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Nice Guy: Episode 17
by | November 8, 2012 | 95 Comments

(I’m pinch-hitting on Nice Guy today, but fear not, we’ll resume with our regularly scheduled programming next week when HeadsNo2 comes back.)

I am happy to have a chance to weigh in on the show, which I’ve been faithfully watching and finding very entertaining, despite (or maybe because of?) some crazy-up-the-wazoo character behavior. But very compelling all the same.

Today gives us a bit of a merry-go-round of lies and cover-ups and more lies, with everyone putting on their best two faces. Admittedly that’s not a huge departure from the norm, but with the stakes climbing ever higher, every additional lie and loaded omission adds perilous weight to this tower of deceptions that’s on the verge of collapse. Now that, I’m looking forward to. Boom!


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Eun-ki regains her memory, but announces to her board of directors that she has lost it. I wonder whether she’s got a plan to strike back at everybody who has been using her, or whether she’s coming up with this on the fly, trying to buy time while she works things out.

We backtrack, as is this show’s wont, to before last week’s ending. After that board meeting, Eun-ki talks with Secretary Hyun, who asks incredulously what that was all about. Eun-ki’s expression is serene (though she fidgets with the sugar cubes again) as she says she’s decided to “leave everything to Maru” because she’s in no condition to manage everything. Also, did her father left her anything in the way of secret funds or Swiss bank accounts? “I want to give it all to Maru.”

Secretary Hyun asks what she’ll do if she gives everything and then finds herself abandoned. Eun-ki says with an innocence that frustrates her secretary, “Maru-sshi isn’t that kind of person. I know him. He doesn’t even lie to me about the smallest thing.” Ooh, is this the game we’re playing? Killing with kindness?

Secretary Hyun can barely hold in her exasperation, but suddenly Eun-ki’s face is back to its stone-cold setting. She says, “You deceived me too. After the accident, the person in the other car was Kang Maru. You lied.”

All pretense drops as her voice goes hard: “Are you working together? Kang Maru, Attorney Park, Secretary Hyun—are you all in this together?”

Maru shops contentedly for couple rings, no inkling that his world’s just shifted axis. Aw, poor guy. If only he hadn’t had this coming.

Secretary Hyun gapes to realize the amnesia is gone, but her primary reaction is relief as she tearfully takes Eun-ki’s hand. Eun-ki looks annoyed at the touch, but instructs her secretary to keep this from Maru and Joon-ha.

The secretary continues, saying that now she’ll be able to face the chairman on the other side. She’d been afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep her promise—to restore Eun-ki to her rightful place and allow Dad to rest in peace after his wrongful death. Those words strike Eun-ki as suspicious: “Did something happen to Father? What do you mean, he can’t close his eyes peacefully on the other side?”

Eun-ki visits her father’s ashes looking anguished, presumably having been filled in on the suspicions regarding Jae-hee. And it’s after this emotional wild ride that she makes her way to her date with Maru. Things look a lot different on this side, don’t they?

She thanks Maru for his gifts, and he kisses her. She opens her eyes chillingly midway through, leaving Maru blissfully unaware.

The next morning, Eun-ki rifles through her old journals describing her post-accident days, written in childish script. On one page is a sketch of Maru’s face, captioned with the full title of this drama: “Kang Maru is a nice guy that doesn’t exist anywhere else in this world.” The word for nice is misspelled, just as the drama title used to be before it was forced to change it.

Eun-ki starts to rip out the page. Before she gets to it, Choco interrupts to snap her photo.

Eun-ki finds Maru cooking breakfast and arranges her face into the sweet version to greet him. That look slips away when his back is turned, though she hugs him from behind, resting her head on his back. She says she had a dream last night: She met a hundred people, all of whom professed to be her father, her friend, her boyfriend. “They spoke such sweet words, but you were the only one who didn’t speak a word.”

Maru goes still. She continues, “I told you to say something, like ‘Eun-ki, there’s nobody who cherishes and loves you as much as I do.’ Even if it was a lie, I shouted at you to say something. You didn’t say anything, through the end. ‘Eun-ki-ya, I’m on your side.’ You should have said just one thing. Then I would have blindly trusted in you.”

Maru stops cooking. He asks, “Should we run away someplace far, and live just the two of us? Where nobody knows us, where we can be the only two people there.” Eun-ki replies as though he’s just tossing out wild ideas, saying, “Yes, no matter what.”

Jae-hee is back at Maru’s old house, startling the neighborhood ajumma who wonders why she’s back. Jae-hee says her house is cold and wonders why this house is so warm—it’s the warmest place she knows. I’m pretty sure “Because you still had your soul here” isn’t the answer she’s looking for.

Ajumma asks directly, “Are you waiting for somebody? Maru?” Ajumma gives her a pitying look, and Jae-hee asks, “If I wait, will he come?”

Ajumma sighs that he fled in the dead of night, so it’s not likely that he’ll come easily. And just as Jae-hee shows a touch of human longing, her darker side asserts herself as she says firmly, “Then I can force him with difficulty.” How like her to hear easily and take that as a challenge. She vows to make him return to this house.

As she steps outside, her brow furrows at the sight of Min-young, waiting there for her. Is the stalker of my stalker my friend, or my enemy? She asks indignantly whether he’s having her followed these days: “How dare a thing like you be so arrogant…!” Whoa, watch what you say to the one guy with less soul than you.

But she continues, saying that her nice treatment of him has evidently caused him to forget his place, because he’s overreaching. Said the kettle. She orders him to get his act together and remember that she’s so far above him that she can’t even be bothered with him. How things change once you don’t need a minion killing husbands for you anymore.

Min-young silently takes in her diatribe, and then warns that she can’t let her guard down about Eun-ki yet. He finds Eun-ki’s announcement of her amnesia suspicious, but Jae-hee smirks, “So?”

Min-young warns her not to assume she’s won the game and waste her time wallowing in her emotions. If she wanders like this, “You may find yourself with a knife in your back. And nobody knows who the person holding that knife may be.”

Ooh. Nice one. And damn if he doesn’t then take the scarf off his neck and wrap it around Jae-hee in a lover-like gesture, bringing a confused look to her face… though his grip is tight enough that it seems more of a yoke.

Maru leaves a ring box on Eun-ki’s desk, looking at it with a smile. He stoops to clean up the scraps of paper that missed the trash can, and opens up one balled-up note. It’s the one calling him the world’s nicest guy, and suddenly a grim look crosses his face. Ah, he suspects. He flashes back to the accident report with his name on it and thinks to himself, “Eun-ki… has returned.”

Eun-ki packs up her director’s office, saying that she’ll take some time off until the company reassigns her. Joon-ha hands her a fancy envelope: her wedding invitation, with the date fixed for three weeks from now.

Secretary Hyun watches uneasily as Eun-ki keeps up her pretense of being thrilled to see the invitation. Joon-ha informs her that their enemies haven’t taken steps to declare her mentally incompetent yet, so they’ll have to keep up the wedding ruse.

Eun-ki agrees. After he leaves, Secretary Hyun suggests that she doesn’t have to proceed with the wedding. Eun-ki replies, “I’m not going to.” Then she calls Maru and tells him how happy she is about the invitations.

Maru listens knowing the truth, and thinks, “Eun-ki is lying. This means she can’t trust me. That she’s angry with me. That she can’t forgive me.” So she’s lying, and he knows she’s lying, but she doesn’t know he knows she’s lying… Round and round we go.

Eun-ki drops in on Jae-hee’s office, saying she has decided to take a break. Jae-hee takes her hand in a motherly way, telling her that her health comes first.

Then Eun-ki totally throws her for a loop by asking, “Please play the mother role. Help me with wedding preparations.” Ha. Well, we knew she had a sadistic streak.

They proceed to go shopping for newlywed furnishings and bridal gowns, Eun-ki beaming sweetly while Jae-hee looks mightily out of sorts. Maru voiceovers:

“The road Eun-ki has decided to travel—I don’t know what that is. How she means to travel that road, what she means to do on that road, I don’t know. What she thinks, what she intends as she travels that road—even if I ask, Eun-ki won’t reply. All I know is at Eun-ki’s side on that road, I may not be able to go with her.”

Maru shows up to the gown fitting as he narrates that last part, smiling at her in her gown while thinking of their possible lack of future.

Afterward, Eun-ki steps away from their restaurant table and Jae-hee tells Maru that he’s cruel for making her participate in the wedding prep. I know, honey. To think, he could have just framed you for a murder and sent you to prison instead, but shopping for chinaware? Barbaric.

Jae-hee assumes it was Maru’s idea to rope her in with the wedding since as far as she knows Eun-ki doesn’t know about their history. Taking his hand, she says that if he’s trying to stir her jealousy, she might misunderstand the situation and think he’s still got feelings for her. Clearly that’s what she’s hoping for, and she says she’s going to tell Eun-ki about them.

Maru isn’t fazed; he asks who she thinks will be most hurt by the revelation of that twisted three-way entanglement. Message delivered: You’ll be taking yourself down.

Eun-ki joins them and sees them suddenly pulling their hands apart. She surprises them by saying she called Choco and Jae-gil to join them for dinner.

They arrive shortly, and react with surprise to see Jae-hee. With her usual bluntness, Choco says she didn’t know she was going to be here. Jae-gil claps a hand over her mouth, but Eun-ki feigns surprise and asks how Choco knows the company head. She asks Jae-hee directly whether she knows Choco, and Jae-hee answers uneasily, “I may have seen her around somewhere.”

Picking up her cue, Choco and Jae-gil hastily amend their story, saying they saw Jae-hee a few times when she came to visit Eun-ki. Ack! They’re just making it worse, and Maru, who remains silent, seems to realize it.

Eun-ki asks how Jae-hee knew about Choco’s sleep-crying and Jae-gil’s claustrophobia then. Jae-hee can’t think of an answer, and opts for the “Did I say that? I don’t remember.”

The car ride home is awkward. Choco and Jae-gil shoot each other uncomfortable looks, and Maru narrates:

“Eun-ki has returned. But the Eun-ki right now is not the Eun-ki I knew before. What has she remembered, and what has she forgotten? What has she let go, and what is she holding onto? Eun-ki may have come back, but I am still waiting for her. I won’t grow fatigued or rush, or grow impatient.”

Jae-gil visits his father’s grave and apologizes for his behavior. He makes a bargain: “I’ll apologize, so please save our Maru.” Aw, I love that. He’s been so steadfast against accepting his father’s ways that it takes a lot of love for his friend to make him let it go. Offering to visit his grave daily in exchange, he pleads, “Just save Maru, Father.”

Maru contemplates his newly bought couple rings, which he’d taken back after seeing Eun-ki’s crumpled notes. He tucks the box away in his bedside drawer.

Choco puts on a mini-show of possible songs to sing at Eun-ki’s wedding. Eun-ki snaps out of her daze to smile at her and nod at the instruction to live happily ever after with Maru.

Eun-ki tells Maru about Choco’s song selection, asking if he’s happy. He smiles at her, saying that he is. She steps forward into his arms, and tells him, “Me too.” In the hug they can’t see each other’s faces as she adds, “Like Choco says, let’s get married and live together happily for a long, long time, Maru-sshi.”

Maru’s expression darkens as he thinks, “Lies.” But he hugs her tighter and agrees to her wish aloud.

Now it’s her turn to think, “Lies.”

In his head, Maru repeats his refrain like a mantra: “Eun-ki has returned. But I am still waiting for her, without growing fatigued, or impatient.”

Maru is summoned to Jae-hee’s office, and it’s a nice touch to clothe them in the same colors—blue shirt and black jacket on him, the reverse for her. It ought to reinforce Eun-ki’s beliefs that they’re united in their deception of her. Though perhaps the flipping of the colors is just as significant as their likeness.

She’s all business, telling Maru she’d like him to work on the launch of a new outdoor clothing line. He assents, but the moment he excuses himself she bolts up, dropping the business pretext to say, “I’m sorry, Maru-ya. If not for that incident, you would have become an outstanding doctor and be living the brilliant life you’d wanted.”

She’s years late on the apology but it’s somewhat gratifying to hear her acknowledge this truth after all this time of making excuses and blaming everyone else for putting her in those situations. Gratifying, but not nearly enough to make a dent in his tower of grievances, and Maru cuts her off and acts as though he hadn’t registered a word.

She persists, offering, “I’ll pay you back for it.” Misguided as ever, sigh. “The future I stole away from you—whatever it takes, I’ll bring it back and give it to you.”

Maru replies, “But what can we do? I intend to oust you before then, Chairwoman. Everything that could present an obstacle when Seo Eun-ki recovers her memory, I’ll clear away. For good.”

Maru takes the lead in the meeting for the new line, giving a presentation that has everybody nodding their approval. Jae-hee spends the meeting fixated on watching him, looking so proud it’s almost tragic. She praises him and puts him in charge of the launch, to which he informs the room that the presentation wasn’t his—he stole it from someone else. Eun-ki.

He states that this project was Eun-ki’s before her accident. In fact, Jae-hee had recently ordered the project scrapped entirely: “Did you perhaps not even give it a proper look before dismissing it, purely because it was Seo Eun-ki’s proposal?”

Jae-hee glares. She bursts into his office afterward to demand, “Is Seo Eun-ki the only thing inside your head?”

Eun-ki arrives at the office building with a packed lunch and is just about to knock on Maru’s door when she hears Jae-hee’s words: “I didn’t leave you because I stopped loving you. What I wanted to leave behind was my miserable fate, it wasn’t you. Marrying Eun-ki—”

He cuts her off. Jae-hee concedes, “Fine, then marry her. If you want to protect her that way, you’ll have to, what else can you do? If that alleviates your guilty conscience, what else can you do?”

Joon-ha comes up to Eun-ki just as Jae-hee continues, “Marry Eun-ki, and we can live at least continuing to see each other this way.” I suppose she’s now so desperate she’d rather see him married to someone else than to have him disappear entirely.

Eun-ki walks away. Jae-hee adds the request for him to not go any farther away. Interesting how that’s just what Min-young said to her, though I doubt she gives one fig about Min-young’s place in this story.

Joon-ha follows Eun-ki and tries to explain about the conversation she overheard, but she says innocently that Maru and Jae-hee must be having a serious meeting and invites Joon-ha to lunch with her. So a while later when Maru leaves his office, he sees Eun-ki sitting with Joon-ha over lunch.

Joon-ha is still disturbed about not clearing up the conversation she overheard, but Eun-ki moves on, asking what his motivation was for pushing the wedding along. Was it just to prevent her from being declared mentally unsound?

He answers that that was one reason, but that he also thought that it would be safe to entrust her to Maru’s care: “You chose him before you lost your memory. I trust your choice.” Good answer.

She asks, “What if I was wrong?” He assures her that won’t be the case, and that what happens is just what’s meant to be for her.

She asks probingly, “Is there anything you’re hiding from me?” He answers no. Arg. I know why they’re all lying to each other, but it’s just so frustrating to us, the omniscient viewer. So many misunderstandings getting more entangled, when they could be cleared up…

Eun-ki reminds Joon-ha that he’d once said that he had a lot to tell her after her memory came back. “What is that? You said you would tel me everything, without omitting or hiding anything.”

Joon-ha has to avert his eyes as he reminds her that he’ll fill her in after her memory returns.

That cold look returns to her face as she repeats her earlier question verbatim, only now it sounds a lot more ominous: What was his motivation for pushing her wedding along? He’s taken aback. She adds, “You liked me.”

He looks alarmed, and says, “That’s not it, I…”

“…like men?” she finishes for him.

“Yes,” he immediately jumps on his old excuse. Too late he realizes what this means, that Eun-ki remembers that excuse.

She tosses out, “Did you think I’d believe you?” He asks if her memory is back. She tells him he can go ahead and fill her in now.

Min-young steps out of the elevator and Joon-ha hides his tears. Min-young asks to talk with her, and they relocate to his office where he asks about her wedding preparations, and why it has to be Maru. After all, he was the reason she “stuck a dagger in the chairman’s heart” and was the biggest contributor to her father’s death.

Eun-ki tells him that this is her business and gets up to go. He asks if she knows that Maru has a murder rap. She answers, “I know.” He asks if she knows who the victim was, but Eun-ki answers that she’s confessed to her amnesia and stepped down from her job. The rest is in her past, and she’s not interested in it: “I just want to live quietly as one man’s wife.”

She says warningly that she trusts he won’t disrupt the company with this matter. Then she brings up her father’s death, and how Min-young and Jae-hee were the ones to discover it. Min-young says he was already dead when he got there.

Eun-ki asks if he’s ever heard speculation that the death was foul play. Min-young clenches his fist, but says he’s never heard it before. Eun-ki: “Really? I’ve heard it several times.” Then she backs off, “But that’s ridiculous talk, isn’t it?”

Wedding day. Wow. For someone who has no intention of going through with it, she sure is taking this far, isn’t she? Eun-ki undergoes her preparations with an excited Choco at her side. Jae-gil dresses for the day, muttering to himself, “After the wedding, let’s get you into surgery, Maru. I won’t let you off the hook anymore.”

It’s a grim day for everybody: Jae-hee and Joon-ha look dismayed as they get ready, and Min-young thinks of the allusion to the chairman’s murder.

An envelope arrives in a newsroom, and the title page identifies the contents: “Stepdaughter to Taesan Group president Han Jae-hee, living in common-law marriage with fiancé.” Inside are photos of the three people in question. Hm, was it Eun-ki who dropped the bomb… or Maru?

Speaking of, Maru is nowhere to be seen and his tux is hanging in his room. Jae-gil tries to call him, with no luck.

He’s sitting in his car ignoring calls from everyone. Finally Choco gets a message that makes her suddenly stiffen: News has broken about Han Jae-hee’s affair with her son-in-law-to-be. Well, when you put it that way it just sounds bad.

Jae-hee stands in the receiving line, and is surprised by a reporter. Trying to push him out just attracts more attention, and then he’s joined by a phalanx of others.

Soon the news is all over televisions and the news, and people are lapping up the sordid details.

Through it all, Maru sits in his car, not doing anything. Eun-ki sits frozen in her wedding dress, silent. She stays there all day and into the night, even as the wedding hall is cleared of its decorations.

She asks about Maru. Still no word from him. She refuses to move a muscle until he arrives. I wish I knew what was going on in her head, because it’s pretty hard to understand where she stands. She didn’t mean to marry him, so is she playing the part of disappointed bride? Is she angry that somebody took over steering of this doomed car?

Finally, Maru arrives. He drapes his jacket over Eun-ki and suggest they go for a chat. He leads her out and drives them to the Han River, which means somebody’s about to get their heart broken, or die. Those are basically your two options.

She asks where he’s been, indignant. But he’s angrier, and asks, “Was this the conclusion you came to?”

Ah, so it was Eun-ki’s doing after all. Secretary Hyun confesses this to Joon-ha, how Eun-ki initiated the news leak.

Maru tells Eun-ki he knows: “You have your memory back. You’ve remembered what kind of bastard I am.”


Thank goodness for speedy developments. I was expecting a more drawn-out scenario where Eun-ki’s pretense went on for longer, but Maru cottoned on pretty quickly. This is a good thing, because as fun as it is to watch people squirm (what? This drama gives me a definite sadistic bent), it would have become pretty tiresome to let the cat-and-mouse-and-cat-and-mouse-again chase play out for too long.

Already it felt pretty repetitive every time Eun-ki tried to catch somebody in a lie, with her asking the same questions over and over, worded in exactly the same way. Multiply that several times since we’ve got three liars here (and that doesn’t even count the satellite liars like Jae-hee and Choco).

On the upside, from a character standpoint it indicates that she’s still trying to work out the full truth, figuring out how far the deception goes. Most of her probing did end with confirmations of the lying, but I like to think she was also leaving room for each person to absolve himself, to prove her wrong. Sadly, nobody does, least of all Maru. But he had the most to overcome, with his boy-who-cried-wolf past. Sadly, he’s used up all his false alarms, and Eun-ki’s not in a position to give him any more benefits of doubts.

It hurts extra because he seemed so perfect, the nicest guy in the world, that his betrayal is more than a personal one; it’s a shaking up of her entire worldview. It’s like Eun-ki has undergone the same trauma all over again; we saw how her previously prickly outer shell was a defense mechanism guarding her true nature. The sweetness emerged with the amnesia, and it’s almost like she’s been shocked all over again into re-developing her defenses after realizing Maru’s actions.

A minor frustration I do have with this episode, however, is with the shuttering of Eun-ki’s thought process. In this respect, she’s swapped positions with Maru; all series long he’s been the one guarding his thoughts and leaving us (and the other characters) wondering, but today the tables turned entirely. The voiceovers were a key instrument in that, and while we got quite a bit of narration today, I welcomed them for giving us a deeper look at Maru’s thoughts. I loved the moment in a previous episode when he narrated about his reluctance to wake up lest his happiness disperse, because for once I felt I could believe what he was saying, since he was saying it to himself. Most of the time, I felt that in making him an enigma to the other characters made him an enigma to us, too, which was always a block against me being fully with him on this journey.

The cost of the exchange, then, is that now Eun-ki becomes the cipher, and we are left to infer her thoughts and read between the lines. What is her motivation? What does she mean by furthering the lie? Is this public shaming of Jae-hee (less so Maru, though he’s included in the scandal) her endgame, or is there more to it? I’m sure we’re meant to be wondering some of these things, to be explained at further dates, but I did wish for just a little bit more.


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  1. ilikemangos

    Our Eun-Gi is BACK. Man. In this episode, I don’t know which one I found scarier: The outwardly bitchy Eun-Gi from the earlier episodes or the calm and manipulative Eun Gi now. Either way, this gal never fails to amuse me.
    I was just amazed at her basically playing/testing/tormenting ERRYBODY..got them all fidgety the whole episode..
    All in all, this episode was chock full of intense bits and trickery.. LOVE it.
    THANKS JB! Nice to see you this episode!

    • 1.1 ilikemangos

      And btw i love the maru voiceovers. really gives some insight.
      that’s what i always wanted more out of Nice Guy. insight into our character’s thoughts/feelings.

      • 1.1.1 Laurita

        Oh yes, I totally agree. I loved Maru’s voiceovers.

        But even more LOVED LOVED LOVED that scene with each saying “Lies.” Just perfect. I guess it’s my second time, when I felt hurt and tearful together with other characters.

        And Joon-ha – crying? One second I thought that Eun Ki will kiss him during that confession (for the bichiness, though), it was intense.

        But I also couldn’t help myself but grin for Jae’s situation in the shop (I now I’m bad here, but it just felt so satisfying).

        btw, thanks for recap, JB.

        • ilikemangos

          The “lies” scene was sad&powerful for me too.

    • 1.2 am

      I was legit scared of old er, new, old(?) Eunki.

      Even Maru didn’t know what she was up to.

    • 1.3 Awe

      javabeans, thanks for pitching in and cranking out this recap. kewl beanoids!

  2. pereleal

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    • 2.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      I know, it was a real treat! I love HeadsNo2 recaps, but I found myself wondering how a javabeans version of a recap would turn out.


      Thank you!!!

      HeadsNo2, you are missed, too!

      • 2.1.1 meecheellee

        Yes! JB’s recaps have a nice feel to it also! I love little rhetorical lines~

        To think, he could have just framed you for a murder and sent you to prison instead, but shopping for chinaware? Barbaric.

        Yes. IKR. Jae-hee, really? Reeaaalllllyyy? THe desperation in her eyes make me want to stomp on her face. Good acting Park Si-Yeon!

        (Lol, I was about to abbreviate Park Si Yeon to her intials… but… it turns out as… PSY. LOL It would have been confusing IMO but hahaha)

  3. Eye Candy

    Thanks for the recap! Ah my nerves can barely handle the intensity of this episode but it was so GOOD! Only three more left and I’m still hoping for a happy ending (okay, I should know better…)

    • 3.1 kika

      I am really hoping for one, especially with Jae Gil pleading with his deceased Dad to let Maru live.

      A preemption of what is to come? Maybe it’s possible!

      • 3.1.1 booksarehoney

        Yes, Yes, I like the way you think…please let this scenario happen…I don’t care how cheesy or unartistic it is, let the ending be a happy one and DON’T LET MARU DIE for god’s sake that would be way too much for one man to go through.

  4. Mohini Amma

    Great summary. I am very anxious to know when you think Maru fell in love with Eun gi? As far as I can tell, he was trying to protect her from getting embroiled further in his messed up life when he pushed her away at the beach and while he was moved by her love, I am not sure he loved her yet. So did he love her after the accident or did he feel guilt then. When he stood behind a door describing how they met, he had already fallen for her. Was it during that year that he cleansed himself of Jae Hee and fell for Eun Gi. I am just not sure.

    • 4.1 Niz

      I believe he was already falling for Eun-ki when he told Jae-hee the first time that he regretted bringing Eun-ki along in his revenge scheme before the accident. Before mentioning that, he had told Jae-hee clearly that his feelings for her had ended.

      He probably wasn’t in love with Eun-ki then as we see clearly now, but there was definitely something there, or else he wouldn’t have completely cut it with Jae-hee.

      Now, I believe it is a mix of guilt and love. He feels horrible for what he had done to her, but despite that, he wants to live his life with her.

      Or so I think. These are just my simple-minded thoughts. 🙂

    • 4.2 asianromance

      I think he was already in the process of falling in her before the car crash. He definitely felt a connection and cared about her (this is above average caring because previously, he was okay with just callously dumping the girls he had seen after getting out of prison). I don’t think he could have allowed himself to really love her at that point since he was so messed up. But because he felt strongly about her, he turned up the heartlessness at the beach to save her from himself. He had also refused to move during that year she was gone – a part of him expecting…hoping..she’d return to find him.

      I think her return after the car crash opened the floodgates of his feelings, especially when all her defenses are down and she just wouldn’t stop talking about their couple-ness.

    • 4.3 missjb

      not exactly know when MR fall for EK. But it must be through progress as he know and interact often with her. His attitude compare to the girl he already date was different. the fact he didn’t dare to touch her eventhough he had so many chance to do that shows his respect for her. That means he start to love her when he said to EK “run away from me, u only gave one chance” thing.

      Btw, LOVE this show to death.

    • 4.4 foolmoon

      I think it was when Eun Gi came to him at that rainy night bare-feet, willing to let go off her status and wealth, just to be with him (forget what episode).
      I guess Maru had never seen sacrifation that big for him before. He was always in the giving-side. So he knew he fell in love at her at that moment, I believe
      But I think the attraction was there from the beginning, when Eun Gi met Ma Ru at the hospital, and then when she followed him to pick up Coco, just like Ma Ru said to amnesiac Eun Gi. And this feeling unconsciously got deeper with their interaction, helping her.

      • 4.4.1 Betsy Hp

        I agree, I agree! When his angelic face was gone (mask off?) and she went to him anyway. It was that morning when he gave her that kiss while she was sleeping, right? I think of that as the moment he realized he loved her.

  5. acejihyo

    just stopping by to say that joon-ha has the saddest life ever.

    • 5.1 Lina

      And so Joon Ha falls into the hole where second leads with unrequited love are.

    • 5.2 pogo

      I wish I could console him, poor bb.

  6. cherlyn

    Thank-you so much!! I’ve been having a super depressing day so this means a lot to me 🙂

  7. diw

    Eunki: Do you like me?
    Joonha: kinda speechless.
    Eunki: DO you like MEN?
    Joonha: YES…!

    bwahahaha… this scene is unintentionally funny…

  8. shelhass

    Was someone else moved by Joon-ha’s tears?!?!

    I was totally caught up in the moment I cried with him, and that’s saying a lot since I’ve shipped Maru from the very beginning (that damned poster of him crying just… ah… love at first sight!).

    And also, I’m so glad it was him who gave Eun-ki the accident report, ’cause it was getting frustating to see everybody lying to her.

    • 8.1 asianromance

      I was definitely moved! I could see the tears that clearly at first. I knew his eyes were red and thought it was strange why he was hiding his face from Lawyer Ahn when Lawyer Ahn got out of the elevator. Then I saw the teardrops fall off his face. =**(

      • 8.1.1 shelhass

        That teardrop falling was SO DAMN HEARTFELT!

        For a moment I wanted him with Eun-ki, but then I came back to my senses LOL ^^

      • 8.1.2 Laica

        OMG that scene killed me. It was actually more moving that he turned away and we just barely saw the tear falling rather than the close-up, full-on wailing kdrama tear extravaganza. I felt so embarrassed and heartbroken for him, being unable to control his manly tears in front of the girl he likes AND his bitterest enemy. *pets Joon-ha*

      • 8.1.3 asianromance

        whoops I meant I couldN’T see the tears that clearly at first. My grammar’s gotten more horrendous lately. Agree with you Laica, it was definitely more moving that he turned away to hide his tears, but one large wet one snuck out.

    • 8.2 jubilantia

      Yeeeah, that got me in the heart. Maybe because I feel like even though he loves her romantically, he truly wants what’s best for her, even if that’s not him. I also feel like he truly respects her as a person.

      It’s a pretty stark contrast with that creep Min-young and his warped feelings for Jae-hee.

    • 8.3 foolmoon

      No, it was Ma Ru who gave Eun Ki the accident report.
      And yes, Joon-ha’s tears was really out of the blue coming.

    • 8.4 pogo

      count me in Team Cute Lawyer Joon-Hawtness for that scene too, please! (an yeah, total MaruxEun-ki shipper here too, but I wouldn’t cry if Joon Hawtness defied the laws of Classic Kdrama Second Leads and got to end up with Eun-ki after all).

      And Lee Sang-yeob did such a beautiful job with that scene, it wasn’t the tear that got me but the half-terrified, half-overjoyed, want-to-kiss-her-but-WILL-NOT look on his face , for me that was the one reaction from another character that really showed how much it meant to them that Eun-ki was really back.

      • 8.4.1 shelhass

        Pogo, my dear: YOU.SAID.IT.ALL

        “it wasn’t the tear that got me but the half-terrified, half-overjoyed, want-to-kiss-her-but-WILL-NOT look on his face , for me that was the one reaction from another character that really showed how much it meant to them that Eun-ki was really back”.

        If Maru lives enough to a happily-ever-after with Eun-ki, I accept Joon-ha as consolation prize.

        • pogo

          not if I get him first! (I’m a lawyer too, we could share some, er, professional bonding? lol)

          • shelhass

            Professional you say, huh?!

            You are making me feel bad for dropping out of Law school. =(

            Can we share? Ha.

          • pogo

            @shelhass: considering I was so burned out after finishing my degree that I didn’t start practice till over two years later, you have nothing to feel bad about!

            (and yeah, we can absolutely share – watching Maru and Eun-ki can occupy the rest of my time while you have Cute Lawyer on your hands lol)

  9. GaksitalPyong

    Just to cheer everybody up after this depressing episode, here are some Behind-the-scenes clips. OMG Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki are soooo adorable <3

    Episode 15 Kiss Scene BTS

    Episode 16 Cooking Scene (LOL Moon Chae Won screaming like there is no tomorrow XD

    Episode 17 Back Hug BTS

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      Thanks for the lovely BTS! 🙂 they are sooo adorable.

    • 9.2 pogo

      omg they are all just so adorable! From the screaming over the wrigglies (and Lee Yubi is so cute, hugging MCW) to SJK nearly falling off the stairs in the kiss scene, to SJK and MCW sneaking nibbles while waiting to film the backhug <3 – I guess live shoot time really means no time to eat or sleep lol

    • 9.3 pogo

      also, I very much appreciate getting to see MORE KISSING in that ep 15 bts.

  10. 10 whimsicalnet

    was really waiting and refreshing for this. Thank you!!!

  11. 11 abc

    not nice guy-related, but are you all going to big bang concert??? maybe dramabeans can do a bb concert recap ^^

  12. 12 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    I had just watched this episode a few hours ago and will definitely be rewatching it before next week’s finale episodes. I know it sounds wrong, but I loved how Eun-ki was going around making people squirm and testing them (and sadly, finding out that everyone’s pretty much lying to her. And she hasn’t even uncovered all the stuff Joon-ha has hid from her). I loved how she got Jae-hee to go wedding shopping with her. Bitchy, badass Eun-ki is back!

    I loved this episodes callbacks to earlier episodes with Eun-ki’s actions and reactions in this episode mirroring Maru’s in earlier episodes (the kiss, posing happily for the camera, getting all revenge-y). And Maru looking at her, recognizing the old him. And Jae-hee’s: “If I wait, will he come?” Interesting that JH wasn’t sure and was phrasing it as a question, while EK was certain.

    Ahn Min young is such a creep! He actually makes me feel really bad for Jae-hee. I keep on wanting to shout at her to stop antagonizing him.

  13. 13 Aliiiiiiiice

    Regrets. A little too little a little too late, Jae Hee, but at least you have them.

    Siiiiiiigh. Am I the only one who thinks that EunGi has gone off the deep end in that she wants to KILL and DESTROY Maru while MARRYING him and spending THE REST OF HER LIFE WITH HIM?

    She didn’t have to say anything when she was stood up at her wedding.

    I can feel her unbelieving disappointment and expect a Miss Havisham moment of some sort in the next episode.

    I think what makes the conflict SOOOOOOo interesting for ME, (if I’m reading it right), is that it’s not that Maru’s wronged her and now she immediately hates him.

    It’s that she’s slowing killing her soul in her inability to make a decisive choice: DESTROY MARU/LOVE MARU.

    She still loves him. Wants him. Desperately.

    And the whole marrying bit as an act of revenge, I think it is, in part — and this part is even unknown to EunGi herself — because she’s unable to let her original happy-ending-with-Maru dream come to a complete end.

    It’s sadistic. Masochistic, even.

    But then again, that’s not too far off the mark from our original EunGi, is it?

    ::gets excited::


    That’s what I want in the next eppy.

    Not for her to end up old and crazy and eating rotting wedding cake and raising cold women, but I mean in that Miss Havisham actually HAS her beau, in the palm of her hand, to torture, avenge and, despite all his wrongs, still love and obsess over.

    Because, even though someone has wronged you terribly, the feelings of love to the point of obsessiveness don’t truly end.

    I mean, we learned that with Maru — that even after he’d been jailed, found her married, living well and with some other man’s child, even after she pretended to not know him and accused him of blackmailing her, he still WANTED her and he still was waiting for her.

    • 13.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      oh, and by “her” in the last bit, I meant JaeHee.

      Siiiiiiiigh. I always wanted to write a fanfic wherein which Miss Havisham was still young and beautiful and absolutely able to have her way with the man who had jilted her.

      Of course, with some kind of not-so-twisty happy ending for EunGi and Maru if at all possible.


    • 13.2 asianromance

      I don’t think Eun-gi wants to both destroy Maru while marrying herself ot him, but I definitely sensed a struggle, like you said, between want Maru/must-hate-Maru. Despite Eun-ki’s disagreements with her father, she was probably, for the most, part pretty filial and she cared about him a lot. It’s hard to justify to yourself loving a man associated with the woman who betrayed and possibly murdered her father and who had lured her out of her house when you could have been by her father’s side.

      I think when she told Lawyer Ahn that she wants to live as some man’s wife, she was not just saying it to make him let his guard down, but she really was sincere.

    • 13.3 missjb

      oh @Aliice: I think the same thing when watching this episode. I already felt he want to Marry MR, and that’s how he will take revenge on him, gahhh I’m creep out! It’s fortunate MR it is not a gullible type who can easily be manipulated.

      I’m invested so much on his story. I loveee MR’s character so much though I’m aware about his flaws… I can understand why both woman seems has obsession with him. He is really a man who are too perfect to exist in real life… Lol… Especially both woman have lack of love issues going on their life.heh… Just their obsession aren’t healthy at this point. What if they knew MR’s hematoma disease?

  14. 14 Anne

    Been waiting for to hear what javabeans thinks of this drama from the very beginning, so yes!!!! I love this recap.

    Abd awww, eunki knew all along that joonha had/has a thing for her? That makes it doubly sad.

    • 14.1 Anne

      Doubly sad in that even when there was no competition (Maru) he still couldnt win her affections romantically.

  15. 15 Laica

    Thanks for the recap javabeans! I had been wondering if you had been watching NG and what you thought of it, so this is a treat.

    Not gonna lie, Eun-ki scared the crap out of me in this episode.

    Even though it was really well done, this episode felt a bit repetitive. And it drove me crazy how everyone kept lying to each other.

    Maru’s voiceovers were awesome though. Best voiceovers ever (and I usually hate voiceovers). The incorporation of the title was also brilliant. And I FINALLY understand what it means. Writer-nim, I bow to your greatness.

    Can’t wait to see what kind of fallout happens in episode 18. *dances in sadistic anticipation* This drama is doing strange things to my mental health…

  16. 16 sweetmint

    Thanks for the recap!
    Can’t wait for next week..
    This drama is killing me now..

  17. 17 HeadsNo2

    Can’t thank you enough for the pinch-hitting! Eun-ki’s definitely taking this to the extreme. Whatever “this” is.

  18. 18 visitor

    “To think, he could have just framed you for a murder and sent you to prison instead, but shopping for chinaware? Barbaric.”


  19. 19 yumi

    Thanks for the recap!


    River that sparkles in the night

    Are those stars or taillights

    reflected in your blue-black waters?

    So familiar

    to those of us

    who never stood on your bank

    or touched you waters

    yet know you in the way

    we recognize impending disasters

    we tremble with dread when the camera pans

    the concrete that serves as your banks

    and see an innocent pause to listen

    to the words that will shatter a yearning heart

    we know you as river of tears

    though Javabeans names you proper

    and calls you Han River.

    Or as JB wrote–“Finally, Maru arrives. He drapes his jacket over Eun-ki and suggest they go for a chat. He leads her out and drives them to the Han River, which means somebody’s about to get their heart broken, or die. Those are basically your two options.”

    • 19.1 jubilantia

      I definitely thought that when they pulled up. I wondered where he was taking her (and why he had to grab her wrist, ugh) and then I realized I already knew.

    • 19.2 Gaeina Lee

      For once, am thankful we don’t have such huge river crossing this town.. Otherwise, we’ll compete with Jdorama’s Tokyo Bay, Kdrama’s Han river and TWdrama’s Tamsui or Keelung river.. ^^

    • 19.3 jomo

      Very nice and true and sad!

  20. 20 Sajen

    “Eun-ki has returned. But the Eun-ki right now is not the Eun-ki I knew before. What has she remembered, and what has she forgotten? What has she let go, and what is she holding onto? ”

    I’m glad Maru’s wondering that because that’s exactly what I was wondering myself.

    As sure as I was last week that everyone was going to die I now think we might get through without anyone dying.

    • 20.1 Noelle

      Exactly! Is she really all there yet?

      Cause no matter what Maru told her she still loved him. No matter what she found out she still loved him. So where is the animosity coming from exactly? The car accident? (I need some clarification on that front cause I is confused). Hopefully, the next episode gives some much needed insight into Eun Ki’s thought process.

      Thanks for the recap!

      • 20.1.1 Village Mrembo

        I think even after he dumped her at the beach she still didnt hate him cuz she knew he was putting on an act but when she got that call about dad’s death i think thats when she started hating him, not so much cuz he was to blame (cuz lets face it what did the poor guy do to be blamed for dad’s death, he used her yes but he’d come clean and altho he dumped her she knew he felt otherwise) but because, and these are just my thoughts, she needed to blame someone to kinda lessen the pain if u will. Cuz if she had been told on the phone it was JH and MY responsible then she would never have made that u-turn and headed for Maru.

        • ladida

          I agree with this! Only I wouldn’t say that she blames him for her father’s death so much as she can’t accept the fact that she chose him over her father *and* then her father died *and* he dumped her. So not only did her father die after she’d left him (she’d always been a filial daughter, even with the way she stood up to him sometimes) but the reason she’d left him bore no fruit/was useless. Like adding insult to injury.

  21. 21 unacchan

    a lot of netizens are crazy about this drama, but why, it looks like you don’t really like it, javabeans?

  22. 22 ladida

    Thank you for the recap!

  23. 23 Jules

    I have to go to work so this will be a superquick comment, but–

    I think the reason Eun-ki was waiting for Maru at the wedding hall was because she felt that after all he’d done, all the lies he’d told and all the ways in which he’d hurt her, he didn’t have right to leave her. I feel like this Eun-ki, this post-amnesia-knows-the-truth-and-despises-everyone Eun-ki desperately needs to feel in control…

    … and now I’m really late. *g*

    Anyway, thanks for the recap, javabeans!

  24. 24 faranak

    WOW!!!! I LOVE MARU,he’s the charachter i love most,can;t wait for next episode 🙂 😉

  25. 25 jubilantia

    Gahh, it hurts so good. Lesson for today: don’t lie, kids! Lying is baaaaaad.

    As glad as I am that he figured Eun-ki out pretty quickly with his Leet Hero Skillz, Maru’s voiceovers were pretty heartbreaking. As you said, he had it coming, but I’ve been pretty invested in him this whole time, so it kinda tore me up. At least he hasn’t given up hope yet, and lord knows he understands how to be patient, but I have a feeling this was the lull before the storm.

    I rather loved seeing Evil Zombie Eun-ki lay the groundwork for (part of) her take-down of the Liar Brigade, i.e. everyone. Maru might still be waiting for Eun-ki, but the surgical precision of her actions in this episode confirms they are perfect for each other.

    Here’s hoping the Hematoma of Guilt pulls them back together before the final showdown, rather than poleaxing Maru in the denouement. I can’t stand it when things come out of the blue like that (ahem, 49 Days) because they’re like a sucker punch to the heart with no narrative weight. They’ve foreshadowed this one plenty, though, so hopefully it will be used well.

  26. 26 ju

    Thanks for the recap ! I was thinking how, during all the episode, the characters didn’t talk to each other. They never had an honnest conversation. So I can understand Eungi. She gave to every of them a chance to speak but they all turned out to lie to her. How can she be trustful after that ? And so her relationship with Maru. Because each of them seem to be afraid of losing so they keep this statu quo but they don’t trust each other because they don’t speak their mind or their heart… We need a beach scene where Maru takes Eungi’s previous part.

    • 26.1 missjb

      hah.. Exactly! In the beach, that time EK perfectly can read MR’s act! as if she had knew him through their short times together. If only she still trust her instinct and her feeling for judge people. She is so good in it. She has to believe her instict instead of trusting anyone point of view towaeds MR. She has done it so many case and succeed.

      • 26.1.1 hartofseeker

        actually the scene in the car IS their “beach scene”… if you come to think of it hahahaha XD i won’t spoil~ wait till next episode =P

  27. 27 IZzieeyana

    Tq JB for wonderful recaps. I rreaaalllyyy love that bitch EunKI came back. Her memory is back. Please Maru dont die.. Chaebal!!! Cant wait for ep 18th recaps…

  28. 28 Enz

    It’s really interesting to read the recaps from different recappers coz it does add something to the analysis of the drama. Thanks javabeans.

    You articulated it so well about how we were always second guessing ma ru’s thoughts and intentions (at least I was) until it became crystal clear that he now loves eun gi and now, we are left trying to figure eun gi out the same way,

    One thing I can’t figure out was why in that first instance when eun gi returned to his life, he was initially pushing her away? And then later, we are told to think that he never left his home to await eun gi’s return. Why was he so mean to her initially? Can someone help me understand that bit? Thanks

    • 28.1 asianromance

      Deep down, Maru’s a bit of a romantic. I think a part of him was really curious to see if what Eun-gi told him at Aomori (if you wait for a person, that person will come) and he really wanted Eun-gi again (even though he didn’t plan on dating her) .

      I think he was mean to her initially because she was saying stuff about how they were in love and look at the nice couple pic of them on her camera (when that was the day he really REALLY used – abandoning her at the parade to keep her anxious and then giving her the insincere kiss). I don’t think he wanted her to get the wrong idea when the reality was that he had used her. It was already bad enough the first time when she was in love with him pre-car-crash. And perhaps, he was tempted by the possibility of spending time and having some sort of relationship with her and was trying to resist by being mean to her so she would leave.

      • 28.1.1 enz

        thanks for your take on this but i am still unconvinced. i guess its possible that he didnt want to participate in perpetuating the lie of the nice guy in eun gi’s head esp when she has amnesia. it really would be using her deliberately then. but when he didnt have a choice, and she was in danger, he went all out to put her back in her rightful position while keeping her safe. that would also explain why he says he would always be there if she wanted him AFTER she gets her memories back.

  29. 29 sally_b

    @javabeans — re: “He leads her out and drives them to the Han River, which means somebody’s about to get their heart broken, or die. Those are basically your two options. ”


    I already knew I loved you but then you go and….
    crack me up again.

    ….you …just….write the thing that nails it everytime…

    You’re the shit. (I mean that in the best way of course)

  30. 30 Fab

    Misunderstandings can make the drama, but how much I wish Maru would have given her that report about the accident PERSONALLY and explained things to her. Now you can’t blame Eun Gi from being suspicions all the time when everyone is lying to her and she knows it. She remembers that dreadful scene at the beach where Maru told her he only approached her to get close to what’s-her-name, so off course she can’t trust him now!

    So sad when they both were like ”LIES LIES” at the promises they mad to each other.

    If there is someone dying at the end it should be JH and her minion for being responsible for the death of several innocent ppl. Jail-time would do too…

  31. 31 Fab

    BTW Eun GI is a gorgeous bride! Love the shot with her brother.


  32. 32 am

    Am I the only one who burst into laughter after seeing the Han River make a return? I thought I’d never see it in NG and started missing it.

    • 32.1 ladida


    • 32.2 enz

      i instantly thought of FBRS

  33. 33 Village Mrembo

    When Maru turned to EG in the car and called her out on her little charade i was like there’s our Maru, the Maru of old! Poor thing his cheeks must have hurt a lot cuz half the time he was pissed off at her he’d just grin and bear it!

  34. 34 hartofseeker

    the silence on Eungi’s side is VERY intentional on the writers part… because we’re seeing this unfold mainly on Maru’s side… we see it the way he sees it so we understand why he’s reacting the way he is… treading on dangerous waters, waiting and waiting for her to be ready and confront him about it. it’s not something that he can jumpstart cuz she’s just back from being amnesiac and isn’t sure where things stand yet or who she can trust (right now, it’s only herself)

    so Maru can only wait… until she’s ready to face it… face him and the hurt he had given her before… and face the love he’s still extending, hoping she’d give him one more chance and accept

  35. 35 Momi

    Unpopular opinion, but I didn’t like this episode (or the two this week — no spoilers). IS EVERYONE A ROBOT?! I don’t understand anyone’s motivations or actions AT ALL this week. @_@

    Joongki you’re still adorable but W T F dude.

    • 35.1 Village Mrembo

      lols @is everyone a robot?!! Food for thought my friend…

    • 35.2 Silverteem

      Not robots. Just broken people scarred by lies. Maru just loves Eun Gi too much that he cannot present himself as the Nice guy. And here I thought Eun Gi loved him beyond reason. Both loves are bordering insanity (makjang), but completely understandable and easy to digest when it was artistically done like NG.

  36. 36 Jushi

    It’s difficult to grasp the depth of 17 without having to watch 18. Because the 2 present 2 different perspectives about Eun Gi:

    17 – Eun Gi and how she wants to be perceived from the outside
    18 – what is really happening beneath the new mask

    I felt so drained and exhausted watching 17 that it seemed like I was actually relieving a tiresome relationship I had in the past. Haha. ‘I had enough. I don’t want this anymore. I’m tired. Let’s break up’ kind of sentiment. 😀 I think it’s because my dilemma always is that I hate it when I can’t read or understand other people and it is just so damn difficult to read Eun Gi in this particular episode.

    “What is the agenda?”

    “What’s the real score?”

    And Eun Gi just kept on attacking without us knowing exactly the extent of what she remembers and how she’s processing these retrieved yet old information she now has.

    Thank goodness 18 offered the answer on what really is happening. Unfortunately, more questions are left hanging to keep us tortured.

    Oh well ma belle.

    • 36.1 Silverteem

      You got it right. You’ll be completely fooled by ep17. You must watch ep18 to fully understand what’s happening to Eun Gi.

      Can’t wait when dramabeans recaps ep18.

  37. 37 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    Still loving this show, and loving SJK.
    Breaking my effing heart every effing episode.
    Can’t even talk about it.

    I thought my heart would crack when I watched that ONE tear fall out of Joon-ha’s eye when he realized EG got her memory back back.
    I have been sighing for the past three days. I really feel like this is happening to my family or friends.

    Why can’t they just be happy?
    Oh yeah, it is a LKH drama.
    She makes it so whatever our hero chooses, he loses.
    Your mind keeps touching and retouching his impossible dilemma like you do a bump on your shin.
    Yeah, it sure was dumb to walk into that table in the dark. Yeah, it still hurts. Yes, it hasn’t gone away.

  38. 38 ailee

    heart is still aching even though it has been more than 12 hours since i read the recap.

    i don’t know what i’d do if we don’t get sunshine and rainbows by next week…

    please writer-nim for once, let Maru and Eun-ki have their happiness. they’ve gone through so much. don’t be heartless. please let it be a happy ever after. i would have trouble sleeping if this doesn’t happen.

  39. 39 jen

    ahhhh noooo!! next week! what’s going to happen???
    but what i love is that maru has caught on so quickly

  40. 40 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the pinch-hit recap, Javabeans! 🙂

    Once again, commenting without reading other comments to protect myself from next ep spoilers. Though I’m sure I’m joining the throngs when I say, WELCOME BACK EUN-GI!!!! \o/

    It’s so good to have her back in the swing of things. And I loved, loved, loved that her wedding endgame was the hulk-smash move of humiliating both Jae-hee and Maru with one giant scandal. It was such a Eun-gi move. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in sheer strength of the hit.

    I actually enjoyed the repetitiveness of the lines used –Eun-gi’s repeated questions, asked with such different tones — and Maru’s mantra (that kind of broke my heart, because I’m betting he counseled himself the same way while waiting for Jae-hee — Eun-gi came back once, Maru! She’ll come back again! *hopes, hopes, hopes*). But I think a big reason was the strength of the acting (the tones were actually different) and also that it ends. (The pacing of this show has been really good, actually.)

    And… Joon-ha is officially not gay now. Just really, really lame. Because really? “I’m gay” was your go-to response for “do you like me?” If you’re going to lie, why not, “No”? A tiny bit more honest with an opening left for possible future romantic development. Still — his breakdown moved me, so he’s not dead to me or anything.

    And finally, because it’s so worth repeating: WELCOME BACK EUN-GIIIII!!!

  41. 41 Awe

    that’s what i’m calling this episode. everywhere lies! everyone lies! OY.

    with only 3 episodes left, it’s looking grim. and these people deserve grim. so im gonna get into the grim. that EunKi cornered JH into shopping-holy moly. that EunKi coerced Joon HAWTNESS into spilling his ‘true’ feelings about her-holy cow. but the whole wedding set-up is just plain dumb on EunKi’s part…and so glad we have MaRu to point that out to her.

    bring on the grim.

  42. 42 Abbie

    Jeez, Eun-ki sure was scary in this episode. I loved this episode, and was glad that Jae-hee was defamed a bit in the end, but poor Maru. I really do not want him to die. I want him to tell Eun-ki EVERYTHING, and then get his surgery!

    This show is so intense. I just love, love, love it!

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  43. 43 Suzi Q

    This episode brings out Jae Hee’s really warp perspective after she admonishes Maru for making her take part in Eun Ki and Maru’s wedding shopping plans. Loved your comment about the Kettle calling black. After all the horrible things Jae Hee has done to Maru? Eye roll…

    I’m confused.Did Eun Ki really think Maru would go through with their wedding? Why go through this stupid wedding scenario if Eun Ki didn’t intend to marry Maru anyway….

    Joon Ha finally got outed..as a non Gay.So sad and tearful that he still denied it, but I still want a happy ending for Eun Ki and Maru. They deserve to be happy together and out of Jae Hee and creepy opportunistic Min Young’s clutches.There has to be some justice so I hope they both go to the clink for Eun Ki’s father death.

  44. 44 chiffoncake

    i really luv this drama & can’t seem to get enuff of it i just also wished they’re extending this instead of having just 20 epis! woah i luv maru & eun ki, best couple 2012!

    eun ki was just too much in this epis, maru doesn’t deserve any of that, if anything she shld put jae hee on the spotlight! too bad their wedding didn’t materlize!
    thnx for recapt DB et al

  45. 45 Lilian

    A really really hard episode to watch. But have to agree with you that Thank God they didn’t prolong the secret that Eun Gi had regained her memory…

  46. 46 pinkjiawen

    Can anyone tell me what Choco was singing on this ep? It sounded so familiar!

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