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Uhm Tae-woong to play a Top Star on the decline
by | February 10, 2013 | 20 Comments

Will Uhm Tae-woong never rest? The busy actor always seems to be taking on a new project or another, despite the fact that he’s already juggling a packed schedule that includes a new wife and child, on top of his actorly duties. He’s set to appear in a movie titled Top Star, which is perhaps most notable for the fact that it is the directorial debut for Park Joong-hoon—an actor—who also wrote the screenplay.

Hm, another actor branching out into to work behind the camera? We’ve seen some examples of this in the past (such as Yoo Ji-tae and Gu Hye-sun), and maybe Park Joong-hoon drew upon his own crossover aspirations in writing the script, which deals with a manager who dreams of being an actor. When he happens across the opportunity, he takes it and unexpectedly becomes a top star… and then falls right back down. HA. I like the sound of this already.

I can picture the wackiness and the offbeat comedy, which is something I see in Park Joong-hoon’s work already as an actor (he’s one of those movie vets who always gives me the warm fuzzies; his credits include Arrest King, Sunny, Haeundae, My Gangster Boyfriend, Radio Star, and literally dozens more). I can totally see Uhm Tae-woong playing the awkward manager-turned-hot-star, given how he possesses both the charisma needed to become that overnight star and the awkwardness needed to depict a guy who’s not totally equipped to deal with it. Though let’s be honest, I tend to love Uhm Tae-woong in anything, period.

Kim Min-joon (Romance Town, Friend Our Legend) has also joined the cast, though little is available about his role or storyline. Top Star will begin filming in March.

Kim Min-joon, Park Joong-hoon

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dongsaeng killer

    Uhm force!!!!!!! 🙂 happily looking forward to this. In my eyes he can do no wrong

  2. Mystisith

    Everyone’s going to fight for UTW… I will watch this for Kim Min Joon. 😉

    • 2.1 trotwood

      Oh, Mystisith. You always beat me! Maybe, I should just take up knitting.

    • 2.2 JoAnne

      My first thought upon seeing his face: ooooh. Where have YOU been? I’ll be watching with you, Mysti!

  3. Tha

    Perfect! I love UTW in everything!

  4. Gaeina Lee

    Me too, dear.. me too… I love UTW in anything!
    Be that as a hero, general, loverboy or villain.. ahh, I still love him dearly.

  5. chane


  6. sweetyoon

    Didn’t Kim MinJoon retire from the acting industry?

  7. kfangurl

    Sounds like perfect casting to me!! UTW has that rare ability to be both kinda goofy-awkward yet dashing & hot at the same time. I would SO watch this! 😀

  8. Noelle

    Maybe he should relax and stay home with his new wife. Do small projects here and there but he should really just enjoy his married life and when the baby comes, enjoy his child.

  9. snow_white

    I didn’t like his movie Cyrano Dating Agency (so boring)….but I like him !!

  10. 10 LangitBiru

    Kim Min Joon in this movie? I thought he took long break due to his misbehaviour to some actor… dun dun dun…

  11. 11 ella

    I love Taewoong, can’t wait for this!!!

  12. 12 Opal

    He takes the project this March, does it mean he drops his supposed to be his coming back in segeuk drama?

  13. 13 nasus

    the first picture reminds me of Jackie Chan!

  14. 14 Lilian

    Wow! Earning money for his new family, I guess. Which makes sense but hope he finds a balance between work and family. =)

  15. 15 blackitty

    besides queen seon duk I dont watch his dramas or movies, for some reason I cant stand him

  16. 16 peeps

    I have a feeling that Uhmforce’s just doing so much now to save up for the nappy money that he’s gonna need. And maybe he’s also saving up so that he can go on a hiatus when his baby finally arrives and really enjoy his fatherhood, with no other commitments interrupting.

  17. 17 kittikiki

    does anyone know where i could find an english subtitled Radio Star online? i have looked Everywhere I know but still can’t find it

  18. 18 Kandiboo

    I thought Kim Min Joon said on twitter that he’s taking a break from acting? I hope not, vesperMJ is hot hot hot!

    Though I’m not a certified fan of Uhmforce it’s always nice to see him in (yet another) movie, drama etc. Heh. He’s super workaholic – I thought he’d tone it down after wife and baby! Some things never change.

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