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Lee Yeon-hee cast in Gu Family Book
by | January 11, 2013 | 112 Comments

Er? Okay, so honestly, news of Lee Yeon-hee possibly joining the cast of the Lee Seung-gi/Suzy fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book had me going: Huh? What? WHY? Because for one, not a huge fan, and also that’s two female leads, and Lee Yeon-hee trumps Suzy on the leading lady scale. That would make me unhappy. (Not that either has extensive range, but Suzy has presence and charm and can be hilarious at times, while Lee Yeon-hee is always sleepy, sad, or sleepy-sad.)

But the role is being described as a “special appearance,” which usually means an extended guest cameo of sorts, lasting a few episodes tops. So it’s definitely not lead territory, but they’re being careful to say that the size of the role and the length of her arc has yet to be decided. What’s with all the mystery?

She’s still considering the role, and there isn’t much information on what the part is. My go-to guess would be first love, or maybe she’ll be the gumiho who starts the bloodline of half-human half-gumiho people? All we know so far about this show is stuff about the hero, which is annoying since I’d like to know something about the women in this drama other than “They’re in it.”

Seung-gi plays Choi Kang-chi (a pun meaning “strongest”), a man born half-gumiho who fights against his nature to live as close to being human as possible. It’ll be a fusion martial arts action historical drama, with one major twist in the hero who’s half-monster. I’m excited about the premise, and just hoping for some high production value to back it all up.

Gu Family Book follows Horse Healer and premieres in April on MBC.

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112 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow

    Haven’t seen any of her dramas…..probably she’ll be the typical angle in the love square, which is always there in every drama…..

    • 1.1 Annie

      She’s too big a name to just anchor a love triangle/rectangle. Sounds like an extended cameo to me.

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        Well, like GF, I’m hoping the cameo isn’t too long. She’s a very pretty girl, but not much in the acting department. Meh news to me.

    • 1.2 kakashi

      who is she? Am I ignorant if I don’t know her? ^^

      • 1.2.1 kakashi

        … I’ve been watching KDrama for over 2.5 years … but there’s still many actors/acresses I don’t know. hm. I guess I will have to watch much much more! haha

        • Hanna

          The biggest drama she’s been in is East of Eden, which was 2008 (which I haven’t seen, I also haven’t been a drama fan for a long time). She’s since done Paradise Ranch with TVXQ’s Changmin (terrible drama, I don’t recommend it at all) and Ghost (which I remember enjoying, though I don’t recall her performance). So if you haven’t seen any of those you’ve probably never seen her!

        • Afie

          She was recently in drama ‘Ghost’ with So Ji Sup. Not really a fan of hers but she was a bit better in that previous drama than she was in ‘Paradise Ranch’. >_<" I hope she is improooving this time a round. *sigh* 2 actresses with questionable acting ability. I was really looking forward for this story…

        • bd

          LYH, despite her limitations as an actress, is pretty well known (and does a good amount of CF work), tho now, Suzy has overtaken her on the celebrity scale.

          2 of the prettier actresses/entertainers among the younger set.

      • 1.2.2 lalalalala

        I knew her from timeless MV…..

    • 1.3 sur

      she was in the movie millionaire’s first love

      • 1.3.1 maon

        Haha, the one she kissed Hyun Bin while still in high school (I think she was 16 at the time). I remember that, sooo awkward cause Hyun Bin was well into his 20s already.

        • Urnaa


  2. Elainestale

    Two actresses with limited acting ranges.. I like them both actually.. but the truth is they cant really act…
    the question now is… Can lee seung gi save them?

    • 2.1 Vinn

      Seung gi’s kind of hit or miss himself (IMO K2H being his only good one). I’m actually a bigger fan of YeonHee than Suzy, and she was decent enough in Ghost.

      But there’s still lots of time for Gu to sort itself out πŸ˜€ April’s still a ways away.

      • 2.1.1 Anonymous

        There is not much time for the main cast members though…. the rumors so far mentioned that filming will start in late Jan. but then again, this is K-drama which is famous for getting confirmed casting at last minute and live shooting. I guess anything can happen at last minute.

      • 2.1.2 Gon

        I see you don’t know seung gi well..TT.TT. ignorant kid.

        • Vinn

          I’m not really a child (to date myself a bit, I grew up with Turbo and HOT…), so I don’t quite appreciate that comment. And just because my opinion isn’t the same as yours doesn’t make me ignorant, thanks.

          I also didn’t mean his dramas were hit or miss (boy chooses great projects, actually), I just meant his acting was really hit or miss (for me). I do agree he’s improved exponentially though, so if there’s a reason besides the premise to see the drama, it would to see Seung gi after K2H and if he could keep up the great stuff there.

      • 2.1.3 mel

        He’s not really hit or miss unless his next drama is a miss. He has consistently improved, never really gotten worse at anything that I’ve seen.

        They start filming in a few weeks though. I think they need to get it worked out before then.

      • 2.1.4 ilikemangos

        I do think the writing&directing plays a decent part in an actor’s ability to showcase a range of emotions.
        I think K2H was able to capture that for seung gi, considering he had to do just about everything in that drama as king of south korea.
        The fact that he is continuously improving with each project is also a factor I would consider in this next project he takes on.

      • 2.1.5 Addylovesbwood

        Hit or Miss??? I think most of his dramas have been Big Hits… K2H, MGIAG, SHINING INHERITANCE…

        He’s actually an actor that I feel knows how to pick a good drama. I always look forward to anything LSG.

        • bd

          It’s more LSGs acting can be hit or miss.

          For instance, in MGIAG, he overacted/over exaggerated his expressions a bit.

          • cb

            With me, he’s totally fine in MGIG, I like his acting there, it’s comedy after all and I rather watch actors overact than stiff actors, at least I know they try for their role.

          • bd

            Overacting is just as bad in a comedy (and many others have commented on LSG’s overacting in MGIAG – such as JB/GF).

          • crazyajummafan

            @ Vinn and bd
            In MY opinion, he did overact a little in MGIAG at the beginning. But as MGIAG is a rom com, I personally think its quite ok. For heaven’s sake, the actors who acted as his grandfather and the director also had a tendency to overact! So did Byung Soo! But if you had watched the later episodes, Seunggi improved! I agree with cb that I rather watch actors who overact than those who are as stiff as boards! Seunggi’s very expressive and in MGIAG there are scenes where u can almost tell what his character is thinking just by looking at his face. He may not have been stellar in his acting in BL or MGIAG, but he is by no means a bad actor.

            To say that his acting is ‘hit and miss’ means that there are times where he acts badly and there are times where he does well. The description certainly does not describe his acting. He started off good, but improved tremendously in TK2H. Of course, there is still room for improvement, as Seunggi himself always say. So pls don’t use phrases that you don’t understand.

          • bd

            Yes, there were other actors in MGIAG who over-did it w/ their facial expressions and body movements as well which made MGIAG less enjoyable (basically the only reason to watch it was for SMA).

  3. Elainestale

    Two actresses with limited acting ranges.. I like them both actually.. but the truth is they cant really act… the question now is… Can lee seung gi save them?

    • 3.1 ElainesTale

      argh double posted

    • 3.2 s'Hia

      I don’t think they can’t act…For me suzy still ok..One of the best among Idol turn actress with Uee & Eun Ji..
      I hope Lee Yeon Hee only make a cameo..it’s not right for her to be 2nd leading behind Suzy..I know her performance in Ghost a little bad.,But she have excellent acting chop in East of Eden..I hope she only make special guest appearance..

  4. Hanna

    Yeah not a fan either… she was very uninspiring in Paradise Ranch and I can honestly not even remember her from Ghost, and they’re the only dramas I’ve seen her in. So yeah, not her biggest fan, but if it is just an extended cameo, 3-4 episodes, then I’m not adverse to her. Just not, well, for her either.

  5. kaka

    Good luck to Lee Seunggi, then.

    • 5.1 manassuper

      wish all the best to the awesome cat,crew and production…trusting the writer ,director and my favourite LSG to make a spectacular piece….hope lee yeon hee can contribute in the process of the drama success…..may be the seunggi effect can rub on all…….fighting!

    • 5.2 manassuper

      wish all the best to the awesome cat,crew and production…trusting the writer ,director and my favourite LSG to make a spectacular piece….hope lee yeon hee can contribute in the process of the drama success…..may be the seunggi effect can rub on all…….fighting!plz make it all happen…….

    • 5.3 rhia

      Good luck, indeed.

    • 5.4 bd

      Methinks LSG is quite happy to be paired w/ Suzy and LYH.

  6. UJ

    I have actually seen 2 of her works..one is the movie called “A millionaire’s first love” and the other is the drama “Paradise ranch”..the former was okay but the latter was utterly horrendous!
    So i actually have no feelings regarding her casting…
    All i know is that i am pretty excited that i will get to see Lee Seung Gi in a drama soon plus Suzy is not too bad herself! she may not be the best actress, but i have seen worse…and she is entertaining^^
    And LSG is one of those rare actors whose dramas i have constantly enjoyed one after the other…Shining Inheritance, MGIAG and TK2H are all among my favorite dramas <3

  7. lenrasoon

    She was pretty decent on Ghost.
    but this drama have a weak actors line up, we all counting on their “charms” this save this lol.

  8. reglest

    I love how GF says it’s ‘Seung Gi’, not ‘Lee Seung Gi’ πŸ˜‰
    Not a fan of LYH, and she is a meh in PR but better in GHOST…hmm…hope she will get better. And Suzy..dunno..the girl has sth that I can’t do but love her. Hopefully the drama will be a hit πŸ™‚

  9. Makoto

    I’ve seen her in Kim Junsu’s Timeless MV along with Choi Siwon, Millionaire’s First Love with Hyun Bin and Ghost with So Ji Sub. Pretty girl with straight face. Kinda reminds me of Jo Yoon Hee in Lie to Me. I like her though. Maybe she just need good drama to extend her acting skill.

  10. 10 The Real CZ

    She’s hotter than Suzy. That’s all that matters.

  11. 11 orenji

    Excuse me,but did Suzy’s agency already confirmed about her casting in this drama? Just in case i missed it.The last time i checked she’s still considering it. I know everyone keep calling this is Seunggi and Suzy’s drama but i haven’t hear it from JYPE. I love both Seunggi and Suzy.Just doesn’t want to get my hopes up…LOL

    About Lee Yeon hee,ehh…i hope she’s only a cameo. Never a fan of her acting.

    • 11.1 wanne

      Suzy is not confirmed yet. Aigoo.. Can we please get a confirmed list of casts now? I guess there’s still time because they will only start filming end of this month..

  12. 12 jomo

    “while Lee Yeon-hee is always sleepy, sad, or sleepy-sad”

    Yep! That pretty much covers her range.

    Btw, if you want to watch EofE in order to check her out,

    • 12.1 afufu

      Agree.Saw her in Ghost. and paradise ranch. her acting frustrates me.

      Can someone name one artist from SM E that can really act? Siwon is kinda, well, ookayyy. donghae? nope. minho? God, no. Sulli? no.

      • 12.1.1 rouby

        Kim min jong,,,

        • UJ

          Oh yes he is a veteran… And SM got hold of some other big stars too like Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul and Han Ji Min.. Plus they have one of the best MC under their management – – > Kang Ho Dong.. So yeah there are SM artist who can act.. Granted they got all these actors when their previous company merged with SM (except Kim Min Jong) .. But still they are SM artists now..

          • afufu

            Meant to say idols. I’ve never seen Heechul’s or Kibum’s acting but I’ll take it they’d be the same level as Siwon’s or I’d hear people praising about their acting by now (like A Pink’s Eunji’s case).

      • 12.1.2 Gala

        Sm idols? Yoochun, or so they wished. Ha ha. Heechul, IMO, is quite good. At least he played his part well in both Bad Family and Golden Bride.

      • 12.1.3 Ace

        Kim Kibum’s good too.

    • 12.2 Rubysing

      Insipid also describes it.

  13. 13 wanne

    *sigh* I hope her role will be an extended cameo like you said because I’m so underwhelmed by this news. Not a fan of her acting. I at least find Suzy likable enough and has comedic sense to be excited about her pairing with Seunggi. Moreover, I seriously hope we can have more great actors and actresses in this drama to help boost Seunggi and Suzy’s performance and skills more.

    Anyway, I have the same sentiment with comment no.6 up there. I like all of Seunggi’s dramas thus far, so that’s what keeping me positive about GFB now. Please be good! And I wish everything runs smoothly from here on.

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      Agree with the whole having greater actors/actresses on set to help boost our main’s skills even more.
      I honestly do think if you’re surrounded by greatness then you’ll feel the pressure to rise to the occasion/their level, and work harder.

      • 13.1.1 wanne

        I think Seunggi always work hard in anything he does. But with great actors around him, they can tell him what is correct and what is wrong, give advice to him and Seunggi can learn through watching them acting too. Seunggi’s main weakness in acting is he tends to overact because he works too hard at it. I notice he was more natural and nuanced in K2H so I hope he has learnt already.

  14. 14 Ace

    You know, for some reason I prefer Go Ara to her (I saw her in some variety show and she was hilarious). Lee Yeon-hee I always put in the same category as SNSD’s Yoona and TVXQ’s Yunho —> absolutely painful to watch.

  15. 15 eliza bennet

    I like her. Not that she is a great actor or anything but her screen presence is decent and she has a pretty face that appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities (which is why I actually like Kim Tae Hee, Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sob).

    I liked Suzy a lot in Architecture 101 (but then again that film was so good that I liked the other three actors whom I normally don’t really care for).

    But most important is Seung Gi adorableness which trumps any co star as far as this viewer is concerned. I’d watch his show even if his co star is Snooki.

    • 15.1 jensredshoes

      eliza bennet, good name!

  16. 16 banini

    If I remember right, Lee Yeon Hee was also in One Fine Day which starred Gong Yoo. She was annoyingly clingy in that drama. I didn’t finish that one.

  17. 17 Rubysing

    Have no liking at all for this actress… wish someone else got chosen instead.

  18. 18 SayHello

    Guess I’m gonna have to avoid this drama then. lee yeon hee is such a bad, uninspiring actress, I can’t stand her. I remember reading an article awhile back saying that she couldn’t even act well in a CM commercial because the staff and director were all complaining about her performance. she was a huge miscast in Ghost too.

  19. 19 mywhiteyasmin

    So agree with GF. Me like “Why?” And, is this a trend? Like Yoo Seung Ho in MY or Jae Hee in MQ? When they cast already-in-leading-actor-status actor (or actress in this case) as secondary lead.

    • 19.1 Meghan

      I would disagree about Jae Hee in MQ, he was a lead in my opinion, just that his character didn’t get the girl. He had a different path for his character than lead males usually do. I always considered Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee to be on the same level leading man wise.

      And Yoo Seung Ho is still very young, even if he has done a few leading roles, I don’t think he’s above playing a second lead, especially one as interesting as Harry in IMY. Again, a different kind of character and character path than the usual drama cliche.

      • 19.1.1 bluemoon


      • 19.1.2 ravens_nest

        Besides Yoo Seung Ho doesn’t take roles based on whether they’re leads or not. He takes roles based on whether he finds the character interesting or challenging. That’s why he has a varied resume of leads, second leads, and side characters under his belt.

        He did the same with WBDS. He was offered Dong Soo’s role but deliberately chose Yeo Woon. And the Jade Emperor in Arang wasn’t one of the main 4 characters at all.

        He’s always been that way. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed him despite some drama duds.

        • ilikemangos

          Well said.

          I actually ended up loving/rooting for yeon woon over the main character in WBDS.

  20. 20 jensredshoes

    I just finished watching One Fine Day yesterday with Lee Yeon Hee as the 2nd female lead. That drama has a horrible beggining – nothing like the story and feeling that follows. I dropped it at first, then tried again for Gong Yoo and Sung Yu Ri. It was worth it. I’m not sure if Lee Yeon Hee just had a really boring role and that wouldn’t be her fault. There are too many uninteresting female characters written who are suffering from diseases, tumors and one-sided love.

  21. 21 mel

    So she either dies, or she’s a flashback character… like his mom or something. Her role is supposed to be essential to the plot but doesn’t seem that big. It doesn’t sound like she’s the 2nd lead. Hm, some Seunggi fan blogs have more info about the 1st and 2nd female leads, but it’s mostly rumors.

  22. 22 rawr89

    i’d rather have her than Suzy. even if both aren’t the best out there, at least Lee Yeon Hee is exponentially hotter. xD

    • 22.1 The Real CZ

      Yes, I have the same reasoning as you do. I’m a fan of LYH, but I know she’s not a great actress. Suzy is terrible as well. However, LYH shits all over Suzy in the looks department, so I’d rather have LYH in the drama haha.

      • 22.1.1 Meghan

        That’s a bit rude tbh. You could just say that you personally think LYH is prettier than Suzy, without going to such a level.

        • The Real CZ

          Why should I be nice when the atmosphere on this site is already overtly negative toward actresses?

          • Ace

            Agree that an actress should look good on screen (yes, I’m also that shallow that’s why I prefer Koreans over some Taiwanese actresses) but if they don’t have the talent to do their jobs as an actor then they should at least have some charm or onscreen presence. Lee Yeon-hee’s been acting for how many years now (5 films, 8 dramas) and she still hasn’t improve in that department. Same expressions, same blandness. Suzy has shown improvement already with 1 film & 2 dramas under her belt. Plus she’s just 18 or 19 so maybe she hasn’t grown into her looks and body yet but I do find her prettier than LYH and I’d love to have her long legs.

          • haha

            that’s true. I felt sorry when I read comments for Level 7 civil servant as well. If any cast is unacceptable then just don’t watch it. No reason to give too much negative comments. It’s just a drama, so let’s just enjoy it.

      • 22.1.2 bd

        Eh, Suzy is very pretty as well, esp. when she smiles – but LYH does have features that are about as close to ideal as one can get (tho KTH is probably the closest as K-actresses go).

        However, Suzy does have the better physique.

      • 22.1.3 Roxy

        Um, you don’t think Suzy is pretty? What universe you from? And you know what stop comparing with the “prettiness” scale, let’s talk about what really matters, which is acting.

        Suzy is a better actress than LYH, she has far more charisma on-screen and she can be really funny too. And she’s only done what? Two dramas and a movie? Compare that to LYH who had ZERO improvements over the years. Who’s the better pick now?

  23. 23 rouby

    Lee yeon hee,, hmm Paradise Ranch is such a terible,,Lee yeon hee hair in PR is annoying me the most,,( bc she is beautiful but what the hair… Ckckck) I better like her role in east of eden and millionaire first love ,, althoug I’m not her fan,, but I like her,, I always thinking that seung gi is more have chemistry with noona (mature woman) than younger female lead,,,hahaha maybe bec he is always so cute in my eyes,but Suzy is likeable I hope they have a great chemistry πŸ™‚

    Suzy or Lee yeon hee or both of them,, I wil watching this for seung gi πŸ™‚

  24. 24 Shailee

    Oh no! I love LSK, and though I don’t hate Suzy, I don’t think she is that talented in acting,for me her performance in intro to architecture was below my expectations, I find that movie overrated. Don’t hate me for saying this T_T
    As for yeon hee, never liked her. I first saw her In East of Eden (which was a wreck on its own), she always has the same boring tone and expression, ans that gets super annoying. I was hoping there would be a better leading lady opposite LSK, he was amazing in K2H, great improvement, so he deserves a more talented leading lady.
    Btw the whole half monster/ half human deal is a lot like Inuyasha, except nuyasha was seeking to be full demon, and LSK is seeking to become a complete human heheheheheh me like!

  25. 25 bluemoon

    I love Lee Yeon Hee like I love Han Ga In and Yoon Eun Hye, but her acting is just mediocre like theirs as well.

    She’s lovely…..just need improvement in the acting department

  26. 26 Kayt

    Is that bad that I hope Park Shin Hye will take the lead of this ( since Suzy hasn’t confirmed yet) after her “Flower boy next door”?
    I think they would be a great couple

    • 26.1 Maris

      I agree. They make a perfect couple.
      I would only like it if LSG is not doing any other drama before enlisting. I would love them to be in a modern day drama. Recently, I have noticed that PSH is doing roles with some depth to them. Therefore, if it does not appeal to her she will not accept it. Just my feeling. I can very well be wrong. Appearing with a charismatic artist like LSG may make all the difference. But, they will definitely appear in a drama in future….they have too….they have a huge chemistry even in smallest of appearances together. πŸ™‚

    • 26.2 Roxy

      Sorry to burst you bubby but, that’s impossible. This drama starts late January and Flower Boy Next Door ends late February.

  27. 27 Feluda

    I think she guested in Running Man once, in their China special…? If she’s that same person, I remember she was always smiling but a bit on the dim/dull side.

  28. 28 sPark*

    Lee Yeon Hee needs to not act or hopefully she’s actually been working on her (lack of) skills. Suzy and LYH are far from being talented in acting, but Suzy is charming to watch while LYH is… bleh… so bleh. I used to like LYH because I found her pretty, but every time I have seen her on screen I have been bored by her.

  29. 29 Anvesha

    I’m sorry to say this but his description totally sounds like Edward from Twilight. The whole fighting against his nature stuff..

    • 29.1 rawr89

      are you seriously saying Twilight originated this idea of a monster trying to be human? ROFL.

      • 29.1.1 JD

        Anvesha did NOT say twilight was original. She just said the ideas sound similar.

        • rawr89

          well if you’re going to connect every other “monster wants to be like human” to Twilight, then we have a problem. because not every “monster wants to be like human” is LIKE twilight. that’s like saying, “oh i’m sorry, but this sounds exactly like twilight!” uhhhh..are you kidding me? unless you were born after the year 2000, this plot isn’t exclusive to twilight. never has, never will be.

  30. 30 jenjen

    actually i’m looking forward to her than to suzy.
    i think suzy’s fame is overrated and esp her acting, she hasn’t shown me anything that really shows her acting (her in Big) wasn’t impressive.
    and although i’d admit Yeon hee does act dull sometimes, she looks better as the lead than Suzy.

    • 30.1 bebu

      I don’t know why some ppl prefer Suzy than LYH. Suzy might be more charming than her (well cos she is a bit dull). But Suzy’s acting is mediocre as well. She is just an overrated actress,IMO. Eunji and Uee are far better than her, it’d be awesome if they cast one of them instead of Suzy.

  31. 31 MM

    As if Suzy got that great acting chops too. Sometimes, people were too clouded of their old judgement that they cannot move on. Did anyone saw LYH in Ghost? Well, of all the acting that she did, she was way better in that drama. And this is coming from someone who was never impressed by her. I even thought SJS would overshadow her but he did not. Well, the drama didn’t focus on their loveline but on the story itself and I was a contented drama viewer.

    Oh come on Ms. Blogger! it’s just an ‘EXTENDED CAMEO’. So you can hold your horses there and not fret for Ms. Bae’s lead status in the drama. Speaking of Suzy, I hope to see her improve greatly in this new drama. She was cute in Big but that drama was just…….*shakes head*

    P.S. I’m not a drama/acting/blog expert just a viewer but there are times when I don’t agree with the opinions made in the articles here. But heck! I still come here. Why? Because Dramabeans makes good drama recaps.

  32. 32 Jackie

    I like her so much more than Suzy. Ah wel…

  33. 33 juni

    OMG I feel very sorry for LSG. Suzy is cute but with very limited acting skill Now coming on board is LYH.She was openingly single out for her poor acting skill in ghost. Why? I was looking forward to LSG new drama. Now I am not sure . Why can’t there be a A list actress as the main lead

  34. 34 hkgs

    This is the synopsis that I found on Soompi. I wasn’t really interested in this drama before reading this but if this is accurate then I’m definitely going to be checking this drama out.

    “A fusion sageuk about the love and trials of a man, Choi Kang Chi μ΅œκ°•μΉ˜(Lee Seung Gi) who was born a half man and beast with traits similar to a male Gumiho (Nine-tail fox) to a Gumiho father and a human mother (Hwang Shin Ae).
    Choi Kang Chi discovers he is half-blooded gumiho/human when he displays his special abilities when he goes after a murderer. Hoping to become a full human being, he went on a humanity journey in search of the way to fulfill his dream/goal while helping people along the way.
    As for his love life, Choi Kang Chi falls in love at first with an ambitious Gisaeng, Yoon Seo Hwa μœ€μ„œν™” (Lee Yeon Hee) whom he had grown up with.But with her burning desires to restore her family status, she and Choi Kang Chi grew further apart due to their differences in their ideals and morals. Meanwhile Park Kyung Hee, the tomboyish daughter of his martial arts teacher began to hold an increasingly special place in his heart although they are always picking on each other over the littlest of things when they go around solving cases.
    And just when Kang Chi thought he was going to reach his goal in life, he is forced to face off his greatest enemy, his Gumiho father whom he hasn’t seen since he left when he was really young. His Gumiho father who haven’t aged, seems to be the mastermind to the horrid crimes he was determined to resolve.”

    The rumors on Soompi are that the main relationship is going to be between Lee Seung Gi and his father. If this is true then we don’t really have to worry about who the leading ladies are because the romance with them will be more like a side story.

    • 34.1 mel

      Crime fighting bickering kicking ass and taking names couple sounds amazing.

    • 34.2 crazyajummafan

      Wow! This sounds like a really good story! Really excited to watch it now, whether the leading actresses are good or!
      To me, I’ll watch anything that has Lee Seunggi!!!!!

  35. 35 kaeseorin

    if you think about it, lee yeonhee debuted in 2004 and she /still/ can’t act. suzy debuted in 2011, and you can clearly see the improvement from dream high –> arch 101. hell, you can see the improvement from the first ep of dream high to the last ep. (not gonna count Big bc her character was so shallowly written from the start)

    lee yeonhee is far from ugly, but i don’t like how she doesn’t seem to open her mouth when she talks. -0-

    • 35.1 rawr89

      suzy didn’t improve one bit. she got popular, that’s it.

      • 35.1.1 Urnaa

        i dont like Suzy. But i wont say bad stuff about her like you guys are saying about Yeon Hee. And i dont think Suzy improved one bit. Becoz she sucked bad in Big too.

  36. 36 soiia

    I like Lee Yeon Hee. I think she has her charm, even if not all her projects were astounding. That one drama with Changmin (can’t get myself to remember the name though), it was horrible, but her actiing wasn’t bad; she was cute :1

  37. 37 JC

    Lee Yeon Hee is okay- I don’t mind her terribly, as some people seem to. I thought she was alright, if not spectacular, in Ghost.

    I heard that she was originally part of Girls’ Generation.
    Honestly, she might’ve had more luck sticking with them than trying to make it as an actor.

  38. 38 Urnaa

    am i only one around here who like Paradise Ranch? I am watching korean dramas since i was 13. It’s been 14 years. I always find Paradise ranch a quite good drama without so much hate and birth secret stuff. Changmin and Yeon Hee are cute there. Even i love Joo Sang Wook. It is one of my fav dramas.

    • 38.1 rawr89

      Chang Min was annoying, can’t act, and just yells on-screen. waste of time for both viewers, other senior actors, and the staff.

  39. 39 mastar9

    I think its confirmed Lee Yeon-hee is only playing the mother of Choi Kang-chi(Seung-gi). Important yet not too much screen-time. I’m looking forward to this drama and hopefully it comes out great!

    • 39.1 lemondoodle

      ya supposedly

      Choi Kang Chi – Lee Seung Gi
      Dam Yeo Wool – Suzy
      Kang Chi’s mother – Lee Yeon Hee
      Lee Soon Shin (teacher/mentor) – Park Sung Woong
      Kang Chi’s friend – Lee Sang Yeob!!

      credit tryp96 via dcmbcdrama

      now looking forward to the bromance more than the romance.

      • 39.1.1 haha

        Lee Sang Yeob? Really?
        I liked him a lot in Nice guy, and I was hoping he will be cast as 2nd lead. I’m so happy!!

  40. 40 mashesaura

    i think lyh is not that bad. i watched most of her movies and dramas. she did well in billionaire first love but worse in est of eden but got better in Ghost. her acting in My Love with Jung Il Woo also not that bad. I think she is much better and more beautiful than Suzy.

  41. 41 haha

    As somebody mentioned above, I’m bit tired to read negative comments toward actresses in this site, and why some people need to compere difference type/age/experience actresses? If they fits in the each roles, then that’s fine with me.

    In this case, I can easily imagine Lee Yeon Hee makes a great Gisaeng, and Suzy makes a cute tomboy girl who makes fight/action move with LSG. So, for me YES! I’m looking forwards this drama!

  42. 42 Anna Moshita

    I really like all SeungGi’s drama. He’s a great actor + singer indeed. But I’m not really into Suzy, the only character that I like of her is in Dream High. But really2 not fond of her in real life. Huhu. at first,question coming fr my mind is why of all must be suzy? and now,, why it must be this girl?? never seen her in any drama. Only heard bad thing bout her acting though. Ohh,really hope it’s not as bad as i think she wud be. When I see her face, why i think she’s kinda like JinSeYeon in Gaksital. Not really good at making face expression and can’t act that well. Know, I shud’nt be this judgemental, but really can’t help it. Now,I will go learn on how to stop judging ppl πŸ˜€

  43. 43 Bu Young

    ….I really like like her in Ghost though..
    why so much hate, lol.

    One of my friends at school, who is a Korean Exchange Student, said she’s known for her bad acting.

    That’s so sad

    • 43.1 Sara

      Same here I like the way she acts xD I guess different people see things differently

  44. 44 Maris

    Feel really bad that so many are not willing to wait and see how Suzy does in the drama before burying her under so many adverse and some uncalled for comments. Does every drama that one enjoyed or was popular had top actresses. It’s unfortunate that she is landed in this storm of disapproval. The drama has not even started. She is only 19. Do wish people give her a chance.

  45. 45 Sara

    I’m a very hard-to-please person when someone acts
    But personally Lee Yeon-hee is one of my favorite actresses.
    For some her acting may not be seen as very good but some of the films I’ve seen her in (Hello, School girl) the way she’s presented herself – You actually believe she’s a school girl (If you get what I mean :S – She acted it quite realistically) even if to some people the acting it self wasn’t seen good. πŸ™‚

  46. 46 jyyjc

    LYH is one of those actresses I can’t understand. The sleepy-sad description describes her perfectly. The only role I remember her not being sleepy-sad was in paradise ranch where she completely overacted and made a song seungheon of herself. How does she get all these leading roles when she lacks so much in the skills department? Well I know not all her works are hits but they’re substantial roles nonetheless.

    Anyway, drama sounds interesting, will be watching for seung gi who improved dramatically in king 2 hearts that i just adore him now.

  47. 47 Rita

    omg, totally agreed on the lee yeon-hee looking sleepy, sad part… watched ghost and did not like her acting AT ALL. i’ve seen lots of reviews commenting on how pretty she is, but whatever she did, her character did not feel alive to me.

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