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Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye’s poster shoot for I Miss You
by | October 16, 2012 | 118 Comments

Here’s our first look at the leads of the upcoming melodrama I Miss You, in shoots for the show’s posters. Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye star as first loves who are cruelly separated as teenagers and meet again as adults, though if the stills are any indication, there are plenty of tears left to be had even after reuniting. It’s a 20-episode conventional melodrama from the writer of Can You Hear My Heart and the director of Thank You, about playing hide-and-seek with love. Or maybe Fate’s the one playing, and our characters are just the pawns? That sounds more like dramaverse’s way of doing things.

I thought the poster stills for their teenage counterparts Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun were more visually arresting, but these shots are lovely as well, even if the staging concept is pretty one-note. I say anything’s a notch above the photoshop stacking of cardboard character cutouts, which is somehow still deemed poster-worthy by some shows.

So far, the stills for this show are doing a great job of piquing my interest — it looks like it’ll be shot with a moody, composed artistic hand, which would really make my day. And both pairs of characters in past and present show signs of a promising pairing. There isn’t a lot of story to go on, but we’ve got a pair of 15-year olds in love who get torn apart and carry with them some deep emotional scars. Then they meet again as adults — he’s a cop and she’s a fashion designer — and old scars get reopened.

Despite the heavy if vague concept, I actually think this is one of the few upcoming melos that promises a heartwarming, upbeat side to counter the angst. So fingers crossed that it’ll be an interesting character-based melodrama, and not just doom and gloom for the sake of doom and gloom.

I Miss You follows Arang and the Magistrate, and premieres in November on MBC.

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118 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. acejihyo

    incredibly excited for the cast. can’t believe the premiere’s barely a month away.

    • 1.1 deasy

      is Chun Jung Myung also join the cast??? I read somewhere that he agreed to join the cast???

    • 1.2 Dominique

      Great. Another melo drama, another Yoon Eun Hey. It is like being trapped in the perma-rinse cycle of a washer.

  2. vegaspink

    Loving the stills/posters…

    Can’t wait for the drama to air!!

    Glad that Yoon Eun Hye is recovering from her eye infection! πŸ˜€

  3. ai

    Yoochuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!! ^^

  4. bernice

    I am loving these stills. I can already see that they are going to have loads of chemistry and I really like their eyes in these stills, coz they were able to show the emotions with their expressive eyes.

    I read in soompi that Yoon Eun Hye was sick and had an eye infection to boot when doing this poster shoot and even had to be rushed to the hospital. I hope she’s ok now.

    • 4.1 manface

      Oh, that explains alot. I thought she had eyelid surgery until i read the comments.

  5. QIII

    Thank you was such a pretty drama
    I anticipate nothing less
    I hope the PD surprises me

    I find that these days the production can ruin as many /more dramas than the cast

    Eg. Faith; loveable cast/crappy PD
    Rooftop prince; loveable cast/crappy PD

    i have a lot of faith in the writer for this drama.

    Yoon Eun Hye’s hair reminds me of her Goong days
    and looks like Yoochun has survived the hairdressers best attempts to uglify him relative unscathed :p

    • 5.1 Coco

      Ah, but I love Rooftop Prince like no other Rom com. It’s my favorite Rom-com in 2012. Such epic love story.

  6. saltandpepper

    hopefully we’ll have more fun than angst….

  7. saltandpepper

    thankfully the lead actors are given a normal hairstyle….I just hate that mushroom like hairstyle for female leads…

    • 7.1 satsuki

      were you referring to Hwang Jung Eum’s mushroom/bowl haircut in CYHMH ? heee heeee

      • 7.1.1 saltandpepper

        there are so many….Boys before flowers,shining inheritance,big,etc….lol

    • 7.2 boobae


  8. fluffyfriday

    I’m so excited.
    I can feel sadness and pain just by looking at their eyes. You can spot tears in their eyes.
    They look so good together, I think they will have good chemistry. And I really loves their hairdo in here. Yoochun look manly and mature, he doesn’t look younger than YEH. Also I like his simple outfit. It suit spring winter feel. YEH look pretty with long hair and small touch of make up.

    I cannot wait for I Miss You, crossing my fingers! Drama god, please make this one good!

  9. mtoh

    I’ll get on board with this…what ever I get won’t be surprised.
    Here we go!

  10. 10 charyun

    I’m super excited for this.
    Yes, I agree!! Finally normal hair for both lead actors! Thank goodness. Argh, I’ve seen way too many korean dramas where the actors or actresses have to carry such ugly, unnecessary, abnormal hairstyles that I think had ruined my eyes just watching.

    I honestly haven’t watched Yoon Eun Hye dramas ever since Coffee Prince. I saw previews and photostills of My Fair Lady and Lie To Me, but they never caught my heart to the point where they had me sit in front of my laptop to watch it–especially when I have always tried to go on a Korean-Drama-detox treatment. I’m quite looking forward to this one mainly because I really like Yoochun. So far I found myself surprised by many of his performances. He could be angsty, funny, and elegant at the same time. Really missed him in Sungkyunkwan scandal and Rooftop Prince. PD and scriptwriters please be good to this drama…

    • 10.1 Llamaesque

      After watching Can You Hear My Heart, I’m not holding out for anything good from this show’s writers. (Although I can’t decide if I should be blaming that show’s awfulness on the writing or the female lead’s sorry excuse for acting.)

      • 10.1.1 Kgrl

        Personally, Writer Moon has churned out some great pairings, be they OTPs or bromances.

        Definitely going to check this drama out for the PD/Writer combo and YEH.

      • 10.1.2 Caitlyn

        Oh that’s sad, I really loved Can You Hear My Heart, it’s actually one of my favourite drama’s of all time, lol. I didn’t know anyone actually thought it was horrible!

  11. 11 teapot

    The stills are making me so excited to watch this drama.

    My whole family loves Yoon Eun Hye and all her dramas…we’ve watched them all from Goong, Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady and Lie To me. She’s so popular here in Peru and there’s even a male journalist forgot his name, who’s crazy about her too.

    Yoochun I am just neutral with him. Watched most of his work he was ok in Sung Kyun Kwan and Rooftop Prince but absolutely despised him in Miss Ripley. Though I dont find him to be a terrible actor, I have never been too fond of his work either. I hope this drama will change that and make me absolutely love him!

    I am onboard with this!

  12. 12 poroporo

    I’m on board!
    I’m really looking forward to see their actings. I loves Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan and Rooftop Prince, I think he has big potential. And for YEH, I like her in Goong but I really can’t stand her last dramas like Lie to Me. It was boring so I dropped it. However, seeing the stills makes me all excited to see this new couple.

    Yoochun and YEH fighting! I really hope writer and PD won’t ruin my hope, since I like the actors.

  13. 13 cv

    A melo I may watch just for yoochun and YEH. πŸ™‚ I know they can deliver but I hope the director can too. Be really awsome if everything turn out good.

  14. 14 alexandria

    I’m really hooked with YC since I watched SKKS, he was so good and his acting keep improving. Tho I’m not a big of YEH, but liked her in Goong, she was loveable but I never been too fond with her. I hope with this comeback, she can showcase her acting especially I heard she personally pick this drama.

    Did I had tell you that I really LOVES their eyes expression?! Full of emotion but you can see the gloomy cloud.
    I definitely will keep this one under my radar, can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 Village Mrembo

    Whether i end up loving or hating the drama one thing i know for sure is it will be subbed at some ridiculous pace…the joy of having an idol in the lead!!! Which reminds me, wheres the love for Seo In Guk? No one’s subbing his new drama and i was just getting into it esp his 2 bros’ love lines ; ( Oh well subbers have lives too plus if i could patiently wait 3 whole months to finally watch The Chaser (awesome!!!) i can so do it again!

    • 15.1 glossy89

      True. The joy of having an idol as lead, the subbed will be out in unbelieveable pace that I thought never exist. Lol

    • 15.2 Starstruck.

      They had subbed episodes on mykimchidrama.net just last week. I watched episode 1 there and the other episodes were up there too but just a few days ago I tried entering the site again and it had unfortunately closed down.
      Now I really don’t know where I can continue watching Rascal Sons.
      Thank god there’s chinese subs for me!

  16. 16 bigwink

    My God Yoochun looks goooooooorgeous in the last picture!

  17. 17 sarah

    I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Yoon Eun Hye since like forever. I think she is an amazing actress. Goong and Coffee Prince are drama classics that never gets old. Not too fond of Yoochun but hey, as long that YEH is in it I’ll still watch even if she just sat there for hours chewing on her nails. I I have the worse girlcrush on her ever!

    I’ve been looking at the stills for hours & boy I’m predicting that they will have good chemistry;) I think this series will be totally awesome…only problem is rearranging my busy schedule to watch this.

  18. 18 Liana

    Younger actors > elder counterparts. This has been so for me ever since Moon/Sun. Guh.

  19. 19 jae

    for YEH, i will see a melodrama! ^^
    fingers crossed for this new drama.. please be it good!!

  20. 20 A Fan

    I am too EXCITED for this pair up!!! YEH I miss you. I can see the chemistry. Hopefully the story, the directing and pacing is great.

  21. 21 libra80

    oh my gosh…this is it!!!my friends are waiting for YOON EUN HYE “i miss you’ drama…
    im so excited…
    Yoon eun hye what take u so long?Aja!!!Countdown mode…

  22. 22 maldita

    Chunface’s forehead is out and proud in this drama, I see.

  23. 23 terry

    Man, Yoochun is so handsome there! I like his usual boy-next-door image, but this BADASS MANLY yoochun is something that surely I won’t miss. Yummy

  24. 24 kimberlypie

    I’ll watch anything as long YC in it. Yay welcome back Yoochun!

    I can feel chemistry between them.

  25. 25 libra

    Wow, Yoochun looks so gorgeous! I’m loving his new hairdo (hello forehead!) And his outfit, simple yet stylish.

    I Miss You please come soon!

  26. 26 Grace

    Wow, the stills have already piqued my interest in this drama.

    There’s something about the look in Yoochun’s eyes that keeps me riveted. Beyond the pain and the glint of a tear at the corner of his eye, there is also a sense of grim determination, especially around the mouth.

    I really loved this guy since SKKS. His voice was pure eargasm. I liked YEH too but was never that keen on all her previous dramas.

    I look forward to seeing these two leads rocking their roles in this drama.

  27. 27 Christy

    What a dream combo–Yoochun and YEH! Oh yeah!!

  28. 28 ypee

    I love YEH

  29. 29 Annie

    Color me surprised… they look good together.

  30. 30 my

    here it comes!!!! hope it will be an interesting story… PD please be good in writing the story..I’m watching CYHMH now.. and the story blew me away πŸ™‚

    Yoon eun hye and yoo chun really look good in this poster, and I will anticipate more when this drama airs!!! November please come fast πŸ˜€

    love this couple <3 aja!! fighting!

  31. 31 Mari

    To say that I’m excited would be an understatement!!! I love Mickey!!!! I kow people don’t like Idols in dramas, but he is just great. plus having bunny as the lead, I still love her from “coffee Prince”

  32. 32 muhloy

    whoa there melodrama! the pictures are already making me depressed.

    • 32.1 saltandpepper

      ya….they are a bit gloomy and sad πŸ™

  33. 33 lizzzieQ

    Woot! I’d say the focus of the posters is simple, really. Yoochun. Forehead. Shoulders. Yum;)

    • 33.1 visitor


    • 33.2 Coco

      Ditto that!

  34. 34 miricia

    OMG, they look gorgeous! esp. YC! his forehead is amazing! it’s sparkling! LOL

  35. 35 visitor

    I usually have a pretty low tolerance for melodramas, based on the fact that so many problems and misunderstandings could be solved by, say, ONE HONEST CONVERSATION. So I will watch for the prettiness that is Yoochun (+forehead) and hope that there’s more conflict than missed meetings (hello, cellphones), refusing to speak to each other, insisting the other one is better off without me, etc. That crap is just annoying.

    That said, I’m really enjoying Nice Guy, and not just for the eye candy.

    But yeah love YC’s new hair.

    • 35.1 Caitlyn

      I’m the same, i’m usually not one for melodramas, but this cast and the writer have got me really excited for it. I want to know more about the story though. It concerns me that all we know is that they’re broken up as kids and apparently have issues when they meet up as adults. Too vague for something that airs in under 3 weeks!

  36. 36 haaruka

    I love how Yoochun is looking close to resemble Yeo Jin-gu, if not that close. Guess the dark tone skin does the wonder. In other hands, I hope for the best of this drama. I’m neutral with the casting but looking at all the stills makes me wanting to check it out for the curiosity’s sake.

  37. 37 more

    Expect a lot of flashbacks…..

  38. 38 Juby

    I LOVE those stills πŸ™‚

    Seeing the tears in their eyes already make me sad and the drama hasn’t even started yet…

    I heard that YEH had an eye infection what they shot these pictures…I hope that she recovers soon! She’s such a strong girl with a fabulous word ethic <3

    I really can't wait to watch it!

  39. 39 Rita

    thank you GF.

    What I noticed from the stills, the outfit (clothes) will not be fashionable.

    Although it it going to winter now and it is a conventional melo so —

    to costume designers don’t make the clothes color depressing at winter time, they look older than their age. Bring some brightness to the outfit.

    GF, who will be second lead actor ?.

  40. 40 niKai

    I hope whatever angst created is relatable n profound, instead of a situation being made complicated unnecessarily by characters in their own head, if you know what i mean.

  41. 41 Rashell

    Oh, these just made me so much more excited for this one. They actually really do look beautiful together. And the expressions of sadness and longing really are coming off of both of them. So pretty these posters. LOVE! Now I can’t wait (even though I’ll miss Arang)

  42. 42 myra

    arang ends this week, but i miss you premieres in november!? so what happens in the meantime?

    • 42.1 glossy89

      MBC will air 2 weeks drama special to give I Miss You space to breath

  43. 43 zinaa

    oh finally finally ….. even though i don’t like melodrama.. but am waiting for this for eunyoon… you go girl

  44. 44 Queenie

    I hope yoochun can change his expression a lot more in this drama. He’s lovely to watch.. But still new. Same face in all the pictures, even the angle. He’s shown his versatile acting… But he lacks the genuine ‘confidence’ in completely emersing himself into a charcter. I dunno if its just me. In sungkunghyun scandal and miss ripely he didn’t have a massive personality to play with… Quite easy for him just to be himself and just look and say the script. >< at least in rooftop prince was slightly more arrogant and chemistry with female lead….this drama will definitely be a stepping stone and seems very angsty and emotional. I hope it won't be scenes of him trying to cry , looking out of a car window, little bit of frown going on…. he's need a good script to push him more.

    also!!! time our eun hye shi to star in a high ratings drama again! LOVE her. Very talented. Extremely happy about the pairing πŸ™‚

    • 44.1 Coco

      I have I feeling you did not watch Rooftop Prince even though you’re saying you did. Go and try it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. The boy had 1000’s of expressions to display. Too many.

    • 44.2 jellybean

      Yoochun in Rooftop Prince was one of the most versatile characters i’ve seen. Too many character changes which results to Yoochun in whole new different level πŸ™‚ He played like four (Lee Gak 1, Lee Gak 2, Lee Gak 3 and Tae Yong) characters in that one and i was super impressed!

  45. 45 Mar

    I do not care for melodrama, but I love these two talents. I think this will be a great experience for PYC to work with YEH also. I hope this show goes well.

  46. 46 subject

    I like YEH despite the failures of her recent projects, but I got bored from the stills. I didn’t see anything unique or fascinating there, something that catch my eyes. Sorry, not sure I’m gonna watch this. The plot law excessive use, feel corny and I’m afraid clichΓ© will chase cliche. I had enough suffering this year with Kim Sun Ah’s IDID. Pass.

  47. 47 Addy

    I’m super excited about this upcoming drama!! I know this will be one that gets subbed by 6pm est on viki!! Yayy!! I liked Yoochun in RTP and yeh in Goong!! I hv no doubt that these twos chemistry will sizzle across the small screen!! I’m counting down the days til IMY airs!! I Can’t Wait!!!!

  48. 48 denya88

    Yeah, bring in on!! I’m getting excited now

  49. 49 YinofYang

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a new drama with Yeh and was pleasantly surprised when I heard the news. I think it’s interesting that she is choosing to star in a melodrama vs a rom-com. After watching her in that CF with 2pm, she certainly can pull off different characters and I’d like to see her in something a little more serious.

  50. 50 Noelle

    I really missed her. So glad she’s back in dramaverse. I hope this is a hit and not a miss.

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