now why she didn’t just say all this in the first place instead of being accused of murder. Hae-ri says shakily, “I was there too, that night.”

She takes out a tape recorder where she kept her own evidence of being sold out to sponsors, and plays it. But Jung-in presses pause and tells her she can stop there, and holds her hand comfortingly. Aw, and that’s why we love you.

Tae-yeon disperses his team, and it cracks me up who gets which task: Dong-man sets up a press conference, Jung-in goes after the baddies, and Soon-bum acts as a decoy Hae-ri.

The baddies set a trap down the road from the house and bash Dong-man’s car in, only to find Soon-bum inside, pretending to cower in fear and threatening to call his insurance agent.

Prosecutor Joo gets a call alerting her to Tae-yeon’s extracurricular activities, and storms into their office to find the place empty.

Tae-yeon takes Hae-ri somewhere by bus, and fends off an attacker. Can you just climb onto a bus and start knifing people? Not that it matters, because the bus pulls away from its next stop, leaving three unconscious men in its wake. Hee.

They get to the building and a scary-looking thug gets on the elevator with them. Jung-in calls to say she found Joo-hee’s killer, and sends Tae-yeon a photo… of the man standing right behind him.

The killer takes out a knife and Tae-yeon swings just in time to take a knife to the hand. Ow, ow. (That must be the scene that sent Yeon Jung-hoon to the hospital, though the production reported he went in, got stitches, and came right back to set. What a badass.)

Tae-yeon shoves Hae-ri out, and keeps the fight contained in the elevator until they get to a different floor. This guy is intense and makes Tae-yeon work for it.

He gets knocked to the ground and almost looks like he’s winded, but he gives the guy a pounding until he goes down. Hae-ri finds him with a bloody hand and wraps it in a scarf.

He takes her to see Prosecutor Joo, who asks them if they know what kind of powerful people will be implicated in this case. Are you threatening Hae-ri to back down because the bastards who used her have money and power? I’m not surprised, but you are the devil.

Tae-yeon just tells her that he’ll respect her choice whichever way she wants to go. The press conference starts, and Hae-ri hesitates at the mic. The team wonders what’s going on, and Tae-yeon goes up to start answering some of the questions about Joo-hee’s murder.

Hae-ri looks up at him, remembering what he did to protect her, and says she’s made up her mind: “I’m going to make my own opportunities from now on.” She takes the microphone and tells the whole story.

With the case closed, Tae-yeon relaxes at home with a glass of blood, but when he takes a sip, he senses someone behind him. Oh crap.

He swings, but not fast enough, and Red Eyes stabs him in the gut. He twists the knife until Tae-yeon hits the floor, doubled over in pain. Red Eyes warns that he told Tae-yeon to stay away. “You should know—is it wrong for a vampire to drink human blood?”

Tae-yeon: “You’re a murderer.” Red Eyes: “People have to die for me to live. Is there another way? If I want to live I have to kill. And you’re the same.”

Tae-yeon isn’t deterred and vows to keep coming after him, but Red Eyes just laughs—it’s not himself he’s worried about, but the people around him. Oof, the look of fear in Tae-yeon’s eyes just kills me. We just never see him quake in terror like that.

Red Eyes runs a hand down Tae-yeon’s cheek as he tells him to keep at it then, and they’ll see who gets hurt.

Tae-yeon asks whom he meant the last time—the other vampire who isn’t a prosecutor—and Red Eyes just licks his hand to taste Tae-yeon’s blood before walking out.

Tae-yeon yaaaanks the knife out and winces in pain.


Urg, I hate that he didn’t even get any answers in exchange for that horrible knife to the gut. I just feel so helpless when it comes to Red Eyes, who has both strength and speed on Tae-yeon, and knows everyone he loves. I mean, the guy can just waltz into his house any time he wants! If the other guy has nothing to lose, and Tae-yeon has to protect his people AND go after him, the odds are just cruelly stacked against him. Obviously all good things dramatically, but he’s never been so exposed and vulnerable before, and it’s making me nervous.

I love what bringing in someone from Tae-yeon’s past does, in throwing the team off balance. It seems perfectly in character for Tae-yeon to want to trust Hae-ri, and be the protective oppa the way he was with his little sister. It’s just that Jung-in and Soon-bum are used to being the people he trusts and favors, so when he’s doing that for someone else, and seemingly turning a blind eye to major clues that she could be the killer, it makes sense they’d put up a fight.

I enjoyed watching Jung-in’s jealousy flare up the most, because she has no outlet to express her feelings for Tae-yeon in the traditional way, so every barbed accusation or attack on Hae-ri was kind of adorable, even though the moments themselves were tense. So much of the tension in this episode simply came from Tae-yeon not sharing what he knows with Soon-bum or Jung-in, and it’s only going to get worse with Red Eyes. Soon-bum’s already suspicious, and asking all the right questions. I know Tae-yeon wants to protect them, but I fear for the sense of distrust that’s slowly building—if they keep feeling like they’re out of the loop, they start acting on their own. Add Red Eyes to that equation, and they’ll be picked off one by one. Can we maybe just start having the whole team sleep over at Soon-bum’s house or something?

The few moments of honesty from Tae-yeon really did get to me though, like when he told Soon-bum that Hae-ri was the only person who knows Min Tae-yeon the man, before he was a vampire. It turns out he hasn’t changed at all from the kid who told all the bullies to mess with him instead of picking on Hae-ri, but I like that it matters to him. And with Red Eyes questioning his humanity against his baser instincts to kill and feed, he’s going to need those human connections more than ever. I just hope he doesn’t shut them out completely in an attempt to protect them, because that just seems like something a big ol’ hero would do. I know you’re a hero, but do you have to be such a HERO?


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  1. -K

    Infinitely better episode then episode number 6. ((spoiler and stuff)) I just find it hard to believe that folks would suddenly up and stop working to catch some fish right in the middle of all the action.

  2. nyx

    I’ve been waiting for this, thanks!!

  3. forgetdeadlines

    btw, already excited for ep 8. looks so much fun based on the preview!!!!

  4. Onichick

    I am so afraid that the team will act on their own. I keep wanting to throw everyone in a room for their own safety but I know they will never stay. I just hope the Noble Idiot disease only hits Taeyeon and not Soon Bum and Jungin. Because I really wouldnt want to be around if Red Eyes actually kills either of them.

    Although I realize if Red Eyes really wanted to screw with Taeyeon he would just turn Jungin or Soon Bum.

    *knocks on wood*

    I still love this show.

    (I must say though, my little shipper heart would like a moment of Taeyeon squirm, We know Jungin is in lurve with him but it would be nice to see Taeyeon be effected or for them to deal with it in some way)

  5. Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap. Will watch the show tomorrow.
    I want to scold the production: This is the second time Vampy got injured while filming, in only 7 episodes. Something’s not right people.

  6. meecheellee

    Ooooh. Been waiting for this~ But it’s sad to think that this is the penultimate episode, nuuuuuuuu. Vampire Prosecuter, y u no stay longer? Well, it’s been pretty enjoyable, so I guess extensions of episodes might have made it draggy and boring. 🙂 Off to read~

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      We still have a little time: 11 episodes scheduled and I boldly suppose the last one will be a double.

      • 6.1.1 diorama

        Wasn’t the last season 12 episodes? I really really hope it’s twelve this time..

    • 6.2 True2u

      Honestly, the way things are progressing, I think season 3 might be in the making. Somethings telling me they might add another season to this series (Don’t bother me at all, just make sure the romance is out in the open and being expressed by both leads, meaning kisses and… well…… you know ;)) I also Think ep 4 was a foreshadowing for the ending of this season. Having Jung In getting hurt and have Pros. Min saving her by turning her into a vampire. But question still remain did Pros. Min already turn that other guy in season one into a vampire? If so I don’t thing he can turn Jung In into one. Although I really Don’t think he did. Let’s just wait and see, we only have 4 episodes.

  7. lincolnmon

    @meecheelee, penultimate? thought it will be 11 episodes….? or at least 10.

    • 7.1 meecheellee

      Oh, my bad. Sorry, (sheepish laugh). Yeah 11 episodes, that’s what I meant.

  8. Emma

    What a wonderful episode!
    Some moment were really hilarious: Tae Yeon accusing Soon Bum to be a pervert! Dong Man’s car!
    But all in all the episode sent many chills down my spine!

    And I feel the ONLY hope for Tae Yeon is to open up to the rest of the team. Red Eyes is actually questionning his humanity (TaeYeon is human through and through!)If Tae Yeon wants to save his team and himself he needs allies!And I’m pretty sure that even if she is shocked Jung In would really rock just to protect him!

    It’s really a fight between an evil beast and a good man. The beast demanding the good man to become like him.

    The preview looks promising. More goodies to come, Yeah!

  9. Sonia

    I am curious. Wouldn’t the other non-prosecutor vampire be Taeyeon’s sister? I mean she is also a vampire, but not a prosecutor. Or for that matter, the hot bar doctor could also be it. Are we to assume that Red Eye does not know about them?

    P.S: it would be nice to see Taeyeon and Park Hoon(?) work together to catch the big baddie. We could also throw Taeyeon’s sister and his previous boss into the mix. I mean, with so many vamps on Red Eye’s tail, surely he can be over-powered right?

  10. 10 mysterious

    I want more of Red Eyes!! These cases are fine, but I want more of him. His overall story arc is what I consider to be one of the major driving forces of the show. Not only does it make TY question himself, but it adds some major drama/conflict because Red Eyes is dragging the team into it by threatening them. (And of course Red Eyes provides some major eye candy. Man he looked so hot at the beginning and his new hairdo is so sexy it’s killing me!)

    And just to point out: in the beginning of the episode it looked like Red Eyes bit the girl on the right side so why is there only the gash on the left? I assume he bled her of her blood (maybe, maybe not) but why no teeth marks at all?

  11. 11 Ona

    Thanks for the recap!!

    Will watch this episode later. As always, great recap!

    Keep it up!

  12. 12 v

    Thank you for the fast recap!

  13. 13 forgetdeadlines

    Will Runa be coming back? I liked her character, and she knows Taeyeon is a vampire so I think she still has some part in the story. Maybe she can make predictions like Jung In will get attacked so Taeyeon gets a little paranoid and overprotective.

  14. 14 stella sonjo

    Creeepiest ep ever.
    and that red eyes is killing me. twisting knife in taeyeon’s gut i had my hands covering my mouth in horror.
    thnx jb for recap.

  15. 15 mysterious

    I noticed this a while ago but has anyone else noticed that with all the vampires it looks like four teeth on the top row grow longer as opposed to just two teeth? I noticed that with Tae-yeon, Prosecutor Jang and now Red Eyes. (Especially Red Eyes since his teeth, even his canine teeth, aren’t pointed/long to begin with. But it is still noticable with the others as well.)

    • 15.1 Conny

      I definitely have noticed it as well and I actually appreciate the fact that this show doesn’t follow the stereotypical vampire (ie, allergic to sunlight, only two teeth which grow to at least twice their length.. sparkles anyone?).

      Thanks for the recap GF. Once again, perfectly done <3

  16. 16 AngiePangie

    This is my ideal scenario:
    Red Eyes kidnaps Jung In. Taeyeon freaks out and runs/flies/glides? (whatever vampires do when they’re desperate) to save Jung In. He finds Red Eyes, and they have an epic smexy vampire fight. Red eyes flees and Taeyeon runs/flies/glides? (again whatever it is a vampire does) to Jung In, only to realise she has been turned into a hot vampire thanks to red eyes. Taeyeon and Jung In do the dirty and they have cute fangy children, while Red eyes seethes because, the love of his life (Jung In) is with his enemy (Taeyeon), resulting in him overdosing on cow blood, making him die from high cholesterol. *

    *Again this is my ideal scenario, I don’t think it’s possible for someone who is already dead to die again, but I rather a vampire die from high cholesterol than a piece of wood or garlic. It seems more believable 🙂

    • 16.1 Onichick

      Ok…I am cracking up at the mental image of Taeyeon gliding…Would be like if he was wearing heelies gliding? Or being pushed a skateboard gliding?

      • 16.1.1 Amaya

        Omg….on the floor on top of a skateboard….going very slowly…and he has to make his own “whoosh”ing sounds.

        Also, hahahahahahahahahahhahaa. The dangers of high cholesterol.

    • 16.2 True2u

      LLLLLLOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much I laughed at this!! Phew Well Done!! XD

  17. 17 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    For the record this episode freaked me OUT!!!! Big Bad in this season lives up to his title. He scares the beeee-jesus out of me. He is wicked scary, but so, so, so good at it. I really like this good versus bad vampire scenario that they have this go round. Especially when you come to realize that Big Bad is not wrong…about what a vampire needs to live. I know I am going to hate whatever method he uses to force Taeyeon to choose his life or the life of someone he cares for. But I am looking forward to it as well because it is that choice that will truly make Taeyeon a hero. Thanks for the recap!

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    😛 😛 😛

    • 18.1 True2u

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    • 18.2 Whatsthescenario

      It’s the dance G-dragon does on “one of a kind” video!

      So cute!

    • 18.3 dewaanifordrama

      Omo! So adorkably adorable! That little dance, and when he got injured for real, he was so chill about it. I am sooooooo in lurve with Yeon Jung Hoon! That adorable little dimple when he smiles *swoon* – oh and this episode was FANTASTIC!!!! I love this show so much!!!

  19. 19 Amaya

    Augh. I wanna see all the prosecutor vamps make a big awesome team and take down Red Eyes.

    Also, I’m so over the Gangnam Style craze at this point, but I laughed so hard at “Dongman Gangnam Style”

    It was nice to see Jung In’s jealousy again, I was beginning to miss her interactions with last seasons coroner lol

    Omg next episode preview….getting them all drunk is a brilliant idea. I am so excited to see drunk JungIn all over Taeyeon….but idk how I feel about SoonBum yelling “vampire!” at him lmao, he’s already screwed up how many times this season? Oh, and his weird enjoyment of Taeyeons visions just killed me. Taeyeon’s face. HIS FAAAACEEEE.

  20. 20 mud

    Thank you for the recap! I was so scared by this episode so I had to take breaks in between to recollect myself and read the recap simultaneously. I cannot wait for the Red Eyes story to become the main story. But at the same time I want a mini story focusing on each of our characters. I would be satisfied if they did what History of a Salaryman did at the end of each episode. Like for this episode, they could show Dongman getting explaining to the insurance company what happened to his car or how he goes about looking for a replacement. It would be so cute and funny. I also want more of these interactions that focus on our lovely characters. I liked this story because it was at least related to Taeyeon and they should really stick to stories that matter to the caharacters since it’s the characters we really care about. I want MOOOAARR!

  21. 21 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, GF.
    Maybe you’ll get lucky and TY/JI will “get lucky” in an odd episode for a change.

    Strong evil Red Eyes.
    Creepy, yes, but oh so hot! I can’t help but have a good vibe from him because of K2H. Hoping he ends up being an ally for uri Min. He needs at least ONE vamp on his side.
    Did I mention Red Eyes was hot?

    Poor Yeon Jung-hoon, getting hurt for the show.
    His fight scenes are so intense and believable in regular time.
    It makes me wonder why they use slow-mo for LMH in Faith.

    Who was that cameo who played the head killer? They flashed his name on viki but I didn’t recognize him from anything.

    • 21.1 jomo

      Not viki, dramafever.

      • 21.1.1 mud

        All I saw was UFC….and a quick google search gives Kim Dong-hyun.

        • jomo

          Thank you, mud and alexythegreat!
          I was at work and all streaming sites are blocked.

          That must have been super cool to have a real fighter on set.
          YJH is even more the man now than he was…

    • 21.2 alexythegreat

      For this case it was UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun,.

  22. 22 Shiku

    I love this how and loved this episode. Thanks for the recap GF and I also share your terror. I am scared that Taeyoon will loose his team going after Red eyes. I am scared he will be ultimately changed like former prosecutor Park. I just want him to open up to the team so that they can protect themselves better if they get attacked. And I don’t like lady boss, she is an ass!

    Regarding the case I was happy to see someone from his past and to know Taeyoon is still the same guy he used to be. I was also happy that he choose to believe her instead of the evidence at that time. I LOL at Dongman’s car, so tiny! Anyway I liked the fact that she was able to tell her story to the press despite the threats from the agency president and evil lady boss.

  23. 23 Sirena

    I wish that we would have seen some more of Red Eyes in this episode. This being said, I did enjoy this episode more than six.

    I’m really curious if this season will reveal some more background information on Red Eyes’ origins. He is such an interesting (and scary-as-hell) character that I would love to know more about him. I am particularly interested in how he ended up the captive of that freaky doctor in episode one.

    Also, what about the prosecutor that turned Tae-yeon? I would like to learn more about him and his organization. For some reason I feel that these questions will not be answered all in this season. As one other person mentioned there might be a season three (which wouldn’t be that bad).

    Lastly, will this season explain how Soon-bum learned that Tae-yeon was a vampire? Season one never explained it and so far neither has season two.

  24. 24 Whatsthescenario

    With each passing episode, I love this drama even more. I have to be sure to watch in broad daylight, because it freaks me out every time, but I STILL LOVE IT!

    Such systematic stalking is bound to drive any person sane. Much worse to have no proof. I will say, I was suspicious of Park Hae Ri to the very end. And I still have a nagging doubt about her. The way she relied so heavily on Tae-Yeon’s affection for her, is like she was leading sheep to the slaughter. Down to the press conference, when he spoke first. I was so nervous for him, that he was making a huge mistake or something…I guess all turned out well, but I don’t trust it.

    I wish we knew more about Red Eyes, he certainly has the upper hand. Wish Tae Yeon had a better grip on the adversary

    Now on to the main reason I watch this show, the relationships. I love how even in the most dire situations, we get glimpses of a trusting, loving relationships.

    First, the epic Bromance between our Vamp and Soom-bum. The latter gets a rush from watching Vamp do his thing. When Tae Yeon says “Don’t feel anything” or “Don’t enjoy it” to Soom Bum, I died. LOL

    Then Jung-In’s jealousy. She’s so tough but so fragile, that she can’t stand anyone getting close to her Vamp

    Then our poor Dong-man with the beat up car. I love it

    I wish they would make this more episodes so that we can get a true Jung-In/Tae Yeon romance going. But’s that too much to ask, I guess,

    Anyone else think the head Prosecutor Joo is also a vamp? What’s her deal? She’s pretty pointless so far

    Can’t wait for next week!

  25. 25 Farhana

    I actually found Jung-In’s jealous rather annoying. I feel like she needs to be less passive-aggressive when it comes to her feelings and just step back a bit. Though I do love seeing Min’s reactions when she does put her foot in her mouth!

    This episode was so tense! I’m looking forward to a more cheery episode in the next one 🙂

    (Though the scene with Dong Man’s car was priceless! I loved that Min just slid in whilst the others were still in shock!)

  26. 26 Lilian

    This is my favourite episode so far. The suspense was good. The humour was there. And the characters all had their moments.

  27. 27 Abbie

    Great episode! Red Eyes is so scary! I don’t like it that Tae-yeon is so unwilling to confide in Soon-bum at least. They’re buddies, and buddies share.

    I love where this show is going, and cannot wait for the next episode. It will be awesome!

    I loved Jung-in’s jealousy in this episode, but in regards to Hae-ri, I was firmly on Tae-yeon’s side about her.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  28. 28 Ennayra

    Thanks for the recap.

  29. 29 KRush

    Look, I know this show isn’t all about romance, but it is the one thing not done equally well. I just mean that he always “wins”. He never squirms, feels jealous, etc. With Jung in. (He has now had multiple pretty women to upset Jung in)

    His relationship with soon bum is very give y take, for example. So far, this season, I see no evidence he feels anything more for her than the same team-friendship he has with everyone else. He has protector syndrome big time in general. (Look what happens every time there is a living female char this season). I believe he has the upperhand always y I’d like to see for once, a more balanced, equal, healthy relationship betweeen them even as just friends, like with soon bum. Jung in always rises above her jealousy by the end of the episodes like this one, at least. 🙂 great show overall though.

    • 29.1 KRush

      I mean, like pretty women around/touching him. Regardless of how he feels.

      And I forgot the one overtly flirty scene w the cuffs ,my bad.

  30. 30 racheose

    finally able to watch this… i love season two so much and i can’t stop spazzing on how hot TY is.. i already got into fight with my sibling because of it hahaha… red eye vamp is really scary >.< but i'm happy he improved as an actor… i think he didn't leave bitemarks on the victim's neck because it was his pattern just like how he did in ep 5…

    i laughed so hard in the byuntae part hahaha soonbum anticipating tae yoons vampy reactions and tae yoon trying to hide it… at first i suspected haeri but i trusted tae yoon more so decided to side with him and i was glad i did…

    during the time they rode dongman's car i hoped that they would show us tae yoon and jung in cramped in the back, jung in uncomfortable with their closeness and tae yoon just cool with it… and when it suddenly braked jung in lands on his lap… i mean haeri got a hug can't she have one too… even if just accidental?

    the ending scared me when he was stabbed and threathened… i really hope we get some answers soon but if not i hope we don't have to wait a long time for season three…

    thanks for the recaps though… i really like to read here even if i was late in watching it… your recaps made me love the show more…

  31. 31 Anen annaway

    Tae min and Jung in never get a hug to react other.i just hope when season 3 comes ,more jealousy and romantic moment with tae min and Jung in.hopefully Jung in or Lee young ah still the lead female cast in season 3 ,if not ,I don’t want to watch it anymore

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