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Ryu Seung-ryong gifts movie daughter Park Shin-hye with food truck
by | January 31, 2013 | 73 Comments

So. Much. Cuteness. Why is this man so full of win? Ryu Seung-ryong has another hit movie on his hands, the heartwarming comedy The Gift of Room 7, where he plays a jailbird dad to Park Shin-hye (and her childhood version, Gal So-won, pictured above). And just to be a good dad to his movie daughter, he sent a food truck to the set of Park Shin-hye’s current drama, Flower Boy Next Door. Adorable.

It’s common practice for celebs (and fans) to send each other food trucks to feed the cast and crew of their latest projects, but it’s especially endearing when they’re from movie parents. Of all the ways to promote a movie, it’s definitely one of the sweetest. The banner reads: “Ryu Seung-ryong is buying for his daughter! Our Shin-hye has to eat rice. Rice~” (mimicking his character’s funny speech pattern). He even visited the drama set in person to deliver the late-night food truck, and Park Shin-hye tweeted that she was especially thankful, on a day when her character Dok-mi was crying. Awwww.

The Gift of Room 7 stars Ryu Seung-ryong as a man with the intelligence of a 6-year old, who gets convicted for murder and sent to a maximum security prison where he’s assigned to Room 7, home to the meanest baddest baddies around. But the group of hardened criminals starts to take care of their new childlike roommate, and decide to help him fulfill his only wish: to break his daughter into prison, so he can be with her. It’s a daddy-daughter heartwarmer and a zany comedy, and I can’t wait to watch it.

It opened in first place at the box office and sold over 2.5 million tickets in its first week, proving that Ryu Seung-ryong is on one crazy hot streak these days. The Gift of Room 7 is in theaters now.

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73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. True2u

    Ryu Seung-ryong, Oh how I *heart* you. ^^ The pic was cute.

  2. Daisy

    Maaaan wish I spoke Korean! So I wouldn’t have to wait for eng subtitles! This is so sweet!

  3. Laurita

    Awwww, so nice πŸ™‚

  4. HT

    Omg this is too cute. And the stills. RSR YOU ARE TOO CUTE.

  5. snow_white

    looks like a heartwarming film…..and Park Shin Hye looks so pretty and adorable…..

    • 5.1 Dominique

      The opening of this movie sort of coincided with discovery of three underage sisters, who were discovered living alone (without adult supervision) and on the brink of dying of starvation, lack of cold and untreated physical injury in a small town in South Korea. I will let you imagine the pandemonium that broke out after the news.

      I am still learning more details about this gruesome, chilling crime against humanity. So far, there’s abandonment of minor, child endangerment, a step mom, and a biological dad whom the step mom deceived into giving up visitation, etc. I am sure more heart-stopping details are in store.

      The government acted swiftly and the three children are being taken care of as best as possible under the circumstances. And both parental figures are under investigation, too.

      But then, there is this movie. Just so, we mere mortals can find courage to go on living. I could not ask for a better antidote.

      • 5.1.1 μ •λ‚¨

        After combing every Korean news site both Daum and Naver there has been no story like this in the past year, you miss are full of it plain and simple. Get a new hobby

  6. topper


  7. secretlyaddicted

    so. so. so. cute.

  8. jae

    i want to see this movie… !!! ^^

  9. Collibosher

    Goo Hye Sun’s little sister, ‘Fluffy’ from Take Care of us Captain’. πŸ™‚ At the press conference for the movie’s opening, Hye Sun showed up (incognito) wearing a Pooh-Bear costume to support her little friend. Good luck to the cast, hope they will warm a million and one hearts…:)

    • 9.1 RockPaperScissors

      Fluffy stole the show in TCoUC. She has a promising career, and I will definitely watch this one.

      I wonder if the food truck delivered hot spicy ramyun?

      • 9.1.1 Ratsuki

        LOL hot spicy ramyun,,,

        Now I suddenly want to eat ramyun…

        • Stacy

          That commercial…I have no words…except to say I actually found Namja Ramyun yesterday and absolutely HAD to buy some πŸ˜€

          • beldaran

            lol. my hubby and I HAD to have it after that commercial.. and found it at the korean grocery store… we loved it! it is now our favorite packaged ramyeon… XD

  10. 10 Maris

    It was heartwarming to see the bond between RSR and PSH outside their movie relationship too. PSH holds him in very high esteem. She also attended his birthday fan meeting too. It must be inspiring and motivating to have him visit her bringing the food truck……specially since she needs it after extremely tiring schedule of hers that landed her in ER while shooting late night for her drama. I do hope she is taking better care of herself. Do wish international fans could watch this movie too in which she plays a short but defining role as his daughter.

    • 10.1 nova611

      recently i’ve watch her in SJS’s mv n CF
      mayb too little rest time 4 her

      • 10.1.1 a fan

        She just got a UV shoot, she admitted in one of her latest interview (and she has so many lately). The girl is basically everywhere these days, with drama filming. movie promoting, SJS MV and more CFs…. so I knew it’s coming. SRS also said he understand how tired she must be with a crazy schedule like that so he went to cheer for her personally. I think it’s endearing. And it seems like Korea start to appreciate her as a real actress now πŸ™‚

  11. 11 Ratsuki

    Aww,, reading movie description alone is enough to make me teary eyed. A story with good amount of laugh and heart? Sold.

  12. 12 Kiara

    Awwww Ryu Seung-ryong what a man and what a great actor.

  13. 13 Meeyeong

    Publicity stunt.

    • 13.1 jomo

      As GF pointed out:
      “Of all the ways to promote a movie, it’s definitely one of the sweetest.”

      • 13.1.1 Mystisith

        We’re in tune once again… It’s getting boring. πŸ˜‰

    • 13.2 ravens_nest

      Why do people always look down on ALL movie promotions as if they’re all insincere relationships?

      I’ve helped promo my friends’ art/works on my social networking sites and it doesn’t make our friendship less sincere.

      Bosses promote their companies by throwing parties and events for employees and their families too.

      It’s called, “I care for your success even in work just as I know you care for mine, so let’s do something to boost your sales and perhaps mine as well.”

      As publicity stunts go, buying food for a previous co-worker and their new co-workers is the least offensive kind you can have.

      • 13.2.1 Meeyeong

        If he sincerely wanted to help her out, his management wouldn’t have informed journalists about it. Maybe PSH would have talked about it months later, when interviewed about the film. Sincerity means having no ulterior motive.

        It’s like those charity documentaries Olive airs, where celebrities go to Africa to supposedly help the poor kids and then stay in million-dollar trailers and eat delicacies when the cameras are off.

        • Nilechoclate

          I think if you read Nate article you will know every thing PSH no need of Public Stunt already BCZ she is the modest actress not looking so clingy .

        • ravens_nest

          This is not even close to the same thing as fake volunteering in a charity when you really don’t care, so don’t. The social, racial, and international implications of that are far more destructive than this.

          Sincerity means being honest or doing an action without lying. You can have multiple reasons for an action but as long as no one is lying about any of it then it does not make it insincere.

          There is nothing hidden about the fact that this is a movie promo as well as as gift for a friend. Of course the media is made aware of it. What is the purpose of good publicity no one has heard of until after the movie and her drama are over?

          The two actors are both in the same movie. Promoting the movie is mutually beneficial. It’s called reciprocity and does not lessen the sincerity in it. As much as acting may be a passion for them it is also a job they make money off of. Boosting the sales for their movie and her drama through good publicity is a business transaction.

          It’s the same as when you frequently buy the clothes your friend makes and tell people you meet to buy from her too. Or you ask a friend to promo your music on their website or in their Youtube video. Equal exchange for the purposes of boosting product sales does not automatically denote insincerity simply because money is involved.

          It’s only insincere if behind the scenes they hate each other’s guts. Even then they probably mutually decided to be professional for the sake of the movie and everyone who makes a living off of that project. That’s what adults do when they have to work with people they don’t like. You suck it up and put on a professional smile. Bad publicity or even no publicity can destroy a project easily and hundreds of people depend on the success of that movie and drama. It is not just about the two star actors and forgetting that to be “sincere” about their hatred for each other would be a gross disservice to them as well.

          And that’s just the monetary aspect. This is not even including the idea that maybe they really enjoyed working together and they really loved the movie they made so they want to leave a good impression so audiences will watch the movie and love it too. That is not insincerity.

          Please view the world more complexly because being devoid of monetary gain does not automatically mean sincerity just as much as having to do with monetary gain does not automatically mean insincerity.

          • Dominique

            Exactly. You’ve put it so eleoquently and articulately. Well said!

            Somethings are binary, no doubt. However, knowing instinctively what is binary and what is not takes more than a college degree.

          • Meeyeong

            What makes you think this has been explicitly or even implicitly defined as publicity by those involved? Are you actually reading the headlines in Korean? It’s totally being treated as an act of kindness with no ulterior motive. Which it could be qualified as such if Ryu’s management didn’t contact all the press pointing out the fact right after. Now you’ll tell me it’s because of PSH’s tweet, but I wouldn’t be so patronizing as to imply you’d be so naive.

            You want to be kind? Do it when the cameras are off.

        • Cristy

          You’re so judgmental and suspicious.

        • Madam

          Hija, you are a very negative person who looks at like half-empty than half-full.

          Good luck to your husband.

    • 13.3 Maris

      It’s already a box office success.
      PSH also went on the set when the filming for the movie was being done. She also attended his birthday without fanfare. If one knows even a little about PSH she is one of the most sincere, warm, loyal and down to earth person with close bonds with everyone she has worked with. She has been vocal about how much she respects him as an actor and jumped at the chance of working with him even though it was just a supporting role.

      Every act does not always have ulterior motives. In fact, it’s a good thing that more and more people get to know about it and do not miss out on watching a wonderful, heartwarming movie.

    • 13.4 a fan

      lol if you know what kind of person Shinhye is would would say that
      And if you know how big this movie has debuted it you don’t even have that thought
      The gift of room 7 debuted with 2 millions viewers in 6 days ( just to make it clear, Werewolf boy got it first million in 5 days)
      You can think it’s a public stunt but they def don’t need to do it if they don’t like each other… that’s all I’m saying

    • 13.5 Stella

      Meeyeong said: “Publicity stunt.”

      A better word for it would be opportunity. I think of it as a wise business move… and there’s no reason that a friendship can’t be blessed in the process. You watched Cheongdamdong Alice, right?

    • 13.6 mary

      It’s a cute stunt nonetheless.

      Just be thankful he put rice in the truck instead of Namja Ramyun. πŸ˜›

  14. 14 pogo

    Awwwww, that is sweet.

  15. 15 myra

    Sailor moon….

  16. 16 jomo

    Love him. Love her.
    I like when the actors make connections across generations like this. It makes me happy they take care of each other.

  17. 17 Jasmin Rice

    Love them both.

    Poor Dramaland, PSH was in ER also when she did You’re Beautiful, right.?

    Take care.

    • 17.1 nova611

      ER? really??

    • 17.2 a fan

      at the end of YB, yes
      but she already went this time…. her schedule is crazy these days

    • 17.3 Maris

      Also during HS, she was in hospital after a bad accident. She still has knee problems because of it. πŸ™

  18. 18 DAEBAK!

    i will definitely watch this one when the subs come out^^

  19. 19 queencircles

    This movie looks so cute! I can’t wait to see it!!! What a cute movie dad move πŸ™‚

  20. 20 Abbie

    This looks so cute! I’m looking forward to seeing this movie sometime in the future!

  21. 21 jandoe

    OMG just the description alone of the movie makes me want to cry. Can’t wait to see it!

  22. 22 crazedlu

    Want.. To see… Now.

  23. 23 Hubba_Hubba

    How did I know I would see Jung Man-shik- the badass NKorean commrade- as one of the Room 7 inmates? hehe

  24. 24 almea

    Forgive me, but… Why do dumb and dumber haircuts seem to be the trend nowadays?

    • 24.1 joll

      lol because at least in this case he acts as dumb person?

    • 24.2 a fan

      it fits his role here though. He acts like a 6-year-old

  25. 25 mskololia

    I really like this guy and enjoyed several of his movies and this one seems like a good one to add to my list.

    Arrow <3
    My 11th Mother <3

    • 25.1 jomo

      He was sooo good in Arrow I got confused on which guys I should have been rooting for.

      • 25.1.1 mskololia

        The more screen time he received, the more I became conflicted too…LOL

  26. 26 Anvesha

    How can a disable person be convictedfor murder??

    With that out of the way, I can say that I like premise. Its also super cute!!

  27. 27 Minea

    Awww. that’s so sweet! Hope this film will be screened in mypart of the world. Totally looks like a riot.

    Love that last photo.

  28. 28 AnnaBanana

    I am dying to watch this movie. I been wanting to watch it since Ryu Seung Ryong and Park Shin Hye were casted for the movie. I’m a sucker for these heartwarming tearjerkers. I watched the trailer and it seems like it’ll be funny too!

  29. 29 Mymymai

    Omg Sailormoon backpack!! As a little girl growing up in the Moon craze, I’d do anything for that backpack at that age. Her dad must really loved her!!

  30. 30 Yammy

    Awe this movie has been in my must-watch list ever since u saw the first reporting of it here on dramabeans. Both PSY and RSR are one of my fav actors/actresses and the plot sounds so heartwarming. I hope PSY gets better soon and takes some rest.

  31. 31 seara

    “If he sincerely wanted to help her out, his
    management wouldn’t have informed
    journalists about it”

    Park Shin Hye and Ryu Seung Ryong NOT invite jurnalist. They get the pic from PSH’s twitter.

    I think it is same like when fans sent their support. Fans of YSY, PSH, KJH sent food too to FBND. That’s what we call LOVE and SINCERITY

  32. 32 karen


    • 32.1 nova611

      may i ask what ftw means?
      sometimes saw in db comments
      been wondering for it
      and also ikr..
      what is that means; also saw a few times

      • 32.1.1 Kiara

        ftw – for the win
        ikr – i know right

        • nova611

          @Kiara thank you ^^

  33. 33 kfangurl

    ADORABLE!! <3 & the movie sounds lovely too. I'll be keeping an eye out for it!

  34. 34 mmmaggie

    THAT IS SO ADORABLE!! I hope she still calls him Dad, like Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun. ❀

  35. 35 beppu10

    I have to brush away the droplets coming from my eyes while reading this. What a sweet gesture from RSR. ^__^

  36. 36 2much_soju

    I love them both, I think they are amazing actors and I cannot wait to see their movie.

  37. 37 Ilovemandoo

    Awww can’t wait to watch it! Shin Hye is on a roll, too, given the huge success of flower boy next door.

  38. 38 Almontel

    i believe congratulations is in order… the movie critics didn’t really put Miracle in 7 to be one of the ‘It movies’ to watch out for…and i’m so happy for all the actors esp to my fave Shin Hye…

    all i can say is that SH has a kind heart and it shows when there are only good things said about her by her co-actors and actresses that she’s worked with and have remained close friends with…

    and i’m happy to know that his drama father cared enough for her health to do this for her drama/series casts of Flower boy next door which by the way is also a great series to watch…

    i can’t wait to watch this movie, i sure am one of those who love heartwarming stories…


  39. 39 Lilian

    the movie sounds interesting. too bad that although Korean dramas are so popular but Korean movies get really little chance to show in local cinemas except the bigger ones with lots of top star billing in it.

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