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Go Soo confirms new drama Empire of Gold
by | April 23, 2013 | 38 Comments

SBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama has reeled in its hero: we’ve got a confirmation for Go Soo, who will be the star of the next epic from the team behind last year’s hit political thriller The Chaser. This one’s called Empire of Gold, and will be the battle for one chaebol empire over the span of twenty years. Seems like the economy’s the hot topic lately, though it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it that time-traveling or body-swapping rom-com does, does it?

Empire of Gold will star Go Soo as the hero who comes from nothing, and fights tooth and nail “like a madman” to rise to the top. He’ll face off against Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser), son of chaebol conglomerate, and fall in love with said enemy’s little sister. Lee Yo-won is considering and still unconfirmed for the role.

It sort of sounds like the backstory of Kim Sang-joong’s character in The Chaser, just yunno, from a less evil perspective. Like if he were the hero… and a lot less evil. The story starts back in 1990 and will be a Giant-esque epic that covers multiple decades — in 30 episodes and 20 years it’ll cover the rise of this one empire and one outsider’s crazy ambition to have it all.

This’ll be Go Soo’s first drama in four years since Will It Snow For Christmas, and he picked a good team to work with, for sure. I’m admittedly less interested if it’s only about the battle for one conglomerate, since The Chaser had heart in the father angle and huge stakes in the presidential election angle, but at 30 episodes I do expect a much more complex story than the two-line summary that’s being released right now. Fingers crossed.

Empire of Gold follows Jang Ok-jung and premieres in July.

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38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    30 episodes!!!

    I haven’t seen The Chaser, but might give this a try…..

  2. smileforme

    The Chaser is one of my all time favourite dramas and I really liked Go Soo in Will It Snow for Christmas. Definitely gonna watch this one!

  3. Ivoire

    Thanks for the news!!!!

  4. altair

    Soooo…… a melo? Should I? Dare I? Could I…..hope? It sounds like a melo. Do not deceive me PD-nims! I need melos like I need air! I am not watching any drama right now, so I shall be waiting!

    • 4.1 jomo

      But Go Soo cries soooo beautifully…

  5. blokkoms

    *crosses fingers* Please not Lee Yo-won!

    • 5.1 Annie

      Unfortunately, it’s basically a done deal.

      I wanted to watch this for Park Kyung Soo but… Lee Yo Won is too much for me to handle.

      • 5.1.1 snow

        🙁 🙁 is sad. love go soo, but can’t really stomach lee yo-won.

        • KDaddict

          + 1

        • eny

          i don’t like lee yoo won, but it,s OK as long the other cast is good n the story is good, i really love bad love n queen seun deok even i don’t like her acting

    • 5.2 jomo

      I agree, sadly.

  6. Sunhye

    I like yo won, but come on… It’s not like i love her…
    Go Soo’s partner should be Yoon Eun Hye, i just think the would do a really beautiful and attractive couple…
    And Yoon Eun Hye in 20s style would be really interesting…
    What’s going on SBS??????

  7. mayke88

    Love Lee Yo Won. Gonna watch it. She and Go Soo will make a beautiful melo, intense, but tortured pair.

  8. myra

    I don’t know if I should ask here, but still, if it’s about new dramas…so, there were two idol dramas supposed to air this month, Nail Shop Paris and Monstar…what’s happened to them? will they air eventually? does anyone know?

    • 8.1 malta

      Ask in the Open Thread post on Friday. I’m sure someone will have some news… 😀

      Nail Shop Paris sounds intriguing…

  9. Jill

    He looks so handsome and lovely in that picture… *swoon*

  10. 10 noonajumma

    The team behind The Chaser. That was all I needed. Go Soo is basically a big scoop of hazelnut ice-cream on top of warm, molten chocolate soufflé. Uh-oh, I need to buy bigger pants.

    • 10.1 picklemonster

      You just named my favourite ice-cream of all time. *goes with you to buy bigger pants*

  11. 11 Gaeina Lee

    This is a MUST watch. Go Soo~! Lee Yo Won~!

    Now, WB, when are you gonna grace the small screen? Miss you so..

  12. 12 Enz

    I watched go soo in his recent movie love 911 (or is it 119?). The movie featured one of the most annoying and selfish female character I have ever seen. Go soo, on the other hand, was really sworn worthy in it. I managed to complete the movie coz of him. Anyway, I would check this out just for him. Did anyone else watch the movie? I just wonder whether I’m alone in my opinion about the female lead character.

  13. 13 jelly05

    Love Go Soo but Lee Yo Won..don’t know about her. She looks older than him.

    I prefer Han Ji Min – the girl in Roof top Prince or Han Hyo Jo – she had a good chemistry with him in the last movie they made.

  14. 14 Kaybee

    ‘Green rose’ anyone? Sounds like it… the character buildup at least…

  15. 15 Kaybee

    Lee Yo won is perfect!!!
    I’ll be rooting for the couple and see what magic they create on screen!
    My first impression of Lee Yo Won like many also was that she looks older and not very attractive but looks can be very deceiving.
    I watched her drama 49 Days and I was totally hooked to her character and to the actress Lee Yo Won because she can play various shades of role from serious to a fun and bubbly girl, her sadness and happiness also has depth and she is great in comics.
    In 49 Days is some parts she wore school uniform and it was so convincing! She is a good actress who doesn’t over act and has a nice aura…
    Go Soo on the other hand is a very underrated actor. He is in fact an amazing actor but most people only look at his good features… look at his eyes and the way he emotes each scene!…
    Can’t wait for the drama!

    • 15.1 Anon

      Couldn’t agree more! Lee Yo Won is a fine actress and has a lot of awards under her belt. She can create good chemistry with anyone! She even managed to have chemistry with all three main actors in the same drama, like what she did in 49 days and Queen Seon Deok. So sad that others are quick to judge. Anyhow, let’s just wait and see since she hasn’t confirmed yet.

      • 15.1.1 shiku

        I guess you didn’t see how bland and dull she was in Horse Doctor.

        • jk

          No she wasn’t! She played the role of KJN as required by the script; intelligent, caring and had been playful when teasing BGH at times. Sadly she wasn’t given much to work with in HD cause it was all about JSW.

          • Shiku

            Yes she was and this is coming from someone who thought she was really good in QSD and 49 days.

        • Anon

          I was only able to watch a few episodes of horse doctor. Honestly, I wasn’t satisfied with it, and I kind of agree with you about how bland and dull she was there. But I don’t blame her. I actually think that she did everything that the role called for. She also had chemistry with JSW. It’s just that the role itself was lacking in terms of character development, exposure and twists. The role was just too plain and flat. And based from what i saw from the first 25 eps, the show itself was kind of boring too. Maybe there really are limitations to what actresses can do. That’s why I’m hoping that if she gets casted in this drama, her role will be an interesting one.

          • jn

            I have watched most of Lee Yowon’s projects & I was always satisfied & impressed with her performance. I think that she’s a great actress who can pull off any role so brilliantly. And it’s amazing that she’s always able to have a great chemistry with all her leading men in dramas & movies.

            I agree about the horse doctor being a boring show. It’s my love for Lee Yowon that I could hang on & finished that show. Even though her role there was not so much, but I still enjoyed her performance & I think she did a wonderful job too.

            I hope the same if she gets casted in this drama. Her talent & time was wasted in horse doctor so I hope it will be a good one this time.

    • 15.2 jn

      I agree one hundred percent. I love this actress. She is number one in my watch list.

    • 15.3 nika

      PRECISELY. I only have praises for Lee YoWon.

      And if the unofficial synopsis of the drama posted in Soompi is true & if Lee YoWon will accept the offer to play in this drama, then it could mean that she is now will be venturing on a more challenging/intriguing role. I heard that her role in the movie Fist of Legend is kind of a villainous one. Looking forward to seeing her playing a vicious character on the small screen too.

  16. 16 Anonymous

    I also like Go Soo. I wish he could be paired with Ha Ji Won because they could emote just by looking at their eyes.Loved the MV they did together.

  17. 17 Carinne

    Still weeping… he’s Daddy Go now. Sealed deal… lucky wife.

    I hope his son will grow up as handsome and passionate as his papa.

  18. 18 Rach^^

    Whoa why are weekday dramas getting longer and longer… give me a good paced 16 episode drama over a draggy 30 episode drama any day.

  19. 19 EX-DF user

    They had me at “the team behind The Chaser”. Go Soo is just icing on the cake. 😀

  20. 20 kimchilee

    urrgh.. not lee yo won please.. urrrgghh…

  21. 21 jn


    I am waiting for her confirmation.

  22. 22 ROM

    Goddess of Fire vs. Empire of Gold hmmm….

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