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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 9
by | February 4, 2013 | 232 Comments

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also brings a lot of heartache—and nobody’s even left yet. That’s the theme in today’s episode, where the tide starts to shift and roles move around a little: Enrique eases up on the pushing and Dok-mi gets some breathing room to process that. In the end, it turns out we all just want to be wanted.


Roy Kim, Jung Joon-young – “먼지가 되어” (Become dust), which was used in this episode. [ Download ]

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EPISODE 9: “I love what I know. I know what I love.”

Enrique’s taken aback at Seo-young’s sudden decision to return to Spain, but his hyung doesn’t even bat an eyelash and gives her a terse goodbye before driving away. Ouch, that’s pretty cold. Here I’d thought Tae-joon had been refusing to consider a relationship with her because of Enrique, but now I’m back to wondering if he just doesn’t like her.

Seo-young holds it together to wave him goodbye, then admits to Enrique that it hurts sending away your first love. Ackkkk. What a thing to say to the guy whose first love YOU were. I don’t hate Seo-young, but she is so egocentric that I can’t really work up much empathy, either.

She walks off, and despite Dok-mi’s earlier words that it’s not Enrique’s duty to always be her shoulder to cry on, she tells him now to follow and comfort Seo-young. After all, she asked him to go with him, which means she wants him to stay with her.

Enrique says he’s of no help right now and she wants to be alone. Then he turns that around on Dok-mi, asking whether she’s ever asked someone to stay in her moment of need. She should give it a try: “There’s somebody who’d really like hearing you say that, who’d like it so much it would send him flying off into the universe.” I’m not entirely certain whether he means Jin-rak or himself.

Dok-mi bids him a polite goodbye, which sparks his temper—she’s always just saying goodbye, so impersonally. Frustrated, he asks, “Can’t you be a little sad? ‘It would be nice having you around longer. Your meddling caused me no end of trouble, but I’ll think of you sometimes.’ Can’t you say something like that? Even if it’s just to be polite, you could say it.”

She replies, “I’ll… think of you sometimes.”

Dok-mi heads back home and peers over across the way, just as Enrique enters his hyung’s apartment. She snaps the curtains shut before he can see her and hurriedly grabs a pin to fasten them shut, pricking herself and drawing blood.

Enrique looks out his windows at her closed curtains. Seo-young surprises him by showing up, and she guesses that Dok-mi was the woman he’d mentioned vaguely earlier, when he was ranting about the woman who turned his internet keywords into trash.

He denies that there’s anything between them, but then complains that all Dok-mi had to say was bye. He pouts at the idea that she could care less about him leaving.

Seo-young asks if he’ll be able to leave after all, but he barrels on to say that he probably should, as soon as possible.

Aw, Jin-rak looks over the newest character designs by Dong-hoon, his now-partner, and grudgingly admits that they’re good. Even better than his own, in fact. He grumps that at least he’ll still be fully in charge of writing the story, though.

Ryu’s menu for today’s cooking lesson is fondue, and the neighbors gather in the kitchen. Enrique’s absence goes noted, and Dok-mi casts a sad-looking gaze at his empty spot… only to have him come by anyway, bearing wine and his usual cheery attitude.

Enrique tells the group he’s leaving soon, and at least they react as you might expect, exclaiming that it’s a shame and that he should stay longer. They drink a toast, and after a little prodding (okay, a ton) by Enrique, Dok-mi drinks as well. And drinks. And drinks.

Soon the whole party is tipsy and in good spirits, and Enrique gives her a big hug and says encouragingly, “You have to live well. Come out into the world, okay?”

Then it’s off to the noraebang, and they all head off in good spirits. Even Dok-mi goes, tottering along tipsily.

Jin-rak pulls Do-hwi aside to ask how she knows his real name. He finds her voice familiar somehow, and wonders if she knows him from before. Did she get a complete facial reconstruction? Lose a ton of weight or something? Heh.

When Do-hwi lurches forward, he instinctively claps two hands over his mouth protectively, which hilariously do nothing to allay the misunderstanding when Enrique spots them looking cozy. From his angle it’s a definite kiss, and he gapes in shock. How could he? What about Dok-mi? Two-timing beast! LOL.

Enrique begs him to reconsider carefully, because he can’t get between these two ex-friends in a sordid love triangle. Jin-rak swears up and down that he doesn’t like Do-hwi in the least and that they weren’t kissing, although his explanation sounds a lot like a lame excuse: “That wasn’t even a kiss! I didn’t even open my mouth!”

Since Enrique’s leaving soon, he urges Jin-rak to straighten everything out (and dump Do-hwi, heh) and look after Dok-mi. He begs earnestly like this would be the biggest favor—and that strikes Jin-rak as mighty odd. His expression suddenly growing serious, Jin-rak notes that he’s quite out of line and overreacting: “I’ll act not because of your request, but with my heart and my sincerity.”

He adds in a hard voice that Enrique had better not show up in front of Dok-mi anymore. Ooh. Something just changed in the air between them.

Then Jin-rak takes up the mike to bellow his song… and Enrique grabs another mike to join him. Omo, is this… a sing-off?

They belt out “Becoming Dust,” a rock classic by Kim Gwang-seok (which was turned into a dueling duet for Superstar K 4). First it’s Enrique getting the better of Jin-rak, who finds himself shoved to the side, and then Jin-rak comes back and shoves Enrique aside, and there’s a lot of elbows and shoving going on. The oneupsmanship leads them to get more and more aggro, until they end in a rock banshee wail-off. HA.

Dok-mi looks like she’s enjoying herself, then stumbles on home afterward while the two boys look on in concern. Jin-rak sticks by her side while Enrique makes sure to keep Do-hwi from interfering. He tries to remind her that their mutual first love is why their friendship went sour in the first place, and urges her to let this crush go so she can reconcile with her friend.

Do-hwi barks that you can’t put time limits on love, citing that her online shopping mall runs 24/7. Ha. She scrambles for a better reason and blurts that Dok-mi likes Enrique! Yeah! She totally said so!

I don’t think he believes it, though for a long moment it sure looks like he wants to. Still, Enrique promised to butt out, so Do-hwi should too.

He gives her an idea to help her reconciliation efforts, though, and proposes throwing Dok-mi a party. She loves the idea, or at least the part that includes Jin-rak showing up. Man, she is like a dog with a bone. You can’t accuse her of getting distracted from her goal.

Then Seo-young shows up, and to Enrique’s bewilderment, the two style mavens instantly recognize a kindred spirit and gasp in admiration of each other’s clothes. Pfft. Now this is a pairing that makes sense.

Enrique chuckles to himself to think how Dok-mi would look wearing that kind of clothing… then visualizes a trendily dressed version of her (waving and pouting at him) and realizes she’d look good. He shakes his head of the disturbing thought.

Jin-rak walks Dok-mi home, and she’s sobered up by the time they reach their building. As they pass the security guard’s booth, she relates the story of the first time she was there, when she was apartment-hunting. She’d seen a hat-shaped mark on the wall, and when the security guard entered he had hung his hat right over it. He’d been there long enough that his hat left a mark, and it made her think, I want to live here.

Jin-rak asks, “There are traces of us here too in this neighborhood, on this road, don’t you think?”

They arrive at their own doors, and Jin-rak speaks up while he’s got the moment to say that he hates winter. The other three seasons of the year, Dok-mi leaves her windows open, and he can smell her cooking in the air and feel her presence nearby.

Jin-rak: “It feels like you’re right next to me. I just want to be with you for a long time. Then like that hat mark, my traces might remain. All you have to do is stay there, just like now.”

That’s so sadly sweet. Just like Jin-rak.

That night, they all settle down to work in their respective homes, as Dok-mi looks up at the tree Enrique painted on her ceiling. Enrique starts working on a photo collage, while Jin-rak writes the story of his hero deciding to leave traces of himself for his Rapunzel. There in his latest drawing is a security guard station, with a hat-shaped imprint in the wall.

Enrique sits in on one last meeting about his newest game, and tries to scramble for reasons that the project needs him to stick around. He hits upon one and practically giggles to himself while trying to complain that it’s suuuuuch a pain but he’ll have to bite the bullet and remain here. Only to have his highly efficient staff assure him that they’ve got everything under control. He pouts.

Do-hwi orders her minions to prepare the party, wearing a rather cruel look on her face as she vows to use the occasion as a reason to “send her off for good.” Yeesh. I know she can’t mean to kill her, but it sure sounds like Kill her. Then Seo-young drops by as invited and Do-hwi’s all smiles again.

Enrique drops by Dok-mi’s door to hang a bag on the knob and slip a folded-airplane note in her mail slot. Then he makes a BIG to-do shouting to Jin-rak’s door that he’s heeeeeeeere, hyuuuuuuuung!, it’s ENRIQUE! Ha. Dok-mi hears the commotion from inside (how could she not?) but Enrique is dragged off soon enough.

Jin-rak takes him for a last meal together at Ryu’s cafe, where another customer happens to butt into his conversation (and then out, just as suddenly). She’s wearing a panda hat just like Enrique’s, and he compliments her for her fashion sense. Ha, he would.

That’s where they are when all the boys simultaneously receive Do-hwi’s video invitation to her party. Dok-mi gets the same invitation, as well as a heartfelt (sounding) text asking her to come to the party so they can have an honest talk about what happened back then.

Dok-mi’s softening toward Dok-mi with the overtures, which frankly makes me think this is ultimately going to be terrible. Eep!

To help Jin-rak’s courting of Dok-mi, Enrique urges him to try wearing a different style to the party, and presents… a photo of Tae-joon. Hehe. He also gives him the advice on how to appeal to Dok-mi more by knocking on her door and drawing her out, letting her see the world. His voice grows wistful as he adds that Jin-rak should occasionally acknowledge that he knows her pain, assure her that he won’t ignore her, and send her signals asking, Can’t you come a little closer?

Jin-rak gives him a USB drive as his goodbye, tells him not to open it till he’s in Spain.

Dok-mi adds a new passage to her work in progress that night:

“Sometimes people who believed they’d just be passing each other by remain afterward in the heart. It isn’t until after the separation that the depth and weight of the encounter is truly understood. That woman believes that life is the repetition of that belated realization.”

The next morning, Jin-rak leaves another note on Dok-mi’s milk carton. The drawing is the same as the last time, with the man making his proposal to the woman, with a bigger and bolder heart this time. The message reads, “The day of the party! I’ll wait at 5.”

Across the way, Enrique thinks of his airplane note and watches the clock, eagerly waiting some kind of activity at Dok-mi’s window. He packs as he waits… and waits… and waits… his smile growing droopier by the minute.

Dok-mi has been working all night and misses both notes entirely, while the guys pop out periodically to send worried looks at her door and window. But she’s bleary-eyed and exhausted, and goes straight from desk to sleeping bag.

Finally, Enrique’s bag is packed and he can’t stall any longer. Head hanging, he heads out with his suitcase behind Seo-young.

When Dok-mi finally wakes up, she finds both notes. Enrique’s reads: “I’ll wait at the window at 9 o’clock. I want to say goodbye with a wave and a smile! I made a game and left it outside your door. Do as the dice say!”

Rushing to the curtains, she finds his apartment empty. It’s deflating, perhaps more than she knows. She looks at his window almost tearily, while Enrique trudges to the waiting taxi and takes one last look around. Flashbacks of their shared moments remind us—and her—of his promise to show her the world, how she lashed out at him, then how she told him she wanted to spare him pain, and how she said she’d think of him sometimes.

Dok-mi retrieves the bag from her doorknob and finds that Enrique has made a Chutes and Ladders type board game, using photos of them. She rolls the dice and starts to play. Aw, each space on the board is a plan to do something—to ride bikes at the Han River, to circle the city by bus, to go camping. That’s so sweet; he wants to draw her out one small step at a time, but the game aspect also sort of reflects her tendency to experience life vicariously. It’s like he’s getting her to play first in theory, and then, hopefully, for real.

One square on the board is to go to a party, which reminds her of Do-hwi’s invitation. She reads Jin-rak’s note too, and seriously considers it.

Jin-rak does his best imitation of Tae-joon by dressing up in a suit (“But why do I look like a loser?”), but gets called in to the office by his screaming PD. He worries all the while, especially since he saw the milk carton gone and knows Dok-mi read his note. He can’t be late for the party, not after he promised to wait for her.

He hardly focuses on the meeting at all, even when his PD is sarcastically congratulating him for dropping to one-star reviews. As if his accusations of plagiarism (of Enrique’s game) weren’t bad enough, he’s also been too transparent about the bad guy in his webtoon—you know, that successful character from Spain.

Meanwhile, Enrique’s at the airport, dragging his feet all the while. Seo-young mentions Do-hwi and Dok-mi’s odd friendship, and wonders what was meant about “sending her off” at the party. There was something in the way Dok-mi said it, which reminds her of how they “sent off” one of their classmates at their high school graduation, which is basically a euphemism for a Carrie-like humiliation, it seems.

Enrique perks up—what does she mean? Details, details!

Then, they’re approached by a familiar face—panda hat girl, here shyly admitting that she’s actually Enrique’s fan. He’s happy to greet her, though confused to hear her refer to the Flower Boy Next Door webtoon that he happens to be featured in. It’s news to his hears, but she informs him that it’s the work of the manhwa writer who’s embroiled in those plagiarism claims, who may have a prior record of fraud and who is definitely depicting Enrique unfavorably.

It’s 5 o’clock by the time Jin-rak gets out of his meeting, and he takes off running. At the same time, Dok-mi heads over to Do-hwi’s office, remembering the offer to talk about their past and clear the air between them.

Do-hwi’s all smiles when Dok-mi arrives and welcomes her in… just as a figure appears behind her shoulder.

OMO. It’s their old teacher. Oof, and goddamn. That’s just cruel.


Yiiikes. Well that just puts Do-hwi into a whole new category of hateful, doesn’t it? Prior to this episode I’d mostly considered her an annoying but ultimately harmless presence. She was pretty mean in the past, but her role in the present was more irritating than anything, and despite the fact that her mere existence is painful to Dok-mi, I do think Dok-mi’s stronger than she looks and able to handle that. In fact, she needs to in order to heal properly and move on.

Thus I was fine tolerating her antics, plus as comic fodder she was off looking ridiculous most of the time anyway. We have seen signs of a more pernicious nature brewing under the surface, but this is the first time they’ve really come out. And I am not amused. A bumbling idiot is one thing, but now she’s gone into outright cruelty, and for what? The affections of (yet another) guy who doesn’t like Do-hwi back, whom Dok-mi doesn’t even like? Yeah, this girl learns nothing. You’d think that since she knows nothing, there’d be nowhere to go but up, but some souls are just closed to improvement. Sad truth of life.

I loved seeing Enrique’s despondence in this episode, not because I enjoy his pain but because it echoes in Dok-mi’s written passage about not understanding the depth of something until it’s gone. I suppose one might wonder why he doesn’t just stay and impose his presence when he’s had no trouble doing that thus far, but there’s a different in intent and depth of feeling. He’s vulnerable this time, and clutching at straws for just one tiny, measly sign. Any sign. He’s finally backed off enough to let Dok-mi have her say in things, which I like to see as well—you need to back off for the person to actually figure out how they feel, to distinguish whether what they’re feeling when you leave is relief or disappointment.

And the poignant part is that Enrique’s despondence is mirrored in Dok-mi’s. Without him buzzing around all the time, she can feel the void of his absence, and it’s lovely, in a melancholy sort of way, how they start missing each other before they’ve even left.


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    I have never wanted to kill anyone right now as i want to kill Do-Hwi!!!!!

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      also Jin Rak is annoying me….u dont make a move for three years and when another guys shows up, u claim the girl as ur own when u have not even confessed to her yet!! NOT COOL…but even then u dont do anything, continue to wait around for d made-up version of the girl in ur head to like u, while pushing off other guys who are more proactive, claiming that they are ruining the innocent girl, then asking the girl to stay by ur side while u continue to do nothing…….UGH@!!!! the only reason i like Jin Rak is because of the actor…the character sucks ass!!!!!

      • 2.1.1 Claudia

        Thank you. Like the actor but the character is starting to grate. he doesn’t bat and doesn’t want others batting either. Just cause you look at something for three years doesn’t make it yours. if that were true we’d all be very happy ladies married to Kdrama actors lol. but alas the world doesn’t spin in that direction.

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          Ok just kidding. Yes I was a little annoyed by him in this episode but I was also happy that he finally muster the courage to tell Dok Mi that he likes her even if it’s from afar. You have to admit it’s a big jump since before he was just quietly waiting around. Ok ok what he said means he will still stay quietly around but at least he kind of confess. Plus the fact that he told Enrique to back off show that now he is maybe ready to fight for the woman he loves. But I agree that he was really rude with Enrique.

          Do Hwi is just a stupid and ignorant personn (read bi**c). Does she really think that by attacking Dok Mi in such a vicious way she will gain sympathy from Jin Rak ?!! If anything he will stop talking to her completly for attacking his precious Dok Mi

          • JoAnne

            You know, Jin Rak has been hiding, too. Perhaps his inaction where it comes to Dok Mi is not solely because he thought she wanted to be left alone, but because he was also ‘hiding in a tower’?

            Tonight I also wondered about that first time he went to the editor’s, where both boys were dressed up and looked so handsome. Ever since, he’s been a schlub. Until the party tonight when suddenly he needs fashion advice and is unsure of his appearance? Does not compute, when you consider the first outing.

          • watashiwachiaki

            hey I’m still team Jin Rak here….

            tho of course, I know Team Que Geum will definitely win…..

            And even if I had a “WTF Jin Rak!!!! you ass!!!” moment I believe he will later on understand that Que Geum and Dok Mi are meant to be together ^^

      • 2.1.2 Stardust

        Yeah exactly what you said!! This is the pivotal ep for me, where I started to actually accept that Enrique may be the best thing for Dok mi, to be the OTP…

        Jinrak… for all his sweetness, you can’t go around the girl telling her that you are ok with just waiting around, indefinitely, but swatting away other guys, like claiming that she’s yours… But last week’s preview showed him confronting Enrique about his true feelings for Dok Mi, so I think he will redeem himself in the next ep… perhaps it was some editing decision, because I kept waiting for that scene, but nothing came up… Neither did the scene where Dok mi was shown to be in a hospital of sorts… hmmmmm

        Thank you for the recap girlfriday! This episode twisted my insides into a tight mess… I actually forgot to breath much throughout the entire ep… XD

        • Dol

          I think the Tuesday previews are for both of the following week’s episodes, so we’ll probably see those scenes tomorrow.

          • ys

            “we’ll probably see those scenes tomorrow” — but they won’t be what they seem to be. I’m getting fed up with these misleading previews. They purposely lay audio from one scene over images of another scene to make us expect something completely different from what it ends up to be. And I fall for it Every Time! Argh.

      • 2.1.3 Madam

        i agree with you. Jin Rak is “no guts, no glory” kind of guy.

      • 2.1.4 hkgs

        Now that you’ve said this, I’ve realized that this is how I feel. I really like the actor but with each episode he’s been losing more and more ground in this love triangle. Enrique and Dok Mi are so far ahead in developing their relationship that Jin Rak just seems delusional in thinking that he still has a chance with her.

        I’m loving this phase in Dok Mi and Enrique’s relationship. Their starting to realize their feelings for each other. Though they probably don’t really understand what their feeling yet. Enrique was the star of this episode. Listening to him give instructions to Jin Rak on how to deal with Dok Mi really shows how much he’s come to understand her. This was further emphasized by his gift to her. Also, how great is it that Enrique finally figures out how awful Do Hwi is. Normally, this would lead the male lead to go into protective mode but, I don’t think that will be the case this time. Enrique’s whole goal so far has been to have Dok Mi learn to deal with and overcome her issues. While I do think Enrique will have some protective instincts, I’m excited to see how he helps Dok Mi stand up for herself and heal her scars.

        I never really spent much thought on Jin Rak’s webtoon so seeing it come up as a source of conflict was a surprise. Enrique immediately considered Jin Rak a friend and was sincerely trying to help Jin Rak get close to Dok Mi. I’m already feeling sad for Enrique as he learns how Jin Rak depicted in his webtoon. I don’t think Jin Rak deliberately set out to hurt Enrique, but he must have realized that this would have come back to Enrique. I’m curious to see how this situation will play out.

        • pogo

          Enrique really was a star, from start to end – I love the way he completely dropped the mask at the beginning, when he looked at Dok-mi like he was begging her for an excuse, ANY excuse, not to go. And then when he reverted back to Kid Enrique and was all but rubbing his hands gleefully at the thought of a flaw in his game making him stay back in Korea. And with Jin-rak talking about the non-kiss, or waiting for Dok-mi’s window to open before he left, or drunk on mulled wine….YSY hit every note perfectly.

          Though my favourite of the funnier moments is his snacks falling out of his mouth when he saw Jin-rak and Do-hwi’s foiled kiss. That and the sing-off.

      • 2.1.5 Redskirt

        Also, Jin Rak is irritating me is because he seems incapable of coming up with new content for his webtoon without ripping characters, plot, and metaphors from the people around him. It’s one thing to observe and then find a way to change it and make it your own, but to use it quite literally (like the hat imprint on the security office wall) is just laziness. Combine that with those plagiarism accusations…not cool.

      • 2.1.6 Gaby

        I agree. It’s actually been a couple episodes that I’ve started disliking him. While others are “poor Jin Rak” I’ve disliked him more with each episode.

        I can’t feel bad or be one the side of a guy who has done nothing for 3 years. Did he seriously think that he was the only one who can like Dok Mi? That they would magically end up together.

        • Andrea

          Well, and quite frankly, how WEIRDED OUT would you be if your neighbor who you’ve exchanged no more than a few words with over the course of three years was suddenly telling you that he hates winter because he can’t smell your scent and your cooking and see your skin getting wet in the rain? Holy get-me-the-eff-outta-here-and-serve-him-with-a-restraining-order, Batman!

          Honestly, I think Jin-rak gets away with WAY too much in this dram: he is a certified stalker and it makes me pretty uncomfortable! It’s also clear that he views Dok-mi as not fully human, since he keeps ranting about how HE saw her FIRST so that means he WINS. Dude, she’s not a sweater in the Lost & Found bin, ya know?!

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      Everybody’s pissing me off this episode! But Do Hwi…GRRRRRRR.

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        Me too! I must be in grumpy mode or something. I would be DM, I would move out of that asylum sneakily in the night and would settle myself in a nice little nest very far from all those annoying people. Better alone than in bad companionship!

        • lol

          lol I think that’s what she is going to do next week lol

        • Enz

          Better alone than wish you were alone is how I often put it

        • Maris

          But that would bring her back to square one. She is now older and not in high school when everything was overwhelming. In earlier episodes we did see how she overcame her fears to make a stand for what she believed to be the right thing to do. She might feel like that but E and JR both in their own way will help her

          • Mystisith

            Sometime you need to travel the world to realize than nothing’s better than home sweet home. It’s not regression or defensiveness: It’s maturity.

      • 2.2.2 cheers

        me too, i nvr liked this actress even when i first saw her in bachelor vegetable whatever the title was i forgot! she’s annoying i wished they’ll cut her character short & not go through the whole epis pleassssseeeee

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    Thank you for the recap!

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        me too! it was so touching and you can see that he wants to hug her tighter but cannot. <3

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        ENRIQUE FOR SURE! they make such a cute couple !
        i find jin rak really annoying though. hahaha sorry to say but as the series is progressing hes getting more and more annoying.

        ughhh and do-hwi is soooooo annoying. feel like going through the screen and slapping her.ㅋㅋㅋ~

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    It’s a mind map of what’s going on in Enrique’s mind
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      You can find it in Softy’s transcap


      • 17.1.1 Conny

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        Omo, that opens up a whole new can of worms. Poor DM. Bad enough trying to come out of your shell, but possibly having to choose?

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    • 22.1 Sammy

      If you find the answer to that, I’d like to know as well. Though she really didn’t want to make up with her. I just wish Dok mi will just shun her. And never make up with her. ‘Cause really, this whole time, Do-hwi was just trying to make up with her so that Jin rack would look at her in a favorable life.

      Do-hwi, I hope you die a painful, humiliating death. You’re an awful, awful friend.

    • 22.2 Nilechoclate

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    • 22.3 Maris

      I think she wanted the answers to the reasons for her best friends behaviour in school. That’s what she was thinking of when going to the party. She is finding the strength to face the things from the past that turned her into a recluse. I admire her for overcoming her fears to do this. E needs to be given credit for bringing her out of her shell……and making her realize that she needs to bring this matter out of the closet and resolve it.

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    What I don’t quite get is, did Dok-mi have feelings for the teacher? Or was it all him? Even now I still have doubts. Maybe it was just an innocent crush on the guy your friend liked, but should it still matter? After all these years? Apparently to Do-hwi it does. I really hate her. Like, really, REALLY hate her. And I just knew that she and Seo-young would hit it off. Urgh.

    I love the way Dok-mi is starting to realize, though slowly, how much Enrique means to her. Poor Jin-rak. The guy never stood a chance.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

    • 24.1 dumzkee

      i think Dok-mi didn’t have feelings for the teacher. but the past did traumatize her so seeing him now is like a nightmare haunting her back. and even if it was all him, it’s still awkward.

      this show, it gets to you..*sigh*

    • 24.2 lol

      It doesn’t show any sign that Dokmi liked the teacher, if anything he had crush on her and lied for his sake
      But it turned the world up side down to Dokmi and people bullied her for that, which cause she lives the way she is… It’s a big scar for her and she hasn’t gotten over it
      And DH is tearing that same scar one again with her own cruel hand

      • 24.2.1 Carrie

        I think that Dok Mi liked the teacher as a teacher. We all have some teachers that are just better than others, and I think that he was a good teacher (who maybe also had an inappropriate crush). The first flashback scenes just showed him talking to Dok Mi in his office, saying that she was a good writer and to broaden her reading with some books that he suggested. That’s being a good teacher in my mind. Of course Do Hwi was incredibly jealous that he showed ANY kind of attention to Dok Mi and started the whole rumor. We still haven’t heard / seen what the teacher’s motivations were, but I like that we’ll maybe find out soon.

        I say this as a person who was called jailbait by a teacher in high school. Since I was incredibly naive, I didn’t know what he meant and accepted his later apology and continued to think of him as one of my favorite teachers. He never said or did anything else, so in my sheltered little mind that was it. A random comment that meant nothing to me. Looking back, he may have made other comments that also sailed over my head, but I really can’t recall. I know he liked me as a student, that we talked in the hallways and traded books a lot, but to me that was it. I just want to say that had a Do Hwi seen or overheard his comment and my confused “thanks” in reply it could have gone down very differently.

        I do like that Dok Mi now has the chance to get some closure (trite! I know) on everything, even though the fact that Do Hwi is shoving the past in her face is NOT a help in any way. I really, really want Do Hwi to end up shunned and alone, like the Marquise de Merteuil (at least in the movie version – I’ve not read the book).

        Fighting, Dok Mi!

    • 24.3 pogo

      I hate Do-hwi too, anyone who actively tries to ruin someone else’s life over a guy TWICE (and why IS she after Jin-rank anyway? Apart from the obvious of he’s sweet and really hot) can just go fall in a well.

      To be fair to Seo-young, though, she is egocentric and just doesn’t get Dok-mi, but at least she is a better (and more observant – she did pick up on his vibe with Dok-mi) friend to Enrique than Do-hwi is to Dok-mi. I don’t hate her yet, even if I do hope that Do-hwi’s nastiness doesn’t come as a bonus with those horrible Yeti coats SY has now taken to wearing.

    • 24.4 Zeffir

      we can see what Do-hwi is trying to do, but another big question – is why this teacher came to see Dok=mi now? And assuming, that it was Do-hwi, who called him, why he listened to her? May be he did sleep with the student, but all the blame was pointed on the wrong girl…

    • 24.5 Maris

      He happened to be the teacher of a subject she loved and was good at. That’s how she can write so well now and works as an editor. It was the teacher who liked her because she was a very good student. Wether it was more than that, it’s quite possible. For DM, he was a person she trusted. He let her down in a situation from which he ran away. How could he have expected a young girl to live in that environment when he could not. In my eyes, he was as guilty as DH. After leaving school,he did not try to make amends or see how she fared. He was exchanging pleasantries as if nothing happened. Did not check up to see how she fared at the hospital. Finally, delivered through E his regrets at what happened in school. It’s a good thing he is no longer a teacher but then again the question arises as to what sort of a writer can he be with no conscience or compassion

  25. 25 Iskra

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    • 27.1 PollyRose

      I felt similar to you before this. I didn’t hate her and was even hoping against hope for some kind of reconciliation…or even a pang of conscience, but she seemed kind of on this trajectory for a while.

      I knew whatever she pulled wasn’t going to be good…but bringing the teacher himself…wow. That’s just…wow. Super low and I’m feeling very nervous for the fall out on this.

      Somehow, some way…this WILL come back to bite her. Not sure if redemption within the show is going to be possible for her character.

      • 27.1.1 dumzkee

        right! to think that Dok-mi was somehow giving her a chance.

        and duh! what was the teacher thinking?!

        • (permanent) visitor

          “what was the teacher thinking?”

          IKR? I think he must just be a scumbag. Otherwise why show up? He must know what the repercussions were for DM.

  28. 28 Claudia

    Do Hwi is like a total sociopath. i can’t even think of what kind of ending she should be given cause other than hit by a tuck and thrown to the sharks nothing else seems to fit the crime.

    • 28.1 SuJu 4 Life

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  29. 29 PollyRose

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    Not that I’m jumping that ship but if it goes that way, those two could be pretty hilarious too 🙂

    • 29.1 Claudia

      Jin rak yeah i am not sure what they were going for in that scene. it almost seemed like they were testing her with both boys. the other day they sort of tested her with jin and today they tested her with dong.

      • 29.1.1 Mystisith

        Well, I would say pick one and stop playing with us, writer.

        • PollyRose

          I’m just going to have to stop shipping…Seems like canoeing along side of them seems safer. And if one of the guys ships goes down…well I’ll just have to rescue them then won’t I? 😉

          • Carrie

            Excellent plan! I shall follow in my trusty kayak (a two seater, natch) in case you need help / I get there first.

    • 29.2 pogo

      ahahahaha that moment was priceless though

      but I am always down for Editor/Yelling at Jin-rak. I love her, panda eyes and all <3

      • 29.2.1 John


        The editor’s fixation on Dong-hoon’s lips was hilarious.


    • 29.3 noonajumma

      If I may put in my two cents, ahem – the show may be shipping those two together due to fan demand/expectations. Those two are super popular cast members of the Korean (franchised) version of Saturday Night Live (also on tvN). The character of the Webtoon PD was supposed to be a one or two episode cameo, but when Kim Seul-gi was cast, they decide to expand the role and keep her on longer. Shipping her off with Dong Hoon may be a way to extend her stay without throwing her on top of the main love triangle. And they can play up their comedic pairing to keep the SNL fans happy. I’m a huge fan of hers from SNL and any way to keep her on the show longer is a-okay by me! 🙂

      • 29.3.1 Mystisith

        Ohhhh… Thanks for the infos! 🙂

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    Both of them are such adorable characters and I really hope they end up together.

    With regards to Jin Rok, I really hate him now. How dare he told Enrique to never appear of Dok Mi again as if he has the right to say so. Dok Mi is not his girlfriend and I think Dok Mi never feels anything about him. And also, what gives him the right to use Dok Mi and Enrique on his Webtoon without their knowledge and for that I truly hate him because he took advantage of them.

  31. 31 Avon

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  32. 32 deedee

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    dear jin rak, i know you’re not getting dok mi in the end, so i’ll just be here waiting for you. <3

  33. 33 ultramarineblue

    Good Lord, Do-Hwi is so terrible….but honestly I can’t believe the teacher actually came. What could he want to talk to her about after abandoning her to face those rumors by herself? Honestly I don’t see any redemption for Do-Hwi’s character at this point or any reasonable explanation for her actions. Is Jin Rak/Oh Jae Won a runaway chaebol that Do-Hwi thinks she can marry? Is he worth backstabbing someone whose scar is so evident? I feel like Do-hwi’s character is becoming too evil.

    And I really hope Dok-mi gets stronger because I found myself hoping that Enrique would make it back in time to help her, but then I realized that she could (and should) defend herself. Although that may not happen in this situation I hope Enrique helps her get to that point.

    • 33.1 bernie

      honestly I can’t believe the teacher actually came.

      THIS. I want to know why the teacher even decided to come. Even if he didn’t know that Dok-mi would be there, why would he even accept a random former student’s party invitation? Especially when it’s apparent that she played a biiiig role in his being involved in a scandal and subsequently leaving his job.

      • 33.1.1 Conny

        I had the same thought. And then a creepier one. The way he caressed DMs face in the teachers lounge coupled with how DM had gone to his house for writing lessons (I believe that’s what it was)… did something more sinister happen? Did he force himself on her?

        To be honest, that would kill me. If DM lost her trust in people because of something her teacher did, only to have her then supposed best friend shun and bully her, I think I would hide too. It also makes me wonder though. If this is the case and DH doesn’t realize what had happened to DM, how would she feel if it came to light that at a time when her best friend needed her most, she let her jealousy dictate her moves instead of listening to what her friend had to say?

        I’m rambling now. Guess deep down I hope that DH sees how she had wronged DM and in the end the two can reconcile. Bah, that’s what I get for being like DM. Always giving people more than one chance, even if it means I might get hurt.

        • Zeffir

          OMG! you totaly opned another view for me on the situation. Hope now that this teacher is not so bad as Dok-mi’s “friend”

  34. 34 ultramarineblue

    Ack, sorry! I was so wrapped up in my emotions that I forgot to say thank you for another awesome recap!

    • 34.1 rhia

      oh my, me, too! haha. thanks for the recap, jb! 😀

      • 34.1.1 Conny

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  35. 35 swol

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  36. 36 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap!
    I hated DH at first sight and never considered her a friend, even to her 3 airheads girlfriends: She likes to dominate and manipulate and abuse people’s trust. The worst kind of snake ever.
    I need to know what’s with the teacher: Invited by an ex student to a party at her place? Were they in contact all those years or is he another stupid specimen who can’t sense the smell of sulfur?
    About E: We know he has an anti-fan & now he has a good one too. Where are we going with that, I have no idea (mother and daughter?). Seriously, we have too many characters and don’t need one more.
    We can see than E has romantic feelings for DM already: The hug, the hallucination with the clothes, the reluctant departure. I’m not sensing that in DM yet, like when she smiled stupidly at the dinner with TJ. JR is shooting his own foot with his attempts at controlling everyone: I would have punched his face if I was E.

    • 36.1 PollyRose

      I was just wondering the same thing with the teacher…though if he has been feeling guilty all this time, DH motivating him to come under the false guise of an opportunity to right past wrongs wouldn’t be too hard. We all know she’s capable of telling a lie or two to get what she wants.

      But how did DH end up this way? I know we are seeing from DM’s perspective, so perhaps it is skewed, but prior to the “betrayal” DH didn’t seem to have an domineering friendship with DM. Did she snap then and decide to be this way or was it just lurking untapped under the surface?

      About the fan, I thought she was the same person…guess I was wrong! My first thought when she showed up was “Oh no! Sasaeng! Run Enrique! Don’t encourage her with your oh so exuberant self!” I seriously thought she was going to start pummeling Seo Young 🙂

      • 36.1.1 Sammy

        I don’t care what Do-hwi could have told that teacher, it was totally inappropriate for him to accept her request to come back. And he knew he was going to meet up with Dok-mi. He shouldn’t have come back. He shouldn’t have let Do-hwi get in contact with him again. Period.

        About Do-hwi’s hatefulness… Yeah, I tend to believe characters like this are just born evil. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the writer decides to do something with Do-hwi so that she’s not just the worst, most shallow friend ever, but I highly doubt it.

        She seemed like a nice enough person at the restaurant… Idk. 😛

      • 36.1.2 jademwong

        I thought she was a sasaeng fan too! I mean am I the only one who thinks it’s really weird that she knew he was at the restaurant, panda-hat and all?

        • pogo

          You’re not alone! I thought it was freaky too…..though I hope she’s a one-off, dnw any more characters with just 7 episodes left.

      • 36.1.3 watashiwachiaki

        hahaha… I got scared of her too!! XD
        oh sasaeng fans……

    • 36.2 Arawn

      I really disliked JR telling Enrique to but off. As you say, he has NO right to do so. He’s not her freakin’ boyfriend and EVEN if he was, he’s still be a controlling jerk if he pulled that out of his sleeve. He doesn’t own Dok Mi. She is the ONLY person who has a right to tell other people to butt off. Period.

      But honestly, I was more worried about his confession to her at their respective doors. It started well, cute albeit a bit creepy, but still, mostly cute. However, the last thing he said really irked me. It something along the lines “just stay as you are” which, interpreted in favorable light, would mean “I like you just the way you are”. Thing is that when you consider Jin Rak’s previous actions and words, this is not the interpretation that comes to my mind. I think he really wants Dok Mi to stay as she is, a seclusive Rapunzel. He ADMIRES it. I’ve kinda felt that he’s so opposed to Enrique not only because he sees Enrique effectively stealing his chances but because he sees Enrique stealing his girl. In his eyes he has a claim for Dok Mi – she is his. If not for Enrique, this might have gone forever without Jin Rak ever making a move, happily dreaming about her and thinking he knows her in and out. He lived in a fantasy land of a sorts.

      And this is very worrisome because a seclusive Rapunzel is NOT what Dok Mi really is. If she was happy and content in her life, I’d be ok with this, but she clearly isn’t. She’s seclusive because she’s afraid and living in fear doesn’t make healthy & happy people. I find it actually gross that JR has so highly idolized Dok Mi’s fear of life & outside world.

      No way is JR suitable for Dok Mi. No way. Enrique’s presence is good for her, more Enrique, plz.

      • 36.2.1 Mystisith

        I hate when people say to their partner or friend: “Don’t change, stay as you are”. WTF? This is life! Everything changes everyday. I can like something 1 day & dislike it tomorrow. People change their mind and opinion all the time. Feelings appear and disappear. We are dynamic creatures, not bots.

        • jomo

          I know!
          There were a bunch of weddings back a while ago that used Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are for “their” song.
          It seems innocuous, but do you really want to tell
          your 23 year old spouse,
          “I need to know that you will always be
          The same old someone that I knew”

          Cause there is no way you aren’t going to change over the course of a marriage.

    • 36.3 pogo

      Do-hwi was always my least favourite, mainly because I take a really dim view of people who are mean to their friends because of a crush. I don’t even know why she gets so much screen time, Park Su-jin plays her very well but too much time with the character is superfluous.

      (and yeah, that teacher either has no idea what happened to Dok-mi, who apparently left school AFTER he quit – the flashbacks suggest that – or he’s just stupid and he and Do-hwi deserve each other). And Jin-rak’s excessive protectiveness is starting to bug me too – telling her to stay in that apartment, just as she’s starting to change and come out of it? Poor misguided idiot.

      I actually did feel the not-so-platonic vibes from Dok-mi for Enrique this episode when she was at the window after reading his note – the way she reacted to finding it is completely different from her reaction to the milk carton Post-its.

  37. 37 coby

    Thanks for the recap! I watched it RAW and even if I did not understand anything, their eyes shows how they already miss each other.. sniff sniff.. Can’t wait to see this show doing a full drama swing.

  38. 38 crazykel

    The lowest level of the Inferno is reserved for Do Hwi; of this, I am absolutely sure. I think I hate her more than Sena from RTP (if one can do that) because with Do Hwi, the motivation is strictly men, which has got to be the worst thing with which to waste one’s evil machinations. The motivation for Sena (though completely stupid as well) was at least familial, of sorts. Do Hwi, in my opinion, is incapable of loving anyone but herself.

    I can’t wait to see the backlash of the webtoon reveal to Enrique. This episode brought us closer to a break line between the sort of Enrique/Jin Rak bromance that has been going on for the last few episodes. As much as I hate to say it, I think I would be happier if we have polar first and second leads in terms of friendship (or lack thereof). It’s not that hate Jin Rak (though he’s by far my least favorite of the four main guys), but the appearance of his aggressiveness makes me wonder about what he did as Oh Jae Won.

    • 38.1 Sammy

      For me, they’re equally hateful. They’re both selfish you-know-whats. They’d do anything to get what they want. Do-hwi is just another selfish mean girl who deserves to be drop kicked and sent to the lowest depths of hell. I hate her. (Though nobody so far has been able to make me hate them as much as I hated Shi kyung’s dad in The King 2 Hearts. Dang, I hated that guy so friggin’ much…)

      Now that someone brings it up… Yes… I’m wondering if that, coupled with his distrust of Do-hwi is what’s going to make him stay.


      ‘Cause he is going to stay, right?

    • 38.2 tuoihong

      Actually I believe her motivation is jealousy, the ugliest trait in any human being.

    • 38.3 bernie

      The lowest level of the Inferno is reserved for Do Hwi…

      AGREEEEEEED. arghhh i hate her i hate her i hate herrrrrrrr. SERIOUSLY. Do-hwi and her stupid orange-ish lipstick (seriously, does that look good on anyone?) can go die in a fire.


      okay, maybe that was a little extreme, but I just don’t understand her. Even if Dok-mi was out of the picture, it isn’t like Jin-rak would go for her. Speaking of which, I also have to agree with your comment about Jin-rak. I’ve been waiting for more of his back story, because what we’ve seen of his past so far is that he did some shady things and changed his name…. and Do-hwi knows who he is (or at least, who his ‘former’ self was, though he doesn’t really seem to know her…)

  39. 39 amie

    Seriously, I am in love with this drama !!! By far one of the best one out there!!! I love Enrique!!!! 😀

  40. 40 Sammy

    Oh. My. Gosh. Do hwi = worst. Friend. Ever. Seriously. I thought she was really mean in the past, but man…. Bringing back the guy who caused her to be bullied so badly that she wanted to commit suicide is just plain cruel. Does Do-hwi have any sense of humanity? I doubt it.

    That being said, who else totally swooned at the hug? It was so adorable. <3

    And also… That editor. Who else loves her? I don't know why I love her so much. But she's just so crazy, and so…. SLEEP-DEPRIVED. Seriously, that woman needs sleep. But other than that, I totally love her.

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    I hope he will tell her first thought and take care of her since he was one of the reason she wanted to let go the past
    Poor Dokmi
    And I love PSH song. Her voice is so soft <3

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    i really like jin rak -and Im fangirling over kim ji hoon’s gorgeousness-… but i´d like him more and root for him if he did all he’s doing now 3 YEARS AGO! hes so cute but I want to punch him now kinda making enLique as the bad guy 🙁
    on a brighter note, i loved the karaoke scene, when the PD appears -wish she could end up with jin rak! i ship them! ahahah!!- and the scene at watanabe’s house.. hes so cutee~~ :33

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