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School’s reformed bad boy joins You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin
by | February 5, 2013 | 60 Comments

Aw, yay, the rookie actors from School 2013 are already starting to take off. If you’re anything like me and having major School withdrawal pangs, then you’ll be happy to know that the fresh-faced cast is hungry to return to dramaland. The first to be back on television is one of the show’s resident bad-boys-turned-good. I know what you’re thinking: WHICH reformed bad boy? There were like a hundred of them! It’s Lee Ji-hoon, whose character (who went by the same name) had a great turnaround in the series and went from being a bully to a student with hopes and dreams.

He’ll be joining the cast of the weekend drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, starring IU as the title character. Her love interest in the drama will be played by Jo Jung-seok, and Lee Ji-hoon has been cast to play the hero’s best friend. They’re going to be so cute together. Jo Jung-seok is cute with anybody, but a huge part of his breakout stardom is really because he was such an awesome sidekick bestie. Who better to be paired with when you’re the newbie actor? It’s described as a comedic role, and the director reportedly cast him specifically because of his performance in School.

The drama centers around Mom (Go Doo-shim) and her three daughters, played by IU, Yoo Inna, and Sohn Tae-young. The heroine, the youngest of the three sisters, wants to become a star, and it’s the story of her start in the industry, along with family hijinks of course. Lee Mi-sook plays the top-star-turned-agency-exec who will represent her, and Jo Jung-seok works for her at the agency. It’s being produced by the director of Gaksital and the writer of Marry Me.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin follows My Daughter Seo-young and premieres March 9 on KBS.

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60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JoAnne

    awww this is happiness happening!!

    • 1.1 JoAnne

      and oh how I hope for subs

      • 1.1.1 Annie

        IU has a huge fan following, so I don’t doubt that subs will be forthcoming πŸ™‚

        • TS

          Yay! And I know everyone hated the character, but I liked the actress who played the mean girl who was reforming under InJae’s influence. She was actually really pretty and did really well with expression and staying in character, so I hope to see her in someone soon too.

  2. masumah

    aw yay! he was one of my favorite characters in School :3

    also, i know its a weekend drama but does that mean it will have loads of eps – as in 20+?

    • 2.1 scircus

      It’s a weekend family drama.
      Most definitely.

      Not that it’s necessarily conclusive, but looking at previous shows with the same time-slot, they’re all at least 50 episodes long.

      • 2.1.1 TS

        UFC, there’d better be lots of lee ji- horn because 50 episodes is painfully long.

        • TS

          *uff (DYAC)

          • masumah

            ha, well if i get to feast my eyes on jo jung seok and lee ji hoon for 50 eps, i guess its worth it πŸ˜‰

  3. smile134

    Yay, so happy to see Ji Hoon again ^^
    Now I have more reason to wait for this show πŸ˜€

  4. wits

    On pins and needles here… I can’t wait for this drama! I love everyone in this cast. JJS, IU, Yoo Inna, all of them!

    I don’t know about you, but I am experiencing a major glut in the kdrama world right now, I have been been reduced to rewatching my favourite old dramas.

    After School and King of Dramas, there has been nothing, not a single one! that has hoooked me back to watching kdramas. Believe me, I tried and started all of those showing right now with subs at viki, but not even FBND sustained my interest (I dropped it at 3). ottoke?

    Is it March 9 yet? is it march 9 yet? is it march yet? is it…?

    • 4.1 TS

      OMG, I feel the same way! Nothing’s holding my interest.

  5. Ash

    Aww, good for him! It just about killed me to realize there would be no School this week; seeing the cast start to crop up in new things will definitely help ease the pain.

  6. Wendy

    I wasn’t that interested in the beginning…but with this cast, seriously cannot wait til march 9th.. πŸ™‚

  7. jandoe

    I loved him so much in school! So happy he’s being noticed!

    • 7.1 Tha

      Me too! I’m so excited for him! not sure I’ll be watching this though…

  8. iphis

    shrieks excitedly THIS CAST. plsbegoodplsbegoodplsbegood. i’m long past the stage where i can watch mediocre shit for a good cast PLEASE BE GOOD. although, at the very least we know there’re gonna be some mindblowing duets. iu and jo jongseok!!!

  9. Allarine

    Does anyone else think his face in this picture looks like a bad photoshop of his face on another person’s head?

  10. 10 Lady Seoul

    I’m excited~!!

  11. 11 Bro

    Haha yes. This guy went from jerk bully who’s name I refused to learn in first few episodes of School to one of my favorite characters.

  12. 12 Sam

    This storyline doesn’t appeal, and I don’t like weekend dramas, but the cast are fantastic so i’m definitely gonna give this a go. Plus, it’s the director of Gaksital.
    I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  13. 13 Alexis

    Ohohohohohoooohooo!!! \^o^? I am really happy for him & he was doing great job in School 2013. Unexpectedly, he is suddenly recognized in this drama with other casts ~ Bravooo!

    Plus, I really expect that it will be a good drama, hopefully so!

  14. 14 alua

    Huge School 2013 withdrawal pangs indeed…. (Although Ep 10 for Flower Boy Next Door today filled that gap a little. Did Enrique shine or what?!)

    Anyhow, looking forward to future drama projects of all the School 2013 bad boys, plus Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. When I rewatched Shut Up Flower Boy Band recently, I could barely believe the same person was playing Jung Ho and Jung Maro… Which says a lot about the talent of these boys and their ability to pull off all kinds of roles!

    • 14.1 eternalfive

      Definitely feeling the withdrawal too. It’s killing me!

      Yay for Lee Ji-hoon! And I completely agree, I’m so looking forward to the future drama projects of everyone in the School 2013 cast, especially Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. Loved Kim Woo Bin before, but now I just can’t stop fangirling the two of them 24/7. πŸ˜›

    • 14.2 JoAnne

      I want to see him in something where he gets to be cute and happy for a change – he was the deaf kid in White Christmas, the bookworm in SUFBB, and the bully in School 2013. Bring on extensive use of those DIMPLES, Drama Powers! We didn’t even know he HAD THEM. It’s for his growth as an actor, really. He needs to be able to show a lighter side. Honest. That’s my only thought here. I swear.

      • 14.2.1 Rovi

        Well, Gwak Jeong-wook started way ahead of Class 2-2 kids; he’s a child-actor who’s been in sageuks before, as the child roles, tho the heavy kind: he played the toddler Sunjong (whose child version was by Lee Min-ho 93) and the child Gyeongjong.

        FYI SUFBB has Woollim territory stamped on it, MyungMyung for sure asking GJW tips…

        But yeah we do need to see a lighter side of GJW next…

    • 14.3 pogo

      So say we all! The transformation between Maro and Jung-ho is so complete, I had to look REALLY hard at pics of both characters before I could believe my eyes.

      I’m so looking forward to the School 2013 junior cast starting to play adult roles, you have no idea (well Park Se-young already did, but the others should too). This cast, as well as White Christmas before it, gave us some incredibly promising young actors and I don’t even mean that in a ‘perv material’ way, they just have it in them to be that good.

  15. 15 crazedlu

    hardcore withdrawal. i’m still writing my review, actually. ha. so this is great news! i loved him in the role of jihoon. great pick to be jo jungseuk’s bestie. the cast is really turning out well. gonna have to check this one out.

  16. 16 Li~~~

    Anyone else getting some serious Gloria vibes from this setup? As riddled as that drama was with unnecessary makjang elements, the relationships made me rabidly obsessed. If this drama is anything like that it will own me heart and soul. Can’t wait!

  17. 17 Tha

    I need a school 2nd season soon!

    • 17.1 Aliya

      I would die for a 2nd season. Major Withdrawal pangs TT

    • 17.2 pogo

      They made one for mk. I of School, they should try getting the cast back together for at least a mini or something because my pangs will not be soothed!

  18. 18 canxi

    YAAAAAY! My new favorite person *u*

  19. 19 ILUKD

    Oh I love this boy voice …. Happy dancing

  20. 20 scircus

    Better and better :3
    This drama just keeps getting more appealing, which means staying away from it probably isn’t going to happen XD

    I still haven’t finished watching School yet (curses, education!); lots of drama catching up to do .-.

  21. 21 goldeng

    OMGGGGG!!!!! oh no they didnt!!! *—-* ji hoon too?!! kyaaa~~~!!! halleluyahh! more bromance! and it will be with jo jung suk! im not gonna miss this dramaa!! i hope the other kids get roles asap too!! especially “Min ki”!!! next to Ji hoon, he was my other bias… now that i look at it, the best of both worlds -the good and the “bad” kid- lol

  22. 22 snow_white

    yay…..Lee Ji-hoon was so awesome in School πŸ™‚ his character shaped up beautifully by the end of the series…so happy for him…

    can’t wait…..

  23. 23 heayun

    Woo hoo! I can’t believe School was his first acting role. Can’t wait to seem him his improve his skills with this drama.
    Now can we just get a lead role for Kim Woo Bin?? πŸ™‚

    • 23.1 eternalfive

      “Now can we just get a lead role for Kim Woo Bin??”


      • 23.1.1 TS

        I KNOW!!!

      • 23.1.2 pogo

        Now can we just get a lead role for Kim Woo Bin??


    • 23.2 heayun

      see him improve*
      Gah, my mind was not working yesterday T_T

    • 23.3 Aliya

      Seriously! Oh Drama Gods please give him a good leading role soon!

  24. 24 TS

    But where’s Woobie-ah?!

  25. 25 magnus

    I usually don’t watch weekend dramas but the cast beckons me. Hope it’s good!

  26. 26 queencircles

    Ahh, can’t wait!

  27. 27 12midnightblue

    Aw yeah, they got Ji Hoon in!!! =D I liked him in ‘School’, now together with Jo Jung Seok? can’t wait for this one man XD

  28. 28 piggy68gal

    Omg, Lee Ji Hoon and Jo Jung Suk, I love these 2 so much! They are going to be awesome besties πŸ˜€

    • 28.1 girlatsea

      So happy for him! Definitely one lf my favorites from School (though, I just loved everyone tbh hahah). I see so much potential in him.

      Which reminds me, still need to watch the final episode + the special. I just haven’t been ready to let go T__T

      • 28.1.1 girlatsea

        So happy for him! Definitely one lf my favorites from School (though, I just loved everyone tbh hahah). I see so much potential in him.

        Which reminds me, still need to watch the final episode + the special. I just haven’t been ready to let go T__T

        • girlatsea

          Ahhh so sorry. It was supposed to be a separate comment T__T

  29. 29 browncoat_78

    Why, oh, why does this have to be one of these epic weekend family dramas? Why can’t it be a cute 16 to 20 ep romcom instead?! However, I think I might break my longstanding rule about family epics because it’s Jo Jung Seok’s first lead role, and I would do anything for my favorite Earnest Bot! And I love that Lee Ji Hoon got this roll off his School performance. That’s really cool!

    I just hope that they have this on Viki because I don’t want to watch 50 eps of partitioned, bufferbeast vid on Gooddrama or Dramacrazy. I just don’t have the patience.

  30. 30 haaruka

    Now, I see the outcome of putting real name on the drama. Nice one. His name does echoed in my head after all this School wave.

  31. 31 Lilian

    Ooh..Ji Hoon was a real good surprise in the mid of School 2013. He was such an insignificant character as first and we only saw one side of him. I’m glad the writers chose to expand on his story! But not too sure whether I will watch such a long drama…

  32. 32 Abbie

    Yay! I really wanna see this! Please recap!

  33. 33 Miky

    So happy that he’ll be in a new drama,loved him in School,one of my favorite among them

  34. 34 Viki

    Woot! Watching right now ‘cuz of Ji Hoonie, I really like his acting from School 2013! πŸ™‚ Even though he’s only doing a secondary character, his character does have screen time every episode as long as Jo Jung Suk appears on screen…sorta

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