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Full House Take 2: Episode 12
by | December 2, 2012 | 35 Comments

If the previous episode was all about the hair, this episode is about the bromance and people who stand up for themselves. I’ve never been so proud of some of our characters who give their frank two cents to the Man and face the battlefield head-on. Even as some dramatic pieces start to wedge itself into the Cute, it isn’t enough to offset the golden moments of this series.


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The boys take the argument outside and Kang-hwi launches into how Tae-ik could stay at Man-ok’s without his knowledge. Tae-ik throws those words back at him – Kang-hwi’s the one who hid in his basement first, remember?

But the bigger question on his mind is why Kang-hwi decided to go back to Lee Joon. He wonders if Kang-hwi isn’t right in the head (is anyone here?) and then Kang-hwi interjects that he can help if Tae-ik needs a roof over his head. Yunno, just as long as he moves out of Man-ok’s gym.

That’s something Tae-ik isn’t willing to do and he answers, “And what if I can’t?” Kang-hwi raises his voice at this and then it dawns on him that Tae-ik must have feelings for Man-ok.

He asks if Tae-ik’s feelings are genuine and Tae-ik retorts back with some calculated hesitance, “And if I am… do you plan to steal her from me again?” Ooh, that’s right – you think Kang-hwi stole your girl before.

Tae-ik drops the subject, leaving Kang-hwi confused and baffled in his wake.

Flashback to the past when Kang-hwi caught Tae-ik receive a lovey-dovey text from Se-ryung during dance practice. He’d coaxed the truth out of Tae-ik who bashfully admitted that indeed, he and Se-ryung were an item, adding that it must be kept secret from the company.

It’s interesting that Kang-hi hesitates before giving his congratulations, like he knows something about Se-ryung. Sure enough, he confronts her some time later with skepticism about her intentions. He knows her to be ‘that girl’ who toys with guys’ hearts.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Past Se-ryung is just as irritatingly annoying as Present Se-ryung and her smile fades at this statement. He warns her that he won’t stand for it if Se-ryung breaks Tae-ik’s heart. Aw.

Se-ryung scoffs at this and a moment later, Tae-ik steps outside and sees them. Recalling Lee Joon’s words that ditching Tae-ik is the only way to live her own life, she grabs Kang-hwi in a kiss.

Kang-hwi breaks out of the kiss just moments after Tae-ik turns away, calling her a nutjob. Wiping her lip, she says to herself, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Tae-ik, you’re the one who’s at fault.” REALLY?! As if I needed more reason to be annoyed with you.

Back in the present, Kang-hwi calls out, “If I liked Se-ryung, I’d be Dog Kang-hwi instead of Won Kang-hwi!”

When Man-ok learns that Kang-hwi’s left, she runs after him since she needs to talk to him. She dismisses Tae-ik when he stops her, “We need to talk.” He throws an adorable jealous fit at this, “Am I more important than Kang-hwi or not?” Hee.

She finds his behavior strange to which he reminds her that she confessed her feelings to him last night. Naturally, Man-ok has no recollection of such an event and shakes her head. “I may have had some to drink last night…” Tae-ik: “Some?!”

All she can remember is that they innocently fell asleep after having a lot to drink the previous night. Tae-ik lets out a long, dejected sigh and motions at her to get going.

There’s no need because Kang-hwi enters the gym again, asking to be fed. Tae-ik is astonished at his audacity and soon the two are bickering again before Grandpa’s entrance puts a stop to it.

Grandpa raises an eyebrow at the new visitor but is mollified when Kang-hwi introduces himself as a mutual friend of Man-ok and Tae-ik. He particularly likes Kang-hwi’s warm and smiling demeanor, unlike someone else’s moodiness.

Tae-ik all but guffaws at how accepting he is of Kang-hwi, but hey – Grandpa did find you in a tent with his granddaughter. Then, Kang-hwi’s stomach grumbles with hunger again.

Man-ok fixes some food and before Kang-hwi can dig in, Tae-ik shuffles up next to him, asking to be fed too. Man-ok’s like, But you just ate before. And there isn’t any more.

Soon they’re fighting over the last bowl of rice and Kang-hwi’s all, Don’t you dare! It’s mine! and Tae-ik’s all, Yours?! It’s mine! Omg, I forgot how much I missed watching these two bicker like four-year-olds.

Man-ok puts an end to the schoolyard squabble and divides the food so they both can eat. Then she scolds them to stop fighting lest they both go hungry. The boys obediently nod and start eating in silence.

Once her back is turned, however, Kang-hwi whispers, “When did Man-ok become so scary?” Tae-ik: “She yells a lot because it’s her house.” Kang-hwi speaks from personal experience that it isn’t easy freeloading in someone else’s house. Tae-ik should consider himself lucky because, “The owner of the house I lived in was a total jerk.” HA.

Go-dong gets an earful from a shouty Lee Joon when he finds Kang-hwi missing. Se-ryung sits down next to him and asks if Kang-hwi’s has an eye condition.

Lee Joon grows rigid at the question and listens as she drops the hints she’s picked up: Kang-hwi’s been more clumsy and Lee Joon has been uncharacteristically concerned for him.

She calls him out for avoiding the issue but Lee Joon redirects the conversation. He’s paid her a handsome contract fee and abided by her wishes thus far. Now it’s time to reap the profits of his “international star” and adds another round ofย Do as you’re told! with a shot of Mind your own business!

Se-ryung stutters that she’ll have a care if she wants to before stalking off.

Tae-ik is about to turn in for the night and jumps back in surprise to see that his tent is already occupied by Kang-hwi. He shouts that Kang-hwi has to leave and Man-ok steps in before another childish spat erupts.

Kang-hwi pouts, asking Man-ok if he can stay the night and then curls up that’s he’s too sleepy and full. He relents once Tae-ik drags him by the leg and pipes that he’ll just sleep in Man-ok’s room instead. Tae-ik snaps that Kang-hwi can just sleep with him then.

Man-ok asks if the two will be comfortable enough and Tae-ik points a thumb at himself, Don’t worry – I’ll take care if it. You go sleep! She turns to leave without another word and Tae-ik pouts.

Kang-hwi checks if Tae-ik’s asleep and mentions that the notion that he stole Se-ryung is a huge misunderstanding. Tae-ik rolls over so that his back faces Kang-hwi. You’re not really asleep, are you? In the morning, he finds Kang-hwi already gone.

Man-ok spots him just as she returns from her morning jog and the two sit down to chat. She informs Kang-hwi that she’s aware that Lee Joon has asked Kang-hwi to work for him again.

She honestly tells him that she hates Lee Joon and finds him untrustworthy – so why did Kang-hwi agree to work for him again? Kang-hwi brushes it off, saying that he was meant for the stage and that Lee Joon’s the only one who would probably take him back.

Man-ok astutely reminds him that it’s Lee Joon who got Kang-hwi into this entire mess in the first place and they can’t believe a word from that venomous mouth.

Kang-hwi assures her that he needs Lee Joon and would like for Man-ok to be by his side. He tells her to think about it.

Se-ryung can’t resist a dig at Kang-hwi for staying out all night. She tells him that he might as well tattoo his feelings for Man-ok on his forehead for the world to see.

Kang-hwi instructs her to shut her trap but she tells him that Lee Joon already knows, thanks to the handphone Man-ok lent him. Speaking of whom, Lee Joon puts Kang-hwi on 24 hour surveillance or else it’s Go-dong’s job.

Elsewhere, Bum-soo gets some good news from his informant that an investor has reached out to him about Tae-ik. Bum-soo should just proceed as planned and he’ll make sure that the funds get to them.

Thankfully Bum-soo is sharp enough to smell something fishy in the water especially since the informant isn’t willing to set up a meeting between Bum-soo and their investor himself. He pulls out the, “Hyung, can’t you trust me?” guilt card and Bum-soo reluctantly agrees.

Next stop is to enlist a songwriter and Bum-soo warns Tae-ik to watch his temper. Tae-ik takes offense, “Am I some kind of kid?” Sure, you can be sometimes.

They sit down with Sang-dae aka “The Wolf” (Bum-soo: “Once he bites, he never lets go.”), a lesser-known but talented songwriter. Bum-soo asks if Sang-dae’s willing to give Tae-ik some voice lessons and Tae-ik scoffs when Sang-dae asks him to sing. Has he never heard of Take One?

Sang-dae doesn’t miss a beat and retorts that all of Take One’s songs are autotuned so how can he accurately glean the level of vocal talent from them? He wants to hear Tae-ik’s unedited voice.

But Tae-ik wants to hear his potential teacher’s singing ability first. I mean, what’s the use if the teacher isn’t good himself, right? Challenge accepted… and he’s good.

Now it’s Tae-ik’s turn and when he doesn’t sing right away, Sang-dae wonders with sarcasm if it’s because Tae-ik isn’t confident enough and starts another song. Then Tae-ik bites back – why is Sang-dae playing a half key lower than the original?

Sang-dae laughs with derisive awe – so Tae-ik isn’t completely tone-deaf. He explains that he was just playing at a level Tae-ik can reach. He asks in a mocking tone, “But will you be able to reach the notes if I play them straight?”

He turns to Bum-soo and says that working with rookies are easier since at least they’re willing to learn. But he can’t stand a top star diva who got to where he is because of his looks versus his talent.

Tae-ik rises from his chair, having heard enough. Glaring at him, Tae-ik bears down:

“Do you suffer from an inferiority complex? Because I’m a star? You’re looking at me saying, ‘Even though I’m talented, I’m not one. But why are you a singer when you’re autotuned?’ Do you think someone can automatically become a star because they’re good-looking?

In this business, no matter how talented you are, there are those who can’t cut it! You have to show an image that people like and hide the one they hate. You laugh when you want to and don’t. In order to protect my place, I’ve done my best.”

Sang-dae rises to his feet too and Man-ok and Bum-soo stop an ensuing fight. Tae-ik storms off with Man-ok on his tail. Before Bum-soo turns to leave, he tells Sang-dae that Tae-ik will most definitely make a comeback.

He drops Man-ok and Tae-ik at the gym and assures Man-ok that Tae-ik is tougher than he appears. She climbs up the stairs, huffing and puffing about how horrible Sang-dae is. She’s sure that he said all of those terrible things because he was jealous of Tae-ik.

She does wonder, however, how Tae-ik knew that the music was a half-key lower. Does he by chance, possess perfect pitch? Tae-ik doesn’t answer and puts out his hand.

Man-ok contemplates for a moment before sliding her hand in his, much to his surprise.


Tae-ik widens his eyes in surprise when Man-ok squeezes his hand with hers. He clarifies that he’s asking for the scooter, not her hand, but smiles anyway.

He drives to Full House and thinks back to how he vowed to Lee Joon that he would recover everything that was lost to him. He asks himself, “Can you do it? Can you get it all back?

Meanwhile, Go-dong follows Kang-hwi around like a dutiful puppy, even to Kang-hwi’s expensive spa treatments. Kang-hwi finds his presence and relentless chatter irritating, moreso when he learns that he’s on constant watch.

Go-dong pleads that his job’s on the line so Kang-hwi promises that he won’t run away on one condition. Cut to: Go-dong lingering outside Lee Joon’s office, sent to track down that cell phone.

We cut back to the conversation and Go-dong is near tears now – there’s no way he can enter Lee Joon’s office undetected. He manages to find the cellphone by rifling through the drawers and pops up… face to face with Lee Joon. Whoops.

Go-dong tries to stand his ground when Lee Joon casually tells him to get out without the cellphone. But then he gets backed into the wall as Lee Joon reminds him that the person who writes his paychecks is him, not Kang-hwi. Lee Joon digs that this is why Go-dong’s still a lowly manager after all this time.

Ah, I shouldn’t be surprised that Lee Joon has given out empty promises to nearly all of his staff as Go-dong stammers that he’d been promised a debut if he toughed it out for a few years.

Lee Joon shouts back that there are a ton of young, good-looking wannabes chasing after the same dream of being a singer. Plus, there are plenty of others who would die at the chance for his job.

Annddd we get another round of Do as you’re told! Seriously, we could make a drinking game out of this.

Go-dong acknowledges that he’s right – he may be a manager but returning Kang-hwi’s phone is the right thing to do. Good for you, Go-dong!

He steps away and Lee Joon threatens that if Go-dong leaves, he’ll be fired on the spot. He’ll be blacklisted from the industry for sure. Go-dong is shaken up for a moment but he leaves anyway. Wooot!

Go-dong drowns his sorrow over drinks with Bum-soo, his confidence now lost in beer. He’s homeless, jobless, and cries that he has nothing to live for. Bum-soo tells him to snap out of it because it was about time Go-dong left Lee Joon anyway.

He takes Go-dong back to outside his place and we think that he’s cleaning the place up, but what seems like five minutes later – he’s packed his things too. Wait, does this mean everyone is going to live in the gym?

It does and Go-dong happily cries into Tae-ik’s surprised arms. They all sit down and Man-ok assures them that they can stay since Grandpa never turns anyone away.

Bum-soo hands Man-ok the security deposit from his now vacated space; she can use it to pay back her debt to Lee Joon. The mention sparks Tae-ik’s anger, and is especially enraged at the stipulation that Man-ok would have to work for Lee Joon again if she can’t pay him back.

Turns out the engagement proved useless since a verbal agreement isn’t considered official. He’s ready to go give Lee Joon a piece of his mind with Man-ok in tow right then and there.

The others calm him down and Bum-soo assures him that things will be smooth sailing once the investment pulls through. I’m thinking that it won’t happen that way.

Tae-ik instructs Man-ok to take it since her debt to Lee Joon was because of him. In exchange, he vows to make a hundredfold more than that amount. Looking to Bum-soo he says, “That’ll be enough, right… hyung?” Awww, I love me a good band of underdogs.

Staying at Man-ok’s meaning staying within Grandpa’s good favor and while they go through morning drills, Tae-ik surprises everyone with his hapkido skills. He smugly reveals that his father was a black belt in the sport (who learned under Grandpa, mind you) and all it takes it is a few moves to send him back to Earth, literally.

Kang-hwi’s upset to hear that his handler’s been fired and demands that Lee Joon bring Man-ok on board or he won’t work. Lee Joon slaps on a smile when he asks Man-ok when she’ll start work only to hear her say that she won’t.

She hands over the money to settle her debt but Lee Joon’s got bad news – she’ll also need to pay the fees for breaking off their contract early. Man-ok warns that she won’t stand by if Lee Joon continues to change the rules of the game.

Lee Joon just nods along with a mocking expression as she continues to lay out her threats, clearly not scared in the least. He’s amused but the bottom of the line is that it’s his word against hers, so who’s going to win?

He threatens that he’ll sue to and is surprised when Man-ok doesn’t blink an eye. She’s got nothing to lose but he does. With that, she gets up to leave.

Then Lee Joon pulls out his last card: Kang-hwi. But Man-ok tells him that she won’t stick around to hear what it is, because she won’t believe him anyway.

Tae-ik calls and is relieved to hear that the matter with Lee Joon is settled now. Then he returns to his diva mode (but asks nicely) that her house is absent of organic, well, everything. Man-ok tamps down her annoyance and says she’ll pick some up on her way home.

I knew there was a reason that van made me nervous when Man-ok dropped Tae-ik’s name in the conversation. The van door opens, and Se-ryung gapes at this tidbit.

She drives to Man-ok’s gym straightaway and is horrified to see Tae-ik in the midst of a losing battle against a vacuum. She marches up to him and in a oddly dramatic tone, tells him that she’ll do everything he wants just as long as he moves out.

Se-ryung grabs his wrist and he wrenches it out of her grip. Has she forgotten – they’re nothing to each other anymore. Se-ryung demands to know why he won’t budge. When he doesn’t answer, she wonders if it’s because of Man-ok.

Tae-ik confirms it and her world comes crashing down. She enters in denial mode; it’s impossible that Tae-ik would throw away Full House over a girl. She calls him a liar.

Tae-ik makes himself crystal clear, “Right now, it’s more important for me to protect that person by my side than Full House.” He’s moved on, so Se-ryung should too. But that isn’t something Se-ryung is prepared to do and slightly crazed, she mutters that she won’t let Tae-ik go.

She runs into Man-ok outside and rips into her – How could she house a Hallyu star and force him to do chores? Oh, the horror. Are you haunted by dust bunnies in your nightmares?

She accuses Man-ok of acting like the nicest person in the world who has no knowledge of the people she inadvertently hurts along the way. “Do you think you’re some kind of Candy character? Why do you go about stirring the hearts of one guy to another?” Honey, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Man-ok turns the words back on her – then Se-ryung must enjoy hurting others. Se-ryung raises her voice calling Man-ok, “you” but Man-ok puts her in her place. Damn, she’s on a roll today.

Man-ok steps away and then Se-ryung asks if she doesn’t care what happens to Kang-hwi. Oh heyy, didn’t we have this same conversation five minutes ago? Se-ryung digs that Man-ok and Tae-ik have been too busy playing house to care.

Se-ryung drops the bomb: Kang-hwi’s losing his vision. She repeats herself in case we didn’t hear it the first time and Man-ok turns her head.

Tae-ik hears a noise outside. When he goes to investigate, he sees Man-ok drive off in her scooter and a spilled bag of groceries at his feet.

Man-ok rushes over to Full House with tears welling up in her eyes, thinking of all the times Kang-hwi tried to hide his condition. She finds Kang-hwi hobbling through the dark and flickers on the light.

That sparks Kang-hwi’s temper and he yells angrily, “Jin Se-ryung, turn off the lights!” Nooo!!

Man-ok stares back, silent, and she finally ekes out, “Kang-hwi… you can’t see me?”

Panic washes over his face.



Well, that certainly is a sour note to end our week. We certainly knew that Kang-hwi wouldn’t be able to hide his condition for much longer but this ending scene was particularly painful to watch. You could see the fearful expression on Man-ok’s face and panic spread in Kang-hwi’s eyes as the truth settles in. What could have been an excessively dramatic moment was really wonderfully played out by Hwang Jung-eum and Park Ki-woong. As we go forward, I’m afraid that Man-ok will put her feelings for Tae-ik aside for Kang-hwi’s sake and run around the circle of Misunderstanding.

In regards to Lee Joon, it astounds me that his tried and true, Do as you’re told! bit has worked its magic for so many of our characters thus far. He knows what strings to pull and what words to coax his puppets into doing his bidding. It’s disheartening to see that our characters have accepted his verbal agreements at face value and later learn the bitter lesson that Lee Joon isn’t one to be trusted. Get it all in writing, people!

So I love that Man-ok and Go-dong took a firm stance against him, even though they know that getting out of his clutches is easier said than done.

This episode was a return of the bromance and now that we’ve replayed the past through Kang-hwi’s eyes, we see that he was trying to protect his teammate. I certainly missed the bromance so I hope that it’s here to stay.


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  1. Chimera

    Poor poor kang hwi. I almost teared up and I’m not even watching this show. Also can park ki woon get a lead role already? Like now?

    • 1.1 Chimera


    • 1.2 Peridot

      Yes, a lead role now!

      • 1.2.1 Alicia

        OMG He does need a lead role already!! I dunno how much heartbreak i can take from watching him. He needs to get the girl and everything now …
        Its hard watching talented well known actors as second leads. Although they add so much more layers to the role, its hard watching their hearts break.

        • ladyana2j

          I am totally agree with all of you said!!!
          Yes please lead role and girl for pkw!!!
          He is totally deserve it!!!

    • 1.3 redfox

      If the book I am trying to write could be a drama I would totally give the lead role to him.

      • 1.3.1 kumiko

        ummmmm reallly if you wrote a drama the lead boy must be cool if the lead girl is funny – but if the lead boy is funny the lead girl must be cool ——– the negative and positive relations ( in full house take 2 they choose the best actor for me for their part)

  2. xlyngx

    Thanks Gummimochi!

    Loving this drama more and more. Love it when Man-ok didn’t just swallow seryung’s accusations. Need more of these gutsy heroines around!!

  3. ladysarahii

    Yeah, that last scene made me cry.

    But I loved the scene where she tells them if they don’t stop bickering, no one gets to eat, and then they mutter under their breaths like scolded children. Then she’s like, “And again!” and they both jump. Haha.

  4. hottestjen

    i felt bad for Kang hwi during this episode too. In some ways he and Tae ik are so lonely.
    I love Man ok, and hwang jung eum. she’s just awesome.

    AND YES!!!
    the ending to this week’s episode was a shocker and beautifully shot. their expressions was dead on. I kinda like Kang Hwi and Man ok’s storyline, it could be a storyline on it’s own ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! I am not currently watching this drama, however I love the picture at the very top. PKW just looks adorable to me there.

  6. Miss D

    I’m watching Gaksital and Full House 2 at the same time and IT IS MESSING WITH MY MIND!

    Park Ki Woong is truly a fantastic actor. I missed the Gaksital train (or more like full-scale roller coaster) that took place earlier this year because I was traveling so I decided check out what all this buzz was about now, a few months later as I simultaneously watch the new kdrama. Going from jump-off-the-deep-end-into-the-dark-pool-of-evil Shunji to aigoo Kang Hwi is CRAZY. I’m not sure how I can transition between watching him icily smile at someone right before torturing them to having him run around like a puppy because Man Ok won’t pay attention to him. Every time he looks remotely perturbed in Full House 2 I have to remind myself that he’s a sweet pop star with blond hair and not a ruthless imperialist police officer. He does a terrific job in either role!

    • 6.1 Betsy Hp

      Wow, I bet your mind is exploding! I mean, I’ve got some delay time built in and when Kang-hwi loses his temper I still think “box of naaaails”! (Which, when he’s losing his temper with Se-ryung or Lee Joon… well, I guess I’m a tiny bit more blood-thirsty than I thought.)

      I have to say though, seeing Park Ki-woong be such a cute little puppy-dog (or kitty? something fluffy and adorable anyway) makes my heart happy after Sunji’s agony in Gaksital.

      • 6.1.1 ladyana2j

        I really wonder how it’s feeling would be…
        Since I watched gaksital first, I think it would be totally different wasnt?
        Since I watched gaksital first, I felt really happy, after seeing he died in gaksital then he lived as very cute and sweet kang hwi in fh2, I totally love him more!

    • 6.2 ladysarahii

      I did the same. In fact, I got into this drama purely because the last few episodes of Gaksital were so disturbing I was shaking at the end… so I was like, “I need to see Park Ki-woong not trying to kill people.” So I watched this.

      I finished one of the later episodes and then watched the FH2 ep where he woke up wearing the cat costume and my brain was like, “What?! Imma gonna go lie down.”


    thank you Gummimochi for continuously doing FH2 recaps along with Kaedejun.
    LOLOL OMG Kang-Hwi doing Gold-facial, you choose awesome header screen-cap picture!!

  8. Aryast

    I’m really apprehensive towards the coming episodes regarding Man-ok’s possible actions when it comes to Kang-hwi’s impending blindness. This show, as much as I like it a lot, seems like it will tread into noble idiocy territory and that’s a plotline I definitely am not in a hurry to watch. Oh, fluff.

    • 8.1 Peridot

      Yes, I hope that we can skip the misunderstandings…or at least not have them be dwelled upon for long. There should be something else that helps to move the story along besides noble idiocy and mutual misunderstandings. I hope that Tae-ik can learn the truth about Kang-hwi’s condition and that both men can be supports for each other.

      • 8.1.1 erinlibrarian

        I hold out hope yet as Tae-Ik doesn’t seem to be quite as blockheaded as most male leads; he at least lets her explain most of the time even if he is hurt.
        I still want them all to team up and battle LJ. Bromance is so much better than this love rivalry junk.

  9. antonia

    Thanks for the recap! so fast!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    i love the bromance is back, though it won’t last, will it? (sigh)
    i know i will suffer in the next epis, right know i can’t even think that the drama is ending! why so short???
    MO is really awesome, i love how she stands with LJ and SR but seriously i’m not happy with her leaving TI just because KH is becoming blind, couldn’t she and TI support KH together? i mean KH and TI love each other, so i’m sure TI would understand and help KH as well
    i have to say my laptop’s screen shines everytime TI is on it. is not just that i like No Min Woo (wich i do), is it that i LOVE Lee Tae Ik, LOVE HIM SO MUCH: brood, be petty, flirt, fight, be cute, cry, do whatever you want LTI because you’re wonderful in everything you do!

  10. 10 Lovebug

    I am also on the Tae Ik bandwagon, he is so awkwardly adorable! For some reason I have a thing for petty drama leads! I am hoping for some extended moments of the cute! It would be nice to see Man ok and Tae IK happily together (longer than for the last 3 mins of the finale). Though I know we are about to head into some serious angst territory so that probably won’t happen.

    I don’t know why this drama wasn’t picked up or had such a bad rap (I mean other than the hair issues). Does anyone know how well its doing in Korea? I heard it did extremely well Japan.

  11. 11 Betsy Hp

    I both adored the flashback to Tae-ik’s and Kang-hwi’s bromance… -Because so, so adorable! (Especially protective!Kang-hwi. I’ve just realized I kind of love the idea of Kang-hwi being the actual leader of those two. For all his cuteness and Tae-ik’s stiffness, Kang-hwi is the more mature and worldly. Tae-ik is just an innocent little hedgehog. …why do I always picture those two a tiny little animals?)

    …and I hated it. Because flashback! I want the bromance to happen nooooooowww!! Man-ok make it happen! I beg of you! I will defend your hair and fashion choices to the mattresses if you do me this one tiny little favor!

    • 11.1 erinlibrarian

      ^^ Amen.

    • 11.2 ladyana2j

      Yes, I want bromance more now too!!!

  12. 12 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    I like how I don’t want to rush through any of the scenes sans stars – except of course, anything SR is in. I feel bad that her part is just to be a big fat jerk who is a jerk.
    At least Shouty Mc Shouterson, LJ, is there to provide growth opportunities for his ex employees.

    I have developed a real soft spot for Go-dong and I hope he DOES get the chance to debut. If he is a good singer, he can go a route other than dance idol since he doesn’t have the flawless looks boy bands want.

    NMW is making a really good case for a mainstream drama. I hope directors and casting folks are watching. He has come a long way since MGIAG, and he really is doing a bang-up job being a prissy-idol-learning-to-be-a-real-man. I am so proud of the actor and the character!

    • 12.1 gelai

      i read somewhere that Go-Dong will be TI new singing partner in the series and the OST just came out and there’s a version there by NMW and Lee Seung Yo (the guy playing Go-Ding) of the “Hello Hello” song. i’m hoping to see them perform this in the series soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 12.1.1 gelai

        i mean Go-Dong…typo!

  13. 13 ladyana2j

    For the first time when was watching fh2 I almost teared up! Poor my kitty-bunny-kang hwi, wanna hug him!!!

    Yes, I love bromance moment the most in this episode, and actually didnt really care anymore to another romance, just praying hardly to god, please give happy ending for Kang Hwi, please…

    In the end he wouldnt get Man Ok, then he lost his career too, and more, should he lost his sight too???
    Oh please writer-nim, you are just too much if you do it!!!

  14. 14 IzOcha

    I fist-pumped when Go-dong left LJ’s clutches. Just sayin’

  15. 15 Abbie

    Poor Kang-hwi.

    I hate Se-ryung and Lee Joon. So annoying.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  16. 16 Jcy Ngo

    oaoaoao! love them so much …. <3 <3 <3

  17. 17 ajj

    Park Ki Woong’s on a roll. Everyone loves his Kang Hwi and how we all love/hate Shunji.

  18. 18 Kaybee

    This Drama will be a classic in the history of Korean dramas, not as a good drama but drama with worst Hair and clothes ever ever ever!!!
    I’ve watched till 6th Episodes but sorry I couldn’t get pass the perms… It was a WAR of perms, odd hair colours, weird make-up, even louder clothes, not great acting, etc going on there which actually was distracting from the storyline…
    Wig Alert! I see new hair styles in the screen caps… Guess I missed the change… I will have to read the recaps from Episode 7th to 12th to actually know the magical change…

    I fell in LOVE with No Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. He was sleek and hot in the drama. I LOVED him as Rose in TRAX too…I have a thing of androgynous guys like Miyavi. Also he was just fine in Pasta and Midas…
    I was so looking forward to this drama but I am mighty disappointed. He looks like the Unni of the lead actress… The lead pair look-alike with their make-up, hair dos, style of clothes, etc… weird…also I see no chemistry but forced chemistry between them…

    The only saving grace is Park Ki Woong! <3

    Thank you gummimochi (dramabeans) I can at least come here and read the story and not miss much… ^^

    • 18.1 Anna

      There hairstyles change afterwards and if you just get past the hair and try to understand the storyline you’ll get it. I didnt even watch this show at first because of the weird hairstyles and all but then I thought let’s give it a try and now I’m in love with this drama.

  19. 19 Miza

    Thanks for the review.

    Can anyone tell me, whats title of the song that Sang Dae sings when he wants to challenge Tae Ik in the studio? Who’s the original singer? Please anyone tell me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think the song is really nice. Tq!

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