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Incarnation of Money: Episode 14
by | March 20, 2013 | 34 Comments

Every fortress has a weak point and as the war of revenge begins, Cha-don zeroes in on the Traitagon’s weakest link to shake their resolve. It turns out that a band of baddies can actually stick together, but I don’t know if you can peacefully count sheep jumping over a fence at night if you don’t know who to trust. We finally learn who our murderer is and the answer may just take you by surprise.

Incarnation continues to slowly climb the ratings with this week’s episodes hitting 14.5% and 15.3%. Yay!


Se-kwang returns home, furious, and barely keeps his composure long enough to tell Angelina about the DNA match until he finally roars: “Kang-seok is alive!” She drops her tray.

All of the Traitagon members are a bundle of nerves and the men raise an eyebrow when Angelina mentions that Lawyer Hwang once told her that the boy might be alive, but naturally she didn’t think anything of it at the time. The others entertain the possibility that there might be others just like them who may have also tried to counterfeit the genetic test results.

Their ears perk up at the news that the money and assets are being kept in a container yard. If they keep a sharp eye out, whoever comes to pick up the container will lead them straight to long-lost Kang-seok.

So they stake a car nearby the designated container and wait. Their hearts leap excitedly when a truck pulls into the area but it hauls an adjacent container out the yard instead.

Growing increasingly restless and impatient waiting for an owner who may never come to collect, they decide to check the container themselves and convince the reluctant manager to unlock the crate.

Much to their surprise, they find it empty – save for a note attached to the far end of the wall. Composed from various Bible passages, we hear Cha-don recite his message to his enemies in voiceover:

And I will bring the sword on you
to avenge the breaking of the covenant.
When you withdraw into your cities,
I will send a plague among you,
and you will be given into enemy hands.

When I sharpen my flashing sword
and begin to carry out justice,
I will take revenge on my enemies
and repay those who reject me.

Be afraid of the sword,
for wrath brings the punishment of the sword,
that you may know there is a judgment.”

Leviticus 26:25 (NIV); Deuteronomy 32:41 (NLT); Job 19:29 (ESV)

A montage teaches us that Team Shudal anticipated the Traitagon’s reactions and switched the container numbers in the dead of the night. Then we see that Chief Yang drove off with the container right under the enemy’s nose.

Se-kwang frantically runs outside, searching for a sign of Kang-seok. Clenching the note in his fist, he angrily bellows that he’ll make sure Kang-seok regrets sending him a declaration of war. He hollers Kang-seok’s name over and over again into the cold air: “Are you listening, Lee Kang-seok?!”

At the same time, we see Cha-don rise from the pew and walk out the church. He drives off to where the real container is hidden and Team Shudal waits with great anticipation to open it.

Sure enough, stacks of old currency and shelves of gold bars and jade vases lie perfectly intact inside (Chief Yang is so excited that he asks someone to pinch his cheek to make sure he’s not dreaming, ha).

When the Traitagon regroups, Prosecutor Kwon places the blame of the long-lost heir’s reappearance on Se-kwang because yunno, he didn’t make sure that Kang-seok was dead. Uh, whoops?

Se-kwang is plenty angry enough with himself already without the reminder. He sees this battle as a chance to rectify his mistake – an answer that pleases Prosecutor Kwon. The rest of the Traitagon confidently chime in their approval; between the four of them in various fields, they can take down a one-man army.

Meanwhile, Cha-don is mulling over his revenge board in his swanky new pad when Team Shudal arrives ready to work. He presents them with two briefcases – severance pay for their efforts since he doesn’t want to drag them into what will be a dangerous and difficult war ahead.

But his team won’t have it – they know that this is a rough time for Cha-don and they’ll stick with their team leader come hell or high water. Aww. Even Cha-don is so touched that he smiles.

They get to work to figure out who Lawyer Hwang’s killer was and Cha-don is positive that it was an inside job. Infiltrating the Traitagon will be an arduous undertaking but Cha-don assures his team that every fortress has a weak point: Angelina.

We’ve been given hints about Boss Bok’s health for several episodes and now her deteriorating memory adds to an ever-growing list of concerns. She’s still able to hide the truth from her daughter well enough, snapping at her daughter for fraternizing with the rival majority party.

At least Jae-in now knows that she has a sizable stake in the Yellow Sea Savings Bank and rolls her eyes when she hears that she needs to persuade minority shareholders over to her side before the shareholders meeting. (It’s unclear where the show will be going with this plot point just yet, but I’m game for anything Bok versus Angelina.)

Turns out Jae-in’s candidness works to her advantage and she incurs the favor one such shareholder, President Go.

As for Cha-don, he keeps a watchful eye on Angelina at the driving range, his hatred of her just bubbling under the surface. Suffice to say that Angelina is not pleased that she’s unable to get an audience with President Go.

Using this key information as bait, Cha-don carries on a phone conversation with “President Go,” claiming to be the man’s legal advisor. He drops essential clues just loudly enough so Angelina can overhear and he even flatters her vanity, saying that he’s heard rumors of her beauty and business sense.

I love that he ignores her attempt to catch his attention and marches out the room and Angelina interprets this as playing hard-to-get.

She follows him to his car and shamelessly asks for a ride, legitimately surprised when he turns her down in a cold, professional tone. But she won’t give up that easily and raps on his window to introduce herself.

Cha-don purposely stalls for a few seconds before casually acknowledging that her name sounds familiar. When she suggests they go somewhere to chat, he doesn’t drop his business-like tone and asks if it’s a business or personal matter.

Taken aback, she answers that it’s business and Cha-don deadpans: “That’s a relief. If it was personal, then I would have refused.” Hahaha.

In the car, Angelina notes that Cha-don is eerily silent and he describes himself as a man of few words when he’s not in court. So Angelina smiles, asking if she should chat for the both of them instead. He turns on the radio to play rock music in response. This is awesome – I love that no one caters to the princess.

They sit to chat and once Angelina receives confirmation that Cha-don is who he says to be, she cuts to the chase and asks for President Go’s shares. She isn’t surprised to hear that the president intends to hand over the necessary 6 percent to Boss Bok – all she needs to become the majority shareholder.

Unfortunately for Angelina, her persuasion tactics fall short and Cha-don remains firm on his refusal. He’s heard enough and is about to leave when Angelina pulls out her last card: They’ll call it a business proposition and she asks him to name his terms.

Cha-don sits back down and agrees, on the condition that he becomes the bank’s legal representative when she acquires it. She readily agrees and they sign a contract.

Se-kwang finds it strange that the submitted paperwork reveals little to no information about the real Kang-seok apart from a name (Edward Lee) and that he resided in Britain. He wonders why the man chose to step forward at such a crucial time to claim his fortune.

Prosecutor Kwon answers that one thing is clear: Kang-seok must know who they are even if they don’t know who he is. And whoever he is, he did his homework and planned specific ways to block the Traitagon. That kind of detailed research, he adds, can only be done by someone in their vicinity. Don’t you hate it when the baddies are smart?

Prosecutor Kwon advises Se-kwang to think carefully – is there someone he would have have never suspected? Then Se-kwang recalls when Mom once called out to Cha-don as “Kang-seok.” He grips his glass tighter and it shatters in his hand.

Se-kwang breaks into an evil laugh, having made the connection.

You would think that by now, the orphanage director would be more cautious towards all these visitors dropping by to ask about Cha-don over the years, but he smiles when he hears that Se-kwang intends to reinstate Cha-don’s prosecutor status.

Filled with pride, the orphanage director cheerily hands over Cha-don’s file. But when Se-kwang looks at the picture, it’s of another boy and he hears a different tale of how he came to the orphanage.

Se-kwang angrily returns to his car and Prosecutor Kwon gives him a word of advice: “A skillful hunter never chases after his prey. He waits.” He’s certain there will come a day when Kang-seok will reveal himself.

Angelina gets invited to a round of golf with President Go, who wonders why he has to go through the trouble. Cha-don advises the president to assess the better financial investment – would he want to choose a successful entrepreneur or a young lady who lacks managerial experience?

President Go contemplates over the dilemma as Angelina catches the tail-end of the speech, piping that she’ll do her best. That seems to win the president over and they move on. Naturally, Cha-don brushes Angelina off yet again. HA.

Jae-in rushes over to the golf course, having heard the news about the golf date. She’s both surprised and hurt to see Cha-don so chummy with her enemies. He’s surprised to see her as well, but doesn’t betray a reaction when she marches up to confront him.

The two relocate and Jae-in asks if President Go transferred his shares over to Angelina with Cha-don’s encouragement. He doesn’t deny it and mocks her, noting that she’s gotten smarter now.

Working with Angelina means betraying his benefactor and she accuses him of paying her mother’s gratitude with evil. Cha-don counters that a person lives in this world according to their abilities. “I’m competent so I snatched President Go, and because you’re incompetent, you lost him.” Ouch.

He’s heard that Jae-in is looking to take over the bank presidency but he says it with such scorn that he implies that she’s just another chaebol who asked Mommy to help her out. But before he can say another word, she throws the glass of water in his face.

Cha-don sits there for a moment and he leaves her with a final word: “If you feel like it’s unfair, then try to hone your skills and live on your own instead of hiding behind your mother all the time.”

He walks out and lingers outside for a few moment before he leaves.

Boss Bok is informed of the situation and she turns on her recorder to add another audio diary entry. She adds Cha-don onto her Shit List and vows to destroy him. As for Jae-in, she drowns her sorrows in soju and downs shot after shot despite Assistant Kim’s best efforts to dissuade her.

Angelina sits at the bar with Cha-don and suggests they toast to a job well done. He brushes her off and she powers through the awkward moment to ask if he’s taken. She’s surprised to hear that he’s single and then Cha-don turns the question on her – why hasn’t she married her lover yet?

She asks how he found out and he sighs that it would be stranger if she wasn’t taken, given her beauty and financial prowess – words that clearly flatter her. When she’s asked what her boyfriend is like, she shares that it’s a one-sided relationship and he doesn’t seem to care much for her.

In a soft voice, Cha-don replies that that must be why her eyes look so lonely – he can tell if a woman is loved or not just by her eyes. Hook, line, and sinker.

Then he gets up to leave, citing that he’s no good at taking care of a drunk. Pfft.

Boss Bok barks at Assistant Kim to go find Jae-in, who’s gone missing. Before he leaves, she stops him to ask his opinion on whether Cha-don truly betrayed her or not. Assistant Kim answers that he does, but can’t fight off the nagging feeling that his sudden personality change seems odd.

He asks after what she told Cha-don when she saw him last and her expression tells us that she can’t recall. Wait, I can’t remember either – I’m not suffering from memory loss too, am I?

The moment frightens her but she covers it up and sends Assistant Kim away.

A past audio entry confirms such a meeting and we flash back to that very night where Cha-don told her that they’ll likely lose the bank with Jae-in’s lack of credentials. So he outlined his plan to Boss Bok: If she concedes the majority stake to Angelina, he’ll make sure to bring her down and return the savings back to Boss Bok’s hands.

She figures that this must be why he was gone for a while and he answers, “Wasn’t it for cases like these that you invested in me to become a prosecutor?”

So Boss Bok connected him to President Go and in the present, Boss Bok panics, wondering what other chunks of memories she may have forgotten.

We find Jae-in drunkenly stumble to Cha-don’s lawyer office and she raps on the door repeatedly. He listens from the other side as she yells at him for two-timing her family.

Cha-don reaches for the doorknob to open it when he hears her shout, “But my love for you was genuine, you jerk!” He stops, surprised.

She wails that she went on a diet simply because she wanted to be acknowledged by him. Then she slumps onto the ground, crying until she passes out.

Cha-don opens the door and catches her. Holding her in his arms, he tells her softly not to love someone like him. “I don’t have the leisure to be loved by someone else anymore. I’m sorry Jae-in.”

Cha-don brings Jae-in back home and tucks her in. He runs into Boss Bok outside and thanks her for help. The way that Boss Bok replies that he’s repaying her investment carry a ring of endearment. She asks why Cha-don is targeting Angelina but he evades the question.

Assistant Kim worries that keeping Jae-in in the dark about Cha-don’s involvement with the case might be a detriment but Boss Bok firmly believes in perseverance: “Just wait and see – [Jae-in] will completely change after she gets through this event.”

Thanks to Chief Prosecutor Jo, Cha-don reviews the murder case file and resolves that they’ll have to find the missing culprit’s car before anyone else does, including Ji-hoo.

The day of the shareholders meeting arrives and the Traitagon watch as Angelina greets the stakeholders. The Bok family don’t reciprocate her fake nicety act and Jae-in has a different gleam in her eyes.

With a 38 percent stake, Angelina is established as the Yellow Seas Savings Bank presidency as planned. The Boks rise to leave and run into Cha-don just outside and Boss Bok greets him icily.

But he stops Jae-in to ask if returned home safely and she cuts him off: “For the first time in my life, I have a goal. You – Cha-don.” This answer doesn’t surprise him – wasn’t he always because she like him?

Jae-in bites back: “Don’t be ridiculous. The biggest mistake of your life was to betray my mother.”

Cha-don watches her leave and smirks, impressed.

Prosecutor Kwon is not pleased to arrive home to find Ji-hoo waiting for him. Furthermore, he’s offended when she asks all three of them, including his son Hyuk, to confirm their alibis.

He does and when Ji-hoo checks the elevator security tapes later, they match up to their stories. However, the stairs’ tapes were mysteriously erased that night…

Before she can dwell on it further, she gets invited to eat lunch with Cha-don, who asks about any updates to the case. She remains silent to his pointed questions about the car owner, especially when he asks if the suspect is within the prosecutor’s office.

But she receives word that the missing car has been found in a junkyard and rushes out (She doesn’t know that Team Shudal found it first and tipped her off.). Her team finds a scarf with the initials “H.J.S” (Lawyer Hwang’s) and we see Team Shudal record the investigation with a video camera.

Meanwhile Prosecutor Kwon sits uneasy in his office and to his surprise, receives a message from “Lee Kang-seok.” He watches the video clip and asks if Kang-seok is behind the murder. His answer taunts the prosecutor, saying that he’s sorry that he isn’t the murderer. The message writes: “But I wonder who framed you for it?”

His blood boiling, Prosecutor furiously demands to know who betrayed him, shouting as he types. But Kang-seok leaves the chatroom at that moment and Prosecutor slams a fist on his desk, infuriated.

On the other end, Chief Yang asks if he’s checked the black box on Prosecutor Kwon’s car yet. Cha-don hasn’t so he plays the video.

And behind the wheel is Angelina, calling Lawyer Hwang to come meet her at midnight.


Well, well, well. One mystery solved. I can’t say that I was too surprised to find out who was behind Lawyer Hwang’s murder since it was easy enough to guess that it was someone within the Traitagon. I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed that it was a 50:50 chance between Angelina and Reporter Go; however, I was still wondering if the murderer was one of our prosecutors because they are so untrustworthy to each other. They (presumably) aren’t in want of money, but it’s clear that they now have to trust and work with each other in the face of Kang-seok who always seems to be one step ahead of them.

Even though Cha-don discovered his original name and identity this week, I’ll be sticking with Cha-don until he publicly acknowledges himself to this world. It’ll be confusing as we proceed since I imagine he’ll be dropping more confusing clues to his enemies but I’ll work around it as best I can. In any case, I love that we’re seeing bits and pieces to the revenge and seeing how it shakes the various Traitagon members in different ways. ‘Cause you know me – I love watching Angelina get kicked off her high horse any day. I don’t think Cha-don could have guessed that Angelina was the murderer he was looking for but that final grin seems to hold some satisfaction, as if he couldn’t have planned it better even if he wanted to. Their interactions are really one of the highlights of this episode as it’s now Angelina’s turn to misinterpret Cha-don’s intentions. How far will Cha-don string along his father’s ex-lover (I know – that sentence sounds icky to me, too) to bring down the rest of his enemies?

Though I’m happy to see that Jae-in was more fleshed out this episode, the change seemed too sudden and surface-level so I’m not fully onboard with her character 180 just yet. I mean, it’s still about a boy: She underwent a physical transformation because of him and now an emotional transformation. And at this point, the reason behind both of them is the same: To be acknowledged by Cha-don. I want to be able to root for our heroine with a character motivation that speaks to her own identity and I’m not sure if we can imagine Jae-in without Cha-don or without her mother because everything is clouded by her dependency to them.

On a happier note, I love that the humor has been more subdued and nonverbal as of late. Like how Chief Prosecutor Jo sneaks sips of Chief Yang’s coffee or the numerous times Cha-don ignores Angelina’s advances. It’s these subtle moments that have me giggling more than the farce. But believe you me, I’ll give anything to watch Kang Ji-hwan cross-dress again any day.


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  1. Jake

    Love this ep!

  2. Hyunleejoon

    Wow,that scene when Jae In stumble in the door was quiet sad and I feel Jae in love for him,but anyway he has to take revenge for his family and love for Jae In will make his way became more difficult.Maybe that’s what his thinking about,also telling Jae in the truth will make this story not interesting for me,looking forward for Jae In revenge also,haha.Anyway this event also will help Jae In became mature about her life and her feelings toward Cha Don.Hope everythings go well at the end,Make them down Cha Don!

    • 2.1 MsB

      That scene re-affirmed and removed the bad taste of FH2 from my mouth on his incredible acting skills! What a scene!!

      • 2.1.1 MsB

        not his her. Talking and typing is a hazard.

      • 2.1.2 Delicatecloud

        Yep… FH2 was not one of her better efforts. I find her a pretty good actor!

  3. a_diva

    it’s getting quite interesting now. i particularly like how this drama is brain vs brain in that cha don and se kwang are so smart it’s a constant battle to stay one step ahead. they only manage to do so by continuous brainstorming and lots of strategizing! it’s chess all day everyday!

  4. DayDreamer

    Omo, omo, omo. I can confidently say that IoM is back with a bang! This episode was thrilling while watching Cha Don act so predatory and slick. Super duper loved it…this is the one drama I can say that I’m glad I didn’t give up on.

    How awesome it was seeing the Triatagon so flustered over news of Kang Seok being alive. Take that, Se Kwang. You definitely made the mistake of letting a tiger live. It’s going to be fun seeing him trying to scramble around trying to figure out who is Kang Seok. When he came close though, I almost had heart palpitations. Thank god the orphanage director has a huge soft spot for Cha Don and is willing to do anything for him. But damn, seeing Cha Don bait the baddies on the show is thrilling. That smile at the end was particularly chilling. I can already see Cha Don using Angelina’s murder act to cause deep distrust issues within the Triatagon and split them up, thereby weakening them.

    Boss Bok….hmm, personally, I’m not too keen on the whole memory degeneration but at this point, I don’t really have something great against it. If it plays out well in the show, then that would be great. Meanwhile, with Jae In, I’m kinda glad that she’s finally sobering up and getting her serious game face on (even though like you said, gummimochi, it was a bit unrealistic). It looks like she might actually be a useful person in this show than the ditz that she was in the previous episodes. I just hope she isn’t too much of an obstacle to Cha Don. Normally, I would oppose Boss Bok’s decision to not tell of Cha Don’s real intentions…but here, I’m for it because she needs to grow up for once and for all. If it takes Cha Don’s so-called betrayal towards her mother, then so be it. [Hopefully with her newfound maturity, she can also get a better hairstyle. >.<]

    Overall, I really can't wait for next weekend. Love, love, love this show. Thanks so much for the recap. 🙂

    • 4.1 MsB

      Yes, glad Boss Bok nixed telling Jae In. As she is, she is too trusting! See how fast she almost got hoodwinked by Angelina?!

  5. Fun-lugha

    Just wondering how long these trusted friends of LCD will keep up the loyalty act before they betray him-money being the underlying theme after all. I guess the Manager and the Secretary have proven money don’t faze them but they might be threatened or something and spill the beans! But in the meantime I’ll enjoy the friendship and loyalty while it lasts…
    And can I just say Miss no-nonsense prosecutor is bad-ass!!!

    • 5.1 DayDreamer

      You know what, I also thought the same thing. When they brought the huge box of money and gold to Cha Don with Chief Yang holding the key, I was like, “Cha Don!! You need to be more careful with your money!!” I actually thought they would take it. This show had me so wary of it. But they seemed loyal even though I still felt suspicious. I guess they’ll be loyal to the end so no need to worry. To me, it’s like they figured that Cha Don is a badass anyways so if they become disloyal, they’ll have a tough time fighting back, haha.

      Prosecutor Ji Hoon is definitely badass but not as competent so I kinda feel bad for her because she also tries very hard to be competent…she just ends up getting out done by another prosecutor (namely Cha Don here).

      • 5.1.1 MsB

        And she has the secret hots for the Chief which makes her situation precarious! She will tell him everything until she figures things out.

        • Delicatecloud

          Hopefully soon! And she will be so pissed with herself, realising that she was so gullible! I am sure she will bounced back stronger to help Cha Don convict Se Kwang and the Prosecutor General. She needs some wins!!

          • jazzy

            yes, I like to think of them as his family as he doesn’t have one now!

    • 5.2 MariD

      I don’t think they will betray him. Just for the reason that they been with him for soo long. They were with him in his bad prosecutor days & help him out in all his schemes. When he got kick out they tagged along with him. They seem to care for him, and its good that Cha-don is not left alone to plan his revenge. Everyone needs friends.

  6. MariD

    I was freaking out when Se-Kwan put the pieces together about Cha-Don. I actually scream “da#% you for being a smart bad man”. Then I was glad that the writers also made Cha-don a smart guy, and so far he seems to be one step ahead of our baddies.
    I come to the conclusion that this is a show where I’m never going to like the female lead. Her life is basically Cha-don and everything she’s ever done to change has evolve around him. Sigh, I’m just glad that they at least gave us 2 strong women to like in Boss Bock & Ji-Hoo (is she really the only straight & moral charecter in this show. She’s also has big cajones deciding to even investigate her boss for murder). I’m glad I did not give up on this show.

    • 6.1 Delicatecloud

      Mee too! I kept screaming HIDE that photo!! Should have realized or rather should have more faith in Kang Seok who is a smart fella and is thinking much faster and ahead of them all!

  7. nakai

    Finally I’m in love with this drama. Took me long enough. Thanks for the recap!

  8. snow_white

    thanks… 🙂

  9. MsB

    Again I could not get enough of this episode!! From start to finish!!

  10. 10 V

    Loved this episode. I think every girl can relate to changing themselves for a guy they really like. A guy they really want to like them.

    I think Jae-In’s change is believable. She’s pissed that everything she did didn’t win Cha Don’s heart and she’s pissed that he “betrayed” her family. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and Jae-In is about to get her just desserts.

    I am looking forward to her transformation from a girl who relies on others to a woman who relies on herself.

  11. 11 houstontwin

    I loved Chadon’s stylish golfing clothes! He was both glamorous and ridiculous at the same time.

  12. 12 Saturtledaisy

    I will just say I really really really loved the bit where Se Kwang just lost it and went all evil-villainy-scream-of-hatred when he realized the container with the money was gone.


    it just made my day.

  13. 13 chasen8888

    Enjoyed this episode. It was necessary for Jae In’s transformation because as of now she has not been a true match for Cha Don. Hence the change though its quick, this is 24 episodes it had to come in now.

    I liked the fact that Cha Don knew his main enemy as a child & in adulthood as such he understands him best. Therefore making him capable of handling the Traitagon in outwitting & outplaying them. I am glad that there’s unity with team Shudal, its understandable as they know the pain that he’s going through & the past. They say that they are not much, they are plenty. They will be rewarded a lot in the future for this.

    I look forward to seeing the other Traitagon faces when they realize that the bank’s legal representative is none other than Lee Cha Don, its going to be priceless. Its something that Angelina cannot get out of so easily , despite opposition – a contract.

  14. 14 Carole McDonnell

    I never ever ever thought I would like melos. I could endure them if a good revenge plot was involved but wow, I’m beginning to kinda understand. Yes, my eyes have opened to the wonder that is a good melo. (And a good revenge plot doesn’t hurt.)

    I was totally giggling in joyous evil glee when that revenge gauntlet was being read. And SeKwang…wow! Obviously, he’s still his evil self underneath it all. Hasn’t changed a bit.

    Cried so much for Jae In. I’m thinking Cha Don’s comforting words to her when she was all passed-out is the beginning of him seeing her as someone in love with him, and someone whom he could fall in love with. Not sure he realizes it yet but…yeah, I think that was the beginning of him not caring that she was once a fattie. He finally saw her as a person.

    I so like Boss/Gentleman that I’m none too pleased by her senility/dementia/brain tumor/Alzheimers or whatever it is she’s got. I will miss her. And I hope she’ll be around for a long time. Am glad her notes are in her computer. Am suspecting all those recorded waves/mp3 in her computer will open Jae In’s eyes at the right time…or maybe a little later than the right time. (I really don’t know why i keep trying to anticipate these k-drama writers because more often than not they totally go down some route I didn’t suspect. Wow, i love being surprised by them. More often than not.)

    Kang Seok/Cha Don is in such control of everything now that I am feeling very uncomfortable. Not only is it kinda boring if hero is not in any real danger, but the suspense is cut …way way way down. So I just “know” Cha Don’s not revealing stuff to Jae In is gonna somehow mess up his revenge.

  15. 15 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!

    Loved the episode. I had rewatched all the scenes of the traitagon being trolled by Cha Don and them sweating bullets just knowing Lee Kang Seok’s alive several times! The crate switcheroo – genius! The new backstory and picture for his orphanage file – I was sweating, fearful that Se-kwang will find out- and laughed when it turns out that Cha Don’s got it covered! And Cha Don’s chat with the prosecutor general – loved how Cha Don’s planting the seed of doubt in his mind – which of the fellow traitors could possibly frame him? I lapped it all up!

    I’m also glad to see Jae In steeling herself. The way she charmed President Go with her forthrightness made me think “yes, I can see Jae In becoming president of something. She just needs the right motivation”. And now she has it, in the form of Cha Don’s “betrayal”.

    The only storyline that I’m cringing to see is the Mom’s memory loss. Boss Bok, please do whatever you can to stop it. You’re too awesome and powerful to let this get in your way!

  16. 16 Delicatecloud

    This is one fantastic episode following an awesome episode 13. The previous episode was so heart wrenching – the bond between mother and son, that sun set scene and the loving and tender moments during the extremely short reunion time got to me. When his mother died i can’t help but be teary-eyed. It was the defining moment for Cha Don and his promise to his mother that he will change into a prosecutor/ lawyer that she can be proud of. However he has to get on his one mission first. And what a start! The WAR is on and he has his game face ON too. Although a small team he has his teamSchudal with him and I believe that they will be loyal to him for they understand his pain and understand his reasons for wanting revenge and genuinely want to help and I don’t think they will betray him for his money. I also think that Cha Don at this point is now focused on taking revenge and not securing his fortune. It certainly helps that he has such a fortune to execute his revenge.

    I fist pumped when team Scudal got the better of Se Kwang in taking the container right under their noses. Cha Don is, at the moment, out thinking and out smarting the Traitagon, which is reminiscent of his younger days when we saw a smart young Cha Don.

    Cannot wait to see how Cha Don will use Angelina – he already saw through her vanity and greed, since he was young, to create mistrust among them! His knowing (even evil) smile at the end is keeping me at the edge of my seat as to what plans he has in his head! Worked well with his online chat with the Prosecutor General of someone framing him for the murder!! WOW that was some game thinking. This episode feels like “oceans 11/12” ish to me.

    Glad that there is some development with the character of Jae In ; however I think that she will change for his sake and like gummimochi said it will be for the boy. That’s Jae In who fell so deeply in love with the Choa Don the day they met! I hope that the writers will give more thought to developing her into a more substantive character.

    I am glad that I am still on this train and it will be a wild ride. Thanks so much for the recaps gummimochi and I have enjoyed your insights and humor!

  17. 17 Addie laurel Kishore

    This dramedy is interesting and compelling from episode one,the continuity of the story is very important to really comprehend the complexity of the plot,,,,,all in all Kang Ji Hwan’s performances is beyond compare,he is the glue that keeps you on the edge and he himself is the most important person on the whole story to keep on watching week after week,of course other cast members are definitely very good..Director ,you are superb in supervising the filmj

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    Love it when the PD and writer upped the tempo. Here’s a man with a new purpose, and a woman with newly acquired stronger purpose (while keep loving him).. Men of Law, Revenge and Love, my favorite! ^^

    Thanks for the recap~!

  19. 19 Conny

    This episode had me screeching in glee. THIS is what good writing is all about.

    My 13 year old sat watching it with me and he’s now hooked and started to catch up by watching Episodes 1-13.

    I can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us.

  20. 20 nakai

    I think the writer trying to show what two different people would under a similar sircumstances.

    Cha Don VS Se Kwang

    Jae In VS Angelina

  21. 21 Lilian

    When I had almost given up on this drama, it takes such a good turn. I have to admit that I enjoy it more now that I can root for someone, in this case Cha Don. Previously when he was just a greedy prosecutor, it was harder to connect to his character!

    • 21.1 nakai

      It was funny though when he was corrupted. Had a good laugh when he tried to stuff money probably millions inside a backpack. lol

  22. 22 Ivy

    This show is utterly engaging 🙂

  23. 23 rochinipark

    I’m still surprised how it looked quite easy Cha Don drove the money away from the storage area. How did Chief Yang convinced the area manager to give it to him.Regardless saying it was the money’s owner, this means anyone could’ve done this and went away with the money.

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