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Song Seung-heon picks new drama, When A Man Loves
by | January 28, 2013 | 151 Comments

It’s only been half a year since Dr. Jin called it a day, but Song Seung-heon is coming back with another MBC drama series. Y…ay?

This one’s called When A Man Loves, and I sincerely hope this drama’s answer to that isn’t “…he travels through a wormhole and also falls in love with the doppelganger, because why have one true love when you can have two?” The object of his affections is Shin Se-kyung (Fashion King), which is interesting in that she seems like the exact same type of actress as his Dr. Jin co-star Park Min-young: pretty, young, sweet, gets the job done, though sometimes possessing of a frustrating emotional block. Coincidentally, both leads headlined seriously questionable WTF dramas in the past year; perhaps they’re looking for redemption?

Both Song and Shin are in final negotiations, which means that the casting isn’t technically finalized, but most outlets are treating it as a done deal. We don’t have much info on the plot yet, only that the hero is a junior member in a crime organization, and when he falls for a young woman, the two are swept up in the whirlpool of passionate romance. Yeah, more details would really help, since basically that just tells us that Boy In Gang Meets Girl, Probably Loses Girl, Possibly Gets Girl Back.

It sounds like a melodrama driven by an strong love story, which is something I can picture given the producers attached: When A Man Loves comes from the director of Arang and the Magistrate and the writer of Equator Man. So at least this time they’re both in good hands.

The drama’s already got a timeslot, and will take up the Wednesday-Thursday broadcast window after Level 7 Civil Servant ends in April.

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151 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Francesca

    Errmm….okaa-y?? *unsures* but they’re in good hands. So there’s a hope.

    • 1.1 Francesca

      PS: Isn’t it like swapping couples of Fashion King and The Princess? ^____^

      • 1.1.1 nyss

        haha! now that you mentioned it! i am still kinda worried about Yoo Ah In and Kim tae hee though..

  2. Langit13iru

    But why Shin Se Kyung? I thought you got better taste for this. But then knowing SSK taste for older cast hurm…

    Lucky me, this drama will not be in SBS/KBS. So I will happily skipped this… πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 AnotherFan

      I actually like Shin Se Kyung. She had the bad luck to pick up some terrible dramas and roles but she’s got the chops…

    • 2.2 asianromance

      I don’t know why but I’m getting the feeling that her role will be playing second fiddle to SSH’s role and I’m ready for her to break out again. I’m pretty lukewarm about her acting, but there is something about her that gives off “potential!” I’m worried that this drama may just push her into a more obscure place.

      • 2.2.1 AnotherFan

        Ahhh, very well said and I agree with everything you had there…

    • 2.3 jane

      LOL I think i will skip it and read the critics on it before checking it out. I actually like badboy/good girl stories, and a guy trapped in a bad life who wants to change for love always melts my heart BUT this guy had such bad dramas before that i dont trust it yet. I didnt even like My Princess, i found it so stupid.

  3. Daisy

    Man the plot sounds so blah… Hope they release more info on storyline soon!

  4. Langit13iru

    But why Shin Se Kyung? I thought you got better taste for this. But then knowing SSK taste for older cast hurm…

    Song Seung Hoon sure loves MBC so much. Lucky me, this drama will not be in SBS/KBS. So I will happily skipped this… πŸ™‚

  5. MsB

    A maybe. I’m gun shy with SSH right now.

  6. Aiya

    Meh. I hope this redeems Song Seung-hoon’s dreaded Dr. Jin role last time. I liked him in East of Eden before so the ‘gang’ theme might do.

  7. browncoat_78

    There is no amount of Song Seung Hun pretty that would make me watch this. If I’ve learned one thing from watching SSH act, it’s that I’d really rather just look at pictures of him…especially shirtless. πŸ˜‰

    I can watch him in comedy (My Princess) but he rarely does it, sadly, because that is actually what I think he does best. I can handle him in supporting rolls if his character is quirky (A Better Tomorrow), but I will not watch him as the lead in a melo, no way, no how.

    And then you top it off with one of my absolute least favorite actresses ever?! Seriously?! My response to this drama is a big MEH with a bleh at the end!

    • 7.1 pogo

      OT but is your username a Firefly reference?

    • 7.2 risa


  8. akikisetsu

    Mr. Hand Towel in a melodrama????? ….ahhhhh….mmmm…. Can he just do rom-com in the foreseeable future? ^^

    • 8.1 sunshower

      melodrama brings in more CFs!

      • 8.1.1 racheose

        lol made me remember anthony haha

  9. Kiara

    I like the director and writer but I cant help thinking about that brain fetus from the train wreck called Dr Jin everytime I see SSH’s name attached to a project.

  10. 10 Mystisith

    My! Clearly a redemption drama.
    I loled big time at the comparison between PMY and Shin Se-Kyung cause that’s exactly what I’m thinking. πŸ˜‰
    I will wait for this drama to be over and reviewed before giving it a try.

    • 10.1 kakashi

      if it’s a fail, I hope HeadsNo2 gets to recap it πŸ™‚
      sorry, Heads. Still not over your Dr. Jin recaps. In fact, I go read them whenever I feel a little low ^^

      • 10.1.1 trotwood

        I’m glad I am not the only one who does this. That was some crackerjack commentary. Ever other line was a jewel. Hmm. Maybe HeadsNo2 should just write a drama. Now that one I would watch even if Mr. Handtowel was in the cast.

      • 10.1.2 Orion

        Part of me wishes it’s a fail, so that a good story is not wasted on a bad actor. Part of me wishes they can at least get the rest right since he will suck anyway.

        Oh, Song. You seem lovely, but stick to modeling.

  11. 11 True2U

    Not sure i will be watching this, I’m a bit tired of the melo in Dramaland. Life is already a melo, I don’t think I can handle watching a melo. Other than that I must say I actually like Shin Se-kyung, I think she really has more talent when comparing to Park Min-young. I’ve seen both these actresses in a Drama and I have to hand it to Shin Se-kyung. She seriously amazed me in “Tree With Deep Roots” I really loved her character and her portrayal of that character, but for Park drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” I dropped it half way in, her acting just doesn’t grab me. I’m always ready to sleep when I watch her.

    • 11.1 mommai

      I agree with you that I get enough melo from real life, so I’d much rather use my free time to watch happy fluff.

    • 11.2 pogo

      Sungkyunkwan Scandal was worth keeping up with for its supporting cast though – Yoo Ah-in, Song Joong-ki, Kim Min-seo and even Seo Hyo-rim were far more fascinating and engaging than either of the two main leads (though Yoochun got a bit better by the end when his character was allowed to express emotion).

      But I do agree, PMY was a really weak acting link in there, there’s something very flat about the way she plays her character that just makes it impossible to connect even when you know you’re supposed to love her.

  12. 12 snow_white

    Shin Se kyung acted really bad in Fashion King (well I watched only 4 episodes ;))….I really disliked her expressions there….
    let’s see how this show turns out…..

  13. 13 hawaiianseoul

    I don’t know. He kinda disappointed me acting wise (Both in my princess and dr jin)

    I’ll skip this one.

  14. 14 canxi

    I like Shin Se Kyung. I think she’s better than Park Min Young simply for the fact that she does not annoy me & I just find her acting to be better. I dunno, there is something about her…I also thought that she did well in the train wreck that was FASHION KING (I said it—the drama’s name! *gag refelex*). That character was naive to a max level and she did a good job making me feel that. So, why Shin Se Kyung whyyyyyyyy? D: You can do better, I am sure. You’ve got potential and you make me believe your characters, pick something else! Pick something else!

    SSH — *hsssssssssss* Just can’t.

    • 14.1 Kiara

      I really like Shin in sageuks. I enjoyed her character in Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon Deok.

      • 14.1.1 canxi

        Oh, I was thinking of watching Queen Seon Deok. I didn’t know she was in it (:

  15. 15 altair

    The title: When a man loves screams to be continued with ….a woman. They go together hand in hand. I mean, the song and movie that go by that same name are just so famous that the title is by now a common place: When a man loves a woman. You can’t stop mid sentence and just say: When a man loves. That is just wrong.
    Anyway, I loves melos. So I’ll give it a try although I find SSH greasy and not in a good way and I have no idea who she is.

    • 15.1 Annie

      My first thought was: … and another one bites the dust. But I’m going to be charitable and say that I’ll be tuning in for this drama simply because I find the SSH – SSK pair kind of intriguing and at least there won’t be a deficit of pretty.

      When I first heard about this project, I was hoping that the lead would be someone like Song Il Gook (a very fine actor) but I guess he got himself permanently blacklisted with the big 3 for his stance on Dokdo and all the hate from Japan.

      Re: Shin Se Kyung, she has nowhere to go but up – Fashion King was a total mess scriptwise but I firmly believe she is one of the better actresses her age. Better than Han Hyo Joo and a fair number of more veteran actresses for sure.

      • 15.1.1 bourbonchicken

        Subjective viewing. Han Hyo Joo is better in my opinion. But I will tune in to this to see if they (the pairing) could make it work.

      • 15.1.2 AnotherFan

        I so agree with you on Shin Se Kyung and the pretty factor of this pairing. SSH is not known to be a great actor but he’s got his pull. I am also intrigued and will tune in. Worst case scenario, I will mute the thing and watch the pretties πŸ˜‰

    • 15.2 Annie

      @ altair, sorry, I didn’t realize I was replying to your comment!

  16. 16 DaDa

    No thanks. His drama comeback is too soon. He should stay away longer.

  17. 17 rumpel

    Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung. Whew! I’m not buying this.

  18. 18 Sajen

    I also like Shin Se Kyung I believe her to be quite talented it’s just when you’re still that young and learning more than half of your talent relies on your director and supporting cast.

    • 18.1 canxi

      Yeah, indeed! I totally don’t want SSH’s way of acting to rub off on her in anyway.

  19. 19 yeahabby

    From the picture, I thought the lead actress was Lee yeon-hee.

    • 19.1 areumdagirl

      same here i thought that was her that’s why i said she was the same actress linked with SSH in EOE

  20. 20 areumdagirl

    isn’t she in east of eden & thereafter they were linked romantically for a short while? i can’t wait to see SSH again! yeyyyy
    thnx DB & all for sharing!

  21. 21 Lilian

    I still prefer in lighter stuff but this seems melo…probably skip this. He was never a favourite actor of mine. Even from Autumn In My Heart, Won Bin was the one who captured my heart =P

    • 21.1 Rashell

      I had to respond to this because me too! I could NEVER figure out why the h liked her brother when Won Friggin Bin was ready to fall at her feet.

    • 21.2 Hui Ting

      Autumn in my heart.. I got so pissed off yet not sad or whatever feelings I was supposed to have when I watched it. Just because the only TWO things Song Seunghun did was to smile and cry. I almost wanted to punch my computer just because of the ridiculous acting. Too bad I was already a fan of Won Bin when I watched it so I told myself I would not give up on this drama no matter what… I have to say, in this drama, WB overacted while SSH.. Did he even act at all?

      Opps, sorry for the long comment. Unintentional…

      • 21.2.1 canxi

        I agree to all of this! I didn’t even finish that drama, though. You’re better than me.

    • 21.3 Sam

      I feel like the only person in the world who does not get the Won Bin thing.
      What is it about him that makes everyone go crazy?

      The only reason that I like SSH is because I really liked Autumn’s Tale. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have even given Dr. Jin a go. I learnt from my mistakes though. Will definitely not be watching this drama.

      • 21.3.1 canxi

        I didn’t have anything until I watched Ahjussi! For me, personally? He’s fun to watch! He’s versatile and really good–he can even be comedic. A turn off is that his work is few and far between though. He’s handsome too & his personality is dangerously close to mine (shy, quiet, not very talkative, home-body…) But what really gets me is that he improved a great deal. He wasn’t always so magnetic.

        And don’t worry, you’re not the only one I’m sure. πŸ™‚

    • 21.4 latteholic

      Oh yes, me too. I loved Won Bin in Autumn in My Heart.. In fact, I think he’s my first second lead syndrome in KDramaland [but then again Autumn in My Heart is also one of my first KDramas… Back in the days when all KDramas seemed to be on the melo side…]

  22. 22 melo.boy

    yay. its seemingly a new melodrama after I watch YAWANG n that winter,the wind blows ….
    yunno I love so much of melodrama even when I’m just 18

  23. 23 opheliadrowning

    I loved “Arang” and loved SSH in “My Princess,” but in a melo? Maybe though the director can do some magic with SSH in this. Wasn’t it said that in “Arang” he was able to pull back Lee Jun-Ki a little bit in his acting so that he was a lot more subtle (and thusly, wonderfully awesome) as Kim Eun Oh. Still though, why won’t SSH just do another rom-com? Uuugh.

    • 23.1 pogo

      Yeah, Arang is the best (and best-balanced, for the range of skills that it showed off) work of LJK’s career and I think more than a little credit for that goes to the PD, for knowing how to channel him correctly.

      I mean, he is my prince but pulling back on the slight overacting tendencies = mind-melting levels of intensity (which really works for a character like Eun-oh), balanced out with the lightness and the cute.

      • 23.1.1 opheliadrowning

        It was those moments where he was pulled back that were the most effective, I think. Where in so many dramas you have actors going into face-twisting dramatics, LJK toned back did a lot of acting with his eyes and his face and less with shouting and gesturing, as you see in other actors. Euh Oh seemed like such a fully real person to me because of that too, and really won over my sympathy and love.

        And SSH–he tends to really overact in dramatic roles, so if this PD can pull him back…well, who knows!

        • jomo

          He overacts so much you wonder if he ever watches himself. On the one hand he sounds very self-aware, on the other, he is so NOT self-aware.

          I mean, really, once he saw a couple of those bug-eyed shots from Jin, didn’t he say to himself, “Hey, SSH, why don’t we tone it down a tad?”

          • YY

            The guy’s trapped inside his towelling inferno psyche: he regularly self-combusts to get a high.

          • jomo

            @ YY
            Towelling Inferno is genius!

          • JoAnne

            Towelling Inferno! Ohhhh my God, PEEING myself here.

    • 23.2 oneclearnight

      One can only hope!! Arang turned me into a Lee Jun Ki fan, after I thought he had the chops but needed to tone it down in his past dramas. The PD did an amazing job with him, really. I’m still pissed he (nor the show as a whole) got any awards at the end of last year. MBC is run by idiots. SSH acts in dramatic works like he’s in a silent movie, it’s ridiculous (ly hilarious). Rom-coms are obviously much better suited to him. His awkward physical comedy cracked me up so much in MP, bless his handsome face.

  24. 24 mommai

    Ok, so where did his nickname Hand-towel come from? I’ve seen it here and there on the site, but have no idea the origins of such a name πŸ˜‰

  25. 25 Vanice

    tq JB

    Shin se kyung consider my advice,

    don’t take this project !.

    There might be lots of kissing and bed scenes

    beware young girl !!.

  26. 26 rjyuggy

    Shin Se Kyung was wonderful in Tree with Deep Roots.

    • 26.1 earthna

      Yes, she is! That’s why I recommend that drama to my friends who watched Fashion King.

    • 26.2 Kiara

      She really was. I know she isn’t best young actress out there but she held her own and her role was nothing small. She was the heart of the show imo. I cried like a baby when she died.

      • 26.2.1 lajs

        Thanks for the spoiler! πŸ™‚

        • Kiara

          oooops sorry :(.

  27. 27 JoAnne

    but but but…do we know for sure it’s a melo? couldn’t it be a comedy in disguise? Because he does rom-com well. We know better than to go by the descriptions because they seem to be typed out in a room full of monkeys and any resemblance to the final product is pretty coincidental.

    I have to watch. I have a soft spot for the pretty guy who knows he’s not that good but just keeps trying, even though he knows what everyone thinks. I want him to SUCCEED. When I compare to another person that everyone agrees is lovely (Well. I like his hair. And ok, his biceps and yes, his abs. Nice legs, too. And I do like him in movies. Just not so much in dramas. Or, say, rapping.)

    Where was I? Oh yes. Anyway, that person, some will allow, is not a very good actor…and to me the attitude difference between the two men is pretty stark. So I will cheer on the pretty, hopeful one with everything I have. Because I appreciate the humility and it’s not like he’s THAT terrible.

    • 27.1 jomo

      And he has really nice hair.

      • 27.1.1 JoAnne

        and really, really, REALLY nice towels.

        • Gaeina Lee

          ..and really, truly, interesting vein. ^^

          • YY

            And you can tell by looking at those beautiful gentle hands that he’s a good toweller – the kind that pats, caresses and dries every damp inch of his interestingly-veined torso with love, tenderness and yes, humility. This is the kind of guy who would cherish his towel as tenderly as he would a lover.

          • JoAnne

            Why, WHY was I not born cotton, so I could hope to grow up to be a towel?

    • 27.2 Ash

      Judging from his last project, it *could* be a comedy in disguise. Just… not intentionally.

      • 27.2.1 Saturtledaisy

        Plot twist: what if Jin was intentionally seemingly unintentionally hilarious?

        It’s the only explanation I have for the brain fetus.

        • YY

          LOLOL That’s the most mindboggling thing I’ve ever read!

    • 27.3 canxi

      LOL, were you talking about So Ji Sub?!?!?! I think he is a better model than actor. I see him in photoshoots and I’m all “WOW”! Then on screen and I’m
      all…”Erreeeeehh…alright…we can…we can work with this…I think.”

      I applaud you for rooting for THT, JoAnne! He better work extra hard for you!

      • 27.3.1 JoAnne

        I may very well have been, Canxi.

        • canxi

          Haha, I think we have had this conversation before.

          • JoAnne

            Yeah, it comes up now and then. At one point I was watching MiSa and it was OT day and I came online and asked very honestly what I was missing because, um….NOT GETTING IT. The Gates of Hell opened on me, and eventually I just decided that when he came up I would compliment something if I could. Usually, it’s his hair.

            He remains one of the most inscrutable mysteries of the East to me, and probably will always be.

    • 27.4 Chrissie

      Well that was a “subtle” way to talk about Hand Towel’s best friend lol

  28. 28 jomo

    At this point, any headline with The Hand Towel in it gets me giddy. And I like giddy.

    Puzzled why he is still going after the melo rather than comedy, since his inability to offer a restrained performance of grief, anger, frustration, or any of the heavy duty emotions is his biggest weakness. And it’s a BIG one.

    And SSK I really really liked in Tree, wanted to throttle her character in FKing, though.
    While the creative team is good, this is a MUST miss, for me. Unless of course heads does the recaps, and then I AM IN!!

    • 28.1 JoAnne

      Hey are you back from India already? Drop into OT and tell us about that on Friday?

      • 28.1.1 jomo

        I yam back, yes, and it was awesome!
        OT for sure on Friday. πŸ™‚

        • Enz

          Welcome back jomo!!

        • YY

          Jomo!!!! Missed you! You went to India? That’s so cool….all the way across the continents…and you’re back safe and sound….I’m so happy.

  29. 29 Rashell

    Please Mr. Hand Towel stop with the melo and do another rom/com. You’re so adorable in them and you don’t have ACT so much. Thanks.

    Still this is maybe worth checking out for the PD and writer alone.

  30. 30 cinthy

    this seems like east of eden, even the actress looks like lee yeon hee, and it’s a melodrama, includes gangs, so if it’s like that please
    don’t kill SSH!!!!!!!!!!

    • 30.1 Saturtledaisy

      Being a melo, there’s a high chance of death of one of the main characters.

      Especially if Shin Se Kyung is in it.

      There, I’ve said it. I think I’m still angry at her for the High Kick Through the Roof ending.

  31. 31 haha

    Well…sound nothing special so far. I think both Shin Se Kyung and Park Min Young are fine actresses though.

  32. 32 Annie

    Just for giggles,

    who is the worse actor: Song Seung Heon or Kim Tae Hee?

    • 32.1 Kiara

      How about both? but I can see KTH improving more than SSH.

    • 32.2 canxi

      I think they are just gender-bent versions of each other, honestly.

  33. 33 HeadsNo2


    • 33.1 jomo

      As in “Nooo! Don’t make me recap this!”

    • 33.2 Kiara


    • 33.3 Mystisith

      Breaking news – According to eye witnesses, HeadsNo2 has been spotted in Tasmania, San Salvador, Moscow…

      • 33.3.1 Kiara

        LOL <3

        • Toystar

          Lol! This is funny!

    • 33.4 Rashell

      Awww come on, Heads. You know that you can’t wait to recap this one. πŸ˜‰

      • 33.4.1 come2noona

        Think of your fans!!! LOL

    • 33.5 Stephanie

      I love your recaps as well!

    • 33.6 Trina

      Pretty please. I bet Mr. Hand Towel will finally show if he is sad, mad and happy. Oh he might get some action scenes too.

    • 33.7 Gaeina Lee

      Please Heads… even if the drama turns out not so good, we still have various subjects to talk about THT, right? *winks*

  34. 34 katy

    Shin is better than actress in Jin , both pretty but Shin with better
    acting skill and her look more cute

  35. 35 Saturtledaisy

    SSH + Melo + Shin Se Kyung? I think I’ll pass until it’s been reviewed. Between SSH’s overacting and SSK’s tendency to die in dramas (or have her co-star die, not that I minded much), I don’t think I want to see this.

    Idk about SSK’s acting though. Of the dramas I’ve seen her in, she tends to stick to one or two expressions throughout the entire drama. But maybe I just really didn’t like any of the characters she’s played so far. Maybe. Though I didn’t really have a problem with her in Tree, I didn’t particularly like her either.

  36. 36 AnnaBanana

    Shin Se Kyung is one of those actresses that can actually act well, but picks horrible projects. I was fairly impressed by her in Tree in Deep Roots, but everything went downhill from there. As much I hate to admit this, I actually finished watching Fashion King… for the sake of finishing it. There was also a tinge of hope within me, hoping that the drama was going to pick up. (How do you mess up with a cast consisting of Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and Lee Je Hoon?!)

    Anyways, Shin Se Kyung has room for improvement in acting… but not in this drama, especially if your co-star happens to be Song Seung Hyun. I have nothing against him, but I think it is safe to say that he CAN’T act. There… I said it. But he is gorgeous to look at! And that is it.

    • 36.1 Annie

      Totally agree about Shin Se Kyung and her choice of dramas. But as others have mentioned before, the PD for this one will be really good, so maybe SSH won’t be as bad?

  37. 37 TinaFee

    I’ll probably watch the drama! πŸ™‚ I love dramas with “strong love stories”!! and goodlooking actors(esses).

  38. 38 Trina

    Mr. Hand Towel you better take more acting class and pray that you and SSK have chemistry. Interesting that Kim Tae Hee and Yoo IN Ahwill be competing another drama at the same time. Also, isn’t Jang Hyuk was in a drama with SSK in Tree with Deep Roots.

    • 38.1 canxi

      OH crap! That IS interesting, I didn’t even notice that.

  39. 39 StΓ©phanie

    I’ll probably watch the first 15 minutes of the drama because Song Seung Heon xD if i like enough to see until the end of the first ep, that i’ll just know after more informations xD

  40. 40 saranga

    SSK just grates on my nerves so much. i don’t like her face, her expressions. i do remember being impressed with her in a sageuk a few years back, but then high kick happened and i couldn’t stand her face, her voice, her character. i wanted to slap her so much in fashion king, and really couldn’t blame the boutique owner for hating her so much. she played that role pretty badly in my opinion. i don’t like her in interviews eitherβ€”she comes off a bit snooty, fake. it might be the voice, too. sometimes i think it might be a bit affected. just something about her, i absolutely cannot stand.

    and i love SSH so much! didn’t watch dr. jin and gave up on my princess, but i keep hoping he does something as good as autumn fairytale. he was so charismatic there… i hate that drama for being so sad, but i watch it now and then for him. and won bin. and song hye kyo. i don’t want to see him with her… πŸ™

    • 40.1 asianromance

      I think the problem with SSK is that she’s pretty bland and she plays roles where her characters don’t display much personality. But for some reason, I get this feeling that there’s a spark of personality in there somewhere and she just needs a fun drama to tap into her inner wackiness or just needs to grow older and more comfortable. Girl is only 22. She should take advantage of her youth.

  41. 41 Sam

    Hahahaha! that’s like my worst pairing ever! So not gonna watch.
    Even though I knew SSH couldn’t act I still liked him until Dr. Jin happened.
    And I’ve always found SSK annoying.
    And it’s a melo with them two. Imagine them trying to do really heartfelt emotional scenes. They’ll both look confused/constipated. Hahaha!
    Ok, I should stop bashing, but seriously, this combo is hilarious!

  42. 42 lily

    am I the only one creeped out by the huge age difference between him and all his co-stars..

    I mean dude is in his late 30s.. why can’t they pair him up with an older actress..

    • 42.1 Annie

      The story is about a guy falling in love with a much younger girl so I don’t think the casting is too far off the mark.

  43. 43 magnus

    Trainwreck waiting to happen. If Heads is down to recap though, I’m down to watch. We can all watch the train crash together!

  44. 44 asianromance

    SSH- why can’t you do another rom-com??! And Dr.Jin doesn’t count because it was all unintentional hilarity.

    • 44.1 belle

      ROFL πŸ˜€

  45. 45 sarah

    “Coincidentally, both leads headlined seriously questionable WTF dramas in the past year”

    pwahahahahhahhaahaha that was funny



  46. 46 minime

    wow that picture of Shin Se-kyung totally looks like Lee Yeon Hee!

    • 46.1 two-decades-old

      I know, right? She looks really cute in here though

  47. 47 Jess

    holy crap that’s a….14 year difference?

  48. 48 nisha

    KTH & SSH I miss you, I miss you guys acting, I miss the funny behavior when the SSH with KTH against shooting, why do not they just Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon??

  49. 49 YY

    Mr SSH, I have a better script for you.

    Title: “When A Man Loves A Towel”

    Theme Song: “When A Man Loves A Towel” (sung to the tune of Michael Bolton’s “When a Man Loves A Woman” Note: Just replace “towel’ with”woman” )

    Starring: 1. SSH – Lead
    2. Towel – Supporting

    Hot Scenes:

    1. SSH grabbing Towel in bedroom
    2. SSH showering slow-mo with towel
    3. SSH towelling wet body with Towel
    4. SSH blow-drying wet Towel
    5. SSH in bed with Towel

    • 49.1 Gaeina Lee

      Oh my, YY, oh my… After reading your post in above, then this, I simply stop working. Those detail explanations and scenes of yours followed me everywhere now, oh and the song too.. Good script, darling~!

  50. 50 Bengbeng

    i totally agree on you saying PMY is like SSK. i got the same vibes. I don’t hate them but i don’t like them too. I just hope that SSH will get another leading lady that would be able to draw out the cuteness and overprotective machoness in him just like Taehee in My Princess.

    I think Park Se Young (School 2013) will be a better choice. or Kim Ha Eun. If only Hwang Jung Eum is not busy with Incarnation of Money, she would be perfect.

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