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Poster shoot photos from tvN’s upcoming Nine
by | February 7, 2013 | 36 Comments

It isn’t very much, but at least we get a glimpse into the tvN time-traveling drama Nine: Nine Time Travels (or, to avoid redundancy, just Nine), which stars Lee Jin-wook as a quantum-leaping news anchor who jumps back twenty years and is out to solve a crime.

Unlike Queen In-hyun’s Man (which is the producing duo’s prior drama), he’s capped at nine trips back in time, adding another level of suspense to the proceedings. Ack, don’t get stuck! Could you just imagine the horrors? Not just of being stuck in the wrong era, but of literally having to relive the events of your own life, all twenty years of it? All while avoiding your younger self, lest you do something to negate current self’s existence? Eep!

These newly released stills are B-cuts from the poster shoot, and include co-star Jo Yoon-hee as our hero’s reporter colleague and love interest. We’ve got some info on additional cast members as well, such as Oh Min-seok, whom I most recently saw playing the successful shoe designer Jake in I Do, I Do. In this drama he plays a surgical resident and Jo Yoon-hee’s boyfriend. But… Lee Jin-wook! I smell conflict.

Another supporting role goes to one of our rebellious students in the recently wrapped School 2013, Lee Yi-kyung, who played a character with the same name. Ha, he’s going counter to that hot-headed troublemaker image this time by playing the model student. He explained finding that to be more difficult than acting out as the ruffian, since it requires him to pull back and take a quieter look at the character. Less is more, that’s for sure. His will be a relatively minor role, but it’s nice to see him popping up again — his character really grew on me in School as the peacemaker of his trio who was most willing to just admit he loved his bros already.

Nine will follow Flower Boy Next Door and premieres on March 11.

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36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Conny

    My first time hearing about it but I have to admit, I’m intrigued. Time travel with a travel cap… hmmmm.

  2. Carmensitta

    Love the plot. If it’s back to 20 years it’d be cool to have some “hide from previous self” shenanigans.

  3. Carmensitta

    And on another note the troublemakers of School sure made an impact, remember reading an article of the “reformed troublemaker” getting a role too.

    • 3.1 Mika~

      I feel so proud – almost like a mother or something – when I hear about the School 2013 boys getting other roles. I’m so excited for them~

  4. Carole McDonnell


  5. Lovebug

    Of course I will watch, but can’t wait for the day where this haircut dies a grim and ugly death never to be seen again!

    • 5.1 mav

      I’m waiting there with you, but it seems that thing has more lives than the offspring of cat and krilin.

    • 5.2 skelly

      I hate both of their hairstyles. That bubble bob looks good on no one – it makes the face look broad, and given the twig-like nature of most actress’ bodies they end up looking like a Tootsie Roll Pop (I always felt this way about Callista Flockhart, too).

      And his hairstyle is just all sorts of ugly – it makes his forehead look huge, and the curve of his skull makes it look like his hairline is receding and he is wearing a wig. A balding hero, is this really what they were going after?

      • 5.2.1 skelly

        I thought it over, since it is so significant (LOL) I think he needs a more forward-moving hairstyle, like the way Jaejoong usually styles his (gale-force winds at his back!).

      • 5.2.2 Lovebug

        Lee Jin woks hair is kind of weird here, but I think on film it will be another story. After seeing him in I need Romance 2012 I firmly believe he able to rock any hairstyle known to man… He was off the charts hot in that drama! (I say that despite having had a alarmingly bad and still unresolved case of second lead syndrome for his BFF Kim Ji suk in that drama).

  6. canxi

    Awww, all the School 2013 kids. I feel like crying, like I’ve just watched people I know graduate and achieve success TT___TT

    I’m down for this drama. Can’t wait *^^*

    • 6.1 pogo

      I know, it’s like watching younger siblings grow up or something

      (now fingers crossed for Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin to be in something soon)

      • 6.1.1 eternalfive

        Yeah, I know! It’s totally like watching your younger siblings grow up. :’)

  7. snow_white

    The premise sounds really interesting….yay for Lee Yi Kyung….
    but I’m not liking the female lead’s hairstyle….

  8. jomo

    Does anyone have an opinion of Jo Yoon Hee?
    I know absolutely nothing about her – looking at her resume doesn’t help. The only thing I have seen is FH2, and I couldn’t find her name in the cast list.
    You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly (KBS, 2012)
    Full House 2 (2012)
    Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)
    Golden Fish (MBC, 2010)
    Smile, You (SBS, 2010) cameo
    Hot Blood (KBS2, 2009)
    Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009)
    Spotlight (MBC, 2008)
    Drama City GOD (KBS2, 2007)
    Love Can’t Wait (MBC, 2006)
    Snow White (KBS2, 2004)
    Butterfly (๋‚˜๋น„) (MBC, 2004)
    Love Letter (MBC, 2003)
    Orange (SBS, 2002) sitcom

    • 8.1 canxi

      No opinion of my own yet! I’ve seen her in Lie to Me and she was forgettable and flat there but apparently in her latest drama she was a real hit. So, she may just be really charming and awesome but needs the right drama to show it.

    • 8.2 milkmustache

      I saw her in You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly and I think her character was cute and charming. Her couple with the guy (don’t remember his name) was my favorite in the show. ^^

  9. RB

    I can’t wait for this drama.

  10. 10 Annie

    What a fugly haircut. Jo Yoon Hee looks so pretty with longer hair.

  11. 11 Kiara

    Who the hell is dressing this girl?. Get a new stylist please.

  12. 12 Dee

    Yup, I’m definitely excited about this, especially for Lee Jin Wook. <3

  13. 13 TA

    Lee Jin-wook after Yoon Shi-yoon. TVN I love you. TVN is the cure to my kdrama addiction, can’t watch bleh shows anymore. After School 2013 I only watch FBND. Okay that makes me want to squee at Enrique. I Hope he’ll take Dokmi to Camp Nou, so that Dokmi can propose to him there, yes Dokmi… Monday please be here already..

  14. 14 Moko

    who is Lee Jin-wook? Does he possess charisma?

    • 14.1 Rashell

      Lee Jin Wook has been in quite a few dramas mostly as second lead. Last year he was in I Need Romance 2 as first lead. He was second lean in Myong Wol The Spy in 2011.

      I personally love him, so I admit to some bias. But yeah, he has serious charisma.

    • 14.2 tapioca pearl

      Watch him on Strong Heart. He’s quite fascinating and adorable.

      • 14.2.1 canxi

        Ahaha, I loved him on Strong Heart. Definitely do that, Moko. He’s a unique guy. It should be the first two episodes of Lee Dong Wook’s strong heart stint.

  15. 15 Ash

    Aww, yay for you Lee Yi-kyung! I blame the high school setting for all the fuzzy pride I feel whenever I see that cast finding new projects.

    As for Nine: torn between being excited for it to start and wanting it to stay far, far away because it’ll mean FBND is over.

  16. 16 kfangurl

    I plan to check this out, purely based on my love for Queen In Hyun’s Man – if it comes from the same people, it’s possible it’ll be just as – or almost as – awesome, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. 17 Katigie

    Why do I want see a headline “Se7en in Nine”?

  18. 18 piggy68gal

    I am really quite excited for this, and I’m liking the cast so far ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course I have high expectations considering how awesome QIHM was. (I’m so proud of Lee Yi Kyung too~ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  19. 19 altair

    FBND is going to be some pretty big shoes to fill (YSY, I love you!). I already hate the HAIR. I am not seducted by time travelling (except when it’s Ji Hyun Woo doing it), and I pretty much don’t like crime dramas. So Nine just went down the drain for me. Ah! so little good (in my opinion) dramas to see this season.

  20. 20 lemondoodle

    I’ll watch because of Queen In Hyunโ€™s Man. I’m really interested in what the leading man will be like since Boong Do is still the best male character written in…forever.

  21. 21 Ran

    is the guy wearing heels?

    • 21.1 cmrprindle

      I was just going to say! Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.

  22. 22 Properprim

    The only 9 trips time travelling allowed reminds me of Tokio Kakeru Shoujo anime version. Haha

  23. 23 koreampuff


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