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First ever “SNS drama” Love In Memory launches
by | February 14, 2013 | 31 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day, if that happens to be a holiday you observe. If you’re in Korea, you can celebrate with the inaugural episode of what is being called the first-ever “SNS drama”… which… okay, doesn’t seem to be the most natural delivery format for a drama.

The project is called Love In Memory, and stars Jung Kyeo-woon (History of the Salaryman) and Jo Yoon-hee (Nine). It’s being released exclusively online and via social networks, in six 10-minute installments, mimicking a miniseries in narrative structure. Can we call it a mini-miniseries then?

Love In Memory tells of “longing memories of love and healing” with a lyrical, sentimental vibe. It’s calling itself a “well made drama,” which in Korean isn’t a term used as a pat on the back; the misappropriated English mean refers to high production values and a polished visual quality. Jo Yoon-hee plays a pragmatic office employee who has a chance reunion with her first love, Jung Kyeo-woon, who suffers from “Peter Pan syndrome.” So… a great big manchild, is he?

But the drama isn’t out to depict a saccharine romance so much as it is a bittersweet examination of love; the story explores “the remembrances of their happy but also emotionally painful past.” So I can see why they timed its launch to coincide with Valentine’s Day, though I’d say this one’s more like a dark semi-sweet chocolate, rather than the friendly and palatable milk chocolate. Mm, chocolate.

Available via Naver TV Cast, me2day, and SNS services, a new installment releases every Thursday beginning today. I’m all for exploring new media and formats, so I’m interested in seeing whether Love In Memory makes any impact at all, or fades away amid all the white noise out there in cyberspace.

Via Mk.co.kr


31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  2. Stardust

    Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! ♥♥♥

  3. alwaesboo

    hmm! i’m interested to see how it turns out. hopefully some kind soul would do an english subbed version! 😀

  4. nova611

    lol at last 2 words

    “this one’s more like a dark semi-sweet chocolate, rather than the friendly and palatable milk chocolate. Mm, chocolate.”

  5. ann

    This girl Jo Yoon-he is everywhere.

    • 5.1 YY

      …with the same haircut

      • 5.1.1 Nicole

        Argh mushroom bowl…

        • watchumlots

          They vascillate between the mushroom bowl and the motorcycle helmet (lead girl in Can You Hear My Heart).

          It is a particular argh for me who envies their beautiful hair wasted on the world’s worst hair style.

  6. M. D.

    Question: will it be available throughout those media Europeans and Norhern Americans use? Or will it be available to Korean native speakers and Korea inhabitants? Let’s say Asia? Using SNS and ignoring such a huge market as those mentioned above seems quite a silly movement. I am so looking forward to THE PRODUCERS’ ANSWER to my question.

  7. Jae Shin

    I would say Happy Valentine’s Day.. But it’s just Valentine’s Day to me. ^_^
    So good day, y’all!
    Hope y’all have a happy weekend~ (We have a four-day weekend coming up – woot woot!)

  8. Rashell

    Worth checking out since I watch all my dramas on the computer anyway.

    But for heavens sake can they please STOP that awful bowl haircut for the heroines in kdramas. It looks awful on everyone. I’ve now seen it on 2 of the new drama leading ladies and I worry its becoming (more of) a trend. HATE!!

    But Happy Valentines Day!

    • 8.1 Gala

      I think she’s on the process of growing out her hair so it’s in that awkward phase.

    • 8.2 YY

      It’s the same girl in Nine, right? I recognised the hair immediately lol

      • 8.2.1 Rashell

        Is it the same actress? If it is that makes me feel a little better. But really, this haircut needs to stop. It is honestly offensive to these beautiful women. Really.

  9. Gala

    (oops forgot to put in my other comment)…

    So I guess a similar thing that Japan did/is doing with their beetv dramas.

  10. 10 cindy

    Well… didn’t Can We get married also aired on their official website and got a lot of viewers ? So much that later they started to payment to watch…

  11. 11 Lovebug

    Jung Gyu Woon!! One of my true drama loves! I hope they will somehow sub this… (also it looks like from the stills they might play actual regular people!)

  12. 12 K-Reen

    This was solely meant for Kaedejun, right? 😀

  13. 13 mems

    Valentine who? It’s my birthday, yo!

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

    • 13.1 kopytko

      Don’t care about Valentine’s, but Happy Birthday to You!

  14. 14 hipployta

    Oh…this is like what Taiwan and Japan do with their online only dramas…or they air online first.

  15. 15 jenny

    all depends on how they market it, hopefully the follow up with more than just posting it

  16. 16 Noelle

    Happy Valentines Day! There is a baby ORCA AT SEAWORLD!

  17. 17 Kokare

    Okay I don’t like her hair at all but she looked like every other Korean actress in Lie to Me. She was pretty but again that was about it. (I’m sure it didn’t help her character was flat and the drama sucked). Her ugly hair in My Husband Has A Family made her stand out more.

  18. 18 Hmmm...

    I think the next step is using Youtube to publish Korean dramas.

  19. 19 pumpkinattack

    Happy Valentines, JB, GF, and the Dramabeans Team! ♥

  20. 20 watchumlots

    Viewers should post on this and other sites about that horrible hair cut. Beautiful faces. Beautiful hair. Horrible hair style/cuts. What’s up with that? Maybe the stylists will get the word.

  21. 21 trotwood

    I just finished watching the first episode with English subs on dramafever, and I am already sad, but it is lovely. Who is the second male lead (pictured above)? I already love him!

  22. 22 Iris

    Where can we watch it with English sub??

  23. 23 sophia

    where can I watch this in eng sub? I can’t access dramafever in my country.. 🙁 Can someone upload it in youtube or dailymotion? Would very much appreciate it. 😀

  24. 24 Jill

    She made this around the same time as Nine: Nine Time Travels. Of course her hair wouldn’t have time to change that much, plus it was a very short drama, why go all crazy with a fancy hair doo? She looks more feminine in The King’s Face but she is basically one of those tomboy types. If they look like glamor pusses when they are supposed to be simple working people that looks fake. Like those girls who are supposed to be dirt poor but carry around 1000 dollar cell phones.

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