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Kim Ah-joong plays cat burglar to Joo-won’s cop
by | March 22, 2013 | 94 Comments

It looks like we might have a leading lady for Joo-won’s new romantic comedy film called (super vaguely) Only You, about a cop and a house burglar who fall in love. Kim Ah-joong (My P.S. Partner, Sign) is reportedly in contract negotiations to take the role, though it’s not finalized. Hm, I don’t have strong feelings about her either way, but I can see her being good at a rom-com cat burglar role — it seems perfectly suited for her, if a bit pat, but obviously they weren’t going very far out of the casting box with Joo-won as another cop either.

It’s not a pairing that jumps out at me as sparkling (she’s his noona by five years, but the difference doesn’t seem that severe) — they just have very different vibes. The problem with Joo-won is that he skews so young for his age that he tends to make any age gap more pronounced, but if they’re written well, I can see the pair looking good together, and in the very least, being funny together. Basically, it’s not a pair I’d have handpicked, but I don’t see why they couldn’t be cute together.

She’ll play a cat burglar, while he’s a cop and a profiler. The profiling must figure into the story in some way, though there are no plot details yet for how and why the cop and robber end up falling in love. Even though the setup seems obvious, it’s a little more appealing than your average opposites-attract rom-com. Because there are higher stakes and laws to break, and possible jail time separations… and well, you can’t really go wrong with a Batman/Catwoman romance, even without the spandex. *now imagining it with spandex*

The movie plans to finish casting and start shooting by the end of April for a release later this year.

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94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ace

    I may be one of the few who will watch this more for Kim Ah-joong than Joo-won…

    Anyway, hope it’s a better story than Jackal is Coming. That sounded a lot of fun when I heard of the premise but after watching it… XP

    • 1.1 Christina

      Funny, I was just thinking of watching Jackal is Coming. Maybe not.

      • 1.1.1 Betty

        Oh! I wanted to watch Jackal (I like Song Ji Hyo) when it first go out but then after reading the comments I went on and watched other more appealing movies, but I still intend to watch it just not right now…

        • rie

          I watched Jackal already. The surprise at the end was not really effective.. It was just OK to give a try guys..

    • 1.2 am

      I had plans to watch it tonight as well…maybe not.

    • 1.3 Dorotka

      I’ve seen Kim Ah Joong recently in My PS Partner. Her chemistry with Ji Sung was pretty good…. but with baby-faced Joo Won? Time will tell…

      I dropped Jackal half way… true, the not so excellent subtitles weren’t helping much either…

      • 1.3.1 kookicookie

        Where ever did you get your hands on my p.s. partner?! I’ve been searching and searching for it! I’m dying to watch that movie.

    • 1.4 Belle3005

      To be honest I watched it for Song Ji Hyo(absolutely loved her in Running Man) but damn that movie was mediocre,I wish that I can unsee all parts except SJH’s ahahaha. I’m having pretty good vibes from this pairing,it can’t possibly get worse than than pairing with Choi Kanghee now can’t it? Man,L7CS is such a trainwreck,I had my doubts but the drama just confirmed my thoughts that the pairing would never work out.

      • 1.4.1 Gala

        It is mediocre, but I think those who are greatly disappointed simply put too much expectations. I enjoyed it as a stress-reliever and simply took it for its face value. It also helped that I love both leads so much. Perhaps being a fan of Boojae since ’05, I knew how hard that dude struggled in acting so I saw the little improvements he had project after project. ( if anyone saw him filming heavens postman, you’d feel for Han hyo joo…lol)

    • 1.5 scircus

      Really? I kinda enjoyed Jackal is Coming πŸ˜›

    • 1.6 hana

      Jackal is Coming wasn’t even half bad as people made it out to be ..I don’t know what they expected ? …nothing about the press release or trailer made me think it was going to be great or packed with comedy … it was just as I figured so I didn’t regret watching it .

  2. meanrice

    Girlfriday, just curious, who would you have hand-picked for Joo-Won?

    I have no clue who he’d pair with…other than myself obviously.

    • 2.1 Betty


    • 2.2 jiki

      I think he would look good with Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young or Yoona! They are all young, beautiful and in a same age range as him!

    • 2.3 bizzare65

      I think he will look good with yoo in na… She might make a good burglar too

  3. Aliska

    Well it’s seems like the plot of the manga Cat’s eyes!! πŸ™‚ You know cat burglar!! So just thinking about that I’m quite starting looking forward to watch this drama πŸ˜€ Thanks for the presentation πŸ™‚

  4. SP

    I like Kim Ah Joong in 200 Pounds Beauty. I think would fit the role and JW well.

    • 4.1 Katie

      I re-watched that movie recently. And I saw My P.S. Partner (but without subs)…I loved her! And my obsession with Joo Won is full on right now catching up on Ojakgyo Brothers. I can’t wait for this drama. But he seriously needs a break.

  5. Aliska

    Well…for me, it’s seems like the plot of the manga Cat’s eyes!! πŸ™‚ You know…. all the story about 3 cats burglar sisters!! So just thinking about that I’m quite starting looking forward to watch this drama πŸ˜€ Thanks for the presentation πŸ™‚

  6. Aliska

    Well…for me, it’s seems like the plot of the manga Cat’s eyes!! πŸ™‚
    You know…. it’s a story about 3 cats burglar sisters!! It was of my favorite manga….and it still is πŸ™‚
    So just thinking about that I’m quite starting looking forward to watch this drama πŸ˜€ Thanks for the presentation πŸ™‚

  7. LEE HB

    whatever joo won is in !! im in !!!

  8. Sintia

    I think it might work. I just hope that the script is really good.

  9. ht

    Yay! Great news for me. Love him, adore her.

  10. 10 maya

    anyone knows where can i dl my ps partner with eng subs?

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Well you posted a side profile photo.

    * squinting *

    Yup, I can see her in spandex, scaling the glass windows or while rappelling off the roof. You need a S line right? To fit into a spandex.

    Then we have the grim old/ young looking profiler staring intently into the computer screen.

    Plot? What plot? Thought we are here for the pretty πŸ™‚

  12. 12 h311ybean

    Now I can’t get the spandex out of my head.

    • 12.1 h311ybean

      Particularly Joo-won in spandex. Thanks, girlfriday πŸ˜€

      • 12.1.1 moon

        hmmm… Joo Won in spandex…

        • Airyn

          Darn it, guys, I’m trying to work here. *_*

  13. 13 muss

    Kim Ah Joong… hmmm… oooo… well.. errr.. okay.

    Oh puppy, I want you to do this rom-com with someone close to your age like you did in Ojakkyo Brothers…. maybe for your next project eh.

    Aigoo… This boy is workaholic! All the best Joo Wonie

  14. 14 crazedlu

    Noooooo. Gah. Why are they always pairing him like this?

    I watch 1N2D, but I actually don’t think or feel Joowon is younger than his age. He’s cute and stuff, but he’s still very much 25, and seems to carry himself well.

    Ergh. Please find a good project after this one.

  15. 15 lol

    Mayb it is just me or it is because I only watch his dramas bot his TV shows but Joo Won never has a baby face. He actually looks older than his age in Korea because you know how baby face actors look like in Korea.

    His latest drama is such a turn off to me, I think a rest is better… but well he seems to keep himself very busy.

    • 15.1 picklemonster

      I agree with you in that he doesn’t have a baby face. The guy looks like Kang-Don Won for goodness sakes. The thing is that it’s Joo Won’s expressions and his behaviour that dubs him as a “man-boy”. In every one of his dramas/movies (except L7CS), his roles were very mature, and he played the part well to convince us that he’s a man, not a child. It’s only the behind the scenes and 1N2D that changed our opinions about him.

      So in short, I am loving this pairing! There’s so much pretty! Kim Ah-Joong and Joo Won both have a youthful face, and they definitely make a good looking onscreen couple. I’m just hoping that the chemistry will be there too. *crosses fingers* PLEASEEEE LET HIM HAVE CHEMISTRY WITH HER AFTER THE FLOP OF L7SC!!! +___+

      • 15.1.1 asianromance

        He does look like Kang Don Won! I never saw it before!

        So true abt IN2D giving us the impression that he’s younger than he looks. Mid-to-late 20s are my peer group and he looks older than my 28 year old friends. I’d have pegged him to be in Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Jun Ki’s age group (1981) rather than Yoon Shi Yoon, Seo In Guk, or Lee Min Ho’s age group (1986-1987-ers)

    • 15.2 bambledd

      I agree too that Joo-Won doesn’t look younger than his age. He’s actually cast for older roles usually b/c folks think he looks older. He said that in an interview too.

      It’s those eyes of his. They’re so… so… expressive and intense. (The director of Gaksital said he cast him b/c of his eyes too.)
      A few have said he overacts. I think we may have seen some of that in Baker King since that was his first break in the drama world. Before that, he was doing musicals where you have to exaggerate your acting since you’re on stage. But since Baker King, he’s improved so much. I think he’s doing a great job on Civil Servant.

  16. 16 HK

    Hey, why does Joo Won keep inheriting Ji Sung’s leading ladies?

    I think both leading ladies worked better with Ji Sung than they did/will with Joo Won. Both Choi Kang Hee and Kim Ah Joong come off as too mature (emotionally, and sexually?) for Joo Won. Well, I was hopeful for the Choi-Joo pairing, and I’m still holding out hope for the Kim-Joo pairing.

  17. 17 snow_white

    Kim Ah Joong was fine in 200 pounds beauty….so I think the pair is cute enough for a rom-com..

  18. 18 anotheraddict

    NOOO! To me, this is worse than his being paired with CHK. *cries*

  19. 19 KimYoonmi

    Would have been more interesting as the girl as the cop and the guy as a cat burglar. But I might be crazy.

  20. 20 phoenix

    i dont like her in general. everything about her is soooo plastic!!!

    • 20.1 mystisith

      I don’t want to be rude to minorities but to me she looks transgenre. Something very masculine in her face makes me uneasy.

      • 20.1.1 KimYoonmi

        That kinda insulting to both minorities and transgender people. Uhhh….

        To break it down.

        1. using transgender as an insult.
        2. using transgender as an insult against minorities
        3. Failure to realize that the transgender LABEL (something they can’t help being) *is* a minority. (though it might not have been thought through???)

        So, uhh…. I wouldn’t go there…

        I dislike using anyone using QUILTBAG labels as an insult to another individual or group. It’s not fair to the individual (questioning their internal gender identification) nor to the group who is suddenly associated with issues they do not share in.

        Please reconsider. Thank you.

        • mystisith

          I don’t say she is, I don’t say it’s a wrong thing if she is and I’m not judging the person. I’m surely one of the most tolerant persons when it comes to sexual orientation and hum. anatomy. That said, I like to be sure what is the gender of the person I’m talking about, whatever it is, and here I am not.
          Maybe it’s my eyes which need to be checked but that’s how I honestly feel and I’m not going to say that the problem is not here just because it makes people uncomfortable.

          PS: Looks like we should talk only about the weather on DB today. Will now go and cuddle with a grumpy cat somewhere.

          • KimYoonmi

            Sexual orientation=/= gender=/= sex.

            You’re confusing all three at once.

            Gender is internal to the person–it’s how they define themselves on the scale of masculine and feminine. Sex is physical property (Male, female, neither) and sexual orientation is about who you’re attracted to.

            I’m trying to gently point out that the comment you made could be taken as an insult to the group through generalization (I’ve seen people from this group hurt by such comments before). I’m asking you not to do that, very, very politely. And if you feel it is in your interest, to perhaps rescind it and maybe apologize.

            Because I hold respecting your fellow human being as important. That’s about the only thing I challenge people on. There is enough hate in this world. I don’t think we should add to it inadvertently or purposefully. I’m thinking you did it without knowing/didn’t do it on purpose, especially with the internet and how it is. I’m giving you slack.

          • mystisith

            @kim yoonmi: Thanks for the friendly advice.
            Some people practice the politically correct but I hate that hypocritical concept (it’s not trendy at all in my country, truth to be told). I’m more into (polite) radical honesty. I don’t think what I said was offensive and if people or lobbies read it that way, let’s just say they misunderstood. I would have said something insulting, then it would have been a different matter and then I would have apologized. Since I’m clean with my conscience, I will let the persons potentially harmed by my comment let a message here: I’ll gladly explain why I wrote my comment.
            I know that a lot of people are scared because the net keeps memory of everything they wrote. Well, I’m scared of a lot of things but not of my own words, thankfully. I agree about spreading hate being an issue but I’m not a hateful person at all, so no problem.
            If we censor ourselves because we fear the reactions of others, than it’s worst than inprisonment or dictature for me: I’d rather be dead. I may not be American but free speech is a value that will always prevail for me.

        • mystisith

          Googled her: So, it’s a case of plastic surgery overdose and/or PS malpractice. Mystery solved. My bad.

  21. 21 liz

    After Sign I have a soft spot for her. And imo, what’s with Joo Won and his cop roles??

    Plus, is it too much to ask for a young pair? After Uee he has just working with older girls…

    • 21.1 PK

      Not all… Jin Se Yun is 1994 (bridal mask) , Younger than UEE …!

  22. 22 Nina

    Ok, so I understand how everyone wants Joo-won to be paired up with a younger actress. But honestly, WHERE are all of them??
    There are barely any successful or popular younger actresses, they are still up and coming…The only younger ones that are somewhat successful are the idols. Heck, even UEE is an idol, but I thought she did great regardless in Ojakgyo.

    So, I understand that directors cast older woman that are more experienced and have a great resume and popularity, in order to bring in the audience. Because if you think about it, that’s where all the hype comes from.

    That being said, I still think younger actresses should be given a shot. I mean you gotta start from somewhere, right?! One example I can think of is Jin Se-yeon from Gaksital…I’m sure she’ll make it on the big screen pretty soon.

    • 22.1 phoenix

      there is kim so eun, han groo, park shin hye, kang so ra, moon geun young, jung so min, moon chae won etc

      • 22.1.1 agus321

        Kim So Eun is the best of all actresses, she loves me

  23. 23 fun-lugha

    You know I no longer believe the logic that directors are limited in their male lead choices cuz all the older ones are in the millitary as plenty have returned and aren’t even doing any projects yet. I think it’s just what they want, maybe someone’s out there to make noona-dongsaeng r/ships the trend/more acceptable in Korea!

  24. 24 Maricel

    In Gaksital he looked so mature, and with the japanesse girl Rara ?, I dont remember her name, with her he had a great chemestry and you couldnt feel any age gap, even if they had it. Joo Won is cute behind the scene but on screen he acts according to his role. I don’t know who this actress is, but I hope the movie does well and we can watch it soon πŸ™‚

    • 24.1 Dramafed1782

      Yep, JW forgets who he is once he starts acting the part. The 1N2D maknae becomes the character – Tae Hee, Ma Jun and Lee Kangto. I might be in the minority but JW is great with all his leading ladies and Choi Kang Hee is no exception. The proof is their chemistry and which is holding the drama and the ratings adds upto it πŸ™‚ If the writer of L7CS had done his homework properly the drama would have got it’s due respect.

      • 24.1.1 bambledd

        Well said, Dramafed1782!

        He had Mok Dan in Gaksital who was 17 or 18 at the time of filming.

      • 24.1.2 Nina

        Amen amen amen sista!

  25. 25 Elle

    i remember watching and liking her in 200 Pounds Beauty πŸ™‚

    i am anxious for Joo Won to start this new project. *woot*

  26. 26 liz

    Young actresses?

    Park Bo Young (Wolf Guy)
    Moon Chae Won (Nice guy, princess man)
    Moon Geun Young (Cinderella sister, CDDA)
    Jung So Min (Can we get married, bad guy)
    ParK Se Young (School 2013, the equator man)
    Park Shin Hye (Flower boy next door)
    Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi)
    Yoon Jin-yi (gentleman dignity)
    Lee Yoo-Bi (Nice Guy)
    Jung Eunji (reply 1997 – that winter)
    Jin Se-yeon (Bridal mask)
    Kim So Eun (BOF)
    Park Min Young (city hunter, Jin)
    Park Han Byul
    Shin So Yool (reply 1997)
    Shin Mi Ah (arang)
    Shin Se Kyung (Tree with deep roots)
    Yoon, Eun Hye (I miss you)
    Kang So Ra. (Dream High 2)
    ParK Ha Sun (Dong YI)
    Han Groo (can we get married? Killer K)

    See? There is a lot young actresses to be picked.

    • 26.1 liz

      These were the ones I remember. Plus want to Add:

      Han Chae-Ah (bridal mask)
      Seo Yun-A (bridal mask)

    • 26.2 liz

      Jung Yoo-Mi
      Kim Ye Won (I need romance 2, operation proposal)
      Park Eun Bin (Operation proposal)


    • 26.3 jang

      right… and that list has the names of good actresses if not better than the older ones. I just don’t get it, pairing him with noonas. He deserves someone his age.

    • 26.4 pigtookie

      this! i like Han Groo.
      also for talented young actresses, Im Joo Eun (Wild Romance, What’s Up).

      • 26.4.1 mystisith

        YES! Im Joo Eun. Not too old and what is the most important: The same kind of energy than Joo Won. I really don’t care about the age, to be honest. It’s more a question of compatibility on the screen.

    • 26.5 lili

      Let me rate this list :

      Park Bo Young (Wolf Guy) – decent actress.
      Moon Chae Won (Nice guy, princess man)- very talented, good choice.
      Moon Geun Young (Cinderella sister, CDDA)- neutral.
      Jung So Min (Can we get married, bad guy)
      ParK Se Young (School 2013, the equator man)- love her, nice choice.
      Park Shin Hye (Flower boy next door)- she’s good, could be a nice pair.
      Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi)- beautiful but ok actress imo.
      Yoon Jin-yi (gentleman dignity)
      Lee Yoo-Bi (Nice Guy)
      Jung Eunji (reply 1997 – that winter)- overract a bit.
      Jin Se-yeon (Bridal mask)- bad actress.Period.
      Kim So Eun (BOF)- she is ok I guess.
      Park Min Young (city hunter, Jin)- are we talking about the actress that played Dr Jin love interest here? Meh, bland actress.
      Park Han Byul- she’s a noona, born in 1984.
      Shin So Yool (reply 1997)- she is ok.
      Shin Mi Ah (arang)- she’s a noona, born in 1984. Extremely talented nevertheless.
      Shin Se Kyung (Tree with deep roots)- sucks *eternally scarred by Fashion King*
      Yoon, Eun Hye (I miss you)- she’s a noona, born in 1984. Good actress.
      Kang So Ra. (Dream High 2)- inexperienced.
      ParK Ha Sun (Dong YI)- why not?
      Han Groo (can we get married? Killer K)- no comment, I don’t know her.
      Han Chae-Ah (bridal mask)- she’s a noona, born in 1984. I like her, she deserves better roles.
      Seo Yun-A (bridal mask)- neutral.
      Jung Yoo-Mi- not enthusiastic about this one…
      Kim Ye Won (I need romance 2, operation proposal)- don’t know her.
      Park Eun Bin (Operation proposal)- why not?

      I don’t really mind the age gap…5 years is no big deal imo. The thing I mind is that Joo Won has been once again cast as a cop. I’m very afraid of him being typecast.

  27. 27 Noelle

    Don’t like the pairing.

  28. 28 R

    I was hoping for Shin Min A but Kim Ah Joong can look good with Joo Won too πŸ™‚ & I liked her in “200 pounds beauty” !

  29. 29 close

    I don’t actually get the fuss about Joowon’s fans wanting him to act with younger actresses all the time. Pretty much most if not all known young actors have to pair with much older actresses in many of their movies or dramas. JW is actually very lucky, most of his leads are young except for one, I don’t see what is so different about JW that you want him to pair up with young actresses all the time. He is good, cute and loveable, yes, but his acting is not all that. I think he overacts here and there just like many young actors. Also, he looks more mature for his age so as long as it is not some actresses who have old faces, it will work. Chemistry or not is determined by the actors. I only care for the script.

    • 29.1 eny

      i think compare to another young actor joo won is the best and I didn.t see he overact. He act as the charracter, there’s calm charracter, expressive charracter sometimes. Even if I compare him with older actor he’s still good actor.
      I think there’s not much young actress as good as him so they cast more experience actress for more hard role role.They choose young actress if they really suit the role n the chrracter not too hard

      • 29.1.1 no1

        maybe it is because u are his fans, but to others, he is definitely not the best young actors out there. As a matter of fact, he has same flaws many young actors have and also his own flaws. Even in BM, many of his scenes are flawed and overacting, but he definitely have luck in picking dramas for the early stage of his career, well mayb not any more. I would not say he is overated because I like him and I think he has potential and certain charms. But if his fans think he is so outstanding that there is no young actors that could surpass and no young actress can be matched to his level, sorry but there are many but they are not as lucky and I have to say that he is way too overated to consider such.
        So if lucklady seems not on his side at we see from his latest drama, I think he should take a rest btw pjs in case people will be tired of seeing him on screen.

        • mira

          Euh.. i’m his fan but i also know very well that there are better actors than joo won, they have more experiences or are more natural in acting… But joo won is a hard working actor, if he is popularΒ today it’s because he always tried to do his best in every projects, it can turn out to be a good or a bad project but imo he definitively hasΒ potential, and good at express his emotions. me thinks sincerity and passion in acting are his strong points… and if people are tired of seeing him, then none obliges them to watch his dramas or movies…

          thanks gf for this news !Β 

  30. 30 hjw&lsg

    try joo won and ha ji won
    joo won and eun hye
    joo won and shi min ha

  31. 31 gene

    I am not a Joo Won fan. I am already getting sick and tired of seeing him on the screen – Jon Won fatigue. Move over and let someone else take the limelight for a change.

    • 31.1 Airyn

      Awww. But it’s not his fault, so he shouldn’t move over. PDs keep casting him, and the man just wants to work.

    • 31.2 007

      He’s only done 4 dramas, including the one he’s doing now, 7CS. He’s just been the talk here b/c of the whole dramafever thing. A bit harsh to say you’re sick of him when he’s only done 4. Just sayin’.

      • 31.2.1 eny

        yes, PD love him n the viewer love him too plus he can act in different charracter of course he got a lot of offer

      • 31.2.2 mystisith

        Well, I must say I agree a little bit with gene and I’m neutral toward JW. Gaksital lasted for half a year, 7GCS for 2 months and there is his variety show. Almost half the posts are for him (not DB’s fault, I get it: He is popular). If he was to take a break, I would wait for his return and appreciate his new project more.

    • 31.3 mini

      Limelight?he doesn’t have enough of it.I will rather appreciate a hardworking actor than some other actors who are riding the fame of their previous dramas.

    • 31.4 Sintia

      For me, there is no such a thing as too many news about Joo Won. The more – the better πŸ™‚

      • 31.4.1 bambledd

        I second second that. : )

      • 31.4.2 moon

        third it!

    • 31.5 ashley jones

      I second that

    • 31.6 SS

      Since you are not Joo Won’s fan, I can understand your frustration. If anyone is a fan, they will feel the exact opposite, there is never enough of Joo Won. After all, he debut just 3 years ago and has only 4 dramas under his belt.
      To us, it’s entertainment but to actors like him, it’s a livelihood. Competition is Korea’s entertainment industry is stiff and brutal. There is no such thing as “share the limelight”, it’s free for all. True that not always the best make it, besides talent and good looks, luck counts too. At least in the beginning. There will always be hordes of new, young, good looking actors coming up.
      Joo Won knows that he has to make hay while the sun shines. He hasn’t arrived in terms of popularity and income unlike stars such as Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun etc. If he doesn’t take this opportunity, it may never come again. Especially with enlistment coming up in 2 years, he will want to make his mark so that he can do a come back.
      If you are a fan of an actor whom you think Joo Won has taken the limelight from, maybe consider that even if Joo Won doesn’t exists, it will be someone else. Or if you are lamenting that newer actors don’t get a chance, don’t be cuz I won’t be surprised if another new actor will be “hogging” the limelight soon.
      I know that some talented ones never get a break. I just hope that at least a handful of these do get lucky, have their shot at fame and prove over the long run that they are certainly worthy of all the adulation fans heap on them.

  32. 32 d

    he acted as a 32/33 in OB when he was only 24-sih. and I thought he really was 30-ish.

  33. 33 f

    no1 can be as horrible as CKH ………………………………
    that short ponytail hairstyle only makes it worse

    • 33.1 bambledd

      Kang hee looked better in Protect the Boss. They made her hair look really ugly here. But what’s with the mushroom do all the women on this show (Civil Servant) have? Is it really popular in Korea or are they trying just to make the women look manly?

  34. 34 Jody

    *now imagining it with spandex*
    I spewed my wine

    • 34.1 hana

      well look at you ..reading about drama Whilst drink wine πŸ™‚

  35. 35 JO

    I really don’t care about age-differences at all. I don’t even think it should be brought up. It’s annoying.

    • 35.1 Mar

      @Jo-I agree. I don’t get the big deal on age differences-and it’s almost always over a younger male actor older female actor pairing. They are ACTORS, it should normal. I don’t care if they look older either. As long as the chemistry works and the show is good I just don’t care whether there is an age difference in the actors OR the characters.

      And she’s like five years older than him according to google. Whooptie doo. Reverse the sexes and it wouldn’t even get a mention.

      i remember watching a behind the scenes for Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson. She kept getting told she was too old to be paired with Hugh Grant. She was like are you kidding me? She’s a year older than him. Ridiculous.

      • 35.1.1 Dramafed1782

        Thumbs up Mar! Firstly on the reversal case of ages for the actors and secondly appearance on the leads πŸ™‚
        In DC Inside where most of the Korean fans comments on dramas and films, many of them actually love the chemistry between CKH and JW and said they were the saving grace of the drama no matter how juvenile was the plot.
        We gotta give dibs to both the leads for totally owning the drama otherwise it would have gone lower than 4%.

        • bambledd

          I agree. Joo-won and Choi Kang Hee do have good chemistry together. Off set, JW calls her “kang-jjang” and she calls him “puppy”. Cuutte : )

  36. 36 hana

    let this be good and let him have some steaming love scene

  37. 37 anne

    Not her(Joowon is still a newbie somehow and her..she maybe in experience though ahhh)…i dont think it will click dang why for all people… pleaseeeeee not her.. not again..i want to have a box office hit for joowon!!!

  38. 38 Simple Orange

    He looks good with Eugene in “Baker King” so it wouldn’t be that bad with Kim Ah-Joong.

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